Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 7 - It Don't Take a Smart One - full transcript

Matt and Stephanie duel on Redemption Island, and information gathered there results in some castaways questioning tribal loyalty.

Previously on "survivor":

third person voted out of "survivor:
redemption island," russell.

For the zapatera tribe the
one night of pleasure they got

from throwing a challenge to get rid
of russell turned into days of misery.

Tribe unity crumbled.

David under pressure
is really stressful.

I don't freak out.

And david's relationship
with sarita got so bad

he joined forces with stephanie
to try to vote sarita out.

Stephanie is a capable
competitor in the challenge chad

i think unquestionably sarita is
the weakest player on the tribe.

At ometepe,rob had a
hidden immunity idol

in his pocket along
with most of his tribe.

By me having this i know
that nobody else has this.

But phillip had a love-hate
relationship with rob.

I have been in an alliance
with rob,grant,and myself.

When rob tried to hide a clue
to a hidden immunity idol,

- i saw it. - It
was all-ought war.

I'm going to kick aiolis ass out here.

Ometepe wins immunity!

The ometepes won their third
out of the last four challenges.

The zapateras went to tribal council

where dave and stephanie
voted for sarita

but everyone else voted for stephanie.

Stephanie,the tribe has spoken.

With stephanie off to a duel,both
tribes are now even at six.

Well,you made the decision to go
with somebody you think you can trust

versus keeping somebody who might
have done better at challenges.

We'll know soon enough if
you made the right call.

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hey guys,***

I hope we can all come together.

I know david and sarita
have had some differences,

but i hope
you guys can--

i'm not even worried about it.

I don't trust you,but i have
no problem with you,so...

The two votes against sarita
were stephanie and mine.

I didn't want to make any
bones about where i stood.

I did what i had to do and i wanted
to make my place and my position known,

and if it's the end of me,then so be it.

I look forward to moving forward,

and all pitching in like
we're all doing around camp.

Me,too,me,too. And i do love constructive
feedback and i do need to buck up more.

Tribal is never good but
tonight was especially bad

because come to find out our gang
of six did have a major hole in it,

which as i had suspected,david had
gone over to the dark side,to stephanie.

Well,let's do the best we can to
function as a tribe because it's an all--

it's in all our
collective best interests.

I agree.

This is the six we've
wanted back in day one,

but there's a big rift
between david and sarita.

Feet find common ground like we
did back in dave two and three.

I agree. I have a ton
of respect for you, David.

You don't need to give me
a speech. It doesn't matter.

Dave is showing he can
be a bit of an antagonist

but hopefully david can be man enough

and put his ego and
pride and emotions aside

and,you know,for the
bigger cause of the team.

If not,there could be problems.

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I mean,there are so many things i love,

i love vietnamese
food,tha i food,italian.

I don't even like sweets but bring it on

and i'm going to have a slice of red
velvet from a bakery i used to work at.

The weirdest thing i've been craving

is a banana shake with
peanut butter in it.

Like i want the taste of peanut butter

like snicker doodles
with peanut butter on top.

Cure killing me.

Stephanie came in and her
mouth was going a mile a minute

and it was kind of annoying. ***

I really want to win this one.

I told gold god i'm going to be out here
as long as he wants me to be out here

so i'm in it for the long haul.


Tree mail!

"here you go again. By
now,you know what to do.

Select your redemption visitors
and again,only choose two.

- who's going?
- I'm going to go.

If that's okay. Because
it's my turn again.

- Can i go with you,phillip?
- Sure.

So rob and phillip.

There's another duel.
Rob and i are going to go.

I just don't trust rob anymore

because yesterday rob and
grant found a clue to an idol

and i went and i followed them.

And when rob saw me he tried to hide it.

A very famous japanese horse
man once wrote a book called

"the book of five reins.

" and in the book he
said what you want to do

which is so difficult is to
let your enemy move first,

and that's where rob's weakness is.

He likes to be extremely
controlling,and he wants to control me.

And all the other players,but
nobody's controlling me.

- You've got to bring your shirt.
- I do?

Phillip wanted to go to the duel.

He's not allowed to go
would you want a chaperone

so i have to baby sit
his ass for the day.

Phillip has a big mouth. He likes
to talk and he can't be trusted.

He's dangerous because of his stupidity.

He's probably the most unaware person
i've ever met in my entire life.

We'll now bring in the
competitors for today's duel.

Matt will be battling against stephanie,

voted out at the last tribal council.

Welcome to redemption island arena.

