Survivor (2000–…): Season 35, Episode 12 - The Survivor Devil - full transcript

Castaways battle to win individual immunity and earn a spot in the final five.

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JEFF: Previously on
"survivor," Ben found an idol

and was playing double agent.

I got to get Ashley out.

My mission is to stay on the
inside of Chrissy and Ryan.

JEFF: While his true
allegiance was to a core four.

We don't need Joe.

Done deal.

JEFF: But they saw Ben as
major threat.

I am considering getting Ben

This is a difficult decision.

JEFF: At tribal council,
Ryan played his idol.

It's for me.

JEFF: But the core four
stuck together.

11th person voted out and
the fourth member of our jury,

JEFF: Stunning Ryan,
Chrissy, and Mike.

Joe, the tribe has spoken.

Seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Nice job, guys.

Again, completely in the dark.

Again I got blind sided.

I just believe people when they
tell me something, and each and

every time I get screwed.

I'm going to get through this.

I just have to figure out how.

Good move, though, guys.

I was fricking hoodwinked.

I was just duped.

Apparently Ben was with Devon,
Lauren, and Ashley.

I had no idea.

And I played my idol.

I didn't have to.

They flushed that.

I'm in an awful spot right now.

I have no allies except Chrissy,
who has no power.

But other than that it went
really well.

So can you explain what
happened tonight?

Yeah, Joe went home.

My plan didn't line up with your
guys' plan.

And I'm not going to tell you
guys... yeah, right.

I had your back since day

What you did today really showed
your true colors.

You know what, listen to me,
anybody who goes against you,

Chrissy, is all of a sudden the
bad man.

Oh, my god, you're such a
jerk, Ben.

I seriously never expected...

You can't mother me, Chrissy.

Why am I mothering you?

I don't call my kids a jerk.

When anybody goes against
you, you start doing this.

Doing what?

It's a game of "survivor."

Okay, good night.

Night, night.

I get the fact that this is a

But I felt very close to Ben,
and his response was inhuman.

And he wasn't even a friend
about it.

He was just kind of being a

I don't know what we're going
to do.

It looks like my days are
numbered, but I'm not going to

roll over and die.

I have to do everything I can to
make it to the end for my


And if I get a chance to get
back at Ben, I'm going to take


JEFF: Come on in, guys.

All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
reward challenge?


JEFF: It is another new
"survivor" challenge, and you

will be running in pairs.

Oh, wow.

JEFF: But not with each

With your loved ones.


JEFF: Ashley, let's get you
some love.

Here's your dad, Jim.

Come on out, Jim.


I love you.

Oh, my god.

I talk a lot about you.

You look awesome.

JEFF: Ashley, one thing
that always strikes me is the

way a daughter falls into the
arms of her dad.

It's like no other safe spot in
the world.

What is that for you right now?

It's everything.

I've already told every single
person behind me that he's the

best man I've ever known.

JEFF: Really?

He's taken care of us at the
hardest times of our lives.

He takes care of everyone before
he does himself.

JEFF: Jim, so this really
is a father-daughter connection?

Oh, no doubt about it.

She's so independent and strong
and I couldn't be more proud.

JEFF: Give him last

I love you so much.

I love you.

Love you.

Oh, my god.

JEFF: Ryan, who do you want
to see?

My dad.

JEFF: Let's get you dad out

Steve, come on out.

I told you I'd get you here,

You good?


JEFF: Ryan, talk to me?

Why your dad.

Why is this the person you
wanted to come visit you?

We watch the show together.

We'd dissect the episode.

I told him we could have this
moment together, and it


I know.

It actually happened.

This is my dream.

Sharing this moment with my dad
is... it's the best moment of my


JEFF: Give him a last hug,

I love you.

Love you, buddy.

JEFF: Mike, everybody is
wondering who married you.

Let's meet your wife.

Mary, come on out.


I love you.

Oh, we've heard so much about

God bless you, is all I have
to say.

But he's a good guy.

He is.

