Survivors (1975–1977): Season 1, Episode 12 - Something of Value - full transcript

See, the weight on the end pulls
the line out from here, from the reel.

- Let me try.
- No, me.

It's all right,
you can both have a go.

Let's have a look.

Put some more bait on that.

Now, when you put the bait on,
the bread,

you got to roll it around
nice and tightly.

Got to be careful though,
because the hook's very, very sharp.

- It's got a barb in it.
- What's a barb?

Well, it's a bit of the hook
that goes the other way.

Well, it means that when the fish
takes the bait in its mouth,

it means it can't wriggle free.
There, do you see it?

- Does it hurt?
Some people say it doesn't.

Where did you spring from?

I saw you from the woods.
The name's Lawson. Robert Lawson.

Well, I'm Greg Preston.
This is John and Lizzie.


- You're learning to fish?
- You've been ill?

Oh, yes, I was ill. How many of you?

- Ten. You've come far?
- Far enough for one day.

- Oh, we can put you up.
- That's kind, thank you.

I'm afraid you'll have to go up
that way and round the road.

We haven't gotten around
to building a bridge yet.

Perhaps I can be of help.

Come on, kids.

Oh, Abby, could you get me some salt?
I have to go back to the baby.

- Please. Thanks.
- That's all right.


Abby, this is Robert Lawson.
Abby Grant.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I've asked him to stay here.

- Well, has he had the...
- Oh, yeah. He's all right.

- Then you're welcome, Mr Lawson.
- Thank you.

- Don't like the look of this weather.
- Mmm.

I'm glad
I'm not out in that tonight.

- Where were you making for?
- Oh, nowhere special.

- Just looking around.
- What's it like now?

I mean, generally. We haven't
been far from here for ages.

Well, there's a kind
of pattern emerging.

You know,
people are banding together a bit.

You still come across loners, of course.

- Like you.
- No, no, no. I'm not a natural loner.

It's just that I haven't found
a place I want to settle yet.

But as I say, there seems to be
a narrowing down of choices.

Groups that have set up
small communities.

Like you, here.

People grafting away
to become self-supporting.

And then there are the scavengers.

Oh, we know about those.
They've been around here.

Mmm, they're like locusts.
They clear out everything.

Some of the larger groups
must have some huge stockpiles.

That's right, they have.

That means they've got
something to protect,

so their places are like armed camps.

But it doesn't matter
how much they've got,

sooner or later they're going to run out
and that's the time people like you

are gonna have to
look out for yourselves.

Yeah, well, we've already had our fair
share of problems with people like that.

Mmm. There's another group, too,
they're sort of nomads.

They travel around together,
stay in a place for a while

and they move on looking for
something better, I suppose.

Of course, it's getting harder for them,
too, with most of the petrol gone.

We don't use too much
of that ourselves, do we?

We think if we're really sparing
and we don't use the tractor too much,

we can make our petrol
last for four or five years.

Now, you're lucky.

I tell you, things must get worse
before they get better.

A group starts setting up,
but they have different ideas

and they become afraid of one another
and that makes them insular.

Well, that's bound to happen, I suppose.
I mean, we're pretty wary ourselves.

At least we don't advertise the fact
that we're here.

Well, that's not quite true.

There's a settlement
about 30 miles from here.

They have quite
a big stockpile of things

and they seem quite glad
to do some bartery.

- We've traded with them twice now.
- That's what it needs.

I think that's where the future is.

I mean, there won't be much advance
until we have a common aim.

And how long is that going to take?


Look, if you haven't gotten
any particular plans,

why don't you stay on for a while?

You can stay for as long as you like.
You wouldn't be committed.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

Look, I like what I've seen here,
I admire what you're trying to do.

Look, you don't have to decide now.
Why don't you stay, as Abby says,

for a couple of days to see if
you can get used to the place?

Thank you.

- Now, if you don't mind...
Of course.

Come on, I'll show you your place.

