Survivor (2000–…): Season 42, Episode 5 - I'm Survivor Rich - full transcript

Patience is running thin for some of the tribe members; immunity is on the line, and one tribe gets tied up.

Season 42 Episode 05

Episode Title: "I'm Survivor Rich"
Aired on: April 06, 2022.


ROMEO: Tribal was a blindside
for Rocksroy.

Me and Drea pulled in Tori
to vote for Swati,

and we decided not
to tell Rocksroy.

He's not really a social player,

and once he says something,
he's going to stick to it,

so we knew that he was going
to vote for Tori regardless.

Swati looked me in my eyes, and
she said "You're my number one."

- Right.
- Come to find out,

she told everybody in camp
that same story.

- DREA: Yep.
- To me, she was

a bigger threat than anybody here,

and she needed to go.

And I knew that you weren't
going to vote against her.

I feel a little betrayed.

I got duped.

You know what?
I'm actually happy

that you did it
the way you did it.

If she's playing
both sides of the coin,

that's someone
we cannot take with us

further in this game,
and I'm happy

-that you guys weeded it out.

Good on y'all.

I did not see this coming.

Obviously, I'm not picking up
on social cues.

- [scoffs]
- DREA: No, it's good.

- ROCKSROY: But I'm learning.
- DREA: You made allies.

If I got to ride
you guys' social coattails,

- I will. [Laughs]
- DREA: No.

"Four strong" literally

makes me laugh. I sit there,
and I just literally say,

"No, no, no, no, no."

We need to find that,
like, unity.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

We can't have that weird vibe
anymore. We got to...

I'm gonna be the first person
to jump ship.

I have no desire to do that.

Because of Rocks. That's why.

All he's focused on is
the shelter and the fire. Like,

he's just not playing
the same game

that we are,
and it's really frustrating.

No, it's... I mean, it's a game.

TORI: I just want him gone, but
I'm still gonna suck up to him

and be like, "Absolutely
four strong. That sounds

like a great idea."

But that's not what
I'm actually going to do.

[overlapping chatter]

Yeah, but I hit
that acceleration

on "three, two, one, go,"
I always win then.

- Oh, okay.
- I got a trick.

You see, I'm arrogant,
and I know that I'm the best,

so I play as my Mii. [Laughs]

- OMAR: Oh, you're Mii?
- Ah! Yeah!

How much

these girls talk
drives me crazy.

And then I lost it
on an airplane to San Diego

on Friday the 13th,
and I cried so bad. My mom...

I don't know why

they always feel like
there can't be silence,

but there isn't five seconds
without one of 'em...

[speaks gibberish]

Huge, huge, giant monkey animal.

[speaks gibberish]

I was in a musical, right?

Like a school musical.

[speaks gibberish]

So I whip out my phone

and call in sick at work
and walk out!

- [laughs]
- OMAR: Oh, my God.

MARYANNE: That is the Taku news
at 7:00 a.m.

Thank you, guys,
and make sure you tune in.

♪ Boo-do, boo-boop, boo-boom!

There you go.

- That's how you end it.
- But, um...

Oh, Jonathan's the first
to explore.

Rain showers in Fiji

- happening from 6:30 to 7:30.
- LINDSAY: It's a sun-shower.

- MARYANNE: Warm. Warmer.
- LINDSAY: Warmer. Warmer.

Warmer. Hot.

Warm. Warm.

- LINDSAY: No, that's not how you play.

- Now he's warmer.
- Hot, hot, hot.

- Oh, my God.
- Burning. Wait.

It's a very simple concept.

Oh, you go, "Colder"?

LINDSAY: Right, but then he was veering
in the opposite direction,

- so then you say, "Colder."

- OMAR: Then you say, "Colder."
- MARYANNE: No, because

- you're not hot anymore.
- OMAR: I know, but it's not...

- You're now warm, back to warm.
- No.

I see what you're saying.

I don't even know what
they're talking about.

And I'm like,
"I'm out of here."

I have to leave the situation

arguing about hot and cold games

or anything, like, so little

is just ridiculous.

So thank God
we got fishing equipment,

'cause I'm gonna be in the water
half the time,

and I won't have
to listen to Maryanne

and Lindsay just constantly
going at it about nothing.

That's my escape...
Just getting in the water.

It helps me a lot.

If I'm alone in the water
for two or three hours,

I can come back to camp
and deal

with all this baloney.



My foot was under it.

- Then you hit it down.
- You know I'm doing this.

- Why did you walk over here?
- MARYANNE: I was walking,

- and then you hit me.
- Okay, back up.


You're so dramatic.
It drives me crazy.

- You hit me, man.
- No, I did not hit you.

JONATHAN: Every time something little
happens at camp,

Maryanne makes it
into a ten out of ten.

