Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 3 - Double Tribal, Double Trouble - full transcript

The castaways are shocked to learn that both tribes will lose a member at the next Tribal Council.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously, on


There was a divide in the Yasur


>> I definitely see groups


I think Lisa liked being in the

younger group and I think I

gravitate more towards the older


>> PROBST: At Lopevi, John P.

also worried about the division

between the young and the old.

>> You're so friggin' dangerous,


You're too big of a threat.

>> Right now, it's five against


Those aren't good odds.

>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, the tribes played for

a hammock, blankets and some


Once again, the balance beam

proved to be a challenge for the

men and the women waltzed their

way to victory.

Yasur wins their second

challenge in a row.

Back at Lopevi, the women's

victory dance upset Rory.

>> I don't think we would

have intentionally shoved

somebody's nose into it.

That was classless.

>> It was a game.

I mean, we lost.

>> I understand it's a

competition, but if she was a

man, would you have taken that,


>> One person that's

striking me as wrong as rain.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Sarge lead Lopevi to

their first victory...

Lopevi wins immunity!

( cheering ) them flint for fire.

Before Tribal Council, Dolly

couldn't commit to either group,

so she made deals to vote out

both Eliza and Leann.

>> I've got myself in a


>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Twila pointed out the

differences in work ethic...

>> Leann, Scout and Ami,

us four did a lot of work.

>> PROBST: ...and Dolly's

indecision cost her the game.

Forced to save herself, Eliza

betrayed her group and voted

with the older women.

Dolly, the tribe has spoken.

16 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

( theme song playing )

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( rumbling )

>> Dolly was totally

blindsided at Tribal Council


She thought she was the one who

was the swing vote and she would

be the one deciding who went

home tonight, and, you know,

that's not how the chips fell,


>> How the hell did the

vote switch to Dolly?

>> I think Mia and Julie

and Lisa are a little upset with

me right now, but I did what I

had to do to make sure I was

staying in this game.

I thought she was writing my

name down tonight.

She sat there and looked me in

the eye and said, "I'm going to

vote for a random person."

I... I couldn't get...

>> Hey, how about clueing

us in, Eliza?

>> I know, but when was

there time?

It was like you guys knew...

like you were off in the woods.

>> We thought Eliza was

strong with us, but I guess she

conspired with the other girls

and decided to vote off Dolly

without telling us.

So, yeah, we don't trust Eliza.

So Lisa and Julie are the only

girls I trust right now and I

guess we'll have to talk to

Eliza tomorrow and see where her

head was at on this, but we're

all very shocked right now.

>> We'll stack them.

You guys, like, free wrap it and

stack it and free wrap it...

and just keep crossing it so it

kind of binds as you go.

>> Uh-oh. Too short?

>> Too short.

>> Too short.

>> Hmm.

Hey, where's Rory?

Is he okay?

>> Look at this!

Vitamin C!


>> Hey, here comes Rory.

>> What's up?

>> When it comes to Rory,

the thing that really gets under

my skin is he doesn't do a lot

of, you know, physical work.

He's not a team player.

He's an individualist.

But in a team, you can't be your

own man all the time.

It has to be about the team.

Rory, I'm so used to supervising

40 people.

I see what everybody's doing.

I can't just sit here and do

what Sarge is doing.

>> Do you feel I'm not

pulling my weight?

>> I saw you go on a lot of


>> This is why I go on all my


>> Yeah. You found that?

That's cool.

>> Sarge wants to dictate

when people take a crap, when

people take a bath.

I'm a grown ass man and I don't

take orders real well.

Sarge, if you don't feel that

I'm pulling my weight, then you

come to me and say, "Rory, you

need to do a little more."

>> All I said was, "What is

he doing?"

You know, "people are really

working hard and he's going on


I had to hold back a lot of

comments and stuff, you know,


>> And you think I haven't?

>> Rory has been very

opinionated and he's been

isolating himself from the


Sarge is key in decision-making

for the five guys.

