Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 5 - Got My Swag Back - full transcript

A game twist causes a shift in tribe dynamics.

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Previously on "survivor": in
a battle between three tribes,


mat sing was the only tribe
to perfect the art of farr.

I'm sick of this. Either
go hard or go home.

Mat sing winless!

They've lost three challenges in a row.

One win is all it will take to know
we're not destined for annihilation.

They were the only tribe not to
have found the hidden immunity idol.

Until my torch is snuffed,i
am going to need it.

Forical bow and tandang,their winning
streak could not hide the cracks.******

I do have the idol

Penner used his idol to form
a secret alliance of men.

Let's ride together and see where we go.


The women joined forces against the men.

Don't underestimate a female.

That's the worst thing
you can do to a woman.

ON TANDANG****************

Oh,my god,i found it.

They started a majority
alliance with lisa and artis.



At the immunity challenge,for
the fourth time in a row

this is it!

Mat sing lost,and russell lost it.

I don't get what's happening,fawct.

Malcolm and denise voted out
the first returning player.

Russ,the tribe has spoken.

You're down to two. You know
what you gotta do,keep fighting.

14 are left,who will be
voted out tonight opinion



we're down to two
members on day 10 already.

I thought this might happen on day 39,not--
not a week and a half into the game.

Oh,it's just so cold. This is
seriously going to be the coldest night.

- Yup.
- It's not totally unprecedented to have one tribe so low,

but this early on,we don't know what to
expect or what's going to get thrown at us.

You,the one tribe,me the other tribe.

That's the only thing i can think of
is all of a sudden it will be mixed.


Everyone loves an underdog so
you're right. Two against 12?

The odds are long but i
wouldn't count us out just yet.

[Matsing tribe DAY 11]

I just looked up,there's
like eight all over my face

- Mosquitoes
- i know.

Come orain,stop for a little bit.

The rain didn't let up all night.

We don't have a tarp.
We haven't won anything.

So it was just us in the fetal
position waiting for the sun to come up.

Malcolm,we've got mail.

We're about as own downand out as
you possibly can get at this point.

Living from the sea
and living off the land.

We have a reward challenge today,two
of us against two tribes of six.

It seems like a good time for some sort of
tribe mix-up or swap or just be absorbed.

If we're not coming back to our beach this
might be the last chance to look for the idol.


I don't have a clue.

We don't know what's going to
happen now that we're down to two.

Maybe it's going to be,like,a
reshuffling of the deck.

But the immunity idol is still
here,so we started looking all over.

If it's in our camp,where would it be?

The trees-- the
basket was always here.

There's nothing in here but rice.

This should not be that complicated.

We're digging up every point of interest
around our camp,trying to find this damn thing.

I'm going to burn the damn
thing down until i find it.

I feel like a plooep idiol yot.

It's not rice.

I'm clueless.

Let me see that thing real quick.

Here you go. I mean-- i checked
every part on this basket,right?

- Please tell me that is it. Thank you!

This is huge pee wehave no stake going forward
except each other against 12 other people.

This is leverage? This gives me a
huge amount of power in this game.

It's been so tough for a week and a
half. Now i'm giddy like a school year.

- Oh,my god.
- We did just find hidden immunity idol.

It was frustrating because if we're
absorbed into the same tribe,great.

We can figure out a way
to use it to our advantage.

If we're split,malcolm's got the idol in
his possession,and i haven't found my own.

Come on in,guys!

Kalabaw and tandang getting your
first look at the new masting tribe.

Russell voted out at
the last tribal council.

And with that,masting is down to two
tribe members left,malcolm and denise.

Lisa,do you still look at them
as a tribe being decimated or

is that done and we're now left with two
individuals fighting to stay alive in this game?

I think you can look at it as a tribe that
is decimate or two people who have prevailed.

Here's what's going to happen.


Masting has been decimated.
Masting is no more.

Malcolm and denise,you're going
to join either tandang or kalabaw.

We're going to find out right now.

- Oh,yes!
- There are two buffs. They're wrapped.

- Do you want to switch or not?
- I'm good.

And the suspense.


Malcolm goes to tandang.

Denise goes to kalabaw.

- Welcome!
- Thank you!

So we have two tribes
now,tandang versus kalabaw.

It's like we're
starting over in a sense.