But I have to control myself
'cause I can't lose it.

Once I lose it, every...

I'm gonna be labeled
as a bad guy. I'm six-four,

I'm 250 pounds,
and I just screamed

at the little girl
that's five-two.

As soon as that happens,
it's over.

I'm swinging a hatchet,

and then you put your toe
underneath it...

But this is my work space.
You came into my work space.

- You're walking back and forth.
- Because it's all my work space.

- Okay, I can't argue with you, Maryanne.
- Look, this is what I'm saying.

- I love you. I don't want to...
- This is what I'm saying.

- Okay.
- Okay?

MARYANNE: After we go
and we left the bamboo,

Jonathan immediately went
to the water well with Lindsay,

and I started to get paranoid.

Like, now is he saying
"Hey, let's go get Maryanne"?


- JONATHAN: She just is so annoying.
- Yeah.

I think we need to do Maryanne.


- 100%.
- 100%.

I hope he knows
pride's a deadly sin.

This type of

stupid fight
that's rifting people apart

is exactly what I don't want.

Maryanne is annoying,

but she has a potential
immunity idol,

and she has an extra vote.

Like, we need her.

And I guarantee you,
come the merge time,

if the other tribes see this
sort of behavior, they'll jump

on that right away.

They'll pick her up,
and before you know it,

you're going to be gone because
you couldn't stop being petty.

I'm a little down. I ho...

- I was hoping we'd
merge today, you know?

- I know.

HAI: The Vati tribe right now...
it's tense.

- CHANELLE: Hi, Hai.
- Hey.

When we're all around
each other,

it's smiles,
but I don't trust these people.

And it took until the first
Tribal for me to realize that.

- I promise you

that if we both make merge...

- Bygones be bygones?
- Bygones are bygones.

- We need each other.
- Yeah.

Now, the two games
that really blew up

were Chanelle and Daniel.

- I'm gonna have to take...
- I have no trust for them.

I know that Daniel's like

the obvious threat to take out,

but he's transparent.

- Chanelle's not transparent.
- Yeah, she's not.

She's harder to read,
and to me that's scary.

-They're both scary to me... in a way.

the easy vote,

especially if we want
to make the merge, is Chanelle.

[Lydia sighs]

I just don't want to start it
until we have food because...

or we know where
to get food because we aren't...

So should we go fishing...
fishing first, fire second?

Yeah, 'cause
there's not a lot of, uh...

- there's not a lot of dry wood.
- Okay.

The Vati tribe,

in terms of morale,
I'd give us a "B."

But in terms of actual
survival performance,

I'd give us... a D-minus.

Don't lose the spear.

We're running off of the fat

that we have on our bodies.

That's pretty much it.

We need to go get fish.

- CHANELLE: Go, Daniel!
- MIKE: Dan, I believe in you!

Get out there, pal.

- Not.
- CHANELLE: You're gonna make it.

All right.

I'm as much a natural fishermen

as an arsonist is
a natural fireman.

But yet it seemed like
the sort of thing

that one must do inSurvivor.

Spearfishing is something that's
always highlighted onSurvivor.

It always looks cool.

You're using this nifty gadget

to, like,
see beautiful coral reefs

and try to catch
these glorious-looking fish.


I think I was more snorkeling
than fishing,

but I was giving fishing
my best shot.

People forget
that fun is important.

They're just so focused
on, like,

"Oh, the next vote is this.

When is the merge?"

It's like, "Calm down.
You're onSurvivor.

Just, like, enjoy yourself."

I swear to God.

HAI: Daniel's arm has been
dislocated since day one,

but yet today
he's in the ocean fishing!


Hey, Mike, Chanelle,
he can't compete

in swimming challenges,
but he can go swimming for fish?

- Hmm.
- HAI: You can't swim in a challenge, but

you're gonna go into open water
with a spear, and you're...

MIKE: Daniel says
he has to stay out of

all the swimming challenges
because he can't swim.

You see how far away
that coral reef is?

It's beautiful out there.
You guys

- should go out there.
- Did you see a fish?

- Tons of fish.
- So,

you're saying your aim sucks?

Yes, my aim sucks.
I came close a few times.

You were out there
a long time, too.

- It's really beautiful.
- Was it hard to swim out there?

I find it rather relaxing
and meditating.

MIKE: We've carried Daniel
from day one,

hiding his shoulder,
putting him out of challenges

so it's not exposed.

How long can you carry a guy

before he becomes
a true liability?

T went to get water.
Rocks is in the ocean.

We should start
actually really doing that.

Yeah, we need to.

- DREA: Mm-hmm.
- ROMEO: We know

that there's an idol out here.

And if there was an idol,
I want myself

or Drea to find it because

she's my number one ally.

What about that one?

