Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 16 - Survivor: Back from Africa - full transcript

JEFF PROBST: Previously on

It was down to the final four.

We're in the home stretch,
and emotions are just all over

the map.

PROBST: In which city and
state is Jessie a deputy


At the first of two final
immunity challenges, Kim

Johnson's memory led her to
victory, and Tom was voted out

of the tribe.

The tribe has spoken.

Under a blazing sun, the final
three took part in one last

endurance immunity challenge,
and Kim outlasted Ethan and Lex,

insuring her a place in the
final two.

At Tribal Council, she voted Lex
out of the tribe...

Lex, the tribe has spoken.

Choosing to face the jury
with Ethan by her side.

When the final votes were
tallied, it was Ethan Zohn who

won the title, Sole Survivor.

Tonight, the final adventure
into the private lives of 16

Survivors back from Africa.

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PROBST: Well, Survivor:

Africa is over, and 16 more
lives have been changed forever.

Tonight, we go beyond the game
and take you deeper into the

lives of those who have played.

From the unexpected...

I couldn't spell "Clarence."

I put "C.B."

There I am, 46 years old, on
national TV and can't spell.

Whoa, man!

PROBST: to the

We've seen quite a bit of
her, you know, more than most

son-in-laws get to see of their

PROBST: to the families
they came home to.

I cringe a little when one of
my friends says, "Oh, your son's

really hot!"
PROBST: Every Survivor has a

different way of keeping their
memories of the game alive.

Lex, well, he brought back...

A couple of baboon teeth.

PROBST: And Kelly?

Okay, I stole Clarence's war

PROBST: But our journey
begins with a man who's picked a

more unusual way to remember his
tribe mates.

And Kim Johnson, where's that
old goat at?

Come here, come here, Kim!

I just put their names on the

They have some of their

I'm an animal person, and the
animals out in Africa was

probably one of the greatest
experiences I ever had in my


There I was sitting right in the
middle of Wild Kingdom.

At 45, I thought I'd done some
things and I found out I ain't

done diddley.

This just shows me that there's
more to life then just what's

there around the corner at the

(country tune playing)
I was pretty wild and rusty

in my younger days, and I had a
pretty big reputation before

Survivor come, and this just
added fuel to the flame.

I like all types of music.

I know about one line of every

♪ Honey, baby, mine... ♪
I like music, I like to dance.

The Bluegrass, I grew up with, I
love it.

Tom has always had the
ability to get along with women.

I have never seen him meet a
woman that he can't talk to.

He's like a magnet.

He's witty and he's a bundle of

Something that makes me feel
vulnerable is spelling.

Clarence Black, he let the team

I couldn't spell "Clarence."

I put "C.B."

There I am, 46 years old on
national TV and can't spell.

And I started a little reading
program, "Reading is the key to

Survival," because of that.

How ya'll doing?

Lookee here.

How'd I get him?

Which one's yours?

Attaboy, you got a lot of

I think he realized right
then that he could do something

in our community to really help
to motivate these children to


If I can help one kid be able
to read and spell, if I can help

one kid do better than me,
I'm... I'm glad it embarrassed


Come to daddy, come to daddy.

I'm still not the sharpest tool
in the shed, but I'm still in

the shed, and I'm happy to be

I'm even more happier than I was

Since I've been back from
Africa, the job market's really


All right, thank you.

Taking all these small jobs and
I walk someone's dog as well,

for cash just because I need it.

I'll take up baby-sitting for
people, moms that I've met at

the gym.

Get off.

You want me to get off?

This was my luxury item that I
was able to bring into Africa

with me and this necklace has a
very special meaning to me.

It was given to me by my

And I wore it to Tribal Council
every time I went.

It was kind of my security.

I always had my necklace on.

In 1998, my brother was killed
in a very tragic accident.

Lex looks a little bit like my
brother, so every once in a

while, I would kind of get this
quick look of Lex and think, "oh

my gosh," you know, it looks
like him.

