Suspects (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Safe from Harm - full transcript

Teenager Asif Khan is seriously injured after a petrol bomb is thrown into the family home. His father Jamal accuses shady businessman Gregor Forrester of intimidating him into a property deal and using disgraced former policeman David Eboda, a former mentor to Jack, as his heavy. When Forrester's son Zach goes missing it seems that Jamal is out for revenge though he has an alibi, which is more than Forrester has for the night of the arson attack. A secret love triangle and an attempt to give the illusion of a kidnapping are revealed before the case is closed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[Down-tempo music playing]

are appealing for witnesses

after a suspected arson attack
on a family home last night.

It took firefighters two
hours to contain the blaze,

which has left
19-year-old Asif Khan

fighting for his
life in hospital.

[Music continues]

[Indistinct talking on radio]

WESTON: Uh, boss?

Um, arson according to FIU.

Uh, the bottle's
gone through in here.

They've found fragments of
broken glass in through here,

so it's almost certainly
a Molotov cocktail.

The good news, however,

is that from the fragments of
glass that we've recovered...


I'm gonna rush
that off to forensics,

see if we can get a fingerprint
match as quickly as possible.

BELLAMY: What about the victim?

Victim is 19-year-old Asif Khan.

His father, Jamal,
owns the building.

Um, Charlie's down at
the hospital with Jamal now,

see if she can chat
to him very quickly.

So did he live here?
What was he doing here?

He didn't live here, no.
Jamal is developing the place.

He's trying to turn it
into the new family home.

Asif was acting as
some sort of informal,

unofficial security guard.

BELLAMY: Looking
after the place. Right.

Um, I got to be honest.
It's not looking good for him.

Doctors are saying
he may not survive this.

Third-degree burns.
Critical condition.

So probably looking at attempted
murder and maybe more.


[Indistinct conversations]

Um, I know that now
is a really difficult time.

But if you don't mind, I'd just
like to ask you a few questions,

because it would really help
us catch the person who did this.

Catch the person who did this?

- Yeah.
- I know who did this.


Gregor Forrester.

Who's that?

Gregor Forrester.

He's a property developer
who had the next door.

Wanted to buy my property...
To redevelop, to knock it down.

I wouldn't sell it.

[Down-tempo music playing]

Okay. This smug
bastard. Gregor Forrester.

Hugely respectable,
successful businessman.

Lots of charity
work in the area.

Uh, lots of shaking hands.
Lots of kissing babies.

Lots of, uh, meet-and-greets
with politicians.

- Sounds like a nice guy.
- Lovely.

Lovely man.

Um, the guy operates
through extortion,

intimidation, violence.

We've never been able
to get him for anything

because he's a
slippery little fuck, okay?

Um, and this is a
big chance for us.

He's got through on
technicalities before now.

He's got a dirty, slimy fucker

called David Eboda
working for him.

He used to work here,
and he got caught...

- Jack, calm down.
- No. Hang on.

- Don't make it personal.
- I'm not making it personal.

I don't like the guy any
more than you do, but...

But this is a good chance
to get David Eboda down

and the one chance
we're gonna take it.

And I'll be absolutely honest.

This is my chance to
finally fucking nail him.

Don't blow it for me.

Charlie doesn't
know what's going on.

David Eboda is the guy
who trained me as a probie.

The guy is filthy.

Guy working for
Gregor Forrester.

This is potentially an
attempted-murder case,

and I don't want to
fucking blow it, okay?

And I don't want
you to blow it for me.

So yes, cover off where
David Eboda was last night.

I'm gonna talk to the big guy.

- But don't fuck it up, Jack.
- I'm not gonna fuck it up.

I could bring in the two
of these guys for you.

[Siren wailing in distance]

[Turn signal clicking]

STEELE: So what's the deal
with you and David Eboda?

David Eboda.

Uh, like I said, ex-cop.

Uh, I caught him trying
to destroy evidence.

He was trying to
protect Gregor Forrester.

- I had to blow the whistle.
- What happened to him then?

He did time.

It's fuckers like him who give
us a bad name, Charlie, okay?

What does he do for Gregor now?

Um, well, on paper, he's
what? A business associate?

But in truth, he'll do anything
that Gregor tells him to.

I mean, he's just a lackey.

Look, I know you're
really pissed off with him.

I know you've got it in for him.

