Sweet Magnolias (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - If Thou Wilt, Remember - full transcript

More than margaritas are shaken up as Cal's past resurfaces, an unsavory acquaintance returns to Serenity, and Helen faces a life-changing decision.

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♪ You don't owe me
One more minute of your wasted time ♪

♪ You act like it's all fine ♪

♪ It isn't hard to leave ♪

♪ Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪

♪ I wanted to believe ♪

♪ I've gotta make a destination ♪

♪ Find where I belong ♪

♪ This time I've got no hesitation ♪

♪ And I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ To where I belong ♪

♪ I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ Over the line I've drawn ♪

♪ I'm already gone ♪

Pour it out.




I knew that getting
Miss Frances's send-off done right

was gonna be rewarding.
I didn't expect it to be exhausting.

Well, emotions can drain you.

Yeah. Is it emotion about the funeral
or that Ryan is back?

- And thank you, Dana Sue.
- Have you talked to him?

Not really.

He came by,
but I was on my way out to meet Erik.

Brief. Polite.

Capital A awkward.

Why awkward? He had his chance,
and he blew his chance.

You do not owe him
an explanation or a second thought.

You and Erik are happy,
and that is all that matters.

Hmm, I don't know.

Look, you and Ryan
were together for a long time

and loved each other deeply.

And no disrespect to his aunt,

but you were probably
the reason he came home,

and you might have
other things to talk about.

Helen, what are you thinkin'?

I'm just pondering if Miss Shiny-New-Love
and Miss One-Last-Chance

are doing well in their own relationships.

Dana S... Come on, Dana Sue.

Dana Sue!

- Dana Sue, I didn't mean to be hurtful.
- It's fine.

Dana Sue, come here.
No, no. Hey, I'm sorry.

- I know. I know.
- I'm sorry.

- I know.
- How's counseling?

Uh, it's helping, I think.

Even though June
doesn't always agree with me,

which is super annoying.

But, uh, two sides to every story, right?

Problem is, I have spent such a long time

thinking those were the side
that he was wrong

and the side that I was right,
but, uh, I made mistakes too.

- So many.
- But you didn't cheat on him.


No, but I hurt him.


June is helping me see
that I don't get to assign points

to what he did
and what I did and then decide who won.


after wading through all of the hurt,

I'm starting to see the hope.

- And hope moves us forward.
- Yeah.

So, good for you, Dana Sue.


What about you, Maddie?

- What?
- How are you and Cal doing?

Especially with Mary Vaughn
breathing down your neck.

Well, we have gone through everything
with a fine-tooth comb,

and aside from one minor tussle
with Henry Hutchinson

over a parking spot at the gym...

...Cal has been a model citizen.

So it's all about Jackson.

- Yeah, and he's fine with that.
- Then we're moving on to victory.

And should be narrowing down
the list of candidates for mayor.

Can we please put that
on the to-do list for tomorrow?

- Hmm.
- Let's just relax tonight.

Okay. Well, then, to the next mayor
of Serenity, whoever they may be.

Yes! Okay.


Sorry I missed Noreen and Rebecca.

They won't be long.

Noreen likes to take the baby on a stroll
through the neighborhood

before she turns in.

- Hmm.
- She says they both sleep better.

If they sleep at all
at Rebecca's age, that's a wonder.

Before they get back...

I haven't told anyone,

but I wanna tell you.

You're such a good friend, and...

Hey, you can always tell me anything.

You don't have to say a word
until you're ready.

I met my biological dad.

Bill Townsend.

Yeah. You could've knocked me over too.

Of all the men in this town...

How do you feel?

Wish I'd been right about you.


It's good to finally know.

But for it to be a man
that's caused such deep pain

to people that I really care about...

I'm still trying
to wrap my heart around it.

- Have you told Noreen?
- She's dealing with so much right now.

It can wait
till I've come to terms with it myself.

Hey, I want you to listen to me.

This answer,

it doesn't change a thing
about who you are as a man.

It's just a piece of data.

A fragment of fate.

What you do with it is up to you.

So how's Ty today?

He's still struggling.

My heart breaks for him.

But I don't think he's ready
for Mom's thoughts on plan B.

But that's, um...

It's not why I asked you to come by.

3:00 a.m. thought.

