Sweet Home (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

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Hurry! Get in!

Do you have a license?

-I passed the written.
-And the driving test?

Hold on tight.

Ji-su, I'm sorry.

I got you!

Mr. Han!

Mr. Han!

Shouldn't you go and help?

Why don't you go, then?

Why aren't you doing as we practiced?

Shut up, you freaking dog!
You're the same as your owner!

Move aside.

You'll get us all killed.

What was all that practice for, then?

Do you really want to live like this?

-Mr. Han…
-Go! I'm fine.


Die, you monster!

One, two…

If you were going to lock him up,
why did you save him?



We made things more difficult for you.

You can choose this time.

Thank you.

It's nothing.

It's not the time to be treating others.

You seemed to have a hard time breathing.

I'm fine.

Do you want to die, by any chance?

You might not have any desire to live,

but don't show that to everyone else

struggling to survive.

Why shouldn't I?

That's just manners.

Why would you care about manners
in a world like this?

Because we survived

in this world.

We should live more decently
as human beings.

You have asthma, right?

Are you going to die?

I've never thought of dying.

You can treat me.


Would you…

like some of mine?

No, it's fine.

These spoons aren't helpful at all.

You're right.
It'll be faster to just drink it.

Why do you keep staring at him like that?

I can't help it, you know.

Do you have anywhere else to go?

Sit down. You're distracting me.

That was a nice meal.

What's wrong with you two?

Everyone's uncomfortable around you.

Be comfortable alone at least.

Don't just sit there frowning
with that scary scarred face.

You're making me lose my appetite.

And why do you have
those scars on your arm?

I can't back down from a challenge.

What do you think? Do I scare you?

There wasn't a single healthy organ
inside my body.

The stupid doctor told me
I couldn't even last six months.

I made him look like a quack

by living until this age.

Should I tell you my secret?

My secret is eating well, you punks.

Just gobble up your food!

We're all struggling
to eat and survive, you know.


Let me.

Come on, let's do it together.

Su-yeong, you promised to play with me.

Do you really want a scolding?

You're a liar, just like Dad!

Go away!




It's okay for kids to play.

Give me a gun instead.

Give me something for killing monsters.

Later, when you're older.

What if I die before that?

If I die, Yeong-su will die, too.

I'm all he has.


Once every three days?

My skin will get all ruined.

What about my dream? It'll be ruined, too.

Damn it. Whatever.


The water tank's been contaminated.

I thought it'd last 15 days
if we save water.

That's a disaster.
Water's most important right now.

You're right.

How's your leg?


I don't know if it's okay
because I can't feel anything.

It could get infected,
so make sure to get it treated.


What happened to your glasses?

Give it to me. I'll fix it.

I like it this way.

But why did you come here?

I think you should come to the basement.

Everything fine?

Right, well… What are you doing here?

Be careful.

I bet everyone will like this. It's…

What's this?

You said the basement's safe now.

Some people said they were waiting
for their packages, so…

You shouldn't do things alone.

Yes, that's why we came together…


Excuse me…

It'll withstand some weight.

If you strengthen the windows
and add weapons,

it could withstand monsters outside.

When can you finish it?

So you want it done soon, right?


We have lots of people and no time.

At this rate, all of us will end up
dying in here.

We have to leave
before people start to panic.

Kim Ji-eun.


This one is mine.

And this one is mine, too.

This is mine, too.

This is…

-mine again.
-How is everything yours?

Let me see.

Hey. It's not yours!

It's not yours!

Room 502, Nam Sang-won.

Who's Nam Sang-won?

It's Yi-kyung's dead fiancé.


Where do you think she went?

She'll be okay, right?

Get out.

We called them "special infectees."

We had several,

but they all became monsters
or lost control and died.

The 15th day since the first symptom
was the toughest.

Was there anyone who lived past that?

There was one,
but he disappeared without a trace.

That boy you mentioned.

He better have survived
longer than 15 days.





Did you think I wouldn't notice
if you ran away?

Give me my share!

Please stop.

Fuck! I can't trust anyone anymore!

Calm down. Let's talk.

You shit. Don't touch me.

I'm not going to die here like this.

I'm going to leave by myself.

You. Give me the car keys.

Give me the car keys, you asshole!

Give me the keys! You son of--


Why don't you go out there then?

You don't know how it feels

to have your life in someone else's hands!

What are you doing?

Aren't you ashamed to face the kids?

What does age matter right now?

We're all going to die anyway!


Not all of us.

People like you who act stupid
out of fear are the ones who die first.

Get a grip!

Take care of your own life.

We need…

to venture outside.

We only have five days' worth of food.

We'll search
the nearest convenience store first.

Isn't it too dangerous?

We made some preparations.

Mr. An scouted the area.

And Mr. Han is working on the car.

Hang on, four-eyes.

Who's going, then?

Are we drawing straws?