And it was just a reminder.

My brother, he really is here
with me.

He's here, making sure I'm okay.

It wasn't just about trying to
win $1 million, and it certainly

wasn't about just being on TV.

To me, it was much more about
the competition between me and


I have it!

Big Tom nicknamed me "Little

He saw me and he thought, "that
little bit of a girl is going to

make it out here in Africa."

People would keep telling me how
small I was, and it really

angered me.

I was out there giving 150% of
everything I had to say, "You

can count on me.

I can handle this.

I'm strong."

I took so much away from the
game, and I learned so much

about myself.

There were moments of every
single day I spent out there

that I thought, "I want to go
home, I don't want to play this

game anymore."

PROBST: Keep going!

Kim, it's not over!

But somehow, some, some way,
I always pushed through that


Come on, Powers.

You can do this, Powers.

Come on, one more.


And went on.

And that's the one thing that
I... I think I'll probably

always remember about playing
the game was that it was tough

and it was hard and I wanted to
give up, and I never did.

And that's the thing that I'll
always draw from.

♪ When you're smiling
When you're smiling

♪ When you're smiling
When you're smiling

♪ Then the whole world
smiles with you

Smiles with you. ♪
One thing about dentistry

that I really love is that once
I step into this role, and I'm

working on a patient, I don't
think about anything else.

Didn't hurt, did it?

Didn't feel a thing, did ya?

Saw patients all day, worked all
day, jump in the car put the top

down, put some tunes on and
cruise on home.

What do you drive?

You don't want to know what I

Yes, we do, yes, I do.

No, you don't want to know
what I drive.

Aw, tell me, Doc.

I'm not telling.

The question came up about
what kind of car I drive and

what kind of lifestyle I had.

I already knew that Silas was
trying to put in play, "Here's a

guy who doesn't need the million

Doc getting out all his...

all his valuables and all his


I have one of those.

What else?

What do they say?

"Little boys grow up to be men
with bigger toys."

It's definitely true.

I like my toys.

A Porsche.

A Porsche.

You have a Porsche.

I drive a Porsche, pardon me,
you know what I mean.

I've worked my entire life to
get to this level, you know.

I'm not embarrassed of that.

That's the American dream.

That's what defines America.

I feel I epitomize the American
dream in my own right.

12 years old, I remember reading
Disney's autobiography, and he

had a little quote in there that
said, "If you can dream it, you

can do it."

And I live that way.

I dream... I dreamed that I
would be on Survivor no problem.

That experience in Africa
definitely changed me.

Look, I'm the old guy, okay, but
I know what needs to be done.

Every morning... fire, water and

Well, of course, I went to get
the water because if I don't get

it, it's not going to get done.

You think anybody else gets off
their ass to do anything.

They thought they signed up to
go to the Y.M.C.A. and roast

marshmallows and maybe win a
million dollars, they're wrong.

After being out there for, I
guess, two and a half months and

not having family there, it's
changed him a lot, and he's more

willing to listen to people.

My wife said she should have
sent me 20 years ago, made me a

nicer person.

He seems genuinely sweeter,

I think he really missed me a
lot, and his actions show it.

Life is fun and you don't
know what tomorrow's going to


So, go for it.

If you shoot for the stars,
if you miss, you may land

on the moon.

PROBST: When we come back,
Lindsey's darkest hour.

The most embarrassing moment
of my life, by far.

PROBST: And Survivor's most
colorful castaway.

I got my Catholic schoolgirl.

PROBST: Survivor has a way of
making strange bedfellows.

In our next group, one old-
fashioned guy, two strong-willed

women, and someone who clearly
is a different drummer.

One, two, three, four.

My life before Survivor was...

I had a good life, don't get me

I spent about ten, 12 years
working in the high-tech

industry, surfing with my
buddies, and going out catching

a good surf.

But I never felt like I was
really cut out for that kind of

ordinary life.


I've got some good tattoos.