>> I'm hoping he'll say, "Hey,

maybe we should take J.P.

because we're having too

much conflict with one of the

guys in the main alliance."

>> Looks like it's going to

be a sunny day today.

We need to go on a serious food


You want to go hunting for food


Like, I want to seriously go

hunting for fruit.

>> How are people complaining

about people not doing work?

Somebody may be starting a fire,

but who's getting firewood?

Somebody might be doing the

shelter, but who's getting the

palm fronds? So, I...

>> No, honey. Just listen.

>> Last night was ridiculous.

> Am I on your side or what?

>> Now, wait a minute.

We've all asked you all...

>> Twila, we've done a ton of


>> I'm not saying you didn't.

>> You start a fire in the


We could easily start that fire

in the morning if you were not


You played it up last night, and

it's bull...

It's the card that you're

playing, and it's going to


>> I'm not saying that

you all didn't do any work.

I said some do more than others.

>> Because you play the martyr

and you take on that role.

You take the martyr and you play

on that role.

If you were not here, we would

still have fire and shelter and


That's it.

>> You stay here five

minutes, then your asses go

down there in the ocean, so

don't give me no bull, bitch,

because I will whip your butt.

>> It's your only card.

Keep playing it.


Twila and I were fighting about

the fact that she threw us all

under the bus last night, the

young'uns in the group, about

being lazy.

We've all pulled our weight

around here and I'm going to

call her out as much as

possible, because I can't stand

Twila-- I want her out.

>> No, you didn't say that.

You're lying.

If it's the damn truth, it would

be different, but you're damn


>> Whatever, Twila.

You play the martyr.

I don't care.

We all do our ... around here.

>> I didn't say everybody...

>> Yes, you did.

You called our asses out last


>> Mia's mad because she knows I

was right.

Get off your ass and do


Quit sitting on the beach and

going swimming when everybody

else's working.

Who was swimming down there...

>> Twila, because we were

swimming for ten minutes?

Who built this shelter?

Who got all the bamboo and the

palm fronds?

>> You honestly haven't seen...

>> Don't think you're going

to sit there and talk about me

and then today it's going to be

nice and lovey-dovey and kissy,

because you want to be fake.

>> I'm not going to sit

there and argue with her because

she's mad, but I ain't taking

her crap, I'll tell you that.

I'll whip the little scrawny

bitch's ass because I don't


I ain't in it here to make no


>> So, what's up with you now?

Because everyone thinks you're


>> I feel like I am sketchy, but

I didn't ever make an alliance

with them.

I just said, "This time, we've

got to get rid of Dolly."

>> Okay, so there isn't like a

permanent thing going on?

>> No, no, no.

Julie and I went to get tree

mail and Julie was like, "Eliza,

are you still with us?"

And I was like, "I did what I

needed to do because, you know,

I didn't trust Dolly and I

thought that she was going to

vote for me."

>> Tree mail!

>> Oh, hey, you two.

Just the people we want to see.

>> Mia and Lisa walk up

to meet Julie and I, who are

coming back from getting tree


I'm with you 100%.

>> Okay.

>> I was like, "I'm with you

guys 100%."

>> Let's get rid of Twila.

I can't stand that bitch


I'm about to bust ass.

Dude, Eliza, don't switch.

>> Please.


>> As long as the four of

us are still strong, we'll pull

somebody else in.

>> Well, I'm not so sure

that Eliza is in with us.

Even then, I don't know if I

trust her.

But I've got a backup plan, so

we'll see what happens.

>> Okay, ready?

"This next challenge is a tough


Both tribes should feel quite


The island's aura darkens.

Today, all friendships will be

put to the test.

A long day and night for


Yes, there is need to worry."

>> Oh, no!

>> "With immunity on the

line, you better finish in a


>> Immunity! Oh, my God!

>> Immunity, again?

Back-to-back ones?