ROMEO: The fact that Drea trusts me
enough to go out

and look for a hidden
immunity idol with her proves

how important it is
to have that one person

that you can trust in this game.

And I think that's Drea for me.

Because I work primarily
with women back home

as a pageant coach,
I like working

with strong, independent women.

And I think that's what I saw

in Drea when I first met her.

It was just
an instant connection.

[voice breaking]:
One of my role models

in life has always been my mom.

She's just the strongest woman
I know.

She moved to the U.S.,

and her entire family was back
home in Central America, so

she sacrificed a lot
for me and my sisters.

And that's why I feel like
it's my duty to give back

to strong, independent women.

So I'd like to think
that I'm also coaching Drea

to become an even better
Survivor player

than she already is, and

today we want to find
that idol.


It says "Beware."

I already took a risk before

with the extra vote,

so if it's dangerous,
I'm gonna do it.

This is an idol. [Laughs]

Most women are stuck at camp,

making rice or whatever,
and I just didn't care.

I went out to find an idol.
So kudos.

Women in the new era Survivor
2.0... we can find idols, too.

We're just as good as men.
Probably better, actually.

We're better than men. Sorry.

"This is why..."

"Until then, you..."


Right now, I don't have a vote,

but I have an extra vote.

And if you have a right ally

who can help you,
you can maneuver

around any kind of...
bad juju this thing has.

I have an extra vote, and I can
give you the extra vote.

DREA: I have literally checked
every single

Survivor bucket list here.
I have

extra vote,
my amulet and my idol.

Currency is everything

And I think I'm Survivorrich.

"The other two phrases..."

"Rabbit." She found it. [Laughs]


says something about bunnies.

It kind of reminds me
of the classic tale

of the bunny rabbit eating
its dinner in the mailbox.

Instantly, I know
she has the other one.

- Can you tell that it's in my crotch?
- [laughs] No.

DREA:c So I am hoping
that some Einstein on Vati

finally finds this
and can say it at the same time

so that we can be done
and over with this.

No. If I keep it a secret
until we get to the merge...

- Right. No one will know about the idol.
- ...then no one knows

we have... no one knows
we have... has the...

Do you get your vote back
at the merge?

- Yep.
- CHANELLE: Yeah. Automatically.

So you have to say the sentence
to activate it early.

-CHANELLE: Yeah. Yes, definitely.

So, if-if we merge tomorrow,
we have an idol,

and I get my vote back

- with nobody knowing.
- HAI: Oh.

MIKE: I did find the hidden
immunity idol,

and everybody
in our camp knows about it.

But I don't want nobody
to know I have an idol

from any other tribe because
it puts a target on my back.

If we get to that merge
with that idol,

- and nobody knows...
- CHANELLE: And no one knows.

-'s a huge weapon for us.

I'm balancing

not activating my idol
and not having a vote.

I don't know if that's balls
or stupidity.

Hey, listen, it's a gamble.

I got to be honest with you.

- Right. It's like playing poker.

And I got to tell you,
we're playing poker pretty good.

So if I go to the immunity
challenge, and I hear

a member of each other tribe
chant their phrase,

I have
to make immediate decision.

Do I say my phrase
or not say it?


Come on in.

Taku, Vati,

getting your first look
at the new Ika tribe.

Swati voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

And once again, right on cue,

Maryanne... jaw drops,
mouth open, aghast.

It's the classic case

of the bunny rabbit
having dinner at the mailbox.

Like, I always think,

"Okay, this time, I know
what's gonna happen, this time."

But you never know
in the game of Survivor.

How is everybody doing
11 days in?

- What...?
- Hungry.

- PROBST: Hungry.
- Agreed, hungry. - Hungry.

- LINDSAY: Very hungry.
- Tired. - PROBST: Okay.

You start going crazy,
like, even when you get food.

Like, we got a potato,
and I was staring at it

for, like,
a very, very long time.

- [laughter]
- And then we were peeling it,

and I was just all like,
"This potato has skin.

We have skin.
Are we just all potatoes?"

- [laughter] - Oh, my gosh. Mm-hmm.
- DREA: We're tripping.

So it's changing
your relationship with food.

I've always loved food, man,

but, like, now I think
I've got to marry it.


- And we're back to love.
- [laughter]

The theme for Maryanne.

Jeff, I got to say something.

There's such grace in a game
of soccer that it makes me cry.

- Now you wonder
why I'm saying that.
- PROBST: Yeah.

See, I used to coach
youth football,

and soccer-soccer season

and football season were
at the same time.

Finally! Yes!

I've been waiting so long
to just hear something back.

One day, one of my players
jumps up to...

"But, Coach,
there is such grace

in soccer that it makes me cry."


DREA: I have my vote,
and I have my idol.

