Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Back to the Beach - full transcript

Sixteen men and women strive to live on the South Pacific island of Nuku Hiva.

>> PROBST: We're on board the

>> PROBST: We're on board the

fishing trawler Amaryllis,
making our way through the very

rough waters of the South

Down below, deep inside the hold
of this ship, 16 Americans,

about to be abandoned in the
middle of the Marquesas, part of

Tahiti's mystical islands.
Thousands of miles from the

nearest continent, this will be
their home for the next 39 days.

But this time the game is

These survivors will be given no
food, absolutely no rations.

Each tribe will leave the ship
with only the barest of

essentials: two machetes, two
cooking pots, two empty water

containers, one frying pan, one
filet knife, and one magnifying

They'll be left to fend for

themselves using the resources
of the land and their own

survival skills.
It is the ultimate challenge:

16 strangers forced to work
together to create a new society

while battling the elements and
each other.

They must learn to adapt or
they'll be voted out of the

In the end, only one will remain

to claim the million-dollar

39 days, 16 people...
one survivor.

>> PROBST: As this ship drops
anchor, these 16 Americans began

the adventure of a lifetime.
They have never spoken to each

other, and have been divided
into the two competing tribes:

Maraamu and Rotu, Tahitian words
for "wind" and "rain."

Each tribe will be given a crate
which holds a minimal amount of

supplies, but no food and no

They then face a difficult two-
mile paddle to their beaches and

their new homes for the next 39

( shouting )
>> Okay!

>> Woo!
>> Let's get away from the boat.

>> Over here.
>> PROBST: The Rotu Tribe, which

will always wear blue, consists
of Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, a real

estate agent from Burlington,

Gabriel Cade, a bartender from
Celo, North Carolina;

Tammy Leitner, a crime reporter
from Mesa, Arizona;

Paschal English, a judge from
Thomaston, Georgia;

John Carroll, a registered nurse
from Omaha, Nebraska;

Neleh Dennis, a student from
Layton, Utah.

Zoe Zanidakis, a fishing boat
captain from Monhegan Island,

and Robert DeCanio, a limousine

driver from Queens, New York.
The Maraamu Tribe, which will

always wear yellow, consists of
Gina Crews, a nature guide from

Gainesville, Florida;
Sean Rector, a teacher from

Harlem, New York;
Sarah Jones, an account manager

from Newport Beach, California;
Rob Mariano, a construction

worker from Canton,

Vecepia Towery, an office
manager from Portland, Oregon;

Peter Harkey, a bowling alley
owner from Millis,

Patricia Jackson, a truck

assembler from Lugoff,
South Carolina;

and Hunter Ellis, a Federal
Express pilot from La Jolla,

>> One, two, three, four, five.

>> One, two, three, four, five.

>> Guess what.
We haven't moved at all in,

like, the last half hour.
>> We were making zero progress.

I don't know how long we were
out there, but every one of us

were totally exhausted.
>> I think we're going exactly

.2 miles per hour.
>> Okay, don't stop rowing!

>> One...


Over to that cliff.
>> Really well, excellent work.

>> Rotu, Rotu.
Rotu, Rotu.

>> We were singing and trying to
get some sort of rowing motion,

you know, like on an old whaler

And it really brought us

>> ...three... four...
five... six... seven...

>> We're getting there.
>> ...six, seven, eight.

We made it!

Can you believe it?
>> My first thought when we hit

the beach was, "Thank you, God,
for letting us hit this beach."

I was just happy to have made

>> Everybody was so psyched.
They were just running around

and congratulating each other
and we were thrilled.

We made it.
We made it the first part of

the way.
>> Wonderful to be here, guys.

>> So our tribe is Rotu!
( cheering )

>> It was great when we rounded
that final corner.

You know, we had seen a lot of
coves, and we weren't sure if

this was the one.
We thought it was the one, and

then finally to see the flag
coming home-- it was great.

( cheering )
Wave the flag!

