Survivor (2000–…): Season 42, Episode 4 - Vibe of the Tribe - full transcript

One castaway paints a target on their back when they attempt to pit their tribe mates against one another; another tribe dives their way to victory after piecing together a big win in the immunity challenge.

Season 42 Episode 04

Episode Title: "Vibe of the Tribe"
Aired on: March 30, 2022.

It's been a very long night.

I'm not really up for discussing
all the ins and outs.

I'd prefer to do that when
we wake up or soon thereafter.

Tribal Council was a disaster,
I would say, for me.

I made the decision
to trust Chanelle

as my number one
alliance member,

and the trust
wasn't really reciprocated.

When it came time
to potentially go to rocks,

and we needed to convince Hai

to vote for Lydia,
she didn't really have my bac.

And I feel like

I've just totally...

totally screwed everything up.

I respect that,
uh, Daniel, you want

to talk to them tomorrow
privately, and that's fine.

For me,
I have a different approach,

and I just want
to put it out here now.

I'm a little disappointed

that you said,
"Chanelle blindsided me."

I didn't vote. I didn't even
say anything at Tribal,

so I don't even think
that's fair.

Tonight at Tribal, Daniel
threw me under the bus, saying,

"Chanelle blindsided me
and back stabbed me,"

which I was a little confused
about because

I didn't do anything

to, like, change the plan.

Was it my idea
to get Lydia out?

Nah, sure. But, uh, I can't
admit to that because...

then that would ruin my game.

But Daniel did come up to me
and said, "Mike has an idol,

and he doesn't have a vote
at Tribal Council."

Daniel told that to me.

You blew up your game,
and then you turn...

I don't... I mean, I don't know.

I'm just telling you
what Daniel told me.

I appreciate both
of your inputs.

For me right now, even though
the vote went my way,

I'm feeling blindsided

by literally everyone
except poor Lydia,

who just went through hell.

I apparently did not know
where your games were,

but, hey, props to you.
Please don't think

- I'm mad at anyone. It's Survivor.
- Nah.

But I owe Mike a lot
of explanations.

Not only was Jenny blindsided.

Mike was blindsided.

Chanelle and Daniel were both
blindsided because they thought

I was voting the way
they told me.

Everyone at our Tribal
was blindsided.

Chanelle and Daniel told me
to write your name down.

They wanted to split the vote...
You and Jenny.

And you know what I did?

I got to the booth,
and I felt uneasy about it,

so I wrote Jenny's name down.

Daniel was so assertive

in the fact
that we could not go to rocks.

I really do not want
to draw rocks.

This man is a lawyer.

He can talk circles around us.

But at that point, I knew

I could shift the game
in my favor.

I'm not changing my vote.

Daniel folded
like a ton of bricks.

That man has literally
no backbone. None.

Daniel and Chanelle
are going to turn on each other.

- Yeah.
- Which is fine

because they're two snakes.

- And I thought I could trust them.
- Well, I'm gonna

tell you right now.
I'm gonna tell you right now.

- And I hope this is between me and you.
- Yeah.

At this moment,
Daniel is way down on my list.

- Yeah.
- After what he pulled tonight.

Daniel absolutely lost my trust.
He was going behind my back,

making other alliances,
and telling secrets I told him.

But you know what?
That's in the past.

What I need to do

is move forward.

I got to adapt.

Either I adapt,
or I'm a dinosaur.

Can you work with Lydia and I?
'Cause we...

Of course. I love Lydia.

- We're together.
- Yeah.

- It's done.
- Okay.

I give you my word.

I'm in survival mode now.

There ain't no Kumbaya.

The "K" left the "Kumbaya."

The "umba," everything left.

There is no Kumbaya.
It's like holy crap-baya.

That's what it's all about
right now.

That's okay.

I didn't play you.
All I... all I did...

Listen, I'm not mad about it.
Just say it was game play,

- and I'm cool with it.
- Mike, Chanelle was my number one,

and I wanted to be
totally loyal to her.

So you lied to me.
A lot of time.

I lied to you
because you broke my...

- You lied to me about a lot.
- You weren't my number one,

- so I lied...
- You told me I was.

- How many times have you lied?
- I've lied to you a lot.

- Because... because...
- Okay, you played.

- That's called playing me.
- I know.

