Survivor (2000–…): Season 24, Episode 4 - Bum-Puzzled - full transcript

An unforgivable betrayal forces one tribe to make a drastic move that has never been done before in Survivor history, and an electrifying Tribal Council leaves several castaways speechless.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on survivor.

For the first five days,the
Men's tribe was on a roll,

Dominating every challenge.

even though this is one
World,as far as I'm concerned,

We here in charge of this game.

Leaving the women of Salani
hanging on by a thread.

is there any way we could
Possibly have an ember?

I'm sorry,I'm a republican,I
do not believe in handouts.

But the women Weathered the
storm with Back-to-back victories.

the women win immunity!

things are starting to feel Different.

But even rewards and Sunshine couldn't
keep them from Each other's throats.

what is it going to
take to Work together?

It's guys versus girls and Christina is playing
that side And playing us at the same time.

She's poison.

Facing their first Tribal council,

the mismisfight Alliance targeted
mat,the head Of the muscle alliance.


But colton was harbor ago Personal
vendetta and wanted to Take out bill.

bill is the type that will Slit
up behind you and slit your Throat.

we know that.

so you need to eliminate that First.

you're gutter trash,that's All you are.

I can't stand him.

At tribal council,The misfit alliance decided
mat Was a bigger threat and he was Sent home.

time for you go.

First vote,first blind side,Game on.

15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?



getting back from tribal is Little
upsetting because matt Went home.

These guys don't know
what They're doing.

Most of those guys are weak and They
want to keep the weak guys Around.

You have the old guy,you have To little
guy,off gay guy who Doesn't want to work.

If they want to vote out the Strong
guys they can continue to Lose.

that went well.


here's the thing real Quickly.

Mike is so peripheral,he has no Clue.

We can let him float a little
Bit before we vote him out.

It was good for us that we had To go to tribal
council because I truly felt the five of us were Solid.

The five are myself and
troyzan,Jonas,colton and lee.

We stand solid at the moment
for At least the first round.

So the next guy is billy,Because he's the
one most likely To pull somebody away from us.

good call.

bill's very dangerous.

He's capable of loosening the Ties that bind
us five with his Charm,his beguiling character.

he's a smart cookie.

yeah,and he's dangerous.

oh,yeah,I believe that.

so tomorrow we're solidify That idea.


NSeason 24 Episode 04


good morning!

are you exciting looking at
Your good hearty breakfast?

good old snails for Breakfast.

The women have had a huge Turnaround.

We won the last two challenges
And we're not starving.

I mean,really and truly between
Coconut,snails,and the rice,

We really could probably
go on For 31 more days.

I mean,I could.

It's mind over matter.





We stkpwr * we're pretty Sophisticated.

okay,so did you guys use That net yet?

yeah,we tried to use it Yesterday.

if you guys want...

I'm from Hawaii.

I'm telling you right
now,I've Used a net before

and I know Exactly where to lay it and
when To lay it and how long to lay It.

so here's what we're Proposing.

If we could use the net we're
Willing to give you half of it.

isn't that funny?

I just think it's hilarious at
The beginning it was us Struggling

and now the boys come By wanting
everything we win in Challenges.

It's just crazy how much the
Roles have reversed in nine Days.

I know I probably sound like A
coldhearted bitch and I'm not.

But we can't be feeding our Enemies.

if you don't want to do
it,We're fine with that.

We're getting enough food as it Is.

But it would be a lot
easier for Both of us.

Think about it,we're doing all The
work and you're getting half Of it?

I don't really care either way.

you don't care either way?

I think jonas is a real rude Dude.

He made the offer with the net And
then kept saying I mean,I Don't care.

I don't care.I don't care.

But obviously he cares a lot.

it would just be a lot
easier For both of us.

You guys can think about
that And get back to us.

the women,they're trying to Be
such hard-noses,I don't get That.

I don't know if their emotions
Are turning them whacky

or what But they're emotional creatures
And they can't seem to think Straight.

don't think I'm a bitch!

Well,you just made a bitch Move.

So they're doing nothing.

They can sun tan on the beach While we
go fish and bring them Half of the food.


Is anybody home?

Come on in,guys!

Guys ready to get to
today's Reward challenge?


