Survivor (2000–…): Season 35, Episode 6 - This is Why You Play Survivor - full transcript

One castaway is upset after being kept out of the loop on a crazy blindside. Also, lack of food takes a toll on another castaway.

Jeff: Previously on

"survivor," at the levu tribe,
there was a clear divide.

It's 2-2, I'm sticking with

Jeff: At the yawa tribe,
Cole couldn't hide his hunger.

He licks everything.

He's like a pig.

Jeff: At the soko tribe,
Ryan found himself caught

between a hero...
vote for roark.


Get rid of Chrissy.


All right.

There's going to be one
person who is going to hate me.

Jeff: At tribal council,
Ryan voted with Chrissy.


And betrayed Ali.

The tribe has spoken.

Good luck, guys.

Jeff: 13 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

What do you want to do, Ryan?

What do you want to do?

You say, oh, j.P. Or Chrissy or
j.P. Or Chrissy.


Why can't you just tell me?

Because she and you were
getting really, really close.

Ryan, really?

Tribal council went exactly
as planned.

Ryan did follow through on his
word, which is amazing.

It showed me that Ryan believes
that he can get further with me

in this game than he can get
with Ali.

You never told me anything.

Like this is suppose to be a
two-people conversation and you

never said anything.

Because I thought that you
were too close.

I don't care.

This is a game, Ryan.

You tell me how you feel.

I trust you.

I feel like I told you

And she did not tell me

Who cares about her.

Then why didn't you tell me?

Because you were close to

I knew this girl for four

That's the thing.

You didn't trust me.

I do trust you.

That's why you're still her.

I didn't trust her.

That's why she's gone.

Why didn't you tell me?

You were really close to her,

You really were.

Four days.

That's all it takes.

We voted together.

We were together for six days.

Tribal council was a shock.

I was betrayed by my closest
ally in this whole entire thing,

you know?

And it hurts.


You thought I would kick you
to the curb, Ryan?

No, she was going to.

I would never have kicked you
to the curb, so why wouldn't you

tell me.

Because I thought...

I said 100 times I wasn't
going to come out here and cry,

but, you know, it's rough, and I
just want to do my best.

Were you in an alliance with

New York I was in an alliance
with her.

I would have didn't whatever
you wanted me to do, Ryan.

That's not true.

Being pushed down to the
bottom, it's a wake-up caulk

because moving forward, I have
to understand, it's just me,

because I don't think I will
ever trust Ryan again in this


I love Chrissy.

I think she's great.

You just wrote Chrissy's name

Because I thought that's what
you wanted as well.

Why are you getting so mad?

How am I getting mad?

So Ali rails into me, and it
was a really bad look for her.

I was hoping I could still work
with Ali at this point.

Unfortunately Ali is infuriated
with me because I didn't tell

her, and it stinks because I
can't have enemies in this game.

So she may have to go.

So she may have to go.

Oh, my god, first time
catching fish with a speargun,

it is amazing.

It's like I can do this.

I can do anything that I put my
heart and mind to.

Little fish.

It's still a fish.

I am providing for my tribe.

I am so excited to be able to be
like, yeah, dude, I caught the

fish, too.


It's not much, but it's

Do you feel like man?


The simple things in life can
be so rewarding.

Flame broiled.

Fish filet.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

He's gone, doc.

No, he's not gone.

He's gone.

That's okay.

My fish is not gone.

He just cooked a little faster.

Oh, I'm is glad we're on a

tribe together, Mike.

Mikey, that poor guy, he was
determined, though.

That man never gave up.

Through hell or high water, Mike
was cooking that fish, and

eating it.

I'm proud of him.

He's out of his element, an he's
doing good.

What do you think, not batting

No, man.

I think it would be good.

Thanks for sharing.

You know, Mike caught a small
fish and he shared that.

Cole caught a decent-sized fish,
and he ate it for himself a

couple times that.

Shows right there who you should
work with in this game.

Someone who is going the share
and think about others or

someone who is just going to
think about himself.

Cole is showing his true colors.

And they ain't good.

So should we get started on
the rice?

The only thing is we don't
have a lot of rice.

I'm good.

I'm not even hungry.

I'm happy waiting.

I don't think we should cut
out a whole meal.

That's not how your body works.

