Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - While the Cats Are Away - full transcript

A castaway blatantly betrays a former ally and shocks all.

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Previously on Survivor:

These gold buffs
are for your new tribe.

The game changed once again

when the two tribes
finally merged.

CLAY: Now is
when the game is gonna start,

'cause I'm gonna tell you what.

Hell, I'm here to win
a million dollars.

PROBST: Ted made himself
vulnerable when he went off

for some alone time.

Probably just needed
to get away.

His attitude

-is getting pretty old.
-JAKE: From Clay I got a sense

that they're all really tired
of Ted; that's probably

who they'd vote off
if they had to vote today.

PROBST: The first individual
immunity challenge came down

to a race
between Clay and Ken.

Clay won,

ensuring that only he
was safe from the vote.

...look sexy, baby.

I know I look sexy!

At Tribal Council,

the former Sook Jais hung
all their hopes

on Clay's earlier comments
and voted for Ted.

That's three votes-- Ted.

But the five ex-Chuay Gahn
targeted Ken.

Last vote-- Ken.

The tribe has spoken.

Seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

TED: It was interesting
yesterday, with Tribal Council.

I didn't expect
to get any votes,

but I got three votes yesterday.

So I immediately know where
those three votes came from,

and they came from
the members of Sook Jai,

and I'm still trying
to piece together as to

the exact reason why.

We didn't know
who to vote for yesterday.

TED: You guys did a great job
in coordinating your vote.

Well, each one of us asked your
group who we should vote for...

-...and they said Ken or Ted.

Who told you guys that
you should vote for Ken or Ted?

I'd rather not say.


I guess we should have each just

voted our heart
and not messed with that, but

that was our first vote with
your tribe last night, you know,

so we were just trying
to feel out what we should do,

'cause we didn't have a clue
who to vote for.


Sorry things didn't work out
the way you guys wanted it

to work out,
but you did what you did.

Despite what I just heard,

I personally don't believe
anybody told them to do that.

I think the members

of Sook Jai
are either intimidated by me,

feel that I'm a threat,
or they just don't like me.

Yeah, don't worry, Jake.

We'll keep it in between us.


Jake was sitting here lying

in front of me just as much
as I was lying to him.

It's just the way
the game is played,

and I have no problems
with that.

Jake the snake.


He was, like, "Yeah, you know,
members of Chuay Gahn told us

to vote Ken or Ted."

"Oh, yeah? Get out of here.

Who... who told you guys?"

And he was like, "Well, you know
there's three members."

I was like, "Who?"

He said, "Well, you know,
I'd rather not say."

And I was like, "Whatever."

He's nuts.

"No one told you
to do that," you know?

CLAY: Tribal Council was
pretty interesting.

Kind of scared old Ted.

He got a reawakening last night

when he saw his name pop up
on those cards.

He didn't like it at all.

The girls didn't tell...
any which way to go.

We didn't tell anybody else
which way to go.

You guys,
don't even worry about it.

-Yeah, I know. -When he was
telling me that bull junk,

I was like, "Whatever."

CLAY: If Ted goes to
believin' Jake, it'll be

a cold day in hell.
It's not going to happen.

Ted doesn't know we instigated

those three votes for him,
and he won't.

We've been too true to Ted.

The whole tribe has been
too true to Ted,

so why should he distrust us?

BRIAN: What's he thinking,
just coming over here,

start playing
both sides of the fence?

-I don't know.
-That's a bad business decision.

Right now, Jake is playing
both sides of the fence.

He's playing me a little bit.

He's playing Clay a little bit.

He's voting against Ted

and then trying to suck up
to him in the morning,

which is a little surprising

for a man of his age
and his stature,

but I think he's
a little insecure out here.

The air, the heat,
the whole jungle experience

might be getting to him,
but it's getting

to all of us a little bit;
it's getting a little bit

tougher every day.
Food is getting scarcer.

We're just trying to,
trying to maintain,

and those that lose
their cool--

they're the ones
that might have a problem here,

sooner than later.

Any luck, Jake?

I found a few.

Kind of rough out there, huh?

Yeah, it was.

I'll have to go again here
in a little bit.

BRIAN: Yeah, waiting for
the tide abit, that'll help.

