Survivor (2000–…): Season 24, Episode 12 - It's Gonna Be Chaos - full transcript

After having dominated the game for so long, the strongest alliance begins to turn on itself as they consider blindsiding one of their closest teammates. At the same time, a loved ones challenge reveals the true nature of one of the castaways.

Previously on "survivor.

" Kim and the women have taken
out The men systematically

since the Merge leaving troyzan
Outnumbered on the chopping Block.

With his back against the
wall,Troyzan needed to win immunity.

Troyzan comes up a little short.

Tarzan really taking his time.

Tarzan moves on,oyzan is out.

No shot at immunity.

The women believed troyzan might Have another
hidden immunity Idol and decided to split their Vote.

it's best to be smart,we
Throw two votes at christina.

Troyzan got wind of The plan
when christina spilled The beans.

I heard my name will be Written down.

when christina said who They're going to split the
vote With I'm like great,that's what I need to hear.

Needing only one more Person to shift the
votes Against christina,troyzan Appealed to kat.

you are on the bottom.

You should consider changing Your
mind about who you're Voting for.

Never say die.Not in "survivor."

At tribal council,Christina
was on the hot seat.

There are six women.

Has therein there been much
talk About who is number six?

I wouldn't say amongst all Six of us.

the general consensus was
you Didn't have strategy.

I have been strategizing
Throughout the game.

I just don't talk about it.

In the end... The 11th person voting
out and Fifth member of the jury,

Troyzan was the fifth man but Delivered
a message to kat Before he left.

do it.

It has been the Mission of this
group to get rid Of troyzan.

Mission accomplished.

Seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight.







Like that was your final Word?

it's really good that troy is Gone.

I,like,physically feel Relieved.

Like,I feel,like... You know When you have
a pit in your Stomach and it goes away?

That's how I feel now that troy Is gone.

how did you get three votes?but**

troy played her.

troy switched his vote?


you could have potentially
Went home today.

I know I could have.

tribal tonight just showed
How stupid christina is.

Seeing christina answer the Questions
in front of the jury Made her look dumb

whereas Sabrina actually can talk and She
can sway them the more she's Left here.

the whole time jonas was Looking at christie
that like "why is this girl still here?

" The more christie that opens
her Mouth at tribal council it's so

Much better than having sabrina There.

Now it's just us girls and Tarzan
and he's really not a Threat.

But sabrina scares me so I
Personally don't want her here.

So I'm not worried.

I think I'm sitting in a perfect Spot.

You know,people have said
that I'm the misfit or

that I'm at The bottom and little do they
Know I'm at the top controlling Everything.

I'm the most powerful
player in This game.

-= Proudly Presents

-= ?????




sprint,I love you!

Oh,my god!

so sabrina and I get treemail
And when I lifted the box

and Saw "sprint" I already
knew what Was happening.

gather everyone around.

Come closer.

We have to put together
a Freaking puzzle.


stop shaking it!

we have video mail!

oh,my gosh!oh,my gosh!

"you've been living a life Without
limits and simplicity Provides your power.

When spontaneous decisions breed
Success,it's more than food you Shall devour."

oh,my god!

you have to be very quiet!


you're on the island.

Your absence is a void
in Everyone's heart.

today we got treemail from Sprint.

I never thought sprint could be
So good to me and it was my Brother

who came all the way out To the island.

Hopefully I'll get to see him
And spend time with him today.


all I have to say is you
Better win the next challenge

Because I had to work two
Doubles to make this trip Happen.

I'm super proud of you.

I love you and I hope you're Doing well.


Came a long way down here to see
You on this island.It's gorgeous.

Hope you're doing well.

Everybody back home is saying How
much they love you and miss You.

We think about you all the time.

I love my dad.


oh,my god,my dad.

I hope you're doing well and I hope that
you're not suffering As much as I am.

my dad just got a kidty
Transplant last year.

He only has about five
to ten Years to live.

He's only 53 and I want to do so
Much for him and,yes,it's Urgent.

Because I feel like whatever I'm Doing right
now is never enough And I need to do more.

I love you and I am very Proud of you.


