Suspects (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Episode #3.4 - full transcript

After teenager Mandy Granger goes missing the body of a young girl is found dumped on waste ground though Mandy's mother Natalie claims it is not her daughter. The police discover that Mandy made the 999 call and CCTV reveals her violent father Andrew fighting with Jez, her boyfriend, who is a trans-sexual previously called Julie and Andrew is arrested. Then Oliver, who dated Jez when she was Julie, is in the frame, having sent her abusive texts. A drunken party which got out of hand eventually holds the key to who killed Jez and what happened to Mandy.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
A young woman
has been found naked

and beaten unconscious

on waste ground in East
London early this morning.

Police have yet to
identify the victim

and are appealing for witnesses

to what they describe
as a brutal attack.

Victim's female.

Found here at 6:00 a.m.

Serious injuries
to head and face.

Paramedics have already
lost her heartbeat once,

so I reckon we're
looking at a murder inquiry

before the day's out.

Oh, poor girl.

Mr. and Mrs. Granger.

I understand we are here
to talk about your daughter,

Mandy Granger.


So tell me about when you
discovered she was missing.

We've done all this
at the front desk.

We have to run through it again.

At 8:00, this morning, I went
in to take her a cup of tea.

She wasn't there.

And when was the
last time you saw her?

Last time I saw her
was about 6:00 last night,

before I went to work.

Last night.

That was the last
time I saw her.

Um, yeah. Last night.

I... We were at home.

Um, I was quite tired.

I went to bed quite early...
- 00, nineish, 9:30...

Something like that... and
she was still up watching TV.

Did she seem all
right? Fairly happy?

- She was absolutely fine.
- She was fine. Yeah.

Found naked.

CSI are yet to do a
sweep of the entire area,

but the initial search suggests
that the attacker or attackers

uh, took the victim's
clothing with them.

So they're trying to
give us the runaround.

They know what they're doing.

Have you managed to get
any basics on the victim?

Yes. She is mid-to late teens,
5'6", and short brown hair.

That's all. No wallet
found, so no ID as yet.

Thank you.

She has her hair cut
since then, hasn't she?

I'll make a note of that.

Yes. It's a bit shorter.

It's quite a lot shorter.

She's a gorgeous girl.

Has Mandy ever
stayed away before?

Maybe snuck out to see
friends or a boyfriend, perhaps?

She doesn't have a boyfriend.

She's 16 years
old. She's a child.

She's not snuck away.
She's not run away.

All this shit is wasting time.
You're going 'round the houses.

Something has happened to her.

SOCOs say blood-splatter
analysis isn't consistent

with the victim's injuries.

So I'm thinking maybe
this waste ground

is the deposition scene
where the body was dumped.

But now we're also on the
lookout for a crime scene

where the attack took place.

SOCOs found some
tire tracks in the soil.

We know they're
fresh. Rained last night.

He's getting a mold
done of the tire track

to see if we can figure
out the type of tire.

Hopefully we can
figure out the type of car

that we think was
used to dump the body.

Victim is mid-to late teens,
female, short brown hair.

Found this morning at 6 a.m.

with serious head injuries
to the face and head.

We now know she's
got brain damage.

Also possible sexual assault.

The parents that I've just
been talking to downstairs...

They've not seen their
daughter since 9:00 last night.

She's about that age, about
that height, short brown hair.

- What's her name?
- Mandy Granger.

- Let's get it up.
- It's on the board.

And these photographs
I had fast-tracked in

from the hospital.

I'm also waiting on forensic
photos of the rest of the body.

Also one of a
tattoo, apparently,

on the victim's wrist.

Fresh tattoo...
Like last five days.

There's cling film
on the top of it.

- Mandy Granger have a tattoo?
- Her parents didn't mention one.

Well, I mean, the
parents may not know.

You're gonna have to take
them down to intensive care,

I'm afraid, see if
that's their little girl.

- Okay?
- Yeah.


Can't do it.

Are you okay?

Do you want me to go?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Is that... Is that all right?
Can... Can I go on my own?

- Do you need both of us?
- No.

If you're prepared
to do so, that's fine.

But are you sure that
you're happy to go in alone?


Okay. That's fine.

You can wait here.

All right.

Uh, TIU have traced
the 999 phone call

to an area close to where
the victim was dumped.

Press play.

Please help my friend.

Don't suppose we've got a
number for this, have we?

Guess who it is.

- Who?
- Mandy Granger.

