Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 11 - A Closer Look - full transcript

Highlights of some of the best moments from the first 10 weeks along with never-before-seen footage.

Tonight on a special episode

of Survivor: Thailand,

we'll take a look back
at the first 30 days,

through highlights
and never-before-seen footage.

JAKE: You know, the canoe weighs
2,321 pounds, I'm convinced.

That was the worst canoe
I've ever been in

in my entire life.

How many of you vote
for burning the ... canoe?!

-JAN: Clay.

He's an ass man, apparently.

(Clay whoops)

It's just part
of Clay's personality.

Erin's a neat girl, and

isn't she a bubba-loo.

Damn. Mmm.


I like the whole model scene,

you know, 'cause I'm fine,
I realize that.

Do the camera. Do the camera.
(imitates clicking)

We call Ghandia the Diva Queen.

Then I'll whip out the camera

and say, "Oh, work it,
work it, girl."

"Who she think she is,
calling her diva?"

Uh, hello!

I'm a diva, and you're not.

On day one,

the survivors left
a small fishing village

as a group of men
and a group of women.

Right from the start, they knew
there would be some surprises.

JOHN: We came in and walked
through this ancient Thai

fishing village,
got on our boats--

men in one, women in
the other-- which of course,

led us to believe that
the tribes were going to be

the men against the women.

But they soon learned

that wasn't the case.

You're going to choose
your own tribes, right now.

In keeping
with the Thai tradition

of honoring the elders,
Jake and Jan, the two oldest,

were allowed
to pick their own tribes.

When Jeff said that
we were picking the tribes,

I was scared, because, um,
I'm not really a leader.

JAKE: I like to see
athletic-looking people, so,

I based picking the team on

just that gleam
in their eye that looks

like they'd be there
for the duration.

PROBST: Jan chose
an older group for Chuay Gahn,

while Jake went with youth
and brawn for Sook Jai.

You know, I've got a crew

that's totally enthusiastic
and ready to go.

You can totally
swing on this, guys.

But they know


PROBST: At Chuay Gahn,
the tribe was quick

to make use of
the natural cave,

while John was quick
to delegate chores.

-This'll be...
-You see? That's not dry, and...

You don't think it's dry enough?

-No, sir. We got plenty of that.
-All right.

CLAY: John's over trying
to start a fire, and he wants

to sit there and not go out
and hunt for the dry stuff.

He keeps telling everybody

to go hunt the dry stuff, but
he wants to sit there and try

to strike leaves. He needs
to get up and go try to find

some dry stuff.

Everybody is hunting for that,

except him,
and he's sitting there

saying, "You can't strike it,
you can't strike it."

We got fire!

Don't-Don't count your chickens.

-Getting the fire is easy.
-TED: Oh.

-Getting the dry stuff to, uh,
burn is-- -Gettin' it to ignite.

CLAY: John-- he's already pissed
everybody off.

Everything you do: "Oh, no, no,
no. Oh, no, no. Oh, no, no."

We had all the stuff
to start a fire.

Well, he decided that wasn't
good, so he thought...

And he wants to sit there, and
everybody go find him fire.

What would happen if we just
chop up what we have, or...?

That would work, except
it just doesn't ignite quickly.

Okay, I got a real good idea.

We're-We're gathering bamboo,

we're gathering coconuts
and all this.

If we don't have this,
ought to go find some.

Then come right back
and do it.

Okay, you want us to go gather
the straw to-to make your fire,

do all this, and you're going
to sit here and look at this.

Why don't you come help us?

This won't work?
This right here won't work?


I'll start that damn...

-Oh! Oh!
-There you go.

-There, that...

CLAY: John? No, me and John
don't think alike a lot.

As far as compassion to family,
we think a lot alike,

but wilderness, outdoor
surviving, we don't think

alike at... at all.

Let's go to the beach.

When night fell,

the mood
at Sook Jai was upbeat.

We were so excited about

the team that we ended up with,

we all decided to come down

to the beach
and just check it out.


Stephanie even got naked.

Oh, my God, are you naked?

Fixin' to be.

Oh, my God, she is wild,
she is crazy.

You look good in the moonlight.

-It suits you.
-Well, thank you.

PROBST: But on day two, Sook
Jai's happy mood began to sour,

when the tribe clashed
over priorities.

ROBB: So many people are going
in so many directions

and doing stuff, and it's...
they're not producing anything.

-Let me see your hands!
-I understand your hands.

-Let me see your hands! -Dude,
I was told to go get food, okay?

Okay, I'm not saying that,
sweetie. Let me see your hands.