I'm here.Can you believe it?

I'm so,so proud of you and I Want
you to know how much I love You.

I'm hoping to spend time with You.

I love you so much.


kat,wow,I can't believe it.

I actually made it here.I'm
so excited to see you.

I'm so proud of you.

You've been doing so good.

I got to see my cousin who's My best friend
and the most Important person in my whole Life.

and we really can't wait to See you.



hi tweety,how's my tarzan Doing?

to see my wife on the sprint Phone reminds
me of what a Treasure she is in my life.

I don't deserve her.

Somehow I got her.

God blessed me with her.

Just a wonderful thing for us to
Be able to live together till we Do.

my bed is awful lonely.

Sure miss you a whole lot.Love you.

she's here!

She's here!

there's people that
need to See their family

because they May not have that
much longer Here on this earth.

Tarzan is in a 30-year marriage,He's
64,they don't have Children.

It's just... I hope the other
Women are thinking like that

and Not being too selfish and so It's kind
of like I'm playing For me and tarzan today.

Come on in,guys!

All right,this morning in Treemail
you received the evo 3d From sprint.

I'll get it back,alicia.

Thank you.

So,tarzan,did off video
Message from teri,your wife?

yes,I feel her spirit now
That she's on this island.

So the only thing That would make this day
better Is if they were all right here In person.

yeah.And they are.

Kim,here's your sister beth.

oh,my gosh!

Kim,what's the feeling when you Hug
someone who you know is Truly safe?

it's unbelievable.

Beth is my older sister,she's Been
a second mom to me my whole Life.

She's my best friend in the Whole world and
she's the most Real person I've ever known.

She takes good care of me.

- I love you.
- I love you,too.

All right,guys take A spot over here.

Christina,who was your
video Message from?

from my dad.

He just had a kidney transplant Last year
so I always worry About his well-being.

Knowing that,you know,my dad May
not be around for another Five,

ten years is just... This
Experience means so much to me.

All right,christina,Let's
bring your dad out.

Here's christina's father.

Oh,he's not messing around.He's running.

hi,daddy! I'm so glad you're here.

- oh,I missed you.
- I missed you,too!

Sung,have you been
Worried about christina?

Clearly you adore her.

yeah,I misher dearly but I
Knew she could hang in there.

She sets her goal and
she's like A pit bull.

Christina,what has Changed
about how you see your Dad?

I feel guilty that I
don't Visit him enough.

I wish I could see him so much More.

You know,this is family.

I can't be away from him.

All right,guys take Your spot over here.

okay,let's go.

chelsea,here's your dad ken.

daddy!I missed you so much!

how'd you get so tan?

it's dirt,it's not tan.

It's dirt.

I love you so much.

Chelsea,you can't Get enough.

I know.

I've been like a hard ass on the
Show,but this is my soft spot Right here.

After 31 days of Being
the tough woman out here,

I think what everybody is seeing
Right now is the little girl.


Your face looks Different.

I'm so happy.

Take a spot.

Sabrina,here's your brother Tony.

Come on out,tony.

He's sprinting.

let me see you,oh,my god!

I love you so much!

Tony,have you been Worried about her?

I know she's tough and
Resilient but this is amazing.

She's truly a soldier.

what I love most about him is
That he puts me before himself

And that's what a big brother is Supposed
to do and,um,this is Priceless right here.

Just this right here.

Alicia,here's your Sister leticia.

Come on out.

Tell me about your relationship.

I'm sure she's struggling With her emotions
right now Because we aren't an emotional Family.

We express our affection
in a Different way.


We're very sar cast wick each Other.

I want you to know that
I'm so,So,so proud of you.


Kat,are you ready to See your wassen?

I'm ready to see him.

Rock robby,come on Out.

It's kat's cousin.

oh,my god!

How did...

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Oh what are you Doing?

I don't even know what she's Saying.

I think they're Speaking
their own language.

you have no idea.He's the
one that pushes me Everyday.

We work together,we live
Together,we breathe together.

He's the most important
person In my life!

And he's here on this island With me!


tarzan! Tarzan! tarzan!

