Survivor (2000–…): Season 24, Episode 5 - A Bunch of Idiots - full transcript

It's no longer men versus women when a new tribe of "Greek Gods" emerges, and two castaways shake up their entire tribe with an award-winning performance.

Previously on "survivor."

After a rough start
for the Women's tribe...

Women win their Third stight challenge!

Momentum had finally swung their Way.

Back at camp,leif leaked
Information to the enemy Alliance.

When.colton said to vote to You,I
didn't really want that,You know?

And quickly found his Name on
colton's hit list,Alongside bill.

I told you to pick a side
and You picked the wrong side.

At the immunity Challenge...



kiss my ass.

...The women Suffered
a devastating loss.

Men win immunity!

But it was the men's
tribe who Lost their mind.

listen you little stuck-up
Brat,I'm telling you...

what are you going to do?

what are you going to do?


I want him gone.

Colton wanted to get Rid of bill.

we can give the girls Immunity and go
to tribal Council and vote out bill.

I'm like what in the world is Going on?

I'm completely bum-puzzled right Now.

I don't know what to make of This.

Everyone gave in,not Wanting
to go against the Majority.

At tribal council colton
Continued his attack on bill.

he's a struggling tandup Comic.

Like,get a real job.

me being poor,that's just my Life.

I don't know how to sugar coat It.

I don't associate with people
Like that in the real world

and I'm sure as hell not going to
Associate with people like that Out here.

In the end,colton Got his way.

Fourth person voted out of
"survivor: One world,"bill.

And now the men and women are Even
at seven and it's anyone's Game.

14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight.

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it feels like it today.

you guys are hunkered down Together,man.

troy,whose idea was
it to Give up the idol?

give the idol back?


But you know in some guys
heads They were going home.

I didn't want to agree with it But
it's a group thing so I Don't know.

we really should have six People
on this tribe but we have Seven.

The guys are much more of a mess
Than what we thought,you know?

But I'm not going to question
Their nonsense over there.

I'm happy we have seven and the Girls
are sticking together on This one.

if we're going to stick as a Tribe of all
girls,we need to Be seven going in strong.

we have to stick together Because we don't
know what the Heck these guys are thinking.

It's like...

I mean,it's crazy Stuff
that's happening over There.


we need to win it.


the guys messed up big time.

- I'm excited.
- I really want to win.

if we come in strong seven
We're going to blow them away.

We're going to beat them
today In our challenge.

They are so dumb.

They handed us a million Dollars.

-= proudly presents

YTET- ?????

Season 24 Episode 05

Come on in,guys!

Guys ready to get to
today's Reward challenge?


All right,before we
Get to the challenge,

you can Drop your buffs,because
we are Switching tribes.

no way!

oh,my god!

Take them off and
Drop them at your feet.


I don't even know how
to take This thing off.

here we go.

Here's how it's going To work.

It will be a random switch.

You're each going to draw an Egg.

When I tell you to,you'll
smash It against your body.

Taken a egg.

Don't do anything with it yet.

Whatever color comes out will
Determine what tribe you are on.

can we eat this thing?

I'm going to count Youown.

Here we go,three,two,one,Smash.

If you are blue,you Are a salani member.

Take a spot on the blue mat.

If you are orange,you
are a Manono member.

Take a spot on the orange mat.



Kim,did your tribe Just
get better or worse?

this could haven't gone Better for us.

they have all the muscle.

All right,michael,Sabrina,kat,jay,kim,chelsea,Troyzan,you
are the new salani Tribe.

and jonas,You are the new manono tribe.

Men and women are no more.

manono on three,one,two,Three,manono!

we got it. We got this. we got this.

You guys ready to get To your first
reward challenge As new tribes?

For today's challenge,you
will Work together.

Teams of four will carry a large Bucket
to a water tower where You will fill it.

On your way back you will
work Together to plug the holes

that Are leaking out all
the water You just collected.

When you get to your finished Platform,you'll
dump the water In the container and head back Out.

