Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 12 - A Thoughtful Gesture or a Deceptive Plan? - full transcript

Paranoia plagues an All-Star who witnesses a strategy session among fellow tribe members.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor: Fearing Amber was out
of the game, Rob felt lost.

>> I hope Amber is still here.
Maybe Lex came through for me.

>> PROBST: But when the tribes
arrived at the reward challenge,

Rob got a pleasant surprise.
Jerri voted out at the last

Tribal Council.
The challenge came down to a

test of sheer strength.
Rupert wins reward!

Rupert picked Jenna and Amber to
join him on an overnight spa

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: ... where they were
treated to some welcomed

creature comforts.
>> I'm going to go back

there Superman.

>> PROBST: The next morning, the
tribes arrived at what appeared

to be a challenge.
(all cheering)

It is the merge color!
You will live your remaining

days right here on Saboga Beach.
Their first order of business

was naming the tribe.
>> How about Chaboga Mogo?

>> ALL: ♪ Chaboga Mogo, Chaboga
Mogo! ♪

>> PROBST: When Rob and Amber
finally had a moment to reunite,

they had one thing on their

>> We need to get rid of Lex.
>> I'm here because of him.

>> Don't go soft on me.
We're playing for a million

bucks over here.
>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, two individual
immunities were up for grabs:

>> Wow.
>> PROBST: for men, one

for women.
For the women, it came down to

Amber and Kathy.
Kathy wins immunity!

And for the men, despite Lex's
early lead...

Boston Rob comes from behind,
wins immunity!

Nice effort.
Before Tribal Council, even

though Lex and Kathy had saved
Amber, Rob told them the deal

was off.
>> The word I gave you

was that if I can take care of
you, I will.

I'm sorry, I cannot.
>> LEX: I had my game all worked

And if, and if I had gotten rid

of Amber, I would have come in
here with my numbers advantage.

In fact, I've...
I completely...

my own game.
>> Right.

>> LEX: It's about getting a
knife in the back.

>> PROBST: In order to save Lex,
Kathy offered him her immunity.

>> I don't want it!
>> PROBST: But at Tribal

Council, Kathy had a change of

>> Thought about it.
I'm keeping it.

>> PROBST: A dumbfounded Lex was
next to go.

First member of our jury, Lex.
The tribe has spoken.

Eight all-stars are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

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(theme song playing)

(thunder rolling)
>> Hey, you guys...

>> Oh, my God.
>> Our fire has a swimming pool!

>> Oh, my God.
It's nothing but a huge puddle.

>> It's gone.
>> I knew when I saw the

puddle forming that the fire was
going to be washed away.

>> Well, not only did
Tribal suck, 'cause it always

sucks, but it poured on us the
entire time.

We're freezing cold.
And especially for me--

I had to suffer two votes.
So, I'm just happy to still be

>> Well, I'm glad...

I'm glad that's over.
Now, where's Kathy?

Is she okay? Is she...?
>> Why?

She take a walk?
>> Uh, she's not over there.

>> What's done is done.
>> She's bumming.

>> I was going to give my
immunity away tonight at Tribal,

but I just couldn't do it.
I wanted to, but I couldn't do

(thunder crashing)

It's really hard being on the
losing side of life here.

I think Boston Rob has a soul,
but, um, he has this temper, and

he was really hurtful today.
And, uh, Amber's playing a tough

She's lying.

She's lying like a rug.
So, I voted for the person that

just lied to my face several

>> I think the votes
would have come to me if I

didn't have immunity.
>> Oh, yeah.

>> Because you were...
you're a target just like Lex

>> Everything went down

according to plan.
It was kind of a tough vote, to

tell you the truth.
Lex was a friend, uh, but we are

playing a game.
He said some pretty personal

stuff to me before we went to
Tribal Council.

I understand when your back's
against the wall, sometimes you

scramble, but I think he was
pushing it a little bit too

>> I said, "Lex, you're

telling me that you want to go
to the final four with me,

Boston Rob and Tom?"
He goes, "Yeah."

His goal was to have us four
friends up there making the

And he felt that for some

reason, you guys had it just by
kind of osmosis.

And then all of a sudden, we get
over here and we realize we're

on the chopping block.
So, that's what caused the

And that's normal!