>> As we were coming in, last
maybe 50 yards or so, we all

made a concerted effort to give
a last heave to make it to land,

and it was quite evident that
Sarah wasn't doing anything at

Stroke, stroke.

Kick, kick.

Stroke, stroke.
>> Sarah's arrival was almost

like Cleopatra.
It was like the servants are

paddling and lifting and she's
sitting on a crate looking so

marvelous with her boobs hanging
out and her Goldilocks in the

>> Woo-hoo!

>> Save it, you know?
This is Survivor.

Nobody trying to look at you
like that here.

>> Home sweet home.
>> Yes!

>> When we first arrived on
land, I can't even describe it.

It was beyond words.
First of all, I had never been

on an ocean, ever.
I mean, in the hood, ain't a lot

of pools, you know, probably
don't really swim too much.

>> How you doing, man?
Are you going to make it?

>> It's emotional when I think
about the miracles that God has

performed for me.
We didn't do this on our own.

He definitely... his Hand was
under the raft guiding us.

God, we thank you.
We is in the ocean.

And you led us here, God.
>> Sean and Peter immediately

They went into the water and

they had their prayer Baptism

>> We can do all things through

>> This told me that either Sean
and Peter were either really

playing the game starting real
early, or they were definitely

off their rockers.
>> All these things, we pray,

for your son, Jesus Christ,

>> You guys ready to look in the

>> Let's go do the box!
>> Yeah!

>> Woo! We got it!
>> Oh, it's not as much as we

>> Our crate had no food.

No food at all.
>> I had no idea that this would

be like this out here.
But I mean, we're here.

We know we have to survive and
it's tough, so we just do

whatever we can.
>> Hey, hey, what's this?

>> Hey, hey, hey.
>> All right, what's this?

>> Must be a map.
A water map.

>> The stuff that was in the
crate-- we got a map to our

water spot.
We got, like, two pots and a

pan, two machetes and a small
knife, and then a magnifying

>> Woo!

>> Oh, my God.
>> Woo!

>> Let's get going.
Let's build a fire.

>> All right, we need tinder.
>> We were soaking wet and we

had a limited amount of daylight
left, so our first thing was to

get fire.
>> Keep doing what you're doing.

Good job.
It's working.

>> We landed so late.
The sun was down;

the clouds were up.
>> Oh...

>> That's a lot of cloud, too.
>> I mean we tried and tried and

tried, and it just didn't work.
>> This is not going to work.

>> Okay.
>> And Kathy, she's like, "We

have to have fire and we have to
have it right now."

So we tried the "two pieces of
wood" method.

>> Yeah, yeah, man!
This is not going to work.

>> Okay.
>> Kathy slips very easily into

the role of the skipper.
Maybe it's her personality.

Maybe it's the difficulty of
being out here.

I don't know.
But we didn't need a skipper.

>> All right, well, let's just

All right, I'll be right back.
>> We have been rotating.

>> Keep going. Come on.

Go, Johnny, go.
>> We were plowing, plowing,

plowing and after rolling for
all those hours, our arms were

just spent.
>> No.

>> So we didn't get fire the
first day, which sucked.

>> I definitely knew this game
was going to be hard when we got

here and there was no food.
There was nothing in the box.

>> What's in there?
We knew that if we didn't work

as a team, one of us was going
to starve to death.

>> What's in this?
>> That's a magnifying glass.

>> If that's a magnifying glass
we got about an hour to collect

some wood and start a fire.
>> Hunter's leadership role

started when we got here.
You know, immediately Hunter

said we needed to, you know,
stake out where we want to put

the fire.
>> Hey, you guys?

We got a magnifying glass, so if
we can collect a ton of

firewood, we have only got about
an hour and a half, two hours

>> I'm already in love with

He's a great person.

We have so much in common.
Hunter knows a little bit about

>> I think the prevailing wind

is going to probably switch and
come from this direction.

>> "The prevailing wind"?
This is the weather station over

>> I know you mean well, but you

sound like, "a little bit of
wind flowing to the east, but in

the morning when we wake up, the
sun will be up."