But the boss will lose
her shit if you go off piste.

- So by the book.
- I'm fine.

Mr. Eboda?

[Children shouting in distance]


Hiya, Leo.

[Hinges creaking]

- Can I talk to your dad?
- What do you want?

Can I talk to your dad, please?


Mr. Eboda.

How's it going?

What do you want?

You gonna invite
us in for a cup of tea?

Mr. Eboda, a young man
called Asif Khan is in hospital

in a critical condition.

He was in a property that
was firebombed last night,

hence why we're here.

I'm sorry to hear that.

- Are you?
- Oh, yeah?

'Cause Jamal Khan is
claiming that Gregor Forrester

and any number of
his business associates

were involved in
firebombing his property

in order to intimidate
him to sell it.

But I'm sure you guys
know nothing about that.


- Do you know anything...
- I don't know anything about it.

Surprise, surprise.

I want to know where you
were between 7:00 p.m.

and 8:30 p.m. last night.

Last night I was here
with Leo, watching football.

Yeah? Good game?

- Yeah.
- I missed it.

- Are we done?
- I don't know. Are we?

Dad, let's go. Come on.

[Alarm blaring in distance]

Uh, yeah. He's right
in here. Come on in.

Thank you. That's kind
of you. It won't take long.

Ah! Morning, Detective.

[Chuckles] Long time no see.

You look well.

Zach, where's your manners?

Can't believe
he's grown so fast.

- Yeah. He's getting quite big.
- Hi.

- Yeah. I'm going school.

Yeah. Have a
good day. It's okay.

- Mr. Forrester...
- Kids, eh?

There has been
a very serious fire.

I believe you know...

Yeah. We heard
about it on the news.

Um, let me get to the point.

Can I ask where
you were last night?

Well, yeah. I was
at Rostley Stadium.

Uh, watching the football
match with, um, the chairman.

I am a corporate member.

Right. Did you...

You went with, did you?

- Uh, no.
- No. She stayed here with Zach.

Yeah. I was at home with Zach.

Oh, okay.

How about David Eboda?

He works for you. Is that right?

Yes, he does. David Eboda.
He doesn't like football.

- [Chuckles]
- No?

You... You didn't take David?



[Down-tempo music plays]

[Telephone ringing]

Boss, got the recording
in from the 999 call.

YOUNG MAN: I-I need... I
need a fire engine right now.

T-There's a man on fire
in the building, and he's...

He's on fire. He's burning.

I can't save him! I
need a fire brigade!

I'm pretty sure that
is Zach Forrester.

I-I think.

Gregor's lad.

Okay. So that puts
him at the scene.

Pull the boy in, okay?
Probably at school.

[Down-tempo music plays]



Zach Forrester never
showed up at school today.

[Sighs] Okay.

Well, presumably he's
got a mobile phone.

Let's track his
movements through that.

Um, look at his Oyster card.

- Okay.
- Yeah?

I'll pop back to
the Forresters'.

You told me that you
were with Zach last night.


We have a phone call that was
made to the emergency services

by what sounds like a young man.

We believe that was Zach.
That places him at the fire.

So why did you say
you were with him?

That's not possible.
He was here.

You... You must be mistaken.

- Where is Zach now?
- He's at school.

No, he's not. I've
checked. He's not at school.

Of course he's at school.

You saw him on his way
out this morning yourself.

Does he often play truant?

- Is he that kind of lad?
- No, not at all.

He's always... He's...

- No.
- Okay.

Charlie, what's going on?


The DNA profile of our broken
bottle from the arson is back.

There's no direct suspect,
but there is a familial link

between the arsonist
and David Eboda.

So, I mean, that's got to
make it his son Leo, right?

Jack's gone to arrest him.

- Oh, has he?
- Yeah.

[Indistinct talking on radio]

[Hinges creaking]

Okay. Leo Eboda, I'm
arresting you on suspicion of...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I'm arresting you on suspicion
of arson and attempted murder.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

- Do you understand?
- [Handcuffs click]

You're making a
fucking big mistake.

Okay. Mark, let's
have Jaspal in here.

Let's have a quick
search of the room.

We're looking for Leo's clothes,
anything he wore last night.

You're not normally like this.
Huh? Why are you so compliant?

Your dad finally teach
you some manners?