- Our missing girl?
- Yeah.

Thank you.

It's not Mandy.

- It's okay.
- Good.

Um, my D.I. has asked
me to take you home.

She's on her way there.
She wants to talk to you.

W-Why is that?

To be honest, I'm not sure.

It may be there's something
she wants to share in person.

- We should just go and do it.
- At the house?

Yes. Yes.

- Okay.
- Okay.

After you.



Um, the girl in ITU
isn't Mandy Granger.

Uh, Mum Natalie
is very sure of that.

Relief for them.

Um, however, it was
Mandy's phone that called 999.

- We know that much.
- Okay.

I've had a little
dig-around on the parents.

Mum, Natalie
Granger, she's clean.

But the... the dad,
Andrew Granger...

He's got a couple
of D&Ds and an ABH.

Basically that was from a pub...

There was an argument
and a glassing, basically.

- It got nasty.
- Shit.

What's your instincts on them?

Um, I'm not massively
surprised about that, to be honest.

He's incredibly aggressive,
and he walks all over Natalie.

Absolutely controls her.

He couldn't face going
into ITU to see the girl,

which I think is
a little bit odd.

I'm gonna get you
to listen to this for me.

Please help my friend.

Is that Mandy?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Hundred percent sure?
- Yes.

It's likely that the
friend she's referring to

is the girl that you saw
earlier in ITU, Natalie.

Okay. Well, we don't
know who she is.

What happens now?

Look, I'm not gonna lie.

Um, the connection between
the victim and Mandy...

That is a concern for us.

Just a little bit. Yeah.

Let me reassure you
of one thing, all right?

Most girls of Mandy's
sort of age end up...

They just... They come
home safe back to the family.

Yeah. Most girls.
Not all of them.

Local tattooist got in touch.

He said 48 hours ago he
inked a tattoo like that one...

Certainly very, very like that
one... on someone's wrist.

It looks like that could
be Mandy Granger.

- It looks like her, doesn't it?
- Yeah. Right school uniform.

And the bloke that's with
her, according to the tattooist,

that's the guy who
got it done... the tattoo.

That's not our victim,

so maybe the tattoo
thing's a dead end, guys.

Chased the credit card that
was used to pay for the tattoo.

It's registered to a J. Collins.

Hang about. Someone's
kicked the door in.

Police. We're coming in.

Gloves on.

I'm gonna check
upstairs, Charlie, yeah?


All clear down here.

Right. I'm gonna make
a start in the kitchen.

- Jack?
- Yeah.

There are two bottles of
testosterone in the cupboard.

What... What's that
for? Bodybuilding?

- Hang on. Give me that.
- Wait.

Give me that.

This belongs to Julie Collins.

Male clothes.

Male hormones.

She's gone for a sex change.

So who kicked the door down?

I'm willing to bet a lot of
money it was Andrew Granger.

If he finds out that Mandy's
got a boyfriend who was a girl

who's having a sex change,
he's gonna hit the fucking roof.

Now, we know that Jez Collins
was in fact born Julie Collins

and from bank records
came from Burnley,

uh, where she lived
with her parents.

Moved down to London on...
Take note... 7th of June 2014.


A momentous day
worthy enough of a tattoo.

I wonder why the
tattooist didn't twig, though.

I mean, in close
proximity with someone

and you don't realize
that he is a she.

It's confidence, isn't it?

You know, dresses like
a bloke, looks like a bloke.

If you can convince
yourself you're someone else,

you'll convince
other people too.


Clearly he was convinced.

From now on, we're gonna
refer to the victim as Jez, please.

I have spoken to Jez's parents.

Very difficult phone call.

What they did know was that
Jez was in fact transgender,

so that was a bombshell
I didn't have to drop.

However, they're heading
down from Burnley,

and they've got a
terrible decision to make.

They've got to
decide whether or not

to turn the life
support machine off.

So to all intents and purposes,

we are dealing with a
murder investigation, guys.

I got on to TFL to chase
up Jez Collins' Oyster card,

and he topped it up
at this newsagents.

He's with Mandy Granger.

Hold on two seconds.
Let me fast-forward.

Look at this.

- Andrew Granger.
- Mandy's dad.

Well, he completely failed to
mention that little falling-out.

So we already
knew he was violent,

but this also makes him a liar.

Mr. Granger, could
we have a quick word?

Yeah. What's happened?
Have you found her?

