Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 6 - Down and Dirty - full transcript

As castaways get down and dirty to battle it out for a fruitful feast, in an unprecedented move, opposing tribes take to the bargaining table to strike a deal mid-challenge.

Previously on "survivor."

after 13 days in a battle
between three tribes--

matsing loses again!

Tandang and kalabaw had yet to
lose while matsing had yet to win.

It was down to malcolm and denice.

We're about as down and out
as you can get at this point.

But when you're dead in the
water,an idol can breathe new life.

This gives me a huge amount
of power in this game.

At the reward challenge

malcolm,denice,drop your buffs.

Matsing was no more.

Malcolm and denice started new
chapters on separate tribes.

We have two tribes now.

Tandang,malcolm felt right
at home,gaining pete's trust.

We have the idol.

I feel like i got my swag back.

Putting mike and r.c.
Further on the outs.

I didn't work to let
them walk all over me.

I'm going to fight.

At kalabaw,there were two alliances
heading in opposite directions.

The men's alliance had penner's idol.

The idol is right under your nose.

And grew stronger when
they recruited denice.

If you're with us,you're the fourth.


Every step is an opportunity
to turn things around.

Stphaoul while the women's
alliance was hit hard.

I can't be out here!

When dana pulled herself from the game.

My best ally got taken away,what
am i going to do to survive?

At the immunity challenge,

katie struggled.

Tandang wins immunity!

Costing kalabaw the victory.

Back in camp,in the face of diminishing
numbers,strength was vital and katie was an easy target.

I was bad.

- But when dawson messed with the
bull -- the braves are the best team.

She got the horns.

I used to be a ball player.

If but a son knows,best scenario
might be to vote her out.

Fifth person voted out of
"survivor: philippines,"



12 are left,who will
be voted out tonight.

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I am totally worried because i don't
have my girls anymore to help me out.

So i'm at the bottom of the totem polypole
now and i have to find my way out of it.


Strength is going to drive this and
i'm looking like the weakest length

so i've got to work my
magic and see what happens.




Did you knows he brought
his bag with him to tribal?

He knew he wasn't going home but
he had it on him just in case.

I just do.

- I think he's got it.
- I think so,too.

I think he's got it.

In this game it's every
single man for himself

and if that means planting seeds in n people's
heads,i'm going to have to do what i have to do.

- Okay,we take out strength now or strength after the merge?
- ***

There's no guarantee after the merge.

There's no guarantee.

So i think we have to get rid of penner.

It's a no-brainer.

If i can get rid of jonathan,that's
going to keep me here

at least through the merge and
i intend on making that happen.

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Season 25Episode 06




We don't have a lot of rice left.

We don't?


What have you all been doing?

Eating raw rice.

we haven't really had much to
eat,especially since mike decided

to deplete all of our rice
resource by eating it dry.

This is the way chickens
eat everyday,right?

He thinks it cooks in your body because
it's pretty close to 100 degrees.

So mike makes horrible decisions.

He's the most useless player ever returned
to "survivor" and he needs to go home.

I don't want to make breakfast.

I want to be careful.

Nothing for the challenge?

Unless you'd rather be hungry
for the rest of your time here.

I'm just saying even if we made one cup and
split it between everybody for breakfast?

Like,just something in our stomachs?


As a returning player,i
just don't understand.

Mike is literally ate
us out of house and home.

We have no food because of mike.

I consider us tandang plus one.

And mike's the one.

And right now with us getting
malcolm,mike has become expendable.

Come on in,guys!

Tandang getting your first
look at the new kalabaw tribe.

Dawson votes out at
the last tribal council.

All right,you guys ready to
get to today's reward challenge?


On my go,three members from each tribe
will race out to the large wicker ball.

You will work together to push that ball
through your goal while the other tribe

is doing everything
they can to stop you.

Each time you get the ball through your
goal you score a point for your tribe.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


After 13 days,you need some food.

The winning tribe will be taken to a
dry hut where you will have sandwiches,

soup,potato chips,brownies.

Oh,my word!

Worth playing for?


Tandang,you have two extra members that
are going to sit out one man and one woman.

Who's it going to be?

R.c. And artis,take a seat on the bench.

We'll give you a minute to
strategize and we'll get started.

First round,lisa,pete and skupin
for tandang going up against penner,

carter and denice from kalabaw.

Here we go!

Survivors ready?


It is a race to get that ball first skupin
and carter get there at the same time.

Dig deep!

Take him down,skaoup!