I've got my devil head, Catholic
schoolgirl, samurai fighting a


Obviously, my wife and my kids,
huge part of my life.

My very favorite tattoos are the
ones my boys drew for me.

It's actually a drawing of me.

I've got my boy's names: Corbin
Ace Daniel; River's name is

right here.

When I got back from Africa, I
actually celebrated my ten-year

wedding anniversary.

My wife and I both got wedding
anniversary tattoos, you know,

ten years on the dice there.

My wife actually got one as
well, right there.

We're freaks.

I recall coming home, seeing my
wife and kids, being just so

stoked about seeing them.

Of course, my luxury item.

They're these shoes, they have
now taken a special place in my


They'll always hang out with my
Survivor stuff now.

Hey, River, do you remember


You wore these.

You learned to walk in these

I know.


Really the only thing that
has ever really been important

to me has been my family and my

♪ Sleep all day... ♪
I play in a band called Lucky

Dog, with friends of mine for
almost 20 years.

We play here in Santa Cruz...
All original music.

We have such a good time doing

It's always been a huge part of
my life.

Africa is... is nothing like the


You might as well have taken 16
of us and dropped us on Mars or

on the moon.

I didn't anticipate that it was
really going to be quite as

dangerous as it was.

I thought to myself, "We all
know it's going to be tough, but

they're obviously not going to
put us in harm's way.

There aren't going to be any

animals that can pose any kind
of threat to us."

I can hear him breathing.

I can hear him breathing.

He's right outside the fence.

The drinking water.

We show up, you know, at our
drinking water hole, at the

spring, expecting that it's
going to be something pretty


This is mud.

I came home pretty sick.

The first three weeks back here
was spent pretty much just doing

a lot of this.

My doctor found no less than
four different parasites and a

couple of different bacteria.

I have to take so many pills,
probably like almost a dozen.

I'm still dealing with the
results of being out there in a

dangerous, hazardous, very real

Almost the first question I'm
always asked by people is, "Did

you have fun and would you do it

And I had the time of my life
and I would do it again in a


Being on Survivor, going to
Kenya for seven weeks this

summer was extremely meaningful,
very important to me.

This place can just... can just
fill our spirits!

I don't know if they're spirits
or what.

I just feel very protected in

Life is different now for me.

I'm still the same person.

Come here.

Did your mama never hug you?

But there's definitely been a

I think I'm calmer.

I think I'm more focused now in
terms of what's really important

in life: family, friends.

Good job, very good job.

I wasn't the least bit
surprised that she wanted to do


I've seen her passions escalate
from race walking to roller

blading to mountain climbing,
now yoga.

When she gets an interest, she
gets very passionate about it.

Once I was diagnosed with
thyroid cancer, when I heard

those words, "You have cancer,"
I felt like my life was spinning

out of control.

It was soon after, very soon
after, that I decided to climb

Mount Rainier.

And each time I take a trip it's
not about reaching the summit.

It's not the destination.

It's about the journey.

So it's really a metaphor for
how I try to live my life.

She always has a positive
attitude and she's always

telling me, "Go for your

PROBST: Get them ready.

Keep them down on the ground.

I never went on Survivor for
fortune or fame.

I went because I was looking for
an exciting, interesting and

challenging adventure.

PROBST: Linda!

This show has taught me to
live my dreams, to go for it.

That life is the ultimate

If you have a dream, you have a
goal, you have a desire, go for



I was at a point in my life I
think where things were getting

a little monotonous, plugging
along, working out, you know,

training on my bike...

flying back and forth to see
my boyfriend.

I hope my boyfriend doesn't wake
up some mornings and think,

"God, what is next to me?"
And I was ready for something,

just something big and exciting
to just, kind of... turn my life


I got me a tick on my ass!


Lindsey is who she is.

What you see is what you get.

That kind of sums up her



I just started to cry because I
felt sad, and we're all stressed

out and...


Oh, okay.


( laughing)

Wait, towards me.

Damn it!

I just went back and forth, from
one to another.

Barbie went down in Africa.

