Survivor (2000–…): Season 24, Episode 11 - Never Say Die - full transcript

With the dominant alliance feeling secure after the last night's vote, those on the outs seem to have little time left in the game. Then, one Survivor's choice of company on their reward causes another member of their alliance to question their loyalty.

Previously on "survivor":

Since the merge, Kim has brought the
women together To take control of the game,

Sending three men in a row to the jury.

Troyzan was next in line,

But Played a hidden immunity
idol to save himself.

- I'm not going to join that group.
- All right.

Unable to find a second
idol, he decided to fake one.

I start acting like I'm
Zipping something up,

Letting Them think I have an idol.

At the immunity

- troyzan wins Immunity.
- yes!

Troyzan won. And was safe from the Vote.

don't *** with me.

Protected ****

Troyzan tried to flip
The game in his favor.

what's to stort you and Tarzan leave

and christina getting
rid Of a strong person?

troy is on to something.

It's something I have to think About.

At tribal council, Troyzan
continued to try to Change the vote.

Kim, chelsea, sabrina and kat.

Those four can do whatever they Want.

I told these guys you can go From
getting voted out tonight, Tarzan,

getting voted out Tonight, leif,

to guarantee yourself Being at five

if they would vote Kim out.

In the end, the women Stuck with kim

and continued Their
dominance over the men.

Tenth person voted out, the
Fourth member of our jury, leif.

Sending leif to the jury.

Tarzan and troyzan, it would
Appear you have two options--

Win immunity or find a way in.

Eight are left, who will
be Voted out tonight?


we're down to eight, and look
Where we are now,two boys left.

So now we're in a hopeless Situation

unless the boys win Immunities.

So if I was trying to
play the Odds in my favor,

the smartest Thing I could do is go
with what The girls want me to do,

Rather Than risk being exposed
as a Person on troyzan's side.

you okay?

Troy threw my name out, Definitely
throws me a curveball In this game,

like, I was not Planning on
being a target so Early on.

I get nervous, that's for sure.

which is fine 'cause I trust You guys.

I kind of feel like tonight Sealed the
deal a little bit With the women's alliance.

I think that everybody feels Kind
of married to our alliance,Locked in,

so I'm just trying to Stay
calm and keep everybody Happy

and hopefully get rid of Troy
by the next tribal council.

right now, I'm on my own.

I mean, there's tarzan,
but he's Not with me.

So I still feel like one man
against all the Women.And tarzan.

They think I have an idol
that I Haven't played,

so that will be To my advantage.

But right now, I need to
win Every single immunity,

one man Versus all
the women. Bring it on.

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-= Sync:??־????

Season 24 Episode 11


- all right.
- tree mail!

Tree mail here.

It looks like it could be a Reward.

all right.Here we go.

"it's not fizz cool
exertion,Earning reward today.

Your powers of perception
will Help you get away."

are we gonna have to choose People?

I'm hoping whoever wins get To
take another person on a Reward,

and I think it's just Time for
me to be able to go on Something.

- you're picking me, right?
- yeah.

I think I have a great
Relationship with kim,

so if I Win I can pick kim,
and if she Wins she can pick me.

The only people **** would be...

Troy,alicia and Christina

So like, if you,me and Alicia
go, i think that's fine.

I think *** on the same page.

Come on in, guys!

I have crazier hair than That.

All right, you guys Ready to
get to today's reward Challenge?

- yes.
- Here's how it works.

You're going to answer a series
Of questions about your Tribemates.

I'll then tally the results.

For the challenge, your
job is To try to guess

what the group Said as
a whole to each Question.

That may differ from what
you Said individually.

Each time you get one right, you Get
to chop another tribe Member's rope.

After three chops,

your very Life-like "survivor"
doll Will Fall into the fire

and your Chances in this
challenge will Go up in smoke.

Last person left standing wins Reward.

- Want to know what you're playing For?
- yes.

The winner will be
Taken have a helicopter

to a Beautiful island where
you will Enjoy a picnic.

Everything you need To have a nice
afternoon and get Some food in your belly.

- Worth playing for?
- yes.

All right, we'll get Started.

Okay, I have tallied the results.

Remember, you're looking
for the Consensus.

First question, "who does
not Deserve to still be here?"