My nickname for Hunter is
MacGyver, simply because he got

way too much energy for me out

>> You know what I was thinking?
If we can get some of the banana

leaves, and if it starts to
rain, we have the banana leaf

>> You can drink rainwater,

>> Out here he's going to turn

into MacGyver.
Everybody, let's make a funnel

out of a banana plant so in the
morning we can get the

nutrients, because the winds
will be blowing to the east.

>> I see that Hunter is starting
to be a focal point where

everybody is going to check with
him first.

I'm a alpha male, too, so I find
it hard to just follow somebody

just blindly and keep going like
they're my daddy.

I'm not going to do that.
They better know, I'm from

Harlem and I'm representing.
>> We got 40 minutes and that

sun is behind the mountain.
>> Sometimes the angle, the tilt

of the lens.
Tilt it a little bit.

That's a good one.

>> So I mean, it's so close.
I tried my best for 15 minutes

and actually, we got some smoke.
We got some good smoke.

We just couldn't get it
completely going.

>> The problem in lighting the
fire is having maintain an air

flow to keep it going.
>> Peter, we need you over here.

>> We got to have someone

People know that I'm into yoga.
You know, I did that about ten

years ago, and in yoga, you
breathe from the diaphragm, so I

was able to take nice, long,
deep breaths.

( blowing )
>> Yeah!

>> Come on.
>> Woo-hoo!

>> Yoga definitely helps with
lighting the fire.

>> We got fire!
>> Here we go.

>> Keep the fuel up.
Keep the fuel up.

Don't let it go out.
>> Let's not let it go out.

>> Robert rocks!
( chattering )

>> Robert rocks!
( chattering )

>> I want a monkey if I win any
amount of money.

I want a monkey.
You want a monkey too?

>> Yeah.
You want a little curious

>> Sarah has a very cute body.

She paid a lot for it.
And if you have it, of course

flaunt it.
I do not think that Sarah is

using her body to get through
this game, but I do think that

if she connects with the right
individual, then that will

definitely help her get through.
>> I want to go look at the bed.

I didn't get to check it out.
>> Who is going to sleep inside

>> I don't got my shoes on.

>> Right on top of it.
>> I thought we were going to

sleep in there.
Is it comfy?

>> Oh, yeah, it's like a

>> Oh!
>> You all right?

>> Oh, dude, I can go to sleep
right now.

>> Last night there was
definitely flirtation around Rob

and Sarah.
>> We fill this thing up and let

it cook in the sun all day

>> There you go.
>> We got a hot tub.

>> That's an idea.
>> Yeah, or just a little

swimming pool, or whatever.
>> Get some cocktails, too.

You'll figure out a way.
>> When we got into the raft

that we had paddled in on and
they kind of just hung out away

from everybody else, and were
there pretty much the whole darn

So at that point in time, that

was another question" what are
they saying, you know?

Are they flirting or are they
making an alliance?

And you shouldn't put yourself
in that situation if you don't

want people to think that.
>> Anybody have any water?

want people to think that.
>> Anybody have any water?

>> Are these all empty?
>> Yeah.

>> Oh, my gosh.
>> That's five.

>> When we first landed on the
island we knew we were going to

run out of water in a hurry.
We each had one coconut full of

water, which is about a liter,
and you really need a gallon a

>> Well, if we follow the river

up we get to a little stream

>> That's a good idea.
>> ( whistles )

Hey, you guys!
This is the way.

I found the way.
I did not want to go into this

being the blond bitchy person at
all 'cause I'm really not.

The only time I do get assertive
is when I see that a critical

job isn't getting done.
Is that primeval or what?

It's incredible.
>> There's a waterfall!

>> Are you kidding me?

Start swimming, baby.
>> Go, go, go.

>> We were so excited when we
found that waterfall, like, I

saw it for the first time and I
could not believe my eyes.

>> Oh, my God!
>> Woo!

>> Come on, guys!
>> I was like, this is awesome!