For today's challenge You will take turns using a
Slingshot to fire coconuts at a Massive wall of targets.

Ford for it to count,you have To
knock out the majority of the Target.

First tribe to knock out five Targets in a row either
horizon Vertical or die I can't go Family wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing For?


The winning tribe Will have a
choice between one Of three rewards.

You can choose comfort.

Pillows,blankets and A mattress.

a mattress!

Or you can choose
Protection for from the rain.

we have that.

The form of a tarp.

Men already have one.

Or if everything's going really Well
and you don't need either Of those.

You can take some luxury.

oh,my god!


Coffee,sugar,Creamer and a huge plateful
of Doughnuts to take back to camp.

I can tell it's worth playing For.

Men,you have one extra
person Sitting somebody out.

Who's it going to be.

I'll sit it.

bill is going to sit this one
Out,take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else strategize.

We'll get started.

All right,here we go.

For reward.

Colton up for the men.

kill it,colton.

Monica up for the Women.

You're looking to connect five In a row.

When you're ready.

Colton connects but
doesn't Knock it out.

Monica knocks out a couple of
Planks but not quite enough.

Those are not hits.

We're still even,zip-zip.

Next two.

Sabrina now firing for the Women.

Tarzan up for the men.

come on,tarzan!


Men talking nothing
But doughnuts over here.

When you're ready.

Sabrina connects but not enough.

Tarzan connects for the men!

The men are on the board with One!

Next two.

Kat for the women,troyzan for The men.

Men connect but not enough
kat Connects for the women!

The women are on the board
with Their first point.


like that?Smell that?

Next two,we are 1-1,But the
key is getting five in a Row.

all the way,sit down.Sit down.

Lisa going way back.

Michael connects for The men and
knock out their Second target.

Next two.

Leif for the men,kim ready
to Take a shot for the ladies.

Kim right down through an open Target.

Leif connects but not enough.

Chelsea up for the ladies.

Chelsea just misses.

Jonas connects but not quite Enough.

Next two.

all right,monica.

monica's back way deep.

Monica releases and obliterates
A target for the women!

Colton goes high.

Nothing but air for the men.

Next two.

Tarzan takes aim.

Tarzan hits the frame.

Sabrina lets it rip and Obliterates
another target for The women.

The women have connected two in Two
different places,Horizontally and vertically.

Next two.

You're looking to connect five.

come on,christina.

christina ready.


Jay rears back.

Jay connects for the men.

The men now have two
connected In that center row.

Next two.

Alicia's back.

And that'll do it.

The women now have three
Connected straight down the Middle.

Michael way short.

Didn't even get to the target.

Leif goes high but too high.

Kim fires and connects knocking
Out the fourth target for the Women!


Women now in the lead With only one
target left,the Big choice of reward.

okay,it's on.

Jason,baby,you're the man.

- You're gonna do it,new.
- right.

Jonas is up for the Men.

come on,jason!

his name is jonas.

Jonas goes way back On that
platform and he connects


For the men!

way to go,jonas!

Chelsea knocks out Another target
giving the women More options.

The men have three
connected in The center row.

The women has one target in Mind.

Bottom row,center target for The win.

Colton not wasting any time.

He's back and ready.

too high!

Colton right through an empty Target.

Monica can win it right here

Monica does it for the women!

Women win their third
straight Challenge!

And a choice of reward!

All right,women.

Three challenges in a row.

Guys has momentum finally Shifted.

Is this what it takes,three in A row?



pure luck.

luck,I don't think so.

All right,women.

Three very different choices of Reward.

oh,my god.

- a diet,girls,got to be Tarp.
- **

yeah,'s got to be tarp.

What's the choice?

choice is the tarp,jeff.

Women,get your Reward,head
back to camp and Get it set up.

Nice job.

great job,ladies.bye!


Well,what appeared Early on to have the makings
of A blowout is clearly a very Competitive game

between the men And the women.

Guys,got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff,head back to Camp.


another w babies.

Good job,everyone.

Good job.

they thought they had in the The bag.

salani on three?


it was so good to win
the Reward challenge.

When we hit that last one you Could
tell it sucked all the air Out of them.

I didn't care.

Tarzan was over with his crusty A s talking
about it's just Luck,it's just luck luck These.

so what they got a tarp.

the challenge itself
was kind Of a fluke.

we didn't have enough
time to Learn the game.

neither did they,though.

it's pretty much dead even.