First tribe to fill their Container
and raise their flag Wins reward.

Want to know what you're Playing?

yes! yes,sir!

The winning tribe Will take
back to camp with Them...

oh,my god.

Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches.

peanut butter and jelly?

- And coffee.
- with sugar!

In addition,the Winning tribe earn it is right
To continue living at the "one World" beach.

oh,my gosh!

The losing tribe will Be sent to a new
beach where you Must create a new world.

oh,my god!

We areeven on
Seven,nobody's sitting out.

We'll give you a minute to
Strategize and get started.

Here we go.

The first reward
challenge with New tribes.

Survivors ready?


Very simple challenge.

Fill your bucket with water and
Get back as quickly as you can.

The catch is your bucket has Holes.

let's go!

Come on!

A little bit of Strategy,how much time
do you Spend putting water in your Bucket

before diminishing return Scenario?

Oh,monica takes a hard fall
and Loses a lot of water!

come on!

Monica goes down Again
losing more water!

Salani heading back now.

Christina,alease kwrarbgs
Monica and colton now for Manono.

It's jay,troyzan,michael
and Kat for salani.

- can you pull harder?
- no.


Manono heading back With more water.

come on,guys,you got it!

Salani heading back.

no leak,you're doing good.

Very little leak.

Manono looks like They have
a very full bucket This time.

A ton of water for salani.

Salani now with a bit
of a late In the water.

One more bucket could
do it for Either tribe.

Peanut butter and jelly
Sandwiches,coffee and staying At a home

you have worked so Hard to build,losers
go to a New beach with nothing.

let's go.keep going!

Manono heading back.

tarzan,cover those holes!

this is it.Go.

Could this be enough
To win it right here?

Close but no.

This could do it for salani

Salani wins reward!


Colton,give me a Hard truth about
this new Division of tribes right now?

well,look at them and look At us.

It's like greek gods versus Peasants.

oh,excuse me.

I'm just kidding!

pardon me,my friend.

Far from from a peasant,my Friend.

no,village people.

All right,here's how It's going to work.

Salani you'll go back
to the "one world" beach.

Take your peanut butter and
Jelly and coffee with you.

You guys one fishing gear,you
Will have the other fishing Gear.

It's a brand-new start.

Manono here's a map to your new Home.

Salani,come get your reward,Head back.

Enjoy it.

All right,manono,take your Map,head out
and get started Building your new world.

Good luck.


we went to the reward Challenge today and when we Picked
the egg I said lord,Please let it be the same color As kim.

That's what I wanted.

welcome to our home,guys.

I smashed it it was blue; she
Was blue; chelsea was blue.

That's,like,our first
three in Our alliance.

Then I saw kat and I
was just Like oh,my god!

Is this really real?

maybe a slice with peanut
Butter and jelly on it?

oh,my god!

This is amazing.

I can't believe...

oh,my god.

...Four girls within the Five-girl
alliance on the new Tribe.



when I cracked that egg and I
Saw orange and I looked around

And jay was covered in
blue and Troy was blue

and I looked over And kim had blue and
sabrina had Blue and I just thought...


all right,we got ropes,we
Got water holders.

A lot more pots and pans.

everything's going to be Fine.

- I know.
- everything is going to be Fine.

We got a better house.

it's going to be so much Better here.

this is a better place.

soft sand.

not only did I get
on a tribe With people

that I don't want to Be on a tribe with,I
got on a Tribe with people who suck!

We're not going to be able to Compete
with them in anything,You know?

They're greek gods.

They're going to
dominate us in Challenges.

They're eating peanut
butter and Jelly sandwiches.

They're getting stronger
than They already are.

oh,my god,we are going
to Be the laughing stock.

We are not going to win.

I already know we're not going To win.

Even if the girls didn't have
The guys on their team at salani

They'd still probably kick our Butts.

That's how sad that is.

the prince and the princess.

will you be my prince?

will you be my princess?