It should.
>> Yeah.

>> We should be angry if
we're on the chopping block.

>> I never promised Lex
an alliance.

I never said two words to Kathy.
A very important thing did

happen today, though.
Lex slipped up in his

conversation when he was mad,
yelling and screaming, and

basically exposed Big Tom,
meaning that Big Tom would have

switched sides.
Big Tom, you got caught.

And your best buddy sold you
out, and he didn't even know he

did it.
(thunder crashing)

(thunder rolling)
>> You couldn't have had a

(thunder rolling)
>> You couldn't have had a

horror movie any worse than what
we had last night.

We got soaking wet.
We've been waiting for daylight

for two days.
Now it's daylight and it's

blacker than a dungeon.
Looks like it's going to rain

>> Day four of no sleep.

>> We're going to start losing
our minds a little bit.

>> Our fire pit is in a
lake, in a little stream.

It's freezing cold and soaking

Make it through the night,

in hopes that when the

sun came up, it'd be better.
When the sun came up, it was

still bad; it was worse.
>> This beach is bad luck.

>> Yeah, it's like we're

>> I'd never seen a place that
rained so much in my whole

life, ever.
>> I woke up this morning

feeling vulnerable and
scared and...

I thought to myself, "Why am
I here?"

I'm miserable.
>> You're so stripped of

I'm miserable.
>> You're so stripped of

everything out here, and you're
not yourself.

You're surrounded by relative
strangers, even though I know

these people, and you're put in
such a physically demanding

environment that you have to
bond together with them.

But this is the final 11 days.
We have food, warm beds, family

to look forward to.
That's what's keeping me going.

>> Okay, guys, we have
tree mail.

>> Yay.
What is it?

>> Oh, my God.
>> It is, uh...

I know what that is, guys.
>> It's a thing that you

hang from that goes down the

>> Yeah?
>> Yeah.

>> All right.
"Red team, Green team, Yellow

team, Blue.
This mixing and matching must

be confusing you.
Working together to win on your

Bring the necklaces with

it's not for reward alone."

>> Oh, my God.
>> Oh, my God.

>> Already, it's combined.
>> That means we have

immunity and Tribal Council
tonight, too.

>> It sounds like combined
reward and immunity.

I thought the first immunity
yesterday was going to last

three days.
So I guess it's not.

I got an "X" on my back.
So, I have to win this immunity.

>> PROBST: What's going on,

>> Hi, Jeff.
>> PROBST: Hi, Jenna.

So, today's challenge is a

It is part tribal, part

It is part reward and it is part

And it is definitely physically

It is a Survivor obstacle
course, one of the toughest

we've ever had.
Two parts to the first reward.

Letters from home.
>> Oh...

>> I saw my name.
>> PROBST: There's one here for

everybody, but only four of you
will win them.

And four rain parkas.
>> Aw...

>> PROBST: Four of you will have
them, four of you will not.

For the immunity winner, they
also receive a little more

comfort in the form of a video
from home.

A chance to really connect with
the people who love you back

home, maybe give you what you
need to get through these last

11 days.
Along with that comes a big old

pitcher of hot chocolate.
And, to whet your appetite a

little bit for this challenge, I
put together a videotape with

just a little sampling of
everybody's loved one.

We'll go inside, we'll watch it,
take part in the challenge.

One last thing, Boston Rob,
Kathy, I need the immunity back.

One of these is no more.
Individual immunity up for

Let's go watch some videos.

>> PROBST: Okay, I'm not going
to lie.

It's a very short tease.
Amber, you're first up.

This is your sister Nicole, your
niece Emma and your parents.

>> Hi, Amber.

Say hi to Amber.
Say "We miss you."


Look at the camera.
(blowing kisses)

>> We love you!
>> Bye-bye!

>> PROBST: Do you have a tight

>> A very tight family.
I think they're probably

worrying about me, hoping that,
you know, I'm just taking it day

by day and getting through.
>> PROBST: Okay.

This is Alicia's mom.
>> Hey, babe.

I miss you.
I miss you terribly.

Keep yourself focused.
I love you, babe, and I'll see

you real soon.
Bye, doll.

>> God, I didn't need to
see that.

We talk every day.
I know she misses me.

A lot.
We're best friends.

