Sweet Home (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript


What was that?

Our plan must've failed.

I can't give you anesthesia.

You could die from shock.

Even if the surgery is successful,

you could die from infection.

I won't blame you.

I promise.

Get lost, you son of a bitch!


Pick them up.
We have to protect this place.

Hey! Wake up!

What do you think will happen?

It's your turn from now on.

Because it all depends on God.


It depends on Ji-su.

Don't worry.

Ji-su will wake up no matter what.

How can you be sure?

She said she grabbed thread
at her first birthday ceremony.

Did you sell my baby off?

Why did you come back with that junk?

I'm sorry.

How was she?

Did she run fast?


That's good.

She'll have no regrets, either, then.

I could only find one.

Guess it was worth it after all.

You've got a lot of visitors.

Is Hyun-su okay?

So he's the first thing you ask about.

Answer me.
Did he have any strange symptoms?

-What about you?

To me, you and Hyun-su are similar.

What do you mean?

Seon-yeong told me

that you're pregnant.

It's something I had to know.


Are you going to lock me up?

I can't do that.

You aren't a monster yet.

You are a time bomb, though.

-I won't tell people.
-Do whatever you want.

I've never done that.

I've only done what I had to.

Now tell me what it's like outside

and how you were able to return safely.

-Tell me every detail.
-You first.

Tell me what's happened here
and how Hyun-su has been.

Tell me every tiny detail.


You should've come out when you woke up.

Why are you still in here?

I was hiding from you.


Where did you get this?

Never mind that.

Take care of yourself.


What an ignorant idiot!

That's his way of saying thank you.

You're back.

Is this your daily routine?

There's nothing to steal here,
but you're so diligent.

A rat's been sneaking in and out.

What are you doing?

What did you grab
at your first birthday ceremony?


You know. You put out things like
a pencil, money, thread

in front of the baby.

If they pick up a pencil,
they'll be smart.

If they pick up money, they'll be rich.

If they grab thread,
they'll live a long life.

You know the custom.

I don't remember.

Come on.

Of course, you don't remember.

Either your parents tell you
or you see it from pictures.

Mine were all burned.

I have nothing left.

I learned that

God won't let you be tempted
beyond what you can bear.

But I think God overestimates humans.

That boy you mentioned.

He better have survived
longer than 15 days.

What are you doing?

What was the first symptom?

A nosebleed? Passing out?

When was it exactly?

-Try to remember.

You must remember
because it's the day you became a monster.

I heard it speaks to you.

Did it speak to you?


Have you ever completely escaped from it?

You have, right? How?

Tell me!

I just wanted to live.

Why are you doing this to me?

There were more people
who tried to resist monsterization.

The government carried out
experiments on them

to find a way to stop this disaster.

Was the experiment


You should be asking me

what happened to the people
who were used in the experiment.

I ran into soldiers.

They caught me, to be exact.

I told them about you.


wanted to live, too.

All right.

-This is so refreshing.

One more time, please.

Ms. Cha.

I thought you were tan,
but you were just dirty.


I'm saying you look good now.

I got these in the mail.

Do you want a face mask?

No, thanks.
I know I look pretty without it.

Wait, Seung-wan needs it.

No, I don't.

I think…

I should go outside.

I'm starting to have symptoms.

I should've told you sooner.

I guess I didn't want to believe it.

I'm sorry.

I can't

put everyone in danger.

Before it's too late, I should go--

Still, you shouldn't go outside.

She's right.

You're still human.
You'll die if you go outside!


I mean,

-we can't let her stay here.

Why don't we hold a vote?

Just vote as you want.

Because this is like…

taking part in murder.

I vote she stays in the arcade.

I'm in favor.

Me, too.

She might be able to hold out
like Hyun-su.


How are you feeling?

Women should always keep
their bodies warm.

Especially you, Yi-kyung.

Take care of yourself.



Please don't be too upset about this

or about Seok-hyeon.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Thank you.


You'll be fine.

Let's meet again. Okay?


Take care.

Ms. An.

How did you bear it?

How did you do it?

Now I know what you've been through,
but there's nothing I can do for you.

I'm sorry for being

an awful grownup.

I could definitely use a drink
on a day like this.

There you go again.

That's why you have terrible skin.


don't you think Ms. An can hold out
like Hyun-su?

I really hope so.

I thought it was just her husband,

but her whole life is awful.

Your face is awful.

