Survivors (1975–1977): Season 1, Episode 13 - A Beginning - full transcript

Who the hell do you think
you're talking to?

- Stop it! Please, stop it!
- I do just about everything

that makes this place tick,
and don't any of you forget that.

Please, please. Come to order, please.

- And what's so funny?
- Don't tempt me.

Since when have you been appointed
chairman of the board?

Since you started to make
a fool of yourself.

- Now, look...
- Oh, stop it, do.

- Yeah. Put a sock in it.
- Like hell!

I'm accused of making
some sort of duff deal...

You haven't been accused of anything

just because you're feeling rather...

Insinuations, then, but you just expect
me to sit here listening to your...

Oh, don't be so touchy!

Well, that's bloody
marvellous coming from you.

You've done nothing but sulk
for the past six weeks.

Now, stop this. Stop it.
Come on, pull yourselves together.

You're behaving like a lot of children.

Look, I accepted what they gave me
in good faith.

- Well, of course you did.
- While they grabbed our petrol,

you might at least have looked at
what they gave you.

Now, listen, Greg.

I don't believe Greg's to blame.

Look, I'll go back. I'll take
everything back to Little Barton

and see if they'll
just swap it for once.

Shut up! Right.

Now, we traded 200 gallons of petrol
for things that we needed,

including some seed,
which turned out to be sour.

That doesn't make Greg a fool.

Neither does it make the people at
Little Barton cheats.

The fact remains, we got their
no-good seed and they got our petrol.

Well, then we go back to them.

Well, I just wish I shared
your faith in human nature.

I wish you did to.

Why should we assume
they want to do us down?

- Why shouldn't we talk to them?
- It's been tried, Arthur.

And that's a good reason for not
trying again? We have mutual needs.

Look, we all have mutual needs
to protect ourselves.

It's the same for
the people at Little Barton.

It's the same for every other
settlement. It's the same for us.

We're all out for whatever
is best for ourselves.

Now, you don't barter
unless you've got more

of something than you need. A surplus.
And we just haven't got one.

Not yet.

Not for a long,
long time, Arthur.

- I'm going to bed.
- Hang about.

- What about our spuds?
- They've got spuds at Barton.

Everyone's got spuds.

- Our wheat crop, then.
- What wheat crop?

We haven't got it in yet.
And what about the weather?

We just need another summer like
last year and we've got nothing at all.

We can't go bartering on just...

Abby, listen. Did you decide on
what you want to do about those sheep?

I rather think they could do
with some new grass.

Oh, then shift them.

Yes. But it's not as quite
as straightforward as that.

If we use the bottom meadow,
it's a bit far from the house,

there are still those dogs about.

Oh, for heaven's sake, Arthur.
Just do what you want.

The pigswill wasn't taken out
last night. It stinks.

Think somebody could have thought of it.

Well, I can't do everything.

I mean, just put it out
last thing at night.

One doesn't say "hello" in this house?

Really. The children
could light the stove.

I have enough to do as it is.

Plus the baby
and her poor sick mother upstairs.

And trying to feed all of you, as well.

The children should light it.
I shouldn't have to do it.

Look, in the village,

where we went for holidays
when I was small girl,

it was always the job of the children...

Children are too young
to be playing with fires.

What's on the agenda for this morning?

I don't know. Whatever you want.

I thought I might do the greenhouse,
if that's all right.

If that's what you want, then do it.

Well, couldn't you both do that outside?

- Sure.
- I told him. I said,

"Do you have to clean rabbits in the
kitchen? Outside is the place for it. "

Could we do something about
keeping the pigswill another place?

Wasn't put out last night.

Abby. Something wrong
with one of the cows.

It's hobbling rather badly.

- Then ask Arthur to have a look at it.
- I couldn't find him.

Oh, I'll see to it.

Ah, there you are.
You got a new job from now on.

I was just saying to Greg.
that children...

Abby, Vic said to come quick.

Oh, all right.

Oh, no!

- All of them?

- Fox?
- Oh, I suppose so.

Say a fox will do that.

Kill everything and then
just take off what it needs.

And how'd it get in?

Main gate was open.

John, weren't you supposed to be
in charge of the chickens this week?

But I didn't leave it open.
It wasn't me.

I didn't leave it open.

Honest. It wasn't my fault.