-That's my point, dude.

I'm not here
to be yelled at by you.

Pick up something, dude.
I'm not yelling at you, sweetie!

I'm saying, I want to sleep
tonight, okay?

How'd you sleep last night?
Pretty good, huh?

My point, exactly. Walk away.

You do not mess with

the Shii-Devil and not get
the horns, okay?

PROBST: Chuay Gahn was having
their own problems.

Tanya was feeling sick.

And the tribe got lost looking
for their water hole.

HELEN: There's no way that if
this is the water source that

we're supposed to be able to
come up here every couple days

with a big, huge gallon jug

and fill it up
and go back down again.

So I-I don't think
we're on the right track.

Here we go, guys.
Immunity at stake.

Survivors ready?


PROBST: At the first
immunity challenge,

Chuay Gahn showed
that they weren't

a bunch of old fogies
by taking an early lead.

-Row! Row! -Dig in, right side.
Dig in, right side.


But it was too good to be true.

Sook Jai overtook Chuay Gahn

when Ghandia struggled
with the sliding puzzle.


-Come on, guys.
-Hurry up! Hurry up!

-Got this mother!
-Get the flag!

Sook Jai wins immunity!

Chuay Gahn made the hike
to the first Tribal Council,

but that didn't worry Pastor
John, who was feeling secure.

I'll read the votes.

JOHN: I felt pretty confident
Ghandia was going that night.

First vote-- Ghandia.

JOHN: Jeff opened the urn.
First vote-- Ghandia.

-Second vote...

And he picked up that card
and he turned it around,

and I saw J-O-H-N.


It's like, all of a sudden,
you get, like,

this bump in the pit
of your heart-- boom.

You know, your name resonates
in a way it never has before.

Then when he turned the other
one over

and said "John" again...

Two votes-- John.

...I'm like, "Okay,

this is heading
in a bad direction."

By the time he turned

the third one over, I realized

there was an alliance
that I was left out of.

That's four votes, John,
and that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

You almost want to jump up
and scream, "Stop the music!

"That's enough humiliation.

This hurts too bad."

John, the tribe has spoken.

I mean, I came in
expecting to win this thing,

and I am going to
go down in history

as the first one
voted off of Survivor V.

By day four at Chuay Gahn,

Ted was settling
into a routine.

My luxury item is

a shaving kit.

I usually shave my head every
three days, and in this world,

every three days is the Tribal
Council, so...

I figure to start
a new, renewed spirit after

each Tribal Council,
I'm going to shave my head.

Oh, thank you, baby!

-Looking good!

He's got his own routine
going on.

Got the shaving,
got the beauty stuff.

He's probably got--
I'm sure he's got

facials and manicures
as well as pedicures.


It just gives me a new, fresh,

a new outlook,
a new start over, if you will.

I'm starting that tradition
today, and it's good.

You guys just don't know
how good this feels, bro.

PROBST: At Sook Jai,
the daily routine

revolved around building
a dry place to sleep.

JAKE: The shelter
has become almost

an obsession to the tribe.

But Stephanie and Jed have not
worked on the hut very much,

which has caused problems with

the people who have been
working on the hut.

Shelter is important, but I just
can't get into that right now.

STEPHANIE: 'Cause right now,
Jed's pretty much taking care

of food and I've been
primarily the water.

So, if you took the two of us
out of the equation,

I'm not sure
how the other six would do.

Back at Chuay Gahn,

while the guys were busy
playing golf...

-Oh! Baby!

...Helen and Jan were busy
looking for the water hole

and getting lost, again.

It was a nightmare.

At one point,
I was about ready to--

if I had a pistol
in my pocket,

I would have pulled it out,

shot her first, shot me second.

That's why I don't carry a gun.

I see it.

(Ted imitates camera clicking)

She's working.
You're all that.

BRIAN: Ghandia's the diva of the
group, so she loves to act lie

her picture's being taken
anytime, uh,

the word "diva" is called.

Oh, wait a minute.


(imitates camera clicking)

BRIAN: The minute,
uh, Ted happens to say

something about diva
or whatever, it's...

(imitates camera clicking)
...and there's-there's Ghandia

going right there with the

posing left, right, left, right.

It's funny as heck.

-For reals?
-You dropped about ten pounds.

-No way.
-You're looking good, too.

I didn't drop ten pounds.

You have, trust me.

Thank you.


Hold on, hold on, hold on.

(imitates camera clicking)

TED: We call Ghandia
"the Diva Queen."

I role-play as the cameraman,

taking pictures
of the Diva Queen

in different poses, etc.