Everybody reveal.

Wow, we're all across the board.

Correct answer, the group said

the Person who does not deserve
to Still be here is christina.

Kim got it right.Chelsea got
it right.Troyzan got it right.

Christina, that is a big
slap in The face, isn't it?

it is.I don't know why.

Troyzan is first up.

Kat gets the first hit.

No words at all.

- you know, troy, you know.
- all right.

Chelsea hits tarzan.

Next question, "who would
you Trust with your life?

Everybody reveal.

- Correct answer is kim.
- oh, kimbo.

Christina got itRight, chelsea
got it right,Alicia got it right.

- chelsea.
- Chelsea, took her First hit from christina.

Chelsea gives her second hit to Troyzan,

and with that,

Troyzan First one out of this challenge.

aaah, my ass.

this is my island!

and now he's part of
the Island.It's ashes.

And he's become the molecular
Substrate of this island

so he Does belong on this island.

Evidence just getting Ready to say that.

Next question,

"who most needs A
wake-up call in life?"

- I hate that question.
- This is not fun.

Everybody reveal.

oh, my god.

Everybody sad kat Except kat.

- Kat said christina.
- come on, man.

Correct answer, kat.Most
needs a wake-up call.

oh, no.

Tarzan takes his Second hit.

One hit away from being
out of This challenge.

Chelsea takes her second hit.

Chelsea is now one hit
away from Being out.

love you.

I'm feeling the love.I'm feeling it.

Tarzan is out of the Challenge.

- it's nothing person.Sorry.
- no!

Sabrina takes her First hit.

Christina takes her first hit.


Chelsea is out of the game.

Next question, "who
is the Biggest poser?"

oh, I don't know.

Everybody reveal.

Everybody says Troyzan

- except alicia who said Christina.
- what?

- Christina you get an Answer every time.
- how am I a poser.

Correct answer is Troyzan.

Kat got it right,sabrina got it right.

kim got it Right,Chistina got it Right,

- oh, my god, kim!
- Sabrina takes her Second hit.

Kim takes her first hit.

I didn't even knock out one!

Alicia takes her Second hit.

Next question, "who does
the Least for their tribe?

this is hard.

Everybody reveal.

Correct answer is sabrina.

- Kim got it right, christina got It right, alicia got it right.
- oh, have mercy!

sorry, kat.

what?What did I do to you?

- Kat is down to her Last.
- that's ridiculous.

You guys are crazy.

Alicia knocks kat out Of this challenge.

kat ***

Kim heads to sabrina, and Sabrina
is up on the of the Challenge.

what gets me is I can see the Little
skeleton that just hangs On there.

Next question, "who Would you most
like to be Stranded with on an island?"

Kim says herself.Christina says troyzan.

Unfortunately, christina,
the Correct answer was kim.

Qim got herself right,
and Alicia got it right.

Out of nowhere, starting to dump Rain.

Alicia didn't even hesitate.

And with that, christina's shot At
winning this challenge goes Up in flames.

We are down to two.

Next question,

"who do you hope To never
see again after the Game?"

oh, my god.


Both kim and alicia say troyzan.

Kim you have two chops
left,Alicia you have one,

that means If you're both
right, kim wins This challenge.

Correct answer, troyzan.
Kim, take your last shot.

Alicia's out of this challenge.

- Kim wins reward.
- Yeah,kim.

- Kim, nice job.
- thank you.

You're going to be Picked up in a
helicopter,Taken to a nice, beautiful beach,

Where you'll have a picnic Lunch.

Choose one person.To go with you.

- alicia.
- thank you.

Kim if huone more Choice
would it be an easy one?

no it would be really, really Hard.

let's make it difficult Because
you have one more Choice.

- I'm sorry. Chelsea.
- really?

are you serious?

oh, my god.I'm going to cry.Thank you.

I'm sorry. This girl never
eats, kat, and You know it.

- I think it's pretty Revealing.
- Who she chose?

it shows exactly where
Everyone stands, exactly.

Kim and chelsea and
alicia are The top dogs.

These guys are at the bottom.

Sorry.I'm not saying
that to save Myself.

That's just the way it was.

You guys grab your Stuff.

The bird is waiting for you.

I'm sorry.