Let's bring out your Wife teri.

Teri,come on out.

Let's see who married this crazy
Guy who calls himself tarzan.


I'm sorry.

Teri,how's life Different
without tarzan around?

- It's been 31 days you've been Without him.
- very lonely.He's my everything.

You take him away,I'm lost.

Me too,sweetie.

Tarzan,how have you Stayed
connected to teri out Here?

we're soul mates.

We have a quantum entanglement.

I could haven't put It any better.

All right,guys,joined the
rest Of the loved ones.


Let's get to today's Reward challenge.

Survivors,you will be attached To a rope
that is woven through A series of obstacles.

On my go you will race to Untangle that
rope and make your Way through the course.

First person to finish wins Reward.

You want to know what
you're Playing for?


You and your loved One will go to a
beautiful spot Where you will enjoy fish,

Chicken,beef kebobs,Margaritas.

This will be a chance for you to Share a once
in a lifetime Experience with your loved one.

Worth playing for?


All right,one more Twist.

Your loved ones will be attached To you.

oh,I knew that.

you will be running it Together.

we got it!

We'll get you paired Up and get started.

All right,here we go.

For an afternoon with your
loved Ones,survivors ready?


Rope management is key in this.

You need slack.

Once you figure out how to use The slack
you'll figure out the Key to this challenge.

pull it!Come on!

kim and beth getting
through The first obstacle.

Christina and sung getting Through it.


Alicia and leticia Are there n there.

Kat and robby moving.

Ken is through.

it's in a knot,tony!

Brother and sister Struggling.

Kim and beth attacking the Course.

Chelsea and her dad are
working Together well.

we're in it,daddy.Come on!

Kat,alicia,chelsea And kim along
with their loved Ones are in the lead.

Big reward and everybody wants It.

Kat and robby now
starting to Pull ahead.

Kim and beth got to pick it up.

Alicia,you've got to get Moving.


Sabrina and tony Completely
out of this Challenge.

oh,my god!

Tarzan,you need to Pick it up if you
want to spend Time with your wife.

Christina and her dad doing Their
best but they're falling Behind.

We are down to three
and it's Very close.

Kim and her sister,chelsea
and Her dad,kat and her cousin.

dude,come on!

Kat and robby getting Caught up
in those last few bits Of rope.

The door is open new.

Kim and beth are now working it.

Chelsea and her dad are now back In it.

If you want to spend time with
Your loved one,you've got to Move.

Kat and robby have figured it Out.

Got to get to the finish right Here.

Very close.

Keep moving!

Kim and beth are right there.

It's neck in neck!

Kim is through.

Kat is through,robby's
got to Get through.

Kat and kim,who's going
to get To the finish first.

come on! Move!

Very close,move,Beth!

Let's go,robby.

Come on!

Kat and robby win the reward.

I won one,guys!

Come on,I won one!

Kat and robby,come On over here.

So an afternoon away From camp.

Choose one survivor and their Loved
one to join you for the Afternoon.


good job.

Even though kym Didn't choose kat last
time,kat Is choosing kim this time.

Kat,one more person to choose.

um... Alicia.

Alicia,who also went On the
last we ward without kat.

now,here's the thing,I
have An explanation.

I've been wanting to hang out With
these two girls for a very Long time.

Just us and have a great... And Alcohol.

I mean,margaritas!

Oh,my god!

I'm about to get drunk.

All right,kat,kim,Alicia.

The evo 3d from sprint.

With that you can record some
Memories,take some videos,take Some photos.

For the rest of you,time to
say Good-bye to your loved ones.

you don't have long,all Right?

I'm so proud of you.

I love you.


have fun.

god,she should have picked You,tarzan.

Tarzan and christina should
have Been the ones to go.

your stuff head back to Camp.

Guys,you should have a fun Afternoon.

Get out of here,go enjoy it.

I felt like that was a really Selfish decision
for kat not to Take tarzan and christina.

I don't know how angry
they're Going to be

but I'm going to Have do major
damage control Back at camp.

ladies and gentlemen,lunch Is ready now.

Help yourself.