You know, one of the good things
of having a house as big as this is

that everyone can have a room
of their own.

Good night.
Thank you for your hospitality.

Good night.

- See you in the morning.
- Yes.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Well, what do you think?

Well, he seems all right.

- Travelling a bit light, isn't he?
- How do you mean?

He arrived with only a gun.

Yeah. He doesn't look as though
he's been sleeping rough, either.

Perhaps he's one of that group
with Little Barton.

Why didn't he mention it
when Abby said about it?

- Oh, I know a good way to find out.

Ask him.

We'll tackle him in the morning.

Isn't it loud?

I better go and see if
the children are all right.

I better give Charmian a hand.

Mr Lawson! Mr Lawson!


We'd better start replanting.
Get them back in the ground.

- What about the seed?
- I don't know.

A lot of them must have been washed out.
And they were all we had.

Well, there might be some left.
I'll go and check.

Johnny, would you like to see the baby?

Hasn't she grown?

Yes, but she sleeps all the time.
She's no fun really.

She doesn't. She kept her
poor mother up all night.

Now she's quiet.

- Aunt Emma?
- Yes.

- You know the new man?
- Yes.

Well, I can't find him.

Well, he must be somewhere.
Go and have a look.

- I have. Everywhere.
- Go and look again. Go on.

The drain's completely blocked.

Thing's fixed now, though.
How's the garden?

It's completely washed out.

Greg, we're gonna have
to get some more seeds.

But I'm not sure that it's not too late
to plant anything now.

- There's nothing left at all?
- I don't know.

I'm just gonna have a look.

Oh, God.

Everything. Every bloody thing ruined!

Why don't you turn that in
and grow a beard?

Because I don't want to conceal the
strength and character of my jawline.

Because I don't want to hide the
classic beauty of my fine cheekbones.

Apart from that
I find beards always itch.

You get used to it.

- Any luck?
- No, nothing. Not a thing.

I must have done the best part
of 20 miles and not a sniff of it.

- Bob not back yet?
- No.

- Did you see anybody?
- Yeah, one place.

They saw me coming
and ran off into the house.

They shouted at me through the windows
to clear off or they'd start shooting

I didn't hang about.

All right, let's get something to eat.

And then we'll get out the maps
and work out a new search area.

- This wood's all soaking wet.
- Well, well, this is a surprise.

It rains all night
and now the wood's soaking wet.

I don't think there's
very much more down there.

It's my own stupid fault for storing
this stuff down in the first place.

But I thought it was perfect,
cool and dry.

- Dry!
- How bad is it?

It is about as bad as it could be, Emma.

It will be at least
another couple of months

before we have any sort
of grain crop of our own.

We can't go on killing off
our livestock.

We've got little enough left as it is
since all the sheep were killed.

Yeah, well, there always
was a big question mark

as to whether we could
get through till next winter.

Well, there's no question mark any more.

Look, we'll just have to have
another scout around the area.

The whole area's been picked clean
and we all know that.

- But what are we going to do?
- I don't know.

We might try a deal with
those people at Little Barton.

I mean, they got a warehouse
stacked with stuff.

A great stockpile.

And you think they're
going to part with it

just because we've run into
some sort of trouble?

- Well, we've traded with them before.
I know.

But we had something to
offer them in exchange then.

Well, we could ask them to lend us
something until our next harvest.

There's not a hope for that.

I mean, they drove hard
enough bargains last time.

And they know that
everything we're gonna grow this year,

we're gonna need to
see us through the winter.

They're not gonna trade just on credit.
You can't blame them.

But we must have something of value.
Something they want.

We have. The petrol.

Yeah, right.
They'll trade for some of that.

How much have we got?

Oh, there must be at least
1,000 gallons in that tank.

We could ask for
and get anything we want.

I should say the petrol is the
most valuable commodity there is.

Then we're rich.
And Greg, can you give the tank a go?

There's nothing wrong,
I just haven't finished it.

- Then will you do it?
- Yes, sure.