I think I made a bad choice,

and I do regret it,
and if I blew up my game,

it's because I put my trust

in a person I shouldn't have
put my trust in.

Once the votes were revealed,

it exposed
that I was playing both sides,

but it seems to me

that Chanelle has somehow
gotten off scot-free with

her playing both sides.

She's getting no blow back
from this as far as I can tell.

That's crazy to me.
This game is totally fickle.

It can turn on a dime, which is
what I'm hoping it does again,

because right now
I'm in a world of hurt,

and I need a dime to turn.

Come on in.

Ika and Taku getting
your first look

at the new Vati tribe.

Jenny voted out

at the last Tribal Council.

All right, ready to get
to today's reward challenge?

For today's challenge,

three members of each tribe
will be attached

to a braided rope.

On my go, you'll work
to untangle that rope,

then use the rope to hook a sled
filled with balls

and pull it toward you.
At that point,

each tribe member
will be responsible

for landing one ball
in the basket. First tribe,

and only the first tribe
to finish wins reward.

Want to know what
you're playing for?

In a season of not much,
this is a little.

Ten decent-size,

freshly-caught fish

- delivered to your camp.
- - Ooh.

- Ooh.
- All you got to do

is clean 'em and cook 'em.

- Yeah, buddy.
- Oh, yeah, that's worth playing for.

Worth playing for? All right.

Ika, you have one extra person.
Sitting somebody out.

Who's it gonna be?

Rocksroy gonna sit this out.

Vati, you have one extra person.
Who's it gonna be?

Chanelle gonna sit out for Vati.
Everybody else,

give you a minute to strategize,
we'll get started. Here we go.

All right, here we go.

For reward, Survivors ready.

- Go!
- Go, Ika! - Come on, Vati!

- This is about communication.
- Go, Ika!

- Over, under, over.
- It is not strenuous,

- but it can be complicated.
- Under, over, under.

But in a very difficult
season of Survivor,

- ten fish is a big reward.
- Go, Ika!


And only one tribe
will be getting it.

- Safe.
- Taku now has a roll going.

Jonathan's orchestrating
a nice little dance

- with Omar and Lindsay.
- Over. - Good.

Really good rhythm for Taku.

Very impressive. Taku out
to a very big early lead.

Heck yeah. Okay.

Taku now to the second stage

- of the untangling.
- Same thing. - Okay.

Over. Under. Over.

- Green and blue trying to stay in it.
- Go, Ika!

There is no second place today.

All the marbles right here.

- Let's go, Romeo!
- Vati now dealing with

- that first obstacle.
- Keep your rope together.

- Don't get tangled in your rope.
- This is where

you can get tangled quickly,

as Lydia is
already figuring out.

Don't get tangled in your rope!


- What? Have you...? Here.
- This is stuck right here.

Let's go under, under! Under,

over and under!

- Need to get out of this knot.
- Under!

Taku's really doing a nice job.

- They have got this challenge figured out.
- Nice!

Here we go. Mmm!

Super impressive!

Some spiced fish,
roast fish, smoked fish.

You're good, Taku.
Try to lasso that now.

Jonathan trying
to hook their sled.

Now it is green and blue
once again...

Gather it at the three points.

...doing the dance
to untangle the ropes.

- They need to take a lesson from Taku.
- Yeah.

- That's a nice toss.
- Yeah!

They've got it.
Taku has hooked their sled.

- Pull.
- Yes!

- Pull, pull. - Yes!
- They're gonna be

moving on to the last phase
of this challenge.

- Pull.
- Yes!

You're good! Take your balls up,
start shooting.

- Maryanne, do you want to go first?
- First?

- Yeah.
- Let's keep going!

- Let's go, guys!
- The rest of them here.

- Let's go!
- Mike, get your rope!

Pick it up. Here.

- You're good, you're good.
- Maryanne

- gonna go underhand.
- Little forward.

- Launches it.
- Yeah.

Yeah, girl!

Maryanne has her ball in.
She's good. Omar's up.

- Same thing. - Oh!
- In and out.

- We're not giving up.
- We're not giving up.

- We're not giving up.
- Vati, Ika

trying to stay in this.

- Let's go, Ika!
- Keep it going!

Let's go!

Omar launches his second.
He's got it.

Ika's through that second phase.

- Ika now gonna try to get their sled.
- Go, Tori!

Gather your rope! Let's go!