He takes down carter hard.

Taking on denice but having no luck.

It's getting physical right off the bat.

Come on,pete!

Big reward on the line.

Kalabaw feeds a win.

They want the food and they want to
remind tandang they are still in this game.

There you go,lisa!

Lisa finally gets denice
down with a mike takedown.

Pete going hard after carter.

The problem is nobody can
move the ball either way.

Hang on to that ball,denice.

Hold on!

Denice and lisa getting
squished by this ball.

Pete takes down carter again.

Skupin going after penner now!

Lisa,get up!

Denice is now working it for kalabaw!

Carter takes down pete.

He's got something in him.

Kalabaw gaining slowly.

Getting closer to that goal.

Spin it towards us.


Skupin with a big takedown of
cart ere opening the door for pete.

Penner isn't having it.

Lisa has denice down
and she can not get up.

Pete is pushing and penner is pulling.

Big battle going.

This is a su "survivor" challen.

Old school right here.

Down and dirty in the mud!

Penner's getting frisky!

Sorry,butt di.

To be clear,penner's
doing nothing illegal.

He has his hand between skupin's leg.

Very intimate way to play
this game but totally legal.

Good job,lisa.

Skupin now sitting on penner.

We here in a full lockdown.

Lisa has denice,skupin has penner.

Pete and carter are tied up together.

Somebody will wear down.

Endurance is what's going to win!

Something skupin and i both have.

We're ready to sit here
all night if it takes it.

I think.


This is like heaven.


It's like something.

One hour.

The ball has not moved in a long time.

Speaks to how evenly
divided these two tribes are.

Carter,what you got,bud economy?

You want to take one last one?

- Dude,i
-- penner --

pete with a dig takedown on carter.

We've got some movement going now.

Lisa has denice tied up
so it's penner and skupin.

Nothing happens.

We're back to another showdown.

Penner and skupin exhausted.

What you guys wanna do?

Beat you.

Let's talk turkey.

We're gonna do this and we're
gonna have to go at it again.

Jeff,what do you think?

Two-thirds of the way there.

We'll trade our sandwiches
-- we're trying to gain food.

We'll trade your sandwiches for what?

The rest of your rice.

Come on!

You can cancel that.We don't
know how much they have.

We're just talking.

I consider that,seriously.

But i don't know,rice fuels us.

Penner,what are you going to do
for food after this afternoon.

I got a boat,i got a
spear,i got a snorkel.

And we got plans,big ones.

Guys,let's talk about it.

You guys come up with an alternate plan for
this and everybody agrees to it,i'm open.

Otherwise this goes as planned.

Got to score three.

I say we give you guys the
rice,we take the sandwiches.

I don't know,man,that's
like five --

artis,weigh in here,it's your birthday.

Come on,birthday boy.

We haven't heard anything.

You don't want to hear
what i got to say about it.

What i want to do,i want to win.

I don't want to give up nothing.

and you can keep that mess to yourself.

I don't need to hear it.

All right. Calm down. It's all right.

You guys,from a straepblg strategic
standpoint,let's take their food and go.

All right,let's settle this.

Here's what's on the table right now.

Kalabaw is saying give us this victory,

let us have the reward in exchange
we will give you all the rice we have.

- Yup.
- I'm with the majority.

Carter,what do you think?

You think we can catch fish,i'll do it.

We just need enough time with
the boat and i'll catch them.


Me and pete are saying yes to that deal.

I say yes.

We know what it's like out here.

Do you want you want to do,mike.

We're not saying anything,you guys
decide whatever you want to do.

Yes or no,tandang?

I'm for it,man.

This challenge is over.

Reward goes to kalabaw!

In exchange for all the
rice they have left at camp.

Good job,tandang.

Y'all are just not
seeing the big picture.

I'm pretty sure this is unprecedented.

Jeff,you're going to
give up all your rice,

which puts a huge burden
on this tribe to go out

and fish in conditions that
have beenless than optimal.

We're going to have to work.

Our energy,it's going to be
wasted fishing and clamming

and scraping and clawing for food and these
people are going to get their bellies full of rice,

but we have to find some
other way to get food.

Kalabaw,here's what's going to happen.

You're going to leave here,be
take on the a nice,dry spot.

Wash off then you
will have a nice lunch.

Hopefully it's worth
the deal you just made.

Grab your stuff,head out and enjoy.

Tandang,kalabaw's rice will
be delivered to your treemail.

I hope the deal was worth
it for you guys as well.