That's how it has to work
here because we don't have that

much food.

I'm just trying to be realistic.

Please don't cut me off.

I was trying to talk and you
kind of dominate conversations.

Talk, buddy.

Talk till your heart can't have
no more.

Eat big while you have it.

I'm saying nobody here is
starving to chew, and we can't

just feed you.

I mean, if you want the eat your
rice, cook it.

That's fine.

I said we'll go with what we

I'm not getting enough food at
all, and it's stupid.

I'm not going to be strong
enough at any challenge to

guarantee that we'll come away
winning, and I really need a

bigger serving because without
me, there wouldn't be any

victory for the yawa tribe.

I'm sick of him.

I am so sick of him.

He's tripping out.

He's a piece of work is what
he is.

I'd like to say that he's 24,
but when we were 24, we weren't

like that.


We'll let him seal his own fate.

The two of them, they're
trying to be a power couple or


They're together.

You make me nervous

Why do I make you nervous?

Because I forget how to talk
to really pretty girls.

She's smart girl.

I can't imagine her going to
live in a van with him, because

he's not going the leave the

And the way he throws fits
when he doesn't get his way.

I think Mike is starting to
see what Cole's true colors are,

which is great for me, because
I'm at the bottom of this group.

So we need Dr. Mike.

You know, the more Cole screws
up, the more he acts like an

idiot, the better off I am.

Cole is digging his own grave.

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Jeff: Come on in, guys.

Yawa, levu, getting your first
look at the new soko tribe.

Roark voted out at the last
tribal council.

All right
you guys ready to get to today's

reward challenge?


Jeff: For today's challenge
you'll race out the a set of


We'll use those poles to
transport a buoy across a

balance beam.

That buoy will release your

You'll pull your boat to the
finish, where you will use a

giant slingshot to knock down
two targets.

First two tribes to finish win

Want to know what you're playing



Jeff: Let me tease you as
long as I can for pizza.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Jeff: Ten pizzas and ice
cold soft drinks, second tribe

the finish, one pizza to share
with the tribe.

For the losers, nothing.

Yawa, you have one extra person,
sitting somebody out whom is it

going to be.

I'll sit out.

Jeff: Mike, take a spot on
the bench.

Everybody else take a minute to

We'll get it on.

All right.

Here we go.

For reward, survivors ready?


Go, Ali, go, j.P.

Jeff: Ben.

Ali takes hard fall.

She's with j.P.

And Ashley and Desi, you have to
transport that using these two

poles over a balance beam and
down to the mat.

Everybody good out of the gate.

Desi and Ashley drop.

They have to go back.

Ben and Cole drop.

They have to go back.

Go, go, go.

Keep going, keep going.

Jeff: J.P. And Ali making
it look easy.

You're good.

Big lead for soko.

Chrissy and Ryan, no buoy to

Just get through the course.

There goes Ashley and Desi

They drop again.

Got to go back.

Chrissy and Ryan heading over
the beam.

A lot easier with no buoy to

Ben and Cole trying again.

Can they do it this time?


You're good.

Drop it.

Go, and Jessica on the course.

Soko now has everybody.

They're headed to their boat.

Soko now at their boat.

Got to untie those knots before
you can head out.

Desi and Ashley drop for the
third time.

Lauren's across.

Jessica's across.

Go, yawa.

Come on, guys.

Let's go.

Get it.

You guys, you're catching

You got this.

Jeff: You got to pull
yourself all the way to your


Soko is stuck.

You got to untie.

We did.

There's one in the back.

Jeff: Soko forgot to untie
one of the knots, a huge



Go, go, go, go go, !

Jeff: Jessica whips through
the knot.

Yawa caught up now.

Chrissy finally has the knots

It's a race to the platform.

We are dead even.

Yawa and soko have had a huge
head start in this challenge.

They're heading out to the

Ashley and Desi have got to get

Together, together.

Jeff: And they do.

You're good.

Devon and Joe now have to rip
through this course, trying to

close this gap.

You got to get over that beam.

Joe struggling.

Got away on Joe.

It's easy, it's easy.

Jeff: You're good.

Blue has got to pick it up now.

Ben is to the platform.

J.P. To the platform.

Levu trying to get back in this.

You have one slingshot and two

Come on, j.P.