- Take that.
- Yeah. - Yeah.

- Yeah!
- Jonathan has one!

It is as if Taku had

been practicing
this entire challenge

- for months.
- Yeah! - We love you.

Lindsay, the last
remaining tribe member.

Good job. - Taku wins reward!

Ten fish waiting for you
back at camp.

- Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my goodness.

Guys, that was awesome.

- Of course. Of course.
- It's okay.

another dominating victory.

It's not that Vati and Ika
were necessarily slow.

It's just,
you were unusually fast.

Jonathan, does it speak
to the idea of a tribe

- finding its core?
- Absolutely.

We have such a solid four, Jeff,

that I feel comfortable working
with these guys so much that

these challenges are not easy,
but, I mean, we've been winning.

And it's so encouraging now.
I'm stoked.

Tori, can you learn anything
when you see a tribe

lose early,
but now they're dominating?

We all see Goliath. Like,
he's huge. He's dominating.

That last challenge
that we could not complete...

You even gave him credit.
You said,

that was one of the most
impressive individual feats

you have seen. So, it's hard
to not view them as, like,

because they have this Goliath,

and they seem to be
working so well, but

there's something that we have
to figure out that they're doing

that we're not doing yet.

All right, Taku,

ten freshly-caught,
decent-sized fish

waiting for you back at camp.
Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.
Enjoy your afternoon.

- Thanks, Jeff.
- Well done.

Vati, Ika, got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff,
head back to camp.

I thought we would do
a lot better than we did.

But, wow, Taku really just
blew us out of the water.

They have Thor.
He is insane,

and they're the top-performing
tribe now,

so we need to pull it together.



- Decent-sized fish? These are gigantic.
- Decent?

Jeff undersold the fish, man.

After winning the reward,
we walk into camp,

and we see ten massive fish.
We're like, "Yo, Jeff.

"You must be eating like a king

to think
these are decent-sized fish."

These are amazing!

- Look, there's...
- These are huge!

- Is that mahi-mahi?
- No, that's a parrotfish.

Those eyes are huge.
I want to try an eye.

As a tribe,
we're killing it right now.

Like, it's very obvious.
Like, when we win, we blow ou.

And the fact that
the other tribes struggled

so much... it was clear
they're not eating.

So we clearly have
a huge advantage.

Being able to have that much
in that one sitting.

Who knows when we're going
to get that again?

As long as we have Jonathan,

we might have it again
tomorrow, but...

I'm so ticked off,
what I said to Jeff.

Yeah, I caught that. You said,

we're, like, super tight four.

I was like, "Jon, come on."

So when we win the reward,

Jeff asked Jonathan how
our tribe was, and Jonathan

basically said,
"Hey, we're a strong four,

and you can't break us apart."

So I'm just hitting my head
being like,

"Oh, my goodness."
Yes, what you're saying is true,

but you couldn't just be vague?

Honestly, I'm just angry
at Jonathan right now.

I know. Like, I didn't say
anything in the moment

'cause I didn't... I don't
want it to be obvious.

Yeah, I know.

Jonathan, Mr. Dummy Jonathan
opens his big mouth

about how we're such
a tight family of four.

I understand
where you're coming from.

So that was frustrating to see

that my main man is a bit
of a slob, but

Jonathan is invaluable
to the Taku tribe.

I know. I wouldn't
over think it too much.

Well, here's the thing
that I know now for sure.

Everybody notices
that I'm a great shield.

I mean, you definitely are,
but I also think

everyone's going to be way
too hungry to get rid of you.

I've been wanting to be
on this show since I was 14.

When I was young...
And I was like three...

My dad... he used to wake me up
and make me do pull-ups.

And he would tell my brother
and I to run up a mountain

and race, and whoever lost

had to do it three more times.

So I have a foundation
of strength

since I was little.

Jonathan is single-handedly

to win this challenge for Taku.

I know that

what I can do is supply
a service

for my tribe.

Everybody knows I'm big,

so I need to use it. I want them
to see that my service

is that I'm using it for them.
Whatever you need.

That's my service.

- There you go...
- Nice!

- Yeah, Romeo.
- Keep adding fuel,

Romeo. Keep adding fuel.

Things that'll burn.
Blow, blow, blow, blow, blow.

Rocksroy is the oldest one
in camp.

- Hey!
- There you go.