Other than that,got nothing for
you,grab your stuff,head back to camp.

Oh,my gosh!

Should we pick up one brownie and
all take a bite of it real quick?

Yes,we should.

You pick it up.

Everyone gets a bite of it.


We arrived at the reward covered
in mud,we cleaned ourselves up

and sat down to the most delicious
picnic lunch i've ever had.

Oh,my lord,look at those sandwiches!

Oh,my god!

This is like avocado,bacon and turkey.

The reward was pretty insane.

Those sandwiches,they were all great

and hopefully this will give us some
kind of advantage,some kind of momentum.

Well,it's interesting,we
lucked out,you want to know why?

If they'd won there would be seven
people sitting at the same meal as this.

Five people,we got a
lot more food this way.

This will tide us over until tomorrow.

Tomorrow we'll fish,right?

It was a great moment to see
all that food on the table.

But the fact that we
just don't have rice is --

is probably going to wear
on us in a couple days.

You guys,i'm going to bring you something,i'm not
sure what it's in it but it may be really cool.

In the middle of that we realized our table off to
the side were little envelopes with our names on them.


i knew what it was in these envelopes
and it was our letters from home.

Come on!


The tribe started reading their letters
and instantly people started tearing up.

We're so far from reality out here
that when we get a glimpse of it

just hits in a place
that we're not used to.

I just want to go home now.

I've got a pretty big family at home.

Having a wife and kids write to
you after suffering through rain

and no food and getting
banged up,that was pretty neat.

It's already 100 degrees in texas.

Coming to this reward,it's
motivational fuel,

it's emotional fuel that makes any
rice we gave up totally worth it

because now there's different
motivation to just keep going.

Better than food.

Better than food.

They don't know what they missed.

We came in termed to win
and i think this was a win.

We were able to walk away with this victory
meal and these beautiful letters from home.

We're going to be strong going into the immunity
challenge which is really the important challenge.



I wanted to give you a birthday feast.

Don't worry about it.

It feels brutal that kalabaw is
enjoying the reward that we should have

and we're back here
fighting for survival.





What really bothers me is we had a
member of our tribe make a decision

for our tribe who has done
absolutely nothing for our tribe.

And r.c.,yay,mike!

Yay!I was like shut
up,it's not a good deal.

Here's the rice you guys
wanted to forfeit for,enjoy.

How much do we have?

Basically how much we have right now.

We doubled our rice.

- They don't have any.
- They don't have any.

If the sun would come out we could
actually cook some of that rice.

We'll be able to cook tonight.

Good,thank you.

That feels good.

When we got back,it
was worse than a loss

and it shouldn't have been because with
a loss you don't have also all their rice.

But it was a giving up,a forfeit
which was like a double loss

if you choose to focus
your energy that way.

I'm afraid this is going to be one
of the dumbest moments of "survivor.

" people go until they at least lose.

Just giving out a prize like that?

Never seen in my life.

I mean they did give us
a lot more than we think.

And they don't have anything.

They don't have anything.

Yeah,they do.

- They have beer,they have -- i'm
trying to put a positive spin on it.


We gave up a reward.

We didn't fight for it.

And i doubt kalabaw would give us all
of their rice without having a plan "b."

they have a boat and they have a
spear,they can go out there fishing.

They're not stupid.

Kalabaw totally used
psychology and it worked.

So we have one more day out of rice out of
theirs and how much do we have out of ours?


So we have two days left.

Well,if we separate it otherwise
this is a big pot because --

so basically we have two
more days left of rice.

Not a week like we thought.

We have to start eating smaller.

That's what i'm trying to say here.

But everybody's hungry.

Freaking stupid.

We never come back from a challenge
and we're happy but in "survivor"

world you sort of have to swallow your
pride and do things you don't normally do.

But this is just nasty.

Artis was cursing up a storm
through the competition.

And cursing at you.

What did i do?

Nothing.I don't think you did anything.

He was just really upset.

Seems like he wanted no part of it.

Then why did he agree?

I don't know.

There was no winning that challenge.

That's what i thought.

Artis,he's like a teenage girl.

He'll whisper to everybody
else but he won't confront me.

But i didn't make this decision.

No,you asked every single
person what their decision was.

And they said yes.


So now they're going to blame it on us.

And then abi is obviously
doing her abi thing.

I don't know if i've ever
met anybody that negative.

Artis,pete and abi-maria are very
nasty and angry and they're cruel.