Jeff: It's going to be Ben
for yawa, j.P. For soko.

A little higher.

Drew: And here comes levu
trying to get back in this.

J.P. Just short.

Ben just short.

Get up there.

Jeff: Levu finally across.

Levu is back in this now.

Ben really leaning back.

Ben misses.

The swells really coming in on
this challenge, making it very

difficult to judge, because
everything is moving.

The platform is moving, the
boats are moving.

Nothing is easy on "survivor."


Jeff: J.P. Connects for

Soko now with one target left.

Ben one more time on his knees
and connects.

Yawa knocks their first target

Joe going to pop out.

It's Devon in now.

Here comes a huge swell.

J.P. Taking his time, waiting
for the swell.

Everybody's platform moving all
over the place now.

Boats are everywhere, platforms
are everywhere.

The ocean is moving today.

You got to be lined up right.

You have to anticipate the

Adjustments being made by

You got to earn it out here
every day on "survivor."

J.P. Has waited patiently.

J.P. Does it.

Soko wins reward, pizzas and
soft drinks.

Looking for second.

Yawa wins reward!

Good job, guys.

Good job, guys.

Good job, guys.

J.P., that was so awesome.

Jeff: Soko, nice victory.

Ten pizzas will be waiting for
you back at camp.

Should make for a very nice and
well-earned afternoon.

Grab your stuff.

Head back.

Enjoy the pizza in Fiji.

Yawa, one pizza waiting for you
back at camp.

Nice job.

Grab your stuff, head back,
enjoy it.

Levu, got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff, head back to

I don't like to be in the
limelight that much, but in this

case, it's just good for my
game, because bottom line is

they need more 100%.

Without me there's in way they
would be able to get through any


No way.

Oh, my gosh, there's like

Artichoke and mushroom.

It's more fun to eat a whole

This was the one to win.

Sitting there watching them
struggle and j.P. Do it with


Basking in his glory.

You were so good with that

J.P. Is a tank in these

I guess being a firefighter he
has that strength to him, but he

is very athletic.

And the merge is going to happen
very soon.

The physical part of the game is
a very big aspect, and that

raises the threat level of j.P.

My ideal first date is
bonfire on the beach.


Yeah, pick dinner up

Most of the time I do a salad.

He's also somebody who is
tough to read because he doesn't

talk much strategy at all.

J.P. Likes talking about chicks
and bars and stuff that I don't

know anything about.

He really just has no clue
what's going on in this game.

I put it back in my truck.

Big salad to go.

You sit on the beach and share,
make a fire on the beach, hang

out, look at the stars.

Nothing like some wood in the
back of the truck.


J.P. Doesn't understand that
this is a social game.

And it's amazing that he's still

So if we go the tribal council,
maybe taking out a big, physical

threat right before the merge
should be priority number one.

Wait, wait.

Our camp, when you were
looking at the well, this is

your stomach, this is the water,
where was the idol?

Where I looked initially.

So what do you think?

Do you think they would go to
rocks for each other?

Or do you think Desi would flip?

I think Desi would flip.

If there is an immunity
challenge here shortly with this

tribe, I am nervous.

There's only four ofous, two
yellow, Joe and Desi, and then

me and Devon, who are pretty
much like this.

We're kind of an unbreakable

I want to make the merge.

Don't flip on me.

I'm not going to flip on you.

In the case of the tribal
council, it's look like it would

be 2-2.

The plan would be to get Desi to
flip on Joe.

High as well take some of
this, right?

Keep your eyes out for

The energy is very tense around

I feel like there's a hidden
immunity idol still out, there

and Joe is good at finding

He's already found one.

That's better than my record.

Big hermit crowd some everythi
that Joe does is suspicious.

We're us a looking out for him
and looking to see where he's



I got the keep eagle eyes on

He's got me nervous.

You guys are really close,
but Joe is the most strategic

player we've met.

He could be getting anyone to
trust him just as long as it

works for him.

Definitely had that thought.

Do you really feel like you
can trust him?


I mean, I trust him as far as...

I thing he'll stick with us to a

It's just matter of to what

Let me ask you this, would
you vote him out?

Oh, yeah.

I think if he doesn't get voted
out, he wins this game.

Ashley brought up the idea of
getting rid of Joe.