More like a-a New York photo
shoot for Vogue

or something like that.

I'll whip out the camera
and say,

"Oh, work it, work it, girl,
work it, girl, work it, girl."

Hold on, hold on,
let me change film.


I like the whole model scene,

you know, 'cause I'm fine,
I realize that.

I don't have a regular,
like, skinny model body.

I'm just a thick girl.

Good morning, diva.

Good morning, everyone.

Breakfast is served.

GHANDIA: They all kind of play
into my little, you know,

supermodel fantasy, which is
cool and I just love it.

That's just, that's just me.

I dig it, man.

Girls on the other team,
"Who she think she is,

calling her diva?"

Uh, hello?

I'm a diva, and you're not.

That's a fact.

That's just a fact
of the matter.

If you look up "diva" in
the dictionary, it's Ghandia.

-PROBST: At the second

immunity challenge,
Stephanie brought home

the win for Sook Jai
by mere seconds.

Sook Jai wins immunity!


So it was back to
Tribal Council for Chuay Gahn,

where Tanya realized
her sickness

had finally caught up with her.

First vote-- Tanya.

When Jeff reads your name,

you just think, "Oh,
I'm going to be the next to go."

And it's-it's not
a very good feeling.

Tanya. Tennessee.

You just think, "Oh, my gosh,
people don't like me

or they don't want me,"
you know?

I mean, it's not very good
for the self-esteem.

That's four, that's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

The tribe has spoken.

When Jeff snuffs the torch,
it's like, the light goes out

and you realize that
you're no longer going to be

with your tribe.

It's disheartening,
but you just realize

that your part on the game
is over with.

On night six,

Ghandia and Ted found solace
in their friendship.

This is the longest

I've ever been away
from my husband,

and Ted brings that home to me,
you know.

It's kind of like my husband's
here with me chilling.

PROBST: But by the morning
of day seven,

Ghandia wasn't feeling
as good about Ted.

GHANDIA: Last night,
he threw his arm over me

and he started to,
like, really, um,

become very kind of sexual.

I mean, specifically, he was
grinding against, against me.

PROBST: Ted apologized
and offered an explanation.

Sometimes when I'm sleeping,
you know,

it's, like,
in the middle of the night,

I'm not, like, totally clear.

I'm thinking
I'm sleeping with my wife.

Please, can you forgive me?


PROBST: Ghandia accepted the
apology, and all was forgiven,

at least for a while.

Bring it in!

At the second reward challenge,

the stakes were raised
by a very big payoff.

Here's your reward.

For 24 hours,
you will have two Red Berets.

You can use them to help
improve your shelter,

fix a boat or source
every bit of edible food

in your camp.


The competition
between the tribes

heated up,
and things got physical.

Sook Jai had the lead
until, one by one,

the younger members
were disqualified.

Guys, hold up.
Ken, you were not

in the attack zone
when you first made contact.

You're out of the game.

One of Sook Jai's baskets
goes to Chuay Gahn.

No, no, no!

Robb, you were not
in the attack zone

when you grabbed Clay
around the throat.

Sook Jai's self-destruction
paved the way

for Chuay Gahn's first victory.


Chuay Gahn wins reward!

Two Red Berets for 24 hours.

At Sook Jai,
Robb was bitter about the loss.

That last time, he came at me
and I put my hands out

and pushed him in.

He's a weak little whiny punk.

Backwoods hick.

Did you hear him?

(mimics goofy yelling)
Screaming at me.

Dude, I wanted to
spit in his face.

We got company!

CLAY: All right,
here they come, y'all!

Sawat-dee kha!

The Red Berets were

just what the underdog
Chuay Gahn tribe needed.

HELEN: Thai cooking
like I've never seen before.

Yeah, everything in that wok is
from right here on the beach.

Red Berets said you can eat it,

so if it's edible,
we're eating it.

But amidst the high spirits

was a seed of discontent.

I accepted Ted's apology,

but I felt that
everybody in the tribe

should know what he did.

He started biting me
on my shoulder back here,

like sexy biting.

I was like, this is some bull.

Your-Your wife just had a baby
a ... week ago.

-You're kidding. -And you bump
your ... on my ass?

'Cause you're happily married.

The only part that I think

I probably left out
is that he apologized.

By sundown, talk of

the Ted and Ghandia incident
was spreading

like wildfire
through the Chuay Gahn camp.

It's kind of serious, yeah.

That's why she's been
depressed all day.

-I guess it got pretty bad.

I just don't think that's cool.

The following day,

Brian decided to hear
Ted's side of the story.