CLAY: We haven't been able
to catch a crab in ten days,

'cause the tide
is not goin' down.

It has been up for ten days
and it is driving us crazy.

Look at how deep it is, and
we're right here by the inlet.

I know-- I tell you,
I've never seen water like this.

HELEN: It's, like, part of
the starvation thing out here.

If they keep the tide high till
we go home, we can't eat.

The only thing left to eat is--

you know what-- the snails.

No, nope,
not resorting to that, sorry.

As far as food, that's it.

The chickens are all gone, so
now we're eating chicken feed

that came with the chickens

to feed them,
to take care of them,

but it sure would be nice
to have something stocked up

or else win one of those
big huge meals

where you go sit down

and just-- get-get full.

You know what
that'd do to my energy?

Wow, I'd climb one
of these cliffs today.

Hello, guys.

Welcome to another hot day
in paradise.

Today's reward challenge is
a four-stage obstacle course.

Each stage is designed
to eliminate players.

First stage is called
Blown Bridge;

you're going to run it in pairs.

When I say go,
you'll select a partner,

but since there are seven
of you, one person will be

eliminated right off the bat.

The rest of you will maneuver
across the tops of six towers

along your color-coded course,
using two planks

to bridge the gaps.

If you fall off,

you gotta go back
to the beginning and start over.

The first two pairs to make it

all the way across
move on to the next round.

Second stage is a belly crawl.

You'll crawl
underneath the bamboo cover.

First three people
to the end move on.

For the third stage,
up and over a wall.

You must use the aid of another
tribe member to get you over.

First two over move on.

For the last leg,

the remaining two will race
along a bamboo pole.

First one to the platform wins.

Want to know
what you're playing for?

-Yes, sir. -Yes, sir.
-For the winner,

tomorrow morning,
a boat will arrive at your camp,

take you to a helipad.

You'll fly to the mainland.

You'll be treated to
a once-in-a-lifetime experience:

an elephant trek
through the countryside,

and when you're finished,

you'll have
a beautiful Thai lunch.

-Best part of all,

won't cost you a thing,
'cause Visa,

baby, is picking it up.

Take your spots on the start,
wait for my go.

Survivors ready!

Select your partner.


Jake, you didn't get a partner.

You're out, have a seat.

Only the first two pairs
make it to the next round.

Grab that other board.
We got to have it.

Kick it here, let me have it.

Pull it over here.


Right there, right there,
right there, you're fine.

Now be careful, be careful.

Come on.

Hold on, hold on.

Come on, Daddy.

Hold it.

Hold it steady.

Pick it up.

-Pick up the board.
-Pick up the board?

Come on, use this one, come on.

PROBST: Clay and Brian
have made it across.

We're looking for one more pair.

All right.

Go across.

PROBST: No, no, no, no, no,
got to use

the boards to get across.


Jan and Helen are very close.

Okay, Helen, gotta move.

Oh... Oh!

-You all right? -PROBST: Guys
gotta go back to the start.

-Back to the start.
-Come on.

Back to the start,
Helen, hustle up.

It's a new race.

Let's go, guys, don't quit now.

Make sure
those boards are secure.

There's a way this will work
and a way you'll get hurt.

Is it nice and sturdy?

-PROBST: Penny's over.

You're still in this race,
guys, but you need to move.

Nice and firm, right?

I got it.

Jump down

and you're in.

Penny and Ted,
Brian and Clay, move on.

Jan and Helen, nice effort.

Have a seat
on the benches over here.

For the next leg, you'll be
competing as individuals.

The first three
under the belly crawl

and in the finish square
move on to the next round.

-Survivors ready.


Looking for three.

Gotta be in the square.

Clay, Ted, Brian, moving on!

Penny, have a seat on the log.

For the third leg of this race,

it is both physical
and political.

The physical part is,
we're looking

for the first two
to get up and over the wall.

The political part is,
you must use the aid

of another tribe member
to get you over.

Survivors ready.


Who is going to help who?

You guys are both making
a play for Clay's support.

Clay is up and over.

Who's he gonna help over?

He's taking Brian.

He's taking Ted.

Ted trying to make him use him.

I can't pull Ted...

Clay, you got
to choose somebody.

