Survivor (2000–…): Season 22, Episode 8 - This Game Respects Big Moves - full transcript

The former tribes have big plans for one castaway who has the potential to change the game. Meanwhile, this same castaway grapples with the decision of whether to make the powerful move.

Previously on "survivor":

At ometepe, Matt and Andrea formed
a tight bond right from the start.

And Boston Rob saw them as a threat.

I know how strong a
pair can be in this game.

So he sent Matt to Redemption
Island, but matt refused to go away,

defeating everyone he faced, waiting
for his shot to re-enter the game.

For the fifth time, Matt stays alive.

Under Rob a leadership, the
ometepe tribe was flying high

even as old nemesis Phillip was
beginning to feel like part of the team.

Right now i'm on top of the earth.

And Rob had another acep his sleeve.

It's a clue wrapped up like a cookie

but it doesn't matter what it
says because i have the idol,

so i will just throw it away.

On the zapatera tribe, Ralph
also had a hidden immunity idol.


But his tribe was in trouble.
Athe last immunity challenge...

Survivors ready? Go!

Ometepe opening up a big lead right now.

Everybody through the wall.

Grant does it!

Ometepe beat zapatera for
the third time in a row.

At tribal council, it came
down to sarita, who was loyal,

or david, who was better at challenges.

Sarita, the tribe has spoken.

With Sarita off to redemption island,

the zapatera five are hoping for
a little redemption of tir own.



- ***
- Yeah.

We sure blindsided her.

Tonight, we voted sarita
off because we felt like

sarita was the weakest link when it
came to helping us win the challenges.



Yeah. I was going to
talk to you about it.

Don't worry about it. I understand.

We are dwindling.

We're down to five now and we
have to win the next challenge--

we have to win the next two challenges.

We have to even this thing
out. No one likes a landslide.

- We've gotta win.
- Do battle. Exactly.

{ 6}rede***

Hello? Matt?

- Hey. It's Sarita.
- Hey, Sarita.

It's so cute. It's like a little
swiss family Robinson house

Sarita from the zapatera tribe arrived

at mi casa on redemption
island this evening.

this is... A bed for
you if you'd like it.


I was quite happy to see her

because she doesn't appear
to be too incredibly tough.

Yeah, i've just been hearing
horror stories from zapatera.

Like, what's been going on?

It's really not that bad. There
are a lot of amazing people.

Julie, Mike, Sve, Ralph--
good people.

I love that i can share the
good parts of zapatera with him,

like, hey, here's who
you want to stick with.

Here who i'm not sure about.

I love being able to give that to
him because he is a really good kid.

You should be a little bit open to mike.

He's definitely my favorite player.

I'm sort of thinking that Sarita might be
the last of the duelers before the merge.

I trust the information that she's
been giving me about the zapatera tribe.

He's so ex-marine.
He's a total bad ass.

Up until this point, I was
saying it would be better for me

to hop back on the train with ometepe,

but if all goes as planned
and I can win the duel,

it would be quite the opportune moment
to strike and take out the ometepe tribe.

Proudly Presents

Sync: ????




I have mail.

"another duel to be played this
morning and you know it's anyone's game.

This time your whole tribe will win
this as another buff goes in the flames.

- i wonder if it's the last one.
- Merge.

May be, man. Could be.

Today we got tree mail that indicated

that we are going to see
a duel at Redemption Island

with both tribes fully present.

So we suspect there's
going to be a merge.

We should probably bring
our stuff just in case.

I agree.

If there's a merge, we're
probably going to their beach.

- Really?
- Yeah.

It would be foolish to
leave our stuff here.

My gut is they'd come here.

- You're a gambling man.
- I'm a gambling man.

Okay. Then what do we want to risk?

Going to the other beach
and losing everything?

Better to be safe than sorry.

I kindf went through, you know,

i'm sick and tired of being
the redheaded stepchild!

But, you know what, frankly?

I've learned a lot
playing the game with rob.

So this is a whole new game
now. We've got the numbers.

And if it is a merge, I'm very comfortable
staying with the ometepe tribe.

{ 6}zapa***

- Wow, we're all going.
- You know what that might mean?

A duel followed by a merge.

Wouldn't thate crazy?

My personal hope is we get to a merge,

I'm ready to sink my teeth in to some of
the other members of the ometepe tribe.

Rob is the obvious target.

He's a master at this game.

I'm ready to get in the ring
and go toe to toe with that guy.


Today is duel number 6 for me.

I'm really nervous because
i cut my foot pretty badly.

It's right on the outside of my foot

so if it's one of those
endurance challenges

it's going to be
really, really difficult.