Both tribes have sent members
to witness today's duel.

Matt,you spent 12 nights
on redemption island.

You've won four duels.

Once again you find yiers in a
do-or-die situation. Ready to get to it?

- Yeah.
- Absolutely.

One of the most difficult aspects of
the game of "survivor" is mental fatigue.

Conveniently,today's duel
will test your memory.


Scatter in the arena are
pairs of matching symbols.

Each round you'll flip over two symbols.

If they match,you score a point.

First to five stays alive,loser
is out of the game for good.

This is it. One shot. Take your spots.

All right,stephanie won
the rock,paper,scissor.

She is elected to have matt go first.

You're flipping over two symboles.

The first round is going to
take some luck to get a match.

Matt flips over a skull

- and another skull.
- Oh,god!

- Golden boy!
- Unreal.

Walk out on to the course and flip
over two random symbols and they match.

Matt takes an early one-zip lead.

Stephanie,you're up.

Stephanie looking for
the same kind of luck.

Flips over a crocodile.

- and a crocodile.
- Nice!

Redemption island's got
something going on out here.

It is 1-1.

matt is now back on the course.

Matt flips over a calendar.

And an eagle. No match.

Stephanie,your turn.

Stephanie flips over war clubs.

And fire.

We are still tied 1-1. matt,you're up.

Matt flips over fire.

Has it already been turned over?

And if so,can he remember where?

Matt flips over a second fire symbol.

Matt now in the lead 2-1.

stephanie,you're up.

Stephanie flips over a warrior.

All right.

And a temple.

No match for stephanie.

Door open for matt
to take a bigger lead.

Matt flips over the eagle.

Going to take a shot.

Matt flips over another eagle.

Matt now has three to stephanie's 1.

we are playing to five.

Stephanie flips a temple. She
knows she's seen one. Where was it?

Nice match for stephanie.

Matt leads 3-2. matt,you're up.

Matt flips over one canoe
looking for a second canoe.

And he has it. Matt
with now a very big lead.

Matt has 4,stephanie has
2. it takes five to win.

Stephanie's got to get a match here.

Warrior. Where were you?

And she does.

Stephanie with her third
match. Keeps herself in this.

I'm losing my mind!

Matt has 4,stephanie
has 3. it takes 5 to win.

Matt could do it right here.

Matt with a calendar.
Have we seen a calendar?

Yes,we have.

Matt thought he had it. He
flips the head dress. No match.

Door open for stephanie now.

Stephanie quickly flips the calendar.

And thought she had it.
Got the war clubs instead.

Matt very excited now.

You can win the duel right here.

Matt flips over one war club.

And matt flips over the second
war club for the fifth time

matt stays alive,will live to
see another day in this game.

Stephanie,what's the
emotional feeling right now

when you want to play so
badly and now you are out?

Just leaving all together because i
really wanted to be here until the end

so just letting go of that dream sucks.

I feel like there are people
here who don't deserve to be here.

Sarita is one of them.

Ralph,if you really
want to play the game,

you need to get rid of her soon
because she's your weakest link.

And i know you think dave is
because he voted for me with sarita

but he's the only guy
who can do puzzles.

Do you want to take
on that responsibility?

If i got to do it,il.

Rob and phillip are you
tempted to say anything to them

or are they on their own?

I don't know. Rob,look out because
they're going to try to take you out

like they took out russell

so watch your back and i wouldn't
trust anyone on their tribe.

Try to win this guy back. Good luck.

He said been here a long time.

for you,this game is over.

Your quest for the million dollars done.

That hurts.

You can put your buff in
the fire on the way out.

Matt,once again,you
have seized the moment

and lived to play
another day in this game.

Phillip,you've seen
matt compete twice now.

And i'm very impressed with matt.

In the old days of the samurai,

they had something
called the bochuto code,

which is what the samurai lived by.

What i've seen in you,you
are truly a samurai warrior.

Thank you,phillip. I appreciate it.

All right,matt,you can head
back to redemption island

and await your next opponent.



Little phillip couldn't
keep his mouth shut,

and i'm telling you
when the merge is coming,

phillip is ready to make a big move,

and by "big move" he
means let's get rob out.



is that***

- I don't want to split our tribe,bro.
- I don't need it.

We want to stay strong. I
don't want any*** To feel like

we're not one cohesive
unit,you know what i mean?

Them tell them. It's your call.

*** Phillip asked me

how much if any i wanted to
tail the tribe of what went on.

We've been straight up so far.

I'm not going to start that game,dude.