>> You tell me there's not a

>> I don't want to go home.
>> That waterfall was just, ah,

it was like sanctuary.
Damn, I think it's taro.

We found a ton of taro, so we
got food; we got water.

These surroundings will give you
everything, so you've gotta be

close to Mother Earth now.
If you never were before, now's

the time.
>> Now that we found this

waterfall, it's dynamite, and
then it's just the fire, that

damn fire.
So I'm just going to work on the

fire when we get back.
I'm going to work on it until

it's dark.
>> Stop.

>> Oh, there it goes.
Oh, sweet!

>> This is grapefruit, right?
It smells like grapefruit.

When we open it up we can tell
because we'll know what it looks

>> Everybody, a toast.

To Maraamu.

>> Maraamu!
>> When I first arrived here I

realized that we had no food at
all, and I didn't want to be

eating lemons and grapefruits
the entire time we're here.

( rooster crowing )
Did you hear that?

Listen, can you hear that

Sounds like a turkey.
Do you hear it?

I'm being dead serious.
I don't know if chickens make

that sound too.
So I decided that I would try to

get some meat for us.
There are chickens and pigs in

this area.
Yo, yo, yo, don't move.

There's a chicken.
I swear to God.

He's got to come down, right?
He's right up there.

>> That thing is huge!
>> Dude, that is dinner right

Come on, we've got to get him

I'll grab him and just snap him.

Roosters can't fly, can they?
>> I had no idea that roosters

can fly.
But this rooster took off like a

He was out of there.

And that was it.
>> Did you get him?

Come on, chicken man.
Did you get him?

>> No.
I know.

I will.
>> At times Rob is a little

preoccupied with things that
don't really pertain to the

survival needs of the moment.
He wants to chase chickens, I

mean, I don't even think he
knows how to clean a chicken.

>> Maybe I don't have as much
experience as you guys do with

what needs to be done.
>> That's why I was getting a

little frustrated because if we
collect a lot of firewood, if we

get the water going, if we
finish the shelter, once we've

got all those things, then we do
the luxury items.

>> Hunter felt that I was
spending too much time trying to

hunt down meat and I needed to
be around helping with the daily

One down.

I realized that I'm going to
have to work hard...

Two down. stay in the group now, and

that this is essentially going
to be my fate.

>> It's so important to get

This is the most important thing
right now, so we need to get

>> But yesterday...

>> We spent how many hours with
that thing yesterday?

I'm wiped.
>> How many hours did we spend

>> You tell me.

>> Not many, I don't think we
spend more than two.

>> Of course we know we have to
get fire.

But to have somebody, you know,
"The sky is falling!

The sky is falling!," it really
started to become grating.

>> I am not trying to be pushy

>> No, no, no, I'm not saying
you are.

>> Okay, but our problem is

>> I'm saying right now I can't
do that.

>> Right, I'm not asking you to
do it.

>> You are asking.
You're saying "It's imperative.

We've got to get dynamic,
blah, blah, blah."

I'm just telling you I'm really

>> I'm not asking you to do it.
>> This isn't going to solve

anything here.
>> I don't have any support

And I'm frustrated that these

people are being more cautious
about this.

>> I just don't like the

You know, it's like, I'm working
my butt off and just getting all

panicky and stuff is

>> I'm Irish so I have that
Irish temper and she sparked it

and I did feel bad about it.
So then now I became fixated on

getting the fire to basically
neutralize my outburst.

So I was like, "Damn it.
I'm starting a fire."

>> Oh, sweet, sweet, sweet!
>> Oh, we're not even getting

full sun.
You're going to get full sun in

a second.
Keep it going.

You're going to get a big old

>> Oh, wow, there we go, baby.
Here, sun, sun, sun.

>> Nice.

>> Thank you!
>> Yes!

>> Fire!
>> Yeah!

>> You knew if you left those
kids alone for a few minutes,

we could do something right.
>> Once we had the fire, then

everything was forgotten, and
she really started to come

around with a personality, and
attempting to bond.

