Sweet Magnolias (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Episode #2.9 - full transcript

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♪ You don't owe me
One more minute of your wasted time ♪

♪ You act like it's all fine ♪

♪ It isn't hard to leave ♪

♪ Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪

♪ I wanted to believe ♪

♪ I've gotta make a destination ♪

♪ Find where I belong ♪

♪ This time I've got no hesitation ♪

♪ And I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ To where I belong ♪

♪ I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ Over the line I've drawn ♪

♪ I'm already gone ♪

To Frances!

What a remarkable soul.

The warmth and strength
she gave to Serenity will stay with us.

I wanna go the way Frances went.

At the bar,

surrounded by friends.


Oh, and Dana Sue, I hope you'll forgive us
if it takes us a couple of minutes

before we come back
to Sullivan's to drink.

I understand.

I'm just glad
we got to praise Miss Frances

while she was alive to hear it.

And now that she's graduated to glory,

we are gonna throw her
a celebration of life

that will bring joy to everybody.

As dictated by the guest of honor herself.

- Mmm.
- She laid out every detail.

Of course she did.

Grace and I reviewed the notebook,
and we made copies

of all the duties
that she assigned to each of us.

She asked that I coordinate plans
for her celebration and funeral, and...

I'm handling flowers for church,
graveside, and the celebration.


Frances wants magnolias, of course...

...and Sweet Frances roses.

- Oh.
- There's a rose called Sweet Frances?

Oh yeah, it's a beautiful apricot rose,

prized for its ability
to bloom in drought.

Well, I should create a cocktail
called the Sweet Frances.

- Yes.
- Apricots and, uh, bourbon.

- Mmm.
- And no bitters.

No bitters! Amen.


Okay, so I get to create
gifting tables at the celebration

filled with books
from her personal collection.


Those books
were her most prized possessions.


And think of how many people in Serenity
got their love of reading from her.

So we're puttin' all those books out
at the celebration?

"Each guest will get to select
whatever calls to them."

"I trust that each tome
will find its way to its proper new home."


"Leftovers will go to...

...to Little Free Libraries around town."

And there's a list of suggested locations,
and the spa is one of them.


Gettin' someone to build those
is on my list.

Imagine Miss Frances thinking

that you just might know
a bighearted carpenter

who can help us with all of that.

- Are we talking Jesus or Skeeter?
- Neither.

I will ask Ronnie.

And, uh, I would like
to take care of the food.


Oh, I talked to Peggy about writing
a... an appreciation for The Sentinel

instead of just
a perfunctory obituary for the newspaper.

- Nice.
- Mm-hmm.

I contacted
Frances's out-of-town family and friends.

Not everyone's sure they can make
the trip, but we'll hope for the best.

And, finally, I will coordinate
with Miss Frances's estate lawyer, so...

Why do you suppose that she gave us
detailed instructions for all this

but nothing about the will?

Because she knew

that the most important things
she left us weren't things.

Her fire lives on
in our most ambitious pursuits.

Like the recall petition.

Which is why we will file it
when Town Hall opens tomorrow morning.

- Oh yes!
- Yes.

The perfect exclamation point
to Miss Frances's extraordinary legacy.


Oh! What a blessing!

I was just about
to seek out the three of you.

Well, what can we do for you?

What I can do for you is deter you
from making a horrible mistake.

My husband is a good man
and doesn't deserve

what you're doing to him.

Well, in that case,
the recall won't be successful.

No, no, no! It shouldn't even begin!

Ladies, let's be honest.
This isn't about Trent.

It's the same ridiculous vendetta
you have against me.

We're not in high school anymore,
Mary Vaughn.

You and your husband
have misappropriated funds and property

to enrich yourselves.
You both need to be held accountable.

Follow through with this misguided plan,

and there will be consequences.

And if we turned a blind eye
to your malfeasance,

there'll be dire consequences
for this entire town.

Well, now if you'll excuse us,
we have a petition to file.

You can only progress
once you've gathered all five seals.

How does the enchanter
fit into that quest?

And does the halfling summon the guardian?


The gates can only be opened
once the grand champion is defeated.

Even then, we need another obstacle
to the kingdom.


Maybe the water hag
can summon an elemental companion!

Water hags don't exist in this region.


Right. Yeah.

But if it's a cave hag
who summons the elemental...

