Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 4 - Now, That's a Reward! - full transcript

The Tribe that wins Reward is surprised by a prize that sends them a visitor for 24 hours.

>> PROBST: Previously on

At Yasur, Eliza had some

explaining to do.
>> How the hell did the

vote switch to Dolly?
>> I thought she was

writing my name down.
>> How about clueing us in,

>> I'm not so sure Eliza

is in with us.
Even then I don't know if I

trust her, but I've got a backup

>> PROBST: At Lopevi, Rory was
fed up with Sarge's military

>> Do you feel I'm not

pulling my weight?
>> I saw you going on a lot

of walks.
>> Sarge wants to dictate

when people take a crap, when
you sit down, when you work, and

I don't take orders real well.
>> PROBST: At Yasur, Twila and

Mia had it out over the
division of labor.

>> You take the martyr
and you play on that role!

>> You stay here five minutes
and then your ass goes down...

I'll whup the little scrawny
bitch's ass.

I ain't here to make no friends.
>> PROBST: At the challenge, the

tribes got a big surprise.
Today you are playing for both

reward and immunity.
Here's the twist.

Both tribes will vote out one
member tonight.

>> No!
>> PROBST: Separate Tribal

Councils, two people going

In the first of two rounds
Lopevi won the reward.

Lopevi, congratulations.
You now have a Hawaiian sling,

fishing gear and a mask.
The men also won the

opportunity to play for
individual immunity while the

women sat out.
It was John K. who won the

necklace and a little something

John, you're now going to leave
and go back to camp with Yasur.

You'll be gathering information
for a very big decision,

because tonight when your
Tribal is over, you will stay

You will give your immunity to

one member from Yasur.
>> PROBST: At Yasur, John

witnessed a tribe divided.
>> You just keep saying you

don't want there to be a tie.
>> I don't trust you, Eliza.

>> Don't trust me.
>> I could care a less who gets

voted off of this tribe.
I just want them to not be mad

at me for whoever gets voted

>> PROBST: At Lopevi's Tribal
Council John K. reunited with

his tribe, and even though Rory
got three votes the alliance of

elders held and J.P. was voted

J.P., the tribe has spoken.
John K. stayed behind for

Yasur's Tribal Council.
You know who you're giving it

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Give it up.
And in an attempt to

not ruffle any feathers John
gave immunity to Ami who was

not in danger of being voted

When it came time to vote it
was Lisa who betrayed the young

girl's alliance by helping to
vote out Mia.

Mia, the tribe has spoken.
14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
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>> You talk about telling
the truth.

>> I told you that.
>> That was before I thought

that there was somebody who was
going to flip.

I'm sorry I ever
apologized almost.

>> I'm sorry you took it
that way and that's how it is.

It is what it is.
>> The vote at Tribal Council

shocked the hell out of me.
Lisa was supposedly in an

alliance with me, Julie and Mia,
so when she voted against Mia,

that totally blindsided me and
I was like, "That bitch."

>> You know what, honest
the truth, I didn't trust you,

so there you go.
Really, it all comes down to

you, Eliza.
It all comes down to you.

>> The night before, I had
voted for Dolly behind Lisa's

back and then I apologized,
apologized, apologized.

Finally, she forgave me and then
she did the exact same thing.

That makes you seem like kind of
a hypocrite.

>> You know what, I had
a right and I changed my mind.

I'm not going to be

I did what I did and I'm not
going to argue with you.

I told you I didn't trust you
and I meant it.

I've been giving the truth all

>> Except today.
>> You have the nerve.

You have your nerve.
>> You know what, guys?

My environment is a little
polluted here.

I'm going to go to bed.
I love all of you and I'll

talk to you tomorrow.
>> I just want us all to

become a strong team.
If we want to beat these guys,

we need to be tough and we need
strong inner and outer.

I don't know how to get there,
but we need to get there and

I'm going to sleep because I'm

>> I wasn't surprised
about Eliza or Julie getting mad

at me, but I voted for who I
felt like I needed to vote for

last night, so let them get mad.
I would much rather be in an

alliance with the older group.
>> Guys, I'm going to have to

switch with somebody.
>> I'm furious.