They have a tarp; we have a Tarp.

the game is not
easy,dude,We're up one person.

I will take one person up over
All the doughnuts in the world.

to be honest,we got our Butts kicked.

These women aren't slouches so We
need to stop thinking about Them

as just some chicks over There because
the momentum and oh,we've won three;

they've Won three that's
out the Window,man!

we just need to win these
Immunity challenges,breaux.

I know.

Those chicks are tough.

Those are some serious Competitors,man.

for sure,definitely.

I'd love to find an idol.


That'd make me feel so much Better.

I'm definitely glad to
Actually be able to talk to you.

When colton said to vote for You,I
didn't really want that,You know?

colton said that?

yeah. Yeah.

and... Don't tell him that.

I won't. I won't.

and then everyone came to the
Decision that it should be matt

Because,I mean,we didn't Really
know where your head was At

and,I mean,we're all
on the Same page now.

boys and girls,bill just got Wowed.

Turns out my name was way
more On the chopping block

than I Thought it was at
the last Tribal council.

Well,you know,that's
what Happens,breaux.

bro.that's the name of the game.

Name of the beast.

This changes everything,now That I know
the gloves are off And it's anybody's game.

just keep everything
between Us,you know?

if I find an idol,bro,I'll
Let you know,I swear it.

I saw leif talking to bill
And,like,they were a good Conversation.

I swear to god it's that guy Leif,man.

that little munchkin is about
To get knocked back to oz.

Where is he?

Call leif over here.


Colton wants you.

The misfits are running
the show Right now.

I think there's a target on my
Back so I need to do something

And colton and I were talking About leif
because I see leif as Working all sides here.

So I brought leif into the mix Just
to add one more cushion in Front of me.

did you tell bill that he was Next?

did I tell bill?


I was just trying
to...I Didn't tell him.

I didn't straight up tell
him,Yeah,we're voting for you,bro.

what'd you say?

I'm giving you a chance right Now.

If you told him,tell me,and
I'll try to do what I can.

But if you lie to me again...

What did you tell him?

I didn't even say that.

what did you say?

okay,yes,I did.

- you told him?
- I apologized.

you told him we were after Him?

You pretty much sealed your Fate.

It's a tight race between leif And bill for
who is the most Wishy-washy player in this game.

Bill's more sneaky whereas
leif Is more stupid.

He's turning into an
annoying Little oompa loompa.

Do you understand that
no one Here trusts you?

I know.

you are digging your own Grave.

I know. I just...

well,I told you to pick a Side
and you picked the wrong Side.

today I put the biggest
Ultimate foot in my mouth

and Right now everybody
has really Lost trust in me.

I really hope that I can somehow Regain that
because if not I Could possibly be going home.

I really did it this time.



lookses like a puzzle.

all right,guys let's
all put It together.


Another corner.

All right.

when pairs of minds work Together,being
well balanced is An important part.

You can't outrun a vote against You,so
today you'll just have To be smart.

When pairs of minds work
Together so we're working in Twos.

I would like to be partnered With someone
who's good at Puzzles because I'm bad at them.

we can use the same partners.

you're good at puzzles?


I just put that together,Really.

I'm not talking about that.**

♪♪are you call megastupid?

It seems like we have to do a Puzzle and right
away kat says I don't want to be with you.

You can't do no puzzles.

And right then and there that
Pissed me off and I had to check Her.

me intention wasn't saying The partner I had last
time Wasn't smart enough to be my Partner now.

that's how you took it?

I so didn't take it that way.

I took it that way.

okay,we're not going to Recap it.

kat was saying look,I'm not The
brightest star in the Universe

when it comes to Puzzles and alicia took
it very Personal causing controversy Minutes

before our challenge Where we
need to have our minds Straight.

You already know we're a hot Mess in
here when it comes to Communication

but alicia stuck a Firecracker,that's
stuff we Don't need right now.

Come on in,guys!

Guys ready to get to
today's Immunity challenge?


First things first,I Will take it back.

Thank you.

Once again,immunity
is back up For grabs.

For today's challenge,you will
Be paired up and tied together.

On my go,each pair will race Across
teeter-totters to get to A puzzle.