So, there is such grace
in soccer

- that it makes me cry, gentlemen.
- Yeah, right.

I recite my phrase,

which initially wasn't my plan.

But, honestly,
it was a game-time decision.

It was getting later and later
in the tribe game,

and I really thought
my vote was essential.

So this goes from the non-idol
to the active idol.

And guess who has it.

It's a guy with two thumbs.

This guy.

All right,
shall we get to today's

- immunity challenge?
- [all assent]

All right, first things first.
Got to take back the idols.

Thank you.

- Here you go, Jeff.
- Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
you're going to race up and over

a tall net ramp.

One player will then
untangle braided ropes

to release a key. You'll use
that key to unlock a machete,

use the machete to drop a load
of sandbags.

You will then fire
those sandbags... two targets.

First two tribes to finish

win immunity,
safe from the vote.

In addition,
playing for a reward.

Want to know what
you're playing for?

[all assent]

- Please. Please be food.
- Please be food.
- And sauce.

- Food and sauce.
- Cooked food. Cooked food.

- [overlapping chatter]
- Do it. Do it, Jeff.

- Just do it, Jeff.
- Do you want the bad news?

- Ah. - Yeah, here it comes.
- PROBST: It's not food.

We'll take a tarp.

- A tarp you got.
- [screaming, cheering]

That's better than food.

That's much better.

First tribe to finish...
a very large tarp.

Smaller tarp for the second
tribe. Losers... Tribal Council

where somebody will be voted out
of this game, and sorry for you.

I will be taking your flint.
Vati, you have

one extra person.
Gonna sit somebody out.

Who's it gonna be? Again.

Daniel gonna sit out. All right,
Daniel, take a spot on the

sit-out bench.
Everybody else, give you a minute

to strategize, and we'll get
started. Here we go.

All right,
for immunity and reward,

Survivors ready.

Go! Got to get up and over
a very tall net ramp.

- It takes teamwork.
- Go, go.

- Go.
- Push my feet.

JONATHAN [groans]:
Got it?

- Got it.
- PROBST: Lindsay's up.

All three tribes
working together really well.

- TORI: You got it?
- PROBST: Ika doing a great job.

Drea. Wow.
Drea pulling herself up.

That is not easy.

- Roll. Roll. Roll more.
- I'm rolling!

It's Ika in the early lead
right now.

You're good. Start working it.

- Let's go.
- You're good. Start working it.

Gonna be Tori now

- untangling the braided rope.
- DREA: Go, Tori.

And Omar untangling now.

- There you go, baby girl.
- PROBST: Vati taking a long time

- to get over this.
- Come on. Come on. - Here.

- Nothing is easy on Survivor.
- [whoops] - Come on.

- Every single step, you got to earn it.
- You got it?

- You got it?
- I'm fine. I'm good. I'm good.

- Come on, Vati!
- I'm good. I'm good.

It's now Chanelle in on it.

- Tori doing a great job for Ika.
- You're almost there.

Once that key drops, you can
use it to unlock the machete.

- Tori's got the key.
- You got it, you got it, you got it, get it.

Unclip it. You're good.

- Unclip. - She's got the key.
- Come on, you guys.

Tori's gonna also
do the machete now.

- DREA: Got it. Go, Rocks.
- PROBST: She's got it now.

- ROCKSROY: She's got it.
- DREA: Go.

There you go. You're good!
Start getting your sandbags!

It is Ika still in the lead.


Omar and Chanelle
taking a long time

to untangle their braided rope.


It's gonna be Drea coming in
to fire that first slingshot.

Ika with a big lead right now.

- [♪]
- TORI: Good one, Drea!

- Let's go, Drea. Come on, Drea.
- PROBST: Drea, nice fire.

Just misses.

Yes. Yes.

- CHANELLE: All right.
- PROBST: Chanelle has the key.

- Gonna give it to Mike.
- Mike, it's right here.

- Mike gonna handle the machete.
- Come on, Mike. Just come on.


Tap it! Tap it!

Way to go, Mike!

Vati's back in this now.

Got to get all your sandbags
in the bin.

Good job.

Drea does it.

One target down for Ika.

- Go, Rocksroy!
- PROBST: Rocksroy coming in now.

- Left one goes up.
- PROBST: Omar still

- working on the ropes.
- Yup. The one in, one in your bottom

- goes to the left.
- PROBST: This is a big setback,

with Tribal Council
on the line.

You can see it in the faces
of the tribe members watching.

- What is wrong?
- DREA: Keep going back.

- PROBST: Rocksroy for Ika.
- [indistinct chatter]

- PROBST: Just misses.
- Go! Go! Go!

Mike coming in now for Vati.

Mike all the way back,

- and he just misses.
- Oh!
- Great shot!