- That's it, Romeo!
- Nice!

So I feel like
he wants to prove that

he can do everything better
than the rest of us.

The sticks are gonna burn.
Let the sticks burn.

Let the fire... Let the sticks
burn a little bit.

He's coaching me,
but he's not really coaching me.

Add more, add more.

But I'll let him feel
like he's coaching me.

I'm gonna do whatever
I have to do to get to the end.

Show montage...
Rocksroy and Romeo in the woods.

If you got that,
just keep going.

I don't... Okay.

"Make a knot here."

You see how tight mine is?

You got to make 'em tighter.

"Pick that one up."

- Get it up on something.
- Oh.

- You want to put it on there?
- No, no. I'm saying, get it up.

"Yeah, no problem, no problem,
no problem, no problem."

In my mind, I'm thinking
"Shut the hell up!"

But I can't do that here,
you know?

You have to keep your cool.

So, what are your thoughts?

What I'm thinking about is, if
we have to go to Tribal again...



At this point I feel like

I'm not in a power position
on the tribe,

and I want to change that.

So, I have a plan in the works
to vote out Drea.

She has an extra vote
and, thus, holds a lot of power.

But to do that, we need
to pull in a third person.

I don't get along
with Rocks very well.

- You don't?
- He annoys the freak out of me.



This is disappointing
because it's, like,

I did want to work with Drea,

and I'm not as excited working
with, like, Rocksroy,

but I will.

I do trust Swati.
Swati is my biggest ally.

So, if people actually
do want me out,

I have to do something.
But what's hard is

trying to deal with Rocksroy.

His way is, like, the way,

and it's really frustrating.

And I just want you to know
I'm so

freaking thankful
you're on our tribe because

I really don't know what would
happen if you weren't there.

Here's the thing.

When it comes to getting fire,
when it comes

- to maintaining the fire...
- Yes.

When it comes
to trying to get food,

- when it comes to going fishing...
- Yup.

When it comes to trying
to build-build a shelter,

I'm not asking anyone
to come help me. I'm just like,

- "I'll just go and do it."
- You honestly haven't.

Because I am right.

Rocksroy displays
these tendencies

of, like, a narcissist.

It's, like, unless an idea comes
from him, it's not a good idea.

And I've worked with clients
who are in relationships

with narcissists, and sometimes

the best advice is
to, like, get out.

Really, if you can,
but I want to try with Rocksroy.

I can't get out.

Then should get rid of Drea.
We're gonna need Rocksroy.

- Yes.
- It gets back

to what those guys are
doing now on the "journey."


What if there is an advantage
at play,

and someone has it?

Well, do you know
about Drea's advantage?

I don't know
about her advantage.

She has an extra vote.

She didn't tell you?

- I didn't know that.
- Yeah. Rocks,

I'm telling you all of this
because I want to work with you.

She wouldn't see it coming

if me, you and Swati worked
together, you know?

- Hey.
- What?

I haven't committed to anybody

- I'm gonna vote for...
- No, and I...

there's not even any question

of us going to Tribal yet.

Tori came to me and said
Drea has an extra vote.

Tori knows
that she's at the bottom

of the pecking order, I believe.

So her game is to try
to bring myself and Swati in

to try to make an alliance,
and the person

that she wants to go after
is Drea, for some reason.

I don't know why.

But it's not gonna happen,
because in my gut,

I just do not trust Tori.

She said you have an extra vote.

- Don't think anything of me.
- I don't.

- I mean...
- I appreciate that.

I've been wanting
to play with Tori.

I even wanted
to do a girls' alliance.

But when I found out
that Tori told Rocksroy

about the extra vote,

it changed everything.

Wow. Okay.

- That's good to know.
- Mm-hmm.

- It sucks.
- It does suck.

It personally hurt because

I did everything I could
to keep her in the game.

Right. Me, too.
And, like, this is, like,

I can't work with her now.


Oh, my God.
Tori shared more information

than she should have
and got busted, and now

I have to step back and reassess
before I get myself in trouble.

And as far as Tori, as much as
I would like to work with her,

I'm not going
to go down with her.

All right,
so how are we doing today?

Daniel, how are you feeling a
third of the way into this game?

You know, it just doesn't
come through on the TV screen.

Really, it's brutal.
The only reason

I'm alive today is because
of Hai's body heat,

keeping me warm last night
in that torrential downpour.