But they had the upper hand so my strategy
is to let abi-maria blow up constantly--

- and me just slide under the radar.

But she's like this brazilian bomb
that's about to blow up at any second.


Today. It's a beautiful day.

This is the subrhys
we've been waiting for.

Stingray's back,where's the sling?

Right in front of you,man.

Right there.

He just flew away.

- Shoot.
- He'll be back.It's okay.

At the reward challenge we made
a deal with the yellow tribe

that we'd give them the rest of
our rice and we'd take the reward.

In all honesty,i didn't
like the deal we came up with

because we had no guarantee
of food at the moment.

It's all gonna be good.

I'm gonna catch some fish.

Jonathan's very confident that we can get
fish but to me it was a pretty risky deal.

It just really makes me nervous.

I'm hungry.

I don't know many my body
can last through this game.



If we have to play the starving game,like
who can just outstarve someone i'm gonna lose.

Oh,i'll lose,too,don't worry.


You've got to gut the fish.

That's it?

That's it.

Jonathan comes back and
i'm,like,did you catch anything?

And he's like,yeah,yeah,we caught
two fish,they're right there.

Good lord.

Sushi's great.You like sushi,don't you?

This is pure protein.

How are five people going to eat these?

It's good for you.

It can't be fresher.

That rice gave you immediate
energy,but now it's gone

and jonathan's trying to stay positive "oh,we
got plenty of food,we got plenty of food!

" no,we don't.

How can you possibly do good in a
challenge with -- like,you need fuel.

If we don't have a merge within
a week we may be in trouble.

We're going to have to lay down all day.

Carter's getting a little frustrated.

I promised him there'd
be food and we'd eat

and now he's just feeling
like we'll never find any food

and i'm going to
starve and i don't know.

I'm not full but i'm not
hungry after that meal.

How do you guys feel?

I know you're hungry,carter.

I wish we would have got that stingray.

The deprivation just doesn't affect me the
way it affects some of these younger players.

But the truth is,today we have an immunity challenge
and it's crucially important that we win today.

We have to get some momentum back.

The numbers are tipping badly and if we
continue to lose,we are truly screwed.

Come on in,guys!

Guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


First things first,abi-maria,i
will take it back.

Once again immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge one tribe member
will launch balls out into the field

whilethe other tribe members
attempt to catch the ball.

It doesn't matter which color.

If you catch a ball you
score a point for your tribe.

First tribe to store five wins
immunity,a t safe from the vote.

Losers go to tribal council where
somebody will be voted out of this game.

Tandang,you have two extra members.

Who are you going to sit out this time?

It has to be a man and a woman.



Skupin going to sit this
one out along with who?

Abi,you're sitting out again.

That is,what,two out of eight
challenges you've participated in?

Well,it wasn't my choice.

Skupin and abi,take a spot on the bench.

We'll get started.

All right,we have our matchups.

Lisa going to be launching balls for
tandang,denice will be the launcher for kalabaw.

Starting out on one
pole artis and penner.

We've got malcolm and carter going at
it,jeff against pete and r.c. Against katie.

Once the balls are launched
they are up for grabs.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


Two balls in the air quickly.

Penner scores for kalabaw!

Kalabaw on the board
1-zip kalabaw leads.

Survivors ready?


Ball's in the air again.

Pete catches for tandang!

R.c. Catches for tandang!

Two points on that round for tandang!

Tandang now leads 2-1.


Here we go,survivors ready?


Katie can't connect.

Oh,my gosh!

Carter struggling early.

Kalabaw needs to pick it up.

No score that round.


Denice goes short.

Penner can't get there.

Lisa launches.

Jeff with a catch for kalabaw!

We are tied 2-2.

come on,kalabaw!

Survivors ready?



Malcolm,jeff goes high
and scores for kalabaw!

Nice catch,buddy!

Kalabaw leads 3-2.

good match going here.

Very even.

Survivors ready?

Katie,hand on the pole.


Survivors ready?



Jeff with another catch for kalabaw.

Lisa goes deep.

R.c. And katie can't connect.

Katie completely ineffective
in this challenge.

Kalabaw leads 4-2.

playing to five,this could be it.

Tandang trying to stay alive.

Go for malcolm.

Go right for malcolm.

Here we go.Survivors ready?


Denice goes first then lisa.

Right to malcolm.

Malcolm scores for tandang!

Kalabaw leads 4-3.

kalabaw can still win it right here.

Go lisa!

Jeff can win it.

Jeff had it knocked out
of his hands by pete!