- Then it's sand and stone, and we're good!
- Wicked idea, Kyle.

Super cool.

It's Nellie's idea. I just built on it.

Can we have a fake-out before
the second stage of the cave hag fight?

- You know what? Listen, Peter Pan.
- Don't!

You don't get credit
for leaving Neverland at 40 years old.

My God... You didn't want me to change!

Oh wow! That's ridiculous!

Uh, it's true.
You liked the power imbalance.

Oh, there you go again,
laying your shortcomings at my doorstep.

- Oh.
- Again, let's focus on a way forward.

Not what's behind us.

Both of you, take a breath.

Now, you came to me in faith

with the singular goal
of saving your marriage.

Focus on that unity of purpose
and your good intent.

Now, did you complete my first request?

Couldn't be bothered to bring your vows
like Pastor June asked, huh?

My darling Dana Sue.

You're kind,

smart, funny...

...and beautiful.

You know your way
around a kitchen, a classic car,

and my heart.

You can cure any ill
with great food and a killer smile.

I'll build our house. Be your rock.

I cherish everything you are,

and I promise
to treasure everything that you'll become.

And I vow before God

and our favorite folks

to love you forever.

Thank you, Ronnie.

Do you wanna share your vows, Dana Sue?

Well, until next time,

I would like for you both to consider

the sacred promises
that you made to each other and to God.

And do your vows still mean
the same thing to you today...

All right, well, we harvested four eggs.

I ate well. I, uh... I did yoga.

I avoided chemicals.
I took all of my medication.

Even those supplements.

You were remarkably diligent,
as I expected you would be.

- Did I do this wrong?
- You did everything within...

Not just this. I mean all of it.

Every decision that brought me here.

Waiting until now,

ig... ignoring the urges to be a mother.

Did I lose my chance?

Did I...

did I waste my moment?

It... it's been my experience

that focusing on the road not taken
keeps you from getting anywhere.

But for the sake
of this moment's conversation,

are there aspects of your current life

you would forfeit
for a hypothetical child?

- No.
- Remember that.

Also, think of this process as a...

an experience with unexpected gifts.

They may surprise you by revealing
strengths you didn't even know you had.

Yeah, such as?

Embracing the inability
to control everything.

Sometimes anything.

Dr. Ringle, that gift
has never had my name on it.

Stay hopeful.

You have four eggs, and you only need one
for your ultimate success.

- It only takes one.
- Mmm.

- Good evening, Miss Sullivan.
- Jackson.

Hi, Annie.

- Hey.
- Wow!

Thanks, Jackson. They're beautiful.

You're welcome.

I'll put 'em in water for you.

I'll make sure to have her back by curfew,
ma'am. You have a wonderful evening.

Y'all do the same.


Well, that gives happy hour new meaning.



Actually, uh, could you grab me a T-shirt?

Mmm. After that, I'll do anything you ask.


Oh! You have a memory drawer too?

Oh gosh, no!

You know, sometimes I forget

that you had a life
before you came to Serenity.


Wait, you went to the ESPYs?
I watch this every year with Ty.

I always cry at the Jimmy V Award.

As do I.

But heads up,
the T-shirts are one drawer down.

Yeah, but this is way more fun.


There's a story.

An explanation.

Wanna share?

Well, I keep that

as a reminder that it takes two people
to screw up a relationship.

Victoria and I
were both all-stars in that sport.

A wise man

once told me

that true forgiveness only happens

when the pain of past relationships
isn't the first thing that you think of

when you wake up in the morning.

I hope that you get that one day soon.

That morning, my love,

has already come.

What I'm looking forward to is the morning
I can wake up with you in my arms.

I never thought
a stack of paper could make me so happy.

Well, enjoy it.

We spoke to neighbors,
we researched the law,

we gathered signatures,

we nailed down every requirement

so that the petition
couldn't be bounced out on a technicality,

and now... now that it's all filed, it...

it just... it just feels like minutes.


The good times always go so fast.

As Miss Frances said in her notebook,
"The speed of life will surprise you,

and so will your ability
to remember the sweetest moments."

- We should put that in her program.
- She thought of that. And we are.

All of her final wishes
are falling into place nicely.

Well, part of me
still can't believe she's gone.

I know.

- I'm gonna miss her something fierce.
- Yeah, we all will.

But she'll continue
to walk with us and motivate us.