You're choosing Brian.

You guys are moving
to the final.

Ted, you're out.

Have a seat on the log.

I could have done that
by myself without any aid.

Clay and Brian,

you chose each other
as partners from the beginning.

You've supported each other
along the way.

You must now compete
against each other.

The first person to get

across the bamboo balancing beam

and to the finish platform
wins reward.

Survivors ready.


You fall off, you start again.

You guys are dead even.

Dead even.

Back to the start, Clay.

Brian is halfway there.

TED: Suck it up, baby.
Suck it up.

Do not quit.

Brian is one leg
from winning it.

Pick it up, Clay.
You're still in it.

One good run, and you're there.

Brian holding his balance.
Nice recovery.

Clay, you're still in it.

Way to go! Way to go!

You got it. You got it! Yeah!

-Brian wins reward!
-All right!

Good j-- going, Brian!

Here you go, baby.

Use for a day--
your own Visa card.

You'll be having dinner tonight.

Now, Brian, it just so happens

there is room on that boat,
there's room on the helicopter,

and I want you to have a partner
to share this experience with.

Pick one person, Brian.

Well, I probably couldn't
accomplish this feat

without the assistance
of someone.

So, Clay, I couldn't
be here without you.

You deserve half of this.


I appreciate it.

PROBST: Guys, you will
head back to camp now.

In the morning, a boat
will pick you up at your camp.

You'll have a great day,
get a little food in you

and get away from
this game for a while.

TED: In this game, especially
at this point of the game,

information is critical.

One makes
a grave, grave mistake

if they don't observe,
if they don't

gather information
that will help them

make decisions in the future.

Look like you're going
on a date, man. What's up?

-I do have a date-- with Brian.
-Oh! Chill!

Yep. I may stop off
and have a brunch.

Oh. Yeah, that's supposed
to be real nice, man.

You guys have fun.

Losing the challenge

was a big disappointment
to me initially because...

I hate losing, period.

I was also kind of shocked
that Brian did pick Clay

to go with him on the trip.

-Oh, yeah. What's our story?

-What's our story?
-All right, brother.

-You know what I'm saying?
-Sounds good.

-I mean, there's no...
-Talk to you... I'll...

-nothing's changed.
-Talk to you later on.

TED: I kind of knew
there was a bond

between Clay and Brian,
but the fact

that he did select Clay
kind of just told me

that that bond is closer
than what I thought it was.

Does my hat look good?

You look ready.

Clay, we gotta do a dedication

for Ted-- the elephant thing.

-We got to do some form
of salute. -You got it.

-TED: Thank you, dawgs, okay?
-BRIAN: I haven't forgotten.

BRIAN: My agreement with Ted
is one statement,

and my agreement with Clay
is another.

I have to see which option--
which plan--

is going to work best for me

down the road,
'cause that's part of the plan.

That's part of my strategy.

Have a good time.

I'll do it. I'll do it.

-You guys have fun today.
-All right, brother.

Bye. See you.
Have a great time.

-Y'all have a great time.
-Have a good one, man.

-Bye, kids.
-Eat a lot, guys!

CLAY: I got
a hot-looking date, don't I?

He's got a fine ass.

I've seen it, too.

Whoo! Have some fun!

BRIAN: We're more than halfway
through the game,

and this is
an excellent time for us

to just clear our heads,
get away from everyone.

Relaxation is the key.

-Whoo, daddy!

BRIAN: Well, it was my first
time being in a helicopter.

I was a little apprehensive
at first-- a little nervous--

but it was like riding
a roller coaster,

and I enjoyed it immensely.

CLAY: We flew
for about 45, 50 minutes,

all the way to the mainland
of Thailand, and, uh...

put us on a bus that took us
way out in the jungle.

You know, you wondered where
this trip was going to end.


Wonder-- Mr. Clay, sir,
I have your elephant, sir,

-for you, waiting. Waiting.
-Oh, thank you. My elephant.

Welcome to the elephant trek.

CLAY: There was a Thai lady
standing there

with two glasses of juice.

-Salute to you.

-Oh. -And to Big Ted
and everybody at camp.

You... you got it.
Sounds good.


-Oh, it's wonderful.
-Oh, that's good.