Even though I can be a complete And total
evil person,I know How to relate to people.

I know how to charm people.

I know how to tell them
what They want to hear.

I know how to get them on my Side.

I want to give my loyalty to You guys?

- you promise?
- **

Pinky promise?

I don't want to get blindsided.

you're not going to get Blindsided.

You have to trust.

But we have to work together.

We have to act like
we're a Unified tribe.

who I have been with since Day one?

I've wanted to be with the Girls.

cool.I'm going to go back.

so y'all are good?

I'm telling christina
what she Wants to hear.

I'm your best friend,you
have To trust me.

That's so she'll give me Information.

I want everybody to trust me
so They'll give me information.

you're not with the guys are You?

a pinky promise.I pinky promise.

deal,we got three
girls and You.We're set.

Honey,I'm not a liar.

okay,okay.I know.

I won't leave you now.

Don't forget,who's your mama?

Colton joined us and I felt like Okay,there's
power in numbers But I'm not sure.

I hope you're still with us.

I hope you're not the
puppet Master manipulator

and that you Really and truly aren't with the
Guys and us girls are going down One,two,three.

And I feel like I'm the Strongest of the three
girl Which is would mean it would be Me first.


just one right on the
other Side of that rock.

where?I don't see.

there's one right here,too.

- Did you get it?
- yup.

oh,my god!

just poke them in the center.

That's it.

That's four.

This will be our lunch with p.B. And j.

We'll eat so good.Nice
dinner rice and more crabs.

screw fishing.

guys,gather around for this Load.

stay there!

Stay there!

Sabrina,close in over there.

mike,put your stuff down and Close in.

where is he?Where is he?

- Got him!
- yes!Yes!

today has been just Fantastic.

It reminded me back in 1979 when I played
cornerback for the Central valley bears.

Which way is he going?

Boom.I mean,it was total instinct.

That was it.Game over.

Sorry,chicken,you lose.

Holy crap!

- We got more.
- oh,my god!

we caught a rooster today.

Mike and chelsea got four huge Crabs.

good day of hunting.



it's like the gods said "come Together
and I will provide you With what you want.

" It's been wild!

hay,troy,do we have any Space between us
and the rest of The people in the ocean?

mike and kat are in the Ocean.

That's it.

we were thinking going into a Merge situation we want
to make Sure you have a solid four or Five people.

The boy in the ocean is not one Of them.

fine with me,dude.You know me.

I think it's salani
versus Manono right now.

I don't think it's men versus Women

and if it was we would be On the outs because
we're down a Man as far as our tribe goes.

They have one more girl.

I don't mind at all
working with These women.

I think I can trust them.

I want to get to know them Better
and see where their heads Are at.

what's chelsea like?

chelsea's great.

She hasn't been playing Strategy.

She's just kind of...

She's Game.

I trust her.

all right.

Whatever merge situation Happens.

Let's intermingle,weave our way Into it.

and when it comes time to
Vote we have to tell each other

What's going down and make sure That
it goes not towards any one Of us

and pretty soon we're in The majority
and it doesn't Matter anymore.

This has been my thing all Along.

I'm trying to keep my options Open so if
sticking with the Girls works best for me

I'll Stick with the girls.

And if we get to the merge
and Don't have the numbers,

troy and Jay are my
alliance all the way.

I can't get over how this could
Not have gone any better for me

And how much fun I'm having Doing this.

anybody else want to chew on That?


I thought it was going
to be Hard and a grind

and I know it Will have its
moments but this Is not one of them.

This is a good time.

I don't like this job.


I don't like having to trust
People that I don't trust.

well,we're going to have
to Try to trust them.

oh,I trust monica.

you don't trust christina?


Not at all.

I don't,either.

I'm almost thinking-- don't You dare say
anything to monica About this,you swear?


we need to get out christina First.

we need four,though.

I'm telling you,we might be
Safer with tarzan and jonas.

I'm telling you. I'm telling you.

no.That's unstable.