Andrew, I'm afraid that we
are going to have to arrest you

for the suspected
murder of Jez Collins.

- Are we being serious?
- Calm down.

- Yes.
- Are you being serious?

- Oh, wonderful police work.
- You gonna let me finish?

There's one, two, three,
four, five, six people here

who could be out... fuck off!

Who could be out
looking for my daughter!

- Get off me!
- Get him down to the ground.

Get off now!

Andrew Granger,
I am arresting you

for the suspected abduction of
your daughter, Mandy Granger.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you do not mention
when questioned

something which you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

- Do you understand?
- Yeah.

Thank you.

Jo, need a full forensic
lift on a vehicle...

On Mr. Granger's car.

Okay. Let's put him
in the back of the van.

Keep pushing.

Oh, there you go.

Yeah. Yeah, that's
my car. And that's me.

Getting out of the car.
You, Andrew Granger.


Why were you there?

- Why was I there?
- Yeah.

To pick up Mandy.

What, after school?

- Yeah.
- Right.

Talk me through
what happens next.

What's that?

That's me moving
this lad out the way.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

In a threatening manner.

Looks like you tried
to head-butt him.

I'm not trying to
head-butt anybody.

If I was trying
to head-butt him,

I would have fucking
head-butted him.

I'm getting him
out the fucking way.

Calm down. We're trying to
help you find your daughter.

You're not trying to help
me find my daughter.

You're wasting fucking
time sitting here with me

going through bits of fucking...

Why were you so
pissed off, anyway?

That lad called me a
very, very rude word.

Guy's name is Jez.

We think Jez was
Mandy's boyfriend.

Mandy doesn't have boyfriends,

so you can take
this shit with you.

Hang on a second.
I'm not finished yet.

Mr. Granger...

we also know that Jez
was in fact born Julie Collins.

What does that mean?

This is a transvestite?


Transgender. Born as a girl.

What, and pretending
to be a boy?

Wants to become a guy.

He's in the middle
of a sex change.

We think that you knew
Jez was Mandy's boyfriend.

We also think,
more humiliatingly,

that you knew that Jez
was a pre-op transgender.

- We think you followed him home.
- No.

We think you
broke into his house.

We think you assaulted him,

left him with serious head
injuries, face injuries...

and dumped him
on a waste ground.

That's what we think.

So prove me wrong.

What have you
done with Mandy, eh?

- What?
- Where is she?

- What have you done with her?
- Ask me that again.

What have you done
with your daughter?

- I have done fuck-all!
- Right.

This is the sick fuck you
want to be looking for!

Don't you even fucking dare!

Don't you dare!

Are you going somewhere?

No. I was just, um...

Yeah. I was just gonna
go and see my mum.

What if Mandy comes home?

You know, it might be nice
for you to be here if she does.

No. She'd... She'd
know I was at my mum's.



I'm sorry. I'm just... I'm
just not thinking straight.

I just...

- I just need a minute.
- Okay.

Natalie, I know
from social services

that you and Mandy
moved into a refuge

for about three
months last year.

Talk to me about that.
Tell me why that was.

I don't really want
to talk about that.

It's nothing to do with
why Mandy's gone. No.

With all due respect
it, it... it kind of is,

because the relationship
between Mandy and her father...

If indeed he's the
reason you moved out...

Is... is important for
us in understanding

where Mandy might be,
why she might have gone.


When he drinks, it
brings out the worst in him.

And, um, yes, last year, we
went through a very bad time

and I had to go to a refuge.

He was violent towards you?

Yes, he was.


It's important for
me to understand

kind of Mandy's situation and
her circumstances at the moment.

Do you know anyone called Jez?

Is that a name
you're familiar with?

We think this might
be Mandy's boyfriend.

Oh, I don't know
if it's her boyfriend,

but yeah, I've heard her, um,

speak to someone
called Jez on the phone.

I've never met
him. I don't know.

Did you know that Jez...
Uh, we think at least...

Is a pre-op transgender person?

He used to be called Julie,
so he started as a female

and is in the process
of becoming a male.


No. That's news to me.

Do you think Andrew
knew or could have known?

And if he did know, how do
you think he'd feel about that?

He wouldn't... He
wouldn't like that at all, no.


Uh, guys,

Jez's parents have just turned
off the life support machine.

I'm gonna let them
say their goodbyes

and then get a postmortem.

Hopefully we'll get some
clues for that and just, frankly,

pray to God that we don't
find Mandy in the same state.