>> We went to Tribal Council

last night and we have tree mail

talking about immunity.

And that bites because yesterday

sucked big time and I don't want

to go through it again two days

in a row.

>> PROBST: What's up, guys?

You look good.

>> Feel good, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Yasur, come on in!

Guys, get your first look at the

new Yasur tribe, minus one


>> Who's gone, then?

>> PROBST: Dolly, voted out at

the last Tribal Council.

>> Dolly?

>> Dolly, the blonde.

>> Oh, Barbie's gone.

>> PROBST: All right, first

things first.

Chad, take back immunity.

Immunity back up for grabs.

Today, you are playing for both

reward and immunity.

( applause )

Here's the twist: both tribes

will vote out one member


Separate Tribal Councils, two

people going home.

>> No!

>> PROBST: You'll first compete

tribe versus tribe for reward.

The winning tribe will then move

on and take part in an

individual immunity challenge

where one person will win


They will be safe from the vote.

The losing tribe, they will go

to a separate Tribal Council.

They will vote out one member.

To be clear: two people going

home by the end of the day.

Okay, let me explain the reward


You'll make your way through

three caged walls.

First wall, you're going to

untie a series of planks, get

yourself through a gate.

For the second wall, you'll use

grappling hooks, toss them out,

retrieve three rings with keys

from the sand.

Then open three locks, release

that gate, climb through.

For the third wall, you'll untie

a series of interlocking poles

until you can slide up the

center section, climb through.

First tribe to get all eight

members on their finish mat wins

reward and a shot at individual


Big enough stakes?

>> Roger.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Want to know what the

reward is?

>> Yeah!

( applause )

>> PROBST: Fishing kit, Hawaiian

sling, mask, line, hooks...

>> That's what we want.

>> PROBST: ... and sinkers.

And today, what you covet:

Individual immunity for the

winner of the second phase of

the challenge.

Anything not clear?

Take your spots.

Wait for my go.

Here we go, for reward and a

shot at individual immunity.

Survivors, ready?


>> Okay, this knot is important.

>> I got one off on the bottom.

>> Bottom board's loose from the

outside, guys.

>> PROBST: Two different


>> Don't forget about the

inside ropes.

>> PROBST: Lopevi really spread

out; they have a plan.

Yasur all grouped together.

They have a plan.

>> I got this one.

>> The lower ones, guys.


>> Yes, I got this one.

>> Work with me on the outside,


>> PROBST: Guys are on their

final knot.

>> Start doing it.

One will do. One will do.

>> Right there.

>> Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Lopevi's through to

the second wall.

Let's go, Yasur.

You're moving slow.

>> Watch out.

Watch out for this one.

>> PROBST: Bubba and J.P.

with the hooks, looking for

three keys.

>> Go, go, go, go!

>> There you go! There you go!

>> Yeah, baby!

>> PROBST: Easy, easy, easy.

>> You can't jerk it.

>> PROBST: Bubba had one and he

lost it.

>> What about this one?

We can go?

>> PROBST: Yasur getting


>> Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

>> PROBST: You're in this, guys.

Let's go!

>> Now really chuck it.

>> Right there.

>> PROBST: J. P.'s got a ring


>> Swing it over. Over.

>> Try again. Try again, honey.

>> PROBST: Scout with a short

toss; that's not going to work.

>> Just a little bit faster.

Pull it straight. I got it.

>> There it is.

There's one! There's one!

>> PROBST: J.P. has his first

key for Lopevi.

>> There you go, all right!

Pull from here.

>> PROBST: Yasur's hooked a


>> Good job, Twila.

>> PROBST: Twila pulling that

ring in.

She's got it hooked.

Yasur has their first key.

>> Aim past it, dude.

He's got it. He's got it.

>> PROBST: J. P.'s got another


>> Take your time, J.P.

Take your time, buddy.

>> Get ready, get ready, get


Get ready. All right!