I planted a few seeds.

So they start to think like,Maybe
I really am on the bottom.

And now I'm going to
really toy With their minds.

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Have either one of you
ever been in a helicopter?

- it's like a ride.
- dude, this is awesome.

glad y'all are here with me,

No one else I wanted to bring more.

I've never been on a Helicopter

so hicopter ride Definitely one of
the top 10 Things I've ever done.

It was very, very cool.

We saw beautiful waterfalls.

This is so crazy.

It was like a roller coaster Ride.

We were loving the whole like Swoop
thing, swoop down by the Waves.

oh, my god!

and then of course to come Here
with two of my friends from The game,

I don't know if it gets any better.

I friggin' hate that
game we just played.

Everyone else is pissed.

Don't worry about that right now.

the reward was awesome,

but I Can't decide if
I'm enjoying it Or not.

The hard part, I feel like a lot Of people
probably went home Feeling really cruddy.

you couldn't take


the one who got a beating Was christina.

we're going to have to do Some damage
control with our Alliance when we get back.

The food was incredible

and I'm Trying to camp
out but it's Really hard.

Mostly I'm scared right now With what
happened with the Reward challenge.

This literally could be the
day The tide turns for me.

You know troy is back at camp
Going, everybody loves kim."

It's a disaster.


so, I took it really personal
Because I'm hungry, too,

and I Hate when kim made
that comment,"she's hungry."

What is that supposed to
meanShe's hungry?We're all hungry.

And troy with his comment.****


that's not true.You're not
dprapsing it.That's not the truth.

You think it's about food.

Kat, kat, this isn't about
food Today. It's strategy.

Because of the reward and the Fact that
kim went off with Chelsea and alicia,

it gave me The opportunity
to speak to five People

I normally wouldn't have A chance
to sit down and powwow With.

Right now, why aren't
you there Right now?

I don't know, and I'll deal
With it when she gets back.

and when you can put fear in These
people's head,you're one Step ahead.

hey people ****

I'll play with your Minds all the time.

Kat, you gotta grasp,
like, What's going on.

You think you're in the
know,When you're actually not.

And I'm not saying this, you Know,
because I'm some guy on The outs.

- You need to wake up.
- no, you need to relax.

no, you need to wake up.Wake
up and smell the coffee.

Because you're not.

- You're all
pissed off-- - ****

get mad.You should get mad.

Because those girls are
take Advantage of you

and you're Starting to realize
it and You're getting pissed off.

I'm pissed because kim didn't Take me,

and I'm pissed because I
have to listen to troyzan

About, like, I'm a follower and I
don't make any decisions for Myself

and kim is the lead Player.

I don't believe that.

the two people she feels like Are
not going to fold she kept Here.

I know, and I have to deal
With it, and I don't want to.

- listen, listen, listen.
- troy was making me so angry.

I'm sick and tired of him saying That.

It's like he says
they're the Final three.

like I--
it's not true.

don't let him get in your Head.

my fear is I don't want to
go Down as a weak player,

and I'm Going to do everything I
can to Make sure that's not the case.

And if that happens and it means
Me having to vote kim out, fine.

I'm trying to extract as much As I can

- out of christina.
- all right.

kat needs to be soothed.She's
a hot mess right now.

But right now, troy is very Savvy.

If anyone can go through this Daily gameall
the way and win Every last single challenge,

It's him, hands down.

What would be your master plan,Troy?

kim can win just as much as Me.


everyone likes her.Chelsea
is right next to her.

Right now, I'm the sitting duck,

But if you guys want me to give
You a vote, I'll give you a Vote.

we just need one girl to Turn.

the truth is, sabrina,

I Mean, it's either me,
you-- whatever is Going on,

- so we have to think of Another option.
- oh, yeah.

Obviously, I'm not on troy's Side,

but the main reason I put It out there,

I wanted to see Who was easily swayed.

Christina within seconds
of me Even proposing it

"I think That's a good idea."

She sways like the wind.I
don't trust her at all.

- hey, wow.That was quick.
- yes, it was.

want to sit here?

I don't want to talk about it Right now.

You don't have to talk
about it.just come sit by me.

I'm sitting in my spot.I sit here.