Nothing happened, right?

I mean, a mistake happened,
and I rectified it.

-Honest mistake.
-Nothing happened though, right?

No, not at all.

Okay. All I need to hear.

Nothing happened.

Ted told me

that nothing happened.

And then as Helen was

walking by me, I mentioned
that he denied everything.

He said nothing happened.

I was surprised she went
right back to Ghandia

and said, "Brian said that Ted
told him nothing happened."

He didn't do nothing?
Is that what the ... said?

No, no, never happened,
never happened.

I guess it was a figment
of your imagination.

No, um, no.

Ghandia, I wouldn't...

GHANDIA: I heard from Helen
that Ted told Brian

that nothing happened,
and something did happen.

Which really, really set me off.


What was that?


CLAY: That was the most childish
act she's done so far here.

Ghandia going to

go down to the beach and cry
and holler and carry on.

My two-year-old
did that one time,

and I whooped its ass
and put it back in bed.

Ass ...!

Piece of ...!

TED: Ghandia was making an issue
that was very, very small

and has exploded it
into an issue

that goes beyond me
and beyond this game.


Ted called a tribe meeting

to get everything
out in the open.

For some crazy reason,
I started grinding on Ghandia.

We talked about it, and I said

to Ghandia
I am totally apologized.

To me, I got the feeling that
you was trying to get with me.

-No. No. No.
-For real.

First of all,
I don't need to get with you.

-I know you don't.
-Second of all,

I'm not even attracted to you!

All it is now is that
it's all out on the table,

it's all out in the open.

We all understand what happened.

TED: If the drama continued
or if we hadn't had

this meeting that we had,
I think it would have

fractured the tribe completely,
but I think

we've put
a Band-Aid on it for right now.

PROBST: When tree mail arrived
at Sook Jai,

tribal spirit
just wasn't there.

When we started off,

we didn't think we could have
picked a better team.

All I know is that the majority
of us don't really care

whether or not
we win the immunity.

We're actually hoping
that we lose.

We're ready to get rid
of some people.

Survivors ready?

-Yes. -Yeah! -Ready!

Jed didn't feel the same way.

He tried to lead
Sook Jai to victory.

Come on, come on, come on!

No, no, no.

No, we got it, we got it.

PROBST: But he just
couldn't pull it off.

Chuay Gahn wins immunity!

Thank you, God.

We worked together.

PROBST: On day nine,
Sook Jai made the hike

to their first Tribal Council.

First vote-- Jed.

As the votes were read,
Sook Jai's objective was clear.

It was Jed's time to go.

My heart was beating so fast,

just praying that
for some reason this is

a bad nightmare
and this isn't happening.

And then, boom, number four.

That's four votes Jed.

And I'm still thinking,

"Surely, there's no way

that five people voted for me."

And then the fifth one.

Jed. Need to bring me
your torch.

And I'm like, "Was there more
I could have done?"

Jed, the tribe has spoken.

I don't even remember the moment

that Jeff put it out.

I was numb.

Oh, boy.

On day 12,

Chuay Gahn was experiencing
a divide in the sexes.

JAN: I'm starting to feel
that there's tension

with the workload.

The men aren't

pulling their weight
or offering,

"Can I help do something?"

BRIAN: Yeah, I think that's just
the natural transition in lif.

Ladies in the kitchen
and the men

take care of business
and do all the fishing.

And actually I got some clothes
I got to have them wash, too.

Let me go actually talk--
Ladies? Um...

Here we go. Survivors ready?


Ted, take the big one...

PROBST: Chuay Gahn
couldn't pull it together for

a mental challenge on day 12.

Sook Jai outwitted them
and won immunity.

Sook Jai wins immunity!


At Tribal Council,

the gender lines broke down,
as Helen

joined the men and helped vote
Ghandia out of the tribe.

Ghandia. That's four.

You need to bring me your torch.

GHANDIA: The one thing I could
have done to stay longer:

When Ted had apologized to me
for his indiscretion,

I should have
just accepted it and just

gone with it.

Even though, at that point,
I just really despised him.

I was just going to be Ghandia
no matter what.

Ghandia, the tribe has spoken.

Stay strong, y'all.

See you.

Even if I made mistakes
in my choices,

I still was like,
I'm just going to take the hit

'cause that's who I am,
and I'm not going to change

the essence of Ghandia,
'cause Ghandia herself,

she's an awesome,
beautiful person.

PROBST: On day 13, Jake decided
to try a little fishing.

If y'all get me started
straight, I can paddle straight.

ROBB: There's no...
There's no big breaks, dude.