But god gave me this platform
and i'm going to do the best I can

and hopefully come out
with another victory.

Matt is going to be hard to beat but
I am going in with so much confidence.

I think I'm a worthy opponent.

We'll now bring in the
competitors for today's duel.

Matt will be battling against sarita.

Voted out at the last tribal council.

Welcome to redemption island arena.

We've invited everybody from both
tribes to witness your duel today.

Because the winner of today's
duel will go back in the game.

If matt wins, it's no
good for me personally

because you know,i'm one who
sent him to redemption island.

So I'm figuring he's
holding that against me.

And there's a possibility he
might defecto the other team.

I mean, that's what i would do.

For today's duel, you will use your
arms to brace yourself against two walls

while your bare feed are
perched on very nasho footholds.

Every 15 minutes, you'll
move to a smaller foothold.

Last person left standing wins
this duel, re-enters the game,

and continues their quest
for the million-dollar prize.

Loser isout for good.

This is it. One shot. It's
a biggie. Take your spots.

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All right, this duel is on.

You'll stay on this
foothold for 15 minutes.

If you're still going, then we'll
move to the next smaller foothold.

- Zen, Sarita.
- Piece of cake.


All right, you've been
up there 15 minute.

It is time to move down
to the next foothold.

You've got 15 seconds to get situated.

Five, four, three, two, one.

The challenge continues.

- All right, Matt.
- You'll be on th foothold for 15 minutes.

Now you're probably down
to about a quarter inch

of wood nayour feet are westing on.

It's going to be a little more painful.

Phillip, give us some insight.

The situation like this,what
do do you to be successful?

Well, the buschuto code was how the
samurai knew he had to conduct his life

when he was facing
difficult circumstances,

and they had a whole strategy
about the task at hand,

and they shamed their feudal lord,

they would have to cut themselveses.

That was one of the
things they looked for,

and they looked for you
to make the first move,

and then they would strike.

{ 6}elapsed***

And the buschu i to code gave
them a way to live as the bible.

I know matt knows it's all up here.

And as long as he keeps that
focus, he'll be just fine.

Thanks, Phillip.

It is time now to move to
the third and fival foothold.

You'll have 15 seconds, get settled.

Make sure you're really locked in

because you're going to be stuck
here till the end of the challenge.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Good work Sarita.

- Good job, Sarita. Zen, baby.
- You are now on the final foothold.

There is no time limit now.

We go until one of
you drops. This is it.

You're on probably an ability
of an inch of wood right now.

There's very little there.

Good job, Sarita.

Stay there.

You own this, Sarita. You own this.

Women have done very well in
this challenge historically.

Looking good, Matt.

Matt readjusting a little bit.

Cramps probably starting to set in.

Working their way all
the way up your legs.

You got this, Sarita.

- Good job, Sarita. Good job, girl.
- Keep on going.

Sarita finding that zone.

You're looking great, Matt.

Hang in there, man.
You're looking real good.

- Oh, god.
- Sarita digging deep. Keep digging.

You want a shot back in
this game. Yov got it.

Sarita drops out of the duel.

Matt seizes the moment and
will re-enter this game.

- Good job, Sarita.
- Great, great try, Sarita.

- how you feeling?
- I'm bummed. I thought i had it.

All right, Sarita, you
are out of this game.

Your shot at the
million dollars is over.

Grab your stuff. Toss
your buff on your way out.

- See you back home, Sarita.
- Have fun,you guys

Matt, congratulation.. Six duels, six wins.

You are back you can take your buff
off, too. I've got a new one for you.

- It's clean.
- All right!

And it's a different color.
Because we are merg.


drop your old one, put on your
new one, d rejoin the e tribe.

All right, are yougoing
to merge to a neweach.

Here's a map.
One more thing--

beginning with the next tribal
council, redemption island starts again.


That means, tt, you could be voted
out again and sent right back he.

Guys, just, please give
me-- give me a minute.

Grab your stuff, head out.
Leave your olduffs behind.

This is--
this is crazy.

I'm absolutely stoked to
beack in the game right now.

I mean, i definitely think my time on
redetion island gives me an advantage

because i had six peoplereak down
everything that was gng on in ch tribe.

Now i've got a couple of optio options.

I n either go withmetepe.
I can go with zapatera.

But i've got to be careful because
one slip-up out herend you're gone.


Yes, yes, yes!

Walking up and seeing all that food

was like a dam come true

my whole body got happy.

I felt like just a
little kid at a carnival.

This is chicken!

Oh, my god.

Oh, thank you!

- This is heaven.
- Oh, my god!

