Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Caramel Apples - full transcript

Trigon arrives to wreck the Earth, but only because his daughter Raven didn't get him anything for Father's Day. Starfire misses the fatherly relationship, so she starts spending time with Trigon.

2x13 - "Caramel Apples"

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Do I have a
funny story for you guys!

So, I am a...

I like where this story is going!

Ugh. Hi, dad.
So glad you could drop by.

Silence, you ungrateful brat!

Now, bear witness to the
destruction of your adopted world.

Sorry, Trigon.
We are the Teen Titans.

Our friendship is
stronger than any evil.

And together we have defeated
every menace that has come our way.

So inspirational.

- Let's do this.
- Titans, go!

Everything hurts.

That dude is tough.
We don't stand a chance.


As long as we are still
here, we still have a chance.

And that's why we're
going to keep fighting!

Feeling inspired again!

You're being a baby, dad.

Why is the Trigon so upset?

I didn't give him
anything for Father's day.

No wonder he has destroyed our city!

You damaged his feelings.

Who cares about his feelings?

Excuse me?
Trigon, sir?

What do you want?

- This is for you.
- Oh.

This was very thoughtful.
Thank you.

You know what?
I won't destroy Earth after all.

Wow. Got rid of him.

Okay, Titans. We need
to get back in the fight.

We're obviously near the Earth's
core. What's our exit strategy?

Fly us out of here, bro.

I can't, my thrusters broke.

- We'll be trapped forever!
- It's hopeless!

No, when all seems lost, you
must hold on to three things!


Together we will overcome these odds.

We must face what stands

before us, no matter the danger.

And most important, heart!

Stay together.
Believe in yourselves.

And we will emerge victorious!

Titans, go!

Oh, my gosh, dude!
I'm so inspired right now.

My heart just grew wings!
Bro, let's go!

- Hello, hello!
- Back so soon?

Let me guess. You're here
to convince me to embrace

- my inner demon.
- Actually, I'm here to see your friend.

- Me?
- I just wanted to drop off

a little gift for being so thoughtful.


Aw, he is the perfect!

I was going to devour his soul,

but I thought you'd enjoy him more.

Oh, I am so glad he did
not devour your soul.

Okay, thanks, dad.

I have feelings, you know.

Mr. Trigon?
I was just going to have

a silly dance party by myself, but...

Would you like to do
the silly dance, too?

Would I!

Well, at least he's
not my problem anymore.

I found an exit, Titans.
But move quietly.

This cavern is extremely unstable.

- Quietly?
- Dude, you asked the impossible!

We're, like...
the loudest guys!

- Just leave us, bro. Save yourself.
- Never!

I need you for the
final battle against Trigon.

He has most likely enslaved
most of the planet by now.

Cyborg! Beast Boy!

I would never abandon those
who would stand with me

- against the ever-surging tides of evil.
- So inspirational.

My heart just laced up
its dancing shoes, baby!

I would never abandon
those strong enough

to call themselves Teen Titans!

Now, let me hear you say it.
Who are we?

Teen Titans?

- Again!
- Teen Titans!

I can't hear you.

Teen Titans!

Yes, now follow me!

- Ouch!
- My pancreas!

This is Raven when she was three.

Oh, precious!

She'd just destroyed her first universe.

Where did that little girl go?

Ugh! She grew up and doesn't like

to destroy universes anymore, dad.

Oh, and here's one of us
torturing a demon together.

He was in so much pain.

Oh, good times.

- That is adorable.
- Is something wrong?

My father never took the family photos.

Or invited me to do the torture.

There, there, princess.

He may not have been there
for you, but I'm here now.

Thank you.

He's not your dad, Starfire.

And you're not his daughter.
This has to stop!

Are you upset he's never
given you the kitty?


- Aw, man. That poor cat!
- This is so sad.

The little dude.

He's doomed, just like us.

No, this cat is a symbol of bravery.

He has survived the
perils of this cavern

with only his instincts to guide him.

All alone. But we have
what this cat does not.

- Thumbs!
- No!

We have each other.
If this cat can survive by himself,

then, of course, we will survive!

Oh, no. I'm starting to
feel inspired again, bro.

Ah! It's like there's
fireworks going off in my heart.

And together, history will remember us

as the greatest superheroes
of all time!

Hey, nothing happened.

Yeah, I guess we're gonna be okay...


I hate rocks.

Hey, Butterbean,
wanna go to the candy cane forest?

That sounds delicious.

Hello, hello. I've
bought caramel apples.

I hate caramel apples, King Jellybean.

They're not for you, Butterbean,
they're for Sparkleface.

Yum, yum, yum.
They are so good, King Jellybean.

- Om, nom, nom.
- Hey!

Those apples are supposed
to be mine, you dumb horse.


Play time, Raven?

Am I supposed to be like
the face sparkle? Dumb?

If the horseshoe fits.

Now, now, girls.
There has to be a way to settle this.

There is.

He's just going to disappoint you.

- Like he always disappoints me.
- I do not care!

All I want is to be treated
like the father's princess.


- I am sorry.
- I'm sorry, too, Starfire.

- Why are we even fighting?
- I don't know. I was never mad at you.

I was mad at my dad this whole time.

Oh, come on!

The fight was just getting interesting.

You wanted us to fight
this whole time, didn't you?

Oh, see?
You lash out in anger, Raven.

Reminds me you're still
daddy's little girl.

This is the best father's day gift ever.

Well, if you like that gift,
we have one more for you.

See you at Thanksgiving!

Sorry, Star. My dad
may be a horrible demon,

but I still want him to love me.

I, too, wish for the fatherly love.

Will you be my father, Raven?

- Yeah! Will you be mine, Star?
- Yes!


- I can't believe we made it, dude.
- Yeah, boy!

Yes, together we have climbed
from the depths of the Earth,

triumphant and stronger than ever.

Dude, he's being an inspiration again.

Oh, my heart is riding a
gnarly wave of hope, bro!

Do something.

For we are heroes of true valor,

strong moral fiber, and above all...


- Good job, Beastie.
- Yeah, that's what's up.

- Let's never be inspired again, okay?
- Deal.