The forensics from the
break-in at Jez's place

have been incredibly useful.

So DNA from Mandy
Granger... Very prominent,

which is no surprise if
they were in a relationship.

- What about Andrew Granger's?
- No, nothing on Andrew Granger.

But there is DNA from this guy.

His name is Oliver Hemmingway.

He has a conviction
for assault in Burnley

from a couple of years ago,
which is where Jez is from.

Now, Mr. Hemmingway drove

into the congestion charging
zone yesterday at 10 a.m.

His car's not left it yet,
but FIU have told me

that he bought a coach
ticket this morning back home

at about 6 a.m.

- Why would he do that?
- Beats me.

Now, the next stop
on the coach is Oxford.

He's already on it, but
I've got uniform driving up

to pick him up.

Two. Thank you.

Empty your pockets
for me, please.

Thank you.

Can you get this
sent up to tech?

I want them to charge it. I
want to know what's on it.


Tech have recovered
the deleted data... sorry...

From Oliver's phone.

They also pulled up this
stream of abusive text messages

that he sent to Jez when
he was driving to London.

I think it's pretty fair to say
that he took the breakup badly,

to put it mildly.

The boss is down there
talking to him about it now.

"I would have done
anything to make you happy,

and yet you treat me like shit,

you fucking
horrible bitch, Julie."

That was you sending that

on the way down the motorway
heading towards her flat.

Remember that?
How angry were you?

'Cause if you were that
angry heading down there,

fuck knows what you'd have
felt like when you realized

that your girlfriend
was now your boyfriend.

Are you mad?

I absolutely worshipped
the ground she walked on.

You think I could ever
hurt a hair on her head?

You think that I
would ever harm her?

Yeah, I sent some fucking nasty
messages... 'cause I was hurt.

I was heartbroke.

Yeah. Okay. How
long is that gonna be?

Have you got anything
on first look, Jack?

Yeah. Um, definitely
Oliver Hemmingway's car.

Found abandoned about a mile
or so away from the crime scene.

So I'd be fairly
certain this is the car

used to transport Jez
to the waste ground,

mainly because we've
got some claret in the back.

I've sent some
samples off to the lab

to see if it belongs to Jez.

I'm also getting these
guys to sweep the entire car

for fingerprints and
DNA belonging to Mandy

to see if she was transported
in the same vehicle.

Great. Good work, Jack.

Oliver, go back and tell
me exactly what happened

over the last 24
hours, all right?

I just thought we'd be able
to get back together and...

make it work.

Did she know you were coming?

I loved her.

I loved her so much.

Did you break into her flat?

I just wanted to see her.

I sat. I waited. She came home.

She was pissed off.

She was angry.

Was there a fight?

No. I'd never hurt her.

She said that she'd been feeling
strange and she wasn't happy.

She said that she loved me...

but she couldn't be
with me anymore.

She just kept saying I
wouldn't understand, but...

she wanted to be a boy.

How did that feel
when you heard that?


Big shock, eh?

We made friends.

We had a cuddle.

It was... It was just
different this time.

It was Julie, but
it wasn't Julie.

And then a friend...

One of her friends rang
about a party or something...

and we went to a party.

Where was the party?

I'm just trying to think now.

I don't remember
what they called it.

Some big house. Um...

I've been looking
at Oliver's phone.

The GPS records confirm him
as coming south on the motorway,

as he said.

Then he was at Jez's flat,

but after that, his phone,
and presumably him as well,

moves to a location
in East London

and stays there
until the morning.

Now, I've had local uniform
kind of check out around that area,

and apparently there were
complaints of a noisy party

right in the middle
of that radius.

That's good work.
You're on fire today.

Excuse me.

- Hi there.
- Hi.

Party last night?

Uh, yeah. You could say that.

How's the head?

- A little bit rough.
- Yeah? Okay.

- What's your name?
- Emily.

- Emily what?
- Perkins.

My name is Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

- I'd love to come in.
- Uh...


Two seconds. That's
it. Two seconds.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Where did you say
your parents had gone?

- Uh, France.
- Right.

They are back soonish.

- So...
- Excuse me for two seconds.

I want to show you
a few pictures of...

- Excuse...
- Excuse me. Sorry, Emily.

I just want to show
you a few pictures

and give you a few names and
see if they're anyone you recognize

from being at the
party last night.

So this is a guy called Oliver.

Uh... maybe.

I... Uh, I don't know.

- It spiraled out of control.
- A girl called Mandy.