You guys will have
a good chance.

Yeah, we'll make it.

The canoe weighs
2,321 pounds, I'm convinced.

One person can't do it.

The boat is cracked.

There's no way you can take the
boat out; it won't do anything.

The second you put it in the
water, it'll fill right up.

That was the worst canoe I've
ever been in in my entire life.

Nah, we're already swamped.

KEN: Well, what do you want
to do? I mean...

We're gonna have to get out.

I've done a lot
of canoeing, just a ton of it.

I've taught canoeing as a kid.

I'm pretty doggone good

I tell you one thing,
this damn thing

sure made me mad.

Damn it!

It was really shaky
with both of us in there.

I think it's a one-man deal.

I think I'm going to
have to do it by myself.

The reason I was going to try
to jump in that canoe

and paddle out there is 'cause

I was pretty convinced
this time

I could do it.

All right, I got it, I got it.

-You got it?
-Get out of the way. Yeah.

All right.


How many of you vote for
burning the ... canoe?

On the morning of day 14,

Chuay Gahn woke to find that
their boat had floated away.

The boat's gone?


There must be a reasonable
explanation for all of this.

If we don't find that boat,

I don't know
what we're going to do.

Back at Sook Jai,

Robb had a close encounter
with the local sea life.


He probably pushed off

on a stingray

and got a stinger in his foot.

Damn, it ... hurts!

He's like a little baby.

He's, like,
throwing a little temp...

"Ow, it hurts."

Throwing a little
temper tantrum

on the ground.

Just be a mature person
and just--

Yeah, it hurts, okay.
Just, "ouch."

PROBST: The heat was on again
as the tribes

went fishing for immunity.

-Survivors ready?
-Yes! -JAN: Yeah!


-Watch out! Brian!
-PROBST: Nice shot, Clay.

Chuay Gahn was able to
sort their way to victory.

-Chuay Gahn wins immunity!

We get fish out of it...

-Chuay Gahn!
-Chuay Gahn! -Chuay Gahn!

PROBST: At Tribal Council,
with Jed gone,

it was time for his ally
Stephanie to join him.

Fourth vote.

That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

STEPHANIE: Their priority
was shelter, and I really

busted my ass getting the water.

So I got really aggravated, and
I think that they had a plan.

Stephanie, the tribe has spoken.

You know, I said up-front

that I wasn't after the money.

I was going to be myself 100%.

I went on there to get respect,

to have an adventure,
to challenge myself.

And that's exactly what I did.

On day 16,

Robb was beginning to suspect
Ken was manipulating votes.

You know what's bothering me?

Straight up,
I think you're playing

a harder game than anyone here.

-Oh, really?
-Yeah, I do.

Okay, so now yesterday
going in there,

-who did everybody vote for?

Okay, who did I tell you
I was voting for? Steph.

And now you got
a problem with me

because I was honest with you?

-That was the whole basis of my
argument... -Okay, well...

...was me thinking that
you're not being truthful.

-So don't ... try to tell me
that I'm doing... -Okay.

...something I'm not, all right?
'Cause I'm not ... stupid.

Why didn't you ask me?


Emotions were high,

even at the reward challenge.

A Thai feast was at stake,

and neither tribe was
going to give it up easily.

Just got my face!


It was Robb who paved the way
for a Sook Jai victory.

Sook Jai wins reward!


Sook Jai!

At the feast,
the members of Sook Jai

put their past conflicts
behind them.

SHII ANN: I felt like,
for a second, that we were

maybe even friends,
just there enjoying each other

and enjoying the meal
and put aside the game.

And that very rarely happens
for Sook Jai.

It was really nice.


PROBST: Though Sook Jai
seemed to be on a roll,

Chuay Gahn outwitted them

at the immunity challenge
on day 17.

Nicely done.

-CLAY: Yay!

PROBST: The night before
Tribal Council,

Robb had some heartfelt words
and connected with his tribe.

I didn't have a relationship
with my dad for

21 years of my life,

and now I miss him
more than I miss anyone.

And I want to go home and tell
him how much I love him.

I tell you what,
you're a good man.

I like you.

Amen, bro.

PROBST: But Tribal Council
proved friendship is one thing,

island politics is another.

Two B's.

Two B's, guys.

The tribe said good-bye
to their most outspoken member.

Need to bring me your torch.

ROBB: I lasted a lot longer
than I expected.

I was the youngest one
out there out of 16,

and, uh, by far, probably the
most vocal about everything.

Robb, the tribe has spoken.

Thanks, bro.