This whole Mary Vaughn leverage thing.

Might there be something that you did

before you got here
that she found out about?


I love you.

You love me.

Trust me.


I'm always telling your boys
the best way forward is through, so...

After my accident,

when I realized I wasn't gonna play again,

it got dark.

I got dark.


Johnny and Jodie dragged me to a program.

Anger management.

And I owe them for the rest of my life.

And I'm on top of it now. Swear to God.

I don't know.
Maybe Mary Vaughn found out about that.

Why didn't you tell me?

'Cause it's hard.

I packed it all away, just like I did
with all the problems with Victoria.

You move on.
Leave all that crap in the past.

Build a bright future.

That is behind me.

Behind us.

Uh, a medium hazelnut latte
and an iced oat milk latte

with caramel and lavender.

I don't know how you can order
a mess like that with a straight face.

The last one's not for me.

Yeah. It's for Annie.

How did you know?

I'm pretty sure she's the only person
on the planet

that drinks that ungodly combination.

I tell her it smells like a bar of soap,
but she insists that it's delicious.

Come on. Have a seat
while they fire up the cauldron.

- You waiting on a coffee too?
- No, I just wanted a change in scenery.

Your cast is gone.


But, uh, I got a long way to go
before I'm back in top form.

I feel awful.

Nah, it's...

I've learned a lot
since I started hanging out with Annie.

- Yeah, she's got a knack for that.
- Yeah.

So owning up to my messes
is something that I'm working on,

and I'm genuinely sorry that I hurt you.

Uh, it was an accident.

I get that.

I've been competing with you
for as long as I can remember.

Trying to beat you
made me the best I could be.

Even after what I did,
you were still there for us at State.

Yeah, well, where else was I gonna be?

I should've said thank you back then.

Yeah, well, uh...

you're welcome.

We're a team.

Sure are now,

and I can't wait till you come back
and knock me down in the rotation.

Why... why would you say that?

'Cause I'm never gonna be
as good as you, man.

I just love playing, and if I'm playing
as your backup, that's fine too.

Yeah. You know, I'm not even sure
I have it in me to not be the starter.

You won't have to.

I appreciate that, but...

Two coffees for Jackson.

Uh, you should tell Annie

she should really give
hazelnut another chance.

For the celebration of life,

this poem that Miss Frances
asked you to read.

Do you know it?

It was her favorite.
She made me memorize it in middle school.

So then you don't...
don't need to print it out.

Oh, I'll bring a copy.

I'd hate to draw a blank and dishonor her
in the emotion of the moment.

Well, then, I think that is everything
we need to discuss.

Is it?



There is one more thing.

Since the night I got in the cab,
when you said it was the last time,

I've been replaying and rethinking it all.

And then when Miss Grace told me
that Aunt Frances was gone...

I have been a fool, Helen.

I let despair overtake hope.

I let... the tragedy I see every day
blind me to the promise of the future.

Wha... what you do is hard.

I don't wanna get to the end of my life
and realize pride and vanity

kept me from experiencing life fully.

No. You're smarter than that.

I was nowhere near smart to let
the best thing that happened to me end

because of some high-flown notion
about how wanting a family made me weak.


I... I have no right to come back to town
and say I've changed

and expect you to welcome me back,

but I know Aunt Frances would tan my hide
if I didn't speak my truth.

And what is your truth, Ryan?


I want children.

We can talk about it
after the celebration.

I ran outta time with her.
I don't wanna run outta time with you.

Damn it!

Ooh! You might just spoil me, young lady.

Well, you let me know when I get close.
Is there anything else I can get you?

Well, there is one more thing.

If... if you don't mind.

Okay. Here.


Here you go.



Yes, hello.


I know that she's the one you look forward
to spending your day with,

but Howie insists that I be here,
being her mama and an RN and all.

No, no. You are both rays of sunshine.

Rebecca and I
would be honored to accompany you

to Miss Frances's services
if you'd like to go.

Oh, thank you. No.

Be nigh unto impossible
for me to get around.

I could get a wheelchair.

Again, thank you, but again, no.

The day should be about Frances,

not about me being such an old fool
that I insist on doing a young man's job

and get laid up.

No, I... I will not go
and spoil that fine lady's day

by being a distraction.

I'll mourn her in my own way.