Maryanne, describe the rain.

You know what?
The rain keeps on going down

and going down, and it's like, I
know I've said it so many times,

but it just explains it
so perfectly.

It's the classic tale
of the bunny rabbit eating it...

the dinner in the mailbox,
you know?

And we're the bunny rabbits
all being like,

"Where's the mailbox?"
Like, we need to go in,

we need to be warm,
we need to be warm.

I masterfully say my phrase,
and I hear nothing!

Are you kidding me?

You're telling me

I am the only one
who found an idol? Dude!

What are the other tribes doing?
I'm just thinking that they're

sitting down, like,
twiddling their thumbs.

I'm so disappointed
because I don't

have a vote
because none of y'all want

to go and look for an idol.

Do better, y'all.

All right, shall we get
to today's immunity challenge?

First things first.

Got to take back the idols.
Thank you, Drea.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
two tribe members are going

to be tethered to a boat.
On my go,

you're going to dive in
and pull the boat,

carrying two other tribe members

to a tall tower.
The tribe members

in the boat will then climb up
and leap off the tower,

grabbing a key.
Will then race

to the finish
where you will use that key

to unlock puzzle pieces.

First two tribes to finish

their puzzle win immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losers... Tribal Council,
where somebody will be voted out

of Survivor 42. And sorry for
you, I'll be taking your flint.

Vati, you're trying
to win yours back. Sit-outs.

Ika, you have one extra person.
Got to sit somebody out.

Rocksroy sat out last challenge,
cannot sit out this one.

Romeo going to sit out.

Vati, one extra person.

Who you going to sit out?
Daniel gonna sit out.

All right, sit-outs,
take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else,
give you a minute to strategize,

and we'll get started.

All right, we have our swimmers.

For Ika, Swati and Tori
gonna swim.

For Vati, Hai and Mike
will be swimming.

And for Taku,
it is Jonathan and Maryanne.

Here we go.
For immunity,

Survivors ready.

- Go!
- You got it! - Yes, girls, let's go!

You are swimming to pull

that boat carrying
two tribe members.

Got it, got it, got it.

- You got this, guys!
- In and out.

- Nice.
- Let's go.

Jonathan is ripping
through the water.

- Keep it going.
- Keep going! Don't stop.

He is doing it himself.

Maryanne is just
hanging on for the ride.

Taku gonna get there first.
You're good, Taku.

We're gonna hit!
We're gonna hit!

- There goes Lindsay.
- It is Taku in the early lead.

You go first. You go first.

You go first.

That's how you do it!
Lindsay with the first ring.

- There goes Drea.
- Keep going, girl.

Nice job.

Lydia heading up for Vati.

Hold on.

It's a little too short.
Great effort by Lydia.

Omar up for Taku.

Omar has it for Taku.

They've got their second ring.

There goes Rocksroy. Chanelle
gonna give it a go for Vati.

Omar lost his key.
He is literally

pushing it away with
every stroke, losing more time.

Here goes Chanelle.

- Whoa!
- She's got it.

- Vati has their first key.
- Rocksroy in the air.

He's got it.
Ika has both their keys.

Omar's good. Get in the boat.

Jonathan back in the water
for Taku once again.

Taku with a commanding lead.

Jonathan is pulling
that boat alone.

Lydia gonna give it another go.

Lydia short again.
It's not gonna work.

You're good, Taku.

Two tribe members start working
on the puzzle.

Ika heading back now.

- Paddle over to the right! To the right!
- To the right!

- To the right! To the right.
- You've got this, guys.

Getting to Omar,

Maryanne working on the puzzle.

Now you got to calm
all that adrenaline down,

try to solve a complicated
Survivor puzzle.

- Come on, Chanelle!
- There goes Chanelle

- for Vati.
- Come on...

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

- And she's got it.
- Yeah, let's go!

Vati trying to stay in it.

Taku clearly in the lead.

- Let's go, girls!
- Let's go, girls!

And then Ika
and Vati in dead last.

You're good! Start swimming!

Looking for two winners,
one loser.

Tribal Council on the line.

- Yup. You're doing it.
- Trying to fill the fish puzzle.

- Let's go, guys, let's go.
- So far,

- Ika with no pieces.
- Let's go, girls!

Go, go!

First two tribes
to finish are safe.

You just don't want to be last.