He is.

JEFF: What does that feel
like, Mike?

After 31 days to, have the woman
you chose next to you, what are

you feeling?

I mean, coming out here I
think I always knew that our

love was special, but now I
really think it's one of the

greatest loves of all time.

And, I mean, this is the most
selfish thing I ever did, saying

I'm packing up for weeks and
going on "survivor."

It's the only selfish thing
he's ever done.

He's never done anything for
himself ever.

And she let me live my dream.

JEFF: Give her a last hug.

Love you.

JEFF: Lauren, let's get
your sister out here.

Sonny, come on out.

Lauren needs some love.


JEFF: Wow.

35 seasons I get a hug.

I still love you.

I missed you, too.

JEFF: You guys are clearly

No other woman would come out
and grab her sister's stomach

and say, hey, losing some

We're like night and day.

We have the same dad.

We grew up in two different
household, but I'm actually

living her dream.

JEFF: How so?

She's a huge "survivor" fan.

She begged me for two weeks the
try out at an open casting call.

We went together, and I made it
and she didn't, but this is a

huge thing for her, and I feel
like her being here, it will

make us closer and we can depend
on each other more from here on


JEFF: All right.

Give her last hug.

JEFF: Chrissy, how long
have you been married?

Almost 20 years.

JEFF: Shall we get you
husband out here?


JEFF: Keith, come on out.

JEFF: Keith, come on out.

Chrissy, what is the feeling

right now, knowing this is
somebody you know you can trust?

When you're out here for 31
days, you just get broken.

We're tired, we're starving,
we're dirty, and then someone

comes out who you know you
just... he's my everything.

He's my everything.

JEFF: Chrissy, on the rare
moments when you're able to not

think about the game and you're
able to try to put your life

back home in perspective, have
you reevaluated your life at


Yes, definitely.

The last few years I've just
gotten so caught up in work that

I think I've just turned away
and all I want to do when I get

home is just devote the rest of
my life to my family, and I have

the most incredible family.

I mean, this is the most
incredible man I've ever known.

JEFF: Chrissy, I don't
think I've seen you smile like

this for 31 days.

Maybe yesterday.

I won immunity yesterday.

JEFF: An we're back to the

All right.

Give her a last good-bye.

JEFF: Devon, who do you
want to see?

Me and my mom, please.

JEFF: Okay.

Sonya, come on out.

Devon needs some love.

I'm so happy to see you.

You look beautiful.

JEFF: This is so beautiful
to watch.

Is it possible, Devon, to
explain to your mom what it's

like out here when you don't
have that foundation of love and

trust and support?

It just makes you realize
what's really important in life,

and I just realize that every
day that I spend away from you

and the family feels like a day


It's a lucky day for whoever
gets to be with you, honey.

JEFF: All right.

Give him a last hug.

That a boy, Dev.

JEFF: Ben, you ready the
see you wife?

Yes, sir.

JEFF: Kelly, come on out.

You smell so good.

You're so beautiful.

How are the kids?

Good, good, good.

Everybody's good.

JEFF: Ben, I heard you ask,
are the kids good?

Is that most what's on your

Her, my season and my
daughter are why I'm out here,

because I'm doing this all for
them, you know?

I'm the richest man ever just
because I have them three.

You know, coming back as a
veteran, you just go true a. Of

emotions and depression and I
had one foot in the gave.

And she picked me up and gave me

You know, I'm here.

I'm on the earth because of her.

DREW: Kelly, what's this
moment like for you, to be out


Oh, amazing.


It feels so good to be next to
him again.

Without him around it's a big
hole in our world.

JEFF: How old are the kids?

Five and three.

JEFF: So they're little.

They're real little, and I'm
missioning them a bunch.

JEFF: All right.

Give him a last hug.

I love you.

JEFF: I love you, honey.

JEFF: All right.

Well, a hug is nice.

But you've come this far, you
want the full experience.

The only way the guarantee that
you get quality time with your

loved ones is if you are really
in sync with them.