I mean, I trust Joe to the point
that he'll use me as an advance

for himself in this game.

Beyond that, Joe is arguably the
most strategic player out here,

willing to do whatever it takes
to make himself move further in

this game.

That's going to maybe not always
benefit me.

So if the levu tribe has to go
back the tribal council I am

actually considering getting rid
of Joe at this time.

You got water?

I'm good.

You don't drink enough water,

I'm going to check up on you a
little bit more.

Forget about that stuff, man.

I'm not stupid.

I know Devon is watching me
because I'm dangerous.

Like I'm always searching for
idols and looking for idols.

My game is to have power,
control, and to manipulate.

And I've been trying the find a

I just need some time alone to
find it.

Oh, my god.

It took four days to find it.

But I finally found a clue.

Very similar to the healer camp.

I knew it, you know what I'm

I knew about the well.

It just happened to be four feet
away instead of five feet.

I didn't really give Devon any


I definitely want to get rid
of the clue later.

This time around, no one is
going to know that I have it.

That's what I wanted initially.

When I found first one, Cole.

This time around if I get the
immunity idol New York one is

going to know that I have the

That right there is true power.

I will be getting that idol

I will be getting that idol

This is not a vacation for me.

It's work.

Find another idol that
represents moving further in the

game, and the further I get, the
closer I get the that $1


The closer I can provide that
much more for my children.

You know, I tell my kids all the
time, things don't come easy.

You have to put in the work.

And, you know, my kids are my

Everything I do is for them.

If I had to dig a hole the
length of Tennessee, I'm going

to do it.

Oh, man.

Hello, baby.

I've been at two camps.

This is my second idol I've

I'm going to keep it a secret.

If I move on to the merge, guess
what, I'm going to find the

third idol.


A worm literally just fell on

Do you want it to eat.

I'm good.

A worm just fell out of our
roof on me.

That's gross.



That's why I cover my ears.

Oh, my god.

How did you do that.


Are you okay?



What happened?

Just lay down.

Lay down.

Put your legs up.

Lay like that with your legs up
a little bit.

Do we have water for him?

Keep your legs up.

Whatting just happened?

He just passed out.

I thought I was standing up
over there, and the next thing

I'm dreaming or something.

He needs to eat.

He can have my portion of rice.

I feel good now.

Of course you do.

You just passed out.

No, but I'll just chill and
take it easy.

I'm going to cook some rice.

Cole faipghted.

My initial feeling is just
straight fear, like all of us

are scared.

But Dr. Mike and I were in
control, we knew to get fluid in


We knew to get food.

He did with it two healers in
the healthcare world.

I'm really going to be okay.

We know you're going to be

I just stood up too fast.

No, you didn't, you are

That's what you are.

It's a food-related issue.

I felt bad for him.

I literally just wanted to hold

And in that moment I realized
that I really do care for him a

lot more than I thought I did.

I'm not ready to play this game
put Cole.

Dinner is served.

I feel so ridiculous.

I just feel like a burden.

Just eat it.

Cole, you okay over there?

Yeah, I'm good.

Cole's going to be fine.

We just got to make sure he's

But Cole has become a liability.

If you don't feel well enough on
day 16, how are you going to

feel on day 17 and 18 or 23?

We're just going to have to keep
pulling and pulling him along,

and at some point the scales are
like... we need the get rid of


Nothing exciting here happened
while you were gone.

Cole could not pass out.

He got up and passed out.


Fell like a tre trunk.

Take it easy, big guy.

Drink some water.

Thanks for having my back.

I don't know, doc.

He should have worried about his
appetite more than his six pack.

Pack on a few pounds, you know?

He's a liability.

Oh yeah,.

I agree.

We take out Cole.


We can't pander and cater to him
and baby him any longer.

I agree.


It's funny how things work in
this game.

When Cole fell over, he sealed
his fate.

I feel bad saying, that but it's

I think Lauren and doc have the
same agenda as I do, so if we do

lose and immunity challenge,
Jess' boyfriend is gone.

Just know that as long as I'm
not passed out on the ground,

I'm here for you and I care
about you.

Thanks, Cole.

Jeff: Come on in, guys.

All right.

Let's get to today's immunity

First things first, I will take
back the idols.