That's why you guys had all
that Crazy stuff going down.

Leave it as it is.

The girls are loyal.

You guys are the ones who are Crazy.

I don't consider colton as a guy So I feel
like we have four Women against three guys.

But colton's crazy.

He really wants christina out
But I need to keep my women here

And get rid of the guys so that
When we merge I'm still there.

On thraoufrz cal...

Or at leaste In the mix.

so what's the story
between You and alicia.

I'm just talking to her.

you're in good with her.What's the plan?


I'm sticking with the guys,Honestly.

I can't afford to go with these Women.

while we're working busting Our ass building
a shelter,Colton is doing the same thing!

He's just sitting on his
ass Talking to alicia.

I'm like what is going on?

How...How does he get away with This?

I... It just... It's...

I never Thought to play that game.

It's brilliant.

they have to think I'm their Fourth.

But I'm not.

You have to trust me.

don't scam me bro.

- fist bump,I'm not.
- seriously.

I promise you.

half of me believes
him,half Of me is like...

He's like "I'm Such a girl.

" What is that?

Christina's going first?

yes,just remember to
write Her name down.

All right,good deal?

okay,sweet enough.

it's kind of like colton's Just running the
showon both Sides with the women and the men

But it would be rick ridiculous For me not to
think he's Aligning with the women right Now.



sabrina finds the immunity
Idol but it's not for our tribe.

She gets to play it for one of The guys.

Nobody really had the girls'
Idol and something map ised for Me

and I thought I'm literally
Going to find this right now.

It's out here somewhere.

I walked all around the guy's Side
looked at every tree,Nothing,nothing.

I was getting discouraged
and Said,lord,please.

Thank you.Finally.

just found the immunity idol.

It's really,really good.

It feels amazing.

I've looked so hard so I had to
Literally reach in there and Feel it.


I just found the immunity
idol And it's in my crouch.*

you're lying.

I'm not.shut up!

Okay,are you ready?

holy cow!


as soon as I found the idol
I've kind of been thinking

I Might keep it to myself
but as I Was trying to grab it

and get it I thought there's
no one I trust In this game more

than chelsea If I'm going
to do this with Anyone

it will be with her so I
Decided to let her in on it.

now that we have this
and we Can literally...

Like,this Could be a game
changer where we Take the numbers.

No one can know,not a word of It.

hell no.

and we need to be careful
They don't see us as a pair

Because the other one
would Never have an idea.

We just need to make sure that We have our
alliance with as Many people as possible.

This is awesome.


pull the thing.Pull
it! Pull it! Pull it!


What are you?

we got a chicken! we got a chicken!

oh,my god!We are so fed!

look at that!we are so fed!

We're so awesome,guys!

How'd he get out?

these people suck at "survivor.

" I mean,let's just be honest.

They suck at "survivor.

" I think we're going to lose the
Immunity challenges regardless.

I don't think we have a
chance In hell of winning.

I guess we should have
Checked the sides of the coop.

that's embarrassing.

I think monica and christina Are both on the
outs but monica Has way more power than Christina.

Christina has no friends
on that Other tribe

and when we merge if Monica's at
that merge it's Going to be bad.

If christina's
there,it's not a Big deal.

She's going to be easy to get Rid of.

Here's the thing I
need to know From you.

This is just me and you talking,Okay?


monica's a hell love a
lot Scarier than christina.


but monica has to go next.

so monica and then
who's next After monica?


If you...

but you're asking...

I'm just Saying,you
have to see it my Way.

I see it your way.

you are asking me to trust
a Whole other tribe...

no,I'm not.

I'm asking you to trust me.

One person who can control those Guys.

- okay.Deal.
- all right?

I just had to convince
alicia I Have her back.

I convinced her I was
like,Look,I'll take care of you,

we Have to take out
monica and Christina.

I will vote your way
but I Swear to god...

- you're not going to get Screwed.
- if you screw me over...

you can come to alabama and Kill me.