I feel like a won the best Reward.

Like,I won!

You see me at this challenge?

It's like,yes,I won something!

And I really deserved to win,Dang it!

I haven't won anything!

I really just wanted to spend Time with kim
and alicia on a Genuine friendship level.

Maybe I shouldn't have picked Those two people
strategically But I did and you can't go back On it.

What are you going to do?

Am I going to dwell on it?

No,I'll eat my cake,get drunk And go back
to the tribe and Deal with them later.

it's good to finally meet Y'all.

us three,day one it was Already done.

what's the deal?

so our whole tribe was all
Women,now we have six girls Left.

We eliminated all the guys.

right now serve so in check.

Tarzan is in check.

Sabrina is in check,that's why I think we
should take out Sabrina before christina

because Christina knows the deal.

this reward is the one time We were able
to finally talk About our final three.

Do I believe this is the final Three?


Do I want to jinx it no?

No,I'm not going to speak about It.

It's a seriously confidential Situation.

the longer I do this the more
I think this is my best option.

these guys?

To win.

I don't think alicia
will get Many votes.

She's not well liked.

But she's delusional about that
And kat,she would be the person

That would have a show like how A
million dollars ruin mid-life In a year

and she doesn't know
Where she spent the money.

My whole ploy to both of them is
You're going to kick my ass in The end

but I would be really Surprised
if there's anybody That you feel

that way about I Would
say stake with them.

final three talk is
happening All over the place.

we have to do videos.

do it!

I feel like this may be my
Best option to go with kat

and Alicia who I feel like I can Be...

They want to vote off Sabrina but I've had
an alliance With sabrina since the beginning

So I would be voting out someone That
I was previously in the top Three with.

But at the end of the day if I
Don't think I can win against Sabrina

that would be stupid to Take
her to the final three with Me.


dude,I am so mad right now.

Like,honestly,if kat would Have picked
me I would have said No,tarzan's going.

I would have switched out.

No doubt in my mind you
two Should have went.


What it was,it was totally Selfish.


maybe if I begged she
would Have taken me.


I don't think she would have Taken you.

That's how she is.

I would have picked tarzan.

That's just the obvious choice.

Because this man needs
to see His wife,period.

Then christina because of the Kidney
transplant,her dad may Have a couple years left.

So that really pissed me off.

Kat is a bratty 23-year-old who
Doesn't destoefrb go to the end.

This is definitely enough
reason To make me vote off kat.

yeah. easily.

I think she's in the firing Line but I
think she's at the End of the firing line.

that's up to us,though,Tarzan.

When we want her off.

what if me,christina,Sabrina,kim
and you want kat Out?

well,if that were the case,That would that
would be an Error because kat is not a Thinker.

I think that people that are Thinking
would leave her in here Longer knowing

full well that at Any time is...

it's basically her social
Game with all the guys.

That... is that what worries you?

- that worries me.
- yeah,me,too.

kat screwed up now the
target Is on her back.

Plus I don't think anyone
wants To go to the end with kat

Because last tribal troy Whispered
in her ear "you can do It.

"so that's making us
all a Little nervous.

How are we going to get
everyone To vote kat?

all we need is four.

I'm looking forward to Talking
with kim when she gets Back.

I just hope we agree that kat is
A smart person to take out next.


when we got back here there
Were some peused off people.

Everyone's wanting kat out next.

they're going to want sabrina First.

alicia and kat?

I spent the day with these Two
and they think we're a Threat.

That's how dumb they are.

Sab is not dumb.

They're dumb.

so you think sab tonight?

I think it's our best plan.


I just don't want to
go to the End with kat.

I'm thinking it's immunity Today and we
have decided Sabrina is going home for sure.

Ity she has a good shot of Getting a lot
of jury votes Because she's persuasive.

So it's so important who
wins Because we have a plan

and if Somebody wins immunity that was
Supposed to go home it's going To be chaos.

did I miss anything?


We just need to see who wins Immunity.

sabrina better not pull
out a Superstar act.

I think at some point in this
Game I started to think,well,

Maybe it's not smart if I win Immunity
but I don't know if I'll ever feel safe

so I've just Decided at this point if I can
Take every immunity from here on Out I will.