Desi, you don't want to give it

New York I'm taking good care
of her.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Jeff: Thanks, Lauren.

Once again immunity is back up
for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will
each pull on a rope suspending a


You'll then work together to
stack blocks on that disk

spelling "immunity."

If at any point you fall off or
your tack drops, you tart again.

First two tribes to finish win
immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers tribal council will
somebody will be the sixth

person voted out of this game.

Yawa, one extra person, sitting
somebody out.

Dr. Mike sat out of the reward

Who is going to sit out of this

Lauren take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else take a minute to

We'll get started.

All right.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


Joe, you're first.

Jeff: It's all about

Now Ryan, pull it tight.

Jeff: Working together to
spell immunity.

Remember, you are spelling it
from the bottom to the top.

Ben places the first block for

A little tighter, Ryan.

Jeff: Ryan out quickly.


That's right.

Jeff: Joe has first letter
for levu.

I'll be next.

Jeff: It's all about
keeping that disk flat.

Ryan, pull a little bit,

Jeff: And balanced.

Ben, pull a little harder.

Jeff: As this stack gross,
it's going to get more


Jessica with their second

Desi with their second letter.

You're pulling it up.

Jeff: Chrissy working for
their second letter.

Ryan, pull a little, budsdy.

J.P., I think you're too

My way?

Jeff: Ben places the I for

Levu with three.

Soko coming with their third.

Here comes Ryan inching closer
with that I.

Already you can see how much
movement there is.

Very close to losing it early in
this challenge.

Ryan you're, too tight.

Jeff: Soko has the start
over, our first casualty.

Levu now in the lead with the
fifth letter.

Here comes Cole now with that
fifth letter.

Soko starting over.

Ashley places the sixth block.

Levu getting very close.

Putting the pressure now on

There's Jessica with the sixth

There you go.

Jeff: Chrissy has the third
block for soko.

Here comes Desi.

No, no, no, don't pull.

Jeff: Desi, they're in

Levu drops just like that and
yawa is now in the lead.

That is how quickly this can

Pull more, Ryan.


Jeff: And soko drops.

Both tribes now starting over.

We got it, guys.

Jeff: Dr. Mike now for

They have a huge advantage, only
one block left to win immunity

and a lot of time while soko and
levu battle it out for the

second immunity.

Keep breathing, guys.

Don't move your arms.

Jeff: Here goes Cole.

He's making his moves.

Cole can win it for yawa right

Go ahead, Cole, slowly.

Jeff: Can Cole finish it
right here?

She... slow and steady.

Jeff: Cole has the I.

They are steady.

Now he just has to get back to
the finish without any movement

and there goes the move.

And yawa is out.

Yawa has to start over.

They were just a few footsteps
away from immunity.

The door is back open.

It is now levu and soko dead
even with five blocks each.

This is how fast this game

Ben is new racing out with that
first block.

It is now Ashley with the sixth

There we go.

We straight now.

Jeff: Here comes Ali with
the sixth block.

This would tie them with levu.

We got this.

Jeff: Yawa with two,
quickly chasing everybody.

Here comes Cole with the third

Jeff: Chrissy now with the
seventh letter for soko.

Levu right on their heels with
their seventh letter.

We got the tension, Mike.

You just walk.

Mike, we got the rope.

Jeff: Yawa with a
completely new strategy, racing

to catch up.

Mike now with the fourth letter.

We have levu and soko both with
seven letters, just one letter


Yawa is already halfway there.

Mike with their fifth.

Yawa's strategy may be paying

Just walk it back, Mike.

Jeff: Here comes j.P. With
that final letter.

Just go slow.

Jeff: He cannot move as
fast as yawa is because the

stack is so tall.

Devon moving very slowly.

Whoa, whoa, Devon.

Jeff: Jessica coming out
now with their seventh letter.

You guys got it?

Yep, we have it.

Jeff: J.P. Very close.

Careful, j.P.

Jeff: But that tower is

Jessica places the seventh
letter for yawa.

Devon now making his move.


Careful, j.P.


Jeff: J.P. Places the I,
but he's got to get it to stick.

Take you time.

Drew: Jessica new racing out
with the I.

Everybody is in it now.

Get it.

You're doing good, Dev.