>> PROBST: Lopevi with their

second key.

One more to go.

>> Aw!

>> PROBST: Lopevi's lost one of

their grappling hooks.

Yasur going for their second


>> You're on fire, Scout.

>> PROBST: Scout, you going to

throw that thing or dance with


>> Come on, guys, faster.

Let's throw it.

>> I got one.

>> I got it.

>> Wait! Go slow, because we

could get a key.

>> Come on, quick, quick!

>> PROBST: Leann and Twila

working together.

They've got another one.

Yasur's tied it up.

>> Okay, okay, okay.

>> PROBST: Lopevi trying to get

their grappling hook back,

pulling it in.

>> Scout, come on!

>> Damn it!

>> PROBST: Another short toss by


>> I got it!

>> You got it, got it, got it.

Bring it, bring it, bring it.

>> Got it, got it.

Here, here, here.

>> PROBST: Lopevi has their last


Yasur still needs one more.

>> Go for another one.

Go for another one.

>> Got it, got it!

>> Got it. Let's go. Go, go, go.

>> PROBST: Lopevi's got all the

locks they need and they are


>> Go, go, go, go, go, go.

>> PROBST: Moving on to the last


Let's go, Yasur.

>> Nice!

>> PROBST: Twila pulling in

Yasur's last key.

>> Here, key!

Right here, right here.

Right here.

>> Come on, guys.

>> Pull that one out.

>> PROBST: Sarge removing a


>> Pull it out!

>> PROBST: John removing a pole.

>> Oh, we're good.

>> Don't! Get off!

What are you doing? Go through!

>> PROBST: Sarge barking out


>> Don't step on that!

>> PROBST: Brady throwing tribe

members through.

>> Guys, I got it, I got it!

>> Right over here, Twila!


>> PROBST: And here comes Sarge

bringing up the caboose.

>> Lopevi!

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Lopevi wins reward

and a shot at individual


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Yasur, take a seat on

the mat.

You'll be sitting this next

challenge out.

All right, Lopevi,


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: You now have a

Hawaiian sling, fishing gear and

a mask.

You're also going to take part

in an individual immunity


Here's how it works.

Buried in each of these lanes

are seven ladder rungs.

Your job: to dig up the rungs,

put your ladder together.

Keep in mind, each rung is

unique and will not fit in every


First person to put their ladder

together correctly and get to

the top wins immunity.

Make sense?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Take a spot.

Wait for my go.

Here we go, guys.

At stake: individual immunity,

ensuring your safety at

tonight's Tribal Council.

Survivors, ready?


Brady trying to figure out how

deep they are.

Sarge has his first piece.

So does Chad.

John, there's his first.

Brady on the board.

Bubba, I don't know what he's

looking for.

( laughter )

Chad has two.

Rory putting his feet to work


John with another piece.

( cheers )

Bubba finally on the board.

( laughter )

Chad digging into that sand,

finds another one.

John with five.

Chad with six, looking for


Chris with another piece, up to


Only two shy.

Chad has his seventh piece.

He's got to start putting his

puzzle together.

John has his seventh piece.

Going to start putting his

ladder together.

Remember, guys, this is a


Each rung only fits one way into

the ladder.

Chad's got another piece.

John with another piece.

Chad with five.

J.P. with his seventh piece.

He's putting his ladder


Chad trying to find out which

piece is not right.

John working on his last piece.

He's got it.

John wins immunity!

>> Good job, John.

>> PROBST: Came from behind.

Nice job.


You're safe at tonight's Tribal


There's one other thing.

Come on down.

>> One other thing.

>> PROBST: John, you're now

going to leave and go back to

camp with Yasur.

Join them.

( laughter and applause )

>> Whoo!

>> Welcome.

>> PROBST: Now, before you get

too excited, it's not forever.

You're going to go back to Camp


You'll be gathering information

for a very big decision, because

tonight you will return to

Tribal Council where you will

meet Lopevi.