I never feel pain.

I'm not one to hide what I'm

I just started my period.

No wonder I have cramps!


Yeah, that was a great moment,
wasn't it?

The most embarrassing moment of
my life, by far.

Excuse me, Africa, you know?

We're not down at the mall here,
you know.

Big, big mistake, coming out
of my big, big mouth.

And trust me, when I'm pumped,
you don't want to (bleep) with


I think she said the F-word.

He said, "Nah."

I said, "Are you sure?"
And he said, "Well, no."

She speaks her mind.

She's extremely honest and
truthful and up front with


Don't underestimate me, people!

She's a really fun, fun girl.

And I think that...

You're with me because I'm
fun? That's all?

Oh, my God.

Well, you are sometimes.

Give me a kiss.

I'm very sensitive.

I'm almost too sensitive

This show just... just boosted
me up in maturity a little bit


It wasn't positive seeing some
of the ways I handled


PROBST: Lindsey, have you
made any mistakes so far?

I'm a walking mistake.

I think I grew a lot from it.

Lindsey, would you go boil
some water for us please?

What you saw on Survivor

was... was me, the real deal.

No, just go!

Just come around the corner.

You know, Frank Garrison is not
going to change, and either you

like me or you don't like me.

It really doesn't weigh heavily
on my mind.

Going to make two huge S's here
on each side.

I was worried that Frank
would come back a different


That it would really affect him
and change him dramatically.

I can't help it if these
little liberal special interest

groups that the media give open
market to...

But Frank is Frank, and
three days after he was back, I

knew he was the same man that he
was when he left.

We're going, bud.

We're going.

Let's go home, guys.

Frank can be the most
charming, sweet and lovable

person, and the biggest jerk in
the next breath.

Let's just get moving along.

Jocelyn Rose up and at them.

Let's go!

Come on, guys.

Frank, we just hit the snooze

My life's philosophy in
general is to get up early in

the morning.

Okay, can I have a kiss?

I love you!

Kiss your wife and children.

See you later, alligator!

Go to work.

Give the man 100%.

He gives you a little bit back.

And come immediately home, and
spend time with the family.

He's a very loving father.

Would you like a cup of coffee?

And a very loving husband.

We found out I was pregnant the
day before we got the call that

he was actually going to Africa.

And when Frank left, there was
something missing in the whole

family dynamic.

What was missing was his
enthusiasm for life, and his

zest for everything that he

Very good.

Straight arrow.

See how nice and straight that

When I think of my dad, I
think of hugging.

I think of sharing, and I think
of being a leader.


The things that were
important to me prior to

Survivor are the same things
that are important to me now:

Providing my family with the
basics of food, shelter and

security, but most importantly,

PROBST: Coming up, we go hot
tubbing with Mama Kim...

and mud-slinging with just about

Clarence, I just didn't like
him worth snot.

PROBST: Welcome back.

Well, at the end of every Tribal
Council, the person voted out

has to leave immediately.

Once the tribe has spoken, the
departing Survivor can't.

So we decided to give them a
chance for a parting shot.

Clarence Black.

Oh, Clarence.

Loves to talk about himself.

Like him a lot.

He's my favorite.

I just didn't like him worth

Kelly Goldsmith, off with her


Cut it right off.

Lex, eccentric.

Lex is like a 16 year old
living in a 40 year old's body.


Lindsey Richter.

A bit of a whiner.




You're sweet.

You were in over your head,
though, sweetie.




A dirty, old pervert that I

Good ole...

Country boy.

It's a sickness.

It's a sickness.

Silas Gaither.

That smile could knock your
socks off.

You love yourself.

Ethan Zohn.


Super sweet guy, shy.


Mr. Lovable.

Great hair.




Green beret.

Trying to be sensitive here.

Frank and his deer antlers.


in a different world.

Good job, Frank.

Jessie, what a woman.



Kim Johnson.

Wait a minute, let me think
on this one.

Dear God.

Probably be clever.