Jeff: Devon places the I,
but he knows it is wobbly.

Do not let it drop.

Jeff: Jessica places if I
for yawa.

Everybody has their blocks.

It's now a race to the finish.

Get back, Jess.

Don't move.

Nobody move.

We win.

We got it.

Jeff: Yawa wins immunity.

We're looking for second.

Soak second dropped.

Soko is out now.

Levu has a shot right here.

Levu wins immunity, safe from
tribal council.

Sending soko for the sixth
person voted out of this game.

Yawa, congratulations.

Nobody going home tonight.

Levu, everybody will live to see
another day.

All right.

Yawa, levu, no tribal council

Grab your stuff, head back to

Enjoy the night off.

All right.

Soko, head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal where
somebody will be the sixth

person voted out of this game.

After tribal I had a blow-up
with Ryan, so I know that my

name has been on the line, and
I'm more nervous than I probably

ever have been.

I think Jeff likes us.

We always have a lot of dates
with him, huh?


Well, today's challenge
didn't go so well, but losing

for us right now is just not a
big deal.

Ali is next, and she has nothing
she can do about it.

Simple as that.

Sucks to lose, but

I did not want to lose.

It all works out for the


Ali is the obvious next target,
but j.P. Is a huge physical


I mean, he has literally carried
us, he's carried me through a

challenge, literally.

Taking that guy into a merge,
that's dangerous.

As long as it's not me, I
really don't care.

My vote is Ali.

Me too.

And so is Chrissy.

But in order to vote out j.P., I
need to make up with Ali.

She trusted me a lot, and I did
backstab her.

I need her to get rid of j.P.

For this vote.

I'm sorry.

I should have told you.


That was a huge mistake.

I was petrified of roark.

I'm just petrified I'm going

I do not think that.

I have your back.

And I know that's incredibly
hard for you to accept right

now, but that's true.

After the last tribal
council, I was definitely on the

outs, but I think I found my

I just have to make it one more
vote until the merge, one or two

at the most.

Well maybe we should do j.P.

He was dominant today.

He's within dominant every

And he lays low a lot.

I don't know where his head

That's scary.

I still can't trust Ryan, but
he definitely sees j.P. Is a


We need Chrissy to come over.

I'll talk to her first and
see what she thinks.

Now I need to get with Chrissy.

I know that I voted for Chrissy,
but the thing is, I know that

Chrissy is a very smart person.

It just doesn't make sense to
keep j.P.

I think so far in this game
my downfall has been my loyalty.

I think that I just put it in
the wrong person.

I know I have Lauren 100%.

And I know I have a great
relationship with Devon.

Going forward I am loyal, and I
want the prove it to you.

I was thinking this is
probably the last vote out

before the merge.

So it doesn't matter to me what
makes this four-man team strong.

What matters to me is who can I
beat once we get to the merge.

I definitely think that
j.P.'S going to go out there and


You see how he is.

He's going the try and win

Yes, yes.

You know, I feel like I could
put the loyalty that I put in

Ryan in you.

Ali told me that she's
extremely loyal and going

forward she really wants to work
together and get rid of j.P.

I think that j.P. Is a threat,
but truthfully, Ali voted for me

last tribal council, so I don't
know if I can even trust Ali

moving forward.

The one person I am most closely
aligned with is Ryan, and

together we need to make the
decision on which of the two

goes home tonight.

I wanted to play with people
who like...

Like love the game, want the
play the game.

Yeah, yeah.

Either way we're good.

I'm is happy.

I told you I wanted to play the
game with you.

I know.

J.P. And Ali are polar
opposites, yet concurrently they

both want to work with me and

I don't know why everybody wants
to work with me.

I think I'm a freakin' weasel,
but the closer you are to

somebody, they can't really see
you go behind their back and

backstab them.

Jeff: So the roller coaster
continues for the soko tribe.

Ryan, after the last tribal,
which was clearly a blind side,

what happened back at camp.

Yeah, so Ali was not pleased.

You know, she had been on the
wrong side of the roark vote, so

I had just told her my reasoning
behind it.

I really felt roark was going to
flip back to that strong healer

contingency that's still in the
game up to this point.

Jeff: Ali, I'm guessing you
said, you could have told me


Yeah, that's exactly how I

If he would have told me from
the get-go, it would have been


I apologized and he apologized.