You're each going to have bag.

Inside the bag are two marbles,
one black and one white.

You're each going to draw a

If they match, you stay alive.

If they don't, you're out.

It's do or die.

The last couple left standings
wins reward.

You will take your loved one
back the camp while you have a

"survivor" barbecue.

Worth playing for?

Yes, sir.

JEFF: All right.

I'll pass out the bags.

Don't open them yet.

Everybody good?


JEFF: All right.

Here we go.

Lauren, you're up first.

Open your bag, reach your hand
in, you're going to pick one

marble and pull it out, and then
your sister will try to match


Lauren has a white marble.

Sonny draws black.

No match.

Just like that, Lauren has no
control in this game.

All right.

Mike, open your bag.

Reach in.

Pull out one marble.

Mike draws white.

All right.



No match for Mike and Barry.

All right.

Ryan, we're still looking for
our first loved one match.

Ryan picks black.

Dad draws white.

Another no match.

Ryan is devastated.

All right.

Ryan have, a spot.

This is how "survivor" goes.

All right, Ben, reach in and
draw one marble.

Ben draws black.

Kelly, you're up.

Ben and Kelly are our first
loved ones matched.

They stay alive.

They have a shot at guaranteeing

Chrissy, you're up.

Chrissy draws black.

And it is black.

We have another match.

Chrissy and Keith are still

Now we move to Ashley.

Ashley draws black.


No match for Ashley.

Devon, white, a white marble.

All right, sonya.


Sonya and Devon are out.

Devon, take a spot on the log.

Sonya take a spot on the log.

And now in typical "survivor"
fashion, we have a showdown.

Ben and his wife, Chrissy and
her husband, let's get it on.

Ben, you're up.

Ben draws black.

Hands are shaking literally,
fingers can barely hold on to

that marble.

Kelly has the match.

She does not.

Chrissy and Keith have to match
to win.

Otherwise we have another round.

Chrissy, the door is open.

Ben and Kelly didn't match.

If you match your husband, you
win love.

You're in control.

Chrissy draws white.

Keith, when you're ready.

White means Chrissy and Keith
are in control of love.

Black means we do another round.


Chrissy and Keith match.

Give him a hug.

We won.

JEFF: Chrissy, Keith, come
on over.

All right.

So here's the deal.

Chrissy and Keith, you're in
charge of love.

You're going back the camp.

And can we bring a friend?

JEFF: You're going to bring
a friend.

Pick one "survivor" and their
loved one to show you.

Ryan and Steve.

JEFF: You didn't even

JEFF: Come on over.

Thank you so much.

JEFF: Choose one more
American and their one to join

you back at camp for a
once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dr. Mike and Barry.

JEFF: Dr. Mike and Barry,
come on over.

Thank you.

Thank you.

JEFF: Chrissy, you have one
spot left at the "survivor"


Who is your last choice?

Ashley and Jim.

JEFF: No hesitation once

Like an assassin.

All right.

Guys, time to say good-bye.

Nine days, baby.

Hang in there.

You can do it.


JEFF: Chrissy, because of
you, you guys are all going back

the camp.

Once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ben, Lauren, Devon, got nothing
for you.

Grab your stuff, head back,
enjoy the afternoon.

Poor Ben picked the wrong
time to pick a fight with me,

because he did not get to see
his sweet Kelly.

And now I'm going the make sure
he regrets that he ever crossed


You have an ant on your...
There are so many ants here

you have no idea.

How many ants have you eaten?


I have not been aligned with
Mike at all, but as of last

night, he's at the bottom, and
us two are at the bottom.

Where does Ashley stand with
the other three?

That's her group.

The reason I picked Ashley is I
felt like Ashley would be the

easiest of the four to break.

It's a long shot, but if I can
bring just one person over to

our side, then we have the
majority in numbers and can

criminal the next vote.

...can control the next vote.

You want a four-person
alliance right now with three

people that will take your
million dollars.