I wish I wouldn't have
got into arguments with Ken,

'cause it was so stupid.

I felt like I was trying to,
like, have a petty squabble

with... with a cop
over a speeding ticket.

For real,
you guys are all with me.

Love you.

Lasted 18 days, man,

without... without trying to
screw with anybody's head.

That's pretty good.

On day 19,

the tribes received word
of a get-together.

Today, something

very different is happening.

Ambassadors from both tribes
were sent

to assess the two camps.

This is home.
That's our bed right there.

Wow, this is great!

-This is much better than
our shelter, I think. -Really?

Wow, this is your bed?

-Did you guys build this?

Yes, we did.

There it is.

How about you guys?

How is it set up over there?

Same type of water hole,
but like I said,

you got to swim
at least a mile to it.

PROBST: When the four
ambassadors returned,

they had a decision to make.

The two tribes will now
live together on one beach.

The question is, which beach
are you going to live on?

-Looks like we're going
to Chuay Gahn. -Chuay Gahn.

Going to Chuay Gahn, all right.

One, two, three.



It was a huge successful merger
of two tribes.

I don't want to be...

It just felt so good

to... to make friends,
you know.

Just felt so nice to just

meet new people
who-who didn't judge you.

PROBST: That night,
the tribe indulged--

some more than others.

Yeah... Oh!

You better watch yourself!

BRIAN: So I happened to have
a little too much wine.

At the same time, it shows
everyone I'm human and, uh,

uh... I'm one of them.


PROBST: Brian's hangover
didn't prevent him

from trying to lure Shii Ann
over to the Chuay Gahn camp.

You got a new family.

I mean, Clay loves you,
Helen loves you,

Ted loves you, we all love you.

-Yeah, that's good.
-And we'll all have fun.

SHII ANN: I told Chuay Gahn
that I'm...

I'm on board.

I've told them to their face
that I'm on board.

I'm working a deal.

I'm voting Penny out.

On day 21,

the castaways arrived
for the immunity challenge

and got a big surprise.

I never would have expected
our merge

to have gone
as smoothly as it has.

-You said, "merge."

I certainly didn't say anything

to give you that impression,
did I?

What I said to you guys
when you left is,

"Two tribes will live together
on the same beach."

The two tribes never merged.

Strategies were thrown
into turmoil.

And for some, immunity became
more important than ever.

Shii Ann!

All right, Shii Ann.

That night, it was Chuay Gahn
who escaped the vote.

Chuay Gahn wins immunity!

Sook Jai went directly
to Tribal Council,

and Shii Ann found herself
in the hot seat.

ERIN: Some people weren't
being true to our tribe,

and it is kind of disheartening

thinking that,
you know, your tribe

that you thought you trusted

now is starting to really
look out for themselves.

PROBST: Shii Ann made
a desperate play for her life

and tried to target Penny.

Penny, you're manipulative,
because-- I know you don't--

I know that that's not
a-a pleasant word,

but it's the way
that you've played the game.

If we go back today
and I'm out, and not Penny,

that's going to leave another
impression with those guys.

PROBST: But Shii Ann's plea
didn't work.

Shii Ann.
Need to bring me your torch.

My last Tribal Council

was the end-all and be-all
of good times.

I shook up everyone in Sook Jai.

I let it all come out.

Shii Ann, the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, you guys.

I stirred up the pot
so badly last night,

and Chuay Gahn knows
what's going on.

And I don't know what's going
to happen, but I was like,

"I'm liberated!"

The Shii-Devil is here.

I'm here to serve a little
trouble for all the rest of you.

Now you know
what the real game is

and now you can just
fight amongst yourselves.

PROBST: On day 22,
the castaways adjusted

to living together as

two separate tribes
on the same beach.

HELEN: Right now,
we're all, we're all

off-center with, you know,
trying to predict, so...

I told everybody today I...
I'm becoming Australian.

I'm just going to do that "no
worries, mate" thing and, uh,

I'm not going to
think about it.

PROBST: For Clay, cohabitating
with the members of Sook Jai

wasn't such a bad thing.


Erin really got a nice ass.

Oh, yeah.

I didn't know if you--
I just got to clue you in.

-I'm a little older,
little wiser. -No, trust me,

believe me, that's not something
I would overlook.

-I know who you're going to be

following all the way
to that water hole...

Ain't no doubt about it.

I must remind myself.

I know what my wife looks like.

Clay-- he's an ass man,

And you know what?

He's just being
cute and darling.

No, Erin,
she got a little race horse.

My wife's got a Russian
race horse, I'm telling you.

You know,
them ol' butts that just...