[Siren wailing in distance]

[Down-tempo music playing]

Jamal Khan's son,
Asif... 19 years old.

In a critical condition.

Third-degree burns.

Because of you, he might die.

Did you do it?


You can tell me.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Right now you're
just chatting crap.


Where were you last night? Hmm?

- Just save us all...
- Fuck you, innit.

- I'm sorry. What?
- I said fuck you, innit.

Not looking good for you, Leo.

- Great.
- [Exhales deeply]

Leo's completely
fucking blanking me.

I can't get a fucking
thing out of him.

STEELE: Postcode?

Magic. Thank you.

Right. TIU have traced Zach's
phone, so we have a location.

- Are you coming with me?
- Yes. Great. That's great.

[Siren wailing in distance]

- STEELE: Is it ringing?
- I can't...

[Cellphone ringing]

It's ringing.


- [Ringing continues]
- Is it ringing?

Oh, we've got it here.

Yeah. Zach? [Knock on door]

Got my gloves on.

I don't think there's
anyone in there.

Uh, Romeo Juliet 53
Tango Lima Foxtrot.

Thank you.

- Fuck.
- Fuck!

STEELE: Yeah. Uh,
I-I'll call you back.


That's a lot of fucking blood.

So where the hell
is Zach Forrester?

I've just got a couple
more questions.

- Of course. Please come in.
- It won't take long.

Have you found Zach?

We haven't found Zach.

We have found
Zach's mobile phone.

- We've located it in a van.
- A van?

The van has a substantial
amount of blood inside it.

What? Oh, my God.

So we are increasingly
worried about Zach's safety.

- Well, what's going on?
- Have you heard from Zach?

No. I've been calling him
all morning since you left.

Well, we're doing
everything that we can.

Can you please tell
me what's going on?

What would be really helpful
is if I can collect some DNA.

So that means, um, a
toothbrush or a hairbrush.

- Of course. Yes. Of course.
- Something like that.

Have you heard
from your husband?

No. I haven't heard from
him or seen him all day.

[Siren wailing in distance]

DVLA have just come back.

The van is registered
to Jamal Khan.

So blood all in the back,
Zach's phone in the van...

It's got to be a revenge attack.

Mr. Khan.

Um, I'm sorry to come
and disturb you again.

I'd just...

I'd like to ask you a couple
questions if that's all right.

We found your van
parked in an alleyway,

and it had a lot of
blood in the back.

My van?

When was the last
time you drove it?

I parked it last night in the
street behind the hospital.

You've not driven it since?

You've haven't
been to see anyone?

No. I've been here all night.

Mr. Khan.

How many times
do I have to tell you?

I can check the
CCTV on this building.

Check it.

- As far as you know...
- I've been here all night.

My van was parked in the
street behind the hospital.

Do you understand?

- Okay.
- Yes.

Thank you.

We've gone through
Zach's mobile phone.

Um, he received a text
message at 7:45 last night,

moments before the fire
is reported to have started,

um, from an unregistered
pay-as-you-go mobile.

So it's looking
like that blank text

was actually a signal uh,
for Zach to start the fire.

Looks that way.

Listen. Get on to TIU.

Get them to see if they
can tell us the location

of that pay-as-you-go phone

when the blank text
was sent to Zach, okay?

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Good. Thanks.

- Yeah.
- Thanks. Good.

[Down-tempo music playing]

- WESTON: Boss?
- Uh-huh.

Where did Gregor Forrester
say he was last night?

Football stadium.

Guess where that blank
text message was sent from.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Gregor Forrester
signaled the fire to start.

- [Telephone ringing]
- That's handy, isn't it?

Except 35,000 other
big, hairy blokes

were there, too,
and it's inconclusive.

- Yes. What?
- Yeah, but it's still something.

Hang on. It's still...

Okay. Yeah.

- Thanks.
- [Receiver clicks]

You're not gonna believe
who just walked in our door.

Mr. Forrester.

Now, I've received a
text message from my wife

saying that my son
Zach has gone missing,

and I want to know what
you're doing to find him.

I've got my men on the ground.
We're doing everything we can.

Let me assure you of that.

Mr. Forrester, I have
got a text message...

that went to a phone

that I can place at
the scene of the crime.

That text message
came from the stadium.

Oh, my God. Are we going
back to the stadium again?