You ready to get to your first
reward challenge as new tribes?

- Yeah.
- Yes.

For today's challenge we're
going to square off one on one.

You will each be holding an idol.

Your job is to knock their idol
off before they knock off yours.


The foirs score five wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Yeah.

This will make the mornings
and afternoons sweeter.


- Coffee,tea,biscuits,cookies.
- Oh,my god.

I'll give you a minute to
strategize and we'll get started.

All right,jeff taking on
malcolm,squaring off in round one.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?



You have to knock their hideol off
your hands before they knock off yours.

Two strong 50 guys,fighting
for this reward.

- Malcolm's idol hit the ground first.
- That's okay.

Jeff with a nice score for kalabaw.



Artis with aan obvious reach advantage.

Dana will have to employ something other
than finesse against this long reach of artis.

Tandang scores.

We are tied,1-1.



Nice little match going here.

That's it,that's it. Use
that reach,baby. You got her.


Call bah leads 2-1.

- penner versus skupin.
- You got this.

Skupe win a nice move
scores for tandang.

We are tied 2-2.

r.C. Up for tandang,going
against denise.

Denise would like to
prove herself right here.

Be careful,r.C.

Denise with a nice jork kalabaw scores.

Kalabaw,3-2,playing to five.

Carter going up for
kalabaw,versus pete for tandang.

Both guys cagey.

Come on,pete. You got this.

Pete with a nice move.

Tandang scores!

We are tied 3-3.

next two.

Dawson versus abi.

You got it,baby. Send
her up dawson's creek.

You have to be aggressive
in this challenge.

Come on,abi.

She pulled the hair,she pulled the hair.

Abi with a nice move.
Tandang scores and leads 4-3.

she went for my hair.

- What happened,abi?
- She went for a hair.

- I didn't mean to.
- Play like a man.********


Ical comcould make himself very popular
bringing home the reward for tandang.

Kalabaw needs to win to stay alive.

Survivors ready? Go.

Come on,malcolm.

Reward and bragging rights
on the line right here.

Pretty even match.

************* Tandang wins reward!

Malcolm,first challenge on his new tribe
brings home the victory for tandang.

Malcolm,how does that feel?

I got a team that i'm
really excited about now.

And i'm going to have some
sugar tonight! I'm so happy.

- Tandang,come on
over. Get your reward.

We have chocolate muffins!

Denise,five straight
challenges,still no win.

But i've got a new family,so,you
know,it may be a loss today but truly,

i have just this awesome
vibe about this tribe already.

Kalabaw,got nothing for you.
Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

I like this lady,but i sure would have
preferred to have malcolm on my team

because we might have had
the cookies and coffee,

and now they have an
advantage over us physically.


Oh,this is a cool little spot.This
is so much cooler than ours

You don't realize how down
in the dump you are until

you finally get a win and
things start going your way.

I got an immunity idol this morning.

I got a new tribe in the afternoon.

I feel like i got my swag back.


All i can hope for is look for a
crack and get myself wedged in there

because it's the easiest thing in the world
to say he's the odd guy,let's get rid of him.

- You want one of these cookies.
- Yes,please.

You know,you're so welcome. ******

- We were rooting for you.
- Yeah,we really wanted you.

I wanted to be here,too.

Malcolm has brought wonderful energy
to our tribe. He's a great guy.

He's a strength physically,so
that's huge for us in the challenges.

I haven't eaten since yesterday morning.

- Oh,enjoy it!
- You should have another one.

No i'm fine. I should so much
i feel like i want to dance.

I have so much sugar going.

He also has a great attitude.

He's good-look,he's
smart,he's easy going.

So he hasn't brought any kind of negative
energy into the tribe which is really great.

I think i would have fared
better if we got denise.

- How old are you? 24.
- me,too.


You know,at first i thought
maybe i had a fighting chance.

Maybe i can get him on
my side but,you know,

the minute i saw him talking
to peter i knew it was over.

You know,having this new person
join and be accepted right away,

it sort of does bring me back a little bit
to childhood because i was bullied in school.

You know what i mean?

On "survivor" you're in this place
where you don't know where to turn to.

You don't have people that you
can sort of go and talk to and say,

"this is how i'm feeling.What
should i be doing? "you know.