Won't I, baby? Yes.

Yes, I know.

Did I get the time wrong?

- Where are the girls?
- Oh, uh, they're not coming.


I thought this was a work session.
I brought a whole bunch of new ideas.

Have a seat.

I don't understand.

Why did you wanna see me?

I wanna talk about prom night
and how everything went wrong.

- It's okay, Kyle.
- I've been struggling.

Feeling guilty.

Feeling a whole lot of things all summer.

It's taken me time
and help from Dr. Ashley

and some other people
to sort everything out,

and I still have a ways to go,
but here's what I'm absolutely clear on.

I like you,
and I'd like to go out with you.

Out? Like,

out on a... date?

Yes. A date. If you're interested.
I would never want you to feel like...

Yes! That would be amazing!

Absolutely amazing.

I keep hearing
Miss Frances's voice in my head.

"Hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul."

"Sings a tune without the words
and never stops at all."

You too, huh?

Oh yeah.

Miss Frances never let anyone
get out of Serenity High

without learning a poem or two.

Yeah, she shaped
a lot of souls over her years.

- She did.
- God bless her.


- All right...
- Afternoon, Ty. How are you doing today?

- Fine, thanks.
- What's up, buddy?

Uh, my mom asked me to pick the plaques up
and drop them off to you guys.

Very thoughtful of her. And you.

Well, we're a step or two shy
of being ready for this,

so I'll go to the hardware store
and pick up the stain.

- Nice to see you, Ty.
- You too.

- Back in a bit, Ronnie.
- Thanks, Skeeter.

I knew you worked with Skeeter
on houses and stuff,

but I never knew you did this kinda work.

Really? You don't remember
my workshop in the back of the house?

The one I used to shoo y'all out of
when you were little

so you didn't pull power tools
down on your head.

Oh, yeah.

You... you made those wooden trucks
for me and Kyle one Christmas.

- I still think I have one on my bookshelf.
- Wow, I'm honored.

Yeah, I guess I sort of lost track.

Because I sort of stopped?

There was a time when I thought
custom woodwork was my zone, you know?

But you get swept up
in someone else's passion

and forget it's not yours.

I've been thinking a lot lately about

the shelf life of a dream

and wondering if it's ever too late
to change course.

A dream deferred.

Good. I see someone
at Serenity High's still teaching poetry.

What do you think?

- Is it ever too late?
- I hope not.

Which is why I asked Skeeter
if I could use his workshop

and... get back into
the kinda work I always wanted to do.

I mean, it's not gonna support me.

Well, not yet anyway.

But it could.

Yeah. Even if it doesn't, it...

it feels good to get back at it.

To remember that
just because you've traveled a distance

doesn't mean you can't turn
or... turn around.

Is it weird that

having choices is
kind of a new concept for me?

No, because you don't have many at 17.

I have some.

Of course. Hey. If you got time to talk,
I got time to listen.

I... I appreciate that,
but I actually gotta go.

All right.
Well, you know where to find me.

Yeah. Yeah, I do now.

- Thanks.
- Talk soon, bud.


Hey, Nell.

Sorry to be late, Mama.

Need I remind you that tomorrow
at all of the various and sundry events

honoring Miss Frances,

you two are to be
on your very best behavior?

- Remember whose children you are.
- God's.


The mayor's children. Yes, ma'am.

Stand up straight,
smile, be polite, look people in the eye.

Don't engage in negative conversation.

In particular, I want you to give
the Townsend children

and the Sullivan child a wide berth.

Tomorrow and forever.

- Yes, ma'am.
- No, ma'am.

Jackson Butler Lewis,

you may think you are being funny,

but you are being disrespectful,
and I raised you better than that.

Do I make myself clear?

Thank you.

Okay, babe.

Where do you wanna start?

Uh, no, no, no. No. Hey, hey, look. Look.

I know that there is
work to be done, okay? But...

Come with me.


Wait, is that...

Classic Sierra Grande.

The one I was restoring when...

When I kicked you out. The same.

I was so sure you sold it
before I crossed the county line.

I thought about it
more than once,

but then I put it in storage.

Yesterday I took it out and had Alex
over at the service station clean it up.

It still needs work.

You can pick up where you left off.