I've already told
you, Detective,

I was there with the
chairman of the football club

watching a football match
with 35,000 other supporters.

That text message could have
come from any one of them.

But that text message
went to your son?

Didn't it?

- Hmm?
- What does that mean?

Your son... called 999.

He sounded really upset.

I can imagine why.

Are we gonna go
through all this again,

like we did the last time?

We're gonna take
another case to court.

We're gonna waste
taxpayers' money.

And the CPS is
gonna throw it out.

We're not gonna
waste taxpayers' money.

And we're not gonna
waste any more time,

- because you are under arrest.
- Oh, am I?

- [Laughs]
- Yes.

- For what?
- For attempted murder and arson.

Attempted murder and arson?

You do not have
to say anything...

They're very big charges.

Do you really understand what
you're saying there, Detective?

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

- Do you understand?
- Attempted murder and arson?


Mr. Forrester, some
days are good days.

Yeah. This day is not gonna
be such a good day for you.

This is a good day.

I'd like to talk to
my solicitor, please.


So this is CCTV
taken from the street

outside the Emerald
Green restaurant last night.


WESTON: Right. Front and center.

David Eboda. Esther Forrester.

- Really?
- Big-time. Okay.

This is not just, like,
some awkward fling,

by the looks of it.

Very, very comfortable.
Very, very public.

I mean, you and I aren't
even that public yet.

[Chuckles] You
wish. In your dreams.


I wasn't expecting that.

God. Have we tracked down David?

- No sign of him.
- Huh.

You're gonna have quite a bit
to talk to Leo about, aren't you?

- Yeah.
- Whoo.

Remind me exactly where
you and your dad were last night.

I told you already.

We was at home,
watching the football match.

Who was playing?

Tottenham and Man City.

Who won?

Well, Tottenham, innit?

Why... Why are you
asking me these questions?

I've got CCTV footage

proving that your dad
wasn't at home last night.

He was on a big,
sexy date, okay?

Between 7:00 p.m.
and 10:00 p.m.,

your dad was on a date at
the Emerald Green restaurant.

True or false?

Okay. You're covering
up for your dad.


Check, okay?

You've screwed
up your own alibi.


The charge of attempted
murder still stands, okay?

Asif Khan. 19 years old.

Critical condition.

May die because
of you, potentially.

Well, I didn't do
it, though, so...

- Hang on.
- You haven't got anything on me.

Hang on.

Why didn't you tell
me about your dad?


You worried a certain
someone might find out about it?


Sorry. Did you say something?

Suddenly got very quiet in here.

I don't think I've ever known
you not to say anything.



Is there a reason you've
stopped speaking to me?

Have I hit a nerve?

[Mid-tempo music playing]

Sorry. Forensics have come
back on the blood in the van.

It is not Zach's
blood. It's pig's blood.

So it looks like someone
set up Zach's disappearance.

[Exhales deeply]

That's a setup, isn't it?


Um, guys, you crack on.

I'm going to go... I'm
gonna talk to Zach's mum.



Mrs. Forrester, are you there?

Okay. Get me in.

Well done.


This is the police.
Is anybody here?




Oh, shit.

So empty safe, empty wardrobe.

Touch nothing.

Watch for forensics,
will you, Constable?


Okay. Yeah. Well,
I thought as much.

Okay. Thanks.

That was, uh, search team.

They confirmed the only
passport at the house was Gregor's.

Fuck. Okay.

Esther and Zach definitely
have valid passports,

so the fact that they're
missing means...

That they're on the run.

I'm gonna put all
ports on high alert.

Okay, this all feeds back
into Zach's disappearance

or his... his kidnapping.

Which it's looking clearer
and clearer that that's a setup.

Whoever stole the van

knew that Jamal Khan was
busy in hospital looking after Asif.

- Okay.
- Maybe.

So whoever stole the van
dumps Zach's phone inside it,

covers it in blood,
and at the moment...

I don't know. This
is not personal.

I think David Eboda
took the van, okay?

The guy is balls deep
in corruption already.

He's shagging Esther.

He's trying to help her and
her son out despite the fact

that his own son is
in the custody suite

on an arson charge.

BELLAMY: So David Eboda
helped Esther stage the whole thing

so she can go on
the run with Zach?

Why would he do that?

Um, the lab have
come back and said

that Zach's DNA matches the
DNA that we found on the bottle,

which means that he's
our arsonist, not Leo.