Nice and comfortable,right here.

when kim came back, there's a Lot of
things that were going Through my mind

that I didn't Know if those
remember seeds That troy put there,

or if those Were just
ridiculous ideas that

Were making me feel
differently About kim.

- kat, you want salad?
- no.

I was just-- I
was devastated.

And I didn't have
anything to Say to her.

will you please come talk to Me,


Do not be mad.

- I'm furious.
- I know.

- I'm furious. Like, that--
- do you want me to talk first

- Or do you want to talk?
- go ahead. I don't have anything to say.

this is what I wanted to tell You.

Kat, I adore you.

You're one of my very
favorite People here.

We're playing a game for $1 Million.

I was planning to take you this Morning.

it wasn't about the reward
it Was just about being picked

Because everybody here thinks of Me
as a follower player Like Christina

- because of that pick Today.
- well, it's not easy for me Today, either.

This is my worst day out
here And it shouldn't be,

and I'm not Throwing
myself a pity party.

I'm telling you this is
Literally the worst thing

That Happened to me since the game Started
that I won the freaking Challenge today.

I wish I didn't win it.

- why would you wish you didn't Win the challenge?
- it's not a fun position to be It in.

It's ****

All I'm asking you to do right Now
is have a bigger picture Perspective.


you know, I think my choice
to not choose kat today

was the First decision I have
made that Was not strategic,

and I think I'm paying for it now.


oh god

oh, my god.oh, my god!

- ****
- are you serious?

- ****
- do we kill it?

come on

- oh, shoot!
- we have to shoot that thing.Are you kidding?

all right, we need a rope.

we're all around the Campfire,
and I just kind of Glance over

this giant pig, I
mean 160, 170-pound pig

goes Walk right across the path.

I'm like is this an illusion?Am
I seeing what I'm really Seeing?

What the hell?


he need an axe,

we need an axe, christina.An axe.

- we're getting ready to
cook Rice-- - I found it.

okay, okay.

god damn it.

Okay, we're sitting down Enjoying rice,

and we see a Freaking
big-ass pig come back.

Like bacon and ham.

- you all want some pig?
- Yes,kill the pig!

you can redeem
yourself,Troy.Kill the pig.

I join in for fun's sake,Just
to give myself a laugh.

But then I start thinking
how Foolish does this look.

Like, these girls are all
Running around, chasing a pig,

And not knowing what the hell They're
going to do with it once They catch it.

troy, get it from behind.

oh, my god.


they think, like, we're going
To kill it in five minute

and Cut a leg off and have
ham Sandwiches all around.

It just goes to show you
the Intelligence of my tribe

Oh my god.


I have no experience with Catching pigs,

but the pig Coming into camp
is awesome for Me right now.

It breaks tension and I can Already
feel, like, walls coming Down.

the pig is cute.

I'm sorry, I'm not killing that Pig.

We could definitely keep it as a Pet.

Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's Immunity challenge.

- yes.
- yes.

First things first,
Troyzan, I will take it back.

Once again, immunity
is back up For grabs.

For today's challenge, you will
Slide down a slippery course,

Grabbing rope rings along the Way.

Once you have your ring,
you Must land it on a hook.

First person to finish
moves on To the next round.

Last person left standing wins Immunity,

one in seven shot at Winning this game.

Losers, tribal council,
somebody Going home.

We'll draw for spots. We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

We've drawn for spots.

First round.It is
chelsea taking on alicia.

The winner of this round
moves On to the next round.

Getting lubed up.That oil is going to
help you Get down this course quickly.

Here we go.Survivors ready?


You've got to hit it harder than That.

Both are going to come up short.

Alicia trying to run on
this.Chelsea slip-sliding on it.

It's not easy.

Now it's a ring toss.

First one to land it
moves on to The next round.

Looking to move on to the next
Round and have a shot at Immunity.

Got to hit it here.

Just missed it.

Chelsea trying to strategize.

Chelsea nails it.

- Chelsea moving on to the next Round.
- nice job.

Next round we have
Kat taking on sabrina.

Survivors ready?


That's how you do
it.Sabrina right to the ring.

She is up and heading to the end

While kat is still tentatively
Trying to get to it.

Sabrina with an early lead.

She can do it with one
shot but She's short.

Kat still nothere.

Now kat takes her first shot.