-That's excellent.
-CLAY: That was the best juice

I ever tasted in my life.

CLAY: Nice elephant.
You big mama.

You nice, yeah. Nice elephant.

You can rest your feet
on the back here.

You can sit on the back,
all right?

BRIAN: Immediately, we jumped
onto this elephant.

-Right here?
-BRIAN: Okay.

-On here?

BRIAN: No briefing,
no instruction, no...

"Okay, safety:
Here's what's going to happen."

Any seat belts?

Whoo, mama!

-What's your name?

Giddyap? Tarzan.

-I'm good. You do well.

-Whoo, it's a big elephant.
-Nice ass.

-What, about 20 feet up?

Not too high for me to jump
if I need to.

-At all.

BRIAN: Riding the elephant
itself was a little spooky

and very uncomfortable.

I was looking at this guy down
here who had all the control,

holding it by its ear.

Every time he steps
about ten feet away from it,

I was like, "Excuse me."

Hey, you want... ex...

Hey, excuse me.

CLAY: I tried to relax
and go with the flow,

but Brian was terrified
of this elephant.

He had a death grip
on the side of his chair

the whole time.

At any minute,
he was ready to jump.

For two hours, he stayed on
"go" to jump off this elephant.

Boy, look at that mountain.

I know.

But look at
this countryside, though.

It is some pretty country.

It is absolutely gorgeous.

You got these limestone cliffs

and mountains and hills
and caves.

There's no way to describe
the beauty that-that's here,

that, uh,
is off the beaten track,

and the world
really doesn't know it's here.

Gosh almighty.

(low rumbling)

Oh, hell.

-Sounded like a fart.
-(squeaky farting)

-We got some serious... (laughs)
-(rumbling fart)

She's farting.

Oh, yeah. No problem.

-She feels better now, eh?
-Oh, yeah.

That's what you call
blowing your nose.

BRIAN: Tell you what--
I forgot about all the bullcrap

that's going on at camp.
Haven't you for a while?

-I know it. Well, Jake...
-Yeah, you know he's trying

to control that camp right now.

-Oh, man.
-He's going to try.



This is nice.

-This is fun today.

We're not in the helicopter,
but we're in the canoe.

That's okay.

Can we talk without it
going out of the canoe?

Oh, yes. Yes, sir.

Just between you and I...

Brian and Clay
are going to win the game.

HELEN: Jake and I went over
for the canoe trip today,

and, uh, the last thing
Clay and Brian said to me

before they left was keep
an eye on "the snake."

That's what their term is
for Jake.

JAKE: Well, and the only way
anybody can win this game,

at this point, is to get rid
of at least one of those guys,

and possibly two.

You got a good point.

Would you like to know
what their pecking order is?

'Cause I talked to both
those guys about what it is.


-You're kidding me.
-No, they have a pecking order.

HELEN: He seemed to have
a voting order down.

That's something I've heard
from my own tribe mates,

so he's getting information

I told Ted why I voted for him.

-You did?
-I did.

I said, "I was told
to vote for you--

to either vote for you or Ken."


You got to keep trying.

I mean, what can I do?

I can sit here
and get voted off,

or I can stir up
a little something

that might get me
a little bit further.

I've got nothing to lose.

Well, what I'm saying to you
is I think you got

a good chance
of winning the game.

You... you could probably
win it over Clay.

I don't... I'm not sure
you can win it over Brian.

No, I don't, either.
I don't think so.

So... so as much as I love him,
for you to win it,

you'd have to take him out.

JAKE: I gave her some things
to think about today.

I mean, a million dollars,

as opposed to nothing,
is a pretty big reason

to turn on somebody, regardless
of how much you like them.

Well, how would you propose
getting rid of, say, Clay?

I mean...

Well, the... the only proposal
I could offer is--

tomorrow, we go to challenge.

If one of
those two guys gets it,

we vote the other one off.

That's the only way
we could do it.

HELEN: Now I'm going to be deep
in thought the rest of the day.

Is he being up front with me
and honest, or is this his way

of playing the game
and staying on?

Um, if I were in his position,
I'd be doing everything I could

to eke out three
or six more days.

You're the only person I see
who can beat those two guys.

