Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 13 - Stupid People, Stupid, Stupid People - full transcript

Despite her best efforts to mix things up, Shii Ann realizes that the former Chapera alliance remains strong.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

With Lex voted out, Kathy was

feeling the pain of being
betrayed by Rob.

>> I couldn't believe how
isolated I felt.

It's really hard being on the
losing side of life here.

>> PROBST: And the tribe faced
a monumental competition.

Today's challenge is a Survivor
obstacle course, one of the

toughest we've ever had.
It is part reward and it is part

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Divided into two
teams, Rob's team dominated the

competition, winning ponchos and
letters from home and advancing

them to the immunity portion of
the challenge.

Once again, Rob sealed his

Boston Rob wins immunity and a

video of his brother.
But Rob surprised his tribe

mates with an interesting

>> We had some bad blood

Is there any way, if I forego
seeing the video, everybody

could get their letters?
>> PROBST: I can make that

With Tribal Council looming,

Kathy and Shii Ann tried to stir
things up in an attempt to save

>> You need to start reacting.

>> I think we've got some
last-minute scrambling going on

in Panama today.
>> PROBST: But for Kathy, all

the talk just wasn't enough.
She was voted out and became

the second member of the jury.
Seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
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( thunder crashing )
>> Well, last night was really

( thunder crashing )
>> Well, last night was really

Um, I got really choked up when

they voted Kathy out.
The smug, horrible Chaperan...

superior tribe pagonging all of
us Mogo Mogo members, you know,

basically voting one after
another out.

I knew Kathy was going, and I
just got really emotional

because she was my rock out

And she was my one true friend.
And now that she's gone, I don't

have anyone here.
I've got no one.

( thunder rolling )
I know I'm slated next to go.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> And you know I have to play

the game as hard as I can
before I go.

So, I'm just asking you
straight-up, you know, are you

going to keep with your original
six, or are you going to be

willing to look at other

>> Yeah...
Like, honestly, I'm going to

stay with my plan.
>> That's cool.

You got to play your last card.
>> Win immunity.

>> I'm going to try
to win immunity. I will.

>> You've got to beat me,
though, 'cause I need it just as

much as you.
I know I do, you know?

>> I know you do.
I'm extremely vulnerable right

now, and chances of me making it
to the final two are slim.

So, at this point, my best
chance is to play as hard as I

can, call everyone on their game
and stir it up before I leave.

If you make it to the final two,
I'll be shocked.

>> I know.
>> With your strategy...

current strategy.
And I hope you do well, but, you

know, I'm wishing myself luck in
the next immunity challenge.

>> She tried to tell me
what my strategy should be.

>> Right.
>> "You need to watch out

for this person, you need to
watch out for this one."

>> Here we go.
>> She's doing that.

Just was patient and listened
to her.

I was like, "All right, thanks
for the info, Shii Ann."

We got to make sure she don't
win immunity.

>> Hell, yeah.
That's the whole goal.

>> That's it.
( thunderclap )

( twittering )
>> Can it rain any more here?

Look, there's a bump on it.
>> Oh, yeah.

>> Wow, it's a mask.
>> It says, "A no-lose

situation, this one's not
a race.

Is everyone a winner?
Try not the lose face.

In touch with your own feelings?
What do your tribe mates think?

If you're the last one standing,
you'll decide what they eat

and drink."
>> Oh...

>> So maybe you get to choose
whether or not you want share...

>> So maybe you choose what
everybody eats?

>> I want...
>> I want everybody to eat

and drink.
>> The rain doesn't let up.

We can't fish in these

We can't cook in these

So, we are all hoping we're
playing for food.

>> "Try not to lose face" is
maybe three chops and your face

is smashed and you're out.
>> I'm hoping food or something,

but I'm really looking forward
to it because it's just a

miserable day.
Ooga, ga, ga, ooga, go, ga.

Hey-a, ho-a, ha.
>> Dumb ass.

( thunderclap )
>> PROBST: Rain ponchos coming

in handy.
( Rupert chuckling )

>> PROBST: Seeing your likeness?
>> Yeah.

Amber and I are the same person,
just slightly different hair.