Again I want to say no, but,
I mean... could have been.

What about a guy called Jez?

None of these names
ringing any bells?

No. As I said, you know,
things got out of hand.

It was, uh, busy.

There was drink. It
was one of those things.

It was only supposed
to be a few people, and...

And it got out of hand.

Emily, I'd murder a cup of tea,

'cause we have got
a few more questions.

It might be nice to sit and
just go over a few things.

Thanks. I'll come with
you. I'll help you make it.

I make a great cup of tea.

- SOCOs?
- Yes.


My colleagues the SOCOs

have the authority to
search your premises...

- We believe your home...
- This is beyond ridiculous.

Honestly, my parents
will be back any minute.

May have been a crime
scene for a very serious offense.

- Is this really necessary?
- Yes, it is.

- Sarge?
- Yes?

Can I borrow you for a sec?

None of it has anything to
do with me and my parents.

We'll be the judge
of that, Emily.

- Can I just...
- Hold on.


- We have blood.
- Really?

Yeah. On the
doorframe, just down here.

We're getting a sample now,
but we're gonna rush that through.


Good work, guys.

Emily, I'm gonna
pick your brains.

A few more details to run over.

Best not to do it here while
the SOCOs are working,

so let's do it down
at the station.

Are you kidding? You want
me to come to the station?

No. I'll drive you right now.

Honestly, my parents
are due back any minute.

- I know. I'm gonna...
- I've complied with everything.

- Is this necessary?
- Yes, it is.

Absolutely necessary.
Come on. Down to the station.

Charlie, can you call her?


Can I ask you to sit
down, please, Emily?

I found something
interesting on your phone.

Who is in this photo?


You. Who else?

I don't know. I don't
recognize them.

Well, you look very
friendly with all of them.

- Yeah. Well, I was drunk.
- Let's start with this guy.

Drunkenness is not a defense
of your actions in the courts.

- Who is this guy?
- Potentially gate crashers.

- That's Jez Collins.
- I don't know these people.

That's Jez Collins, who
was attacked in your house.

Jez, who is now dead.

You. Him. Together in a
photo, looking very friendly.

I didn't take the photo.

It's nothing to do with
me other than being in it.

I don't remember. I was wasted.

So was everyone.

We found traces of Jez's
blood upstairs in your house.

Did any fights take place?

I'd hope not, uh,
but... I couldn't say.

I mean, I skipped out.

I don't know what time it was.

Um, in the early
hours of the morning.

So you left the house?

Yeah. To get some food
and some more booze.

To go where?

Uh, the 24-7 on Ferndale Road.

Ferndale Road.

Emily Perkins,

I'm not satisfied with the
answers you're giving me.

W-What do you want me to say?

I believe that you
are lying to me.

Therefore I am arresting
you on suspicion of murder.

- You do not have to say...
- You're arresting me?

Based on a photograph?
You're arresting me?

- Something you later rely...
- It's a photograph!

We were... What do
you want me to say?

Do you understand?

What else do you want me to say?

Do you understand?

No, I don't understand,
because it's absolutely ridiculous.

And do you have any
idea what's gonna happen

when my parents get involved?

I look forward to
talking to them.

Come with me.

Emily Perkins' house

is definitely the
scene of the crime.

I've got SOCOs down there now

going through the
bin bags out the front.

She was doing a huge cleanup.

Maybe she's thrown out
some incriminating evidence.

They found Oliver
Hemmingway's DNA in the house.

They found Mandy
Granger's DNA in the house.

I think if we can figure out
what happened at the party,

we can figure out
who attacked Jez.

We can also hopefully figure
out what's happened to Mandy

and where she is now.

I have news.

The blood in the boot of
Oliver's car belongs to Jez.

That's a definite now.

We've also got
Mandy's DNA in his car.

So do we now think
that a man scorned

bludgeons his ex-fiancée
to death for being trans?

And also, could he
have attacked Mandy?

This girl was at the party.

Her DNA was there. All right?

Do you remember
her being at the party?


Thank you.

Do you remember
her being in your car?


Well, I've got her
DNA in your car.

Why would that be?



Why did you have
Jez's blood in your car?

I don't know.

Please. I can't look at them.

I've been looking
at the different routes

that Oliver would have
taken from the party

to the park, where he slept,
and then on to the bus station.

I found some CCTV footage.

- What's he doing?
- He's... He's distressed.

Mm. Guilty conscience.