JAKE: I think Helen
could possibly win this

if she got rid of both Brian
and, uh... and Clay.

That is very interesting.

JAKE: Of course, if she
got rid of Brian and Clay,

I think I'd be back in the hunt,
and I think Penny would also.

My gosh.

I can't wait.

We came back to our, uh,

starting point
with the elephant, and--

ta-da-- a feast;
a feast fit for a king.

-CLAY: I want the silver--
-We have more for you.

-Holy hell. Yes!

-I've never been...

felt this way
about food in my life.

-Fried noodle, Thai style.

(sighs) Lord, look at
all this stuff.

-My God, I just want to scream.
-I feel the food going,

"What's this going on here?"
My stomach's going...

My stomach is saying,
"You feed me leaves and bark,

and all of a sudden you put
something that I can... I like."

CLAY: We ate every kind
of Thai food you could imagine.

It was the best food I've had
in, seemed like, 30 years.

I forgot that food
actually had a taste to it.

Let's see what this beer
tastes like.

-Not a bad beer.
-Not a bad beer.

-Know what I mean?
-The trip home will not be long.


We had a lot of laughs.

Me and Brian
are definitely tight.

You can't beat things
like that.

There is more, uh,
bonding goes on

in a trip like that than, uh...
uh, six months back in America.

Excuse me.

BRIAN: Well, I don't think
I would've had this good a time

with anybody else.
It was great

sharing it with him.
He enjoyed it,

and he would have done
the same for me.

CLAY: When we got through
eating, we had some, uh, soup

with some big old shrimp
leftover that we...

we... there's no way
we could eat.

So I, uh,
got to putting the shrimp

and all this soup
in this canteen.

You must have been hungry.

(both laughing)

And the other canteen,

I emptied it out
and filled it up

with the beer that we had.
We had, uh,

two and a half bottles
left of beer.

So, uh,
I get to go back to camp,

say, "Look what
I brought y'all."

If I make it to one

of those two final chairs,
maybe they'll remember.

"Let me put old Clay down.

He did think of me
earlier in the game."

My stomach's so small right now.

That baby is going,
"I'm happy. I'm happy."

(both laughing)

Pretty nice crab.


I hear a boat!

They're back.

Hey, guys!


Ahoy there!

Ahoy, mates!

Let's see
those big, fat bellies!

Or are you too fat
to get off the boat?

-Do you need help?

They all were out in the water

waiting for us
like, uh, lost sheep

longing for their masters.


Y'all glad to see us?

CLAY: You can take your sticks
and go to camp.

We will feed y'all's
happy ass tonight.


CLAY: The reception when we
got back was real warm.

Come here, sweetheart.

Oh, God bless you.

I had three pieces of fruit

in my hand, and so did Brian.

Then, of course, we told them
we had beer in one canteen

and a... a big old bowl of, uh,

shrimp, uh, soup
in the other canteen.

You go! Ah!

-Oh, man, I see tomatoes!
-Now. Shake it.

No, shake it now.

Oh, my God!

And then the other canteen

had beer. (laughs)

And I did share it,
but I didn't want to.

Oh, my God!

I need a nipple on top of this.

Oh, my God.

-Is that good?
-This is so good!


Wow. Oh, my God.

Stay right there.


Make me want
to slap somebody.

Slap somebody!

-JAN: I'm full right now. I'll
take a little... -Thank you.

-just a little shrimp.
-Wow. You're so welcome.

Our tribe is grateful

for anything we can get,
at this point.

So I think that
was a very, very smart,

wise move on their part,

'cause what it did
was it said to the tribe,

"Hey, we'll take care of you.

You just kind of stay behind us,
and we'll take care of you."

Smart. Yeah, smart move.


That's what I'm
talking about, dawg.

-That's what I'm talking about.
-JAN: Okay.

Y'all start with a blow-by-blow.

Okay. Um...

we were thrown
on this elephant--

no briefing, no nothing
about the elephant-- g'bye.

-No safety procedures...

(more laughter)

(ax thudding)

PENNY: Chuay Gahn
is a very tight group,

and they don't talk
about strategy.

They don't talk about how
they're going to vote,

and if they're ever off
whispering, you don't see it.

(Jake sighs)

So what do you think?