You guys will have your own

Tribal Council.

You'll be safe.

One of these guys is going home.

When your tribal is over, you

will stay behind.

Yasur comes in.

You will give your immunity to

one member from Yasur.

You're not to discuss who you

are giving your immunity to.

You'll keep that a secret until

we get to Tribal Council.

>> All right.

>> PROBST: Head on out, guys.

>> Because I won the

immunity challenge, I can't get

voted off tonight.

But, strangely, there was a

little twist and I got a chance

to meet the women, see their

camp, and then pick one that can

have the necklace for their

Tribal Council.

So, who knows what's going to

happen tonight with both tribes

voting people off?

It could really change the

dynamics of both groups, big


Everyone that voted for Dolly,

raise your hand.

All right.

You guys, this way.

>> When we hit the beach,

John immediately made a stand.

It's like, "Girls who voted for

Dolly over here and girls who

voted for Leann over here,"

which made no sense.

What does it matter?

I thought it was completely


>> All right, guys.

Check it out.

>> All right, these four

guys were planning on voting me

out last night.

>> Take that back.

>> Wait a minute, wait a


>> Okay, okay, okay.

I didn't want John thinking that

this was some five-person

alliance, because that's

definitely not what it was.

I felt like I needed to explain

to him that it was because my

head was on the chopping block.

I go, "Dolly, look me in the eye

and tell me you're not writing

my name down."

She's like, "I don't know.

I don't want to vote with either


I'm just going to vote for

someone random."

And I go, "Oh, she's voting

against me."

And then, it was like...

>> She was trying to play both


>> Yeah, she was.

>> It was a few...

>> JOHN: And she got caught.

>> Yeah.

>> It was a few hours

before Tribal Council and Dolly


>> That's all I need to know,


>> I'm just going to go talk to


>> She went up there and she


>> I'm just going to go talk to


>> There's no way he's

giving her immunity, you know?

>> He's not going to give

any of them immunity.

>> Unless he wants to...

>> Good, Eliza, keep


Dig yourself in a hole, Eliza.


>> Yeah, and she won't let

anybody else talk.

>> I know, please.

>> Yesterday, after we

lost the immunity challenge, if

you would have looked at me, I

was crying.

It was so sad.

Like, we all get along so well.

Like, really, it's been amazing.

>> Mm-hmm.

Eliza just didn't stop talking.

She just kept talking and

talking and talking.

I mean, she seems really sweet.

I'm sure she's really nice, but

the bottom line is, "Oh, my God,

would you please stop talking?"

Hi, I'm John.

>> Mia.

>> JOHN: Nice to meet you.

>> I'm Lisa.

>> Julie.

>> JOHN: Nice to meet you.

All right, here's my question:

flat out, who do you guys think

you need to get off?

>> Just don't give it to

Twila, please.

>> JOHN: No, I won't give it to


>> Please.

>> Or Eliza.

>> JOHN: The girls told me not

to give the immunity necklace to

Eliza and Twila, but I could

care less who gets voted off of

this tribe.

I just want them to not be mad

at me for whoever gets voted

off, because I might merge with

them and it would be nice to

have them on my side later on.

>> Here she comes.

She's going to work us now.

>> Oh, no, tell her to go away.

Whoa, this is our time.

>> Have you guys found any


>> No.

>> So, what's up with you?

>> Yeah, dude, what's up?


>> I am not teetering.

>> You're not voting for me


>> No way in hell.

Scout is a detriment in


>> I don't want to vote for


>> She thinks we can't...

>> I don't want to vote

for Scout.

>> I do.

>> I don't.

>> I do.

If it goes five-three?

>> I would rather vote for

Twila than Scout.

>> Then it would be a tie for


>> I don't know what's

going on with them, I just know

they are not too happy with each


To see some conflict like that,

it's going to fun to pick a girl

to not get voted off.

>> You just keep saying you

don't want there to be a tie,


>> I know...