I've been getting rid of the Head
of the snake this entire Game:

Matt,bill,now monica so I
think it's pretty brilliant.

Come on in,guys.

Guys ready to get to
today's Immunity challenge?


First thing's first.Kat,I
will take it back.

Thank you.

Once again imimmunity back up For grabs.

For today's challenge,three Members of each
tribe will race To get a ball in the water.

You will then work together to Shoot the ball
into a basket While the members of the other Tribe

try to stop you any way They can.

Every time you get a ball in the
Basket,you score a point for Your tribe.

First tribe to score three wins Immunity
and the safe from Tribal council.

Losers,tribal council tonight,Somebody
will be voted out of This game.

Give you a minute to
strategize,We'll get started.

All right,here we go.

First round is three
men taking On three men.


Defending the goal,tarzan and Michael.

Colton matches up against jay.

Jonas matching up against Troyzan.

Here we go.

You go when it hits the water.


Jay takes colton down.

Jay takes jonas down.

Jay has it over to
michael who's Wide open.

Michael scores for salani!

Salani leads 1-0.

way to go,jay!

Next round,two women; one man.

It will be sabrina matching
up Against christina.

Kat muching up against monica.

Guarding the goals,michael and Leif.

A little height disparity at This end.

Salani leads 1-zip,here we go.


Michael high-stepping it out
to Get to that ball first.

Michael's going to get that
ball And have a free run back.

Nobody may even be able to catch Him.

Tosses over leif's head.

He's so tall.

Michael misses first time,Misses again.

Leif's trying to get on him.

Leif's doing a good job.

Leif making it tough.

Mike misses for the fifth time.

Monica has the ball.

Leif trying to push mike away.

Not having it.

Sabrina and monica getting into It.

Kat in on it.

Who's going to come up with the Ball.

Leif has it

leif with a shot!

Just misses.

come on,mike,quick!Throw
him over to our side.

Mike has it to Salani.

Over to sabrina.

Kat with a free shot for salani.

She can't get it to go.

Leif the smallest guy out
there But working the hardest.

Tying up kat.

Michael trying to steal the
Ball,christina gets tossed away By mike.

Mike scores for salani.

Salani leads 2-0.

Hard-fought point.

All right.

Salani leads 2-zip.

We're playing to three.

This could be it.

It's three women taking on three Women
in what could be the Deciding round.

Defending the goal kat and Christina.

Matchups monica and sabrina.

And alicia and chelsea.

This is it.

Manono needs to get on the
board Here or it is over.

Survivors ready?


get it kat!

Kat racing to get That ball for salani.

She's got it and now racing Back.

Christina got to take her down.

She does.

Kat passes off to sabrina.

Alicia holding chelsea back.

A long shot almost goes in.

Monica and sabrina getting into It now.

Monica now for manono.

She's got a free shot!

Monica can score and she does!

Manono's on the board.

Salani leads 2-1.

yeah!Let's go manono!

Let's go!

Next round,three Men,same three
that went in the First time.

Manono going to put colton down To
guard the goal this time Against michael.

Salani leads 2-1.

Playing to three.

Salani could win it right here.

Survivors ready?


Colton sprinting through the Water!

Colton beats michael to the Ball.

Michael and jay now
double Teaming on colton.

hell me!

Colton is not giving Up that ball.

Tarzan trying to take jay off of
Colton who will not give up the Ball.

Jay takes down troy zap.

Jonas taking down troyzan.

Colton takes a long shot but It's short

jay gets passed Tarzan,

jay can win it but he's Short.

Another shot misses.



Michael scores for salani.

Salani wins immunity!

all right,guys!

Good job!

Good job,guys.


Immunity is yours.

No tribal council tonight.

Head on out.

Enjoy the night off.

Manono,somebody going home.

You have to afternoon to
figure Out who it's going to be.

See you at tribal.


we did what we could.

it's kind of hard going up
Against that kind of Competition.

at least it wasn't a shutout.

We got one on the board.


one point.

Put it here,baby.

good job,monica.