>> Look at me.
>> I have a very strange

expression on our faces.
( men chuckling )

>> PROBST: All right, let's get
to the first part of today's

reward challenge.
I'm gonna hand each of you a

questionnaire about your fellow
tribe mates.

The idea here is to find out
what you really think about each

So, answer honestly.

Don't discuss your answers with

Make sense?
All right, give you a couple

minutes to do this.
Find a little spot, step away

from each other.
All right, guys.

The results have been tallied.
I'm going to ask you the same

exact questions again, only this
time your answers should be

based on how you think the
majority of the tribe answered.

Every time your answer matches
what the tribe said, you get to

make one chop on a tribe
mate's row.

Three chops release a battering
ram and you're out of the game.

Last person left standing wins

The reward is food.
However, all of you will be

picked up by boat and taken to a
local Panamanian restaurant.

On the menu are seven items.
>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Each item increases
in value and taste, everything

from a bowl of rice and a glass
of water from your own camp to a

full-on steak dinner with all
the fixings.

>> Oh...
>> PROBST: The winner will be in

charge of that menu.
>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Here's the rub: You
cannot share your meal.

Somebody will get a whole lot,
and somebody is gonna get

very little.
>> Okay.

>> PROBST: All right.
Let's get started.

First question: Who would you
trust with your life?

Everybody reveal.
The group thought Rob.

Alicia got it right.
Amber got it right.

Rob, you didn't even get it

Alicia, you get the first chop.
>> Oh, Shii Ann, Shii Ann.

>> Surprise.
>> PROBST: Amber, you're up.

Who's getting the damage?
>> I'm going to go for Big Tom

since he stole my pot in that
one challenge.

>> PROBST: Now we're going to
get catty.

Who does not deserve to be an

Not an easy question to
answer... in front of each


It was a tie.
Shii Ann.

>> Surprise.
>> PROBST: Alicia.

>> Nice.
Hearing that from the rest of

the tribe, what's that make
you feel?

>> Yeah, it's a shot in the

I'll get them all later.
>> PROBST: Well, everybody got

it right.
Everybody gets a chop.

We'll start on the end and
work down.

>> Well, since my own tribe
mates think I don't deserve

to be here, Rob...
you're going first.

>> PROBST: Rob takes a hit.
>> How do you like that, baby?

>> PROBST: Jenna?
>> I'm going to go with Big Tom.

>> PROBST: Big Tom takes his
second hit.

One hit away from being out of
the game.

Shii Ann.
>> Hey, Alicia, I got to pay

you back.
>> All right.

>> PROBST: Amber.
>> I'll go with Jenna.

>> PROBST: Jenna takes her
first hit.

>> I'm sorry, Shii Ann.

Shii Ann and Big Tom one hit
away from being out of the game.

Big Tom.
>> Jenna, I'll just pay you

a favor.
Right back to you, baby.

>> PROBST: Jenna takes her
second hit.

Boston Rob, you could put
somebody out of the game if you

>> Rupert hasn't gotten hit yet.

>> Oh...
( all groaning )

>> PROBST: Big Tom is our first

>> That's rotten.
>> PROBST: Have a seat on the

bench, Big Tom.
You're out of the game.

Next question: "Who uses sex
appeal as a weapon?"

Nobody even hesitating on this
one; everybody flipping quickly.

Everybody says Amber, including

( laughter )

So you fully own up to using sex

>> I fully own up to it.
>> PROBST: Everybody gets a chop

Alicia, you're up.

>> Amber, since you're going to
use it as a weapon, how about...

>> PROBST: Amber going to take
her first hit.

>> PROBST: Jenna.
>> And payback.

>> PROBST: Amber takes her
second hit.

Shii Ann, you going to put
her out?

>> This is hard.
Rupert doesn't have one, but,

Jenna, I have to take you out
just because.

>> PROBST: And with that, Jenna
was completely beheaded.

Amber's got some payback.
>> Sorry, Alicia.

>> Hey, it's all right.
>> PROBST: Alicia takes her

second hit.
Rupert, why are you laughing?

>> Shii Ann, she's got to stop
telling people to hit me.

>> PROBST: Uh-oh.
( others groaning )

>> Oh...!
>> PROBST: Shii Ann takes it

right between the eyes.
Boston Rob.