Yeah. Come on.

I mean, there's definitely
something going on.

- Okay.
- Sorry. I have news.

The tire marks at
the deposition site...

They do not come from
Andrew Granger's taxi.

They belong to Oliver
Hemmingway's car.


Something terrible happened
at that party, didn't it?


What happened?

I was in the garden on my own.

Everything was spinning.

I heard a scream, like...

It was awful.

I didn't even think about Julie.

I just... freaked out.

Emily was there.

She took the keys
out of my pocket.

Why didn't you stop her?

I don't know. I was off my head.

I didn't know what I was doing.
I didn't know what day it were.

I just ran and I ran, and I
was confused and scared.

You ran away from the
very person that you love.

- You heard the screams.
- Yeah.

It could have made a
big difference, couldn't it?

Maybe it would have
changed everything, Oliver.

And I have to live with that!

But I promise you now
I did not touch that girl.


You've got to believe me.

Do you think Emily took
your car to the waste ground?

I don't know.

- I don't know.
- Did you see her leave?

Did you see her put anything
in the back of your car?

No. I didn't see anything.

She seemed like a nice girl.

This whole nonsense
about "I'm in a hurry.

My parents are coming
home from France"... bullshit.

They don't come back
till next week. I checked.

Charlie, the stupid cow was
cleaning up the crime scene

as far as I can tell.

SOCOs have been going
through those bin bags.

I think we've found
the murder weapon.

Beer bottle covered in blood.

I've fast-tracked
it to forensics

to see if it's a
match to Jez's blood.

I've also fast-tracked

to see if we can get a
sweep for fingerprints,

to see if we can find
the DNA of the attacker.

- SOCOs still down there?
- Yes.

Get them to pull out
all of her footwear.

Yes, boss.



Oliver's trainers don't match
the injuries on Jez's face,

but Emily is fucked.

We've got her DNA on
the neck of the bottle.

We can also match
Emily's footmarks

with the marks on Jez's face...

Well, with one of the sets
of marks on Jez's face.

These ones, but not these ones.

One of the sets of marks.

What, two... two lots of marks?

We've got two attackers.

Um, okay, Jack. Belt and braces.

I want to know if Emily's
DNA is in Oliver's car.

I suspect it is.


We have your DNA all over
the neck of a broken beer bottle.

We have Jez Collins' DNA

all over the base of
the broken beer bottle.

We believe that you
used that beer bottle

to smash Jez's face in.

We believe that you stamped
your foot all over his face.

We have the marks here
on his face to prove that.

These are your
trainers, are they not?

- Hmm?
- No comment.

This is a picture taken
from the car that was used

to transport him from the
party to the deposition scene.

Your DNA is all over
the steering wheel.

Your DNA is all over
the boot of the car.

- I want my... I want my lawyer.
- Did you drive the car?

Marco attacked Jez.

Marco attacked Jez?

No, you attacked Jez.

No, I just told you...
Marco attacked Jez.

That's why he's not here.

- That's why he's on the run.
- Well, where is he, then?

I don't know.

I don't know, but I know he's
on the run, and I know why.

Who are these people here?

That's Jez.

That's you. Who's that?

That's Marco.

- Sarge?
- Yeah.

We know that Mandy
Granger was at that party.

- Her DNA is in the house.
- Yes.

We know she's linked
to that group via Jez.

Maybe they're in a relationship.

We also know that Marco
is linked to that group.

So what if they're
the same person?

I just...

Otherwise Marco and Mandy
would be in that picture separately.

Boss? Come here, please.

I'm in a hurry, but what...

Marco and Mandy... Are
they the same person?

What are you talking about?

Look at the photos...
Marco, Mandy.

Okay. Now I feel stupid.

Well, it just makes sense

of what's otherwise
quite an odd relationship

between a 16-year-old schoolgirl

and a 21-year-old
transgender guy from Burnley.

Let me get these two photos
sent off to facial recognition.

Is what we're actually saying

that we should be looking
for Marco, not Mandy?

That's exactly it.

What's worrying me, though,

is if Jez was attacked
for being transgender

and murdered for
being transgender,

has the same happened to Mandy?

Natalie, I often have
to tell people things

that might be quite distressing.

Um, but please
understand that I only do

what's absolutely necessary

to whatever investigation
that we're doing, okay?

This is a photo taken of Mandy
yesterday evening at a party,

but she was dressed as a boy
and going under the name Marco.