>> PROBST: All right, Tom.
Here is your son Buckie Bo and

your wife Sandy.
>> Hi, buddy.

I hope everything is goin' good
with you.

Everybody's wonderin' how you're

I told 'em you got it under

>> Hello, Big Tom.
Here we are in Richfield.

It's a beautiful day.
I wish you were here.

Love you and miss you.

>> Hey.
Home chick looking pretty good.

>> She's a hottie.
>> PROBST: Tom, I don't buy that

you're not a little emotional.
>> It's always nice to see

Bo's probably my best...

well, best friend and, uh...
Well, that woman's been living

with me, uh... 25 years.
She deserves the final.

>> PROBST: Got a good family.
>> Pretty good family.

>> PROBST: Heading towards the
slightly unusual-- what would we

expect from a relative of Boston

(others laugh)
Check out Rob's brother, Mike.

>> Oh, man.
>> Hey, Rob, what's up?

This is your brother Mike.
I'm going to bring it loud.

I hope this motivates you.
(muttering): renovate,

because you got to bring home
the gold, son!

>> He's doing Don King there.

He's the best.
I miss him.

My brother's always been there
for me, my whole family, my

whole life, always.
They're first and foremost in my

life and they always will be.
>> PROBST: All right, Shii Ann,

here are your folks, Lily and

>> Hey, Ann.
Hurry home, Ann.

We miss you.

Come back home safely.
>> Oh, Mom!

>> Rescue me from this crazy

I wanna go home.
(cat meows)

>> PROBST: Does this motivate
you for the last 11 days?

>> It makes me energized,
it makes me want to keep going

and it makes me want to win.
They're going to be so shocked

that I'm as far as I got, so...
>> PROBST: Kathy, your son

Patrick got a first-hand
Survivor experience in

You won a reward.

He actually got to come out and
spend the night at camp.

Here's Patrick.
>> PATRICK: Hey, Mom, what's

going on?
I was just here trying to do

some reading.
But, um, I just wanted to wish

you good luck out there.
I love you.

Bring me home a million.
Talk to you later.


>> Not too focused on the
almighty buck, is he?

He's just a funny kid.

Good kid, great kid.
They actually were concerned

that I was doing this again, but
that's okay.

Everything's going to be fine.
>> PROBST: Rupert, we've heard a

lot about your wife Laura and
your daughter Raya-- two big,

bright lights in your life.
Here's a little love from home.

>> Hi, Daddy.

>> You know, by now, you've been
on the island for a very long

We love you and we miss you

>> Bye, Daddy!

>> Bye, babe.
>> Oh, your wife is beautiful.

>> I know they were worried

about me.
They were worried when I said

I'd do this again.
I told them I wasn't going to

leave them and I turned around
and left.

>> PROBST: Jenna, the very first
time we ever did videos from

home was in the very first
season of Survivor, and the

most heartbreaking moment of
that entire season...

>> Do not do it to me again.
>> PROBST: ...was when I had to

tell you that we didn't get a
video from your family; it

didn't make it in time.
I'm happy to say that is not the

case this time.
Here's Sadie and Sabrina, your

daughters and friend.
>> Hi, Mom.

We miss you.

We love you.
>> I love her, I love her,

uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
>> Mom!

>> Bye, Jenna!

>> Aw...
>> PROBST: Wow, those are cute

>> They're gorgeous.

>> My babies...

Ah, it's been 28 days just
thinking about what they look

like and trying to remember
every little detail, and then

seeing them, it's just the
little things I notice, like,

as they're singing, Sabrina is
using sign language 'cause she

knows that I would want to see
that she's doing it.

And their hair is short.

Somebody cut their hair.
>> PROBST: Well, I must say,

it's nice to see so much love.
Everybody here had so much love

pouring out.
It's time now for the challenge.

A lot at stake:
letters from home, rain ponchos,

and for somebody-- one person--
immunity, their entire video,

along with hot chocolate and a
warm place to watch it.

If you want to share with
everybody, you can.

It's a monster challenge.
Let's go find our teams.

>> PROBST: Okay, guys, at stake:
letters from home and rain

Here's how it's gonna work.

You'll be divided into two
groups of four.

You will compete against each
other as two groups of four.