WESTON: Hang on. Hang on. No.

We know that whoever threw
the bottle in in the first place

is a blood relative
of David, okay?

Get there, Jack. Get there.

Are... Are you saying
that Zach is David's son?

Has to be.

Does Gregor know that?

STEELE: I would not
like to be in Esther's shoes

when he finds out.

Sarge, bail forms for Leo Eboda.

If you can just sign
there, please, Mr. Eboda.

Thank you.

And there is your
property minus phone.

Where's my phone?

It's being kept
as evidence, Leo.

- Why?
- 'Cause I said so.


That's what? Sorry?

- Nothing, innit.
- That's what I thought.

Sign there to say
you've received that.

Don't know why you lot
need to keep my phone for.

Section 19 of PACE, my
darling. It's being kept as evidence.

- Shut up, man.
- Want me to explain it to you?

No, you don't need
to explain it to me.

And tell Jack here he's a
fucking dickhead, yeah?

[Down-tempo music plays]

So here we have the
fragments of the broken bottle

which was used as part
of the Molotov cocktail

that started the fire initially.

Um, SOCOs have
miraculously been able

to graphically
reconstruct the fragments

into what appears
to be a whiskey bottle.


And from the label,

it appears to be a very
exclusive brand of whiskey.

Typical of our
flash-the-cash Mr. Swish Dish,

Gregor Forrester.

Lochvellan whiskey. Okay.

Gregor ordered a crate
of Lochvellan whiskey,

six bottles, one month ago.

One of only a very small
number of people in London

to have done so.

That's useful.

It's inconclusive, though,
Jack, to be honest. It's good.

When are you gonna
jump on something?

This is inconclusive.

The football
stadium's inconclusive.

What about this?

This is... a connection
between Gregor

and the accelerant used
in the Molotov cocktail.

Is that enough for you?

Should have wrapped that.

You can get me a bottle

as a present for
getting you that stuff.

Uh, you ordered six bottles
of a very rare whiskey.

- A very expensive whiskey.
- A very good whiskey.

Online to your address.

And... there was indeed
some fragments there.

It doesn't look probably
quite as it did when it arrived.

That's because it was the
same type of whiskey bottle

that was used in
the arson attack.

Oh, really?

So what happened to those...
To those bottles of whiskey?

I gave five of them away,
and I kept one for myself.

Right. Still got it?

No. Actually, I drank it.


What are you driving these days?

An Aston Martin DB5.

- Vintage?
- Very vintage.

- Right. Right.
- Very expensive.

Yeah. Expensive hobby.

- Yeah.
- Gosh.

And to... to run
that, presumably,

you need that very specific
combination of unleaded petrol

and an additive.

Uh, they don't run anything
else, do they, those cars?

No. And money. [Laughs]

And a bit of cash to pay for it.


And funnily enough, um,
forensics have shown us

that on this rather
unusual whiskey bottle,

there is that exact
combination of fuel

that was used inside that to
start the very dangerous fire

that ended up with a young
man being in intensive care.


Look. Loads of people in
London have classic cars.

I mean, I can name
you three classic car fairs

that happened in
Battersea just last month.

It's just that not all of those
fairs are full with people

who order this
particular type of whiskey.

You never know. You never know.

Well, that's what I'm
here to find out, isn't it?


Also as well... my son.

Um, he fine-tunes those cars,
uh, which I've taught him to do.

And, uh, and maintains them too.

Does he, now?


Are you implying that
your son is responsible...

Am I implying?

- For this very serious crime?
- I wasn't implying anything.

I was using it as
just a mere example.

- So...
- As in it could be anybody.

It could be anyone and your son.

It's... That's...

No, it's not anyone and
my son. It could be anybody.

- I was using that as an example.
- I've got that now.

I appreciate your help with
that bit of detective work,

and I'm writing your
son's name down now.

Is that all the evidence
that we've got here?

Thank you very much.

[Mid-tempo music plays]

Thank you very much
for wasting my time.

I shall spend the rest
of my afternoon doing

what you should be
doing... Trying to find my son.

[Door buzzes, opens]

It's killing me, Charlie.

You know, slimy
fucking Forrester,

who I've been dealing
with for years and years.

And what does he do when
he's pushed into a corner?

Implicates a kid... Zach.