So we think that she's
a transgender person.

Oh, look. I knew...
I knew about this.

Um, I'm really sorry.

- I should have told you.
- Yeah. Yeah, you should have.

You must understand.

I couldn't tell you
in front of Andrew.

Can you not see how
that's incredibly important?

That we've had people
out there looking for Mandy,

who might be very hurt,
who might be in danger,

who've been looking for
a girl when she very likely,

seeing as she was last
night dressed as a boy...

That's really important.

Yeah, but I c-couldn't tell you.


If Andrew finds out, then I...

I couldn't tell you.

Do you think there's any
way he has found out?

I really hope not.

Did you know about this?

Did you know that
Mandy... wanted to be a boy,

was living as a boy?


Where's your
little girl, Andrew?

I don't know
where she is, right?!

I don't know anything about
this transvestite bollocks!

All I know is that she's
missing and I want to find her.

What have you got
against transgender people?


Why did you attack Jez Collins?

Was it because...

I mean, did you...
Did you fall for Jez?

Did you suddenly realize
in the throes of passion

that Jez was actually Julie?

How did it make you feel?

No comment.

Marco was also transgender.

- No, he wasn't.
- Yes, he was.

- No, he wasn't.
- Yes, he was.

Marco was also called Mandy.

Mandy was Marco.
Marco was Mandy.

How does that make you feel?

You're lying.

To have two transgender
people dig you.

You're lying.

Does it make
you feel a bit silly?

You're lying! He
w... Marco's a guy.

Obviously the
nature of the crime

means that we are
charging you for Jez's murder.

It's also been classed
as a hate crime.

- I didn't do it.
- Under the legal system

in this country,

a hate crime is dealt with
a very severe sentence.

- I didn't fucking...
- Sit down.

So I'm gonna charge you
with Jez Collins' murder.

These trainers that
Marco's wearing...

That pattern on the bottom
was starting to look familiar.

So I had tech enlarge so we
can now see it more clearly.

This matches the pattern
of the other set of footmarks

that was on Jez's face,
which was the fatal stamp.

So it's looking like
Marco... Mandy,

however you want
to say it... Did kill Jez.


Natalie, it's police.

Open the door.

Okay, Charlie.

How'd you go at
the Granger house?

Nothing. There's no one there.

- I reckon she's done a runner.
- Oh, really?

Okay. Put her
bank on high alert.


Do we think Natalie and
Mandy are working together?


Or in it together at least?

What if Mandy Granger is
alive and well but hiding?

Natalie's known this all along.

If we can figure
out where Natalie is,

maybe we can figure
out where Mandy is.

Okay, Andrew. I'm
gonna level with you.

I need your help.

I can place Marco at
the scene of the attack.

- I can also place Marco...
- Mandy.

At the dumping of
the victim's body.

- Do you understand?
- Well...

It's very, very serious, Andrew,

and this is your kid
that we're talking about.

You help me,because I
don't know where she is, right?

And you're wasting my time
and your time with me in here.

You've said to me that you
think... you know... whatever...

That Mandy or whatever the
fuck you want to call her, right?

You said that she's
involved in this crime.

You said that...

You've basically said you
know I've got nothing to do with it.

So why am I still sat here,
wasting my time and yours?

Okay. Let's issue an
all-ports for Natalie and Marco.

To be honest, I've got a feeling

that Andrew knows exactly
where both of them are.

So plan is, I want you,
Jack, to release Andrew.

- Okay?
- Bail him?

Bail him but follow him.

Control, this is Weston.

Control. Go ahead.

Subject spotted entering
pub on Midhill Street.

Weston maintaining
eyeball on main entrance.

All received?


Control, this is Weston.

Go ahead.

Subject on the move.

Looks a bit pissed,
to be honest.

Now in a vehicle heading
northbound on Midhill Street.

Stand by for further updates.

Uh, C.I.D. to D.S. Weston.

It's Weston. Go ahead.

We've got some intel
on Natalie Granger.

She has a part-time job
at a local hardware store

on Badgewell Street.

I'm two streets away
from Badgewell Street now.

Looks like Granger's
heading that way.

All received. I'm on my
way. I'll bring backup.

Subject Andrew
Granger now on foot.

D.S. Weston...




- Andrew!
- Did you know?!

- Get out of here!
- Natalie! Stay back!

- Natalie!
- Stop it!

Get the fuck off!


Andrew, do you intend
to harm your own child

just for being different?

Let go!