I'll get out of these things
and get on with it.

Paul, we shall have to
be very, very careful

of how we use the tractor
and the Land Rover.

Look, let's get all the oil drums
and jerry cans

we can lay our hands on
and fill them up.

We may as well have
something by us for an emergency.

- Right.
- Come on, let's make a list.

I can't find him.

- Who?
- Mr Lawson.

And I looked everywhere.

You know, I've just been thinking.

I'll bet we'll never see another orange
again as long as we live.

You just thought of that, have you?

Well, it's true, isn't it? I mean,
there'll be a whole lot of kids

who'll grow up without even
knowing what an orange is.

You like oranges, huh?
I mean, you really miss them?

Yeah, but that's right, isn't it?
I mean, lots of things, oranges...


Pineapples, bananas.

I mean, grapefruit.
I mean, lots of things.

- And it just occurred to you?
- I was just saying...

You know,
there are times when you make...

When you really make me wonder.

You haven't actually thought
about things at all, have you?

I mean, after all this time
it's only just occurred to you

there'll be no more imported fruit.

- All right.
- Have you any idea

what this country used to
spend on imported food?

Billions, billions of pounds.

There wasn't a single day in your life

when you didn't eat something
brought in from abroad.

- That's not right.
- Grain, chocolate, rice, cooking oil...

- Yeah, all right. Yes.
- The list goes on and on.

- Sugar, coffee.
- Yes.

Yes, and including that tea
you're swilling down now.

All right, now don't go on about it.

Know all!

- Well, did you have any luck?
- Oh, so-so.

Not bad.
Wouldn't mind some food though.

I've been on the move
since about 5:00 this morning.

You know,
there's plenty of time for that.

- What did you find?
- Oh, a nice little commune.

Friendly people. Had a meal with them.

- Spent the night.
- Oh, come on, mate.

Don't keep us in suspense.
Did they have any?

- Yes.
- Much?

Well, depends what you mean by much.

What would you say to
about 1,000 gallons?

- Do you mean it?
- Just sitting there in a road tanker.

Enough petrol to take us
anywhere we want to go.

- And more besides.
- Fantastic!

Are we going to have
any trouble getting it?

Oh, well, they're not going to be
very happy about it, are they?

But, nothing we can't handle.

Now, if we can just find
some big 50 gallon drums...

Drums? What are you talking about?

We take it all.
We take the tanker.

Keep the engine running.
We'll charge the battery up.

- Come on.
- Right.

- Come on.
- Now there's two feet.

- Hold! That's it.
- Hold it.

Okay. Well, you get yourself ready
and then we'll get started.


Do you think
we've covered everything?

I think so.

- I can't think of anything else.

Oh, we will, when they're gone,
you know. I'm sure of that.

Oh, you worked it out?

Yes, I've marked the
most important things.

Well, the rest that aren't so important.

- Just do the best deal you can.
- Yeah, okay.

Incidentally, what's the bloke's name?

Nabolia. Well, Jenny knows him.

We met him the last time
we went up there.


- How long do you think you'll be?
- Well, I should be back before dark.

It's only 60 miles there and back.

- Jenny, you can leave.
- All right.

- Bye, Abby. See you later.
- Okay. But drive carefully.

Before you go, I think you ought to
take a look at the near side rear.


Jenny! Hold on, we've got a flat.

Oh, no.

- I can't see anyone.
- Okay.

Now, let's try and get this over
with as little trouble as possible.

Bob and I will go
straight for the tanker.

With a bit of luck
we might even get it out

before they realise what's happening.

If they do put up a fight...

- We want that petrol.
- Come on, let's get it done.

Hello. You've come back.

- Where's the tanker?
- Greg took it away.

Where? Where did Greg take it to?

What the hell do we do now?

I hope you're right...

Now, we want that petrol, Abby.

- Where's he taken it?
- You're too late.

He can't have gone all that far.
Now, where's he taken it?