And, yes, I... I know... I know that we...

we still need work,

but your truck,


and your place in my bed

are still here.

Just waiting to welcome you back.

Come home, Ronnie.


It's just

I've been pushing so hard for a yes

because I didn't wanna give you
a chance to say no.




Thank you for making the time.
I know your days are full,

but we need to have
a private, uninterrupted conversation,

and, well, I thought
this was the best option.


What's going on, Bill?

I just got some news.

Some shocking news.

I am willing to carry this burden alone,

but you still should know,

and when you think the time is right,

the kids should know too.


Are you sick?

No. Maddie, no. Listen.

In high school,

before you and I got serious,

Peggy Martin and I...

You're Isaac's father.

I would have spared you

if I could, Maddie,
but he's here in Serenity.


He is.

Alongside all your other children.

Sweet weeping Jesus, Bill.

Well, now, listen.
I only found out myself.

I just talked to him myself.

Oh, poor Bill!

God, I thought I was done being furious!

Being wounded. But guess what?

I've messed up so many times,
and I've hurt you every single one,

but I am sincerely sorry, Maddie.

When are you gonna stop
demanding to be forgiven?

I know that we all sin,

and we all fall short
of the glory of God sometimes,

but you... you, Bill Townsend,
you've made it an Olympic sport.

- You have every right to be angry.
- Yes! I do!

And so does Ty, Kyle, Katie!

And Isaac, Rebecca, Peggy, Noreen!

True repentance means you try your utmost
not to repeat the same mistake.

When are you gonna start
taking responsibility for the havoc

that you wreak in people's lives?

You do not get
to burn down the house, Bill,

and just apologize for lighting the match!

I understand
if you aren't able to forgive me...


No, Bill! No!

Listen to yourself.

You do not get to weasel out of this
by making this some failing on my part.

No, Maddie. I failed you.

- Yes!
- I failed all of you.

Yes, you did!

I do regret.

I do repent.

And I do forgive.

So I am letting you go.

And I release you...

into the hands of God.

And may he bless you on your way forward,

but that walk is yours alone.

Please leave.

Just... I gotta lock up.

You deny any of this?

Listen, the facts

are true, but a lot's happened since then.
I'm a completely different person.

It was assault and battery.

Yeah... yeah, but how...

I think we've heard
everything we need to hear, Sherman.

Besides, none of us wants to be late
for Miss Frances's funeral.

Let's put it to a vote.

All in favor
of terminating Cal Maddox's contract

with Serenity High School
on grounds of moral turpitude.

- Let me check on Annie.
- Ah-ah-ah.

Get back here.

Oh dear.

I'm sorry. I couldn't decide
what to wear. We can go.

No, no, no. Wait. Hold on a sec.

Uh, we have something to tell you
before we go to the funeral.

Is everything okay?

Oh, everything's...
...terrific, baby girl.

I'm moving back in.

Wow. That's amazing.

Back home with my best girls.

I'm the happiest man on the planet.


I'm sorry, I just, um...

I don't know.

It's... it's great.

It's just a lot. I don't...

Yeah. I know it is. Come here.

It's okay, sweetheart.

It's okay.

♪ Abide with me ♪

♪ Fast falls the eventide ♪

♪ The darkness deepens ♪

♪ Lord, with me abide ♪

How was the funeral?

It was beautiful. And the interment too.

Chef's inside.
Everything should be ready for guests.


I spoke with Bill last night.



- I don't know what to say.
- Me neither.

We'll talk later.

- That'd be great.
- Okay.

I went back to get some programs
for the folks who couldn't come,

but there weren't very many left.

- Oh. June might have extras.
- What's going on with Isaac?

He's such a sweet young boy,
but there's a... a sadness to him

I can't quite define.

Is he all right?



whatever it is, I'm here for you.


- Good afternoon, Mr. Daniels.
- Good afternoon.

This is from our book club
at the synagogue.

I always called Frances
for recommendations.

Well, much appreciated, sir.

My pleasure.

I doubt there's a florist between here
and the Georgia line with any stock left.

Well, Miss Frances asked
if people donate to the library,

but some folks don't think they've mourned
until they send flowers.

Hmm. I wish I had a chance
to spend more time with Miss Frances.

- She struck me as an exceptional woman.
- Oh, she...