Honestly, I don't trust you,


>> Shh, let's not do this

right now.

>> Fine, don't trust me.

Fine, fine, because I'm going to

be the first one out anyhow.

You've been mad at me since I

voted for Dolly and I understand

why, but, like...

>> I'm over it.

>> Me, too.

>> I just want to know what's up


>> Eliza, if we can get rid

of one of them tonight, it's us

four strong again, and they're


Eliza seems to be teetering a

little bit, but tonight at

Tribal Council I'm almost

positive it's going to be a tie.

I mean, me and Twila had one of

our famous fights this morning,

so I think that me and Julie and

Lisa and Eliza are going to be

voting for Twila, and I'm pretty

sure that Leann and Ami and

Twila and Scout will be voting

for me tonight.

But, there's still individual

immunity to be given out, too,

so I don't know what's going to


>> Man, we kicked ass

on those rings, didn't we?

Man, oh, man.

We won the reward challenge.

It was a great feeling.

And then, after that, we ran

into the immunity challenge.

Out of most of the other guys, I

needed it the most, so I think

that I'm going to be quite

vulnerable tonight.

I would actually like to use the

term "dead man walking."

Brady's in the same boat.

We're the youngest guys there.

We're the strongest there.

And right now, it's five against


We've got to plant the seed in

Sarge's head, saying, "Sarge,

ally with us or think about

getting rid of Rory," because

the Sarge and Rory are the last

few days have been having some


What about this idea of after

the merge?

You need the group of guys that

you think, if they hang

together, will be the last

people in the game.

>> Right.

>> If one of the four of us can

win most of the challenges, we

just look out for each other and

we make sure we're the last


>> It's possible.

It's possible.

>> It's simple.

It's not underhanded.

And we know our four votes are

going in one direction.

>> I don't know.

I got a real bad feeling about

one of our pact, man.

He's just got a sorry attitude.

>> You don't have to

worry about no one in our pact,

I guarantee you that.

>> No, I ain't... I'm not

worried about that.

I have trouble working next to

him and being around him right


>> Rory?

>> Yeah!

I'm like...

I mean...

>> Dude, I understand

what you're saying, and we'll

deal with it, but this just

isn't the time.

>> I hate Tribal Council.

I hate building a team of men or

survivors, building them up to a

fine-tuned team and then tearing

them down.

That's not me.

But I'm playing this game, and

during this game I have to do


>> PROBST: Bring in John.

He spent the afternoon over at

the Yasur camp.

I'm sure you had an interesting


>> Yes, I did.

>> PROBST: We'll get to that in

a minute.

First, though, I want to talk

about the tribe.

Chad, how have you seen this

tribe change and grow?

>> We've had camaraderie

since the very get-go, and I

think that we've gained a lot of

confidence by winning some of

the challenges, and that's

brought us closer together.

>> PROBST: Brady, any first

impressions here that have


>> I don't know if it's

better or worse, but I certainly

had a different impression of


Sarge is kind of a loud, booming

personality, but Sarge is a much

more personable guy than most

people would probably give him

credit for and that most people


>> PROBST: So, John, while these

guys are back at camp, you're

over with the women.

How aggressive were the women in

terms of working you for that

thing around your neck,


>> You know what, as

soon as I went in there, I said,

"people who voted for Dolly," I

said, "go over there.

People who didn't vote for

Dolly, go over there."

And as soon as I divided them, I

figured out what their alliances

were, and it was really easy

after I divided them.

>> Good job.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Who knew young John

was this bright?

>> Good job!

>> PROBST: So you feel very

confident in the decision you're


>> I feel 150% confident.

>> PROBST: Now, let's get to

this vote.

J. P, what are you basing your

vote on?

>> I think you want

this group as strong as possible

going into that next challenge.

Who are those individuals that

have the particular strengths,

the skill-sets, the mesh, the

personality that can move

forward and prepare for that


>> PROBST: Sarge, tough vote for

you, or is this easy because

friendship isn't part of this


>> Friendships...