Let's get it out in front of the house.

Abby, leave the boy here. Leave him!

Now come on. Come on!

- You dare hurt her!
- Just tell us what we want to know.

- You'll let her go?
- Yeah.

It doesn't matter anyway.

You'll never catch them.
They've got too big a start.

Where are they going?

Little Barton. We're trading
the petrol for other things.

Don't raise any alarm until we're clear.

They've got too much of a start.


- Are you all right?
- Yeah, well...

- Never thought I'd get around that bend.
- I thought you were going off the road.

So did I. Look.

I've never had the brakes
pack up on me like that before.

- Would you able to fix it? Can we go on?
- I'll have a look.

Can you see anything?

Well, the brake fluid's gone completely.

Oh, dear.

- This is one of those awkward jobs.
- How long?

Don't know until I've had a proper look.

Look, we may as well
get this under cover.

Let's stick it in that barn over there.

- Just a second.
- All right.

Oh, that's terrific.
Really lovely.

- Is it bad?
- Oh, the whole damn thing's corroded.

- Look at that.
- Oh. Can you fix it?

I can do something,

but I'm gonna need some
more tools, bits and pieces.

Yes, but you can do it? It can be done?

Oh, I can do a makeshift job,
get us as far as Little Barton.

Look, could you go back
and get some stuff?

What, back to the house?

Yeah. It'll take you
only about an hour, down and back.

You just tell Paul what I'm gonna need.
I'm going to want the big tool chest,

I'm going to want some copper pipe,
about that size,

a blowtorch and then some brake fluid.

There's some lying around
the house somewhere.

Now, can you remember that?

Yeah, I think so.
You want a blowtorch, some brake fluid,

a bit of copper pipe like that
and the big tool chest.

Yeah, but wouldn't it be better
if you came back with me?

Well, if you go, then I can get
started on this, get it stripped down.

- It'll save time in the long run.
- All right.

Well, this is definitely
the shortest route.

Yeah. It's a secondary road.

I think with a tanker,
they'd have stuck to the main roads.

So what do you reckon?

Well, you pays your money,
you takes your choice.

I'd plump for this one.


Hold it! Switch it off a minute.

What is it?

Just listen.

There's a car coming.

- I don't hear anything.
- There is, I tell you.

- I hear it.
- Get behind the hedge and cover us.

Stay out of sight until
we know what's happening.

That's Jenny, the girl from the house.
Let me handle this.

Jenny. What a surprise.
What are you doing out here?

I was just going to ask you
the same thing.

You went off in a bit of a hurry
last night, didn't you?

I wanted to make an early start.
Didn't want to disturb you.

- Oh, Jenny. This is Jim Buckmaster.

It's nice to meet you.
Robert's told me about your settlement.

I'm going there now.
I've got to pick up some tools.


- Well, nothing that can't be fixed.
- Anything we can do to help?

No, I don't think so, thank you.

I think Greg will be able to manage once
I've got the bits and pieces he needs.

Is the tanker broken down?

Yes, we've pulled it off the road
so that it can get repaired.

- How did you know about the tanker?
- You'd better show us where it is.

Well, I've got to get the things.

- Hey! Let go of me!
- Get in the jeep.

What... Hey... Look.

Thorpe, get in!

Why don't we just make her
tell us where it is?

We don't have to take her with us.

We don't want her running off
to get help, do we?

I can't see anybody.

Coast down quietly.

- Greg!
- Keep her quiet!

It's probably in the barn.

Well, there's no reason
why he should suspect anything.

I'll go in on my own, get him off guard.

And Bob, you cut around
the back of the farmhouse

and be ready when I make my move.


Thorpe, you stay with the girl.

Anybody here?

Anybody about?

Get up! Get up!

Now you tell them
to bring Jenny over here.

- Come on, do it!
- You can't...

Now just do as you're told
and you won't get hurt.

Come on!

Hey! Bring the girl!

Are you all right?

Do what I say.
Tell Thorpe to get the girl.