>> No need in keeping the
stragglers around.

>> All right, go ahead.
( others groaning )

>> PROBST: Bye-bye, Alicia.
We are down to three.

Who is under the false
assumption that they are smart?

Amber says Tom.

Rupert says himself.
Boston Rob says Jenna.

You're all wrong.
The group thought Alicia was

most under the false assumption
that she was smart.

>> I don't like these people
anymore, let me tell you

>> PROBST: You're taking some

hits today.
>> I'm taking some hits today,

that's all right.
>> PROBST: Next question.

Who did the group think was the
most honest?

Amber and Rupert say Rupert.

Rob said himself.
Correct answer, Rupert.

Amber and Rupert are right.
Amber, you are up.

You only have two choices.
Boston Rob has taken one hit,

Rupert has taken no hits.
>> Sorry, Rob.

>> PROBST: Rob down to his
last pop.

Rupert could put him out of the
game right here.

>> I have to.
>> You could put her out.

>> I could, but Amber didn't
hit me.

>> Oh!
>> PROBST: Boston Rob is no

Boston Rob, have a seat.

Here's where we're at.
Rupert, you still have three

hits left.
Amber, you only have one.

If Rupert gets this right, he
will obliterate you and win

the challenge.
"Who never shuts up?"

You both say Jenna.

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: You're both right.

( laughter )
Amber, your hit doesn't really

Rupert, you get the final

Take Amber out.

>> Nice job, Rupert.
>> Thank you all, you guys.

>> PROBST: Rupert, with that,
wins reward.

Rupert, you will be in charge of
the menu tonight.

The boat will come and pick
you up.

You guys can now head back
to camp.

♪ ♪
>> You guys gave that one to me.

♪ ♪
>> You guys gave that one to me.

I appreciate that one.
Thank you, guys.

>> That was awesome.
>> I think the biggest

thing that happened at our
reward challenge today was,

Alicia got all upset again.
She was mocked by the tribe as

the person least deserving to be
an all-star.

Her ego took a blow, but you
know, people say things for a

reason, so maybe she needs to
take a look at herself.

I thought they were pretty good.
The, uh... the masks, too.

>> I thought the masks
were pretty good.

>> You know, it's never
fun to hear things about

yourself that aren't flattering
and then have to... the same

people that said those things,
you're stuck with them.

That's not fun.
>> It would be nice to get out

of camp tonight.
Alicia, you okay?

>> I'm fabulous, baby.
>> Okay. If it helps, I'm

a big mouth.
>> Yeah, but did everybody

say that you don't deserve to
be here and that you definitely

think you're smart and you're

Did people say that about you?
>> Let's say there's only seven.

Let's say....
>> It doesn't matter, dude.

It's already been said. Done.
>> Alicia's very emotional.

And when something upsets her,
she becomes a huge grump around

the camp.
She's just being a big baby

about it.
People are observing it.

People are getting annoyed
with it.

People will vote you out sooner
because they don't want to

live with it.
>> Don't, don't, don't, don't.

>> I know you don't want
somebody to talk to you, but

I'm a mom, it's my job.
>> Yeah, but you know what?

You're not my mom, so it's
all good.

>> But you're hurt.
>> Well, you know what?

That's just the way it goes.
I don't want anybody hugging me

or touching me or trying to...
Leave me alone.

The only person that tried to
not give me my space was Jenna.

Jenna's trying to put her arm
around me.

Give me a break.
Jenna and I have no connection

at all.
I mean, she's probably one of

the people that voted that way

So she needs to save it.
Jenna would be the last person

that I would go to for
consoling, the last person.

>> Listen, I know you got a
really big decision, and I

know you're the most generous
person out here, probably.

And just know that we understand
where your position is.

But I'd like to have the choice
is all I'm asking.

>> Okay. That's a great idea.
>> Like if you said, "This is my

decision for the order," and
then just give us choices.

>> That's a great idea.
You know, that's almost a

challenge I wish I didn't win.
This is what killed me on Pearl

Islands was, I let the pecking
order be known and then I was

the next one gone.
>> But don't be a martyr and be

like, "I'm going to take the
smallest one and put everyone

else above me 'cause you need to
be strong, too, okay?