- Yup, bring down the middle.
- Okay.

PROBST: Omar really
in trouble right now.

Lindsay trying to walk him
through it, Jonathan frustrated.

- Can't even watch anymore.
- LINDSAY: Yup, and then one to the...

And then the one to the left.

It is hard to describe

how long Omar has been working.

Somebody is going home tonight.

Rocksroy for the win.

[cheering, screaming]

There it is! Ika wins immunity
and a large tarp.

Nobody going home.

Oh, my God.

We're looking for one more.

Immunity on the line.

- Oh!
- PROBST: Mike takes a big fall.

- So close.
- Go, go, go.

Bring that one
down the middle. Yup.

And then we should have it.

- Okay.
- All right.
- PROBST: Now you go.

There you go, Taku. Let's go!
Jonathan takes the key.

With one chop releases the bags!

Come on, Vati.
You got this!

There goes Chanelle trying

to knock down the first target.

Taku could be back in this

because Vati has yet to get any
rhythm going on the slingshot.

- Go. Go, go! Go!
- Another horrible misfire.

It's going to be Jonathan in.

And right now,
we are back at even.

- It is Jonathan and Mike.
- OMAR: Yeah, you got this.

All the way back,
all the way back.

- Yes!
- Oh!
- PROBST: Jonathan knocks down

- the first target for Taku.
- LINDSAY: Right there.

Taku took forever to get here,

- but they are back in it.
- [cheering]

PROBST: Mike knocks down
the first target for Vati.

We are tied now!

One target left.
Here comes Chanelle.

Here comes Jonathan.

- Oh!
- So close, babe.

Just misses.
Jonathan for the win.

Here comes Mike.

- And he's got it!
- [cheering, screaming]

Taku wins immunity and tarps.

Sending Vati to Tribal Council,

where somebody will be voted out

- of Survivor 42.
- Hey, good job.

- My God.
- PROBST: Big comeback.

- We were so close.
- So freaking...

It was close.

Ika, nice job.
Immunity is yours.

Nobody going home.


Come grab your big tarp.

Taku, nice comeback.
Immunity is yours again.

Who wants to grab the tarp?

Smaller, but it will get
the job done for sure.

- Amen, Mr. Jeff.
- PROBST: Mr. Jeff.

- Mr. Jeff.
- Still not used to it.

- [laughter]
- All right, before I send you on your way,

two players gonna be taking
a journey today.

Ika, pick somebody from Vati
to take the journey.

They cannot have gone
on a journey this season.

- Okay.
- Who you going to send?


PROBST: All right, Lydia's
gonna go on a journey.

Now, one person's
gonna join her.

It can be from Taku,
or it can be from your tribe.

- Yeah, you can go.
- I'm gonna go. - Go for it.

- PROBST: Who's it gonna be?
- Rocks. - Rocks.

Rocksroy and Lydia,
grab your stuff, head out.

You'll return back to your tribe
before Tribal Council tonight.

Ika, you've got the tarp.
Your flint

will be waiting for you
back at camp.

- [whooping] Bye.
- Grab your stuff, no Tribal tonight.

Taku, grab your stuff,
head back to camp.

- No Tribal Council tonight.
- Thanks, Jeff.

All right, Vati,
Tribal Council tonight.

Somebody will be voted out
of this game.

Before you go,
I need your flint.

- It's for you, Jeff.
- Thanks, Chanelle.

You'll have a chance
to win it back

at the next immunity challenge.
Grab your stuff,

head back to camp.

HAI: I'm actually really excited
about losing today

because now I get to kind
of trim the fat.

And Chanelle and Daniel are
the fat of the tribe

because I trust them
the least.

They led me on.

When they drew the tribal lines,
I knew the game was on.


So we all know what's coming.

Scramble before Tribal.

Let's make sure
that we just remember

we are still a Vati family

- at the end of all of this,
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- I had something to say, actually.

So, I know
that my head is possibly

on the chopping block tonight.

I don't really want to scramble,

but if you're willing
to give it to me,

I'd love just a chance to speak
with each of you, one-on-one.

- I, uh...
- Dan, I don't think that's scrambling.

- I think you should...
- Yeah, yeah.

...100% have the right
to talk to everyone.

Play your game, man.
Play your game.

CHANELLE: Uh, I just want to add to that.
I feel like

my head is also
on the chopping block,

so if I could just talk
to each of you guys,

- I'd appreciate that.
- Okay.

Cool. Thank you.

DANIEL: Chanelle and I feel
the heat tonight.

And I was ready to go
to the end with Chanelle.

And yet we're here

because when push came to shove,
she did not have my back.

So why should I trust her
going forward?

I'm with you to the end.
That's all I have to say.

- Out of you and Chanelle...
- Mm-hmm.

...I trust you more.