>> We got fire, girlfriend.
I know it was important with

>> Kathy.

No, no.
You put the fire under my butt,

you take it.
>> The nectar of gods.

>> I think it's those two
coconut trees right there.

Large boulder.

>> That's where we have to get
the water from.

>> Water, I wonder if we can go
up this giant creek?

We're going to go hike up to the
water source.

Go check it out.
>> We got a little bit of an

adventure, but the big thing is
we need to get the water so we

can start tackling all the other
things without getting

>> Do you think we go up more?

>> No, no, this is it.
We done looked.

This is it.
>> All right!

And it bubbled up.

This is the beginning of it.
See it bubbling over there?

>> Oh, that looks nice.
>> Oh, yeah, we got water.

Where's the other one?
Mountain spring.

>> It was a huge relief that

there was actually water there
because it's the dry season now,

so we were excited, got our
water, came back to the fire and

immediately started boiling.
>> I'm a workaholic anyhow.

immediately started boiling.
>> I'm a workaholic anyhow.

I caught myself trying to do too

You know, everyone is trying to
put their best face forward and

trying to show that they're an
integral part of the team, and

all of a sudden I realized that
I had to just, like, slow down.

Then I went over and talked to

Sean was great, you know.
He's telling me to chill.

>> Man, this feels so good.
>> Are you chilling all?

>> Under the shade, something
with some support.

We're chilling.

Isn't that what we're doing?
>> We're chilling.

You got to tell me some Harlem

I want to go back and...
>> Harlem stuff?

That's not Harlem stuff, man.
Well, give me some stuff to work

with, for God's sakes!
>> Where you going to use it?

Where you going to use, uh...
You going to walk up to a

brother and go "Hey, I'm

>> We talked and he almost, for
me, reminded me simply of, you

know, and it's really
comfortable to be yourself.

Then all of a sudden different
tribe members came over and like

we were having a real

And it's nice to have real
conversation with people.

If someone said...
all this la-di-da and it's

simply to master every hole in
your body, how you breathe, how

you speak, how you see, how you
hear, how you urinate, how you

go to the bathroom and until you
are aware of even that, most

people around aren't even aware
they have seven holes in their

>> He looks like a normal guy,

you know, but he's going on and
on about being holy.

And I'm thinking he's talking
about spiritualness, but he's

talking about actual holes in
your body.

I mean, he's a Froot Loop.
>> The holes of your

elimination, people don't like
to talk about it, but, it's

really, I mean, if you want to
be holy, you might as well start

with becoming aware.
>> Of your holes.


>> All right, I've had enough of
this conversation.

>> Then you're aware of what
you're saying to people.

>> I don't understand what
you're talking about, not one

All of a sudden I loosen up, you

know, be yourself.
Sean did it to me.

I'm chilling here.
>> Ho, ho, ho!

Oh, my, our first mail.
>> We got mail!

>> Should we all open it

>> Yeah, here we go.

What is it?
It's a message on a...

>> Oh, crap, we're going to have
to row some more.

>> Oh, no!
On the water?

>> All right.

Read it out loud.
>> "You'll be in over your head

to get to the flame.
The weak ones will dread the

thought of this game.
It's a long tough trail.

Avoid a rocky start.
Fail to work as a team,

you'll be the first to part.
>> Ooh.

>> PROBST: Welcome.
How was the journey over, Sean?

>> Ha, y'all are crazy.
( laughter )

>> PROBST: Anybody have any luck
with fire?

>> Yeah!
( applause )

>> PROBST: Good, because in
addition to no food, no water,

you're getting no fire help from
us at all of any kind at any

That means if you have fire,

treasure it, take care of it.
When it rains, you better have a

backup plan.
There's no matches coming.

This is what you want to covet.
Everybody, put your hand on

Everybody, get a little hand on

this immunity idol.
>> Yeah!

>> Whoo!
>> PROBST: It is your first

immunity challenge.
Win it, your tribe is guaranteed

another three days on the

Lose, your tribe is going right
there, Tribal Council, somebody

is going to be the first person
voted out.