Just happy to be here?

What can you do?

Yeah, I know.

They don't seem to vote
an alliance, though.

No, I think it's
very secretive.

Must be, 'cause I can't
break into it.

I can't, either.

I have to do anything

I can right now
to stay in this game.

I am fighting
for my life right now.

I did have an original alliance
with Jake,

but now the game has changed.

Homeboy looks like

-a lost puppy, man.
-BRIAN: He shouldn't have played

-two sides of the fence,
you know. -Yeah. Yeah.

PENNY: Knowing that everybody on
Chuay Gahn does not like Jake,

I can't stay around Jake anymore
because then that hurts me.

He has tried to start something
since he walked in this camp.

That's why every one of us
are shying from him.

Clay told me in confidence,

he said, "Can I trust you?"

And we pinky-swore on it.

I told him I wouldn't stab him
in the back, and he told me,

he said, "I'm trying to get you
to the final four with us."

When you said the final four,
who are you talking about?

-Not here.
-Oh, I know that.

Here you take him out,
there's only six of us left.

So we just got to wait
until that time.

Everybody that's asked me

who's going to be
the final four,

I kick in a person
and put in their name.

I've done it
with everybody up there.

I'm gonna continue to do it,

and if they don't think
I'm not,

that would be real damn
stupid to... for Clay to say,

"Penny, you're not
in the final four,"

and put her totally against me.

I've got to put her ass
on that jury to vote for Clay.

Penny said, "What's going on?"
(jabbers goofily)

I said, "Jake is blowing
your ass out of the water."

I said, "He has got you
so screwed up."

I said, "He's got everybody

not trusting you
and everything else."

I said Jake's trying to make
alliances with Ted,

trying to make
alliances with me,

trying to make alliances
with Brian.

I said, "You need to tell Jake
to shut his damn mouth."

I mean, I'm not stupid.

Well, we already know
the game, man.


You dirty dog, you.

PENNY: I know that Chuay Gahn
is wanting to vote Jake,

so my only hopes tonight

is that Jake does not win
the immunity challenge,

and that way, I know that I,

hopefully, have another
three days here.

Welcome, guys.

First things first, as always.
Clay, give it up.

I don't want to,
so you got to take it off.

-All right.
-There you go.

Once again, immunity
back up for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,

we're going to test
your knowledge of Thai culture.

Each of you
will have a colored cube,

with the letters "A" through
"D," and "True" and "False."

I'll ask you a multiple choice
question about Thailand.

You guys will show me
your answer on your cube.

If you get it right, you get to
snuff out somebody else's torch.

It's pretty simple, right?
You each have three.

When your torches are all gone,
so are you.

Have a seat.
You're out of the game.

Take your spots,
and let's get started.

First question.

Thailand was formerly known
by which of the following names?

A: Siam, B: Kampuchea,

C: Myanmar, or D: Prathet Thai.

Correct answer is A: Siam.

Everybody's right except Clay.

All right, Penny.
Make your move.

Somebody's about to lose
a torch.

Sending a little love to Jake.


Helen loses her first torch.


Jake going after Brian.

-Feels kind of good to snuff
a torch, doesn't it? -Yes, sir.

Helen heading
right over to Clay.

-Hey, buddy. -PROBST: You're
going to have to earn immunity

-back-to-back, Clay.
-You're right.

Thanks, big daddy.

Penny takes a hit.

Everybody getting
a little love tonight.

Who will it be?

With a smile on her face, she
casually walks over to Penny,

and just like that,
Penny is down two torches.

Next question.

At some point
in every Thai male's life,

they are expected to:

A: Become a monk,

B: Perform one year
of civil service,

C: Master a martial art,

or D: Become a teacher?


Correct answer is
A: Become a monk.

Only two people were right
on that-- Jake and Jan.

All right, Jan,
the snuffer is yours.

We have our first casualty.

Penny is out of the game.

Penny, have a seat on the bench.

Jake, your move.

Jake very clear
on where he was heading.

Clay down two torches--
only has one left.

Next question:

"Sanook" is an integral part
of Thai life.

What does it mean?

A: Painting, B: Praying,

C: Having fun, D: Working.

The correct answer is
C: having fun.