- [whispering]: Chanelle's going home.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Period. I don't trust her.
- Yeah.

I think if I get
to the merge with her,

she's going to flip immediately.

And I'm worried
she wouldn't just flip.

She would kind of drag us.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

I think Chanelle needs to go

because I agree with Hai.

She's likely
to flip at the merge.

So if you know
someone's going to flip,

it's better to get rid of 'em
when you can

than to wait for them
to flip on you.

He's definitely going.

- Yeah.
- We have to.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- We have to for so many reasons.

I think the consensus is,

everyone wants Daniel gone.

Like, you are 100%
writing his name down?

- Absolutely. It's...
- Great. We're good. Sold.

- It's a done deal.
- If everything's... Daniel's go...

- Look at me. Daniel's going home.
- Got it.

Daniel has one arm, he hasn't
competed in any challenges.

Not only that. I think people
seeing him go swimming yesterday

was also something that kind of
set them over the edge.

I just got to make sure
he feels confident enough

- that he doesn't play...
- Yeah.


What are your thoughts?

Whichever one of them
goes home, I will still be able

- to sleep a little better tonight.
- 100%.

- I don't... Honestly?
- Yeah.

As long as me, you and Lydia
don't go home.

Yeah, we really have to evaluate

which one of these two
will be best for us long-term.

- They're two weasels in a chicken coop.
- Mm-hmm.

HAI: Both Daniel and Chanelle have
felt as though

they've reintegrated themselves
back into the tribe.

It's just

not nearly enough.

Mathematically, we're good

because now we have three
votes... me, you and Lydia.

I feel a lot better.

I'll do whatever you want.

Now that Mike has his vote,

we have the majority
of the votes

between Lydia, myself and Mike

that we can split up
just in case

one of them plays a Shot
in the Dark or has an advantage.

The main thing is, Lydia cannot
have taken that shot.

We need her vote.

At this journey,

it's extremely important
what Lydia does.

The main thing
that Lydia can't do,

can't do is take a chance
for an advantage.

If she loses her vote,
we are in trouble.

Holy cow.

- Wow.
- We're here.

- LYDIA: We're really here.
- Wow.

You won't get this
anywhere else.

Just put this in a memory bank
and hold.

- LYDIA: Wow.
- Anytime you get to a bad place in your life,

- bring this up. Holy moly.
- For sure.

Survivor breaks you down, and

everything is stripped away.

I'm learning a lot about myself.

One of those things is just

being comfortable
in my own skin.

I've struggled,
as most young women

and just, like,
young people in general,

struggle with body image issues.

And coming onSurvivor was
a really big challenge for me,

not only just with the elements
but just, like,

you see people very open
with their bodies.

And a big source of the way
I started dressing was

just 'cause I was
trying to hide.

But you can only be open
out here.

And my body is perfect
just the way it is.

And I feel like I have gotten
more confident in it.

It's not even halfway through
the game, and I'm just, like,

I've already
accomplished so much.

There's still more to see.
There's still more to do, and

it's just going to keep
getting more and more beautiful.

So who do you think
tonight's going to be

on the chopping block
for you guys?

For us? I don't know. [Laughs]

I know, and, of course,
like, I'm not there.

So I'm just nervous, of course,

going in,
you know, that it could be me.

Even though
I am in a decent position

going into Tribal now,
I'd mentioned

I was, like, kind of
on the bottom.

I'm just meeting Rocksroy,

so I'm trying not
to give too much information

about our tribe.

So you feel
as if you're gonna...

- you-you-you could be a potential?
- Definitely.

Yeah, I was definitely
on the chopping block last time.

- Why?
- Um, no idea. [Scoffs]

ROCKSROY: My first impression of
Lydia was, she seemed more like

someone that's in trouble,
but, of course,

as I didn't, you don't want
to give your opponent

too much information.

Are you guys all tight?

-Uh, who is tight? You know, it's like...

LYDIA: I'm trying
to just get a feel for

how camp life is,
who he trusts, and

I got nothing. [Laughs]

"You will now separate

and make a private decision
before returning to camp."

Hey, I'm rooting for you.

- Thank you. I appreciate it.
- All right? I am.

Rocksroy was being very cagey.

And I feel like I was as well.

I think we both wanted

to protect our tribe.

Because we don't know

where we're headed to
in this game.


"Protect your vote."

"Risk your vote."

"Here's how it works."

If Lydia and I both pick
"risk your vote,"

then we both lose our vote
at the next Tribal Council.

If Lydia and I say "protect our
vote," then nothing changes

and we're able to vote
at the next Tribal Council.

But if Lydia says
"protect her vote"

and I choose "risk your vote,"
then Lydia remains the same;

Me, I receive an extra vote.

I feel like as if
I should risk my vote.