Solve the puzzle,bring back
a Key,the next pair goes.

Once you've solved the remaining
Puzzles and collected all three Keys,

one person will use those
Keys to open three locks.

The first tribe to open their Three locks
and raise their Tribe flag wins immunity,

avoids Tribal council.

Losers,tribal council tonight Somebody
will be voted out of This game.

Men,you have one extra person.

Bill sat out the last challenge,Who's
it going to be this time?


Jonas,take a spot on The bench.

Everybody else,I'll give you a Minute to strategize
and work on Your pairs then we'll get Started.

Here we go.

For immunity,survivors ready?


let's go,guys.

Chelsea and alicia The
first couple for the women.

Tarzan and colton the
first Couple for the men.

Got to get over the Teeter-totter
and solve that Puzzle.


The women are first To the puzzle.

They're putting logs together
And they will line up.

that goes here.

colton and tarzan making Progress.

this goes here.

there we go.

There we go.

Guys have it.Head back.

we have to keep g et the key!

oh,get the key!

Ladies starting to Fall behind
but it's a long Challenge.

Next two go.


Jay and michael Heading out for the men.

Right after that,second puzzle.


Jay and michael.

Four pieces need to form a Pyramid.

three corner base!

this is not working.

Right here.

what's going on over there?

The women are still Working
on that first puzzle.

It is the easiest puzzle and
It's taking them a long time.

come on,fellas,you guys got This.

come on,guys!

Yes! Yes! yes!

Guys have their Second puzzle.

They have put the
pyramid Together quickly.

Jay and michaeheading back.

The women still working on their First.

Troyzan and bill heading out Now.

Going to work on the
third and Final puzzle.

I cannot believe we can't get This.

chelsea,just look at their Puzzle.

no,no,do not do that.

it's the long piece...

oh,look at that!

Chelsea starting to Look next door to see
if she can Figure out how the guys did it.


kiss my ass.


Troyzan and bill Start work on the
slide putzle With a gigantic lead.

come on,you guys!

good work,baby.

This is hard to Believe!

The women have checked the men's Puzzle,they've gone
over and Looked at it and still can't get It together.

you guys suck,you know that?

that's it!

The women have it Finally,take off
that first key And get a move-on.

The men have had a lot of time To work on this
slide puzzle and They're making a lot of Progress.

Kim and sabrina heading
out to That second puzzle.

The only good news to being Behind is
there's a model right Next door to look at.

hey,quit looking at our Puzzle!

Cheater! Cheater!

Don't you do that.

tarzan,you're going to get Slapped,dude.


Come on,boys!

The men have their Third puzzle solved.

They've got the third key
and They're heading back.

come on,troy!

Come on,bill!

Yay! Yay!

The men have three Keys.

All they have to do is open Three
locks and immunity is Theirs once again.

don't give up girls,we got It.

Leif has the first Lock undone.


Leif has the second Lock open.

it's not one world,it's Leif's world.

Leif has the third Lock undone!

Leif raises the flag!

Men women immunity!


Immunity once again is yours.

That was a blowout.

That barely qualified as a Challenge.

Alicia,you and chelsea were
Still working on the first Puzzle

and the men were nearly Done
with the entire challenge.

I know.

It's embarrassing.

How do you laugh?

It's like,oh,can't wait to
Tell everybody how bad that Was.

not at all.

I think I let them down.

That was an easy puzzle and
I Don't know what went wrong.

You walked over,Looked
at it and couldn't get It.

I hear you.

Men,no tribal Council
tonight,enjoy the night Off.

Grab your stuff,head back to Camp.

Nice work.

Women,tribal council tonight.

Somebody else from your tribe
Will be out of this game for Good.

You have to afternoon to
figure Out who it will be.

Grab your stuff,head back to Camp.

See you at tribal council.

alicia's attitude after
the Challenge was repulsive.

But that actually can be to my Advantage

because now all the
Girls are coming to think

that It's time for alicia to
go and When there's a weak link,

you've Just got to take it out.


All right,boys,Great job.


Every single person pulled their Weight.

that's it for those girls,Man.

he's back in our camp.

that one we came through
and We crushed it.

We pulled out a win when
we Definitely needed it,man.