Come on.

Anything I can do?

Is it one thing in particular,

or you're just generally feeling fed up?

Oh, I don't know, Jen.

It's all sorts of things.

Why can't they do things on their own?

Why do they have to keep
running to me all the time?

I don't think any of us
mean to burden you.

But right from the start,
it was you who organised things.

If it hadn't been for you,
we wouldn't have stayed together.

So, it's natural that
we come to you for help.

Yes, but who do I go to?

Who listens to my worries?

Or aren't I allowed to have any?

I'm listening.

Yes, I know.

I suppose, I just want
a good chance to moan, really.

Well, go ahead, then.
Have a good shout at me,

if it will make you feel any better.

It wouldn't.

It's Peter, isn't it?


Why don't you have another go at
looking for him? We've got the petrol.

And rob you all
for what Greg calls "a compulsion"?

Oh, we can do without it.

It's thanks to you that we've got
something here that's working.

Why don't you?

- No.
- Give me one good reason why not?

You think we can't do without you?

- That's rubbish, Jenny.
- No, it isn't.

Or you wouldn't get into such a tizz.

Go on. Be a devil. Try us.

Thanks, Jen, but...

But, what? You don't
run this place, you know.

You may be the queen of the castle,
but it's Greg who actually runs it.

- Yes, I know.
- Well, there you are, then.

- I'll think about it.
- Hard.

It's all right for you, Jen, you...


Well, you've got Greg.


And you're pregnant, aren't you?

How did you know?

Well, it's not something you can hide.

However hard you try.

Thanks anyway for trying.

- There was someone, wasn't there?
- What?

Someone you could have
taken your troubles to.

What now?

- What is it?
- Look over there.

Why are you ringing the bell?
What's going on?

- Look.
- Strange people.

Right. Wait here, everybody.

Do you have sickness amongst you?

We have a girl who's ill.
We don't know what it is.

I'm sorry,
but we can't take risks.

You ask your people not to come
any closer to the house.


See to it, Richard.

May I come forward?

Yes. All right.

- Well, what's happening?
- I don't know.

They just suddenly appeared.

I better go and see.

Abby, let Greg deal with it.

- Where you from?
- Garston.

- Where's that?
- It's about 50 miles north of here.

- And where you all going to?
- Oh, nowhere special.

We're looking for a place.

- What were you doing in Garston?
- We had a farm.

We were managing quite nicely.

Then why did
you bother to leave it?

We had no option. We were driven off.

- By whom?
- Oh, a group near us.

Maybe 30 or 40 of them.
It was all right at first.

And then they banded themselves up

into what they call
themselves militia.

Said they were establishing
local government.

They'd give us protection, they said.

God knows what against.

Anyway, in return,
we were to supply them

with a percentage of
our stores and crops.

But I turned them down and said no.
We didn't have enough to spare.

None of us have.

- And so they drove you off.
Simple as that.

Oh, they clothed it in
legal sounding phrases,

but we'd no means of
defending ourselves against them.

So, we left.

Hope to God
they don't come this way.

Well, they're not far from here.

And once they start running short,
they'll widen their range,

and I can tell you, they're a rough lot.

Yes. Well, we've dealt with
people like that before.

Aye. Well, we might have
stood a better chance

if we'd kept in with other people.

Well, is there anything
that we can do to help you?

We might be able to spare you
a little food or something.

No, thanks. No, we can manage.

We'll get by. No, it's the girl.

She's very sick.

She was ill when we found her,
and the journey's made her worse.

She needs rest and far more
attention than we can give her.

Yes, but...

But if she's got something
that's infectious or contagious,

well, that's asking a lot.

I know. But if she stays with us
on the road, she might die.

Well, you stay here for a while.

Now you understand,
this involves other people,

so I can't give you an answer
about it straight away.

Of course.

- We can wait.
- Right.

Right, everybody. We're waiting.

We might as well eat.


Abby, you there?


Are you upstairs?


No. She wasn't there.
I don't know where she could be.

Uh, did you try outside?

I've been all around.

- She's not in her room.
- Well, she can't just have vanished.

- Where the hell is Abby?
- I don't know.

Oh, this can't wait.

Look, it's pretty straightforward.

Those people out there
want to leave a sick girl with us.

Now the question is,
if she's got something

that's infectious or contagious,

well, can we afford the risk
of letting her stay here?