But speaking with Lydia,
seems as if

she's on the bottom of
the totem pole in her tribe.

I think she's gonna risk it
for the biscuit.

LYDIA: An opportunity like this
definitely doesn't come

very often.

Having an advantage in this game
is just so important.

Coming from Vegas,

don't gamble often,
but when I do, I know that

when I'm up on the house,
walk away.

So I'm gonna use my brain...

...and I'm gonna
protect my vote.

It is so hard to get
advantages in the game,

but I-I think it scares me more
to not have a vote

going into
a really important Tribal.




- Welcome back.
- CHANELLE: Welcome home party.

I'm very glad
that I protected my vote.

If circumstances were different,
I definitely think

I might have risked it
for my own personal gain.

The same thing as Jenny said...
You go to a wheel,

risk your vote,
protect your vote.

- I protected my vote.
- Nice.

But we're not in individual yet.

We're going to Tribal tonight
as a tribe,

and I just don't feel
comfortable giving away

the most important thing
I have in this game.

I'm gonna go down to the beach,
um, and wash my feet off,

if anybody
wants to come with me.

But now I really want
to touch base with everyone

to give me a rundown
of what happened at camp.

How are you feeling
about tonight?

I'm okay.

Yes, I guess.

Like, I was like...

Yeah. No, you absolutely
can trust us.

I'm sorry that I voted for you.

- It was a mistake.
- Yeah.

I'm totally with you
going forward.

To be totally honest,

I think you are the queen maker.

You and Hai...

...are deciding,

and I think Chanelle and I
are probably on the block.

Daniel and Chanelle,

they're very nervous,

but they both think it's
the other person going home.

I don't fully trust her,

and Daniel is a liability.

And at our last Tribal Council,
he was trying to get me out.

But clearly, me and Hai

are definitely
running this vote.

So here's the recap.
I've talked to everyone.

Mike is 100 on board.

- Daniel is voting Chanelle.
- For sure.

HAI: Lydia gets back,
and I have to scramble

to get some alone time with her,

because we are about
to head to Tribal immediately.

I know 100%
that Daniel is comfortable.

It's not you.
It's between Daniel, Chanelle.

So that's where it stands.

- As long as it's not me.
- It's not you.

It's not us. We just have
to stick to the plan.

The merge is coming up
any day now,

so tonight's
Tribal Council is monumental

because not only does it
affect the rest of my game,

it's going to affect how
the merge is going to play out.

I'm just nervous because

whether it be Chanelle or Daniel
that goes into the merge with me

will determine
how well I do in this game.



All right.

Mike, give me an analogy

from your world
that you come from

that captures
where this tribe is at.

MIKE: You know, Jeff, once in a while,
when I was a fireman,

somebody on the crew
maybe didn't do something

that they should have did,

but that didn't mean
we didn't stick together.

As with this tribe, tonight

we're gonna lose
a member of our tribe,

but it doesn't mean
that we're not solid.

what do you read into that?

Mike is a straight shooter.

Mike, to his core,
is a team guy.

Some people come into this game,

and from the get-go, they're
playing an individual game.

And I don't think you can
win Survivordoing that.

And Mike is not
one of those people.

PROBST: So then, Hai,
how do you vote somebody out

if Mike's story is accurate?

Which is,
we're just one firehouse,

but somebody's got to go.

Yeah, this game is hard.

I see five
autonomous players here

who all have the goal
of getting to the end.

So unfortunately
someone here is being lied to,

or multiple people.

Daniel, let's go with Hai's idea

that somebody's being lied to.

Give me an analogy
from your world

- where lying is fun.
- Oh, geez.

It's part of it.

I should be honest with you,

I'm not an analogy guy.

But, sorry, can I jump back
on the Mike thing?

- Yeah.
- DANIEL: When he talks about teams,

he's not talking about teams
just in Survivor.

I think Mike sees this as a team
for, like, the rest of his life.

And by that I mean the very end.

That's-that's true. Um...

Wait, when you said
"to the very end,"

- you mean until you are dying.
- DANIEL: Yeah, I think, I think,

- I think, like, hopefully
I-I live longer than Mike.
- [chuckles]

- Um... Yeah.
- It's a very good possibility.

Yeah, but, like,
I feel like Mike and I

will probably, you know,
be friends

to the very end
of whoever goes first.

- Knock on wood it's not me.
- HAI: Well...

Mike's 117, so we don't know
how much longer he has.


- 116.116.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Jeff, I actually want to
jump in because I think that,

like, the two different themes
that you're noting...

Friendship and then
the game of Survivor...

I think we're
seeing it come to play, like,

right here in front of us.

Because Daniel's comment right
there is him playing the game,

playing to Mike's soft spot,
his heart.

Let me just go
and pat Mike on the back again.