And it may have saved my butt
Because I'm on the outs with the Tribe

but now we're not going to Tribal and it's
nice to see that Little red devil back at camp.


okay,I kind of want
to know What happened.

I. I'm not making any excuses But
it did look a lot easier Than it was.

chelsea and I we really did Try
and I think for the most Part

we do a great job in our Other
challenges so hopefully That doesn't...

that could have been any one Of us.

Tomorrow is a new day.

when it comes to challenges,I'm used to
people just like,You know,let's go to war.

So alicia laughing about the
Loss,that right there pissed me Off.

That's like salt in the wound Today.

Alicia is just dead weight with A mouth.

let me know how you feel.

Alicia's got to go.


alicia does not want to be Here.

She has no fight.

I know but...

I just don't Know that christina's
Contributing any more than Alicia.

she's contributing a lot more At camp.

no doubt.

and who's had beef between People?

that makes me nervous.

for sure I thought christina
Was the locked in vote to go.

So the mood is weird now.

Sabrina is trying to shake Things up
and that makes me a Little nervous.

I don't know.

It's going to be an
interesting Afternoon.

hey colton.


- let me talk to you for a Moment.
- why?


I want to squash some
beef,Handle it like adults.

I don't want to talk.

We're not going to tribal
Council,we're not voting anyone Off.

yo,yo,listen,person to
Person,human to human,man to Man.

I don't want to hear that Crap.

I don't want to hear that crap.

I want to talk to you.

I'm not talking to you right Now.

listen,bro,I don't know why You don't
like me,man,or what I've done to upset you.

all I know is you have been The most
wishy-washy player in This entire tribe.

what am I supposed to do.

oh,my god,bill you're going
Home next,that doesn't matter.

the four of us went over...


there's s clearly friction
Between me and colton

so I went To have a chat with him man to Man
and he decided he didn't Want to talk about it.

And nothing gets me more Frustrated
than when somebody Does not want to talk.

when I don't like someone
I Don't want to see them,

I don't Want to talk to them,like
I Don't want to be around them.

I don't want to be around you.


So don't follow me.

- listen.
- oh,my god,I swear.

listen you little stuck
up Brat,I'm telling you.

what are you going to do?

what are you going to do?

I'm going to vote your ass Out.

you don't sit around and talk
To people everything you want To.




I absolutely hate bill.I hate
his voice.I hate his jokes.

He's not funny.

Like,you know,I'm a standup Comedian.

Shut up.

Get a real job.

You are disgusting.

I hate him.

I want his head on a platter.

I want him gone.

Bill just attacked me
like got Up in my face.

Like started yelling at me.

Leif told him that he was next.

that's what leif said?

what a bunch of knuckle Heads.

bill is a crazy person.

I hate him

maybe I should go to Those girls
and say do y'all Want to trade

and we'll go to Tribal council
because we have More to deal with.

that would be interesting.

would you be willing?

Because here's the thing...

I Know y'all want to go
to the Merge with numbers

but if you go To the merge with numbers
that Aren't on your side it doesn't Matter.

that's a...

I've never heard Of anyone doing this.

We just won immunity and Colton's
saying we should give It away.

And I'm thinking what?

This is a huge move,dude.

but it's a smart move in the End.

I don't like that idea but at This
point colton's calling the Shots.

So what am I going to say,no?

If I do that,colton might
put a Target on my back.

we can give the girls Immunity and go
to tribal Council and vote out bill.

say what?


shut up!


This is going to be the
smartest Move for us because...


I think that's a hasty decision.

leif told bill he was getting Voted out.

Bill goes crazy.

So now colton's like let's give The girls
our immunity idol and Vote bill out right now.

But leif is a loose cannon,too.

He's working both sides.

let's think about it for a Second.


- listen,buddy...
- I agree.

Let's give...

we've got to go in now and do That.

when a group of men get Together and make a
pact,you Betray them,that's a breach of Faith.

So we have to do something about
This and we've got to do it Tonight.

we're thinking of letting you Guys
stay and we go to tribal Council.


we have a betrayal.

what happened?

they want to go to tribal.

are you joking?


oh,my god!

they've really lost their Mind.

all right,listen,leif,I'm
Sorry,but what you did is Egregious.

You should not have done that.

That was bad.