I do not trust Lisa, not one

I'm going to be civil to her and
and pretend to be unified

because that's what everybody
wants, but if she were gone

tomorrow I would be thrilled.
She repulses me now.

>> That was hairy for me
last night, getting three votes.

>> It's a gut check.
>> Getting those three votes.

I took three votes last
night in Tribal Council, and

yet that doesn't really bother
me a whole lot.

>> Our five strong is

We need to stay the course and
we have no worries.

It's all about the numbers,

>> The fact of the matter
is, I've got an agreement with

Chad, Travis, Sarge and Chris.
That's already a numbers game

that works for me.
>> I can't stand the

way that this tribe ended up.
The good young guys that have

great personalities and are
good athletes are all gone.

Why are we letting fat dudes
run the show?

This doesn't make any sense to

I don't know what these guys
are doing.

>> Yeah.
Setting us up for losing

challenges and such.
>> I don't blame Rory for doing

it, but Bubba and Chad.
>> Just because it's easy

and a sure thing.
It's an easy numbers game right

They don't have to think very

far down the road.
I don't know why they think

their plan will work.
None of them are very athletic,

and the bottom line is a lot of
these challenges are physical

so we'll see what happens.
>> The fab five, as long

as they got their five, which
they have had since day one

there's not much left up in the

The only thing I can physically
do myself I think is the

If I can endear myself enough

with the fishing, that may
change one or two people's

Wish me luck.

>> Good luck.
>> Good luck.

Got one already.
>> Yeah.

I got him.
Give it a chance to grow up.

>> I got little fish and
its brother littler.

The seem like the only fish
dumb enough to get hit by the

spear are the small ones.
>> Good job, brother!

I wouldn't shoot something
that small because that

wouldn't even fill one person.
>> You know what if they

are offering themselves up to
me, we can at least throw them

in there.
John and I, it's getting

down to the nitty-gritty.
Hopefully we'll figure out a

way to shake up the game and
change the dynamics of what's

going on right now because
something's got to happen.

>> Tree mail.
>> Oh, my God, look.

Oh... oh, my God.
"So you think you're living

like the natives, but are they
as hungry or as cold?"

>> "Frustrated by your
lack of food, your shivering

must get old."
>> "Well, put your minds

together and maybe you'll

>> "Help is on the way,
and you'll find it under cover."

>> Pig.
>> Pig roast.

>> Shell... piggie.
>> It's a memory thing.

>> I am so friggin' good at

>> Really?
>> I think we have a lot

better memory than the men do.
>> Oh, my God, it's beautiful.

>> There's a rainbow.
>> Oh, my God!

>> Yay, that means we're
going to win.

>> PROBST: So catch me up.
Yasur, how is life at camp?

>> Peaceful, good
relations, nice rest.

>> PROBST: Scout, how could life
be better?

>> If we knew a little
bit more about finding food and

making something different, that
would be great.

>> PROBST: Lopevi, what's going
on with your camp?

>> Once we finally got
that spear, just spent a lot of

time out in the water and taking
a lot of shots you eventually

hit some fish.
Most of them are, you know, a

bite or two, but I'm getting
better at it.

We're going to have more fish.
>> PROBST: Okay.

Shall we get to today's

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: It's for reward and
it's a very simple memory test.

There are 15 pairs of items
covered in the field.

Your goal, pair up matching
items, one tribe member at a

First tribe to pair up five

matching items wins reward.
Want to know what you're

playing for?
>> Yeah.

>> All right.
>> PROBST: Da, mith.

>> All right.
We're going to learn something.

>> PROBST: This is Da.
Da's from the Amberian tribe.

He's going to spend the next 24
hours with the winners of this

Put it simply, Da is a rock star

when it comes to living on the

He doesn't speak a lot of

You're going to have to draw
information out of him, but he

knows how to find food, how to
catch food and how to cook food.

He knows how to better your
shelter, how to improve overall

your living situation.
You've only been out here nine

days, you still have 30 days
left if you make it all the

This could completely change

the way you live from here on

Worth playing for?
>> Yeah.

>> Sure.
>> PROBST: All right.

Take your spots.
Wait for my go.

Okay, Lopevi won the right to go

Chad, you're up.
Wooden pig.

>> Tamtam.