First phase of the obstacle
course is called "The

Breakthrough," which you must
literally break through a maze

of jungle timber.
You'll then go across a balance

You must then go underneath the

belly crawl.
Four of you on each tribe must

then navigate your way up and
over a ten-foot wall.

This will bring you to the
blown bridge where, with two

planks, you must navigate across
a series of posts.

Once you've completed that, you
will scale up a very big wooden

ladder and make your way across
a rope bridge.

Once you get to the other side,
one person will stay up on the

platform, the other three will
go back down the ladder into a

makeshift jail cell, where you
must dig up a tribe flag.

Once you have that flag, signal
the person still up on the

They will race down the flying

fox, retrieve a key.
That key will unlock the jail

cell, releasing the other three
tribe members.

The first group of four to cross
the finish line wins reward.

In addition, the winning
foursome moves on to compete in

an immunity challenge that will
immediately follow.

>> Wow.
>> PROBST: Let's pick teams.

We'll get started.
All right, Alicia and Rupert,

randomly chosen as captains.
You've chosen your teams.

Rupert's team: Kathy, Big Tom
and Jenna.

Alicia's team: Shii Ann, Amber
and Rob.

For reward and immunity.
Survivors ready?

>> PROBST: You're dead even.

Big Tom takes a header.
Alicia and Rob breaking through.

All four have to be out.
Hit the balance beam.

Rob is off.
Rupert back to the start.

Shii Ann, you're good.
All four have to clear.

Still waiting on Rupert and Big

Let's go, all four under the
belly crawl.

Rupert's made it.
Boston Rob.

Shii Ann, Amber and Alicia are

Hit the wall, guys.
>> Okay, Tom, jump.

>> PROBST: Under the belly

You're still in this.
Alicia is first up and over.

Boston Rob and Amber working
with Shii Ann.

Shii Ann is over.
>> Good job.

>> PROBST: Shii Ann and Alicia
pulling Boston Rob up.

Boston Rob is up and over.
Big Tom, once you're through,

you guys can start on the wall.
Amber, pulling both her limbs

out, is up and over.
Come on, guys, hit the wall!

Think how you're going to do

>> Come on.
>> PROBST: Got to navigate your

way across these poles using the
two planks.

Big Tom is up and over.
Giving Kathy a hand.

Kathy is up and over.
Jenna is the last one.

They've got her...
>> Let's go, Jenna!

>> PROBST: ...yanking her up.
You're in this, guys.

Grab your two planks.
Boston Rob leading his tribe

Decision time coming.

>> PROBST: Rob trying to reach
the last platform.

Gonna have to work together,
figure this out.

>> Here you go.

>> PROBST: Won't reach there

Keep working, guys.
>> Ye-Ye-Yeah.

>> PROBST: You're in this.
>> Go back.

>> Yeah.
>> Go.

>> PROBST: Not much room to
spare, but they figured it out.

Amber making her way across.
Stay with it, Rupert.

You're still in this.
Alicia across.

All four across.
Hit the ladder.

>> Come on!
Come on!

>> PROBST: One at a time across
the rope bridge!

>> There you go.
Take your time.

>> You got it.
>> PROBST: Shii Ann is across.


Big Tom.

Get up the ladder.
>> Don't panic.

>> You got it.
>> PROBST: Amber making her way

across the rope bridge.
Alicia, you're up.

>> Let's go, Rupe, you got it.
Let it go, you got it.

>> Go ahead, Jenna.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob, you're

Rob skitters across, wasting no

Shii Ann, Alicia and Amber got

to get down the ladder and find
the flag buried.

>> Come on, girls.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob, you're

waiting for that flag.
Once they have it, you can go

down the flying fox.
Thataway, Big Tom.

>> Get that flag, go, guys!
>> PROBST: Get down the ladder.

Jenna stays up top.
Rupert, Big Tom and Kathy got

to uncover the flag.
Start digging, Rupert.

>> Get that flag!
Get it, get it, get it!

>> Come on, girls!
Find it.

It's got to be in there.
>> PROBST: Keep digging, it's

>>> You guys, come on!

>> PROBST: Get it out of the

You've got it!
Rob, hit it.

Keep digging!
(team shouting)

>> PROBST: Boston Rob coming
back with the key.