- That's not how i want to play.
- All right,man.

I wasn't upset that phillip suggested
we don't say anything to the tribe.

In actuality,i was hoping for it,

actually praying for him to
say something like that to me

so i could just use it as amunition
an opportunity to present myself

for me to throw phillip under the bus.

You guys missed a

Who did they send?

- They sent stephanie.
- That's what we figured,yeah.

Jeff was questioning her,and
she let it all hang out.

She basically looked
at me and she's like,

"rob,watch out. They're coming for you.

" i took all this information
and relayed it all to the tribe

because i want everybody
on the same page.

I want everybody ton
that the target's on me

so that they feel safe,number one,

and,number two,i need to keep
everybody else against phillip.

Right when we were walk on the beach he's
like,"so what do you want to tell them?

" like,he at any time
want to tell you guys.

And i'm telling you,it
was the first opportunity,

- that's why,he's flipping.
- Yeah,yeah.

100% he's flipping because we
lose,he's goes to redemption.

And everything i just
told you is 100% true.

With all the attention focused on fill.

And i everybody using
him as a punching bag,

i'm free to maneuver
and do what i need to do.

- Phillip,are you okay?
- I'm fine. Thank you.

Everything i suspected
about phillip is confirmed.

If we lose,there won't be any
blindside. I'll go right up to fill.

And i when he asks me who
to vote for and i'll say,

"you know what,phillip?
You're going home.

" i'll front-side him.




Nothing too nasty. I mean nothing
you wouldn't-- nothing unexpected.

She told the other team
to pull hard,beat us.

- Did she?
- Yes,she did.

I don't think it was
particularly an egregious manner.

It was nothing out of the ordinary,nothing
you wouldn't have expected.

How is matt doing?

He's doing good. But
he's for the other team.

He ain't going to swap sides so
don't plan on no matt favoring us.


this one***



- Yeah,and if you flip--
- after the merge--

- no one respectaise flipper.
- Then you're the first one to go.

I think david,***

if we merge,he would jump to
their team,just,bam,like that.

I do believe.

Well,he's a lawyer,and lawyers,you
gotta look at them that way.

They're-- they think they're a
lot better than everybody else.

Today is the day to fish.

First time we caught them
all was after a big storm.

You know what? That was a storm
that came from out to sea,though.

Because the water wasn't muddy.

When the water is
dumping out from there,

that's when all the bait
fish wash out from the river

like the minow and bring
the bigger fish in to shore.


The 30-year-old
david attorney

is contingent contingent the
45-year-old ralph,mr.Outdoorsman,

that we ought to go fishing.

So dave is getting tough to stomach.

Okay,dave is bugging me.


We should go fish now.
" you know. Like shut up.

I want to,like,punch him in
the face,him and his schiller.

- It's like picking his wound.
- Is that the face he made?

- No.
- Sarita,show the face he made.

He's like you guys ought to be
fish you now and he's like...

David's personality is i find
himselfish and egotistical.

As much as he thinks he's the king of
riding the wild waters of "survivor"

he isn't savvy at the
social game at all.

I'm guessing steve's not
real happy with the fact

that i decided to do
my own thing last night.

I don't know.

David,he might be smart,but it
don't take smart to win this game.

It just takes somebody that knows how
to maneuver around and play the ball.

When it comes out here in
the general world,survivein',




he probably will only eat that.

Don't eat too much of the crispy stuff.
I told him i would save it for him.

- There's plenty of it.
- Yeah,there's a lot.

I think rob will like
the stuff on the bottom.

Ips a scoop of the crispy,okay,just one?

That's all rob is going to eat.

I didn't have one scoop of the crispy.

- Me,either.
- We didn't have any.


Forget it.

You can have all you want.

I mean,i don't see where one
scoop of the crispy would matter.

It's rob's serving. It's fine.

When we make it,guys,we're all
entitled to whatever is made,

okay,in equal proportions.

So if i wanted a
scoop of crispy and--

lookings i saw you guys
get a scoop of the crispy.

Let's not mack a mountain out of
a mole hill,for crying out loud.

I'm standing right there.

I don't want to hear it.



Everybody likes the brown crispy
rice,but rob likes it in particular.

I walked over and said,"can
i have a little scoop,

a spoonful,a teaspoonful of the crispy.

" y "no,no,no,you
can't. It's all for rob.

Even though there's a full portion.

You can have some of that cut

butt you can't have that,it's crispy.

" how asinine is that.

- robbie***
- Right here.