>> PROBST: Lisa.
Shrimp trap.

>> PROBST: It's a guess at this

Four items revealed.

No matches.

Starting to get to know the lay
of the land.

Tribal drum.
Still no matching items.

Wooden idol, not to be confused
with the tamtam.

>> Scout, you're up.
>> PROBST: It's a gourd.

And a nautilus shell.
Not a match.

Somebody is going to match up

Bubba, feeling lucky?

Bubba is thinking about one

>> Eating it.

>> PROBST: Looking for another

>> Oh, there you go.
>> PROBST: Tribal drum.

The first item that could be
matched up.

Ami, ready to go match up the

Ami has the first tribal drum.
Ami has a match.

First match for Yasur.
One pair for Yasur.

Lopevi you're up.
Brady reveals a palm frond.

Not too excited by the palm

>> All right.
Got it.

>> PROBST: The other grapefruit.
Second item could be matched

Eliza pulls off the first

grapefruit and the second

Yasur with another match.
They are up 2-0.

>> Nice grapefruits.
>> PROBST: Yasur with two

matching pairs, Lopevi with

Chris, pig jaw.
Is he going to go back to

something familiar or something

>> Shrimp trap.
Lopevi reveals another

potential match.
Julie, looking for matching

shrimp traps.
Julie has the first shrimp

She has to remember where the

last one was.
Chris just revealed it.

And she has it.
Yasur with their third pair of

matching items.
John, Lopevi trailing 3-0.

Oh, yeah.
He stumbled on to something,

the pig jaw.
The other pig jaw has been

Can John remember where it

Nope, the wooden pig.

That's the second wooden pig.

She has the first pig jaw.
Another match for Yasur.

They lead 4-zip.
They are one pair away.

Sarge, getting his first shot
at the course, wasting no time,

goes back to the wooden pig and
Lopevi has their first match.

They are finally on the board.
That's 4-1.

Yasur needs just one more match
to win it.

>> Oh, yes!
>> PROBST: Coconut.

Where's the other coconut?
We've seen it.

Not a match.

After four in a row Yasur

Guys, still alive.
There's the first coconut and

he did it.
Lopevi back in it.

Lisa, Yasur with their second

chance to win the game, just
need to match up one more pair,

and they win the services of

There's the nautilus shell.
Lisa stumbled upon the nautilus

Can she remember where the

other one is?
She's seem very confident with

her skip.
There it is.

Yasur wins reward.
>> You are just the girl to

bring it home.
Good job.

>> PROBST: Lopevi.
I got nothing for you.

No reward.
Heading back to camp.

>> Good job, Yasur.
>> Thanks.

>> Good job, ladies.
>> PROBST: Yasur, you want to

meet Da?
>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Da, come on in.
>> Hey.

>> Hello, Da.
>> PROBST: You guys have won the

chance to benefit from the
knowledge of a native tribesman

for 24 hours.
>> All right.

>> PROBST: You guys head back to

He has his own way of getting

He has his own way of getting

He'll meet you there.
>> You guys, I see him coming.

Should we be on the beach to
welcome him?

I'm so excited.
>> At the challenge today we won

an island expert for 24 hours.
His name is Da, and he's

supposed to know everything
about these islands, how to

hunt, fish, cook, shelter,
anything we need to know, he's

supposed to know it so we want
to learn from him, busy when

he's gone, that's it.
>> Hello.

>> Hola.
>> Da, came up on the

beach, we all came to greet him.
We were going to stop and

introduce ourselves.
No time for that.

He came in here with a purpose.
>> Oh, my God.

>> Hurry.
>> Wow.

>> Good.
>> That would take us about a

half an hour.
>> (speaking native language)

half an hour.
>> (speaking native language)

>> Watch how he does that.
Holy Toledo.

>> It was right there.
>> Da, he like pulled up

a root and he's like, have you
been eating this?

We're like no, and he chops it,
and he's like, here you go.

>> Keep an eye on him and
he just keeps walking and we

were just chasing to keep up to

>> Cut it off?
Cook 'em and eat 'em.

>> Yeah.
>> Who knew we had all

this food in our backyard and we
thought it was all gone.

We just didn't know what to

>> There's something else.
>> It looks like bamboo.