>> Go, go, go, Jenna, go!
>> PROBST: He's got to get them

It's a race to the finish.

>> Go, Jenna!

>> PROBST: Reward!
And a shot at immunity for

Boston Rob, Amber, Alicia and
Shii Ann.

The four of you have already won

a letter from home and a rain
poncho, which can be taken back

to camp with you.
We're now moving on to part two,

the immunity challenge.
It's a traditional Thai puzzle.

Your goal is simple-- maneuver
the puzzle pieces until the

largest piece of the puzzle,
containing the knife, will slide

out of the slot at the bottom of
the puzzle.

Take the knife, chop the rope,
raise your flag.

The first tribe member to raise
their flag wins immunity, is

safe from the vote tonight at
Tribal Council and, in addition,

gets a video from home-- their
entire video-- and a pitcher of

hot chocolate to enjoy it with.
A lot at stake.

Uncover your puzzles.
Survivors ready?

Working the pieces around,

trying to get that knife...
out of the bottom.

Boston Rob close.
Boston Rob has it, has his knife

>> Move, come on!

>> PROBST: Boston Rob wins
immunity and a video of his

brother, that I'm not sure
anybody wants to see.

>> Yeah!
>> Nice job!

>> PROBST: Rob nice enough to
share his hot chocolate with

>> Thanks.

>> Everybody...
>>> To Mogo Mogo.

>> To Mogo Mogo.
>> And our true families, too.

>> Family and friends.
>> Family and friends.

>>> Oh, is that good!
>> It's really good.

Oh, it tastes so good.
>> Tastes like home.

>> Oh, it's really good.
>> I've got a proposition

for you.
>> PROBST: All right.

>> You know, my brother's
gonna absolutely kill me...

but we have been living together
for some time, and we had some

bad blood yesterday.
Is there any way, if I forego

seeing the video, everybody
could get their letter?

>> Oh!
>> Please.

I think it's the right thing to
do, 'cause everybody's hurting

and everybody's missing home.
>> PROBST: Great offer.

I can make that trade.
>> Aw!

>> He's so sweet.
>> You guys would have done

the exact same thing.
>> PROBST: Okay.

Let's give out the reward.
>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Alicia, here's your

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: ...and a rain poncho.

>> I forgot about the ponchos!
>> That's huge!

>> PROBST: Amber.
Shii Ann.

>> Your rain gear.
>> Poncho!

My rain gear.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob.

And now, because of the
generosity of Boston Rob,

Rupert, here's your letter from

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: There's something
from home.

>> Thank you, Rob.
>> PROBST: Jenna.

Big Tom.
>> I hope it's a big 'un.

>> PROBST: You guys can get back
to camp, find yourself a private

little spot and really enjoy
this letter.

'Cause after that, game is back

Tribal Council tonight.
Boston Rob's the only guy who's

Sadly, this game will be coming

to an end tonight for somebody.
(birds chirping)

>> I can't wait to
read this letter.

>> Oh, my God, I'm so excited!
>> So excited.

I didn't get my letter the last

Rob gave up seeing his family's
videotape so that everyone could

have a letter from home.
That was really big of him, and

it showed a strength of
character that I hadn't realized

about Rob Mariano.
>> (voice breaking): "I trust

and know in my heart that you're
doing well and you're the

strongest man."
You know...

It's just uplifting.

I like it that my wife and
daughter think I'm the toughest,

baddest son of a bitch out
there... even though I'm not.

I like that, though.
That gives me strength.

I'll read it a thousand times in
the next 11 days.

>> I got a letter from my
mom and dad.

My dad says that he's never
known a stronger person...

that I've done so much in my

>> These letters remind me of
my... my real friends and my

And the friendships here, as

nice as they are, it's not this.
It's not this.

It will never be this.

>> What Rob did today at the
reward challenge was a generous

move, but it was also a
strategic move.

Giving up his brother's
videotape for letters from home

may win him a million dollars.
>> I don't remember the

last time I was emotional about
anything, ever.

And you know, I do feel bad-- my
brother spent all that time

making the tape and everything.
But this way, everybody won.

And I know it's going to get
perceived one way or the other,

it's inevitable.
It wasn't about me.