I think it's swept under the rug
and we can move forward now.

Jeff: So Chrissy, we're
almost halfway through the game.

We're getting close to that

What's the feeling?

The feeling is we all believe
there is a merge that is

imminent, and all four of us
want to make it to the merge.

Clearly that's not going to

Jeff: So Ali, does that
influence tonight's vote?

Yeah, because once we get
into a merge, you need numbers.

You need people you can trust
going forward.

Not only people that will fight
for themselves but for you, as


Jeff: J.P., that's where
you have to be a little

concerned, because when you
reach the merge, then it's about

getting rid of contenders.

Traditionally, the bigger
guys or the guys that seem to do

a little better at the
challenges tend to get voted off

around this time.

Why not get rid of j.P.

So it's definitely a little
scary to be sitting here


Jeff: So what do you do?

You had to think about that
today with tribal coming


You can say what you have to
say the make you case, but at

the end of the day, it comes
down the what's in everybody's

best interest to move their game

Jeff: Ali, j.P. Gave an
interesting answer to a very

specific question.

By saying nothing.

I don't see anybody else playing
as laid back right now as j.P.

What do you read into that?

Yeah, he didn't say, well, I
bring this and I bring this or

what he's going to offer if he
does end up winning all these


I have no idea what he's
thinking, ever.

Jeff: Chrissy, surprised
that j.P. Didn't say, let me

tell you why I'm not a good
person to get rid of?

No, I've known j.P. Since day
one, and j.P. Plays a quiet


Jeff: Ryan, can you
appreciate why j.P. Would be

reluctant to defend himself,
because it only just shines the

light brighter on the obvious
thing, he's clearly the most

physical guy here.

As Chrissy said, it's a very
quiet game.

Sometimes that's scary, as well.

If I can't have a conversation
with you and I see you at the

reward challenge like basking in
the imlorry, I mean, he's not

missing much.

There's only a couple pieces
request for this guy to become a

super player.

So do I want to go against that?

Do I want to work with that?

It's a lot of questions.

Jeff: J.P., I got to give
you credit, because through this

entire tribal, you are like the
piece of granite you appear to

be carved from.

You have not proved.

You are committed.

So if it's you tonight, will you
say, this is my game.

I'm fine with it?

I think if I was to walk down
that path, I probably should

have been more social and open
with the game.

I probably should have done

Maybe this is a good wake-up
call for me.

Jeff: Ali, is this a
reminder of how real it all is?

Oh yeah, , it's the atmosphere
being here.

My body is tricking me the think
I'm cold, I'm shaking.

But I think it's the

I'm in a nervous position anyway
because I was not included on

the last vote.

I'm still hoping that what I
think are mended relationships

are really mended.

We'll find out where the trust
lies when the vote is revealed.

Jeff: Chrissy, you seem to
be nodding your head.

It's terrible when the
numbers get small because there

are no extras to vote out.

With we're four great players,
all of us want this so badly, so

I think that we're all just
constantly evaluating right now,

who do I want to vote out.

Every single person here
benefits my game and hurts my


Jeff: All right.

It is time to vote.

J.P., you're up.

I got my game.

You got you game.

See who wins.

We have to get rid of the

Jeff: I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want the play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Ali.


One vote Ali.

One vote j.P.


That's two votes Ali, one vote
j.P., one vote left.

Sixth person voted out...

You're kidding me.

Ali, you need to bring me your

Good luck beating him.


Jeff: Ali, the tribe has

Time for you to go.

Well, you're almost out of tribe
members and you are clearly

counting on a merge.

Good luck.

Grab you torches, head back to
camp, good night.

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Jeff: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

Jeff: Next time on
"survivor," a bomb is dropped.

You are merged.

[Cheering and applause]
The merge, that's what you

dream of.

This is the playoffs now.

Jeff: The target is in

Cole is the biggest threat.

The battle line is drawn.

He's going to flip on you

I expect a war.

I guess I let a little twerp
like Ryan ruin my whole game,

and Chrissy is the liar of all

If she lies that way the rest of
the game, she's going to win.

I came into this game thinking I
was going to play with my head,

and maybe I did use my heart a
little bit.

Maybe I trusted people too much.

That's what got me.