>> In between the long

>> Sugar cane.

>> We've got sugar cane,
which is just unbelievable.

That's everybody's favorite.
>> That's the best thing ever.

>> What is that?
>> Eat.

>> Nut.
>> Da seemed to understand us

more than we could understand

He had to kind of use his hands
a lot.

Eventually we got it.
>> Face is right there.

>> Eyes, nose.
>> Look at that.

All right.
>> Da, he's just amazing.

We're all in awe, I mean just
watching... taking in the

knowledge that he's giving us
and he's cooking us a great

It's a godsend, it's a blessing,

it really is.
>> Da was like a big breath

of fresh air.
He really took our focus off

each other and focused more on
what's going on around us.

I definitely feel more confident
that I can find food by myself,

I could cook it by myself and
I think he really boosted team

morale that we all have that
confidence and that's huge.

>> Bubba getting tired
of plantains.

>> Yeah.
>> I bet old Da could have told

a few more things to eat.
>> I bet they will

have a hell of a meal tonight.
>> Today's reward

challenge would have really been
fabulous because every creature

comfort we could have come up
with could have been at our

fingertips right there.
>> I'm fixing to go

through withdrawal.
>> What?

>> Food.
>> Camp morale at this

point is low.
Bubba for one is not liking this

day-to-day plantain thing, he's
just not into it and it's

really affecting his mood.
>> I'm going to start

carving my wife's and children's
name on my pole.

I'm from the country.
Every meal was a celebration.

You know, you eat with your

My biggest concern is how my
family is doing.

You know, are they missing Dad?
You know they are, but my boys

are my life.
They are everything.

>> I'm worried about Trav.
>> The thing is, he'll

just let his thoughts get the
best of him, you know?

>> It's becoming obvious
that Bubba's weakness is

definitely his family.
I'm just telling you

personally it's going to really
affect you physically if you

don't put that ... behind you.
It's a weakness, man.

People start to question
whether or not you're tripping.

That's going to affect people's
perceptions of you.

>> Like I'm trying to be
a loner.

All right, hey, appreciate it.
>> Okay.

>> The thing with Rory
is, a lot of times I think he's

really misunderstood.
>> Whoa, man, we don't want

dirt all over it.
>> There was already dirt

all over it.
>> Everybody's got

strong personalities here and
Rory is no exception.

>> Man, don't use clean
water cleaning our food.

>> Sarge, you are so
difficult to keep happy, man.

>> With Sarge and Rory,
it's just an ongoing barrage of

>> All the canteens have to

be done in a line, too.
>> Yeah, I know, I know, I know.

>> Whether it's this
filling the canteens full of

water, how much wood to put on
the fire, how to cook something,

it's a lot of bickering and I'm
tired of it.

>> You could have handed it
to me.

>> There's always rocks on it.
>> Okay, okay, okay.

>> Damn.
>> I'm just saying, you

don't have to throw at me
like a bone.

>> All right, play
nicely or you're both going to

time out.
Right now we just need

harmony on the team and today
that definitely wasn't

>> Right now Da is making

our beds comfortable.
>> The man took bamboo and kept

chopping and chopping and
chopping and then split it open

and flattened it out and all
those humpity-bumpity bumps we

had in the bed-- they're gone.
>> It's like a mattress.

This is going to be so good.
Thank you.


>> Fishing?
>> Fishing.

>> Okay.
>> That night, Da made

torches out of dry palmetto,
lit them up and we took off down

the beach crab hunting.
He was good to do anything that

we asked and I thought it was
just extremely gracious of him.

>> (speaking native language)
>> Not a good night to try?

There were no crabs.
He said the tide needed to be

further out, but to find ways
that we can learn from each

other and speak to each other
and cross cultures, it was

touching to have an example of
that happening in this exotic

>> It was a good day.

I think a lot of feelings were
healed, and I think our tribe

kind of came back together.
It was just a very wonderful

day for everybody.
>> What did he get?

>> It looks like a crab.
>> Oh, wow, a crab.

>> Thanks, Da.
This is wonderful.

Having Da here was
absolutely incredible, and I

was surprised how emotionally
attached we all got to Da just

within 24 hours.
We were all like, you know,

practically crying when he

>> Thanks, Da.
>> Bye.