But i didn't starve and have no fire

and work in those challenges
to let them walk all over me

i'm going to fight and hopefully we
don't have to go to tribal council

and time has to be on my side at
this point because i need time,

and hopefully time
to flirt with malcolm.

- No pressure,right?

- Yeah,it's gonna be acouple hours before we can cook,but...
- That's fine.

- Hey,we've got fire.
- Oh,my god,thank you.

- You're the best. Such a great addition.
- Thanks.

When i saw malcolm upwrap that
yellow buff i was ecstatic.

I was always leery getting rid of mike

but now we have another strong guy
and he's probably not as stupid.

Don't go with them.****************

Mike has been annoying since day one.

Story after story.

You're trying to make a fire,he get
his hand in. Plus we have the idol,so.

- Oh,you do?
- They don't know that. Don't tell them.

- Sick.
- Whenever you need it,we've got it.

- You and abi have it?
- Sick.

Information is power. I might as well
get all of it as i can and it wasn't

that difficult for pete to
immediately say,"i have the idol.

" no one knows i have one and if pete is telling
me he hawse one he might use that to save me

or something we can use jointly,now
because of you we can get rid of mike.


I'm like the stud football
player from the rifle.

Everyone wants to get to know
me. Everyone is pulling me aside.

I'll be your best friend.
Those guys are losers.

I won't lie,i'm enjoying it right now.


Just to be in a new family
and in a new tribe is great.


Thank you guys.

And trying to blind blend in with my new
family here and figure out what my role will be.

I am really glad to be part
of your tribe,i really am.

Whatever i can do to help.

Whatever i can do to prove i have value,

even if it's keeping me around
for one more tribal,i can regroup.

Every step is an opportunity to
regroup and turn things around.

We're happy to have you.

-- i. -- that was
the best thing.

I am so happy.

So,my alliance consists
of dana,dawson,and myself.

Against the guys.

We need denise,like,that was the one
reason why i was happy what we got a female

because we have a better chance of getting
denise on our side than we do getting malcolm.

From hereon out,it's my job to
get denise underneath my arm.

As long as we can convince her that,

hey oorkt us girls,hopefully she
really won't listen to the guys gosh!

It's cold.

Yeah,it is. I'm soaked.

You don't look like
you're feel good,dana.

I'm not out of it,but i'm trying.

I woke up this morning,and i guess i just
have a bad immune system,i don't know.

But i just can't shake the cold.

I am dizzy,nauseous,completely

I started getting this
sharp pain in my stomach.

I don't know,it just
started getting worse.

You all right?

Get out of the way,get out
of the way,get out of the way!

I can't stop shaking.

I can't get that aching
pain out of my stomach.

I can't hold anything down.

You know,back home,i'm kind
of supposed to be tough,

but you're only as tough as your
body,i think,will allow you to be

i think she'll be fine tomorrow.

What? She's probably
puking her guts out.

Day 11 sucks. It's freezing.

And i'm a big,fat guy. You know,it
doesn't really affect me that much.

But dana's sick.

She weighs 47 pounds or
something. I don't know.

She's as big as my finger,you know.

And she may just be shutting down.

Come on and get under
this blanket,girlie.

Oh,my god. Are you all right?

Wrap up in that blanket and get warm but
you gotta get out of those wet clothes.

Take everything off. You
get naked under that blanket.

We'll warm you up?

Are you in pain?

Is it your stomach?

You're burning up,girl.

Dana is in bad shape.
She can barely talk.

You want to lay down in my lap?

I know it hurts,huh?

This girl is shutting down.

She needed some medical attention.

I hear a boat. Maybe they're coming now.

- Is that dana in there?
- Yeah,she's in there.

- Oh,my gosh!
- She's got a fever

hey,dana,it's jeff.

Do you want to talk to jeff?


You were hidden in there.

What's going on? Give me an update.

My stomach.

Let's go.

Out of nowhere jeff probst is
in my camp,which is,you know,

typically i'd jump up and
down and maybe jump on him

,but it just wasn't
good timing,you know.

So he was there for dana,and
he brought her to see medical.

Just relax.

It's a bit uncomfortable there.


What are you seeing?

I'm seeing around this right side and around the
middle was where she was having the most amount of pain.

What does the pain feel like,dana?
Give me some way to relate to it.

Like a knife. It comes and it goes.

Okay. What's your first guess,joe?