Standing up to Mary Vaughn
is proof of what we've learned.

- Would she cower in front of a bully?
- Only while pigs are flying.

- Neither will we.
- Mm-hmm. Let's go.


- Let's go sit down, ladies.
- Mmm.

- Ooh, that's good tonight.
- Yeah.


how is Cal handling
being in love with an activist?


If I'm being honest,

it's kinda thrilling
to be with a man that,

I don't know, supports me.

My passion, my vision.


So that's where that little rosy glow
and the big smile come from.

Intellectual rapport.


Ugh. When I was sitting there,
watching Bill walk out...


...if you asked me, "Maddie,
where are you gonna be next summer?" I...

I could not have imagined
that this was possible.

And all of the peaks
and valleys in between.

I'm living proof
that sorrow can turn to joy.


You give me hope.

How's counseling?


it's going.

I mean, June is wonderful.

You and Ronnie?

Pushing ourselves to the brink
to try and get it right.

But you... you both still want this?

Oh yeah, I can't tell you how much.

It's just... it's just a whole lot harder
than I thought it was gonna be.

Come on over here
and preach to the choir, Dana Sue.

- Not you and Erik?
- No. Me and my doctor.

Oh. That's right.
How was your appointment?

If you were to ask me
where I wanna be next summer,

I'd say sitting in Town Square,

soaking up the sun, holding my baby.

What if I'm the next Miss Frances, hmm?

Devoted to the community but alone.

Okay. Hold on one hot second.

You have never nor will you ever be alone.

Hey, listen. We know you want a baby,

and we support you
however you choose to have that child,

but in the meantime,

remember all the lives you have changed.

As a lawyer, a town leader,

a godmother.

A friend.

Uh, we have a reputation to uphold, missy.

Yes, we do.

We are the sweet girls
whose dreams blossom.

- Oh yes.
- Yeah.

- To Miss Frances.
- Yeah.

And that lemonade stand.

And all of the good things
that have been poured out since.

Don't feel bad.

I have been family Putt-Putt champion
three years running.

You didn't think
that was key info to share

when I invited you out for miniature golf?


I demand a rematch.
I won't be foiled by the windmill again.

Okay, I'll put my crown on the line.

Thanks for a great night.

You're the reason it was so much fun.

I'm glad I gave you a second chance.

And got to know you better.

I gotta ask. What finally won you over?

The origami camera?


You were willing to show me
who you really are.

Mary Vaughn?

I am hard-pressed to describe
the depths of my disappointment.

You and your Not-So-Sweet Magnolias
stupidly went through with your ambush.

An ambush is secret.

We told you
exactly what we were doing and why.

The people have spoken.

After they were confused
by your exaggerations and lies.

And how many of those signatures

have real people,
actual registered voters, attached?

We'll leave that
for the town clerk to verify.

The town charter
gives her 48 hours to do so.

Which means you still have time
to withdraw your petition.

You would be wise to do so.

Let me give that proposal
the same consideration

that you and your husband
have given the citizens of Serenity.


Shortsighted and foolhardy.

Don't forget,

I hold Cal's fate in my hands.

I'm sorry, I'm running late.

And if your boss can't be
a little flexible with your lunch break,

I'd be happy to talk to her, Erik.

Just... just let me deal with
whoever's at the door,

and I'll be on my way. Hold on. Come in!


Okay. I'll be right there. Okay, bye.




I'm sorry I didn't call first.

I can feel Aunt Frances
wagging a finger from heaven.


I'm so sorry for your loss.

For Serenity's loss.

- Do you have a moment?
- Uh, only a moment.

- I'm on my way out.
- I went by your office.

I made some changes.

- I hope you've been well.
- Ryan.

- I mean it.
- What can I do for you?

I came to talk through
the service and celebration.

Of course. Of course. Um...

Wh... when?

Well, you tell me. You Magnolias are doing
such a wonderful job with the planning,

I feel like I don't have much to do
except talk to Peggy.

Peg... Peggy's not helping
with the arrangements.

Why does she need to talk to you?

Well, um... I'll... I'll call you.

Yes, I should, um, check in
to the B and B and get some sleep.

Getting back came at the cost
of two cramped bus rides

and a brutal red-eye.

It's good to see you.

So the boys are bringing
Miss Frances's books over from her place,

and Dana Sue successfully enlisted Ronnie
to make the Little Free Libraries.