It's an important mission,

so the ones most likely
to succeed will go.

-Why me?
-You're in charge of the food.

And you're the one most likely to succeed.

Do you know what kind of person I am?

I don't care.


have you ever saved

someone's life?

I deserved to be punched.

I'm sorry.

Me, too.

I'm sorry

I punched you.

You have better manners now.

Aren't you leaving?

I should finish this first.

I'm not getting better at drinking.

It's been a long time since I heard music.

It was abandoned in a corner somewhere.

What song was that?

I just improvised.

There are only four strings, anyway.

The melody was a bit dull, wasn't it?

I'd like

to hear the whole song.


Are you hurt?

It's nothing serious. I'm fine.


This song.

It makes me feel like I'm home.


For what?

I didn't have

a title for this song.

But you just gave it one.



Are you still not done?


I need more time.


Fuck. It's really urgent!

Oh, that's too bad.

You should've come yesterday
if it was so urgent.

Hey. Do you have a death wish?

What? I'm pooping to survive, you know.

Hey, Eun-yu.

Hey! Hurry up! Come on.


Hey, what's wrong? Come on. Wake up.

Are you turning, too?

Because you couldn't poop?

Hey, wake up. Yoon Ji-su.

What's wrong? Wake up!

How long have you been hurting?

I'm fine.

Let's see if it hurts
when I remove my hand.

I think it's appendicitis.


-Your appendix.
-What do we do?

But how do you know?

He should know that much.

He got into medical school
when we were so poor.

What do we do?

She'll be okay.

The golden hour…

is running out for both sides.

If her appendix ruptures,
it'll become serious.

She could get an infection
in her peritoneum,

and bacteria could spread
throughout her entire body.

Then she needs surgery?

There's nothing we can do here.

I'm not that capable, either.


Are you saying you won't do anything?

Just do something!

Do whatever you can.
I need to get revenge on her.

So I might die?


There's a higher chance
of dying than surviving.

You still want to do it?


If I don't, there's no chance
of surviving at all.

I'll perform the surgery.

I need anesthetics, antibiotics,

saline, and surgical instruments.

I'll go.

Are you trying to die?

You'll just be a burden in that state.

I'll go, too.

No, you will not.

There are dozens
of different surgical tools.

Unless you're going to bring
the whole hospital,

someone who knows what you need should go.

Help us.

God, she's heavy.

If things go south,
just go to the hospital.

Getting food is the subgoal.

Saving Ji-su is the main goal.

When did you start using swords?

It's been about 30 years.

I'm serious.

I grabbed a knife
at my first birthday ceremony.

You nearly made my appendix burst.

What did you pick at your ceremony?

I picked

the thread, for a long life.

That's nice.

The thread…

It's August 25th.

I was planning on killing myself today.

You're the new student, right?

Why are you just standing there?

I don't know how much more you need,
but take this.

No need to pay me back.

You're pretty arrogant.


What did I do wrong back then?

Watch out!

Be careful, guys!

Sorry! Are you okay?

Are you okay?

If I hadn't held out my hand,

would my life have been
a little bit different?

I guess you don't know
why I'm doing this to you.

But I have a good reason for this.

You son of a bitch…

You look pretty angry.

I guess you weren't beaten enough.




Yes, you.

It's your turn now.

But he looks…


Were you close with that jerk?

These guys all used
to be friends with him, too.

Don't do it if you don't want to.

I'm not forcing you.

By the way,

who were your friends again?


I'm sorry…

You shit.

Oh, gosh. He looks so pitiful.

Why are you doing this to me?

I'll tell you if you jump.

From now on, I'll kill anyone
who talks to Cha Hyun-su.

Why aren't your parents doing anything
when they know what you're going through?

Are they too busy?

Your dad works at my dad's company.

Should I get him fired?

I heard that people who get fired

at that age commit suicide a lot.

You asshole!

Do whatever you want to me, but
don't touch my dad, you son of a bitch!

You really know your place.

I'll tell you

why I'm doing this to you.

The day

you offered me those dirty coins,

the sky was so clear.

That's my reason.

Because the sky was so clear.

You're really something.

So you want to protect your family.


would your family do the same for you?

Forgive him.

I hated my father for that.

Your father is doing this
to protect our family.

You understand, right?

And I hated my mother for it, too.

Cha Hyun-su is my brother?

What stupid bitch said that?


That's ridiculous. I don't have a brother!

I hated my sister, too.

After my father visited my school,

the bullying stopped.


I couldn't live as my old self anymore.

That was

what upset me the most.

I'll give you money
for your mom's surgery.

Okay? Just run into the road
when a car comes.

You go instead.

My father was fired the next day.

Hyun-su, your friend's here.

It's your fault!

My mom died because of you.

I wanted

to become a decent person,

but there was nothing I could do…

but try to kill myself.

But today,

I'm leaving this place

to survive.


Subtitle translation by: Ju-young Park