- So, we're agreed?

- Yes.
- Yes.

That's it, then.

All right.

You don't need to say it.

But, please understand.

It's not that we don't
sympathise with you.

But we have children here with us.

We're going on.

I'm sorry

but it was a decision we all made.

That's not the point though,
is it?

I agree with Greg.

We've talked about defence,
but we've never done anything about it.

Yeah. But what do you mean?
Barbed wire?

Lookouts? Armed guards?

Well, I think it would be stupid
if we didn't learn a lesson

from those people today.

Well, like our chickens this morning.

Going along quite nicely.

Till someone forgets
to close the gate. Then...

The fox gets the lot of them.

You going in for parables now, Paul?

Well, I thought
he made rather a neat point.

Only how do we stop being chickens?

Well, look, it's obvious that

we can put up no more
than a token defence

against any sort of
sizeable force against us.

And I think that goes for any
other group that's setup in this area.

- Yeah.
- Well, as far as I can see,

there's only one answer to that.
And that is that we all join forces,

every little group, into some
sort of alliance or federation.

And in that way, we'll know that if,

if one of us in trouble, then at least

some of the others
will come to our help.

- Hmm.
- That makes sense to me.

Then why don't we go
and meet the other groups?

Why don't we ask them all
to send a representative here?

Then we can thrash the whole thing out.

Let's stop talking about it and do it.

Let's send out messages
first thing tomorrow.

Right. If we get an agreement,

and there's no reason why we shouldn't,

then any of your foxes
thinking of looking us over,

well, they'll think twice
before they make a move.

What do you think, Abby?


Yes, I think you're right.

Splendid. Well, let's draft a letter
and get copies delivered.

We'll set the date of the meeting at,
what, two days from now?

Right. There's no point delaying.
I'll get some paper.


Abby, are you feeling any better?

I'll get over it.

It's a step in the right
direction, isn't it?

Yes. No one can live in isolation.

Though I'd like to think it would
go beyond forming an army.

Well, it doesn't have to stop there.
It can lead to almost anything.

At least, it's good to know
that if we're in trouble,

someone's going to come and help us.

- Yes.
- Abby?

You better come. I think
all of you better come. Please.

I might have guessed he'd do this.

She's burning.
Poor child.

That's all right. It's all right.

It's not all right.
She can't stay!

Oh, can't she?

Two minutes ago, you were
talking about helping one another.

So we can have people to call on
when we were in trouble.

Get out of my way!

- Come on. Let's get her inside.
- I'll prepare the bed.


- Abby.

- Abby!
Not now!

Yes, now!

You talk to me like that again
and I'll...

You'll what?

- Are you out of your mind?
- Probably.

Well, what happens when she infects us?

- We'll have to find out, won't we?
- Does the same go for the children?

Do we have to watch them suffering,
or watch them die?

You sanctimonious pig!

You think you're the only one
with feelings.

What would I do?
Leave her out here to die?

That's exactly what we do.

You got to think of everyone.
All of us. Not just one person.

I'm not saying it's easy,
but at least it's survival.

If you can even think of leaving her
out here, you're not fit to survive.

- Well, that's all talk, just...
- I mean it!

Well, I mean it to. Be realistic!

Just put her in an outhouse,
make her comfortable and leave her.

All right! I'll be realistic.

It's too bloody late!

I've already been in contact with her.
So has Emma and so has Charmian.

And now, so have you!

- Morning.
- Morning.

- She's still sleeping?
- Yes.

- Brought you some hot milk.
Oh, thank you.

I'll take over for a bit.
You get some rest.

- How's she been?
- Well, she's still very feverish.

Wish we had somebody
who knew a bit about medicine.

It's not enough just to know
it's not the plague.

I spent half the night
going through the Home Doctor.

But it's hard to isolate the symptoms.

I mean, she could have any one of fifty
things wrong with her.

Anyway, that's what scares me the most.
Being sick.

I can cope with almost anything else.

But to be ill
without any kind of medical help,

- that scares me.
- Hmm.

You look all in.
Go on, you get to bed.

Take your milk with you.

- Is Abby down yet?
- No, but the others are.

Oh. I'll go and tell her
everything's all right.



I think the best thing
would be to start with these two

and then you can circle back here

and take in all the other
settlements on the way.