I have

friendships here, but I'm here

to play a game.

The person going home tonight is

a casualty of war.

>> PROBST: Okay, it's time to


John, you're wearing the

immunity necklace.

You're the only person safe.

Everybody else is fair game.

John, you're up first.

>> I'm voting for you.

I might be weaker than you

physically, but I'm stronger

than you mentally.

It's just a game.

>> Ain't nothing personal, man.

I'm just being consistent.

>> I'm voting for Rory

tonight because you are the

weakest guy in the tribe.

Hopefully, there will be four

votes to get you out.

Or tie with me.

>> This is our strategy.

Sorry, my friend.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Rory.

J. P.

J. P.

That's two votes J.P.


Two votes Rory; two votes J.P.


Three votes Rory; two votes



Three votes J P.

Three votes Rory.

Four votes J.P.

Three votes Rory.

Last vote.

Third person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu, J.P.

Please bring me your torch.

J. P., the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, both times, you guys have

been to Tribal Council, the

consensus has been that the vote

was based on keeping the tribe


You voted out two of your

strongest members.

Interesting strategy.

See if it works.

John, you'll stay behind for the

next Tribal Council.

The rest of you guys take your

torches with you back to camp.

Good night.

>> Well, what can I say?

I survived seven days.

I was hoping to stay a little

bit longer, but there's no way

that I think I was outwitted,

outlasted, outplayed.

Coming to the island and being

part of something that I

couldn't even imagine, I'll tell

you, what an experience.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to

Tribal Council.

Lopevi has already voted

somebody out.

John is staying behind because,

as you know, he's going to award

one of you his immunity necklace

which will make you safe from

the vote tonight.

You know who you're going to

give it to?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: So, Yasur, one of you

is about to become immune from

the vote.

John, give it up.

Why Ami?

>> Because, out of

everyone there, she was not

getting voted off tonight no

matter what-- and I think you

guys need to figure out who you

want to vote out.

And because I picked her, it's

probably going to be who it was

going to be anyway, and you'll

figure out a lot about your own

tribe, because you guys are two


Grab your torch...

>> Take it easy, guys.

>> PROBST: ... find the rest of

your tribe.

>> Bye, John.

>> Bye, John.

>> PROBST: Good night.

Ami, surprised?

>> A little surprised, yeah.

I thought that he would put it

on someone's head that he

thought might get voted out


>> PROBST: Scout, you leave here

after a very surprising vote to

a lot of people.

You go back to camp.

It's a tough night.

You get up in the morning, and

what happens?

>> It was obvious that

Mia was a little pissed off at

the vote, didn't understand it.

This morning, when they got up,

Twila and Mia really got into


>> PROBST: Mia, what's your


>> It had nothing really to

do about the vote.

It just had to do about Twila's

comments about the young ones

not doing anything, not pulling

their weight.

And it really did upset me, so I

confronted her about it this


>> PROBST: Twila, did you make a

comment about workload?

>> She was offended by

what I said last night at Tribal


I don't know why I offended her

so bad, but I just said what I


I felt like I was telling the


>> PROBST: Julie, what's the

result of that?

>> I think it goes a

little deeper than the comment.

Speaking for myself, I haven't

felt like Twila's made any

effort to communicate or build

anything with me, so, you know,

without that bridge, it's

frustrating, and I think Mia got


>> They haven't given me

an opportunity to talk to them.

I mean, why would I want to walk

up to somebody that rolls their

eyes at me all the time and acts

like they can't stand to be

around me?

Why would I even want to try?

>> Twila, you talk to me in

one-word answers.

I'm not going to try to pull a

conversation out of you.

>> That's just my

personality, and that's just how

I am.

>> You have plenty of

conversations with everybody

else except for a couple of us.

>> I just communicate

better with men than I do women.

I always have, always will.