Malcolm with an amazing
grab for tandang!

Malcolm is on a tear for
tandang in this challenge.

He is eating carter's lunch.



Okay,carter,if you want him or
you want to let jeff take him?

- Jeff,you want this?
- I'm in.

Carter now going to switch out.

Jeff going to see if he
can take malcolm down.

Malcolm has been on fire.

We are tied 4-4.

here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


Denice goes short penner was
right there,couldn't connect.

Lisa launches.

Malcolm scores even on jeff!

Tandang wins immunity!


Great job!



Probably malcolm who
should be holding that.


Malcolm,huge effort.

Tandang,enjoy the night off,no
tribal council,nobody going home.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.


Kalabaw,tonight somebody
will be going home.


After 16 days,somebody's shot at the
million dollars will come to an end.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal.



We should have just jumped on him.

We were overmatched.

At today's immunity challenge
carter was definitely outmuscled

and outmaneuvered by malcolm and we ended
up short again so another disappointment.

We've got to go to tribal
council and vote somebody off

and penner and i have an alliance,but
i'm still on the fence right now.

I don't know which
way i'm going to jump.

Man,i think me and you keep denice
around,i think we've got a loyal lady.

I want to keep denice.

I love how hard she works.


And with katie i just
don't see a ton of effort.

It's like -- it's just hard for me to
want to keep her around because of that.

Katie's worthless.

She can't do anything in the challenges.

She's going to set us back.

We've just got to figure out is it better
for us to go with penner in the merge or not?

Because we didn't want a veteran to win.

Although i really want katie
gone,i'll vote for penner.

I just want to stick with our original logical
thought out plan of staying two steps ahead.

We're kicking ourselves in the butt for the
rest of our lives if we get blindsided by him.

Jeff thinks it might be a good idea to
make a big move and get rid of jonathan.

But at the same time,you know,i
think going into a merge with penner

might be a good idea because if we go
in with him eyes are going to be on him,

not on me and jeff.

Because nobody wants a
returning player to win.

I'm going to follow your
lead on this one,dude,okay?

I think we need to
pull the penner punch.

We just got to make sure that he doesn't
know it's coming so he doesn't use the idol.

That's all.

Penner,what do you want to do?

Katie or penner?

I mean katie or denice?

Well,i hate to lose katie.

But at least with denice we have
a chance of winning the next one.


- You know what i mean?
- Yeah.

With katie i don't think we do.

To win this game i'm going to have
to make big moves out of desperation.

That's what happens.

If you're down numbers your back
starts to get put against the wall.

So katie's got to go.

She's not use to feel us.

I need her gone.

Look,i hate to be disloyal but i
guess that's what my gut is telling me.

Denice,all right?

We all agree.


All right?

- You cool with that?
- Yeah.

Okay,let's fish.

That was some shady.

What's he really saying?

He's out there.

He's way out there now.

When i went over to the three guys right away without
me even asking penner was like "it's denice,it's denice.

" and right away i'm thinking
he's feeding me a big line of b.s.

And i'm not buying it.


I'm sticking -- i'm -- i trust denice a hell
of a lot more than i trust -- he's a wild card!

Penner's writing someone down.

That person could be me for all i know because i
am physically not the strongest player in this game.

So i've got to hang on to whatever
is willing to keep me here.

And if we've been talking
since day one,jeff and i,

about getting rid of penner so as
long as i can make them believe that,

oh,my god,this is our
time to get rid of jonathan

then it's going to work out for me and that's
going to keep me here at least through the merge.

So you're ready to get
jonathan out of here,huh?

I'm so down,jeff.

Get him the out of here!

Just play along with him for now.

I'm so confused right now,dude.

Katie vote for jonathan and
jonathan's gonna vote for katie.

And it comes down you and me.

Straight up.

I've come into this game knowing
that i'm going to have to lie

and knowing that i'm going to
jeopardize my integrity and character

so i'm still weighing my options and all of them
have to do with furthering myself in this game.



I just don't want to get screwed by him.

Let's get in there,man.

How you feeling,bro?

We're still on,right?


- You seem --
i'm just tired.

We'll be a stronger four now.

Don't worry about it,all right?

I'm not worried about it.

Don't you worry about it.

Which way you want to swing?

It's an easy play to vote katie out.

That's an easy decision.

The hard decision is
voting jonathan out.

He might be nervous and play the idol.

Hell,i don't know
what's going to happen.

This is a crap shoot.