Hmm. Good idea.

You'll never do it all in a day.
Not on a bike.

Not even if it is
the longest day of the year.

Oh, well, if I can't, then,

I'll bed down for the night here

and do the other two on the way back
first thing in the morning.

It depends on how much
sales chat you're in for.

Selling was my business.
I shan't have any trouble.

Well, you might
with the lot at Waterhouse.

They were having their own little
private war when we were last there.

Look, try and find a chap
called Garland, Jimmy Garland.

- Garland.
- Mmm-hmm.

Don't worry. I'll convince him.

I made up enough food
to see you through.

And try to have something hot
if you can, please.

There's some decent soup in this jar.

Thanks, Emma.
Well, that will do me nicely.

Abby's gone.

- What do you mean?
- Just that.

She wants to be on her own for a bit.

Come on. Why are you
always so slow, you two?

I'm not slow. I've finished already.

- John hasn't.
- I haven't got such a big mouth.

No, no, no, no. Don't be rude.

I wasn't being rude.
I haven't got such a big mouth.

And in any case,
I sometimes use it for talking.

- Sometimes?
- I like talking.

I like talking more than I like eating.

Then you know what
will happen to you, don't you?

You will never grow bigger
than you are now.

But your tongue will grow.

It will grow and grow
till it's as long as this.

I don't believe you,

'cause Abby says talking is
good for you while you're eating.

It's good for grownups, but not for you.

Where is Abby?

She's gone for
some peace and quiet.

Aunt Emma, we don't make a lot of noise.

Come on, finish your lunch.





Abby Grant?



Here I am!

- Hello.

You don't look very surprised to see me.

I was looking for you.

You were easier to find than I thought.

Hey! What's the matter?


I'm just a bit tired, that's all.

Well, I'm not surprised.

One of my men saw you
couple of miles back, fast asleep.

Yes, I've been walking
since 6:00 this morning.

And I am taking you home.

Get up on Jasper.

Any better?

She's a lot calmer.

I think the fever's passing.

You know, a bit later, we ought to
try and get her to eat something.

That poor child
is nothing but skin and bone.

- She's a much better colour now, though.
- Hmm.

Would you be so kind
and sit with her for a bit?

- I have to get the meal started.

Of course.
I got everything ready.

Oh, I should keep out of
Greg's way, if I were you.

- Why?
- Well, he's like a bear

with a sore head.

- Where is he?
- He's cutting logs.

There was no wood for the stove.

So, there's a big row about it
and he went off in a huff,

muttering, "If you want something done,"
etcetera, etcetera.

Oh, it's such a pity
all this should happen now.

Just when things
were getting a bit easier.

- Here we are.
- Thanks.


Right. I'll see to Jasper.

You go on in.

I'll rub him down later.

Is this yours?

Yes, belonged to my assistant.

Remember this?

Your cave.

Well, the circumstances may be different
but the brandy's the same,

guaranteed not to upset
even the emptier stomach.

How long since you've
had something to eat?

Last night.

You need looking after.

I'll fix us something.
What'd you fancy?

There's rabbit.
I expect you're rather fed up with that.

Venison, but it's a bit high.

What I can offer you is my speciality,
oxtail with haricot beans.

Oh, that sounds delicious.

What chance is there's some hot water?

Pretty good. A bit limited though
if you're thinking of a bath.

- No, just a bowlful.
- Easy.

Easier than the cave?


You know, you're not being really fair.

How do you mean?

Well, I've told you about everything
that's happened to me

but you've told me nothing
about yourself.

Want to know the reason?

Of course.

I'm more interested in you.

Well, what about the cave?
What brought you here?

My little war came to an end.

Oh, you sound disappointed.

Oh, no. No, there's more for me to do
now that Knox is gone.

Well, what happened?

He died.


No, I didn't kill him.

He was out on one of his hunting trips
after me and he broke his neck,

and it wasn't long after that

before the rest of them
came to me for help.

So you've got what you've always wanted?

Yes, most of it.

Well, why are you here
and not at the house?

There are times when I need to be alone.


I come here to think, read a bit,

just to be alone.

I'll get you that water.

You all right?

Sarah used this room.

There's a change of clothes over there
if you feel like.

Don't worry.

They'll manage without you.

Don't go.