That brings us to today's

Here's how it works.
Each tribe has an outrigger

canoe outfitted with two
torches, so you're looking at

about 300 pounds right now dry.
On my "Go," you're going to take

your canoe, run down the beach
and then swim with it out in the

ocean to the center wok, where
you will light both of your

Treasure those torches.

They're very important because
you're going to turn around and

start lighting your woks--
four-- as you make your way back

toward the beach.
Once you get to the beach, it's

a sprint down a very uneven and
very rocky beach where you will

light three more torches.
First tribe to reach the end,

get their canoe back in the
stand, and then light the final

wok, wins immunity.
You guys ready for this?

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: Get ready to start.

Wait for my "Go."
This is for immunity.

Survivors ready!

( shouting )
>> High, high, high, high, high.

Up, up.
( shouting )

>> We got somebody down.
>> Please do not tip the boat!

>> We got somebody down.
>> Please do not tip the boat!

If this gets water in it, we are

Light it up there.
Light it again!

>> Hurry up, hurry up!

♪ ♪
>> Woo!

♪ ♪
>> Woo!

>> Put the torch back.
>> No need, no need.

>> They're going to be coming
through the same way.

>> Someone get the last one.
( shouting indistinctly )

>> Someone get the last one.
( shouting indistinctly )

>> Woo!
>> PROBST: Rotu, immunity.

Who wants it?
You guys are safe for three more

Unfortunately, one of you guys

are going home tomorrow night.
We have a day till Tribal

Good effort.

Head back that way.
I'll see you tomorrow.

One, two, three, Rotu!
>> We lost our first immunity

One, two, three, Rotu!
>> We lost our first immunity

challenge yesterday, and today
we have to go to Tribal Council.

So the game has begun.
>> The party is over.

We first got here.
We started the fire early.

Everybody got to work.
But now we lost the challenge

and the reality set in.
Somebody has to go.

>> My strategy is to keep as
strong as, as strong as

>> The impression the tribe gave

me was that I needed to be voted
off to keep the tribe strong.

I'm not weak.
I know I'm not 25.

I'm twice that.
I know I can't keep up with you

in a foot race, but I can be
steady, I can endure, you know.

I said is it because I'm a woman
or I'm overweight, is it because

they think me a mama figure--
all that was going through my

>> A lot of times the person

that looks strongest right out
of the chute.

>> We don't know what's going to
happen, is all I'm saying.

>> That's called life.
>> I'm glad you told me your

strategy, but I don't want to
talk about it right now.

We're going to go tonight and
nobody is to convince me to vote

any way because I'm going to
vote the way I want to vote.

That's the way it is.
I guess Peter got on our nerves

this morning a little bit
because he came up and called us

all over and wanted to talk
about what the strategy of the

game was and how he was going to
do it.

>> I'm not this magical mystical
person, all right?

>> Mm-hmm.
>> I think if you want to get

the truth of the situation, you
just can look in someone's eyes.

That's not just like, that's not
like, "Ooh!," you know.

I would have to say tonight that
I'm going to vote for Peter.

He's just got this strange smirk
on his face, always looks like

he's up to something.
He's just strange.

>> I know you don't have an

I know I don't have an alliance.
>> I mean, an alliance right now

means absolutely nothing.
>> I did think about who I

possibly may want to vote out,
and I was thinking the whole

time maybe Sarah.
Just today feels too good to be

in the water and not, like,
doing stuff, you know?

>> When you look at Sarah and
you go, other than having two

floating devices that can help
us out there, what value is she

to the group, other than looking

It's very uncomfortable for all
of us because we're all one

It's not chauvinistic, but the

more males you have in a camp,
the better I think you can

>> Good luck.

>> Good luck.
>> Good luck, Peter.

>> Thanks, bud.
>> There's three people that I

might choose to vote on:
Patricia, if you look at

physical strength, she is the
weakest person, maybe, just

because she's old;
Sarah, I think she knows she can

maybe use her body with the men,
the guys of the tribe;

and Peter because of what
happened this morning.