You don't know if you're
going to strike out

or hit a home run but you go up
to the plate and swing the bat.

So who tonight truly
feels they're in trouble?

Denice and katie.

Well,that will make it easy tonight.

Denice,why are you in trouble?

You know i'm still the new girl on the block,so
to speak,and that's a huge worry for me tonight.

It's like the work force,last
one hired; first one fired.

But i'm trying to show my tribe there's
value in keeping me for a numbers of reasons.

Katie,why would you be in trouble when you
have denice who seems like an easy vote?

Because i'm the other girl.

I don't perform awesome in challenges
so it's like i can only offer so much

but i hope they can go off of living with me for 16
days out here and know that i'm loyal and i'm with them.

Penner,having played this game before,you
know how often blind sides happen.

And yet here you sit saying
"i'm not in trouble tonight.

" i think one does not even
want to volunteer one's self

and give anyone the notion
that,huh,maybe i should vote for penner.

Whether i think i'm vulnerable or not,i want
to give the impression i feel pretty confident.

Jeff,was last tribal council
an easier vote than this one?


Every one of these vote is going to
hurt worse and worse as it gets deeper.

That's how well we like each other.

That's how well we get along.

There's not going to be a vote
that's not going to be a blind side.

Penner,interesting vote for from jeff.

Every vote is going to be a blind side
because we like each other so much.

Honestly,it's been an
extraordinarily drama-free zone

and if there's going to be a blind side it's
because it's just easier to let the person go

and hopefully they will
understand it's not personal,

it's strictly so that we can
move forward a little further.

So if it's you that gets
blindsided it's a good strategy.

I wouldn't like it if they did it to
me but i would appreciate the game play.

I would totally understand it
and wouldn't take it personally.

Jeff,do you play any game that's similar
to "survivor" in terms of strategy?

No.This game sucks,jeff.

It sucks?

Well,meaning it sucks
in the greatest way

because it's complicated or you wish
you weren't here and you want to go home.

No,i think you know
where i'm coming from.

- You know,this game
is -- complicated.

It's very,very complicated
and that's why it sucks

because you try to survive the elements
your snow you cuddle with people,

you take on friends and that's
what sucks about this game.

You know you're going
to blind side your friend

because you're too guilty to tell them
"i really don't want you here anymore.

Requests that's what sucks.

Katie,jeff just paraphrased
what this show is about.

You have to work together to build
a world but vote each other out.

So tonight what do you vote based on?

I vote tonight based on loyalty,being
around these people for the last 16 days.

And when i said my word
initially i meant it.

And i intend on sticking with that.

Penner,does that make
katie a sitting duck?

When someone says "the word i gave you is
my word and i'm going to stick with it"?

Is that game play?

Is she just throwing that out now?

Is she speaking to somebody here?

I'm not sure.

The reason that it's so complicated
is nobody wants to betray

anybody and nobody
wants to feel betroyed.

That's why the blind sides happen.

If it was me tonight and these four didn't
give me that opportunity to scramble,

more power to them because they know
that i would do anything in my power

to make this work out and it might ricochet
and one of them would get voted out.

They want it to be neat
and clean and move forward.

That's how i'm feeling about the
person that i'm going to vote for.

They're going to get the message loud
and clear after the vote so doing it

to their face only adds to the
agitation for all the rest of us.

So this is great drama.

Everybody knows a blind side is
coming,the question is: who's it gonna be?

It is time to vote.

Katie,you're up.

Good-bye,my cuddle bear,you
are not to be trusted.

Right now you're the
weakest member of the tribe

and i need to keep the
tribe as strong as possible.

You're a great kid.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you
want to play it now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are read
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,katie.


Two votes katie; one vote penner.

Seventh person voted out
of "survivor: philippines,"


That's three,that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Katie,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,"survivor" is ultimately
a game about numbers.

The good news is if the four of you are
strong and united anything can happen.

Grab your torches,head back to camp.

Good night.

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Next time on
"survivor" --

lisa is no stranger
to the facts of life.

You're my remind me of mama
and that's how it's going to be.

You have to take that
with a grain of salt.

I could be being played.

And a twist in the game
forces everyone to scramble.

I buried the idol the
first day i got here.

We're now in all new
territory for all of us.

I got blindsided.

I mean,it's not a good feeling
but i came in thinking oh,

i'm an athlete,i'm so
strong,i can handle whatever.

But out here it is nothing
like you think it is on t.v.

It's so hard but i mean it's such a what
makes the sleep number store different?