Your alliance now is like

So just give some thought as to
if the three of us can help you

get rid of your competition.


Who are you thinking about?


He's physical, social, he's
fought for our country in Iraq.

That's true.

Of course Chrissy is going to
say anything she can to get

another number on her side, but
it is interesting, because she

might be right.

Both alliances know that Ben is
a huge threat at the end, so do

I just go ahead and initiate
that right now to be able to say

I made a big move?

That's the question.

Ryan played an idol at

Traditionally once an idol is
played, one comes back into the


With that one coming back into
the game, we need to find it.

So I decided to make a fake idol
and I'm going to plant that

somewhere while I'm looking for
the real idol.

Fake immunity necklace, real
immunity necklace.

If Chrissy, Mike, or Ryan find
this fake idol, they'll stop

looking, and that will give us
more time the look for the real


I took that piece of string
and all my shells and made an

idol out of it.

Oh, my god.

Dude, you did a good job.

Ben made his own idol, and it
look really legit.

Turns out Ben's pretty crafty.

I'm impressed, Ben.

You have a lot of work to do,
the fake idol and searching for

the idol.

Ben's got this fake idol, but
what is it going to do?

Who is it going to benefit?

I hope Chrissy finds that
damn fake adoll.

He wants Chrissy to give that
fake idol and watch Jeff throw

it in the fire and just
embarrass herself.

That's just because he has a
personal thing against Chrissy,

and that's my problem with Ben.

He's taking all these factors to
the personal level.

Hey, I got it.

I got it.

Come here.

I got it right here.

Yes, you walked right by it.

It said dig.

No, way!

I found half of a hidden
immunity idol.

Now you just need to secure the
other half at next immunity


There will be a seashell in
front of your platform.

This is the other half of your

But one without the other has no
power at all.

At this point the only part I
have is a leather string.

So at the next immunity
challenge, I have to get that

shell to make it complete for it
to be in play.

JEFF: Come on in, guys.

All right.

Shall we get to today's immunity

JEFF: Chrissy, first things
first, got to take back the


You're not going to help at all.


Thank you.

Once again immunity is back up
for grabs.

For today's challenge you're
going to have your arms

stretched out with your
fingertips pressed against two

wooden disks.

If at any point your disks drop,
you're out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins
immunity, guaranteed a one in

six shot at getting to the end.

Losers tribal council where
somebody will become the fifth

member of our jury.

Take your spots.

We'll get started.

It's going to hurt.

All right.

Everybody is in position, and
this challenge is on.

This will hurt.


JEFF: All right hurting?

It already hurts.

Ing in feels good right now.

JEFF: Each of these
stations made specifically for

you, and the dance begins,
bodies start to shift,

repositioning, a little slip
from Chrissy.

That chime represents hope.

You want the hear those things

Because when those disks drop,
those chimes stop, and you're


One of the hottest days so far
here in Fiji that.

Sun pounding down.

Ryan moving his disks around.

Ben now repositioning.

A big stretch from Ben.

More movement by Chrissy.

She digs inch Ben readjusting

Ryan dropping again.

Very close to the edge of death.

Chrissy now starting to drop.

There is nobody that is not

Ryan moving.

A lot of people moving now.

We're reaching that critical
spot where people will start to


You don't want it to be you.

You have to dig in right now.

Ben all over the place slipping.

More movement.

Another nice recovery.

More movement from Ben.

Ben is fighting to stay in this.

And recovers again.

Ryan moving again.

Ben cannot hang in any longer.

Ben is the first one out.

We are down to six.

Chrissy drops.

Chrissy is now out.

No shot at immunity.

And we are down to five.

Ryan with another nice recovery.

Stretched to your limit.

Ryan drops.

He's out.

We're down to four.

Devon, Ashley, Mike, and Lauren.

Mike now with movement.

Go ahead, Mike.

Drop it, drop it, Mike.


JEFF: Lauren just quits.

Didn't even drop.

I can't.

My shoulders are done.

JEFF: Lauren is out.