Like my mom, I got along with
her great.

There's nothing more
important to me in my life than

my family.

I've got three kids, all
married; three grandchildren,

one on the way.

It doesn't get much better than

Hello there.

My oldest child is Wendy.

Wendy and her family only live
four miles from me.

Hello, hello!


Our son, Teddy, just got married
two weeks after I got home from


My middle child, Kerry, just had
the most beautiful baby boy.

We spend as much time as we can
with them, where they live in

Durango, Colorado.

Growing up was... was tough.

It was really just my mom and

I was really more the mom.

We had a lot of problems...
Health-wise, money-wise, every-


I never really had a warm and
loving relationship until my


Come on, Sierra.

Ted and I met when we were in

He's been my best friend ever

Kim was 19 when we got married.

The way she grew up, it gave her
the resolve to really put her

all into making everything work.

We've really helped keep each
other young.

I probably do look like a
grandmother, but I don't think

most of the time I act like a

When she gets her mind made
up on something, there's just no

stopping her.

At my age, which is 57...
Ouch... my life is... is pretty

much set.

I'm not going to go out in the
street and hang out with a guy

full of tattoos and say, "Hey,
what's your life like?"


It was so cool to be able to
spend time with people different

from me.

As far as the thong thing

Whoa, man!

I didn't go there with the
idea of taking off my pants.

Women in her thong there.

We had people over in our
apartment and then they showed

scenes from next week.

All of a sudden the thong was
out there, and the place went


Anything to get this challenge.

We've seen quite a bit of
her, more than most son-in-laws

get to see of their mother-in-
law, so that's... that's been a

big plus, too.

You and the whole town.

Yeah, well, and all our friends.

I came away from this
experience with a reaffirmation

of my ability to do what I want
to do when I want to do it.

It's probably the coolest thing
I've ever done.

Every day, I like to
basically start with a devotion.

"For God so loved the world that
he gave his only son."

I focus on the day ahead and...

and, you know, I read a... a
chapter from the Bible a day,

and it just kind of gets, you
know, my priorities straight and

that sort of thing.

Coming from Tennessee to Los
Angeles was a huge move.

I'm trying to make it as an

And I try to read a script a
day, and bartending to make ends


It's a dog-eat-dog world out

This is the green machine.

But, man, I absolutely love it

The beach, man.

The temperature is perfect.

Welcome to sunny California.

The sun's shining bright.

I mean, it's just absolutely

You ready to rock?

You know, depending on the day,
I try to knock in a... a good

day of surfing.

It's that carpe diem mentality.

Survivor helped me in the fact
that there's an unpredictability

about it, you know?

PROBST: Silas, Teresa, Frank,
you guys are now members of


The switch meant the game for


I never saw that coming.

Right when I got kicked off,
I couldn't sleep for a week!

Just now, I mean, I'm finally
starting to forget and relax and

just, you know, really come down
from it.

You know, it's funny when you're
in Africa, it's a place to,

like, really think about life
and think about the importance

of life and like what we live

If you were going to die
tomorrow, it's relationships,

and the relationship that I have
with God and my family and

friends and loved ones, man.

I mean, that's, to me, that's
the most important thing in


I love proving people wrong.

I think that's my thing.

Men that say that women can't do
the same thing that men can do.

Well, guess what?

I love proving men wrong.

The reason why I love police
work is because it's a job where

you can do something about

My grandpa was a cop in Puerto
Rico, retired 25 years.

I've heard all the stories.

I just fell in love with it.

Now I'm working for the
Sheriff's Department, and I love


She's a good cop, good cop.

Behind the cop, I am probably
the coolest chick you'll ever


No, no, no...

I'm a big kid at heart.

I like to do spontaneous things.

Boxing is a good stress

Your only concentration is on
trying to get that person, and

try to hit 'em and knock 'em

It's fun.

My sister was the one that made
me do Survivor.

She's a tough girl.

Survivor in Africa was so
much tougher than I thought it

would be.