Them ol' race horses
prancing out there.

She's beautiful.

JAN: He talks about his wife
87 times a day

and talks about her ass, too,
and says it's great.

I mean, you know, he... it's
just part of Clay's personality.

But it's non-offensive
to anybody, I don't think.


Erin's a neat girl,

and isn't she a bubba-loo.


If Erin walks in front of me,

sure I'm going to
look at her butt.

They're cute little butts.

I'm not going to lie.

Last night, Erin--
we sat around

the fire kind of talking,
got caught up,

and you could actually
see the blaze

glittering and glowing
on her butt,

and she was standing
right in front of everybody.

So I just thought I'd just let
her know her butt was on fire.

I can tell you right now, Erin,

you got the prettiest ass
around here

glowing in that fire.


Ooh, Clay, I'm sorry my butt
is right in your face.

It's fine.
I just wanted you to know

that the sun was kind of
glancing off that baby.

Hey! Hey!



That's one crazy son of a bitch.

Flippers, fins, snorkels!

PROBST: On day 23, the tribes
received a special treemail.

"This is not a challenge,
so everybody wins.

"Just go have some fun with
new masks, snorkel and fins."


Go, guys.

Y'all going to get us
some fish tonight?

CLAY: Wow. Y'all, let's get
some fish now.

-I'm ready.
-Stick 'em.

PENNY: I'm real excited
about the snorkeling.

I think the guys are
more tickled about it,

really, than we are 'cause

-we can sit back and talk
recipes -HELEN: Yeah.

-while they try to go get us
some food. -That's right.

Jake and Brian have this

Lord of the Flies dream
right now

that they're going to
go out there and stab a fish,

but that's a very
difficult thing to do.

Fishing was extremely tough.

We don't have the right
equipment to spear.

Only thing we've got
is the right snorkel and fins.

It's like trying to find
a needle in a haystack.

PROBST: At the immunity
challenge, Brian and Jake

put their snorkeling skills
to the test.

Only two people left
in the water:

Brian for Chuay Gahn,
Jake for Sook Jai.

The only way Sook Jai can win
is if Jake

stays under the water
longer than Brian.

But Jake faltered before Brian.

Jake is up.

Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

Sook Jai would be
heading to their fourth

Tribal Council in a row.

Do we want to go ahead
and reveal who's going tonight?

I would only want to know
if everybody's in agreement

that that's what
we're going to do.

It's got to be unanimous.

-PENNY: Let's just save it for
Tribal Council, then. -Yeah.

KEN: I kind of laughed
to myself, this is a game

and I'm fighting back tears?

I used to compare this
to Monopoly.

This is nothing like Monopoly.

After 24 days together,

Sook Jai reluctantly
let Erin go.

First member of our jury-- Erin.

ERIN: The biggest lesson
that I learned is that

going into the game,
the Sook Jai tribe

got really big heads
from the very beginning.

We thought that our tribe was

stronger, thinking,
"Oh, you know,

"we're going to win
all these challenges.

Erin, the tribe has spoken.

ERIN: Sook Jai thought
that they were--

we were a very strong tribe,
and once we actually went

to live with the Chuay Gahn
members, we realized that

they were a much closer tribe
than... than we were.

So I think
my biggest lesson was

don't take anything
for granted.

You know, first impressions
aren't always true.

Sleep tight, everyone.



Brian was sleeping kind of

next to me,
and all of a sudden,

I heard this racket.

Came right up
and hit me on the head.

And it took off
and then I could hear it again.

(making buzzing noises)

Sounded like it had, like,
ten wings or something.

It's not a bat?

And then a few minutes later,
I heard the...

(making buzzing noises)

Here it came back.

It's back. (muttering)

CLAY: Jake and Brian
got attacked by a bug.

It was pretty funny.
I never saw it or heard it,

but I'm going to tell you what,

it kept them excited
for a little while last night.

JAKE: I leaped up and swatted
something. I didn't know

what I was swatting.

I don't have any idea
what it was.

PROBST: On day 26,
everything changed again

when the two tribes
finally merged.

You're probably assuming

these gold buffs
are for your new tribe?

Finally, an assumption
that's right.


Sook Jai and Chuay Gahn
are no more.

The eight of you are now
one tribe, from here to the end.

Brian won the first
individual reward challenge

and got to watch
a video from home.

Hey, honey!

I guess you won.

Hey, Daddy.

BRIAN: I didn't want
everyone to know

more about me than they should.

Didn't think it was necessary
for them to see my family.

And there's your car.

HELEN: The nice two
brand-new cars in the garage.