You can take a seat on your

An we are down to three.

Devon, Ashley, and Mike.

No way you could have dreamed it
would hurt this much.

Movement from Ashley for the
first time in this challenge.


Do the hula.

JEFF: Devon doing a nice
little hula?


Got to make some fun of this,
because this sucks.

JEFF: Mike drops and we are
down to two.

It is Devon and Ashley, side by
side, fighting for immunity.

Do you want to just fight it

What do you think?

JEFF: Devon, why are you
bringing this up?

Because it sounds like you kind
of want to have it be over?

Ashley and I, it's known
across this whole tribe, that we

are strong allies, and either
one of us wearing that necklace

is just as good in my eyes.

DREW: Wow, Ben, that is a
bold statement on day 33.

Yeah, you know, it comes down
to being comfortable in your


Shoulder massages for the

All right.



JEFF: Devon negotiates his
way out of the challenge.

Ashley wins individual immunity.

Oh, my god.

JEFF: Ashley, come on over.

I can't feel my fingers,

JEFF: Totally numb?

Oh, yeah.

JEFF: Ashley once again
safe tonight at tribal council.

Cannot be voted out of this

As for the rest of you, after 33
very, very tough days, somebody

going home tonight, will become
the fifth member of our jury.


Thank you.

Picking up the shell
completed the idol.

So with seven of us and four of
us voting the same way, so case


Ryan going home.

Way to go.

Good job, Ashley.

Nice job Devon also.

You were right there.

I had a feeling you were
going to win anyway, so I was

like, might as well get down.

Having the immunity necklace
at tribal will feel amazing.

I see myself in a great

I have an alliance that I can
trust, and we have the numbers,

but I realized I may not have
that many big moves on my

resume, and for me to win this
game, I got to get rid of the

stronger players.

I've gone back and forth on
wanting to do this.

Should we just get rid of Ben?

Honestly I'm leaning toward Ben.

I think Chrissy is more of a
challenge threat than Ben?

Well, if they're both going,
I just wish we would vote Ben

out first.

Ashley still wants to vote
out Ben.

She sees him being the biggest
threat in this game.

But I see Chrissy being a
threat, too.

Due the challenge capabilities
and being someone who the jury

might want to see win the
million dollars in the end.

I say Chrissy before Ben, but I
agree with you that Ben should


Oh, man.

I came up on the well and I
see Devon, Ashley, and Lauren

talking under their breath.

I heard my name, and then they
seen me coming and they stopped


The whole thing was really

Is everything all good?


So who is do you want the see


Fine with me.

Something is definitely going
on around here.

They're saying it's Chrissy, but
I feel like there is a chance

that it's going to be me.

So I got to do whatever I have
to do to keep myself in the


I'm getting paranoid.

I feel like we're very close.

And Lauren in on that.

So are you willing to make a big
move with me?

I'm always willing to make a
big move, you know that.

Well, during the family
visit, Lauren found the idol.

It was a two-part idol.

One of it was aer cord, and then
the other part was at the

challenge today, that seashell
she picked up.

That is an idol.

So she is too powerful in this
game right now.

She has an idol and an extra

I thought it was through, but
Lauren has all these advantages,

so Ben wants to get rid of her.

And all of a sudden I feel like
I'm back on top.

So never underestimate Dr. Mike.

So let's think about this.

We got Chrissy and you, right?

Me and then Mike.

That's four versus three.

And she goes home.

So what do you think, dude?


Trust me on this.


I was shocked.

Ben wants the vote out Lauren.

Now he was very vague, but
that's all I needed to hear,

because as long as the target is
not on me, I'm down.

The problem is, for this to
work, we need Chrissy, who hates


Here's the thing, I don't
want it to be me tonight.

I know.

If you can just hear me out.


There are big threats in this

I'll give you that.


Chrissy voting Devon?

Devon, why do you think I
would tell you anything about

our conversation considering
what happened at the last tribal


I was trying the talk to
Chrissy, and she just blew me


She's holding a grudge in this
game, and taking it too


Half of me was like, screw it.