Kat nails it. Kat moves on.

Next round we have troyzan Taking
on tarzan.Battle of the 'swrans.

Winner moves on.Loser is out.

Survivors ready.


tarzan launches hard.Troyzan
comes up a little short.

go, go, go. Crawl, crawl, crawl.


Troyzan takes his First shot, misses.

- take your time.Take your time, tarzan.
- You can do it.

- ***
- You got it, baby.

Tarzan just misses,Opening
the door for troyzan.


Troyzan can win it Right here.

He just misses.

Tarzan, you can totally do
this.Tarzan it's your game.

Tarzan really taking
his time And it pays off.

Tarzan moves on.

Troyzan is out.No shot at immunity.

Next round, we have
christina Taking on kim.

- Winner moves on.
- have fun, girls.

Survivors ready?



Kim launches hard.Comes up short.

Christina barely gets down the Course.

Kim not messing around,
making Quick work on her knees.

- Christina is very slow.
- this is ridiculous!

Kim nails it.

Kim moving on to the next round!

troyzan's so pissed.

All right, second Round.
We've drawn for spots.

It is chelsea taking
on kat.Take your spots.

For the second round, there are Two
rings to gather, and two Rings to hook.

The winner moves on to The final round.

Survivors ready?


Kat launches herself.Down the course.

Kat scrambling for the two rins.

- Kat shuffling along the course.
- come on!

Got to stick both Rings.

It doesn't matter which
hook. Any hook will do.

chelsea with her first
shot, lands her first ring.

chelsea withher first shot lant
Ring. Kat lands her first ring.

- Chelsea lands her second ring?
- good job!

Chelsea moving on to The finals.

Next two.Tarzan now hitting on kim.

The winner moves on to
the final Against chelsea.

Survivors ready?


Kim with a big launch.

Once again, using the knee
Strategy,and it's working.

Kim flying down the course.

In with a big lead
right out of The gate.

Kim hooks her first ring.

Takes tarzan a while to get Here.

And he appears to be
in no hurry Even now.

Kim nails it.

Kim *** her second ring.

- Kim moves on to the final.
- oh yeah that's fine with me.

For the final round,It
is chelsea taking on kim.

let's go, ladies!

You've got to hook
Three wings this time.

Winner wins immunity.Is safe
tonight at tribal Council.

Survivors ready?


Chelsea versus kim.Both launch
themselves down the Course.

Kim with a bit of a lead.

But she's got a strategy
that's Been proven to work.

Kim's on her knees.
Chelsea sort of shuffles.

Kim with her first shot, misses.

Chelsea just misses.Kim has
one hit on and then Bounces off.

Chelsea hooks her first ring.

Kim hooks her first ring.

Kim hooks her second ring.One ring left.

Only way to guarantee you see
Tomorrow is to have immunity Tonight.

Kim does it!

Kim wins immunity!

you earned it, kim.It's all you.

First individual
Immunity win, 30 days in,

Guarantees kim will see day 31.

As for the rest you,
somebody Going home tonight.

I know it will be an
interesting Afternoon.

Grab your stuff. Head back to
camp.I'll see you at tribal.



today was just complete,
Utter disappointment,

losing Like, boom. I was bummedly out.

But part of me said troy, don't
Let yourself get so far down

Where you think it's over-over.

You're still standing.You
still have a chance to Speak.

you know what the odds are.

well, I know what they are.You don't.

They must think I have
a hidden Immunity idol.

I'm surely going to split the Vote.

Never, never say die.Not in "survivor."

this is what I'm thinking, if
For some reason he plays the Idol,

we throw two votes to Christina.

She's used to seeing
her name Written down.

I think it's been happening
to Her the whole game.

She knows everybody
is not crazy About her.

- Anybody else is going to flip.
- right, right.

and everyone else votes for Troy.

troy, we don't know if he has An
idol so we have to split the Vote

but I'm getting tired everyone
is telling me what to Do.

No one thinks I'm one running The show.

Everyone thinks kim is.

Like, I can't make a decision
For myself?Like, what is this?

It's frustrating for me.And
I don't know what to do.

so how are we going to do the Votes?

And if you just want to
confirm It with them we're fine.