She was.

In every way.

Serenity has an overabundance
of exceptional women.

We are blessed.

Shall we bump the schedule 20 minutes,
since church and graveside both ran long?

Since people are still strolling over,
why don't we make it 30?

We'll talk afterwards.

You know, I think these
would be perfect on the porch.

Why don't we take them out there?

Careful, Isaac.
She will charm the socks off ya.

Already has, sir.

- Thanks for inviting me for lunch.
- Thank you for bringing lunch.

Oh, Chef did say to tell you
that it was packed with best wishes.


- Hope there's a good turnout.
- We sure cooked for a crowd.

I just... I felt odd about staying
'cause I didn't know Miss Frances.

Did you?

Oh. I knew her.

- And I loved her. My whole life.
- You didn't tell me that.

Well, wouldn't wanna spill
all my secrets at once.

Well, I have to say
that one's more interesting

than you putting
maple syrup in your whiskey.

Uh, so you and Miss Frances were a couple.

No. Sadly.

I loved her, but she loved someone else.

I kept hoping she might come to love me
one day, but she never did.

Well, not in the way that I wanted anyway.

But she was the very truest of friends,
and I learned to accept that as enough.

Life is really all about
learning to balance your dreams

with your truth.

Yes, sir, it is.

♪ Make me an angel ♪

♪ That flies from Montgomery ♪

♪ Make me a poster of an old rodeo ♪

♪ Just give me one thing ♪

♪ That I can hold on to ♪

♪ To believe in this living's
Just a hard way to go ♪

♪ When I was a young girl ♪

♪ Well, I had me a cowboy ♪

♪ He weren't much to look at ♪

♪ Just a free rambling man ♪

♪ But that was a long time ♪

♪ No matter how I tried... ♪

Thank you.

You know, my, uh, papa used to say,
"Live your eulogy."

Never quite... quite understood that
until this morning.

Miss Frances was quite a lady.

She was always super sweet to me,
in a strict sort of way.

Yeah, that sounds about right.


- You sure you're okay with me coming home?
- Sure. Of course.

I just don't know what to expect.

You know, you've been gone a while,
and things have changed.

Thanks for being honest.

I get it.

We'll have to settle back in.

What if it doesn't work?

Hey, you have my promise.

I will try my hardest every day
to be sure that it does.

For your mother and for you.

I admire you.

You're so strong.

You too.

This is
such a wonderful gesture.

You know, when I go, don't let people
fight too hard over my Saga comics.

- I'll burn them with you.
- Oh.




How did I not know
you were a comics guy, Trotter?

Because I didn't know you were!

Here endeth the lesson, I suppose.

You can't judge a book by its cover,

but you can get a sense of someone
by the books that they like.

When you get to college, if you meet
anyone who loves Catcher in the Rye

or The Fountainhead...


Well, I... I appreciate the warning.

Do you think
Miss Frances collected comics?


She strikes me as a lady
with a secret or two.

And maybe there's a first-run X-Men
lurking somewhere in here.

- Dibs if you find it.
- All right.

You're gonna make a great dad.

So are you.

- Hey, Trotter, what are you...
- Hello, Ty.

Lily. I didn't realize you were here.

- Did you know Miss Frances?
- Not really.

My mom and dad talked to her a lot
at church though, so here we are.


- Is CeCe here?
- No, I... I heard she was out of town.

It must be tough
to be going through so many changes.

It's a part of life, right?

Still, if you ever need someone
to talk to, I'm a really good listener.

Assault and battery?!

Okay, it was a party
with a bunch of former teammates,

including Victoria's other man.

They came just to show off
her engagement ring, and it got ugly.

And I slugged him,
but... but charges were never filed.

And Jodie said
she scrubbed every trace of it,

so I have no idea
how Mary Vaughn found out...

Well, she found out about it before me,
and that's what hurts.

Look, I know. But it never occurred to me
that she was referring to this.

You should have told me anyway, Cal.

- What else are you hiding?
- Nothing.

I told you about rehab, and that was
the worst nightmare of my entire life.

I am not hiding anything.

I've just...

I've lost my ability to handle surprises.


Here's the thing.

You know who I am.

Who I've worked so hard to become.

That idiot that punched Drew, he's gone.
That mess that went to rehab, gone.