>> Thanks, Da.
>> Bye.

>> Bye, Da.
>> That was a great

>> This was the best reward
we could have won.

It was a morale booster, and,
oh, my God, it couldn't have

come at a better time, because
next time we have to go to

challenge we'll be ready in a
big way.

>> I have absolutely no idea how
to use a Hawaiian sling.

I know the concept, but I don't
have any aim, any direction,

but it's the first day.
We'll see how it goes.

>> You going fishing?
>> Yeah.

>> Just be really careful
you don't break a point.

Rory took the spear and just
milled around for hours today.

I've been trying to figure out
a way for the last few days

here for a little bit of a
rift between Sarge and Rory.

I think it's doable because I
think the Sarge gets put off by

him a little bit, too.
Look at that.

He takes off with the spear so
he can walk around and have fun

poking through the reef.
>> Looking for sea shells

for his little kids?
>> That's not helping

get us dinner at all.
He's never going to put any

fish in this fire.
It's never going to happen.

I was maybe a little bit
sharper with the tongue today.

I was trying to just shake
things up just a little bit and

figure out if there's any room
to go one way or the other.

Who do you think is going to
consider Rory a threat?

>> Nobody.
>> Exactly.

So who is going to vote against

He's not going to have anybody

vote against him so who do you
think is going to be there in

the end?
I planted my seed.

I did what I thought I could

I think our efforts should be
on doing better as a tribe and

Maybe if we start strengthening

our tribe instead of making it
weaker, things will improve.

>> Tree mail.
>> Cool.

>> "Many hands make light
work, so the saying goes.

Fail to put your minds together
and add to your tribe's woes.

In a test of mental agility,
it's anybody's game.

Tribal Council for the losers,
one more will lose their flame."

>> Put your minds together.
>> We need to win this

immunity because Julie and I are
the only two people left who

voted the opposite way of the
majority at the last Tribal

Council so we both feel very
vulnerable and feel like this

win is essential.
>> PROBST: Come on in!

All right, Let's get to today's

We're at an interesting point
in the game.

We're still even, seven members
each in a game that is all

about numbers.
This is what guarantees you the

Let me explain the challenge.

Both tribes are going to solve
a tile puzzle.

There are four Vanuatu symbols,
each symbol in four different

colors for a total of 16 tiles.
Arrange the tiles so that none

of the same symbols, none of
the same colors are in the same

row or same column.
You'll select up person to be

your eyes.
They will have a vantage point

above on a tower.
First tribe to complete the

puzzle correctly wins immunity.
Losers going to Tribal Council

Yasur, who is going to be your

set of eyes?

Lopevi, who is going to be your
set of eyes?

>> Rory.
>> PROBST: Rory.

All right, take your spots.
Wait for my go.

Here we go, guys, for immunity.
Survivors ready.

>> Start flipping, start

>> PROBST: First thing you've

got to do is find out what
you're dealing with.

Four different symbols,
each symbol comes in four

different colors.
Cannot have the same symbol or

the same color in any row or any

>> Don't start moving them
around quite yet.

>> Don't move them
around quite yet.

Just flip 'em over.
>> Leave that one there, Sarge.

Chad, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny,
get the brown pig and take it up

to the brown skull.
Let's get the colors

straightened up first.
>> Leave it there, Sarge.

>> Okay.
>> Twila, start switching

this and those.
These two in the second column.

Switch those two.
No, no, no.

Julie, switch the one in front
of you and the one you're on.

>> PROBST: There is a key to
figuring this out.

>> Chad, bring the pig
down here where the brown palm

tree is.
>> Okay.

>> The red, the brown, okay.
Are there any colors that are in

the same column or the same

>> No, no, let's work on

>> Now all we need to do
is work on the symbols.

>> All right.
>> We got it.

>> So I need a blue volcano.
>> Move that down to the pig.

>> Switch like colors, right?
>> Work with your light colors.

>> Okay, than that right here.
>> That with the brown.

>> No, no, no, no.
Chris, don't...

>> PROBST: You guys need to work

You're never going to solve

>> Listen, listen.
Okay, Leann, come here.