And the best thing to do is give The
girls the idol and go to Tribal tonight

rather than Smolder about it
for god knows How many days.


When we go to tribal
council,What is going to happen?

we're going to vote leif out.

tarzan gave this huge speech About how he's sending
leif home But I thought colton wanted to Vote out bill.

So I'm like what in
the world is Going on?

what do you think all of us Should do?

I truly am sorry,guys.

I mean I just want to
be 100% You w you guys.

you have betrayed us.

That means you will not be Trusted and you will be,whether
You vote on this tonight or not,Bull the first to go.

it's amazing.

I mean,they've got drama
in Their house after a win.

I don't care.Let them fall apart.

I would love not to
go to tribal Council.

the manono tribe has
Absolutely lost their marbles.

They're not a tribe.

They're not working together.

Which is great because if they Do this,it gives
the salani Tribe that big boost that we Needed.

okay,might as well vote.

We all have to agree on it Because
you can't do it unless We all agree.

who wants to go to tribal
Council raise their hand.

I do.

Come on.

How about you,bill?

man this game is crazy.

But if I vote with the rest
of The group to go to tribal

and Vote leif off well he's in
hot Water and people are angry,

that Serves my purpose immensely.

I'll have you guys know I am
Completely bum-puzzled right Now.

I don't know what to make of This.

the guys are very confused Right now

But I've always been able to get People
to do what I want and I Want bill gone.

I'm running this entire show Right now.

If you can't see
that,you are Helen keller.

just know this,no Foolishness like
that would ever Go down in this tribe.

- Ever.
- no way.

I just hope we don't have to Go
to tribal and vote somebody F.

24 seasons,some 400 tribal Councils.

Never had a tribe arrive at Tribal
council after winning Immunity.

What happened today,troyzan?

You're at tribal council!

The one place you do not
want to Be in this game.

well,what happened was
Everyone got together and agreed

To give the immunity to the Girls because
as a team we Wanted to vote bill out.

But leif basically said bill We're voting you
out so he kind Of broke the trust of everybody.

It was like you just
committed,Like,the cardinal sin to us

and So as a group we
said that can't Happen.

You have to go.

So leif was a member Of your alliance.


He was in on it and Went and blurted it.


So leif you blurt This out and
then all hell rains Down on you.

yeah,I'm definitely a guy
That just tries to play

with my Heart on my sleeve
and it bit me In the butt.

Playing with your Heart on your sleeve

doesn't Mean giving up
information from An alliance.

well,I know bill and I have Definitely been
getting closer On like a more friend level

and That's what it was.

I mean,he asked and I told him.

And you understand Strategically
how dangerous that Is.


I mean right now I'm
pretty much Going home.

But by putting myself up
for Elimination I really hope

that It proves to the guys that I
Still have integrity within our Group.

Jay,why is it so Urgent
to give up immunity?

Why not just say all right,Next time we
have to vote Somebody out,leif,it's you ?

you know,when I first heard Of this it
went over my head Like are you guys kidding?

We demolished our enemy and
you Want to hand over the idol.

But you said yes.

I did.

If I don't go with the majority
I could be the next one to go.

I'm not trying to put a target On my
back so reluctantly,yes,I said yes.

Bill,what are the Chances that this will go down
As the single dumbest move ever In this game?

Dumber than somebody giving
up Their individual immunity.

This is a tribe!

Eight people agreed to do this!

I mean,this could be
the Single dumbest move.

I mean,you don't know until it Plays out

but there's no point In going into a merge
if you Have somebody who can't be Trusted.

Colton,where did This idea first start?

When did you hear about it?

when we realized that
leif Had told bill,

like,I'm the Type of person in this game

that If I don't like you
I'm not Gonna talk to you.

Like,I will just ignore
you,Like leave me alone.

Who don't you like in This game?


Why don't you like Bill?

he's obnoxious,he's loud.

And,plus,he's a
struggling Standup comic.

I don't get what your Correlation is.

like,get a real job!


honestly,I love the kid to Death.

We just come from two
totally Different backgrounds.

- but the thing about it is...
- wait,you just spoke.

Give me a second.

Me and him come from two
Entirely different backgrounds.

I'm not here trying to make it This
whole black white thing or Whatever.

I'm just talking about the Differences
in our upbringings,You know what I mean?