I never expected the water
conditions to be so bad.

Throwing up when you have so
little hydration to go around,

it's bad for her, it's bad for

PROBST: Jessie, the tribe has

When I was voted off and I
thought, "Wow, you know, I just

disappointed my sister."

Once the show was over, I
actually stayed an extra month

in Africa, and helped out in the
community project, building a

lodge, working with the Masai.

Working with them was excellent.

I mean, it was such a great

And I don't think I'll ever,
ever, ever forget that.

Brandon was the hottest,
sexiest, smartest guy on



I know he didn't look like it.


But Brandon was the bomb.


I got a date with Frank!

I got a date with Frank!

I may have had my outlandish
moments, but I was secure enough

to be on a hit show, proclaiming
that I was gay, and it didn't

bother me if everybody knew it.

Are you gay?

Uh-huh, I am.

They put me with people that
they suspected would dislike me

for that very reason.

Brandon would be the last
person on earth I would pick.

You know what?

I got along with them all very

Go, Brandon!

I'm not a very good bartender.

And when I first started, I used
to tell people, you didn't come

because you thought I'd make a
good drink.

I always look good.

Brandon's skills as a
bartender sometimes leave a lot

to be desired.

What he serves best is the

What do you want?

A drink!

I work in the leather bar...
Big, burly guys, and I'm not


I'm just a little almost-used-
to-be-chicken kind of guy.

I had never gone camping.

First time I ever slept in a
camping situation was my first

night in Africa under those

Oh, my goodness!

It made me realize that I really
can do anything if I set my mind

to it.

C'mon, dude, let's go!

Brandon always said the
reason he wanted to be on

Survivor was because there was
no one on TV that he felt

portrayed him.

I think he wanted to show
America a gay man in their

middle 20s who's getting out on
his own and finding his way and

coming to grow as a person.

To Brandon!

The Walt Whitman School is
for gay and lesbian teenagers

who have been tormented in their
schools and abused.

How did the other tribe
members feel about you being a


I'm just a normal gay person.

Some of those kids might see me
and maybe take a little

inspiration, and that makes me
feel very good.

Just because I'm gay, don't
assume certain things about me.

You just never know what kind of
person you're dealing with until

you get to know them.

And that's really all I want to

PROBST: When we come back,
she's hard-driving, yet soft.

Are you calling me

PROBST: And later, the softer
side of the hard-driving guy who

won it all.

I'm in touch with my feminine

Her fellow Survivors called her
the smartest girl out there.

She says she's just a homebody
with a wild streak learning to

live in L.A.

From the beginning...


I was out-manned by everybody.

I thought I was going to pass

I felt like I was the worst
athlete there.

I thought I was definitely the
first person voted off.

But the snake pit that is

We cut Kelly off tonight.

We take her out.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Made me uniquely prepared to
live in Los Angeles.

My days usually begin with a

Okay, guys, what do all good
Californians do?

Go to the gym!

Three, two, one, all right.

All right.

By day, I edit.

I'm a behavioral research

What I do is very, very detail-

I edit books.

I mean, it's interesting to me.

I love academics.

I love research.

But part of me is a big
homebody... crocheting.

It's... it's my weird
introverted habit.

I made this myself, and it's

It's really, actually, if you
look at it, it's not straight.

But don't tell anybody.

I usually actually make pillows.

Oh, I have one of those, too.

Pillows are my favorite.

Well, I can't reach it because
it's on the top shelf, but trust

me that I have a pillow.

I really... I can't sit still.

But then there's this other side
of me.

I hop in my car, drive way too

I love to cut loose.

I love to, you know, be wild.

And then, you know, I come back.

I love to crochet.

Are you calling me

I love baking cookies.

The secret is that I'm just a
big dork at heart.

It's just who I am.

But, yeah, that's me.

Before I left for Survivor,
I was working a lot.

My mom, who's my best friend
and... you know, she was even

saying, "Teresa, I'm telling
you, you're...