- You got it! You got it!
- Here comes Vati.

Let's go, Vati!

Can they make up
a tremendous amount of time

that it took them
to get to this stage?

Omar and Maryanne continuing
to extend the lead for Taku.

You guys are doing great.
Come on, you guys got it.

Okay. This one. Okay.

Omar with another piece.

Let's go, guys. You got it.


- Let's go! Let's go!
- First piece for Ika.

Vati has not given up.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Let's go, guys.

- Drea with another piece for Ika.
- Let's go.

There is no better feeling

on Survivor
than having immunity.

None. It means you're safe.

It means
you're still in the game.

It means you still got a shot
at the money,

- Season 42 winner.
- Good, yes, good job. - Yes!

You want to be that person,

- you got to survive tonight.
- I said yes, Swat.


Swati with another piece
for Ika.

- The mouth...
- The mouth can go in.

That's a big chunk
they are trying to secure.

And that's it. Another win
for Taku looking good.

Swati, Drea looking
for another piece.

- Come on, guys.
- You guys got it. You got it.

Come on.

Ika now
hitting their own roadblock.

- Nice!
- Go! Go! Yeah!

Vati working their way
back in this.

- There's one by Chanelle.
- We are in it! Let's go!

They're closing the gap.

Drea trying to find this piece.

It's not gonna go that way.

Trying to make it fit.

Is it right?

That's it! That's it, ladies!

Another piece by Vati.

Vati has made up a ton
of ground.

- Come on, guys. Come on, guys.
- We got a challenge now.

- Yeah, yeah, perfect.
- Omar with another piece.

Taku getting very close now
to finishing this.

Omar and Maryanne very,
very calm, like surgeons

in the middle of an operation.

Taku down
to their last four pieces.

Got it.

- Taku has it!
- Taku wins immunity! -Yeah!

- Come on!
- We're looking for one more.

Great job, guys.
Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Vati or Ika?
Who's it gonna be?

- Come on!
- Who has a date with me tonight at Tribal?

- No!
- Drea drops it!

Hold it! Hold it for her.

A fatal mistake for Ika!

- Good job, good job.
- Good job, ladies.

It is Vati now
very close to finishing.

- Let's go! We got this!
- We're not giving up.

Ika trying to stay in this.
Swati and Drea hurrying.

- Go to the box! Get in the box!
- They've got it. They're down

to their last four pieces.

Vati came from dead last,
struggled with the keys,

- and made it up in the puzzle.
- Good job.

Redemption for Lydia.

Only four pieces left,
and Lydia now is struggling.

- Keep going!
- Drea trying to close the door now.

Could they get back in this
at the end? It's very close!

Lydia now feeling the pressure.

- There's an eye. You're good.
- Okay, get it, get it, go!

- Another piece by Drea.
- Hold it, get it, get it.

Now Chanelle's gonna take over

for the last piece.
Got to get it in.

- Let's go!
- Swati and Drea still working

for Ika.

This is not over.
The piece falls out now.

Oh, no! I got it. Hold on!

It won't go!

- Let's go!
- Hold it. I got it.

Hold it.
Yeah, we got it, got it, got it!

- Yeah! Jeff!
- It's in! It's in!

They've got it!

Vati pulls it out
in the final seconds,

winning immunity and sending
Ika to Tribal Council.

Two pieces shy.

What a finish.

Taku, another dominating win.
Immunity once again yours.

Nobody from your tribe
going home.

Vati, scary there at the end.

Huge comeback. Nicely done.
You pulled it out.

Your tribe will stay safe.

Flint will be waiting for you
back at camp.

Well-earned. All right, Taku,

Vati, grab your stuff, swim out.

No Tribal Council tonight.

Nobody going home.

All right, Ika,
Tribal Council tonight

where somebody
will be voted out.

Before you go, I'll need to take
your flint. Thanks, Rocksroy.

Have a chance to earn it back
in the next immunity challenge.

Swim out.
See you tonight at Tribal.

I kind of wanted to come in
and be the sweet girl,

play a little under the radar.

Did not expect
for the first two Tribals

to be on the chopping block ad
be the center of conversation.

So I'm having to, like, fight
and wiggle my way out of it.

But if I'm feeling insecure,

I can play
my Shot in the Dark tonight.

We lost today. Again.

I just... I just... My head
just wants to just, "Why?"