Oh, well, I'm glad
those two are talking again.

Oh, they're doing more than just talking.

- Even better.
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, so I've arranged
the organist for the funeral,

the vocalist for the interment,
and the bluegrass band for the party.

Oh, and I made sure that they know
"Angel From Montgomery,"

because Frances had a crush on John Prine
that bordered on the indecent, and...



How are you doing?


Oh, darling, I... I miss my friend.

But she is in a glorious place.

- Mm-hmm.
- Mmm.

And I have a... a certain peace
in the wonderful memories we created.

Whenever we saw...

Whenever we saw each other,
we'd say, "Do you remember when..."

Even though, of course, we always did.

When you've been friends over the decades,
those stories become a, um...

a connection to your truth.

A reminder of who you were

and how you became who you are.

Revising my own final plans
to replace Frances is hard.

I always thought
she'd outlive us all.


You have a notebook?

No, no, I have a strongbox.

You should have your affairs in order too.

I mean, certainly, Helen told you
to revise your will when you got divorced?

That is different.

You know, I have to make sure
the kids are taken care of.

I have people

to take care of too.

So, my strongbox
is on the third shelf of the linen closet,

and the combination is your birthday.

And I told Helen all of this,

so you don't have to fret
about remembering.

I just want everything
to be as worry-free as possible for you.

I can't.

I won't...

think about your not being with us.

Which is why
I discussed everything with Helen.

It's not just that you're my mama,

and I love you more than I can say.

I talk to you every day.

You are my living example of dreaming big
and thinking creatively

and... disregarding all the dirt
in Serenity's rumor mill.

I would not have gotten through
my divorce without you.


And Ty and Kyle and Katie, they adore you.

Mama, you're at the center of this family.

Sweet girl.

Just because I have a plan
doesn't mean I'm in a hurry to leave.

And when I do go,

I will be your biggest fan for eternity.

I will always be a voice in your ear

and a beat in your heart.

I... I knew you'd be a great parent
by the patience

and compassion you showed our patients.

Well, I just wanted them
to get back to their best selves.


Which is why I stopped by.

I have a favor to ask,
and I know, with Rebecca, it's a big one.

I didn't wanna put you on the spot
in front of Bill yesterday at the checkup.

I appreciate that, Howie.

And I appreciate how kind
and gracious you've always been to me.

Even after the mess
Bill and I made at the practice.

Life's messy, Noreen,

but you can always count on me
as a friend.


So ask away.

Well, Collins Littlefield
just had hernia surgery.

He's laid up at his house

and needs someone
to look after him for a couple days.

Frankly, it's less about nursing

and more about
making sure he behaves while he heals.

I can imagine.

He and Miss Frances
were in a senior circle.

They all check in on each other.

Miss Frances would call
or swing by every morning.

That's beautiful.

He's taking her loss hard.

Collins wouldn't say so,

but the daily company
might do him some good.

And I think he'd be more open
to an arrangement

if it's someone that he likes...

...and her sweet baby.

No need for flattery, Howie.

Serenity's my home now.
Neighbors look out for each other.

I'm sorry
this is what brought you home,

but it is good to have you back.

I'm not clear why you asked me to stop by.

Well, I wanted to discuss
your, uh... your level of comfort

in having The Sentinel report
on the events surrounding

your aunt's funeral.

I'm writing an appreciation,
but it doesn't seem enough.

Everyone loved her so much.

Aunt Frances always said

she wanted to be remembered
by the people she helped.

Not by the people who were watching.

I'm sure your appreciation
will be lovely and sufficient.

I appreciate that.
Is there a favorite picture

that you would like
for us to run with the piece?

The one that was in the yearbook
the last few years she taught.

- I'm fairly sure I have a digital copy.
- Well, here.

You can email or text it to me.

I don't mean to drag you back over here
when you have so much to do.

Not a problem.

- It's good to see you.
- You too.

Hey, Ry.

Um, will you be staying a bit?

It'd be nice to talk to you again.

Maybe do an article
on everything you've been up to.

Depends on whether
there's something worth staying for.

I will let you know.

Okay. I've got the vases.
I'm gonna head out.

Thank you, sweetheart.

Before I go, um,
I just got the most amazing invite.

Next weekend,
I don't have a shift at the restaurant.