And I swear on everything
that is good and holy,

I have changed and grown,
and I have learned from my mistakes.

I know, Cal.

I know. We'll get through this.

We could talk
to scouts individually.

We could get you
a better physical therapist.

Just 'cause your coach doesn't see
any options doesn't mean they don't exist.

Here's the thing, Dad.

I'm not sure
I wanna play baseball anymore.

Well, that's nonsense.

I've had a lot of time
to think this summer.

More time than I've had in a long while,

and I figured out that

I liked baseball because it came easy
and because you liked it.

But I... I want something more.

Well, it was never my intention
to force you onto a path, Tyler.

You have talent.

And I thought you had joy.

I'm sorry if you didn't.

No, Dad,

I wouldn't trade those games that I played

and the games
that we went to for anything.

And I'm not saying
that baseball is out of my life.

I just don't want it

to be the only thing in my life.

How did this happen?

Your first T-ball game
was about a week ago.

Could barely keep your hat on
and your pants up,

and now here you are...

...a young man.

With a great future.

You're gonna have to give me some time
to wrestle with this, son. It's...

it's tough for a parent
to recognize the moment

that's the beginning of letting go.

We'll always be connected, Dad.

What the heck just happened?

I just told Dad

that I don't wanna play baseball
in college anymore.

Oh, hey, hey.

- Seriously, are you okay?
- What does this mean?

I have absolutely no idea, and it feels


Come here, man.

Come on.

You two are the best.

Seriously. Now. Then. Always.

Yeah, you're not so bad yourself.

You two are the brothers I never wanted.

Hey. Hey, come here.

Did you get fired?

I knew I should've started a betting pool

on how fast word would get out,
but gambling violates my contract too.

Oh merciful heavens! Cal!

I just told Maddie.
Please yell at me later.

I don't wanna yell at you. I wanna help.

Yes. Please, I don't...

I don't wanna lose everything.


Nellie, don't be pretentious.

So, Jimmy Cleveland,

he, uh, walks over to the edge
of the stage to clear his spit valve.

- And Frances, she picks up her drink.
- An old-fashioned.

Oh, no, no. She's drinking a sloe gin fizz
'cause she was underage.


But she holds out her glass to catch
what is coming out of that valve.


And I asked her, I said,
"Have you lost your ever-loving mind?"

She says,

"The man is a treasure."

"It seemed the proper response."

I... I wonder, would you do me the favor
to get that book for me, Noreen?


Frances gave it to me.

It's got her favorite poem in it.

It just somehow seems fitting
to share it with the two of you today.


"When I am dead, my dearest,

sing no sad songs for me."

"Plant thou no roses at my head,

nor shady cypress tree."

"Be the green grass above me,

with showers and dewdrops wet."

"And if thou wilt,


and if thou wilt,


"I shall not see the shadows,

I shall not feel the rain."

"I shall not hear the nightingale

sing on, as if in pain."

"And dreaming through the twilight

that doth not rise

nor set,

haply I may remember,

and haply

may forget."

Oh! Excuse me!

Uh, are you Dana Sue's daughter?

Yes, ma'am. I am.

Oh. Yeah, you look like
something she'd spit out.

She still busy wrecking people's lives?

What a day.

Who'd have thought that when we presented
this bench to Miss Frances,

she'd be gone so soon?

- The people we love are never gone.
- Amen.

I can take all the guardian angels
I can get.

Listen. Just so you know,

when it's my time to go,

I want you three
to throw the party. All right?

You girls outdid yourselves,
as Frances knew you would.

Aw. It was a community outpouring.

Oh, speaking of which, is Sullivan's open?

Because we thought the three of us
would like to go down

and pour one out in Frances's honor.

Yeah, Erik's running things,
and I'll be over shortly.

Perfect. And I'll be buying.

- Oh!
- Oh wow.

- Candice.
- Helen. Sorry to interrupt.

I'm here on instructions
from Miss Frances.

So are we all, darling.

Neville, Miss Paula,
Miss Grace, this is Candice Benjamin,

the lawyer who helped
with the sale of the spa for Miss Frances.

- Nice to meet you,
- Did we forget something today?

Oh, not at all.

Miss Frances drew up her will
with a lawyer in Charleston,

but I'm executor.