I just don't think you should
give away your big one.

I love Rupert, but strategy-
wise, he is-- I don't want to

say not good at the game, he is,
but he needs some coaching.

>> Seven of us...
>> I do say Shii Ann gets the

>> Shii Ann gets the rice.

>> But I think we keep ourselves
strong, us four.

We have the numbers.
>> They can't hurt us.

>> No, they can't.
>> This adventure is geared to

create hard feelings between

I hate being that person that
creates the hard feelings.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!
Welcome to the Romantica

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Rupert, you're at the
head of the table.

>> Cool.
>> PROBST: Everybody else head

in this way and take a seat.
So, Rupert, it's your reward.

Good news is, you get your first
choice of anything here you

We got a big piece of steak,

shrimp, all the fixings.
The bad news is, you have to

allocate the rest and somebody's
going to end up with a very cold

bowl of rice and water from
your own camp.

So, let me go over the rest of
your choices.

We have potatoes with tap water.
Then we have a salad with tap

water that's been chilled.
And we have a ham and cheese

sandwich with some sparkling
water and a little bit of lemon.

We also have a hot dog, sour
kraut and orange juice.

Then we have a big cheeseburger
and french fry plate.

So, you can start with myself.
You can start anywhere you want.

>> I'm going to start with me
and I'm taking the steak.

>> PROBST: All right.
>> Thank you, sir.

>> PROBST: Along with the steak,
open bar, for you only.

You just tell him what you want
to drink and he'll keep

refilling it.
>> We'll start with a cerveza.

>> PROBST: All right.
Rupert's starting with a beer.

So, this is on you.
It's your menu.

You're going to distribute it.
>> I would like Rob to choose

>> PROBST: One ice-cold cola and

the burger.
>> I'd like Jenna to choose

>> PROBST: Going right down the

Orange juice.

>> I would like Amber to choose

>> PROBST: Ham and cheese
sandwich, sparkling water.

All right, Rupert, three items

>> Alicia?
>> I would love the salad.

>> PROBST: Salad and cold water.
>> Thank you.

I probably would have chose

>> Very good.
>> PROBST: That worked out.

>> Big Tom, what do you want?
>> PROBST: Big Tom picks next.

>> Whatever...
What is that?

>> Potatoes.
>> I'll eat some potatoes.

Potatoes, yeah.
>> Leave the Asian girl with

the rice.
>> Yeah.

( chuckling )
>> We went to one of the

fanciest restaurants.
They said it was five-star.

>> Please don't stab me.
( chuckling )

>> But I wouldn't hit a dog
in the hind end with it 'cause

I got a tater and it was cold.
>> Shii Ann... camp.

>> PROBST: Camp water and cold

>> I hope it's boiled, both the
rice and the camp water.

>> PROBST: A little bit of an
awkward dinner, but it's a

dinner nonetheless.
You're warm for a little while.

I'll get out of your hair.
Bon appétit.

>> Thank you, Jeff.
>> This camp water tastes better

out here because of the romantic

>> Good.
>> You saw the people that

ended up with fifth, sixth and
seventh weren't too happy about

the politics that were involved,
but hey, what can you do

about that?
You win some, you lose some.

>> Those fries look so good.
>> Thank you, sir.

>> I'm chewing my rice
and thinking that I'm eating

that piece of steak that
Rupert's holding in his hands.

>> I can't even look up at
you guys.

>> Don't look up.
Just eat.

Shii Ann's an absolutely
obnoxious person.

The whole time she's like, "This
rice is good.

Oh, my gosh, ooh, look at that
steak, I just want to watch you

eat it."
>> I wish I could give you guys

all some.
>> I know.

>> Shut up!
It's obnoxious!

>> Thank you, sir.
( chuckling )

Big Tom, I'm drinking this
for you.

( Rupert burping )
>> So the dinner was nice.

And Rupert, of course, had eight
or nine beers and he was


>> Thank you, sir.
( burping )

>> Smell your napkin.
>> It's so nice and soft.

( Rupert laughing )
>> I'm taking...

We're taking advantage of this.
>> Good.

>> Rupert, keep drinking.
>> Okay.