We're a disaster.

The only positive thing is

that Tribal should be
very simple tonight.

We need to eliminate threats,
and the biggest threat is Tori.

She can't keep a secret,

and she can't be trusted.

So she's going home tonight.


- I want to be close with you.
- Mm-hmm.

What the hell? The four of us

had decided that it was going
to be Tori next.

And now I come to find out,
Swati told her about it.

Why would you do that?

Okay, this is just
getting out of control.

Someone's creating all these
situations, and it's...


Everyone likes Swati.

She's this innocent 20-year-old.

You think she's just out here
for self-discovery.

She's scared.

And then you realize,
wait a minute, she's playing,

and she's playing hard.


And I'll tell you why.

Both sides.

I wanted to work with Tori,
but not over you guys. Like...

- Listen...
- You swear, Romeo?

We're good. Trust me.

- I trust you. You're my number one.
- Yeah, no, no...

I'm not sure what
made her decide to flip.

You're the person
I wanted to work with anyways.

She's telling
everybody the same...

She probably told Tori
the same thing

and is telling Rocks
the same thing right now.

She's dangerous.

From the beginning,
I felt that Swati

was someone I can trust,

but now it comes out

she's playing all of us
against each other.

And I just find that
too much of a threat.

She's too good
at her social game.

- Wait, you're kidding.
- No.

You're kidding.

- This morning.
- She told me that. - Shut up.

I know. I know, I know, I know.

She was the one that made me
paranoid about you.

You know that?

- Shut up. Shut up.
- I swear.

I swear.

I had a game plan, and Swati
was very much a big part of i.

But now
it's looking like Romeo and Drea

want to work with me...
Of all people...

To get out Swati.

Which is a great step up
from the bottom.

And if that's what I have to do
to stay in the game, I'll do it.

What's going on?

- With them?
- Yeah, what's happening?

Tori and Drea
just had a long conversation.

And if Tori let out
I was trying to blindside Drea,

I could be in trouble.

So I've got to do
everything I can

to make sure I'm not going home.

Somehow it feels like

the impossible has happened,
in that

after Tori got caught
trying to blindside you...

Tori tried to blindside me?

She told Rocks
about the extra vote.

- Right?
- Right.

And somehow it's driven
a wedge between us,

and I'm a little bit confused.

Was she actually trying
to do something with Rocks?


I'm not sure
what made her decide to flip.

Maybe she said
she was on the bottom.

- Right.
- And I hope you know that

I wouldn't have flipped
with her on you.

You were the first person I
wanted to talk to for a reason...

'Cause you're the person
I want to vote with tonight.


There's a lot of
"he said, she saids,"

and I'm trying
to calculate it in my head.

Who's telling the truth
and who's not telling the truth?

My gut's always been weird
with Tori,

and it sucks,

'cause every time I think that
Tori and I are on the same page,

she does something
sneaky and deceitful.

But then again, I don't know
if I can trust Swati either.

And it's just like,

what do I do?

I'm sticking with the plan.

Somebody tells you they have
an idol or something like that

and you want to throw 'em
under the bus so quickly,

what are they gonna do to you
when the merge comes?

This is pissing me off.

If it was my job,
and people were

messing with
my million-dollar deal,

I'd cut them out of my business.

But I can only
get rid of one of them.

And if I make
the wrong decision,

it could be the end
of my million-dollar deal.

Drea, what's
the vibe of this tribe?

I don't know how to explain it.

I feel like we haven't
become one yet.

Although we've said we have,
we haven't.

And for me it's hard,
'cause I'm used to teamwork.

And if you came to our camp,
you'd kind of feel the vibe

that people aren't really sure
if it's actually a team.

Tori, you were nodding.
You agree with that?

Yeah, I'd say the vibe is off.

And so,
I'm hoping that tonight's vote

is gonna cut out whatever is
creating, maybe, that division

and get us back
on the right path.

Swati, you're also nodding.

Is it just an energetic thing,

like this group just
doesn't work together?

Jeff, I'm just gonna
throw something out there.

I came in here thinking
the headline was going to be:

"Somebody tried
to make a big move.

"They thought
others were willing.

They weren't,
and they got caught."

And I feel like
the headline might instead be:

"Is this same somebody
going to be able

"to pin the blame
on someone else

and send that person
home tonight?"