Come on in,guys!

Guys ready to get to
today's Immunity challenge?


First things first,Kim,got
to give it back.

Once again immunity
is back up For grabs.

For today's challenge bull
Standing on a ledge over the Water.

You'll be holding on the
a Handle behind your back.

That handle is attached to a Winch.

Every time I crank it,it will
Lower you closer to the water.

When the strain becomes too
much To hold on any longer,

you'll Ll in the water
and out of the Challenge.

Lasterso left standing wins Immunity.


One in six shot at winning this Game.

Losers go to tribal council.

Somebody will be voted out.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

Everybody ready?

Take your spots.

Got to keep your feet in between
The paint and pointed forward.

You have to hold on to the
bar Behind you above your hips.

All right,everybody's in place.

You ready to get lowered a Little bit?

- oh,boy.
- oh,god.

Here we go.

Every time I move this,that
bar Lets out a little more rope

and You fall closer to that water.

oh,my god!

That's going to add a
Little more stress now.

All you have to do is hold on.

That's it.

Just hang on longer than Everybody else.

Been up there ten minutes.

Probably seems like you've
been Up there an hour already.

Tarzan struggling a little bit.

Sabrina stepped out of the Challenge.

Go ahead and drop in the water.

Sabrina first out of the Challenge.

We're down to six.

Tarzan is out of the challenge And we are
down to five women Still fighting for immunity,

Would love to go to tribal
Council tonight with that Necklace.

No matter how confident
you feel In your alliance,

you are crazy If you think
you are absolutely Safe.


I can't do this anymore.

I'm done,guys,have fun.

Alicia steps out of The
challenge and we are down to Four.

Four people fighting
for Immunity on day 33.

You are having to earn it right Here.

Dig deep.

I can't do it. My fingers are slipping.


good job,chelsea.

Chelsea out of the Challenge
and we are down to Three:


Christina contemplating can I Stick in
a little longer or Should I step off?

I'm going to jump.

My finger's killing me.

Good luck,girls.

Good job.

Christina is out of The challenge.

We are down to two.

Side by side.

Kat and kim.

Both women really digging deep.


Been up here one hour.

You've been hanging.

Perfect time to make It
a little more difficult.

Here we go.

It looks so incremental visually But I know
what kind of pressure That's adding to your body.

Alicia,impressive battle?


I didn't know kim had it in her.

yeah. Very impressed.

I just want to win this one.

Kim wins all of them.

Kim hasn't moved Since
this challenge began.

come on,kim!

Kat falls out of the Challenge.

Kim wins her second individual Immunity.

good job.

that was amazing.

careful,kat,are you okay?


Kim,nice job.

why,thank you.


kim safe at tonight's tribal Council
once again and after 33 Very tough days

in this game one Of
you going home tonight.

You have to afternoon to
figure Out who it's going to be.

I will see you guys at tribal.

Grab your stuff and get
back to Camp.Congrats.

I'm glad kim won immunity but I'm not
sure sabrina should be The next to go.

I think kat,just her Selfishness throughout
this Whole game she should be next

so There's still a lot of
talking That needs to go on.


I commend y'all for staying That long.

That was pretty brutal.

Are you hurting?


what were you thinking about?

kicking your ass.

I'm really upset about the Challenge.

I mean,to lose to someone who's 28
years old who's six years Older than me?

It's like how embarrassing is That?

Don't get me wrong,I love her
More than anything in the world

But I don't know if I'm ever Going
to be able to beat her in Challenges.

Did kim talk to you today?

not yet.

she already knows that
we Know what's going on.

- sabrina.
- okay.


I wanted to make sure.

sabrina has no idea her
a *tz Is on the line.

That's why a blind side is so Great.

I agree.

it's amazing how we control The show.

This game is our game.

oh,my god.

It's funny because
yesterday I Was like,sabrina?

You're going home.

Then today at the challenge,I
Mean,did you see sabrina?

She was the first one done.

I mean,I could beat her.

So there's no reason
why sabrina Needs to go.