>> We really wanted to stay at
the restaurant for as long as

we possibly could, 'cause we
just dreaded coming back here

with all the bugs and the really
long night.

So, we told Rupert, "Keep
drinking as much as you want."

We're just going to lay here on
the table and use these napkins

as pillows and enjoy it.
>> Rupert's a happy man.

( Rupert chuckling )
>> Basically, Rupert

exposed our alliance of four.
It was pretty evident, uh...

as to who got what food.
He's kind of sticking it in

their face, which kind of shows
me that he does trust myself and

Amber to a degree.
>> ♪ Chaboga Mogo, Chaboga

Amber to a degree.
>> ♪ Chaboga Mogo, Chaboga

Mogo, Chaboga Mogo... ♪
The sun is out, and we're going

to have a beautiful day.
>> We are going to have a

beautiful day.
>> I'm going to battle 'cause

I got to, but I'm not going
to kill myself to win 'cause

I hope that I'm not on the
chopping block.

>> I don't think you are.
>> And I wouldn't mind seeing

you win immunity.
>> You got to be looking at Rob.

I would be if I were you.
>> Oh, my gosh...

>> If I were anyone here, I'd
would be looking at Rob.

>> I've already talked to Jenna
about that.

>> Of course, you have.
>> But they're telling me

they'll take me to the final
four, too, but I know I'll be

fourth unless I win immunity.
>> There are people here

that would stretch their vote
tonight if they felt like they

had the majority.
>> Yeah.

>> We know that.
>> I know that.

>> There are people here.
>> Let me... hand me...

while you're over, give me
that solid piece!

See that good little piece
right here?

>> Yep.
So, uh... who's up on the...?

>> Chop block?
>> Yep.

>> ( whispering ): It's him
before Shii Ann.

>> Rupert before Shii Ann.
I was thinking about that today.

I was looking at everybody
today, and I was kind of...

sizing up.
>> All I'm saying, we got...

me and you got to stick
together, Alicia.

>> Absolutely.
And I'll tell you what, though,

if either one of us are up
against Amber or Boston Rob,

we're in trouble.
>> But you know as well as I do,

me and you are the lone horse

>> Yep.
And those two are going to stick

together no matter what.
>> They're lovers.

>> I know.
>> But you know what?

We may have not slept together,
but we... we snuggled pretty

>> That's right.

We decided, Big Tom, Rob, Amber
and myself, that we were going

to stay together to the very

That's four people.
So, no matter what happens in

this tribe, we are four to the
to the other three.

Then there's Big Tom.
He came to me and said, you

know, "I can't sit next to
Boston Rob or Amber.

I'll never win.
Maybe I should sit next to you."

And I said, "You know what?
Maybe you're right."

But I didn't make any deal
with him.

The only person I have an
alliance with at this point is

Boston Rob, and we shook on it.
But do I trust him?

Absolutely not.
>> Here's the thing.

If Shii Ann wins immunity

>> It'd be a miracle.
>> Yeah, I know, but still, we

have to decide.
>> Rob, let's just face it,

it's gonna hurt you more than
it will me.

You got a better chance at
winning than I have.

>> I need to win, like,
almost every one, Tom.

I know what people think around
the camp.

I know even though Rupert
pretends he's all nice-- last

night he gave me a hamburger--
I can read beyond that,

you know?
If Shii Ann wins immunity, I

don't know who we're gonna
kick off.

>> You're worried about
Shii Ann.

I'm worried about Rupert.
Because he's the one that's

gonna beat you in an immunity.
Shii Ann ain't gonna beat you.

>> All right.
>> Uh, Alicia ain't gonna

beat you.
But we can't beat Rupert.

You're gonna come close, but
he's gonna beat you before

it's over.
>> Right.

>> And then when he does, you
know who they want to get

rid of?
It ain't gonna be me.

>> No, it'll be me.
>> It's you.

>> Yeah, we should talk,

I have some news.
>> I don't want to even hear it.

>> That's fine.

>> There is a plan, Shii Ann,
and it's too late for anything

to change.
>> Okay. I appreciate that.

>> Yep.
>> PROBST: There's no denying

>> Yep.
>> PROBST: There's no denying

it-- we are getting down to it.
There are seven of you left.