I think certainly her
tummy is irritated.

Whether or not that's from an infection or
some other process going on,it's hard to say.

Stow,can you tell
right now if she is--

whether or not she's
in pain,forgetting that,

just in terms of her being able to
continue,can she continue medically?

Yes,she could-- we could
try it for another 12 hours.

I think we could see if she could try
and get some more fluids into her,herself,

and we could try and see if she
can last that long and longer.

So,dana,the reason i'm bringing this
up is,clearly,you're uncomfortable.

But the only time medical
pulls anybody from this game

is when mm decides they
cannot last another moment

because their life is in danger.

So joe's saying you're not in
a life-threatening situation.

So now it's--
it's on you.

What do you want to do?

hat do you want to do?

Is this something you're
ready to give up on?

I guess. Yeah,i can't stay.

I can't be out here sick any more.

I wish i wasn't sick.

I know you're in pain. You're
pulling yourself out of the game?

Do you want to go and tell the tribe
what's happening or do you want me to?

How do you want to go out?

You're going to have
relief in just moments.

The pain's going to go away.

Let's finish this adventure
on your terms,okay?

They can come out here.
You want to do that?

Okay. Hang tight.

Come on here,guys.

You know better than
i do how she's doing.

But she wanted to talk
to you guys herself.

Tell you what's going on.

I tried to hang.

You pushed yourself the best
you could and we're proud of you.

I want to just update
you on what happens.

We don't pull anybody unless
it's truly life threatening,

but it's clear that dana is struggling
so she just can't go on anymore,

and she wanted you guys to know.

Penner,you know what this is
like. You went through this.


I felt exactly the way she
feels. I totally empathize.

I was weeping. I was so frustrated.

I'm sorry.

No,no,no. Don't be sorry.

Not even for a second.
We're only sorry for you.

We're sorry that you're feeling so bad.

And know that
we-- we have--

we were just saying back there how
much we love you and respect you.

- You did everything.
- And how great it's been getting to know you.

We love you so much!

- Thanks,jeff.
- We love you.

Take care!


Dana leaving the game
screws up everything.

I'm literally at a loss under words because
this could not have happened at a worse time.

I mean,i love the girl.
It sucks that it happened.

But,like,my best ally just
got taken away by the medic.

And i'm like what the hell
am i going to do to survive?

Come on in,guys!

Tandang getting your first
look at the new kalabaw tribe.

Dana felt she was too sick to continue.

She pulled herself from the game.

And just like that,tandang has a
one-person advantage in this game.

All right,you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge.

First things first,take back the idols.

Thank you. Thank you.

No need for two idols anymore.

One will do.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,on my go,you'll
race through a series of obstacles.

You'll then untie knots
to release a drawbridge.

One person will chop a
rope,dropping bamboo puzzle pieces.

You'll race to find the
pees with letters on them

and use them to solve a word phrase.

First tribe to get it right
wins immunity,safe from the vote.

Losers go to tribal council
where somebody will be going out.

Tandang wins they take
a big lead in this game.

Kalabaw has a chance
to tie it up right here.

Tandang,you have one extra
member,who are you going to sit out?

Abi,i gotta ask of all the challenges
we've had,how many have you participated in?


All right,abi,take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else,i'll give
you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

Here we go. For immunity.

Survivors ready?


Wow,carter and skupin quickly down.

Impressive beginning.
Gotta get up and over.

Both tribes helping each other over.


Kalabaw off to a slow start.

Katy really slowing them down on a
very easy portion of this challenge.

A huge setback for kalabaw.

Tandang with a big lead right now.

You got it?

R. C. And artis working
on the rope for tandang.

Here comes kalabaw. Katy
once again last one over.

Katy struggling.


Come on.

Carter and denise working
on the ropes for call bah.

Once you have the ropes
untied,that drawbridge of drop.

Great team work by both tribes.


Tandang is through the ropes up top.

Denise has one half of
the top rope for kalabaw.

Carter has the other half
of the top rope for kalabaw.

Kalabaw has made up some ground.

Everybody now working on
the bottom set of ropes.

Neither tribe has been to
tribal council yet in this game.

We got it! Ya!

Tandang is threw their draw bridge.

Kalabaw is fall behind.
Keep moving,kalabaw.

Malcolm chopping the rope for tan daipg.