But kat,she just brought it.

Home girl was giving it her al And,like,that's
somebody that I do not want to go up against

If that's how she's going
to Play these challenges.

please tell me we're on the Same wavelength
so we keep Sabrina and we take out kat?

no. I want an easier win.

I can't keep going up against Kat.

You know what I'm saying?

I don't want it to get like a Troy
thing where we can't get Kat out.

alicia came up to me and she Said

"I don't know how we got Into this
position but kat has To go immediately."

I was totally shocked.

I saw some big logs right There there.

I'm going to go in a second.

- Nice.
- kat.

that's the vote?

I mean did you see how hard
She went on that challenge?

as much as you think
she Can't win,she can.

I do think kat has a good Shot
at getting a lot of jury Votes

because she hasn't pissed
A lot of people off.

But I think sabrina's a bigger Threat.

She's smart enough to sway the Jury
and totally screw me over In the end.

let's just stop talking.

- That's the vote?
- Okay,good.

I would rather see sabrina go
First before we take kat out.

So kat's going to vote sabrina And I think
tarzan would be Willing to get rid of sabrina.

So it kind of feels like chelsea
And I are the swing votes.

alicia came to me and she's
Really,really worried kat is Going to win.

Now she wants to take kat out Next.

oh,my god!

yeah.she's like "she's gonna win."

I don't know that it benefits Us.

I'll start thinking about That and that
makes me nervous Because sab is so smart.

all of a sudden alicia an I Are on
the same page that kat Needs to go.

She's selfish and doesn't
Deserve to be in the final Three.

But kim still wants to vote out Sabrina.

I understand where she's coming From,

but I feel like sabrina's Been
on kim and I's side since Day one.

so you don't think that since She has her
mind-set on kat that We should take her out first?

well,I would say she Doesn't...

before she changes her mind?

I'm just trying to make sure
That's what we want to do.

Kim and I are going to agree 100%
on what whatever we decide To do

but I think from here on Out
it's going to be a kat Fight.

are you good for tonight?

I've been told kat.

I'm not sure that
that's the Case anymore.

I still have some choices
for Sure tonight but chelsea

and I Have had an alliance with
Sabrina since day one and kat,

I Think she looks at me like a big
Sister so this is not a fun vote Tonight.

well,that's probably smart.

okay.all right boss lady.


that's true.

to me it's a game-changing Decision.

I'm about to make a choice and It's
going to be a blind side Either way

but this is a game And there's no way to keep
Everybody happy at this point in The game.

It's going to go to
hell from Here on out.

We'll now bring in The
members of our jury.

Jonas,michael,jay,leif,and Troyzan
voted out at the last Tribal council.

So,kat,we go from last
week Where you're devastated

because You don't get picked
to go on The reward to this week

where You now have the good news/bad News scenario
of getting to pick Two people to go along with you,

Which means you're leaving
the Other four behind.

it was probably the hardest Thing
I've ever had to do in my Life.

When you're looking at all
of These beautiful faces

with their Families and
you have to pick Two people.

It's very frustrating and
it Does hurt my feelings.

It hurts "your" Feelings?

yeah,because I don't want
to See their faces be mad.

Here's what I want to Understand.

Last reward challenge
kim didn't Pick you.

First person you pick is kim.

yes.Strategically I could have
Picked two different people

but At that time I
was thinking more Like

who would I have a great Time
with not thinking Strategically.

Now,that's my own choice.

Sabrina,do you buy That?

That kat was not thinking about Strategy

when she picked two of The people
who went on the last Reward?

I don't think strategy
had Anything to do with it.

I think honestly the 22-year-old
Like "I want to have fun.

" And I think it's something she's
Going to look back at and regret

Because most people up here Would
have picked tarzan and Christina

simply because of Their
loved ones back story.

But it's her choice.

jeff,again,I am 22,I am a
Little naive and I'm sorry

that I picked people that obviously
Everyone else didn't agree with.

Chelsea,do you buy That kat is 22
and naive or is That a great strategy?

it's,like,that's her way
Out every time she screws up.

