Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Baby Hands - full transcript

Brother Blood erases the memories of the Titans (sans Robin), giving Robin the opportunity to re-train them to respect him.

2x12 - "Baby Hands"

Mandatory meeting in one minute!

You and your baby hands
are gonna have to wait.

I'm having a mandatory hamburger.

Yeah, and I'm having a
mandatory burrito, baby hands.

Forty-seven seconds!

And I don't have baby hands.

Mandatory meeting in 37 seconds!

Please, what is the meaning
of this "mandatory" word?

Nice try. I know you
understand our language.

- Baby hands.
- I heard that.

Mandatory meeting in...

Mandatory meeting in three, two, one...

They just don't take this
meeting seriously anymore.

I remember our very
first mandatory meeting.

Things were so different.

Welcome to the very first mandatory
meeting of the Teen Titans.

I should have
taught them to respect me

When they were still
fresh and impressionable.

Back then, Raven was
actually happy to be here.

Do I get extra credit
for showing up early?

And Starfire was
fresh off the spaceship.

She didn't even understand the language.


And Beast Boy and
Cyborg were still too shy

to gang up on me.
They weren't even friends yet.

Ah, those were the days.

If only I could go back.

Well, too bad you can't, baby hands.

- Oh!
- He got some baby hands.

I do not have baby hands!

Crime alert!
Brother Blood is in Jump City.

Titans... !

Don't bother to wait for
me to say go. Just go!


The Titans have stopped
you before, Brother Blood,

And we will stop you again.

Of course you will.
How could any villain

stand against such a formidable team?

Are you making fun of us, dude?

Why would I make fun of the most
amazing superhero team of all time?

- Yep, definitely making fun of us.
- I mean it sincerely when I say

you're a well-oiled
crime fighting machine.

He does have a point, we
could work together better.

This is exactly why we need
those mandatory meetings.

I'm trying to say your teamwork
is your greatest strength,

which is how I came
up with my latest plan.

This device will amplify
my mind control powers,

Allowing me to erase every memory you

have ever had together
as the Teen Titans.

No team, no one to stop me.

Jump City will be mine!

We'll never let you, Blood.

- Who are you?
- Where am I?

- Have I eaten today?
- _

Every moment you've spent
building the Teen Titans

into what they are is gone, Robin.

Do you know what that means?

I get a do-over!

This time everyone will
respect me as a leader.

And no one will ever make
fun of my baby hands again.

This is the best evil plan ever.

Ooh. That's not exactly
what I was going for.

Thank you, thank you, so much!

Mwah, mwah, mwah,
mwah, mwah, mmmmwah.

- Okay, that's enough!
- Really appreciate it.

Finally a fresh Start.

This time I'll make such
a great first impression

that they'll have to respect me.

Teen Titans' first
mandatory meeting Starts...

I didn't say now.

- Now!
- Uh, what's going on, bro?

How did I get into this
large letter shaped building?

I don't like this.


Don't panic, you're
just a little confused

because all of your
memories were erased.

My name is Robin
and I am your leader.

All I ask is for your
unconditional respect

and admiration and we
will get through this.

Okay, first order of business.

What do you guys think of my hands?

- They're fine.
- They look good to me.

- Seem normal.
- _

Excellent. The ray might
have affected your memory,

but your minds are as sharp as ever.


Why is the orange
girl talking all funny?

She has forgotten our language and
reverted back to her native tongue.


Well, what's she saying then?

She's a...
she's just flirting with me.

Where to start?

Wait a minute.
Why are you the leader?

Because I'm the strongest.
I've got all sorts of powers.

In fact, I single handedly
formed the Teen Titans. Yes.

Really? I don't remember that.

That's because your memory
was erased, Beast Boy.

- Hmm. I don't remember that either.
- Listen up, once upon a time,

in a land far away, but also right here.

I built this great big t-shaped tower

with my super powerful robot suit.

But then, I came across poor Cyborg

who was destitute and just a head.

I let him borrow my suit so
he could be awesome like me.

- Oh, thanks!
- And you, Beast Boy.

I found you abandoned on
the top of Mount Everest.

And I fed you like a baby bird,

until you grew up big and strong.

Wow. So that's how I
got so big and strong.

- What about me?
- Ah, yes, Raven.

Back then you were
just a little purple blanket.

I used my magical powers
to bring you to life.

Wow, I used to be a blanket
and now I'm a real girl.

- Thanks, Robin.
- And finally, Starfire.

She's my girlfriend, so, you know,

- Kinda had to let her be on the team.
- Oh.

- I get it.
- Been there.


That's so sweet.

Uh, she was telling
me how handsome I look.

- Uh, yes, Raven.
- I want to say how much

I'm enjoying this mandatory meeting.

- Teach us more, leader!
- Yeah, this rocks.

Ah, you flatter me.

Uh, what else?
Ah, Starfire, did you know

that Tamaraneans can learn any
language through lip contact?

♪ Remember the days
when we used to kiss ♪

♪ now somewhat outta rhythm... ♪


I love you too, baby.

- King Robin.
- No, Raven.

You used to just call
me king to save time.

Oh, yeah, yeah. That sounds right.

King, I was hoping you could regale us

with some more tales
of your awesomeness.


I've been telling you about
my awesomeness all day.

You're just so cool.

And then, we can have a
mandatory meeting afterwards.


okay, since you asked so nicely.

One dark day,

in the not so distant past,

an evil super villain
named Brother Blood

captured you guys and locked
you in an inescapable cage,

hanging over a volcano,
on the Moon.

- Whoa!
- The Moon?

- That's incredible.
- Yes.

I had to use my ability of flight

to soar all the way up to the moon.

Then I blasted Brother
Blood into oblivion

with my heat vision eyes.

I used my magical
telepathic thought waves

to float you to safety.

- Ooh! That was intense!
- Whoa! Thought waves!

Could we have that
mandatory meeting now?


The mandatory meeting
is going to have to wait.

Brother Blood is robbing
the Jump City weapons depot.

Hello, Brother Blood.

This time you're going down for good!

Titans, go!

No way! We want to see
you fight, great leader.

Yeah, go get him!

Use your awesome heat
vision to obliterate him.

Uh, right.
About that heat vision...


What are you waiting for, king?

Do some magic or something.

Ah, it's just you and me now, Star.

You want to hug me now, Robin?


Oh, this is my fault.

- You?
- You're a great leader.


The, uh...
the stories I told you,

I made them up.

I just wanted you to respect me.
Here's the truth.

Cyborg, I never gave you
your awesome robot body.

- No!
- And, Beast Boy,

I never raised you from a wee chick.

It can't be true.

Raven, you were never a blanket.

I don't believe it.

And sadly, Starfire's
never been my girlfriend.

But there's one thing that
might trigger your memories.

Take a cold, hard look at my hands.

- That dude's got baby hands!
- Look at them.

- Say what.
- They're so small and chubby.

Yes, I am your leader
and I have baby hands!

Baby hands.

- Raven!
- Starfire!

- Cyborg!
- Beast Boy!

Your memories have been restored.
Titans, go!

Oh yeah!

The Teen Titans are back
and better than ever.

So, I guess that means you're

going to stop listening to me again.

Hey, we may not listen to you sometimes.

- Or respect you.
- And, sure, we like making fun of you.

- But...
- There is no but.

That is all.