You have to chop all the way through
to release those puzzle pieces.

Kalabaw on the last bit of rope
trying to get through the drawbridge,

still suffering from
the beginning with katy.

Malcolm is through the rope!
They've dropped their puzzle pieces.


Kalabaw drops their drawbridge.

Jeff going to start chopping
on the wood for kalabaw.

He's got some time to make up.

Tandang is looking for every bamboo
piece that has a letter on it, 19 total.

Jeff's slowing down now.

Jeff going to bail out,penner
going to come in to do some relief.

Penner flying through that wood now.

The puzzle pieces released for kalabaw.

Tandang with a big head start and it
goes back to the start of the challenge,

katy could not get over the mound.




It is a five-word phrase.

Kalabaw has all of their puzzle pieces.

It is penner and dawson working for
kalabaw,and lisa and pete working for tandang.

If tandang wins,they would have a
two-person advantage in the game.


Right there.

- ********
- Both tribes working together well.

Everybody in on this challenge,except
for abi sitting out yet again.

Got a "y?

trying another combination of words.

Penner thinks he might have it.


Live to play.

Another day.

Another day!

live Another day!

Both tribes think they have it.

It's a race new to see
who can get it first.

We got it,we got it,we got it!

Live to play another day.

Tandang wins immunity by seconds.

We came from behind one more second.


You remain undefeated in this game.

Enjoy the night off.


Tonight with the exception of denise,this
will be a new experience for kalabaw.

Tribal council tonight where one of the
six of you will be voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.
I'll see you at tribal council.

If katy had been three seconds faster

and dawson had been a little
more helpful with the puzzle

i think we would have won.

And now we're going
to be down two people

and that gap at this stage in the
game may just be insurmountable.


Big time.

Their size advantage,they
have a margin we don't have.

Sorry,guys. I feel bad.


I totally sucked in this challenge.

It's pretty embarrassing to be the one
that,like,totally screwed up everyone.

And it's like i feel like every
time they make a moan or a gron

it's because of me.

Katy you were having
trouble on that first one.

I'm sorry.

No,you were having trouble.
What are you going to do?

I screwed up. There's
nothing else i can really say.

A really crappy performance.

If i was them,i'd say
see you later,katy.

That suction.

No one's voting you. You're paranoid.

Did you not see me today?

- You were not good.
- I was not good.

- You were not good.
- I was bad.

Katy sucked in this challenge today.

She was no good.

I'm embarrassed.

I can understand that.

- I'm embarrassed.
- You were not good,

but anyway,we have to move
on from that katy sucked.

Katy blew it. I told katy she sucked.

She knows she sucked,

but denise,she's north
part of our original tribe.

She's only been in
our tribe for two days.

I'm a part of a tribe
that has lost again.

It's just-- it's

I'm worried.

I haven't had 13 days
to bond with these guys.

I don't know if they're going to go
loyalty or they're going to go logic.

I didn't come out here to
keep visiting jeff at tribal.


that's thing.There's an
alliance of three where i'm in.

We have to know if you're on our side.

I want to be on your guys' side.

The thing is,if you're with
us,then you're the fourth.


- All right.
- Got it.

We need them in,and right
now it comes down to,you know,

who is going to hold the most
value in the challenges for us.

Denise is stronger than dawson and katy.

I think she's physical and she's mental.

I think she's got some
pretty good smart on her.

I think i got denise on our side.

- She's with us three.
- Perfect.

So we've got four.

Denise? We're great. She's great.

There are really three
options at this point.

Denise,katy,or dawson.

But i can't see getting
rid of denise now.

She's a hell of a competitor. She
was right in it to win it today.

No way could we point at her and say
she's the one who caused us this challenge.

So it's katy our dawson.

Dawson,i need you to
find some more wood.


Are we alone?

Barely alone.

It's either katy or dawson.

I mean,i kind of wish it was katy.

Katy just looks checked out to me.

Even now,she's just
walking around the beach.

We lost dawson.

She had puzzles in her hand
and you were trying to get them

and she wasn't even giving them to you.

I'm fiewmed.

I'm willing to talk about it.
I'd just like to-- i don't know.

Katy did not perform well today.

She performed poorly.

And i can't say that that's
what cost us the challenge.

But it didn't help.