I'm sorry I let you guys Down.

you did more than any of us,Though.

well,now what?

today you will see an oscar
Performance from colton and I

For the best blind side ever Played.

Monica's going home tonight.

so if you guys are voting off A girl
tonight,please think About staying strong.


so that we can win
the Challenge tomorrow.

I'm glad we're on the same Page.

And I'm sure she thinks
she's in A safe spot

because she did Score us a
basket but she's Going home.


And,hey,alicia is
following me Like a fiddle.

if following colton means
Voting out somebody else

and Getting me one step
further to The million,awesome.

I could be colton's bitch,I'll
Be whatever you want me to be.

But just don't vote me off.

we need to win.

I know.

so maybe we should
just get Rid of tarzan.

I think so.

I don't want to keep talking.

Tell monica that.

I wanted to say it and when
Alicia said it it was like cool,

That's exactly what I was Thinking
and tarzan at the Challenge today

looked like wash Ago wounded hippo
trying to walk Over to the water

so I think it Comes to a unanimous
decision That he just needs to go.

we need to get rid of tarzan.

yeah,that was a little
Awkward today at the challenge.

are you okay with that?

I'm cool with that.

that's literally what we just Said.


because we have to win Tomorrow.

It's embarrassing.

don't tell tarzan but we're
Going to blind side him.


Just as long as it's not me.

Tell me what to do.

we have...I mean,we have to Win.

we have to doubt.

that's the thing.

this is one world,baby,this
Is one world.

we have to think like that.

Are are you inn.

yeah,if that's what it takes To
keep us unified,we've got to Do it.

the guys have lost sight
on The numbers game.

I mean,it's tarzan tonight.

In my mind I'm thinking that's a Huge win for the women
that the Men are on board to take out one Of the men.

we're all thinking that we've Got to get rid of tarzan
because He's kind of dividing the tribe Up right now.

all right.


And so... tarzan.


all right,for sure.

tarzan. tarzan.

in a weird way,that whole Event
that happened with leif Telling bill

that he was going Home,that
sort of tipped me off

To being a little leery of leif
And not to trust him so much.

start blowing,somebody.

so leif is definitely a wild Card
and he did do some pretty Crazy things

and with four guys And three girls.

Anybody could flip on the guys Side and
just,you know,make it The girls game now.

this is what we have to do.

We're voting out monica.

so it's monica?

Now tell me who monica is again?

- pink bikini.
- yeah.


Okay. Yeah,yeah.

she is the head of the snake,Do
you see what I'm saying?

And alicia said monica's trying
To play me,play you,play Everybody.

yeah,she is.

I've got alicia voting with
Us just in case you don't.

But you don't know that.

Y'all are on board?

yes,I agree you w you 100%.


I told leif and tarzan
basically This is the deal.

We're voting out monica but Tarzan
is almost like having a Grandfather

with alzheimer's and You have
to tell him something 87 times.

You have to keep repeating it,Repeating
it,repeating it Because he forgets it.

just remember,monica Tonight.


Just remember monica lewinsky.

wait a minute,wait a Minute...


I have to make sure before we
Go to tribal council he knows

Who to write down or he could
Write down guinea for all we Know.

does this look okay?

yeah,you look great.

if I were working
with,like,Somewhat intelligent people

who Could kind of help
me out and I Didn't have

to make all of the Decisions
it would be so easy.

But literally it's really hard Being
the leader of a bunch of Idiots.

It's so difficult.

So let's talk about
This new manono tribe.

Jonas,what was your
reaction of Your new tribe?

well,the odds were not Stacked in
our favor,let's just Put it that way.

Monica,give me your
Input on this new tribe.

well,breaking up was hard to Do.

We'd gotten close,the girls.

But it's actually turned
out to Be a blessing.

Our beach is better,our food
is Plentiful and we've...

We're Playing like a team,I think.

Colton,do you like
Monica's positive attitude?

I mean,yeah.