I have precise instructions
on the delivery of a particular item.

Dana Sue, can I speak with you
a moment? Privately?

Uh, yeah.

See you later.

Uh, Miss Frances left me somethin'?





Uh, this...

this... this is a mistake.

There's so many zeros. I...

The correct number of zeros.

Okay, I... I don't understand. Why me?

My instructions were to give you the check
and convey Miss Frances's best wishes.

Nothing more.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

- You found it.
- Kissing tree's pretty much a landmark.

- I know, but I've never...
- Neither have I.

I'm a little confused. Your text, it was...

I was typing really fast.

But I had to sneak out and meet you.

One last time.

One last...

Wh... what's going on?

My mother forbids me to see you

'cause of the recall,

but I couldn't disappear
without explaining,


and giving you this.

- I wonder how she had that kind of money.
- Why would she leave me so much?

Hmm, Miss Frances never did anything
without a reason,

so we'll figure it out
once the shock wears off.


- Mom?
- Yeah, honey?

Y'all are gonna wanna see this.

That's that account
that posted that picture of me and Jeremy.

Why would I give those troublemakers
two seconds of my time?

I dunno who runs the account,
but you really need to watch it.

Just click on the first post.

Hey! What are you doing?!

Come here. Gimme that.

Come here! Gimme that phone.

It's weird, right?

I figured you'd wanna know
who messed with the van.

Dear Lord. She's back!

What should we do?

We can report the vandalism,
but beyond that, I... I don't know.

I don't know.

I'm nervous they'll start fighting again.

Or worse, gang up on me.

It's crazy how parents
can get so caught up in their own stuff

and not think about us.

Like my mom declaring I can't be with you
because she's mad at your mom?

- It's so stupid.
- What are we going to do?


I don't know about you,

but I'm going to defy
my mother, my father,

and anybody else
who dares to give their unwanted opinion.

I have to be with you.


Jackson, that was, um,

pretty hot.

I am so sorry about the school board.
It sounds like nonsense to me

and no reason at all
that you should leave the restaurant.

The Lewises are looking for a diversion
because of the recall.

Talk to Peggy.
See if you can get ahead of any bad press.

I can't even imagine what else
Mary Vaughn might have up her sleeve.

Excuse me. A guest in the dining room
is demanding to see Cal.

No, Cal's not available.

The man's getting all worked up

'cause other guests are saying
Cal got fired from his job at the school.

Go tell the gentleman
to sit down and quiet down.

Cal, there must be an appeal process.

- Yeah, Helen thinks there's options.
- Where is she?

She's locking up the spa.
She'll be here any minute.

- Chef, he stormed right by me.
- Cal, what's going on, my friend?

- Looks like I got here just in time.
- Sir, please return to your seat.

You don't understand.
Cal needs me, and I've got his back.


Fathers and sons.


I'm here to support you, man.
You and me, we'll get it done.

It's, uh, great
to see you again,

but you... you really need to take a seat.

- No way. Who do I have to fight?
- No. No one. Please, just stop.

Or I will call the sheriff.

- Stu.
- She remembers me.

Stu, people are trying to eat.

They need to be talking about
how we get you your job back.

- No. No, not at all.
- Hey, buddy, I'm trying to help you.

This doesn't help, Stu. Sit down!

What are you doing?

Dana Sue Sullivan. Let the sheriff know
we have a difficult guest.

We gotta talk about this.

- No!
- Hey, hey!

Cal. Cal, wait for the sheriff, Cal!
Cal, wait for the sheriff!

You're way over the line.

A two-minute conversation
doesn't make us friends.

- Outta here!
- Wait for the sheriff!

- The sheriff is on his way.
- Hey, gorgeous. Tell him to listen!

Do not touch her!

Cal. Please.

- Talk to him, Red.
- Stay back. Leave her alone.

You and me. We can make him see.
We can make him see!

- Stop!
- I'm trying to help!


Someone call Helen.



Can we talk tomorrow?

I only need a moment.

I wanted to thank you

and all the ladies for everything you did.

I know Aunt Frances
is dancing with joy in heaven tonight.

Well, we worked extra hard,

knowing she'd be looking down
and taking notes.

I hope she's looking down now
because I wouldn't want her to miss this.


Will you marry me?