I'll have finished one of my summer books,
I got my highest grades yet last quarter,

and I'll stream Sunday service online
instead of being there in person.

And this allows you to...

Go with Lily to her parents' lake house
for the weekend. Please?

Who else is gonna be there?

Lily's mom.

The whole time?

Most of it.

Thank you for explaining.

- It sounds really exciting.
- Is that a yes?

But I don't know Lily that well,

and I don't know her mother at all.

So this has to be a no.

Okay. Just thought I'd ask.

I'll be back soon.

♪ When your world's crashing down
Keep your head up ♪

♪ It's just a small town ♪

♪ Sometimes I think there's more to me ♪

♪ But if I'm all I'll ever be ♪

♪ But I'll keep my head up... ♪

Oh, hey.

That was beautiful. Did you write that?

Uh, yeah.
If only you didn't sound so surprised.

I didn't mean to.

I remember when
you used to play guitar all the time,

and it's great you're playing again.

Uh, yeah, I'm a little rusty,
but it's coming back to me.

Uh, these are from my mom.
Bud vases for your mom and grandma

for the celebration for Miss Frances.

- Well, thanks for bringing them by.
- Happy to.

I might not have gotten a chance
to hear the song otherwise.

I would've found another way
to inflict it on you.

Whoa, that's... awesome?

Ridiculous. But awesome.

Cool. Can you play paparazzi for a minute?

Dude, there's an actual photographer
right in front of you.

- Would you mind?
- Not at all.

I just wish I had my camera.

Do I even want to know
why you're dressed like this?

Kyle and his friends
are making this really cool game,

but that might not be
the reason why he's dressed like that.


No, we're meeting up tomorrow
to discuss the villain's arc,

and I want them to have this visual.

So you raided
your and Katie's costume closet

and my sports stash.

Hey, creativity knows no boundaries.

Well, if the game is half as wild
as this costume, it'll be a huge hit.

Yeah. She's right. A huge hit!

It's wonderful to see you two on the mend.

It's wonderful to see you.

Uh, he's right.

It is.


So see you soon?

- When do I get to hear the song?
- When do I get to play the game?

Ah! Respect to my fellow artiste.

Do you know what this character needs?

- Spiked hair.
- Really?

Yeah. I... I have some wax left over
from that stupid Spirit Week

when the whole team did it.
Wanna give it a try?

- Sure.
- All right.

What was that? Whoa! Hey, you...

Look at me, getting to walk
the prettiest girl in town home.

You know, if you had schoolbooks,
I'd carry them to lighten your load.

Yeah. Would you put your letterman jacket
around my shoulders too?

Complete with captain's pin.

So, how was homeroom today?

Funny enough, same bully,
then and now, came up to me.

Mary Vaughn.

She warned me, again,
about not being happy about the petition,

and she threatened me, again,
about something bad happening to you

if we don't stand down.

This is all about Jackson.

I mean, if I have to cut
that boy's meat into bite-size pieces

while I serve him off of a silver platter,

that cannot stop you and your friends

from the good work
you are doing for Serenity.

But I don't want you
to be collateral damage.

As Harriet Beecher Stowe said,

"Never give up,

for that is just the place and time
the tide will turn."

So you don't stop,

and I will be by your side the entire way.

Literally side by side?

The entire way.

Okay, your strength makes me feel safe.

Your... confidence elevates mine.

Your presence alone...

Your presence alone...

Your presence alone can set my world right
when it falls off its axis!

Your presence alone can set...

Can s... can set my world right...

Your presence alone
can set my world right when it falls...

- Hi.
- Hi.

Okay, so I have thought about
what my vows mean,

and I'm ready to talk through them.

You ready?

Yeah. I don't understand
why you can so easily remember your vows,

and it is so hard for me.

Babe, it's not a competition.

I know that.

What I don't know
is why I just can't do it!

It's okay. All right? So let's...

let's try a... a different approach.

All right?

Let's just forget about it, huh?

And let's start our new chapter.

How am I supposed to do that
when my heart is still broken?

See, I've tried to move on,

but I can't stop feeling
like I was just worthless.

I mean, why else push me aside
for whiskey and some random woman?

You know, when Annie asked me
why you were gone,

I could only tell her about the drinking
because I couldn't make myself say

that you had been unfaithful
because it... it killed me to even think it.

You gave that woman something so precious.