You're not spending enough time
with your children.

You're working too much."

Teresa doesn't want to be a
real estate agent.

She wants to be the best real
estate agent, because that's

just the way she is.

She's basically a corporation.

She was gone a long time, 48
days, with no communication.

It was a long time.

I obviously missed her, and the
kids missed her.

I told my husband Brian when
I left and the way I looked at

it was, "I'm not going on a
summer vacation to Africa.

I'm not going on a safari.

I'm going on a business trip."

The objective of the business
trip was to go out there and be

the last one standing of 16

It's just mind over matter.

It's just a matter of saying,
"I'm going to stand up here, and

I'm going to be the last one, no
matter what."

I get really scared every
night because I'm afraid my mom

could get voted off that night
and, like, she could lose a


PROBST: Six hours, 20

You, my dear, get this.

Thank you.

PROBST: Congratulations.

I kept thinking about my

I kept thinking about Tyler and

And I kept thinking about
watching the show with them and

them seeing their mom, one of
the oldest ones, and just

thinking how proud they would

When I was out in Africa, I had
so much time to think about

family and what's really, really

I started making a mental list
in my mind of things I wanted to

change when I got back home.

Reading to the kids more, saying
their prayers with them at


Saying the blessing at the
dinner table every night.

Giving Brian more back rubs.

I might regret saying that.

When I was watching her plane
to come in, she was the one of

the last ones to get off, and
then when she got off, I was the

first one to run up there and
hug her.

It felt great.

As opposed to me just
being... being a mom and a good

friend, hopefully they'll see me
as a role model, and say, "Hey,

Mom, that's pretty cool."

I'm a city kid.

I've grown up in the city.

The city is where I'm from.

Before Survivor, I was a
financial consultant.

Clarence was my stockbroker.

How you doing, Mr. Green?

So we made some investments,
that we was able to turn a

profit and open a business...

I was, I guess, in that rat
race, just like everybody else:

9:00 to 5:00 job.

It just wasn't for me.

In my first trip out of the
country, I'm seeing animals and

I'm seeing a way of life that
I... that I can't even conceive


I could still see him, too.

I don't want to move.

It was just an awesome
experience, and the food was

good, too.

When I see a gazelle now, I
think, like, "Man, you're a good

piece of meat."

Notice how everything

eventually came back to food.

When they said, "I think
Clarence took two cherries," the

first thought was, "Yeah,
Clarence took two cherries."

I want to be a food critic.

I'm going to be called the man's
man's food critic.

All right, we got ourselves some
barbecue, all up in here.

My man doing it up.

We got some mac and cheese,

That's a delicacy there, baby.

If there's one thing being on
Survivor's taught me is... be


I came back feeling like, "Wow,

I've got to come up with some
new goals."

It made me want to go see more
of these exotic places that are

out there and not just be a city

(alarm clock beeping)
My life as a single mom, it's

not a chore, it's not a duty.

It's a way of life for me.

I get ready for work.

I always wear makeup.

It makes me feel like I'm ready
for the day.

That's it!

Just enjoying a little bit of
downtime before going off to the

post office and another hectic

Good morning.

Then I wake my son up.

Got a kiss?

The whole time we were over in
Africa, we couldn't make any

contact with our family.

En guard!

I wanted to just say, "I'm
okay, Alex.

I didn't get eaten up by a

My safe return!

My home's great.

I love my home.

It's bright, it's fun, it's

I'm bright and fun and happy,

You feel like you're inside a
box of colors.

And when you go into another
house, you just feel like you're

in a regular box of brown or

I'm real good at my job.

I am real good at carrying mail.

The audience, they didn't get to
know me.

I did not open the can for me.

I opened the can for her.

The bean incident.

That's a lie!

Clarence, that is not.


He lied.

He knows he lied.

I think I'm a little more
sensitive than I was before I


I don't take anything for
granted anymore.

I love you, baby.

Good night, Mom.

I love you.

PROBST: Ahead on
Survivor: Back from Africa...