I'm sick and tired of the
fact that they act like

because boston rob is boston
rob,he gets deference to everything.

Just because they sleep in
his underwear every night--

and that's not sleeping
figuratively,that's literally--

they're sharing his underwear,the
girl,his socks,his bed,

so they want to pay him
deference on everything.

He,like,came over here and he's like

can i have a scoop of crispy rice?

" let it be known,the first opportunity
i have to eliminate him,i will.

- That's what i said.
- And he said,"no. I don't want that.

" "don't make a mountain
out of a mole hill.

" oh,well.

With all due respect,i'm a 52-year-old
man,and the senior member of this tribe.

I don't know what world they're
coming from,but in any other world,

i would be given the deference
simply because of my age.

I'm certainly entitled to it,if
we're going to call this a tribe.

But instead i get the
redheaded stepchild treatment.

He says we cater to you.

Am i feeling part of
this tribe? Hell,no!

Am i giving 100% to this
tribe,110% to this tribe?

Hell,yeah! And i'm sick of it.

*** I'm here to stay,

blot i want it to be on record
there is a division in this tribe,

not of my making,of their making.

That's all i have to say.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge.

- Yes.
- We are!

First things first,i will
take it back again,ometepe.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

On my go,both tribes will race through
a series of obstacles working together

to collect bags of balls along the way.

Once you've cleared all the obstacles,you
must shoot the balls into a basket.

First tribe to get all six balls
in their basket wins immunity,

is safe from the vote.

Losers go to tribal council where
somebody will be voted out of the tribe

and sent to redemption
island. Any questions?

What are we playing for?

In addition,you are playing for reward.

The winning tribe will
leave here via helicopter,

taken for a beautiful afternoon picnic.

You'll enjoy fruits,vegetabl

You'll have a cooler full of
alcoholic and non-alcoholic--


- Worth playing for?
- Yeah!

We are back even.

Six on six,nobody sitting
out of this challenge.

Give you a minute to
strategize. We'll get started.

Here we go. For immunity
and reward,survivors ready?


Both tribes hit the hay hard.

- Flying over it.
- Come on,get up!

Sarita going to work on that first
bag for zapatera,rob for ometepe.

Rob working quickly on
that first bag of balls.

Sarita taking a little
time for zapatera.

Ometepe opening up a big lead right now.

Zapatera really slowing down.


Zapatera has their first bag of balls.


Everybody on the mat!

Now you can go!

Phillip now caught up in the ropes!

You're going up.


Ralph,come on. ***

Rob working on that bag
of balls again for ometepe.

Dave taking over for zapatera.

David has it for zapatera.

Zapatera's picked up a lot of time.

Rob still struggling with those balls.

Going the wrong way!

Rob is now hung up. Ometepe
has their second bag.

Let's go!

- Ometepe has lost time. They had a big lead.
- Come on!


Help me!

Everybody through the crawl.

Behind you,phillip!

- Oh,this way.
- Come on!

Zapatera working on their
third and final bag of balles.

Phillip and rob really
dragging it for ometepe.

- Get up! Get up!
- Come on!

Phillip slowing down. Rob at the end.

David now having trouble
with that third and final bag.

Get me up! Get me up!

Rob trying to pick up some time.

David now fig aring it
out. He's using his hand.

David has the third and
final bag for zapatera.

Through the brick wall!

A big hit by zapatera.

Rob gotta keep it moving.

Zapatera through the wall first!

- Oh,man!
- Get untying,guys!

Rob has the third and
final bag for ometepe.

Grant through the wall!
Everybody through the wall!

It won't open! Help me!

Phillip smashthrough the bricks.

Ometepe now through the wall!

Gotta get all six balls in the basket.

Both tribes already shooting balls now.

Ometepe has their first ball in.

Ralph not having any luck.

Grant is two per two. Grant
has two in for ometepe.

Zapatera with zero.

Zapatera has their first ball.

Ometepe has their third ball.

Zapatera with their second ball.

Their third ball. We are tied 3-3.

there are six balls total.
Gotta get all six in.

Zapatera has their
fourth ball in the net.

Zapatera has their fifth ball in.

Zapatera has one left.

Grant puts one in for
ometepe. It is 5-4.

big reward. And bigger
immunity on the line.

Ometepe with their fifth ball in.

Both tribes have one left.

oh,in and out.

Grant does it! Ometepe
wins immunity and reward!

- Way to help out!
- Oh,man!


We almost lost you,phillip.

We were close.

Ometepe,once again congratulations.