Today's challenge is for

Very important at this stage
of the game.

It's a very simple immunity

You're gonna step up on a log.
You're gonna raise your hand

over your head.
Your hand is gonna be tethered

to a bucket.
That bucket's full of water.

When you drop your hand, the
bucket tips, you get wet,

you're done.
If you need immunity, the only

thing stopping you from getting
it is quitting, and that's it.

We got all day to sit out here.
All right, Boston Rob, give

it up.
The all-important immunity is

back up for grabs.
Take your spots.

I'll lock you in.
For immunity.

Everybody's locked in, and this
challenge is officially on.

There'll be a little initial

You'll work through that.
Just remember, there's not a lot

of slack in that chain, so if
you drop your hand two inches,

you're done.
You have very little wiggle room

in this challenge.
Amber's first out.

in this challenge.
Amber's first out.

Grab a seat on the bench.
>> I didn't even move!

>> PROBST: Jenna's out of the

>> You didn't need that immunity

It's all good.
>> Nobody knows who's safe.

>> I know I'm not safe, that's
for sure.

>> PROBST: Have a seat next to

Big Tom, you're struggling.
>> Oh, Big Tom.

>> PROBST: Big Tom, third person
to hit the dust.

>> Okay, Rupert, you
got to hold out before Rob.

>> PROBST: Big Tom's out of the

>> We can't let Rob keep winning
these immunities.

>> Damn straight.
>> PROBST: Have a seat next to

the ladies, Big Tom.
You're out of the challenge.

>> I see Shii Ann's arm moving a
bit, so you guys are good.

>> PROBST: So, Jenna, I take it
from that comment there's just

no secrets in this tribe
right now.

>> No. No, there isn't.
>> Oh, there are secrets to

this tribe.
No secret on who they want out

tonight, but there's secrets
to this tribe.

>> PROBST: Alicia fighting
through a little pain.

>> Be strong, Alicia.
>> PROBST: First sign of

weakness we've seen from Alicia
on this.

Fight, guys.
It's all about this right here.

That sound around your neck.
It means you're in this game a

little longer.
It means you've got a one-in-six

shot at a million bucks.
Somebody gonna leave here with

The person who wants it the

Fight it, guys, fight it. Oh!

I got a little of that, too.

>> All right! I'm glad.
At least if I went down, I took

you with me.
>> PROBST: I couldn't be

>> Keep your arm up, Rupert.

Keep your arm up.
>> I'm damn straight trying.

>> PROBST: And then there were

All three looking really strong.
A little bit of rain starting to

come down, cool you off a

Wouldn't be a day on Survivor:
All-Star if we didn't get a

little rain.
( thunder crashing )

Immunity is most definitely up
for grabs.

Three people left.
Anybody could get it.

Shii Ann, I have to say, one
hour in, you have not moved.

Your body has not moved, your
arm has not dipped.

>> I'm not moving.
>> PROBST: I don't think you've

taken your hand off your hip.
>> Nope.

It's numb, but I need this
immunity, like I said, Jeff,

( Jenna mouthing words )

( birds twittering )
( insect buzzing )

( insect buzzing )
>> PROBST: Boston Rob's out of

the competition.
Next-door neighbors Rupert and

Shii Ann still fighting for

Since it's just down to you two,
a little reminder:

Somebody's gonna leave here with
this around their neck.

That means they are safe tonight
at the vote.

The other person will not have
that same security.

>> Rupert, stay up there.
>> You got this, Rupert.

( thunder rolling )
( birds chirping )

( thunder rolling )
( birds chirping )

>> PROBST: You guys have lasted
two hours.

Two long, painful hours.
How much more you got left in

you, Rupert?
Shii Ann, any sign of quitting

in you?
>> Nope.

( rain pouring )
>> Careful, Rupert,

you're moving it a lot.
You're moving the chain.

>> Yes! Yes! Yes!
>> PROBST: Rupert's out of the

Shii Ann wins immunity.

>> Whoo! Whoo!!
Yeah! Take that!

( grunts )
>> Don't forget, you got

to go home with us, Shii Ann.
Be very careful, sweetheart.