I have an idol.

On the other hand, I'd rather
save it for the five, and to do

that, I'm going to need Chrissy.

All right.

I'm sorry if I offended you in
any way, but moving forward, I

still want to work with you in
this game.

Ben, I have been totally
blind sided at the last two



You have given academy
award-winning performances, and

now I look back and realize the
thing was a total sham.

You can vote whichever way
you want to, but Lauren has an

extra vote.

Lauren also has an immunity

She has too much power in the

I was ready to go to tribal
and vote for Ben, but, oh, my

god, if by voting out Lauren
that will keep me safe, I have

to consider it.

If we get Lauren out, me,
you, Ryan and Mike will have

control of the game.


We're back in it together.


Thank you, Ben.

I'm going to go this way.


I'm going to go back.

The problem is for six days
Ben has lied to me and used me,

so how am I supposed to trust
him knowing that he might just

come back to camp and say, ha,
ha, I duped you again.

I know you're mad at Ben, and
so am I, but if we can blindside

somebody with an idol and an
extra vote, that's a huge plus.

This game is so hard.

I know.

Right now I'm leaning toward
voting Ben.

Chrissy won't commit to
taking out Lauren.

This is vengeance more than
anything else.

She's playing emotionally at
this point.

And I don't know what's going to
happen tonight.

So it's "survivor" rule number
two, have a plan "b."

What did he tell you?

Things you haven't told me.

Idols, advantages, and Lauren
has to go.



Things are getting crazy.

Ben is trying the blind side

Apparently he's told earn about

He told Chrissy about the

And you advantage.

I just heard that Ben is
trying the blind side me.

I'm like, what the hell is going

So you know, I have that extra
vote, but first I want to see if

I can't get the numbers back on
my side.

Here, you can have the other
half of that.

That's the part I got today.

Thank you.

Lauren gave me a piece of the
idol to say, look, I trust you.

And it falls into those like
stupidest moves ever in

"survivor" history.

And the only question is do the
"survivor" gods make her pay for

it or not.

JEFF: We now bring in the
members of our jury.

Desi, Cole, j.P., and Joe voted
out at the last tribal council.

So let's start with today's
immunity challenge.

Devon and Ashley were very up
front about saying, we're a

pair, everybody knows it, in
fact, they negotiated a deal.

Devon stepped down in exchange
for a shoulder rub.

Ashley wins immunity.

Nobody seemed to mind.

Jeff, let me clear things up.

I was just sending my message of
trust to my alliance.

It wouldn't have mattered if it
was Lauren or Ashley.

I thought I was part of that,

So not hearing my name in that
is kind of concerning.

JEFF: Ashley, your eyes are

Yeah, Jeff, it's safe the say
that the pressure of this game

is getting to some people.

And now people that were at the
bottom are maybe safe tonight

and people that could have been
very safe are potentially not.

JEFF: Okay.

Because of what Ben said, the
only thing I could deduce from

that cryptic answer is Ben.

I'd say you heard that right.

You know what, then let's get
the playing the game.

What, what part of a game
move was you telling people

about the idol?

Where was that a game move?

That was part of my game.

We got a game for you, too,
so go ahead.

That's what I meant by
messing up your own game,

exactly, because you've been

If you're in an alliance, you
need to have trust with that


Like at the well when you
senators should expect off


We're not whispering, and you
trying to portray me has not

really got you anywhere.

I was definitely gunning for
you today.

Well, I hope you got a lot of

JEFF: Wow.

It's on.

Well, I think one of the
reasons that Lauren became the

target is because Lauren has the
advantage that allows her an

extra vote.

I personally would recommend
that you just forfeit the

advantage and give it to Jeff...

It's been ripped up.

The advantage was...

You ripped the advantage of.

We're not talking about the

You still have the advantage.

The advantage is at camp.

I have to physically have it

So right now you cannot use
the advantage.

I cannot use the advantage.