So how can you say
that she didn't mean anything?

And how much can your vows
really mean when you trashed 'em?

I can recite
all the lyrics to "I Love Rock 'n Roll,"

but that don't mean
I'm going on tour, does it?!


Why didn't you just tell me
that you were unhappy?

You know that couple that said
all those sweet things to each other?

You destroyed them!

You did! And they are gone!

Just like you need to be.

I was more afraid of Miss Frances
than I was of my daddy,

so I had my life flash before my eyes

three or four times
during that long walk to his office.

And I think she might have liked
to see me sweat a bit.

Oh yes.

But it was all so that she could surprise
me and my dad together with the news

that I'd gotten
the Chamber of Commerce Scholarship.

She will be missed.

- Thank you, Trent. That was lovely.
- My pleasure. If there's nothing else...

- Oh, there is one more thing.
- Ah, shoot.

You need to understand,

I'm not going to keep
your secrets anymore.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How was PT?

Uh, it was brutal, as usual.
But anything to get back on the field.

What's up?

I got
the Division I recruiting schedules.

They don't line up
with your timetable for full recovery.

The schools that you were hoping to attend
may not be an option anymore.

So all those hours in rehab?

All those years
practicing, competing, and training.

- It's all... it's all been for nothing?
- No. Never nothing.

But the bridge you're talking about,
Coach, this is it!

- Ty, there are other ways forward.
- I've already reached out.

There are great programs...

I... I don't wanna talk about
Team Almost-Good-Enough!

There was never a time
where DI baseball wasn't my goal!

Y'all are gonna have to give me a second
to get over the fact that I lost my dream

in one stupid night!

You know, it's great
to see you in a workshop again.

Kinda like back
when you made my dollhouse.

Ah! Yeah, that was a beaut.
Surprised you gave that to Katie.

She basically moved in to my room
so she could play with it.

It was either that or make space
for her clothes in my closet.

- I can make you another one.
- Appreciate that.

So my friend Lily,
uh, her family just came to town.

They go to Prince of Peace,

and Lily and I led a group together
for Vacation Bible School.

Yeah, you've mentioned her before.
I'm glad you have a new friend.

She's awesome.

She even invited me to go
to the family's lake house this weekend.

Is it okay if I go?

Well, what did your mother say?


Why are you asking me?

Because I thought you'd say yes.

Don't do that.

Come on, the one thing
your mother and I have never wavered in

is raising you right.

Respect that?

Thank you.

Our game won't have a stupid cliffhanger
like Realms of Tyranny.

Or that stupid
"you were the villain!" revelation

at the end of The Spider's Broken Web.

You know, Nellie might have
some thoughts about that final twist.

You know, we talk nonstop about the game,
and I'm all about that,

but let's pause
and toggle your character tab a bit.

You're super fun and talented
and just really great people.


But for someone who's so smart,
you're a complete idiot about Nellie.


I was hoping
you would realize it on your own,

but clearly,
I have to give you a hint box.

I'm... I'm not even close
to following what you're talking about.


You brought Nellie into our crew,
you always stick up for her,

and you keep bringing her up
when she's not related to the topic.

You're into her.

- No, no. I don't think of her like that.
- Well, you should.

I read these things well.

And you'd make a great fit.

Accept the true quest.

Go for Nellie.

Nana and Mom found
a whole bunch of pictures

of "The Little Magnolias"
with Miss Frances.


In case you wanna put 'em
in a slideshow at church.

Oh, I'm so glad that they found these.

I think that all of mine from that era
are with my mama down in Florida.

Anything else on your mind?

Is, uh, CeCe working today?

No, uh, she and her mother drove up
to North Carolina to look at colleges.

- She's going to college?
- She's exploring her options.

It's a new idea for her and her parents,
but she's really excited.

- She didn't tell you.
- We're not exactly talking anymore.

We broke up.

Oh, Ty.

- I'm so sorry.
- She didn't tell you?

I don't ask about her personal life.

And I won't ask about yours.

Unless you want me to.

Mmm, I'm not sure what went wrong.

I mean, I... I know why she got angry,

but when I wanted to talk it through,
she didn't want to, so...

Love is hard.

And first love is the worst.

Well, I... I'm not sure I'm...

was in love with her.

You let her into your heart
to whatever degree.

That leaves a mark.


And... and...