I've been on my own since
I was 17 years old,man.

Me being poor,that's just my Life.

When you're a struggling stand
Up comic,that's what you do.

You don't make very much money,You sleep on
people's couches And you go from gig to gig.

The truth is,that's what I do.

So colton,tell me About
where you come from.


I mean,I live a town of 3,000 People.

And,yes,I did go to a
private,Like,all-white school.

But I do have,like,african
American people in my life.


My housekeeper!

so,I mean,like,that just Put
us on a weird vibe from day One.

but she's,like,a member of Our family.

A paid member.


I mean,you know...She
doesn't Work for free.

But I don't have a problem with
Bill because of his race at all.

The problem I have with bill is
That he's poor pitiful me I'm Poor.

Like,I don't associate with
People like that in the real World

and I'm sure as hell not Going to
associate with people Like that out here.

So being a standup is Not a
legitimate profession in Your eyes?

no,it is a legitimate Profession
but having a backup Plan.

Like,don't live off
the Kindness of others.

are you out of your mind?

Bro,you haven't worked an Honest day in your
life or had To actually go out and get a Job.

You're going to sit up here and
Tell me that me pursuing my Dream,

something that I love,Which is
comedy,I don't want a Fallback plan.

That's what I want to do with my Life.

- okay...
- hold on.

That's what I want to do with my Life.

Don't judge me.

I don't judge you.

So don't look down at me.

Don't call me names.

And for the love of god I work
With people and for no one.

You got that?


Kohl on the,are There
any groups where you live

That look down or maybe judge
The fact that you're gay?

I'm sure there are.

But the people that I associate
With,yeah,y'all can say Country club people,

whatever,I Feel like they
have more Educated thoughts

and ideas and They're more
open and accepting To things.

The ones who have a problem with It
are the ones riding around in Their,

like,jacked up chucks With the
rebel flags hanging in The back

and they go home to
Their trailers at night.


all I want to say is this Conversation has
devolveed into A number of social platitudes Unfair

to both guys and as far As I can tell
colton's been Painted in the wrong light,

Which is easy enough to do.

What light is that?

well,he's been painted as a Rich kid
that never had to lift A finger and...

Painted by who?

okay,here's the deal.

The whole thing about race irks Me.

I think it's time to quit
Talking about (bleep)ing races.

I'm fed up with people
talking About race!

I'm tired of it!

I want people to base what they Think
about somebody on how they Behave

and what their merits
are And nothing else.

I don't care what color they Are.

That's how people should do.

And I think this country
is Moving in that direction.

We have a black president!

That's what I think.

It's very interesting What's
developed here tonight.

The differences that you guys Bring
into this game are a very Big part of

what will either get You to the end

or end up getting You voted out
as is going to be The case tonight.

You two may never have
met in Normal life.


but you're here today and
the Only way to get to the end

is Either with each other
or Through the other.

And regardless how this vote Comes out,

this tribal council Will go down as one of
the Craziest in the history of this Game.

It is time to vote.

Jay,you're up.

I don't like you.

I'm never gonna like you so
Please take your broke ass home.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has the hidden Immunity idol and you
want to Play it,now would be the time To do so.

Okay.Once the votes are
read,the Decision the final.

Person voted out will be asked To leave
the tribal council area Immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,leif.



Two votes bill; one vote leif.


Three votes bill; one vote leif.


Four votes bill,one vote leif.

Fourth person voted out
of survivor:One world,

bill,That's five,that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Bill,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,voluntarily giving up Immunity
will go down as one of The biggest

and riskiest moves
Ever seen in this game.

Time will tell if this one pays Off.

Grab your torch,let's head back To camp.

Good night.

NSeason 24 Episode 04

Next time on survivor ...

all hail to the queen!

Colton's reign Continues.

what's the plan?

I could be colton's bitch,I'll
Be whatever you want me to be.

But a twist knocks Him off his throne.

Before we get to the Challenge...

oh,my god!

I just thought beep!

my tribe is doing some
very Unorthodox things.

But since I was probably next
on The chopping block anyway,

I Came to tribal
council to roll The dice.

One day colton will be
put in a Situation where

he can't just Not like somebody because

They're not people that he's Used
to or that he's grown up With.

He j**