And I'm not going to go home
for somebody else's mistake

and somebody else's move.

What'd I do?

Try and blindside Drea.


So, what Swati's really good at
is projecting...

Projecting her own paranoia
on other people,

projecting moves, such as her
wanting to blindside Drea,

- now projecting that onto me.
- I did not.

I did not want
to blindside Drea.

That is not a thing
that I have ever wanted to do.

Not even on the first vote?

Not even on the first vote.

In fact, on the first vote,

I busted my ass
trying to keep Tori here,

and because what I wanted to do
was create trust.

So, what do you read what's
happening right now, Swati?

I'm here to play my game,

and I'm not going
to get sent home

because of something
Tori said or did.

Drea, so when you hear
Swati throw out something,

and it surrounds you,

what happens internally?

It sucks,
because I'm the main person

that's trying
to bring this team together.

And yet
Drea's name is always up.

So I just take
all the information

that's thrown out there,
and I calculate it in my mind

to figure out
what makes sense to me.

There's so many truths, and then
there's, like, the real truth.


I'm here to tell my truth,
which is that everything

that's happening,
it's not my fault.

I am not... I don't know
if I'm being painted

as the agent of chaos by Tori,
but it's her who made this move,

her who got caught doing it.

I'm just here to say

I'm doing exactly what
I said I was going to do,

and I hope that
others can trust me

and that we can move forward
as a more unified tribe.

Romeo, do you understand
what Swati's getting at?

Because she's hit it
a few times.

She's pointing a finger at Tori
and saying,

"That's the problem."

Yes, she clearly wants Tori out.

And I think
we just need to trust

in the target that
the majority of us chose

to move forward
in a more peaceful way.

And hopefully,
after today's Tribal Council,

we will be able
to work better together

and just be
a more cohesive group.

Tori, Swati has not backed off.

What are you feeling now,

sitting there
in the center of this group?

Kind of hard to combat
with what she was saying,

'cause so much of it
was not rooted in reality.

I just, I really don't know
where this energy is

coming from. I feel like it's...
You feel that you're vulnerable,

trying to throw it
on someone else.

My name has been
out there before.

Um, it's sad to me, but
you gotta do what you gotta do.

Can I say something about Swati?

She came in here,
and she told us she's very shy.

So for her to step up
and, like, speak out like this,

I am very proud of her.

Because it's-it's very...
it's very difficult

to come out and
out of your shell a little bit

and push...
put yourself out there.

Her personality now is blooming.

She's coming out.

Swati, how's that feel? It's
a very parental thing to do,

is to acknowledge a quality
they see in you.

It actually feels really good,
because that is something

I really struggled with,

and I feel like I lost
a lot of the insecurities

that I walked in here with.

Being able to come
to a group of people

and have them accept me
was a really freeing experience.

I would love to give more
than that, but I feel like,

regardless of how long
my Survivor experience is,

I'm going to be processing it
for months, if not years.

So hit me up in a couple of
years for the full answer, Jeff.

And with that,
it is time to vote.

Romeo, you're up.

I really and truly
wanted to work with you,

but your paranoia
got the best of you.

So I just have to go
into self-preservation mode.

If anybody has
an advantage or an idol,

and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.


It's not that
I don't trust my allies,

I just don't trust Tori.

Thank you.

Swati played her
Shot in the Dark, which means

you sacrificed your vote
for a one-in-six shot at safety

at tonight's Tribal Council.

If this scroll says you're safe,

any votes cast against you
will not count.

I'll open the scroll.

Swati, you are...

...not safe.

Any votes cast against you
will still count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Swati.

Tori. One vote Tori,
one vote Swati.

Two votes Swati, one vote Tori.

Fifth person voted out
of Survivor 42...

Swati. You need
to bring me your torch.

Swati, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night, Jeff.

I'm slippin',
as they would say in the hood.

You slippin', son.


- You hit me.
- Okay, back up.

This stupid fight
is exactly what I don't want.

Daniel's arm is dislocated,
but he's fishing.


Fool me twice, shame on me.

I really do feel like, if I had
gotten that chance to continue

playing this game of Survivor,
I would have done really well.

I feel like I became
a new Survivor player

after having made
that one huge mistake.

But I didn't quit, so...

Boston Rob was fourth out
his first season,

so who knows,
maybe you'll see me

winning a season
of All-Stars in the future.