I agree with Byeong-il.

We could definitely use a drink today.

What is this? Is this Korean wine?

The color's stunning.

It's too good to drink.
Can we really drink it?

It's at least four years old.

This could be as good as medicine.

Yu-ri left earlier by the way.

Shall we finish this off
before Eun-hyeok comes?

Speak of the devil.

Just don't forget your duties.


Satellites aren't working,
so I can't track your location.

When you press this,
it'll send signals to us.

-What if I don't?
-You will.

You're not the only one that kid
could save.

He could save all of humanity.


if you do it,

I'll tell you about your fiancé,
Nam Sang-won.

I know where he is and what he looks like.

It was a very dark night with no moon.

I lay down between the corpses

and pretended to be dead,

but I was watching them carefully.

The remnants of the People's Army
went inside the building,

and the Allied forces that were after them

fired hundreds of shots at the building.


I know

I saw them go into the building
with my own two eyes.

But nobody came out of the building

and there were no dead bodies.

How baffling.

That building

was here.


We have no idea

what's buried underneath where we are.

That's what I mean.


Who are you?

I think he's a runaway soldier.




Oh my…


Don't you know you should always
be with your buddy?

I came here because my buddy is so sick.

Are you scared?


You've grown a lot.

I was always this tall.


You're walking well.


I thought your legs hurt.

That's why I quit ballet.

You were my last audience.
Consider it an honor.

You quit it for good?


Why? You were so good.

Look what the world has become.

There's no one to watch me perform.

Who was it this time?

You have this look on your face
when someone gives you a hard time.

You know that, right?


Well, you look like this

most of the time, though.

When someone fucks with you…

Do this at least, okay?

Now try it.

Hey, forget it. Gosh.

You have no talent.

All right. Look.

Fold this,

this, and this.

Just go like this.


You just promised me.

Promised you what?

It's a secret.

Anyway, you made a promise.



It's your first love.

Oh my god, you're infuriating.

Hey, Hyun-su!

Look. Do it like this.

I taught you this just now.
Why don't you get it?


What are you staring at?

You're so annoying.

Did you really grab a knife?

At your first birthday ceremony?

You woke up, Ji-su.

To tell you the truth,
I grabbed something else.


They said I grabbed my dad by the collar.

It's so like you.

I really did grab a knife.

It was a rice cake knife.

You're a natural.

Teach me how to use a sword.

I will when you're all better.

Jae-heon, you're a good person.

I'm only trying to live by God's will.

Well, yes, anyway,

you saved my life.

That's also God's will.

Seriously? Hey.


I'm saying thank you.


Thank you, too,

for waking up.

First love?

That's crazy. That's just crazy.

First love, my ass.


Got a lighter? Give me your lighter.

Are you bullying me or something?


That's his way of saying thank you.

Then say please.


First love?

He's crazy.

Here. Take your lighter.

I quit smoking.

Let's see for how long.


Hey, four-eyes.

The soldier woke up,
and he's acting really weird.

Come quickly.

Jang Ju-seong, tell me your affiliation
and your mission.

I shouldn't be here.

Pull yourself together.

Is this working?

-The light is on.
-Is it working?

Hey, can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Can't you hear me?

Damn it.

This bastard can hear us,
but he's ignoring us again.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Come out, come out.

-Damn it.

-Hey! Get him!

-I have to run.

Give me my gun.

Give it back. I really need my gun.

Please. Give me my gun, please.

Take down the SOS sign.
As soon as possible.

You can't move yet.

Did you pass gas?

I don't know.

She did.

It was quiet and weak,

-but it smelled…

like nothing.

Son of a…

That's good.

Then you can eat now.

Start with a little bit of porridge.

These are antibiotics people gave me.

Thank you so much for doing this for me.

Eun-yu said you had surgical experience,
so I could trust you.

Did she say that?

I've never even observed surgery.

Still, you did a great job.


Bring Eun-yu here, please.

Why are you here?

You should look at and listen to
only good things for the baby.

That's why I'm here.

I'll do my best.

I really want to meet your baby…

and see it smile.

Fifteen days.

If you can endure 15 days
after the first symptom,

you'll be over the worst.

Is he the security guard?

Wasn't it just the two that went up?

Go first.

Don't go.

It's too dangerous.

Don't go.


Rotten fish!


Throw it!

Throw it!

Throw it.

Throw it!


Subtitle translation by: Soo-hyun Yang