So theoretically we could
vote 4-3 against you.

Do whatever you all feel the
need to do.

JEFF: So I'm still unclear
on the idol.

Because it sounds like everybody
knows everything.

It doesn't sound like there are
any secrets.

He has part of it.

But mind you, you have Ben back
there who is plan was to take

his fake idol and give it to

I took the fake idol out of
play because I didn't want to be

a personal attack against

Whoa now.

As far as fake idols go,
that's a pretty darn good fake


This is the real idol, and I
wanted to do this for like 15

years, it will never be played.

JEFF: Mike, very interested
you decided, we don't want

idols, we don't want advantages,
but you're tempting the

"survivor" gods when you have
the most valuable thing in the

game and you throw it in the
fire willingly, what's the

reasoning behind that?

An idol Anderson advantage is
a blessing and a curse.

So people are shunning them and
trying to get rid of them.

But the curse he mentions is
because other people have known

about it.

That's what's been exposed

Jeff, here's what's people
ARE SAYING AT HOME: Don't reveal

you have an idol or an

The extra vote is not being

You have to understand that
it's really hard once we get to


Do you want it?

You can have it
give it to Chrissy.

I'll take it.

How do we know that's
actually going to happen.

Why don't we leave it to
Lauren and send her home.

Lauren with an extra vote
isn't as dangerous as you

telling everyone everything.

Who trusts you?

No one.

At this point, not a single
person here trusts you.

You had an alliance that was
good until

you'll see.

I didn't trust you three.

That's why I...


I haven't had an alliance.

I'm into it right now.

Admit to you throwing her

I don't trust you anymore.


That's fine.

JEFF: Chrissy, plaque mail
for an extra vote, what might be

an idol burning in the fire.

It really is absolute chaos.

It is, and hearing them
talking about how tight their

alliance is makes me more sure
that at the next tribal it would

be me.

You're the biggest threat in
the game, Lauren.

Obviously we're all threats,
so what the hell?

Let's get rid of Ben?

You can go.

I don't care.

I'm not going anywhere.

JEFF: We don't need

Let's just get it over with.

Get rid of Ben?

Nope, nope, nope.


She had the advantage.

Why would you use that...

Ben, what do you think is
going on over here.

They're deciding whether to
spend me or lawn home.

You know what I'm doing?

I'm writing her name down.

I'll say it.

We knew that a long time ago.

Oh, I know.

JEFF: Chrissy, there are
people debating literally right

now between Ben and Lauren.

That's exactly true.

This is 100% a live tribal

Jeff, we should vote.

I'm ready to vote.

JEFF: Lauren, you're up.

JEFF: I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Hey, Jeff, I made this one
for my wife, but when I went the

read my letter at the rock, my
wife led me to this one.

So I'm going to go ahead and
play this one for myself.

Thank you.

JEFF: This is a hidden
immunity idol.

Any votes cast for Ben will not

I'll read the votes.


Does not count.


Does not count.


Does not count.


Does not count.


Does not count.


Does not count.

One vote left.

12th person voted out and
fifth member of our jury,


You need to bring me your torch.

Good game, Lauren.

No Lauren, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Good luck, guys.

Thanks, Lauren.


JEFF: Well, it was a tribal
council in which everything was

out in the open, and yet the one
thing that had the most power

was the only secret.

Grab your torches, head back to

Good night.

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from our next episode.

JEFF: Next time on
"survivor," Ben's big move

breeds fear.

He has a feriocity that
transcends this game.

JEFF: But when all hope is

Are you gunning for me?

Everyone wants you out.

JEFF: A Nemesis can turn
the tide.

I want to send home Ashley.

JEFF: This game is never as
simple as you want it to be.

What happened tonight at
tribal is classic blind side.

Ben had the upper hand on me,
but it is what it is.

And the only reason why I'm
pretty much here is my dumb-dumb

self gave Mike a piece of a
hidden immunity idol.

I think it cursed me.

I got it.

It's a done deal now.

I'm done.