I am the tomboy.

I do weld.

I do fix trucks.

I do those things.

And it's hard for me to bring up

conversation with these women

that I feel I have nothing in

common with.

You know, until you walk in

somebody else's shoes, don't


>> Have you taken the time

to walk in these girls' shoes

and realize they're just girls?

They like to play on the beach.

They like to do girly stuff.

Like, have you taken that time?

>> No, I haven't.

I'll be honest with you.

I haven't.

>> Do you realize that

right now is your opportunity

to, like, find the feminine side

of you and just let go of "this

is what I am" and realize

there's so much more to you than

just that?

There is a wonderful,


>> Maybe I don't have a

feminine side to me, I don't


>> Yes, you do.

Just say, "you know what?

Will you guys French-braid my

hair tomorrow?

Will one of you French..."

you know?

Something silly like that.

I know, it sounds crazy.

Give it a go.

It feels nice to have someone

else French-braid your hair.

>> I can try that.

We can start with the hair.

That'd be working.

Even do my nails, too, while

you're at it, would you?

Yeah, that'd be great.

That'd be great.

>> PROBST: Scout, what are you

basing your vote on tonight?

>> Maintaining a healthy,

emotional attitude in camp.

>> PROBST: Your vote tonight is

to get rid of somebody that you

think is causing disharmony,

chaos, problems.

>> Yeah, chaos, agitation,

disharmony, yeah.

>> PROBST: Mia, you're shaking

your head, rolling your eyes,

closing your eyes.

You're like the little doggie in

the window.

>> I feel like Scout's

statement is definitely pointed

toward me and the disharmony was

our fight today.

And I think it was on both

sides, so I don't see where I'm

causing emotional distress in

the tribe at all.

>> PROBST: Eliza, decided who

you're voting for?

>> I think Scout's

statement about disharmony is a

good one, but if I had the

choice to keep everyone here I

definitely would.

>> PROBST: With that, it is time

to vote.

Ami is the only person you

cannot vote for.

Everybody else is fair game.

Mia, you're up.

>> Twila, I'm voting for you.

You said you can't relate to

women, and, unfortunately, you

got stuck on an all women's


I don't want to spend another

day on the island with you.

>> Mia, your volcano

erupts more than I like.

Good luck in finding a husband

that will put up with you.

>> I think you're a young

woman that's got a big chip on

her shoulder.

I think that you got a mouth-

and-a-half and I think you need

to go.

That's all.

>> Twila, my vote's for you.

I think you have an amazing work

ethic, but you can't be here



>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Twila.


One vote Twila; one vote Mia.


Two votes Twila; one vote Mia.


Two votes Mia; two votes Twila.


That's three votes Mia; two

votes Twila.


You're tied.

Three votes Twila; three votes


That's four votes Mia; three

votes Twila.

One vote left.

The fourth person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu, Mia.

Bring me your torch.

Mia, the tribe has spoken.

>> Thanks.

Kick ass, ladies.

>> Bye, Mia.

>> PROBST: Well, if there was

one clear theme from tonight's

Tribal Council, it was that the

seven of you desire to be a

strong group of women with

emotional harmony.

The question is: did tonight's

vote bring you any closer?

Ami, you can leave that necklace


Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

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Stay tuned for scenes from our

next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


at Lopevi, Brady tries to turn

the tide.

>> If I can endear myself

with the fishing, that may

change people's minds.

>> Give it a chance to grow up.

>> PROBST: At Yasur, old allies

become new enemies.

>> I didn't trust you.

I had a right, and I changed my


I'm not going to be


>> That bitch.

>> I've met a lot of

amazing girls and a lot of

people that I'd like to never

see again, one of those being


Um, Twila, you have been

extremely deceiving with all the


I thought you were absolutely

horrendous to me, and I think

that you did not have the social

skills to play this game at all,

and that's going to wear on the

girls, um, and hopefully you'll

get voted off next.