>> Hey, you know what?
I love you guys, but I need this

more than all of you guys.
>> Yeah, don't get too cocky,

You got to live with us.

>> I needed it more than all
of you guys.

>> PROBST: All right, Shii Ann,
turn around.

Looks like you're about ready
to cry.

You doing all right?
>> I'm doing great.

They're tears of joy.
I knew I was going home tonight,

and now...
>> PROBST: It most definitely

will not be you.
Great effort.

You are safe tonight at Tribal

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: Guaranteed a

one-in-six shot of winning this
thing and the million bucks.

For the rest of you, I can't
say the same thing.

Somebody is going home tonight.
Tribal Council.

I'll see you there.
Go back to camp.

♪ ♪
( chirping )

♪ ♪
( chirping )

( fire crackling )
>> I didn't mean to get so

I wasn't trying to gloat.

I was just...
Really wanted to win.

>> Everybody gets excited when
they win immunity or reward.

>> Just today, I really needed
it, so I got a little excited.

>> That's all right.
>> The thing that bothered me

about Shii Ann's victory is that
she tried to throw it in our

face the moment she won.
And the first thing she does is

let out this victory cry, and
she's, like, "Yeah! Ha! I did

it!" You know?
She's pointing at all of us, and

I just looked at her and said,
"I wouldn't be that cocky-- you

still have to live with us."
>> I'm feeling a whole

lot better now that these proud
little Chaboga Mogos are gonna

have to eat one of their own.
I love the fact that they're all

sitting there squirming in
their... shorts, ignoring me

yet again.
They should have been cutting

deals with me before my
immunity win.

Now that I have an immunity win,
I know that Alicia's head is on

the chopping block, Rob
Mariano's head's on the chopping

block, and so is Rupert's.
Stupid people.

Stupid people.
Let me just say that again:

stupid players.
You know, your head is big-time

on the chopping block today.
>> Oh, I know.

I'm taking all my stuff to
Tribal Council with me.

>> I'm telling you,
Rob is the person to get rid of

because he's the kingpin.
You got to work it or else

you're going.
>> Oh, I know.

( bird squawking )
>> Shii Ann's a deal maker.

Such a strategist.
Look at her down there.

Look at the strategizing going
on right now.

I have two options tonight.
I can stick with Rupert and

Jenna, myself and Amber to make
that foursome, or I can go with

Big Tom, Alicia, Amber and

and take out Rupert or Jenna,
'cause I don't know if Rupert

and Jenna are like 100% with us.
I like to say Alicia is out

of here.
She is. She's out of here.

Maybe not. Maybe me.
>> For me, it's between

probably Rupert or Alicia.
>> You prefer Alicia.

>> I don't know.
>> For me, it would be between

Rupert and Rob, because
I think one of them needs to go.

They're too big and too

You feel more comfortable with
Rob; you trust him more 'cause

>> Well, I... I trust him

more and I think that even if
I'm lying to him, he's gonna

trust me.
>> She's so sweet.

You hate to hate her because
she's so lovely and she's got

those beautiful green eyes, but
you know what?

She is one of the shrewdest
players out here.

>> "We love you.
We can't wait for you to come

home and be a family.
Wherever you are, I know you're

kicking some ass.
Remember, the key to the game is

loose lips sink ships."
>> What?

>> Honestly, if I didn't
trust you 100%, I would never

let you read this, but, you

>> "Remember, the key to
the game is loose lips..."

>> My main alliance still
is with Amber.

It's because she trusts me
completely; even though I may

not trust her 100% completely, I
know she does.

I think she does.
( bird squawks )

We can do this.
We're going to do this.

You know that?
We gotta just keep the paranoia

to a minimum before Tribal

We gotta trust in a game like

It's like huge, you know?
It makes all the difference in

the world, and I appreciate it.
Of course she's playing the

She may be playing me, I don't

I don't think so.

I really don't.
I think it's genuine what's

going on.
I could be the biggest sucker in

history, and if so, hey--
she had me fooled.

♪ ♪
>> PROBST: Now bring in the

members of our jury, Lex and
Kathy, voted out the last Tribal

I'll remind you guys that the

jury's here merely to observe.
They're not to talk to you.

You're not to try and
communicate with them.