If she thinks that she can turn This sinking
ship around,by all Means,honey,take the wheel.

We need monica.

Alicia,is it Possible that monica could be What
this tribe needs to help Turn things around?

um,I definitely think she's An awesome
person,amazing Person an amazing supermom.

She's very...

- Very competitive And very athletic.
- thank you.

and she can kick some ass.

I smell a "butt" Coming.

she can be seen as a threat.

That's the but.

that's the but?

that's the but.

but to say I'm a threat,it's More like I'm trying to
help the Team instead of trying to get Myself further.

But I could see how you
would Perceive me that way.

but she's one of the most Hardest
working women I've ever Seen.

well,good.That makes me feel happy.

Tarzan,what do you
Make of this new tribe?

Was it good news for you?

my immediate response was to Drop my
assertiveness to a Different load star,

which is One member of this group who Would
then lead the first few Days of this new tribe.

So that means...

- Hold On.
- okay.

I love this.It's kind of a game.

You decided to drop your Assertiveness to a
different Lode star which is one member of This group.


And that would be...

I shant say because the game Is afoot.

"I shant say"?

So you're not going To reveal because
we here in the Midst of the game.


Leif,do you Understand what tarzan says?

He's got quite a vocabulary.

he definitely is a very Complex,very
wisdom kind of guy And...

Is it hard even to Talk around him?

Do you find yourself saying "I
Need better words than okay"?

yeah,he definitely
has a lot Of big words

that I can kind of Comprehend but
he also helps Better explainate...

See,better Explainate,not a word.

and what he said is a neo-low Jim.

Which is what?

making up the word that Sounds
similar to the word you Mean to say.


It's impressive,your Vocabulary.

- Not a lot of people have that.
- thank you.

But the need to share It and the
need to be heard can Be disruptive.

Do you ever sense that?

well,in my own environment
It's a thing we do.

We try to be very,very precise.

What is your world?

What have your shared with
your Group about your world?

the game is afoot,jeff.

So that remains a Mystery?


I know you have 14 Pets.

I have 14 pets.

I'm a medic.

a wife named terry.

I collect bugs.

he has aphagia.

- yes.
- I need a dictionary.

I have a nominal aphagia.

It's a specific aphagia for People's
names that I have had All my life.

I can't remember a person's Name.

It's called nominal aphagia.

Do you know the names
Of your tribe members?


Let's see.


You believe it?

Um... Monica.


Um...Don't say it!

starts with a "j."


That's it.

Tarzan,just so I'm Clear,you weren't
putting me On,you were struggling.


And had monica not Given you the
first letter,we Might still be here.

possibly,if you waited that Long.

Well,after 14 days,Somebody
is about to be voted Out.

It is time to vote.

Jonas,you're up.


I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity Idol and you
want to play it,Now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are
read,the Decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked To leave
the tribal council area Immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,tarzan.

Two votes tarzan.


Two votes tarzan; one vote Monica.


Two votes tarzan; two votes Monica.


That's three votes
monica,two Votes tarzan.

Fifth person voted out
of "survivor: One world.

" Monica.

That's four,that's
enough.Bring me your torch.

what the?

Monica,the tribe has spoken.

Time forou to go.

Well,you admit the
other tribe Is stronger

and then you vote Out arguably your strongest
Member becse she was too big Of a threat.

Interesting strategy on only day 14.

See how it plays out.

Grab your torches,head back to Camp.

Good night.

-= proudly presents

YTET- ?????

Season 24 Episode 05

Next time on "survivor"...


Colton's rage takes Aim.

you can quit or jump in that Fire,

which ever is more Convenient for you.

And the game claims Another victim.

heart rate is up to 120.

I am freaking out.

This is worse than what
I really Thought it was.

Let's bring it in.

I'm extremely disappointed.

I came here to win.

I chased my husband all over
Stadiums for 11 years of Football

and all I was looking Forward to was
him coming to the "survivor" stadium.

The dumbest thing that
I could Have done was tru