Obviously from everything
Jack said this morning,

I knew he was bad.

But trying to dump a 15-year-old
in it for attempted murder

when it is clearly
something to do with you

makes you, in my
book, a massive bell-end.

Can I interrupt very quickly?

Um, I've got some proof

that David Eboda, uh,
stole Jamal Khan's van.

In his eagerness
to dump the van,

the dipshit runs a red light,

gets photographed
by a traffic camera.

BELLAMY: Brilliant.

If we can find him, we can
nick him for theft of a vehicle.

Well, I kept Leo's phone when I
bailed him, so can we use that?

Send David a text.

Say, "It's an emergency.

"Come and meet me
at," you know, "X Street."

Yeah. Yeah. Worth a try.

Oh, happy days.

[Down-tempo music plays]

So, what's the plan?

WESTON: The text I sent to David

says to meet him on
Ashvine Road at 7:00 p.m.

Let's hope he bites.

[Siren wailing, horns
blaring in distance]

WESTON: What, is that him?

Shit. That's him. He's
already... Pull up here.

- Go easy.
- No. I've got this one.

There you fucking are. Come on.

Why don't you run?
You not gonna run?

Go on. I'll give you 10 seconds.

- Why are you not gonna run?
- STEELE: Jack.

I'm arresting you for taking
without consent a motor vehicle.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you do not mention
when questioned

something which you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

Is that you?

[Paper rustling]


Why were you driving the van?

- Because I stole it.
- Why'd you steal it?

No comment.

Okay. Here's what we think.

We think you stole the
van and staged the kidnap

to give Esther time to get
Zach away from Gregor.

Is that right, Mr. Eboda?

- No comment.
- Brilliant.

You and Esther knew

that Zach had been forced to
firebomb that house by Gregor.

And that was the
final straw, right?

- No comment.
- Brilliant again.

Where is Zach, Mr. Eboda?

[Exhales deeply]

I don't know where Zach is.

Okay. Gregor Forrester.

I don't need to tell you the
type of man that he is, okay?

He's on the hunt now for
Zach... and for Esther, okay?

And I don't know what he's gonna
do with them when he finds them,

because he was pretty
angry leaving here, okay?

And he's got them in his sights.

So the sooner you can tell us

- where they are...
- I don't know where they are.

The sooner we
can bring them in...

- I don't know where they are.
- And protect them.

David, let me level with you.

I am genuinely
concerned for their safety.

That's my job.

You know that.

That is a-a woman and a
young man who need our help.

WESTON: They're
out there, David, okay?

You're the one who
can ensure their safety.

You're the one who
can help us with that.

I don't know where they are.

Oh, David.


One more time.

When did you last see or have
contact with Esther or Zach?

No comment.

Oh, David.


Mr. Eboda.

- David.
- You can call me David.

No, I will call you
David. I'll call you Dave.

I'll call you whatever
the fuck I want, okay?

We know that Zach
is your son, okay?

We know that you've
been seeing Esther.

For how long? Don't give a shit.

We know you're covering
up for both Zach and Esther.

So tell us where they are.

Stop wasting our time.

I don't know where they are.

What'd I tell you?

[Siren wailing in distance]

[Door buzzes, opens]

Look at you. Hmm?

Smoking in the rain in a
cage in a gray tracksuit.

- You're a fucking disgrace.
- [Lighter clicks]

And I train everyone
the way you trained me.

'Cause I thought
you were the best.

And then I got a phone
call saying David Eboda's

working for Gregor Forrester,
and it broke my heart.

Mate, you don't know
what I was going though...

Don't give me that, okay?

- You're still a boy, yeah?
- [Scoffs]

- You don't know anything.
- I've been working five years.

You've been doing it five years
and you think you know it all.

All right. Yeah.

Wait a little bit longer and see

if you're still saying the same
thing in another five years.

Look. I hold my hands up, yeah?

I did what I did.

You did what you
did? That's bullshit.

I destroyed the
evidence for Gregor.

I hold my hands up.
I did it. I did my time.

- Don't apologize to me.
- I'm not apologizing to you.

Don't tell me what you
did. Don't try and justify it.

I'm not justifying anything.

- Good.
- I did what I did.

I did my time. I
paid the price, yeah?

But straightaway you're
back in Gregor's pocket.

You know why I did it? You
want to know why I did it?