You don't have to be an evil,
back-stabbing person to do well

in this game.

PROBST: What it took to win.

In the end, it was the
professional soccer player and

coach from Lexington,
Massachusetts, who was the sole


He won it with his strength, his
smarts, but mostly by sticking

to his principles.

Before he left for Africa, I
said to him, "Ethan, it's not

that important that you come
home with $1 million, but you

know what you have to come home

You have to come home with your

I said to myself, like,
"listen, I'm not going to change

who I am as a person to be on
the show.

I want to come back with my
dignity and self-respect."

When I come home to Lexington,
that's where I grew up, then I

usually make a grand entrance.

That kid's got, you got my hair

back there.

I like that.

Usually I go on and, you know,
see my brother.

He's a chiropractor.


Doing okay?

So he gives me a little
adjustment to straighten me out

a bit.

I stop, I see my mom in her
little knitting store.

Hi, Mommy.


I think he's appealing to women.

I mean, I cringe a little when
one of my friends say, "Oh, your

son's really hot!"
I've always liked women.

Maybe because I was brought up
by my mom, I didn't have... I

was sensitive, you know, the
whole sensitive guy thing.

I'm in touch with my feminine

Maybe it's because I doted on
him so much after his father


The biggest tragedy in his life
was when his father died, and he

was just 14 years old.

He got diagnosed with colon
cancer, and I think from the

time he was diagnosed to when he
passed away, it was maybe a


No matter where Ethan went in
the evening, you know, he knew

he had to be home about 10:30,
11:00 to help get his father up

the stairs.

He could be, you know, having
the best time of his life, but

he was home, come 10:30, 11:00.

If my husband woke up in the
middle of the night, I couldn't

lift him or take him where he
needed to go, he'd say, "Okay,

Dad, I'm going to count to

Put your arms around my neck,
and I'll lift you."

And that's what would happen
time and time again.

Having my father pass away
and, kind of, me overcoming

that, you know, I could have...

is definitely, you know, my
first lesson in survival, I

guess, in being a survivor,
because I could have easily, you

know, gone the whole drug route,
drop out of school, you know, be

depressed my whole life.

I feel there was a change in
him after that, a sense of

intensity that I didn't see

I wanted to push forward and
try to succeed and be the best I

could possibly be at everything
that I've done.

Let's go, blue!


You know, I never thought in a
million years that I'd be

playing professional soccer.

It was always a dream of mine.

Easy! Easy!

I played for the United States
Maccabee team, and I went to


I went to Zimbabwe, and I was
one of two white people in the

entire league.

Walking into a stadium...

(crowd cheering)
with 50,000 people is just


Every time I step on the field,
every time I put my cleats on, I

just, you know, get that energy,
that buzz that you get when, you

know, it's... you're doing
something you love.

You got it baby, you got it!

PROBST: There it is!

Survivor is a brilliant game.

You're hungry all the time.

You're tired all the time.

You're dirty all the time.

You're thirsty all the time.

And then you have to make
friends with people.

You have to perform in

You have to perform in mental


You know, you've got to watch
your back.

But you don't have to be an
evil, back-stabbing person to do

well in this game.

You can be a nice, honest,
genuine person and become the

ultimate Survivor.

PROBST: Up next, a look ahead
to the remote Pacific Island

where 16 new Survivors will face
the challenge of a lifetime.

PROBST: Soon, 16 new
strangers will be abandoned in

the middle of the most remote
place on earth, the Marquesas,

part of Tahiti's mystical
islands in the South Pacific.

Thousands of miles from the
nearest continent, it is a lush

and tropical environment and
home to some of the most

dangerous sea life in the world.

And for the first time, these
Survivors will be given no

rations whatsoever.

It is the ultimate challenge.

Outwit, outplay, outlast until
only one remains and emerges as

the sole Survivor.

Well, that's it for tonight.

I'm Jeff Probst.

Thanks for joining us, and we'll
see you next month for Survivor:


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