Thorpe! Bring the girl!

Don't ask me.

Better let her come over here.
Tell them!

- What about me?
- You go when she's safely inside.

Let her go.

You said I could go.

You'll listen to what
I've got to say first.

- Now, did they hurt you?
- No. They want the petrol.

Just give us the tanker.
We don't want to harm anyone.

- You're not getting any part of it.
- Greg, there are three of them.

Now you listen.

That petrol's about the only
trading commodity we've got.

Now we need it for food and seed.

'Cause without supplies,
we won't be able to feed our people.

Our community's going to
have to break up.

Now I'm not going to let that happen.

So you just take your men
and you get out of here

'cause I'm telling you that
there's no way that you can win.

I'd set fire to the whole damn lot
before I let you get any part of it.

Now go on. Get out!

All right, stop it.
Keep your heads down.

There's no point taking any risk.

We've got them pinned down
so they can't move.

But when we make our move,
we've got to do it right.

Look, Jim, it's gone wrong on us.
Why don't we just forget it?

No, it's not worth
any of us getting hurt.

Listen, there's a fortune
sitting in that barn.

We can trade it for anything we like!

And they've got no more
right to it than we have.

We're going to get that petrol!

- What are they doing?
- They're just keeping under cover.

- Is there any other way in here?
- There's a door down that end. Bolted.

They've a hard job
getting us out of here.

Then what can they do?

Well, they can't do anything at
the moment. It's sort of a stand-off.

I suppose they could starve us out,
but that'll take them a couple of days.

If they did that,
they'd have to run the risk that

Abby might send someone out
to look for us.

- What is it?
- They're moving.

Jenny, will you take his gun
and go down to the other door?


The door!

- I think they've gone.
- Yeah, for the moment.

They'll try again.
They'll probably wait until it's dark,

that's their best chance.

But they're bound to win, aren't they?

I mean, sooner or later
they're bound to win.

How long do you think it'll be
before Abby sends someone to find us?

I'm afraid there's no reason
she should suspect anything's wrong.

We can't count on getting help from her
unless we can get a word back.

Yes, but how?

Look, when you were captured,
did you see how many guns they had?

Um, they had three. They had one each.

Are you sure?
It's very important, Jenny.

Yes, I think so.
Yes, I'm sure that's all they had.

Yeah, well, that means
they've only got two now.

- And where's the jeep parked?
- On the road, down by the gate. Why?

- Well, if one of us could get to it...
- What, go outside?

It's the last thing that they'd expect.

- Look, if you could get to their jeep...
- Me?

Well, it's got to be you.

Look, if they've only got two guns,

they can't possible cover
all the angles of this barn.

Now, if I draw their attention
down at the front,

you can get out through that door.

Take it nice and slowly.
Keep under cover. Quietly.

And I'll keep them busy down here

and I'll hold them off
until you get back with help.

Will you do it, Jenny?

It's our only chance.

'Cause if you don't,
we haven't got a hope in hell.


There's a door round the back.
It's locked.

- Where's Thorpe?
- Around the other side.

- And I'm gonna need some more shells.
- Well, there's another box in the jeep.


I think they're gonna try
and make a break for it.


Now give him a couple back
and keep him away from that door.

I'll go get the cartridges.

You out there, you hear me?

You're running out of time!

All you got left now
is about half an hour.

Then she's going to be back
with more people than you can handle.

Do you hear me?

Drop the gun!

Get in, Thorpe! Open the door, Bob.
We've got it!

Oh, my God! Brakes!

You did this! You shan't have it,
damn you! You did this!

You shan't have it!

It's mine! I took it!
It's mine! It's mine!

Turn that valve off!
- No!

- Nobody's going to have it. It's mine!
- Turn it off!

It's mine! It's mine! It's mine! It's...

I should think we've lost
a little over 150 gallons.

And three people dead.

Is that what life's worth nowadays?
50 gallons of petrol?

God help us all.