All right,zapatera,you are
now down to six members.

After tonight's tribal council,five.

Things are going from bad to worse.

Grab your stuff,head back to
camp. I will see you tonight.

Somebody will be voted out
and sent to redemption island.

Ometepe,no tribal council tonight.
Should be a nice,enjoyable day.

Have a good time.

Some tribes advanced boldly.

Weak tribes grow agitated.

But superior tribes,like
ourselves,we find a way to win.


This is my fourth time on "survivor"
and i've been on a lot of rewards,

but i'll tell you what i've never done

is landed on top of an active volcano,

definitely one of the coolest
experiences i've ever had.

- Be careful.
- Watch your feet,y'all.

- Take a look at that.
- Oh,my god!

- Hello! Hello.
- It's a hole is that goes straight to the center of the earth.

Literally,i am sitting on the
edge of a volcano right now.

I'm looking down at it right now,bro.

I could fall in there and
never be heard from again.


And what's special about it is we get to
do it as a tribe together and just enjoy it.

What do we got?

- Crackers. Crackers!
- Yeah,yeah,yeah!

I'm actually having an
incredible day today.

We have a numbers advantage.

And for me,i haven't always felt

like i was totally
inclusive with the group.

But today,having a
wonderful meal right now.

- Oh,my gosh!
- Delicious.

And surviving with the tribe.

- We won again!
- We won again!

I find it hard not to be tribal in
my thinking,community in my thinking,

so right now i'm on top of the earth.

Comeback kids.

They are good but we are better.

S what's in that jar right there?

Dude,try it. They're so good.

I've been on enough rewards to know
whenever you win one,there's a clue.

So immediately it hits me,the
keeks are cylindrical shape.

- The clue's got to be in it.
- ***

And sure enough in center is a
clue wrapped up like a cookie.

- Do you put pesto on your sandwich?
- No.

It's so good!

But it really doesn't
even matter what it says

because i already have the idol,so...

Might as well just throw it
away in the volcano! Bye-bye!


That certainly sucked.

So today's challenge
was an awesome challenge.

The outcome completely sucked.

That's three losses in
a row,all three for food.

We're starving out here.
We're tired of going to tribal.

After tonight it's going to
be six of them and five of us.

Not a good situation
with a looming merge.

So what do we think? This is probably the
only time we're really going to have to talk.

I was thinking did dave.

Are you guys feeling good
about losing the puzzle maker?

I want the tribe to win.

Michael can more than fill
his shoes on the puzzles.

I haven't seen him do anything too
outstanding at any of the challenges.

I fell like i can do anything
dave can do and i feel like--

because i would say kick me off if
i felt like dave was better than me.

I just don't feel like he is.

I-- i don't
think he's good.

Tonight in tribal council
i'm going to vote for david

because he's a loose cannon,and
knowing that he voted for me last time,

knowing that he doesn't trust me at all,

it doesn't really bode
well for the future.

What do you think?

I just want to make sure
you're on the program.

I talked of talked to the other four.

- You have?
- Yeah. Dave.

David done awesome today. He done great.

It's beside the point.

I don't trust dave not
to get together with them

before the end of the
day and get one of us off.

I really don't. I
don't trust dave at all.

No,i don't either.

But i definitely think
this next one is dave.

You're probably right.

I feel like david is going
to have a really good chance

of beating boy wonder
on redemption island,

which i don't want to see him come back.

He said going to come back like
a hell on wheels for me,but...

The game is the game.

I feel a little bit more nervous
tonight than i have in the past,

primarily because i don't know

what the tribe has seen the light
in terms of keeping strength.

Last time,nobody was interested in
focusing on strength of the tribe,

and they wanted to focus on trust.

If that happens again,

there's a distinct possibility
i am the one going home.

Here comes dave. Good work!

I haven't seen him pick up a piece
of lumber before we've been here.

We were going to target dav
david. But sa-struggled today.

She fumbled a couple of
times,couldn't get the bag open.


David,on the other hand,really
came through for us.

What do you want to do,ralph?

I'm gonna vote for david.

For the strength of
the tribe in challenges,

we think we've got to keep dave.


In my eyes,you know,i don't trust david.

I don't trust him at all.

I love sa
- i think she's great

but she's been super,super
weak at every challenge.

She tend to get flustered
and freaked out a ryth bit.

She just doesn't have the
intestinal fortitude,you know.

She's absolute the
weakest at this point.

Tonight we have two option opti
- david or sarita.

Sarita very loyal,very trustworthy.