Gregor was
threatening Leo's life.

I had to make a choice...
My career or Leo's life.

My son.

My boy, yeah?

You know, I know I
did something wrong.

I know I did wrong.

But if it came to doing it
again, making that choice again,

I'd do the exactly same thing.

The exact same thing, mate.

Well, now Zach's
life's in danger.

So what are you gonna do?

DAVID: I can give you some
evidence that points at Gregor.

WESTON: Please do.

On one condition.

BELLAMY: We don't
really do conditions.

Well, if you don't
take the deal,

I can't give you the evidence.

WESTON: Then we can't
ensure Zach and Esther's safety.

Look, you got to promise me

you'll take care of
Zach and Esther.

Just... Just promise me you'll
look after Zach and Esther.

David, I told you.

We are gonna do
everything that we can

within the guidelines
that we have.

Tell us what you know.

Then we can help
Zach and Esther.

Tell us what you know!

All right.

I know where
Gregor keeps his stuff.

I know where you
can find information

that will prove that he ordered
the arson attack on Asif.

In his... In his basement
offices, he's got a room.

Does he keep his
whiskey in that basement?

He keeps his whiskey there.

He keeps information
on accounts.

He keeps information on...
On people he's worked with.

Okay. Thank you.

You know what
happens if this is a lie?


[Door closes]

[Sirens wailing]

[Indistinct talking on radio]

It stinks of petrol.

So radios off, please.

Right. This is time-critical.

We're looking for
bottles of whiskey.

And everyone has
gloves on. Great.

[Indistinct conversations]

- STEELE: Yeah?
- Charlie, here.

Can we get it up on
the table? Is that it?

Okay. Brilliant.

We can just leave that
there for SOCOs now.

Sarge, make sure
Tony doesn't drink any.


Okay. You can come in now.

Can you sweep for DNA, please,

and take a sample of
the petrol on the floor?

Thank you.

Come on.

Boss, it's me.

Yeah. We've got the whiskey.
We've got petrol on the floor.

No sign of Gregor
Forrester, though.

Yeah. Okay. I'm
gonna head back now.

[Indistinct conversations]

- BELLAMY: Jack?
- Yeah.

Gregor Forrester...
He's not at the basement.

Uniform said nowhere
to be seen at the house.

So this is a dangerous man
who is on a mission, all right?

Let's put the squeeze on David.

See if we can get
anything else out of him.

They're in serious danger, okay?

I don't need to
remind you of that.

You're the only one
who can help them.

Tell us where
Gregor Forrester is.

How can we find them?

- His car.
- What do you mean, his car?

His car's got a
tracking device on it.

- I know the activation code.
- Okay. What is it?

Write down the tracking
device activation code.

[Door opens]

Okay. Quickly.

Quickly. Okay. Stay there.

[Mid-tempo music playing]

Zach and Esther are booked
into room 104 on the first floor.

Gregor's car is
parked in the car park.

- Right.
- Okay.

This is a stealth
operation, guys.

Let's keep the noise down.

Look out for civilians.

Let's just hope
we're not too late.

[Up-tempo music plays]

[Indistinct conversations]

BELLAMY: Go back.
Go back to your room.

Please go back to your room.

Let's do it.

- Stay where you are!
- Police!

BELLAMY: Police! Sit
down. Sit down. Sit down.

GREGOR: All right!

Where do you think
you were going?

ESTHER: Get off him!

[Indistinct shouting]

BELLAMY: Look at
me. Sit down, Zach.

Mr. Forrester, you are under
arrest for attempted murder.

What are you talking
about? Attempted murder?

Yes. And assault.

Jack, thank you.

You okay? Is he all right?

GREGOR: Attempted murder.
What are you talking about?

Esther, you are under arrest

for perverting the
course of justice.

You do not have to... Esther!

- Esther!
- [Indistinct shouting]

Esther! Sit down.

Esther, sit down!

Sit down!

You are under arrest

for perverting the
course of justice.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you do not mention
when questioned

something that you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do
say may be given...

[Indistinct talking on radio]

Look, Detective.

I'm not denying that
I didn't assault her.

I'm admitting that,
you know what I mean?

But once I'd found out

that she'd nicked the
contents out of my safe

and the fake
kidnapping, I just lost it.

I want that bitch charged
for kidnapping and theft!