It wasn't about strategy.
It was about strategy, to a

It's a good move, yeah.

It is.
I'm not going to sit here and

tell you it's not.
But me... my family is the most

important thing in the world,
more than anything else, more

than money, more than anything.

But I'm still getting the

I'm just having a...
a little time-out for myself.

>> I am not upset.
I was upset about violating a

Right then I threw emotion in my

>> Emotion is in the game now,

I mean...
>> You know what I mean.

Like personal.
>> I know.

Honestly, I didn't know there
was going to be a merge.

>> Yeah.
>> There was no way of

telling for sure.
>> It's over with.

We don't have to go over it.
>> I just wanted you to

know, regardless of everything,
right, regardless of yesterday,

>> We're fine.

>> Okay.
>> We're fine.

>> I was trying to be nice to

I know she's playing the game.
I don't blame her.

But to be completely honest, I
have no idea how the vote is

going to go tonight.
>> I don't know who they're

going to pick off next, but it
might be you.

>> It might be me, but it might
not be.

>> Yeah.
>> Tonight the vote will come

down to the last remaining...
original Mogo Mogo members,

Kathy and I.
>> Today his thing with the

>> Yeah.

>> Although it was very
generous, it was a totally

smart strategic move.
>> That doesn't repair

bad blood.
To me, the letters-from-home

trade for the video was just a

You know, probably down deep in
his heart, he wanted us all to

have the letters, but higher on
the list was the fact that it

might counterbalance any of that
anguish and anger that was

exposed yesterday.
If these guys were smart, man,

somebody would take him out.
>> Well, they will, as

soon as he loses immunity.
>> Yeah, they should,

but, you know, Jenna, I think
she thinks she's going to be in

the final three.
>> She's not.

>> I can feel it.
>> If they can all convince Tom

that he's in the final three.
>> No, Tom knows he's not.

Tom's smarter than that.
It's time now to get Jenna,

Amber and Rob Mariano out of the
power situation they're in.

Maybe I could help these players
see the light that maybe I could

be used as a swing vote.
And they do it now instead of

waiting to go down to seven.
Hey, listen, you need to start

You know, like at seven and

five, you have to do something

You are flaking around, baby

>> I think... I think about it.
>> All right.

Think about it at seven, because
when you get down to five...

>> Got to clean the house.
>> Yeah.

>> Cut Jenna out.
>> Yeah, you should.

I don't want her to win.
>> You won't... she won't.

>> Okay.
>> Remember, key times to mix it

>> Okay.
>> Remember, key times to mix it

up is at seven and five.
That's when I did it.

Very difficult to do.
If you want to save your ass,

make sure you know what's going

>> I think we got some
last-minute scrambling going on

in Panama today.
Kathy and Shii Ann are working

They'll probably go after Amber

or Jenna.
>> There might be something

that could be done.
>> Right.

>> It would make sense.
>> Oh, yeah, yeah, it would.

>> Yeah, but you think they're
going to take you to the

final three?
>> Well, that's why... I know.

You'd be a fool to sit here

>> Wait.
>> ...and not do nothing.

>> Yeah.
>> I've been sticking with

my original deal, but when
everything is going too good,

you'd better be looking out.
It flies apart.

And Shii Ann gives me another

I will be weighing my options
all the way out.

>> Hey, Alicia, what were you
saying... what were you

saying this morning when you
said Shii Ann was talking about

>> Kathy and Shii Ann are

implanting bad thoughts into
Alicia and Big Tom's head.

And they're buying it, I guess.
And one person is all it would

take to swing one or the other
one way or the other.

>> I see it, it's happening

right now.
See them?

Kathy, Shii Ann and Big Tom are
all standing talking for a good

15 minutes.
I think they're switching.

My gut tells me that they
wouldn't have talked that long

if he wasn't giving her an
indication that he agreed.

He's acting like he's not
playing, but he's playing.

And the same with Alicia.
Alicia wouldn't even meet my

If those four do bond, it will

be me they vote off.
Alicia and Big Tom, I do worry

Those two are the weak points,

because at this point, us four
have been so wrapped up in the

fact that we have a four
alliance strong, nobody has

bothered to try to like draw in
Big Tom and Alicia and let them

believe that they have an
alliance with the final four,

They might decide to save

themselves and go to the final
four with the other two.