We need a diagonal of the same
color all the way across and a

diagonal of every opposite shape
all the way across.

The pigs were all in a diagonal.
>> Diagonal is this way.

>> We need a same color.
>> You guys got to start

working here, guys.
>> Don't stand on the symbols.

>> Look, knucklehead, geez.
>> Look, guys, guys.

>> Listen to Rory.
>> Guys, guys, guys!

>> PROBST: Rory may have lost
control of this.

>> What if we did this
one diagonal, too?

>> Scout, exactly what
Scout just said.

>> PROBST: Yasur working

together well.
>> Check it out.

We need a blue palm tree, blue
palm tree right here.

>> I need a volcano.
Orange volcano.

You're trying to do is one at a

>> Go with a red pig.
>> Orange volcano right here.

>> You've got two skulls,.
>> I know, man.

We're not done yet.
>> PROBST: Lopevi, total chaos.

>> No, no, do what she is
saying, switch 'em back.

Let's do what she's saying.
She's got the eyes.

>> Okay, girls, now
where's the yellow skull?

Yellow skull, brown skull,

switch it, switch it, switch it.
>> Put it there. We got it.

>> PROBST: Eliza thinks she's on
to something.

>> I think we got it.
>> Make sure.

Check every one.
>> Two volcanoes in the

same row.
>> Okay, okay, okay.

>> And two skulls in the
same row?

Can we switch them?
We ought to switch these two.

>> Take the black skull
and put it where the black

volcano is.
>> Hey, guys, hear me out.

>> I think we got it, Jeff.
>> PROBST: Lopevi, hold up.

Yasur wins immunity.
Their second challenge in a row.

Yasur, congratulations.
No Tribal Council tonight.

Guaranteed at least one more
day out here.

Lopevi, never good to go to
Tribal Council.

Somebody is going home tonight.
You have the afternoon to

figure out who that is going to

Go back to camp and see you at

>> The challenge today for
immunity was pretty much

It was a mess.

We didn't even come close.
>> There was just people

screaming orders, and it was
just a cluster.

>> And we all had our plan,
but we said Rory would do the

talking and that's what messed
us up.

I mean right off the bat, I seen
a way to do it, but I didn't

want to interfere with Rory.
>> Most of us were

sitting around most of the time,
not saying anything, waiting for

>> It was the worst

performance as a team unit that
we've had and I pretty much take

that on my shoulders.
>> It didn't really

matter who was on the podium.
We had people screaming orders

and nobody was listening to

>> There's a lot of yelling
going on.

If you looked up, Rory just
sitting looking with a blank

stare like he couldn't figure
it out.

>> So is the reason
Rory still in because he's not

seen as a threat.
>> No. He's supposed to

be real good at puzzles.
>> He didn't do better

than anyone else today.
>> I know.

Maybe he just had a bad day.
What if they vote for Brady

Would you vote that way?

Maybe it will show people
that you're willing to work

with us.
You see what I'm saying?

>> The way I look at
it, bro, what does your group

have to offer that's going to
beat those girls?

Me and Brady are more athletic
than anyone here.

You really think you guys
are going to win some immunity

>> Let me ask you something.

This little alliance we have
going on, who do you think is

the leader?
>> You. Sarge?

>> He's called every shot.
>> Man, I hope the five of

us really are together because
if not I'm dead right now.

If anybody turned around
in our alliance and went

against me it would be Sarge,
and it really scares the hell

out of me.
Sarge just likes to dictate

what goes on.
I don't know if you've noticed

that or not.
>> Yeah, I've noticed.

It's hard to miss.
Within our alliance we do

have some conflict.
Sarge could at the last second

make a change.
Sarge does like to be in

>> Pull yourself up.

If Brady gets voted out, okay,
I'm going to lose a real good

work partner.
There you go, get up there,

get up there. There you go.
I would keep him here to the

end because he's one of the

Don't let that son of a
bitch win.

My background tells me have
the strongest warriors with you

when you go to a battle.
There you go, all right, all

The pack wants Brady gone

but Rory is a bad seed and you
don't need bad seeds on a team

when you're fighting for

Hey, we'll see what happens.
>> PROBST: Welcome to Tribal

Hey, we'll see what happens.
>> PROBST: Welcome to Tribal

Before we get to the vote let's

talk about today's challenge.
Rory, you got zero respect

How does it make you feel?