Oh! Oh, it's no good.

Wound this size
should have some stitches.

- Would you know how to do it?
- No.

Well, does anybody? Paul?

- No, but I'll have a go.
- No. I can do without that.

If you don't know what they're doing,
there's a risk of infection.

Look, if you can just stop the bleeding

and if you can just keep it clean,
it will be all right.

Oh, it's no good.

I think the vein
inside the wrist is cut.

- We'll have to do a tourniquet.

Emma, can you keep your thumb
pressed here?


Oh, dear. What's happened?

- Gashed his wrist with a saw.

Is it bad?
- Yes.

Well, you're not
putting on a tourniquet?

We must stop the bleeding.

Yes, but gangrene will set in.

Yes, only if it's kept on.

If we can just slow the bleeding down,
it might clot.

It may do but it ought to have stitches.

Yeah, well, do you know what to use
or how to clean it?

- No.
Well, shut up!


- I'm sorry, Charmian.
- No, it's my fault, I'm sorry.

How's the other patient?

Well, she awake. She seems much better.
She's been sitting up and talking.

In fact, that's the reason
that I came down here,

to see if there was something
for her to eat.

Yes. There's some soup in the kitchen
but you'll have to heat it up.

- All right.
- Now, look, take some of these.

There. Now, how does that feel?

- Tight.
- Good.

- Thanks.
- I'll change this dressing later.

Well, that's that.
With you out of action,

Arthur off playing postman,
and Abby gone,

I'll have to do some work.

- Where's Vic?
- With the children.

Yeah, we'll have to work something out.
Children are gonna have to do more work.

What was he like?

My husband?


You've got me at a slight disadvantage,
haven't you?

I'm sorry.

I loved him.


I just wish I could forget him
but I can't,

or the life that we had together.

I miss it like mad.

I'm sure you do.

I think that's the trouble really,

I suddenly realised

that whatever we do,

however hard we work,
there's no going back.

What we've got now
is what we're gonna have

for the rest of our lifetimes.

Well, you won't hear me complaining?

Now, the world's a marvellous place,
it always was.

It was the people that turned it sour.

We could help to sweeten it.

I thought I was.

Stay with me.

I want to.

- Which means you won't?
- I don't know.

What about your son? What about Peter?

I'd given up.


The others seem more important.

- They... They took you over?
- No.

It's just that I don't know
if Peter's alive and my people are.

But you don't know that he's dead.

And there are the children.

Stay with me
and we'll look for Peter together.

If he's alive, we'll find him.

Do you mean that?

I know how to face facts.

We must be what we are,

do what we must do.

Otherwise, we don't contribute.


To life.

To being alive.


Well, what about what you've got here,
your settlement?

They can do without me
just as your people can do without you.

All that's indispensable
is what we've got.

You and me.

Do you know what I'd like most of all
in the whole wide world?

Try me.

A dirty great helping
of oxtail and beans.

Hey, look, it's Mr Russell.

He's back.
We saw him coming on his bicycle.

Oh, I'm so glad he's all right.

- Done it.
- It really worked?

- Yes.
- What was the reaction?

Good, very good.
They're all sending someone.

Garland wasn't there
but they're getting a message to him.

Arthur, that's wonderful.

You see, just to meet other people,
not to be on our own anymore,

that would be a big step.

They are all as keen as we are.

They were all worried about
what would happen if they were attacked.

You'll never believe this, John,

there's one group that's got a tank,
a ruddy great tank.

Does it work? Do all the guns fire?

Oh, John!
Yes, they fire,

and they've got plenty of ammunition.

I tell you, I'd rather have them
on our side if we ran into any trouble.

Not the other way around
if they use it to make trouble.

Oh, they won't.
There's only eight of them.

My arriving on my own
scared 'em half to death.

Emma, I'm starving.
Is there anything to eat?

Of course, there is. For you, always.

Noisy idiot. He woke you?


Letter from your place.


You knew about it?

I would have delivered it myself

but I didn't want them to know
I was here.

Are you going?

Yes. Yes, I think it's a good idea.

A federation. It would work.

Aren't you going to help me find Peter?

Now, don't play games, Abby.

We can form defences and find Peter.

Are you going to come with me
to the meeting?

If you want me to.

I'd rather you stayed here.

- It's for lunchtime today, isn't it?
- Mmm.