It looks like Brian's doing

pretty damn good for himself.

If I were against Brian
right now,

that'd be enough
to vote him off.

PROBST: Everyone's patience
was running a little thin.

On day 27,
Clay was growing tired of Ted.

I love him to death,
but just his attitude

is, uh, getting pretty old.

JAKE: From Clay, I got a sense
that they're all

really tired of Ted.

Right now, it's Ted.

Right now, it's... it's Ted.

The immunity challenge

came down to a race
between Ken and Clay.

Clay has his tenth disk!


Clay walked away
with the immunity necklace.

-That's me!
-Clay wins immunity!


I know I look sexy, baby!

I know I look sexy!

PROBST: Before Tribal Council,
Ken knew he was in trouble.

They've been worried since
square one that I was a threat.

We gotta create
a little bit of stir.

Shake up the chicken coop?

KEN: Chuay Gahn is saying that
they're going to vote Ted out.

If that's the possibility
it might keep me afloat,

I-I'll throw a vote that way.

PROBST: At Tribal Council,
the former Sook Jais

banded together and hoped that
Clay was telling the truth

about targeting Ted.

I didn't want to vote for you,

but this is how your own tribe

said that everybody should vote.

But Clay had misled Sook Jai.


The five members of Chuay Gahn
actually targeted Ken.

KEN: I have no regrets
about the way I played.

I didn't lie to anybody.
I... I played this game

with integrity,
because that's just how I am.

Ken, the tribe has spoken.

KEN: People a lot of times
can't separate

the fact that there's a game

and they-they're going to be
judged for what they do.

Me, I can't afford
to be judged for that.

I'm a police officer;
this is not

what police officers
are all about.

Um, I played the game
like I would play the game.

I didn't have to lie, I didn't
have to do these things,

but then again,
I didn't win, either.

Survivors ready? Go!

Jake, you're out. Have a seat.

Tribal politics was beginning

to permeate everything...

Clay, you got to
choose somebody.

You're choosing Brian.

...even at the reward
challenge, where Brian won

and chose to take Clay with him
on an elephant trek.

Clay, I couldn't be here
without you,

so you deserve half of this.

Brian and Clay
traveled to the mainland,

where they soaked in the beauty

of Thailand from the back
of an elephant.

CLAY: I tried to relax
and go with the flow,

but Brian was terrified
of this elephant.

He had a death grip
on the side of his chair

the whole time.

At any minute,
he was ready to jump.

Hey, you want--

Hey, excuse me.

That's fun.

-(deep rumbling)
-Oh, hell.

Sounds like a fart.

We got some serious...


That's what you call
blowing your nose.

On day 30,

Penny was trying to figure out
her next move.

I am fighting for my life
right now.

I did have an original alliance
with Jake,

but now the game has changed.

PROBST: Penny put her betrayal
right out in the open

when she helped eliminate
her old ally Jake

from the immunity challenge.

JAKE: You know, I guess, the
thing that bothered me most is

Penny came up and snuffed me
right from the very beginning.

But, you know,
I guess she had her reasons.

I don't know what they were.

Helen says B, Vietnam.
That is right.

Snuff his torch.

I'm sorry, Ted.

PROBST: But it was Helen
who walked away

with the immunity necklace.

Guaranteed a one-in-six shot
at being the sole Survivor.

At Tribal Council,
Penny learned

that her betrayal
had backfired.

The former members
of Chuay Gahn targeted her,

and she was voted
out of the tribe.

The tenth person voted out
of the tribe: Penny.

PENNY: I knew that I had
a very little amount of time

to work with to be able
to try to, um, rescue myself.

I was really trying to get
to know Chuay Gahn very well,

because I felt threatened
that I was going to be going.

Penny, the tribe has spoken.

It's an uncomfortable feeling.

Knowing that
you don't have complete control

over your destiny is definitely
not a good feeling, because

you want to survive another
three days on the island.

PROBST: 16 castaways
came to Thailand

seeking the adventure
of a lifetime.

Now, only six remain.

How will Ted, Jake, Jan,

Helen, Brian and Clay
fare over the final nine days?

What bonds will they make?

What experiences
will they share?

How will their actions
affect the jury?

And who will
outlast all the rest

to become the sole Survivor?

Join us next week
back at our regular time.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

Clay speaks his mind to Jake.

I didn't like that statement
worth a ...

up there at that council

HELEN: I don't think Clay
liked that because it's true.

Jake does more work than Clay.

And a reward with a twist.

Today, we're going to
change things up a little bit.

Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!

Stay seated.

Start, finish.

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