Every Tribal we've come to,
you've gotten votes.

Then today you're leading the
tribe, which is odd to me, and

then even weirder, nobody

>> I am the leading vote-
getter at this point, Jeff, and

I'm scared as hell right now, as
a matter of fact.

>> PROBST: The last two days
have seen a huge shift in

momentum, with the women clearly
in control.

They win the reward challenge
improve their camp life

They win the immunity challenge

today and force you guys to
vote out yet another member.

Bubba, can you guys sense that
shift happening?

>> Yeah, Jeff, they really
kicked us in the groin today.

We really took it hard, but the
thing of it is I really think

that we're going to be a whole
new ball team come next game, I

really do, Jeff, I really
believe that.

>> PROBST: Based on what I'm
looking at, I don't buy it at

Brady, do you think it's

possible that you guys started
playing an individual game way

too soon?
>> I think at the very,

very beginning, day one, maybe
even hour one, individuals

started thinking about where
they were going to be six, eight

challenges down the road, and I
think that mindset took apart a

lot of our team concept right
from the very beginning.

>> PROBST: Chris, the obvious
problem with playing an

individual game you is may last
longer than the guy next to you,

but you're not going to last
longer than the women.

>> Yeah, but you don't
necessarily know where the women

are coming from.
You don't necessarily know if

the women are going to be
playing numbers or how are the

women playing?
We don't know how they are

>> PROBST: What on Earth would

make you think they're going
to do anything but stick

>> There's nothing that

makes me think they wouldn't
stick together.

But I'm just saying, look,
you're a team at first, you're a

tribe, you have to no choice,
but the bottom line is looking

ahead individually, you've got
to make sure you do what's right

for you.
I mean, anything can happen.

>> PROBST: Chad, as Chris was
saying that, you were shaking

your head in agreement.
>> If things within the

tribe starts happening where
there's a sense that people are

starting to go individual, what
are you going to do as an

individual if you feel that that
is starting to happen, you have

to jump on.
Ideally the tribe will come

first, but this individual thing
has to be your backup plan.

It's the only way to save your
own butt.

>> PROBST: John, are you
concerned tonight you might be

going home?
>> I'm extremely worried.

The past two guys that were
voted out were two of the more

athletic guys in our group so,
yeah, I'm scared.

I mean, There's not much more I
can do.

I'm not going to back down and
pretend I'm not a good athlete.

>> PROBST: Brady, why are you
voting the way you're voting

>> I'm voting first and

foremost to make sure our team
doesn't lag behind the other

I want this team to stop that

momentum slide, turn it around
and go into the merge with some

momentum, that's the way I'm

>> PROBST: With that, it's time
to vote.

Chris, you're up.
>> Brady, you caught the

Chris, you're up.
>> Brady, you caught the

first fish, you even climbed the
pole, but the spirits sometimes

dictate that it's time for you
to go.

>> Maybe the third time's
the charm.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote...

Two votes Brady.

Two votes Brady, one vote Rory.

Three votes Brady.
The fifth person voted out of

Survivor Vanuatu, Brady.
That's four votes, that's

Please bring me your torch.

Brady, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

>> Good luck, fellas.
>> PROBST: Well, based on your

first three Tribal Councils, it
would appear that you're voting

out tribe members that you
think might become an

individual threat later in the

Only potential problem with
that strategy-- it's still early

in the game.
See how it plays out.

Grab your torches and go back
to camp.

Stay tuned for scenes from our
next episode.

Next time on Survivor:
>> There are people

coming in on a canoe.
>> Are you serious?

>> I'm dead serious.
>> PROBST: Lopevi and Yasur

face a shakeup.
All right, everybody,

drop your buffs.
And then...

>> Holy ...
>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Whoa!
You feel that earthquake?

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>> Well, how much did that suck?
Can't help but feel like a bit

of a loser, but in the back of
my mind I'm hoping there was

one of those things where they
said Brady is one of those

guys that he makes it to the
merge, he's going to kick my

ass, so I'll take that little
bit of self-encouragement along

with me.