But before today,dawson is just
been the weakest member of the tribe.

I don't think she performed
particularly well today.

I don't think she
performed stafdisastrously.

It's a big choice,actually.

Maybe i should date an athlete.

What do you consider an athlete?


then i guess at the end maybe baseball.

I know jeff is from a
professional athlete,

and as far as i know,i'm
the only person who knows.

So i enjoe getting into his mind
and making him uncomfortable.

There's too much standing around.

It's,like,a whole bunch
of grown guys just like--

it's a lot of fun to make him squirm.

And it's a lot of
fun to-- i don't know.

I feel like i've kind of got,like,a little
mouse that doesn't know it's in a corner,

and i'm like playing with it.

And i'm going to snap on it.

Football is better than baseball.

Dawson starts talking a lot of sports,

so i'm walking on eggshells right now

because right now i'm having a good time with
these people being normal,and i am normal.

That's what i am. I
used to be a ball player.

No problem about it.

I'm here just like them
doing the same thing.

If they put two and two
together i'm in trouble.

Tonight's vote could be based on a value
for winning challenges in our tribe.

You know,it may be
katy. It may be dawson.

Let's just get this done right now.

Is it katy or is it her?

Dawson knows my history as an athlete and the
best scenario might be just to vote her out.

For those of you who don't have a
torch approach the flame and get fire.

This is part of the
ritual at tribal council

because in this game,fire
represents your life.

And as long as you have
fire,you are still in this game,

and when your fire is gone,so are you.

will be the case for one of you.

Dawson,how did dana
leaving impact this tribe?

Dana leaving hit us harder
than the rain ever could.

She was one of the strongest
people i've ever met.

Seeing her fall and get so
weak and feel so helpless

that she's just banging
her fist on the ground

because she wants to stay
but physically she can't,

that hit us very hard.

Penner,in three days you go from being
undefeated and now you're down two.

Yeah,it's terrible. I
mean it's just bad luck.

Somebody on their tribe could have gotten sick
and we could be in a completely opposite place.

And,honestly,i believe if dana were healthy and
with us today we would have won that challenge.

So losing her was devastating to us.

Katie,at today's challenge,miserable
start for the tribe on your shoulders.

Absolutely. I feel like the
biggest idiot in the world.

I'm not making excuses
for myself at all,

people could do it.

So,really,all i can do is
hope that they believe in me

and they've seen me
compete in other challenges

and they know that i am capable,and
i am worthy to stay here.

Penner,would it be fair to vote somebody
out who let you down at the challenge?

If it's just based on
the today's performance,

yes,that would be an easy vote.

Dawson,denise is the
newest member on this tribe,

but she seems to be a
pretty worthy competitor.

Argument for her staying
and someone else going?


We need every competitor
we can get our hands on,

and now we're here,and
it's definitely bittersweet.

You know,we love to see you,but it
sucks having to vote someone out.

Dawson,why keep you?

I try to keep the spirit of the camp up.

You know,i try to be
optimistic and empowering,

being positive in this
weather in 13 days of rain,

that goes pretty far.

Jeff,what are the biggest factors for you
that you're going to base your vote on tonight?

You know,i think we look at
all weak links in our tribe.

We look at people
working around the camp.

We look at value going forward,loyalty.

We look at challenges. We need to
win challenges to keep our numbers up.

So that's a factor in
our decision tonight.

All right,for the first
time,kalabaw,it is time to vote.

Katie,you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you
want to play it,now would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,denise.

Dawson. One vote denise,one vote dawson.


Dawson. That's three votes
dawson,one vote denise.

Fifth person voted out of
"survivor: philippines,dawson.

That's four. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Dawson,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

First tribal council,first blindside.

But moreally,you are now down two tribe
members in a game all about numbers.

This tribe has got to get a win.

Grab your torches,head
back to camp. Good night.

Next time on "survivor":

in a war between
tandang and kalabaw-- !

come on,guys,dig deep

It's getting physical right off the bat.

Everyone plays dirty.

You don't want to hear
what i have to say.

And the game gets personal.

You can keep all that mess to yourself.

All right,calm down.

I'm pretty sure this is unprecedented.

I could have blown up his spot,

but maybe he could be
one of those,you know,

millionaires who actually
come on the show and win.

If he wins,he owes me so big!

I want a motorcycle and a side