Every time someone gets on her Case about how
selfish she is She says "yeah,I'm 22,get off My back.

It's like it always comes down To
her age and 22 is not that Young.

is this whole tribal council About me?

Like,I had no idea this is...
This was going to happen.

Tarzan,you're an Older man
who's had life Experience.

Where do you weigh in on this?

I know she wanted to
have fun With the girls.

I'm an old man.

She didn't think about my
Circumstance or about my wife.

She's 22.

And so things like this don't Hit her yet because she's
too Young to have experienced enough Things in life.

So it didn't bother me at all.

Alicia,let's talk About
today's challenge for Immunity.

Sabrina's first out.

At this point in the game is That good news that
she's out Early and not seen as the a Threat?

Is it bad news because you can't Hang in
there,man,you don't Deserve to go to the end.

I was surprised sabrina got Out first.

My vote would have been
for Tarzan,you know?

I'm sorry.

Maybe it's her game to not show
Herself as a physical threat.

Go to the other end.

Kat and kim duke it out to the End.

I expect that from kim,she Brings it.

Cat I was very shocked.

I didn't know that she had it in Her.

Does kat earn respect For hanging
in the challenge That long?


However I was a little baffled How she
reacted because she was So upset with kim.

I wasn't upset with Kim,I was upset
with myself That my bad I do gave out.

kim went to give you a high Five
and you kind of snuffed Here.

dude,what is this?

Sabrina,what's the Vibe around camp?

You pretty much decimated the Guys.

Now we're getting down to it.

it's getting a little testy.

But at the end of the
day I Appreciate honesty.

To me that's when people get Respect.

Kim,do you think Being too
honest if you get to The end

can be an asset and
Therefore make you a threat?

yeah.I mean,to me it's bad news.

I've seen people win this
game That shoot straight

and Everybody loves them and it's
Like an endearing quality in This game

which also makes me Nervous.

Sabrina,worried at All that you may
not get to the End because people think

"she is Too well
spokennd she hasn't Lied?"

it depends on what people Value.

Like,to be honest,I will
go Straight up my emotions.

So the person that
may have Pissed me off,

they don't get my Vote and they
could be the best Player in this game.

So,kat,sabrina very
Black-and-white is saying Listen,

if I end up on the jury,

I'm going to tell you right
now You may not like how I vote

Because I may just be in a bad Mood so
if you blind side me,Hello,watch out.

um,if it is going to be a Blind side,it's going
to be Pretty funny and pretty,like,Exciting.

Why would bit fun and Exciting?

I don't know.Because blind sides
are always Fun and exciting.

You're like... You know?

I always get excited if Something like
that goes down And if it does,cool beans.

If it doesn't,touche.Whatever.

All right. It's time to get to the vote.

Kim has immunity. You
can not vote for kim.

Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Tarzan,you're up.

sabrina,I love you so much!

But it's time for you to go.

Kat,you're a little bit
untamed To take to the top.

I'm sure you'll learn
this life Lesson later on.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a Hidden immunity idol and you
Want to play it,now would be The time to do so.

Once the votes are read
the Decision is final.

The person voted out will be Asked to
leave the tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,sabrina.

Kat.One vote sabrina; one vote kat.

Kat.Two votes kat; one vote sabrina.

Kat.That's three votes
kat; one vote Sabrina.

12th person voted Out and
the sixth member of our Jury,

kat,I have to ask you
to Bring me your torch.

Kat,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,judging from Kat's
reaction,that was a big Old blind side

and the message Is pretty
simple: If it could Happen to her;

it can happen to You.

Grabour torches,head
back to Camp. Good night.

-= Proudly Presents

-= ?????


Next time on "survivor"...

The last man Standing is losing it.

a failure among men.

This isn't offensive to anybody
Here if I wore this,right?

But there's a method To his madness.

I think you guys have a Better
chance if I'm one of the Three.

The girls think I've given
up But I want to win the game.

I'm proud of myself but,Like,

I just don't believe it Was my time to
go and I left Before christina and tarzan!

Like,are you kidding?

I'm so embarrassed.

I'm going to go down as the
most Naive person in the whole