I know my rights.

Of course we will
investigate that in due course.

Yeah. Well, please do.

Can you tell me what
happened... on the night of the fire?

Well, I went... I went
to the building and, um...

I-I waited there for a
bit, and, uh, I got a text.

You got a text.

Zach, who sent the text?

Gregor sent the text.

He... He gave me
the go-ahead. Uh...

So Gregor told you to do it.

I threw it in.

Did you know anyone
was in the house

when you... When you
threw the petrol bomb?

No. I swear.


This next question is
really, really important

you're telling me the truth.

Did Gregor know that
anyone was in the house

when he sent you
the text message?

Did he... Did he know that
Asif or Jamal was in the house?

He... He...

When I told him that...
that he was in there, he...

he laughed, and...

he said, "Good."

I-I just wanted to... I just
wanted to impress him.

That's all.

I just wanted to be...

I just wanted to be like him.


Now I don't want
anything to do with him.

Mr. Forrester, are you
aware that your son Zach

can be placed at
the crime scene?

Are you aware that your son
Zach has admitted to his part

in this very serious crime?

Come on, Detective.

Are you surprised that my son...


you know, he's accused
of doing something like that,

you know, with the... the... the
influence of a mother like her.

BELLAMY: Poor boy.

I think he was just trying
to show off to his dad.

I don't think so.

I've been worrying about
Zach for quite a while.

When you worry about
him, do you give him a call,

like to speak to
him on the phone?

Me and my son have a very
good relationship, Detective.

You don't have to worry about
mine and my son's relationship.

Do you ever call
him on that phone?

This phone being the phone

that was used to send
the order for the firebomb.

This phone that has
your DNA all over it.

- It has your prints.
- This is not my phone.

Where did you find that phone?

That is the phone we took
off you when we arrested you.

I must have picked that phone
up by accident in the hotel room,

because that is not my phone.

You signed for that when
we put you in through custody.

You signed for that
at the custody desk.

Happy to say that
was your phone.

That's your phone,
Mr. Forrester.

- I just said...
- You sent the message through

to your son Zach,
saying, "Do it now."

That is either Esther's
phone or Zach's phone,

and I must have picked
that phone up by accident

from the hotel room.

That is not my phone.

I've only got your prints on it.

I've only got your DNA on it.

Unless they were wearing
fucking balaclava and gloves,

no one else has used that phone.

And I was delighted
to get my hands on it.


Been a few years coming,
hasn't it, Mr. Forrester?

[Door opens, closes]

[Down-tempo music playing]

[Knock on door]

Just me.

David. Hi.

DAVID: You okay?

Yeah, yeah. I'm okay.

[Sighs] Look at you.

- I know.
- You sure?

It's fine.

You know, it's...
it's over. It's...

Well, he can't get to
you anymore, yeah?

Yeah. He can't
get to you anymore.

[Down-tempo music playing]

[Music continues]

STEELE: Mr. Khan.

We've just arrested Gregor
Forrester for the arson attack.

Asif died 15 minutes ago.


You can kill Gregor Forrester.

You can lock him up
for the rest of his life.

My son is not coming back.

I'm really sorry.

It's okay.

[Door opens]

I'm here to inform you

that Asif Khan has,
sadly, died of his injuries.

I've been authorized by the
Crown Prosecution Service

to charge you with murder...
The murder of Asif Khan.

Look at me.

See you in court, okay?

[Door closes]

STEELE: Has David
told Leo and Zach yet?

They're doing it now.

That is not gonna be easy.

I don't know, you know?

David's been a pretty good
dad to Leo, by the looks of it.

Who's to say he can't
be the same with Zach?

He's certainly been more
of a positive influence

than Gregor's ever been.

- You've changed your tune.
- Hmm?

You were ready to lynch that
man a couple of hours ago.

Yeah. Well, case closed.

Gregor Forrester.

The one that got away.

- Not anymore!
- Not.

[Chuckles] Top team. Okay.

There is a karaoke
bar down the road.

They're playing my
song. I need an audience.

Come on, guys.


Not interested.

You love karaoke.
Look at your face.

Come on. I can tell by
the look on your face.

- Why do we do this?
- What are you gonna sing?

- What?
- What are you gonna sing?

I'm gonna have a glass
of water and go home.

- I hate karaoke night.
- You love karaoke night.