- you're splitting.
- yeah, me and tarzan know to Vote for you,

but it's not you, Okay?

We're just putting it out
there. But you're not going home.

- you're not sure if he has the Idol.
- right.

And then the rest of
us will Vote for troy.

- okay?
- okay.

the plan tonight is to split The vote
and I'm going to stick With kim's plan

so I let Christina know we're going
to Vote you and you're not going Home.

I should have just thrown
out Another name.****

I don't want her to feel bad

Because people do not forget
how You make them feel.

The reason we did it, you're not Surprised
seeing your name once, Twice,whatever.

You're not going home tonight at All.

I don't think she processed it Enough,

I may be going home if
He has the immunity idol

but she Was fine with it.


Do you know who we're voting for?

voting out troy?


she said,she told me,like...

she probably name down.

she's going to?

yeah, she said not to, like,Freak out.

- are you okay with that?
- yeah.

if I got a couple of votes,All
hell would break loose.

But you know what, christina's
I.Q. Is probably a 0.

I don't know if that even Exists.

I mean, I'm a special ed Teacher,

so I handle christina
As one of my students,

and she's Going to do
whatever we tell her To do.

And if troy pulls out an Immunity
idol, christina's going To go,

and she has to go, then She has to go.

It ain't my name, so I don't Care.

- how are you feeling?
- I'm feeling fine.

- ****
- yeah,

yeah, I hope that you feel Fine.

you always feel like you Don't know
what's going on with The girls and stuff.

I'm always, like, scared.

That's why I'm always trying to
Figure out what's anything on With them

and figure out their
Placement and stuff.

You know how they're saying
There's strategy behind

why Those girls went the
three of Them, and everything?

If you think about it,

You have two.You have kim,
and then you have Chelsea.

I don't trust the girls 100%.

So that's why I entertain
the Idea of troyzan's proposal

Because it makes--
it makes Sense.

Kim won, you can't vote for her.

I never put your name
down, just To let you know

If you vote chelsea, I'll vote Chelsea.


Christina said she
would vote For chelsea,

but I don't think Anybody
else would vote for Chelsea.

So now I'm going to have
to try To somehow figure out

who They're splitting this vote With,

and I'm going to have
to Vote for that person.

I mean, they're obviously
going To split vote

because they don't Know
what the hell is happening.

But I don't think anybody knows
How they really can split this Vote.

they can probably split it,And
then there's the Possibility--

because I heard my Name's going to
be written down And everything.And--

when christina said who They're
going to split the vote With--

I'm like, great.That's easy.

I started thinking about
the Vote, how it could go.

I need three people to
just vote For christina

and then,boom, I Can be the
fourth. And it can be a miracle.


All of a sudden, christina's,Like,
gone, and that would be Beautiful.

if we all do what we said We'll
do, troy will go home Tonight.

Nobody change their minds.

the plan is tonight to give Troy
five votes and christina Two.

I think splitting votes is Always hard

because you don't Know who
is with you and who is Not

so you have five people Voting for troy.

If two flip, all of a sudden,
Troy's back in the game tonight.

- well, buddy?
- well, I'm still up for grabs Today.

You're not necessarily going Home.

I won't believe troyzan is Going home

until the moment he Stands in front
jeff and jeff Snuffs I had torch.

you can consider changing Your
mind about who you're Voting for.

Don't go with kim and chelsea.

he's, like, full of
craziness And surprises.

I mean, he's just playing so Hard.

Who knows what's about to Happen?

We'll now bring in The
members of our jury.

Jonas, michael, jay, and leif,

Voted out at the last tribal Council.

So, started as men versus women.

It certainly appeared yet again
Today still be men versus women.

Is that where we're at, troyzan?

Are you in trouble because
you Do not have the necklace?

oh, yeah. It's still all
the women, plus Tarzan.

And I'm not wearing the Necklace,

so we'll see if the
"survivor" god are out there.

You never know.

Sabrina, if it is men Versus
women.There are six of you.

Has there been much talk about Who
is number six?Who is number five?

I wouldn't say amongst all Six of us.

It's been dropped since
at a Two, day 10, day 19.

So christina,u know
what That means, right?

What she said is I don't think
All six of us have talked about It.

you know, I know there are
Conversations with other people,

And no one is really clear about

Who is the top five, top four,Top three.