Team, friendship.

And so, like, that's
playing the game right there.

It's almost kind of
milking it a bit.

Daniel, that was pretty clear.

She doesn't buy it.

You might mean it,
but right now

you're saying it
because you're at Tribal.

I didn't mean any game strategy
by that, to be totally honest.

I try to be
as genuine as possible.

Like, there are things
that I could have kept secret.

I mean, I'm a leukemia survivor.

I could have kept that secret,

but I cannot play this game
without being true to who I am.

And, yes, you have to
lie sometimes and stuff,

but I analogize that to, like...

I have an analogy, actually.

Okay, I analogize that
to boxing.

You know, like, Muhammad Ali

was one of the best boxers
in the entire world.

He didn't go down the street
punching random people.

He only punched people
when he was boxing.

Right? So when
we're playing Survivor, we lie,

but in our real lives,
we don't lie.

It's just, like,
part of the game.

PROBST: So, Lydia,
then what would a vote

be based on tonight
with this tribe?

What are some of the criteria
that might come up?

You know, after tonight,

each tribe is gonna be
four, four and four.

And so no one has numbers,
you know?

And we're speculating a merge,
you know, coming up.

Hopefully soon.

- Please.
- We've been talking about that feast.

Even if it was rice, we're like,
"All right, we'll take it."

So I think one of
the criteria is, like,

who can I trust the most
going forward?

Especially in a game where
the numbers are not obvious.

All right, so, Hai, for Lydia,
she's saying it's trust.

- HAI: Yeah.
- PROBST: How about for you?

100%, trust is the most
valuable currency out here.

If you look back at
the last Tribal we were at...

...there were six blindsides.

And when trust is broken,
it's very hard to win back.

So for me,
it's about establishing trust,

'cause I want
to make it to the end.

- Daniel, you're nodding.
- I mean, unless you're

one of the greatest players
ever... and I'm not one...

You get burned at least once.

You have to be able
to look past the burn,

and sometimes, when you were
the one who did the burning,

ask for forgiveness.

If you can't do that,

I think you're gonna play
a short Survivorgame.

PROBST: Chanelle, if you're
keeping the people

that are most trustworthy,
then the person

you're getting rid of
has to be the least trustworthy.

Uh, I think that's what
someone reasonable would deduct

from what we're hearing,
so, yes.

Wow, is it hard
for you to answer that question?

CHANELLE: No, I mean,
the writing's on the wall.

Like, a reasonable conclusion
would be that

if we are voting based on trust,
the person who is voted out

is ultimately
not high in that category...

The least trustworthy.

PROBST: And, Mike, you do have
to make those decisions.

It doesn't mean,
to your point earlier,

that you might not like
this person personally,

but in this game
it's just not my best move.

My vote tonight
is strictly game play.

Has nothing to do with
how I personally feel at all.

I want to be friends
with whoever gets voted off

here tonight
for the rest of my life.

Sometimes it's hard
to play Survivor

in the way you want to play it.

Tonight I'm playing Survivor.

Okay, it is time to vote.

Mike, you're up.



If anybody has an advantage
or an idol

and you want to play it, now
would be the time to do so.


Okay, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Chanelle.


Chanelle. Two votes Chanelle.

Daniel. We're tied.

Two votes Chanelle,
two votes Daniel,

one vote left.



We have a tie.

Two votes for Chanelle,
two votes for Daniel.

Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna revote.

You can only vote
for Daniel or Chanelle.

Daniel and Chanelle,

you can only vote for
each other, so you won't vote.

Mike, if you want
to come grab the urn.


I'll read the votes.

First vote.


Sixth person
voted out of Survivor 42.

Daniel. That's two.
That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Well played, guys.

Love you, Dan.

Bye, Dan.

- Bye, Dan.
- [Daniel sighs]

All right,
it's only once in a lifetime.

I'm going to enjoy this.

Here we go, Jeff.

Daniel, the tribe has spoken.

The tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Bye, Dan.

Man, that's heartbreaking.


Grab your torches,
head back to camp.

Good night.

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PROBST: Next time on a two-hour
episode ofSurvivor...

Everybody drop your buffs.

- [cheering]
- LYDIA: Oh, my God!

So, is this called the merge?

Not exactly.


This is the biggest moment
in the game so far.

It is going to be,
uh, just chaos.

I'm gonna keep fighting
in this game till I'm dead.

I got totally blindsided. I
would have preferred to execute

the blindside, but at least
I got a form of blindside.

That's part of
theSurvivor experience.

If I could
have scripted my life,

I probably wouldn't have
given myself leukemia, right?

And if I could
have scriptedSurvivor,

I probably would
have had myself winning,

but the beauty of life
is that it's unscripted.

That's how we find
meaning in it.