But right now I have no clue who
I'm going to vote for.

>> Eventually every one us is
going but the winner.

And who knows who that will be?
>> PROBST: Behind each of you

And who knows who that will be?
>> PROBST: Behind each of you

guys is a tribal torch.
Why don't you go ahead and find

your torch and approach the

Go ahead and put it back in its

We do this because fire does
represent life at Tribal

As long as you have fire, you

have life in this game.
When your fire is gone, so are

It's that simple.

Now, all over the Marquesas
there are ancient dwellings like

this one, thousands of years
things have taken place,

everything from sacrifices to
other rituals.

Tribal Council is certainly a

The vote, definitely a

Because this is where you're
held accountable for your

actions on the island.
Sometimes those actions are

going to help you; sometimes
they're going to hurt you.

That's what the vote is all

That's what we're going
to find out tonight.

But before we get to the first
vote, let's talk about the first

few days.
Gina, what's it like having to

source your own food, your own
water and your own fire?

Is it rewarding at the end of
the day to say, "We created all

of this?"
>> Yeah, it's very rewarding to

do that.
We're not given rice.

We're not given water.
We're not given fire.

We won't be given any of those
and we have to get it and

we've got it.
And that... that's awesome.

>> PROBST: Pete, did a leader
emerge yet, a clear leader, or

is it still a tribe?
>> Yeah, somebody did step up,

and I value the fact that Hunter
did step up because I wouldn't

have wanted it any other way.
He has been optimistic.

He has been open, asking each
and every one of us what we

suggest, and I really value and
respect that.

>> PROBST: Peter, feel like you
fit in with this group?

>> Actually, I never felt

Once I got on land, just didn't
feel quite right to me, and I

was very surprised.
I thought it was going to be a

piece of cake for me.
>> PROBST: Sarah, do you think

you have a role yet to find?
>> Kind of everything, we're all

just sticking together, doing
what needs to be done.

We're all come together like
that, but I mean, there are some

of us that are definitely better
at things than others, but I'm

just kind of jumping in.
>> PROBST: Okay.

Well, somebody always has the
distinction of being the first

person voted out of the tribe.
It's time to find out who that

person is.
Here's how it's going to work.

One by one, you guys are going
to make your way along the rock

path up to the voting

You'll write down the name of
the person you're voting out in

clear letters, hold it up, state
the reason why you're voting for

that person.
Okay, it's time to vote.

Peter, you're first.
>> Tricia, you deserve to stay.

Peter, you're first.
>> Tricia, you deserve to stay.

>> This person is a very nice
person, but he did a couple

things today that really kind of
threw me off.

So my vote is for Peter.
>> Sarah, I love you like a play

So my vote is for Peter.
>> Sarah, I love you like a play

I just don't think you was doing

your... your end of the bargain.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.
The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote...



That's two votes Peter;

two votes Sarah;
one vote Patricia.

Three votes Peter.

First person voted out of the
tribe: Peter.

No need to read the last vote.
We'll leave that a mystery.

Peter, you need to bring me your

Peter, the tribe has spoken.
>> Go get them.

>> PROBST: Time for you to go.
You survived your first vote.

>> PROBST: Time for you to go.
You survived your first vote.

Now go back and build your

It's only been three days.
Anything can happen.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes from our
next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on
Survivor: At Maraamu...

>> Here's the plan:
Go gather some coconuts.

>> PROBST: ...Patricia takes

>> This is the tool tree.
We're going to leave the

machetes here.
>> She's doing too much talking.

>> PROBST: At Rotu, a hungry
tribe competes for the kill.

( whistles )
But it's Kathy that finds food.

>> Get out here.
I'm serious!

>> Sometimes I take myself a
little too seriously.

I wish I had heeded my wife's
advice of just come to this

island and have fun.
And truly, the other seven

contestants, I love them dearly
and I'll have fond memories of

this adventure.