Chelsea, agree with That?

no, I feel like this
game Started so fast,

that people Were thinking
out top three on Day one.

but sometimes the people who Think are
going to be your top Three go voted out.

People change their
mindses and Flip-flop.

so Things change.

Troyzan, that sounds Like the
kind of answer you want To hear.

that tells me she's not
Completely 100% with her Alliance.

Christina, why are You here?

why am I here? Because I'm one
lucky girl. That's why I'm here.

Alicia, why are you Laughing?

I find it funny that was her Answer

because when we had the Reward
challenge the general Consensus

was christina doesn't
Deserve to be here.

Christina, what did That feel like?

well, that really hurt my Feelings.

I think what happened in the Begin

is no one really got a
Chance to get to know me.

But this challenge
Was just two days ago.

right, I get that.

And that's important, Christina,
is a jury will decide Who wins,

and the jury here of The
people still in the game,

Think you don't deserve to be Here.

I think I deserve to be
here just as everybody else.

but I think the general Consensus was

you didn't have Any
strategy throughout the Game.

I have been strategizing
Throughout the game.

I just don't talk about it

Because the whole game is about
Deception and outwit, outplay,Outlast.

Troyzan, once again,
More good news for you.

Now christina has to
defend Herself to alicia,

one of the Six women in her alliance.

oh, yeah. Everyone knows
christina's on The bottom.

They'll never admit that.

But it's just funny to listen to These
ladies that don't really Say everything.

Let's talk about the Reward challenge.

Troyzan, you were pretty vocal
At what you thought was going On.

of course. There are six girls ***,

I Believe everybody, and
we're all Believing everything,

and we're All just
happen campers here's.

If you guys are crazy
to believe Everybody,

it's like,guess what, I have Ocean-front
property in kansas I'll sell you.

I'm from kansas. There is
no ocean-front Property.


Kim, were you Encouraged at all
having to pick People to go with you,

which Meant other people were left Out?

yeah. I mean, absolutely.It was
kind of a little bit of a Nightmare.

There were a lot of people back At camp.

And, you know, troy's a Brilliant guy.

He knows exactly what
to say.He's really smart.

And he's good at getting
into People's heads.

Kat, you were Heartbroken
that you weren't Chosen.Why?

I think it was because of the Comment
troy made about kim Alicia and chelsea.

That's the top three right There.

And I thought am I a weak
Player? Am I a follower?

Am I so far up kelsey and kim's Ass

that I can't make a decision For myself.

I don't want to go downals
a Weak player or a follower.

So he got to me.

Troyzan as we get Ready to vote,

it's pretty clear It's
you or somebody else.

Your job today was to
make it Somebody else.

How are you feeling right now?

I feel pretty good.

All right, cannot Vote for kim.
Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote. Chelsea, you're up.

I'm hoping that you get A lot of votes

please, go home

I'll go tally the Votes

If anybody has the hidden Immunity
idol and you want to Play it,

now wouldn't time to do So.

Okay, once the votes are
read,The decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked To leave
the tribal council area Immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, chelsea.



Troy. That's three votes
troy.One vote chelsea.


Christina.That's two votes christina.

We're tied.Three votes
christina, three Votes troy,

one vote chelsea. One vote left.

11th person voted out and The
fifth member of the jury, Troy.

You need to bring me your torch.

Do it.

Troyzan, the tribe Has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, it has been the mission of
This group to get rid of Troyzan.

Mission accomplished.Now what?

Grab your torches.Head
back to camp. Good night.

-= Proudly Presents

-= Sync:??־????

Season 24 Episode 11

next time ****

Tarzan is the last man standing
But can the women keep it Together?

I am so mad right now.

Definitely enough
reason to vote Off kat.

sabrina has no idea that
her Ass is on the line.

That's why a blindside is so Great.

- everyone is wanting kat out Next.
- sabrina first.

from here on out, it's
going To be a cat fight.

the last 11 years I've been Thinking
I'm going to get on "survivor"

and my only objective
Is to be the winner

and I'm a Bit sad that
I didn't reach my Goal.

Definitely the odds were
against Me.It was seven on one.

But I did what I could do.I
played exactly who I am.

because ****

and i hope ****