That's what burned me in the
first game.

Perhaps I'm about to be burned
at Tribal Council.

>> PROBST: We now bring in the
first member of our jury, Lex,

voted out at the last Tribal

Hello, guys.
Let's talk about the past few

Kathy, this has been an odd

Survivor in that, at times,
it's been as catty as ever a

Survivor has been, and then
there are other times when I

can't figure out how you guys
are going to continue to vote

people out because I truly
believe you've formed a little

nucleus here.
>> That's what I'm having

a hard time throughout the whole
game is, you know, when do you

start playing and when do you
back off?

And when do friendships set in?
It's been difficult.

>> PROBST: Big Tom, you've made
some friends here that are going

to make it really tough to vote
them out?

>> It's always hard to put
that name down of somebody else,

but it's easier to put their
names down than to see mine come

I come to win and I want to win,

but I want to win with class,

>> PROBST: Rob, how do you win
this game with class?

>> I think All-Star Survivor
is a little bit different than

other Survivors in the respect
that there are real friendships

that were formed before we were
even here.

And then you come into the game
situation, and is it about

friendship or are you playing a

And it's been a big problem for
me the last couple days.

I gave my word on something, and
I said that that was what I was

gonna do this time and keep it.
So, there's no real answer to

that question.
Class, define class.

You know?
>> PROBST: So, at this point,

Shii Ann, why not vote you out

What are you doing that should
keep you in this game?

>> You know, being one of two
remaining last original

Mogo Mogo members, I'm in the

And, of course, I am a target

But I think that when people are
voting from now on, they're

going to have to start looking
at who do I want to take with me

to the final two and who can I

If all this talk about alliance
here tonight is true, which I

doubt, then I'm the next to go,
and I've played as many cards as

I can, but, you know, it's not
the end for me yet.

I may still win immunity.
I'm a survivor.

I'm here to win, and I will not
go down without a fight.

>> PROBST: Kathy, why are you
voting the way you're voting

>> I'm voting for the

person that lied to me, and not
that lying is something that

shouldn't happen in Survivor,
but I didn't like the way it

went down.
So, I just have to warn you

guys, that just so you know,
it's, it's... it's gonna be

tough scrambling when it gets
down to seven.

You guys, you don't even know
what's going to hit you, because

people are going to be
rethinking, and the fact of the

matter is, you're going to be
short players for options.

The heat is so intense when you
get to seven, I think that, you

know, different combinations
should have been occurring when

Lex was on.
>> PROBST: All right, Rob, you

have the immunity necklace.
You cannot vote for Rob.

Everybody else is fair game.
It is time to vote.

Shii Ann, you're up.
>> Amber, same old vote.

Shii Ann, you're up.
>> Amber, same old vote.

You need to play a new game or
else you're not going to make

See you later.

>> Kathy.
I don't discredit you for

trying, but you didn't honestly
think I was going to let you

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.
The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote, Amber.

One vote Kathy, one vote Amber.

Two votes Amber, one vote Kathy.

Two votes Kathy, two votes

Three votes Kathy.

It's four votes Kathy.
11th person voted out of

Survivor All-Stars, second
member of our jury: Kathy.

>> All right, you guys.
Keep your eye on the million


>> I love you.
>> PROBST: Kathy, the tribe has

It's time for you to go.

Well, you're certainly a very
different group from the last

time you were here, both
physically and emotionally.

Judging from tonight's Tribal
Council, there's certainly a

whole lot of game left.
Grab your torches, go back to

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Next time on
Survivor: Alicia's on edge.

>> Don't, don't, don't.
>> She's being a big baby.

>> PROBST: Forced to make a
tough decision, Rupert's at

>> This is what killed me on

Pearl Islands.
>> PROBST: And a surprising

development threatens the power

>> Do you know who they want
to get rid of?

It ain't gonna be me.
>> I'm as scared as all of them,

but I'm not letting them see it.
>> Damn, I can't believe

I got voted off.
I can't believe.

I thought Rob was going to be
there for me.

It was stupid actually, it was a
stupid play.

But that's what happens when you

put too much trust and loyalty
into your thought process out

I wish I had gotten...

I wanted that million bucks so

bad 'cause I got robbed last