I'm not judging or... or lecturing.

I'm just... I'm just sharing.

But the people we love first,

maybe even before we fully know
what it means to be loved,

they're with us from that day forward.

And even if you try not to, you... you...

You measure every person
who comes after them against them.

Better or... or worse,

not as funny,

weirder taste in music...

- Simpler coffee orders.
- Eh.

So, here's what I try to do about that.

I try to be grateful
for what that person taught me

about the world and about myself.

But not let remembering the first
keep me from seeing the next

as the... completely unique

and... utterly marvelous...

even if slightly guarded person
that they may be.

- Aunt Helen?
- Hmm?

Do you think
you can ever go back to the first?



As long as you're not going there

because you're running
from something else.


You know your worth first,

and then

you find someone who complements it,

even if you have to look for a long time.

- Hope you're not too old for auntie hugs.
- Never.

- Because I'm coming in hot.
- I'm ready for it.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Why?

There's no healing without honesty,

and you were just being honest
about how you feel.

When I was pointing at him to leave,

all I could think of was my mama saying,

"You point at someone,
three fingers point back at you."

And then it just... it hit me.

Forgiving Ronnie for his mistakes

means forgiving myself
for the damage that I caused.

And accepting that
you are worthy of forgiveness.

- Am I?
- Yeah.

That's the beauty of grace.

We're forgiven even as we struggle
with the enormity of the gift.

But I broke my vows.

I stood before God and our family
and our friends, and I said,

"I will support your dreams

as passionately as I believe
in your ability to achieve them."

And did you do that
to the best of your ability?

I did not.

Why not?

I doubted and then blamed.

And... all the mess-ups
and... the resentments,

they just piled so high

that I couldn't even see him
behind all his flaws,

and I completely ignored my own.

Recognizing where you both went wrong

is a crucial step
in getting you back on the right track.

I mean, God knows, I still love him,

and I... I want to trust him again,

but I feel like
if I let go of all of this hurt

and all of this anger...
...like, I'll fall apart.

Dana Sue, dear heart,

until you've fallen apart,
we can't put you back together.

Oh, I'm here.

It's okay.

I'm here.

I'm here.

I assume you're here
to deliver good news about the petition?

I am.

The clerk completed
the signature verification process

and ratified the petition.

The recall process has officially begun.


then I am compelled
to call an emergency school board meeting...

to discuss allegations

that may require the termination
of Cal's contract with the high school.

What are these allegations?

It would be inappropriate of me
to speak outside of executive session.

You know how gossip travels in Serenity.

Besides, if you're sleeping with a man,
shouldn't you know his secrets?

Or don't you learn from your mistakes?

This is what I'm willing to do
for the man that I love.

How about you?

I'm sorry I'm late.

I'm still learning
to anticipate Castlewood traffic.

- Mind if we walk?
- Not at all.

I sure hope you haven't heard
all the good Miss Frances stories already.

That's not why I called you.


Well, look, I don't think it's appropriate
for me to comment on a recall.

- Between me moving...
- You and I have a child.

What did you say?

You heard me.

Oh, don't you walk away from me!


Wha... what the hell, Peggy?

Here? In Town Square?

I'm sorry, would you rather
a bar at Sullivan's

or a booth at Wharton's, perhaps?

You know, if anyone asks,

you are more than welcome to tell them
I wanted to hear a cute story

about Miss Frances
that I am not going to listen to.

The Model UN Conference in Raleigh?

Beginning of junior year?

Why didn't you tell me?

Our mothers decided it was for the best.

My mama?!

Why didn't she tell me?

That is a conversation
for you to have with yours.

Mine told me they decided
enough lives have been ruined

and that it was best you didn't know.

Maybe yours should have told you
so you could learn from your mistakes.

Oh, and that's why you're telling me now?
'Cause my life isn't fully upside down?


Peggy, wait!

Peggy, please!

I just wish you would have told me.

I cannot express how sorry I am

that it took me two decades
to learn how to say no to my mother.

This will not change anything between us.
I don't want or need anything from you.

The only thing I want from you
is something you can't give.

Twenty-two years, Peggy.

Imagine how I felt,

knowing that he was out there somewhere,

praying that he was loved and cherished.

Was he?

Ask him yourself.

Dr. Townsend.


Thank you.

Now I'm gonna ask you to leave.

Never again.