The only person right is Jake.

Make your move, Jake.

Jake almost single-handedly
put Clay out of the game.

-Sure did.
-Clay, join Penny on the bench.

We're down to five.

Here we go, guys.

Which of the following

originated in Thailand:

Tae Bo, mai tai, tie-dyed shirts

or none of the above?


Correct answer--
D: None of the above.

Everybody got it
except for Brian.

Jan hits Jake again.

Jake is down to one torch.

Going to return the favor--
Jan takes her first hit.

Jan is now down to two torches.

Keep everybody even.

PROBST: Evening it up,
giving Ted his first hit.

Big Ted.

(Helen chuckles)

Let's guess where he's going.

Going to send Jake to the bench.

No love from Big Ted.

Jake, you're out of the game.

Have a seat on the bench.

We're down to four:
Ted, Jan, Brian and Helen.

Everybody has two torches left.

True or false:

Thais will often greet
each other with the phrase,

"Gin khao reu yung?"

"Have you eaten rice today?"

And reveal.

Correct answer is true.

Helen, it's your move.

Brian down to one torch.

True or false.

In Thai, Bangkok
means "City of Angels."

The ladies are right.

Correct answer is true.

And with that,
Brian is out of the game.


-Jan heads right over to
Big Ted. -No love. No love, huh?

-Oh, I do love you.
-Ted is down to his last torch.

The capital of Thailand is
A: Bangkok,

B: Singapore, C: Tokyo,

or D: Taipei.

Once again,
the ladies are right.

She's going right
for the competition.

My sleep mate!

-(Jan laughing)
-PROBST: The big question is

will Helen return the favor, or
will Helen put him on the bench?

Got to return the favor.


Helen gets even.

-Everybody down to one torch.
-TED: Thank you, Helen.

-PROBST: Ted, you were spared.
-(Ted laughing)

According to Thai etiquette,
which of the following

should be used for eating:

A: Your fingers,

B: Chopsticks,

C: Fork and spoon,

or D: All of the above?

Correct answer is
D: All of the above.

Helen, who are you going
to put out of this game?

Still got a few more days left
on this island.

I know.

Tribal Council looming.

Jan is out of the game.

Have a seat on the bench.

I'll remember that, too, Helen.
Thank you.

Here's where we're at:

Big Ted has one torch.
Helen has one torch.

Next question:

Which of these countries

does not share
a border with Thailand--

A: Cambodia, B: Vietnam,

C: Malaysia, or D: Laos?

Big Ted says C: Malaysia.

That is not right.

Helen says B: Vietnam.
That is right.

Snuff his torch.

-JAN: Good job.
-I'm sorry, Ted. I'm sorry.

That was fun, huh?
That was fun.

Ted, have a seat on the bench.

-Hang tight, Helen. Nicely done.

Thank you.

-Safe from the vote tonight.
-That's cool.

Guaranteed a one-in-six shot
at being the sole survivor.

For the rest of you,
Tribal Council looms.

One of you
will be going home tonight.

Lead them back to camp.

You guys can head out.

Congratulations, H.

-Yeah, good job.
-Heck of a job.

-Snuff city, huh?
-I didn't know any of those.

She snuffed me right out,
right from the beginning.

I knew you knew it all.

Well, I guess the thing

that bothered me most
is Penny came up and snuffed me

right from the very beginning.

But, you know,
I guess she had her reasons.

I don't know what they were,
but she had her reasons.

I wasn't quite sure exactly,

um, if I should snuff out Jake
or not, but I guess

I was trying to send a message
to Chuay Gahn that Jake and I

don't really
have an alliance anymore,

and I wanted them to see that.

Let's think about this.

I think the snake has to go.

Yeah, me, too.

The snake has to go.

-You mean Jake?

-Number one?
-Number one.

That's a wrong move, man.

TED: I consider Penny
a Trojan horse.

Um, she puts on her charm
and sweetness and etcetera,

but she has a game plan

-BRIAN: He's more of a predator.
-TED: Oh, yeah.

She's charming Brian and Clay.

Just to kind of prevent
her charm from working,

I think it's important
for us to vote her off.

Are you okay with this or no?

Um, I just think
he's more of a predator.