It's been a busy couple of days,
culminating with a very big and,

from what I gather today,
important victory at today's

immunity challenge for you,
Shii Ann.

>> Yes, very, very

>> You were very vocal today
and, from where I sat, sort of

created an island for yourself.
>> This tribe is very

unique in that they've been
very, very open with me about

the fact that they are a tight
alliance and I'm going home

So, you know, today at the

challenge, I was very vocal,
because I'm going to try my best

to fight.
>> PROBST: Rupert, what's your

take on everything that went
down today?

>> That was one heck of
a hard challenge.

After 20 minutes, I was dying.
Shii Ann says she was the only

one that needed it, but now
somebody else needs it.

There's been talk that I'm

I felt like, especially with
that silly reward challenge over

the pecking-order caca, I'm up.
I mean, my number could be up.

>> PROBST: Alicia, we have four
from the original Chapera.

You guys have the numbers.
How strong is that group still?

>> Well, the original Chapera
is-is always going to be

strong because we've been
together from the day one, but

we also could not have done it
without Rupert and Jenna joining

our tribe.
Honestly, we knew that once we

got to six, game on.
Anything can happen and any one

of us is vulnerable at this

>> PROBST: Shii Ann, did you
notice a power shift today?

Were you the person in camp
people wanted to come talk to

and try and make a deal?
>> No. I-I...

You know, it's so funny.
What I notice about this group

of six is that, as far as I can
tell, no one wants to take a

leadership position and say this
person in particular is getting

voted out tonight.
>> PROBST: Jenna, you were

rolling your head all over the

>> 'Cause it makes us sound

>> No, no, no, I don't

>> PROBST: Hold off. Shii Ann.
>> I mean, maybe we're not

telling Shii Ann everything
because we don't need her to

know our strategies.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob, first

time in a while, you haven't had
that necklace around your neck.

You're a provider, very strong,
seem to be a likable guy.

Why not get rid of you while we
have the opportunity?

>> What are you giving
them ideas for, Jeff?

>> PROBST: It had to have
crossed your mind.

>> Of course.
Are you kidding me?

I'm sitting here, I won the
first two immunities, I've been

strong pretty much, I think, the
whole game.

I'm definitely nervous tonight,
and I wish I had that necklace

>> PROBST: On that note, it's

time to vote.
Shii Ann, you have immunity.

I know you don't want to give it
away, but I'll go ahead and ask.

>> No, Jeff, I'm not
going to give it away.

>> PROBST: You cannot vote for
Shii Ann.

Everybody else is fair game.
Let's vote. Amber, you're up.

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

♪ ♪
>> Remember the little

fight we had on day three,
where I zipped my lip?

I've been waiting to do this for
27 days, so...

au revoir, adios, arrivederci,
sayonara, or as we say in

Boston, see you later.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.
The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote...

Alicia. Two votes Alicia.

Two votes Alicia, one vote


Twelfth person voted out of
Survivor: All-Stars,

and the third member of our
jury, Alicia.

You need to bring me your torch.
>> Well, somebody turned.

I'd better not find out who
it is.

>> PROBST: Alicia, the tribe has

>> PROBST: Well, Shii Ann was
very open tonight in sharing

that she was treated with
respect and honesty regarding

her status in the tribe.
Clearly, that doesn't apply to

members of your own family of
six, as Alicia never saw it

Nine days left, guys.

Grab your torches.
Go back to camp.

Good night.
♪ ♪

>> ANNOUNCER: Stay tuned for
scenes from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Jenna and Shii Ann want each
other gone...

>> Yeah, I'm not having
plantains today.

You want them, you cook them
for yourself.

>> I want to strangle her.
>> She opens her mouth, and I

feel like putting a gun in mine.
>> PROBST: ...while Rupert and

Jenna have been together
too long.

>> I was cooking.
>> She's just a pain in the ass

and I'm very sorry that I have
an alliance with her.

>> Here I sit, voted out, third
member of the jury.

I wish you all luck.
As for Boston Rob, you had a

handshake with me, so I'm really
hoping that you're not sitting

in the final two, because now
I sit on the jury and believe

me, when I have to decide who
actually gets the million

dollars, I'm not going to
make it easy.