However,in challenges she's very
flustered and not very strong.

David,on the other hand,he's
a thinker. He's very smart.

I think he'll help us get through
future challenges with puzzles.

However,he's a little
bit harder to trust,

and if we end up merging some time soon,

who do we want to have
with us at the merge?

It's a total catch-22 at this point.

Either we have a loyal tribe or
we have a tad bit stronger tribe.

Right now we're in a bit of a tailspin

and we have a couple of thousand feet

before we hit the
deck and crash and burn

so we need to figure a
way out of this tailspin.

All right,ralph,you tell me--
what has happened to zapatera?

Jeff,it was pretty close today.

We was ahead,but when
it got to the balls --

- can i pipe in?
- Yes.

David,finish this
sentence,"excuses are for..."?


I'm a loser then.

Julie,there is one glaring stat.

Since you threw the challenge
to get rid of russell

you have lost the next
three of four challenges.

That's correct. It is bad karma.

At the time,jeff,we thought our tribe
was way stronger than the other tribe

and we thought we could
spare to throw one challenge

and we still feel like we're
stronger than the other tribe.

David,maybe the problem isn't that
you're not as strong as the other tribe.

Maybe the problem is
you're just not as cohesive.

I think that's exactly
what the problem is.

It's a lack of unity here.

When we were banded
together against russell

that was something we all
had a similar goal towards.

But if you look at the other tribe,it
looks like they're all friends.

They're all sitting there
laughing,giggling,and having a good time.

It would seem to me that's a
component of their daily life.

Ralph,does that ring true to you,

how important it is that
the entire group be cohesive?

Well,first,jeff,i don't
know what "cohesive" means.

- Well in your job you manage a group of guys,right?
- Yes.

Would you rather have a dozen
guys who are really strong

but didn't get along very well

or a dozen guys that
maybe aren't that strong

but work really well as a unit.

I disagree.

It's a question. Which would you have.

I would rather have
ones that are stronger

because if they do
get along,iac,iac,iac.

I disagree.

I think any coach would rather
have a group that gets along.


Krista would disagree,stephanie
would disagree,

and from what i see recently
between david and sarita,

david would probably disagree.

That's why krista and
stephanie are gone.

They were the dissenters
among the group.

David may disagree but i know
that we feel we're stronger.

David,you have been pretty vocal in
your response of krista and stephanie.

Are you concerned that may
now put the target on you?

Absolutely. Stephanie's
refusal to vote with the tribe

and instead voting with krista tipped
the scales against her ultimately.

The fact that i did the same thing
at the last tribal council concerns me

but i gave stephanie my word.


Sarita,david makes the
argument by keeping his word

he is actually showing his loyal.

That doesn't really fly with
me. I trusted in the six.

I trusted in the six but i don't
have any individual trust in you.

I was surprised when david
voted for me last week.

I thought the six was strong and
no matter what difference keys had

i would never have written his name
down because i do honor a violencees.

He yell add me a couple of
times and got me in my face.


It doesn't mean the
six change tmeans--

carry on after the six

so there was basically no
alliance between the two of us

- but she was still willing to work with me within the six.
- ***

We had an agreement for the six

and we had a hierarchy of
what we were going to do,

and he flipped on that and
decided to align with stephanie.

I didn't flip on any hierarchy.

I did what i thought
was best for the tribe.


But tonight,things are different

because there is no stephanie
and there is no krista.

And my name was written down.

So now you're gunning for david.

of course she is. It's obvious.

That question doesn't
even need to be asked.

If she thinks i've betrayed the alliance

of course she's going have vote for me.

I didn't plead my case
to anyone this afternoon.

Everyone has their mind made up.

Whether it's me or her,so be it.

All right,well this group of
six is about to be broken up.

It's time to vote. Julie,you're up.

I was always honest with
you,and you betrayed me.

It's unfortunate because you
have a lot of great qualities.

I hope you love redemption island as
much as i love writing your name down.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are are
ready,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,sarita.


Two votes david,one vote sarita.

Sarita. We're tied-- two
votes sarita,two votes david.

Sarita. That's three votes sarita,

two votes david,one vote left.

Seventh person voted out of
"survivor: redemption island," sarita.

oh,my god. I wish i'd brought my stuff.

Don't get too confident.

- Sarita,the tribe has spoken.
- ***


You will have a chance
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch. Head to
redemption island. Good luck.

Well,if there was any question as to
whether or not this is one cohesive group,

tonight's tribal council
certainly answered it. No.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

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