-I don't know.
-TED: Oh, no.

Oh, here she comes.

We'll just wait until later.

You can see them kind of

whispering around,
so I know it's all going on.

So I'm trying to get a chance

to get Ted off over to the side
and say, "Ted,

if you vote for me,
you'll be next."

It's not over
till the fat lady sings,

but I think I can hear her
warming up.


We'll now bring in
the two members of our jury,

Erin and Ken.

Hey, guys.


So, when each tribe
first came to Tribal Council,

I said that this
is where you account

for your actions on the island.

Across from you guys,
nine torches.

Nine people voted out.

Big Ted, you think
that's held true so far?

I really do believe that, um,
the people who have...

who have been voted out so far

were voted out
because of their actions.

And as the game progresses,
it's kind of hard

to hold onto
that philosophy because, um,

the closer we get
toward the million dollars,

um, a lot of people
will be motivated by money.

And when you're motivated
by money,

you're thinking more selfishly.

-Jake, you agree with that?

we've let some people go
that were really strong people,

especially in our tribe,

because we didn't particularly
like their actions.

Now I think we've kind of taken

a different approach
in the game.

And to me now, it's:
how can I, for example,

set up with someone else
and form an alliance

that's a win-win for both of us?

And that's the way I think
the game is played.

Clay, you think deception

has been going on first 30 days?

I mean, it's to outwit,
outplay and outlast,

and that's the name
of this game.

I mean, we're all...
we got our own strategies,

and we're all trying
to get to the top.

And, uh, I'm sure everybody's
done their fair share.


anything wrong
with deceiving in this game?

Depends on when you're deceiving
and how you're deceiving.

Um, of course,
you would hope that people

who you talk to
are, um, being honest

and faithful to you,
but, um, this is a game.

Jan, are you starting
to wonder more

about conversations that happen
when you're not around?


It's happening more and more--

the whispers, the going off,
the talking,

the trying to form alliances.

Yes, it is.

Well, we had a very late
immunity challenge today.

You guys went back to your camp,

really, with just enough time
to grab your personal items,

so if there's anything
that anybody wants to say

that you didn't get a chance
to say back at camp,

now is the time.

I'll say something.

At last Tribal Council,

I heard from this tribe
that they usually

vote people off based on
how a person really performs.

Now, I still feel
in a very vulnerable position,

as I'm sure Penny does,

but if you base it
on performance,

I think my performance
stands up to...

to everybody's on the tribe
and probably better than most.

And so I'll be
kind of curious tonight,

see if that performance record
still holds up.

Anybody have a response to that?

Very good. All right.

Helen, it is time to vote.

You're up first.

Jake, I didn't like your
statement you just made

about, uh, doing all
you can and, uh,

you was goin' to be surprised
if you're voted off,

because your mouth
has definitely

overloaded your butt.

Tonight, my vote is for Jake,

because I'm trying to keep
myself alive in this game,

and I feel this is the only way
that I can do it right now.

Man, I gotta give it to you.

You're good;
you're very, very good.

Your deceiving
Southern belle charm

first worked on Jake;

now it's starting to work
on Brian and Clay.

But, unfortunately,
I'm not falling for it.

Take care.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



One vote Jake, one vote Penny.


That's one vote Jake,
one vote Penny, one vote Jan.

Two votes Jake.

Two votes Jake,

two votes Penny,
one vote Jan.

That's three votes Penny.

The tenth person voted out
of the tribe:


Need to bring me your torch.

Penny, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Bye. Good luck.

(no voice)

Well, it's clear that you've

endured a lot
over the last 30 days.

But these last nine days
will prove to be the toughest.

You guys can head back to camp.

Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

In a special episode,
we'll revisit

the first 30 days
through highlights.


What was that?

And never-before-seen footage.

I've done a lot of canoeing.

That was the worst canoe
I've ever been in

in my entire life.

How many of you vote

for burning the ... canoe?!

Well, I definitely
wasn't ready to leave the game,

but I guess,
in a weird sort of way,

it was a nice compliment to see
that I was seen as a threat.

I came out here knowing
I was one of 16

and, um, just wanted to see
how far I could get in the game.

And to know that I was able
to accomplish that

really does surprise me.

I'm very proud of myself.