- Listen to them, Andrew. Please.
- Don't talk to me.

- Don't even look at me!
- Andrew!

And you, I never
want to see again!

Go! Joanne, look after them!

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Control from D.C. Steele.

- Go ahead.
- Urgent update.

Subject is on foot towards
the back of the premises.

More units required.

He's heading from the
basement into the rear yard.


Andrew Granger!

Andrew Granger... you're
under arrest for ABH.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

Do you understand?

- Do you understand?!
- Yes!

Fucking moron.

Get up. Hold on to
him. Hold on to him.

Andrew, you are just making
this more fucking difficult

for yourself.

What do you want me to
call you? Mandy or Marco?

What are you more
comfortable with?


We have forensic evidence to
say that both yourself and Emily

are both responsible for
the death of Jez Collins.

Do you understand the situation?

You understand
how serious it is?

I also need you to understand
that what you need to do now...

The only thing you
can really do now...

Is talk to me, all right?

Very clearly and just tell
me exactly what happened.

Let's start with the party.
What happened there?

We were all high and drunk
with Emily, who fancied Jez

and just... kept
coming on to Jez.

And they were in Emily's room.

I just heard screaming.

I ran in there.

Emily must have
found out that...

Found out what?

She must have found
out that Jez was trans.

Was Jez hurt when
you went into the room?

Or was Jez fighting back or...

He... He was on the floor.

Emily was just hitting
him with a bottle.

So at that point, did
you think to get help or...

She told me to join in.

So I did.

What did you do?

I kicked him.

I kicked him.

Emily told me to get
everyone out of the party.

And then we put him
in the back of the car.

In Oliver's car?


Okay. And where did you go?

We just dumped him.

Emily told me to strip him.

And then she drove off.

Is that when you rang 999?

When Marco phoned me

and said, um, what had
happened to that poor boy, um...

I didn't... I didn't
know how bad it was.

I just told Marco
to... to wait for me,

to... to... to... to get rid of
his clothes and have a shower

and I would pick him up and
take him to the hardware store

and he would wait there for me.

I was just panicking. I
didn't know what to do.

Uh, in the morning,
Andrew came in

and said... Mandy
isn't there, is missing.

And I... I had to
play along with it.

I had no choice.

I-I was just trying to
work out what to do.

That makes a lot of sense of
how you were in the hospital...

I mean, especially in
comparison to Andrew,

who was quite distressed,

and you were just, I
thought, quite strangely calm.

Yeah. Of course I knew it
wasn't Mandy in that bed.

- I didn't know...
- Yeah.

I didn't know how badly
beaten up that poor boy was.

Look, Natalie. I'm
gonna level with you.

It's very likely that
you'll go to prison

for perverting the
course of justice.

That's gonna be really
hard to... to get around.



Well, what else
could I have done?

I had to think about Marco.

I had to keep Marco safe.

If Andrew found out about Marco,
I don't know what he would do.

I mean, he'd
never... He'd never...

He'd never been
violent towards...

towards... towards his Mandy.

You know, it was...
it was only ever me.

But if he found out
about who Marco really...

You should have
come to us, Natalie.

How could I come to you?

Andrew would have
known I had to come to you.

But we've come to the
same place, haven't we?

Only it's worse because
you're going to prison.

Andrew's likely going to prison.

Mandy's not gonna
have an easy time.

But all I've ever wanted to
do was keep Mandy safe.

I'm not gonna be able
to do that now, am I?

She goes in prison...

pretending to be...
Marco or whatever.

I mean...

The fuck are they
gonna do to her in there?

Well, what will give
Marco courage in prison

is knowing that he will
have a father waiting for him

once his sentence is served.

I'm a bit strapped for cash.
So you can pay for tonight?

Well, it's... Apparently
it's my round.

Oh, I'd love to.

I've got... I've got
parents' evening.

I think my kids have
forgotten what I look like.

See you later. Well done.

See ya, boss.

How do you feel about
having kids, Jack?

I used to think I
really wanted kids.

And then... God. The
shit you see in this job.

And you just think,
"What is the fucking point?"

- I'd love kids.
- Really?

I'm not saying I'd be a
great father, but I love kids.

Would you consider
some Irish babies?

I think we could make
beautiful music together.

- You flirting with me, Sarge?
- No.

- Is that what's happening here?
- No.

I'm just... I'm just saying
that the offer is there.

I'm just gonna grab one of
those sexual-harassment forms.