In that case, let's not waste any time.

Hello, Greg. How's your wrist?

Uh, numb. What about the girl?

Her name's Ruth
and she's much, much better.

Come and meet her.

Ruth, this is Greg Preston.

Hi, Ruth. How're you feeling?

Much better.
Thank you for taking me in.

Well, don't thank me.
I was all for throwing you out.


But you were quite right.
You've got children here, haven't you?

I might have been infectious,

I still could be.

But you took me in
and I'm very grateful.

Oh, it's the least we could do.

Have you any soap?
- Yes.

Then keep me isolated for,
say, about a week,

and then wash your hands thoroughly
every time you come in here.

You sound just like a doctor.

Oh, dear, sorry.

Would you like something to eat?

Oh, I'd prefer something to drink.

Okay. I'll get you something.
Greg will sit with you for a while.

Thank you.

Where you from?

What's wrong with your arm?

Oh, well, it's my wrist.
I gashed it with a saw.

- When?
- Yesterday.

- Is that a tourniquet?
- Uh-huh.

Is the cut that bad?

No, I'll show you.
No, don't uncover it.

Call Jenny back.

- Yeah, but I'll look silly...
- Please call Jenny back.

- Jenny?

- Would you come back a second?
I'm coming.

- Can you feel your fingers?
- What?

Sorry. I mean,
have you any feeling in them at all?

Yeah, like hell,
but when I loosen this...

Oh, good, you do loosen it.

And when you do,
do you get any bleeding?

Yes, but, I don't...

- Yes?
- That arm's got to be attended to.

- You are a doctor?
- No.

Well, I'm not qualified,
I finished my third year.


I can't do anything,
it's too risky.

- You'll have to do it for me.
- Oh!

But I'll tell you what to do, all right?

Yes, I suppose so.

- Now, have you a needle and thread?
- Yes.

I felt sure they'd come,
one of them at least.

Give 'em time.

Well, if they were coming
they'd be here by now.

Oh, well. I suppose
I'd better get on with something.

I was in Reading when it all happened,
at the training hospital.

I left with a doctor and a nurse
and we went up the river in a cruiser.

On the second day, the doctor got ill.
We couldn't save him.

After that, we just went up
and down the river looking for people.

And is that what you were doing
when they found you?

No, I was on my way to Cirencester
looking for some sulphonamide drugs.

I don't really remember much about it.

One moment,
I was on a bike and then I was here.

There. That's all right, isn't it?

Yes, that's fine.

What happened to the nurse?

- Peggy? Oh, she's still there.
- Where?

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm still a bit muzzy.
Um, Kempsford.

You see, we found some people
living on a barge.

We stayed with them three months
until some of them got food poisoning.

That's when I went for the drugs.
How long have I been ill?

Well, I'd say, it's been about a week
since you were found.

Oh! Well, we'll be too late, now.

How many were on the barge?

Seven of us. Two women, three men
and two young boys.

What were their names?

Ted Glover, George Bronson,
I think it was,

he was a school master, deaf,
Peggy Marshall...

Just a minute.
What were the boys names?

Oh, Christian names.
Stuart... Stuart Kirby,

- Peter... Peter... Peter Clark...
- Grant? Sorry.

Clark, I think it was.

You sure?
You sure it's not Grant? Peter Grant?

Yes, that's it. Do you know him?

No. But we know somebody who does,
his mother.

Oh, God!

What is it?

Was he well when you left?

Peter? Yes, he was very well.

Why did she
have to run away now?

Arthur! The first people
are on their way!

Oh, marvellous.

- I'll go tell the rest.
- Yeah.

I want you to say goodbye now.

- You're staying?
- Yes.

There never was really
much doubt, was there?

I'm sorry.

Well, I haven't the slightest intention
of saying goodbye.

You know where to come to now.

She can bring you.

Abby! Abby! Abby!
Abby! Abby!

Abby !

You go on in.

- I'll take the horses.

Hello, hello.


Hi, Paul.

Can I take these?
Yes, please.

You've got them?

Come on.

Oh, Jenny,
how lovely to see you.

- Greg, what have you done to your...
- Nothing, nothing at all.

- You sure?
Mmm. Promise.

We've got some news for you.

- What?
- What would you like to hear most?

Come inside.

- Come on.