We sat dow we h a great
picnic, finally got some good food.

We have prusciutto, wine, local er,

mixed nuts, dates.

We've got chicken to cook tonight.

Guys what, do you think of a name?

Who's got some spanish names.

Merleonio means frothe sea united.

O my gosh, hat's beautiful.

Does everyone like that?

Say it on more time?


Merleonio doest mean anything.

It's an inside joke between amber and i.

She has bunch of stuffed animals
and meeonio is the ringleader

so that's the name of our new tribe.


First thing on my mind when i found
out we had to build a new shelter was

oh, my gosh. We've got to do this aga.

But i think it's imptant actually

that we did build the
shelter all together

because that's the icebreaker.


it was***


- yeah.
- ***

Let's throw the deck in.

Matt is the key linchpin
to this whole deal.

He w voted out by the ometepe tribe,

and i think at this point,

he doesn't ve a huge amou
of lolty towards them.

But it lks like matt and
andrea are very tight,

so this is whe i gottago for broke.

I gottary and make as
big of a move as i can

cause i do want to sit
back and get dealt with

when it'smy time at
the han of Boston Rob.

The way it stands right
now,if rob gets whate wants,

he's just going to
take us out one by one,

and then i think it's probably going
to be you, anea, and Phillip next.

And you Andrea a the biggest
chess pieces in this game right now

and i trust you guys wholeheartedly.

And, you know, if you
guys can team up with us,

i can assure you that we can go
to the final four i believe you.

And i'm okay whtling down my tribe

to honor my commitment to you and andrea

because yore going
to grow parts to this.

I want to be in this
game as long as i can

so i'm really just trying to figure out

wt's best for me and when route to take

becauslast time i was coasting
and waiting to play the game

and this time i c't be near as passive

because i' be back on
redetion island in a jiffy.

Here's the deal.

I'll have access to
the ido if i want it.

If you need the idol, you've got it.

- I like the sound of it.
- Yeah.

But i just gotta talk
things over with andrea.

It is truly in her
best interest as well.

Yeah, it is.





and ometepe...


d it's pretty tough being on
the down side of a 7-5ribe.

Andrea and matt,i hope
they're ready to switch sides.

Otherwise, we're dead.

I had no idea.

Let me tell you thi right now.
Right now, you are my closest ally.

Good. I didn't
know what--

okay, this is what i want. I want
to take out the ometepe tribe.

Because i' honestly at
the bottom of the alliance.

I was thinking, like, we vote Steve
out, and then we vote phillip out.

Ometepe thinks everything is hunky
dory and that's when we blinide rob.

Oh, my god! I'm so nervous.

Just stop. Just calm down.

- This game respects big moves.
- Yeah.

It does and this is a huge move.

Right now i am
tight with b--

that's what i'm saying. We can
only talk to each other about this.

Cannot say anything to them.

I have no problem with cutting thtwo

because th kind of backstabbed
us in the beginning. Yeah.

I really lik ma, but he d this idea that
he wanted to blindsight ometepe tribe,

and in the back of my mind
i'm thinking, this could be bad.

It's extremely risky for me
to jump ship at this point.

But i'm definitely
keeping m options open.


Hey, what's going on? What
are you reading over there?

Matthew, the story of
jesus' escape to egypt.

Forgot all abt that.

so,*** Sous fasted for
40 days and 40 nights?

About the same time as "survivor"?

Yeah and this may sound crazy to
you a, but after i beat Stephanie,

it was like god wanted me
to win redemption island.

I real feel i wasut here for a reason,

d that that reason was, i
believe, t honor my god.

So i'm morally conflicted here

becaus i really genuinely care abt
everyone on the former ometepe trib

part o me wants to do
the big "survivor" move.

However, right now, i feel like
my hea's almost telling me

not to and just to stick with ometepe.

"man does not live on just bread alone t on
every wor that comes from the mouth of god.

" this is just such
beautiful language right now.

I'm trying think should i go over
there and get in thatal convo,

but i probably don't
have too much to add.

What would i really say? Amen!

There's like a christian coalition
brewing here in nicaragua.

Look, i g nothing against god.

I mean, i to crch o sunday,

but any time a group of
individuals likes the same thing,

i don't like that.

It cou be romantic comedies.
It could be oro cookies.

If they're all liking it
together, i want that broken up.

Who knows, Mike, maybe he already thinks
he's going tw grab one or two of them.

Can't let that happen.

If mike doesn't win individual immunity

i feel like he should be the first
sent over there to redempon island.

come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to your
first individual immunity challenge?


First things first. Andrea, i
will take back tribal immunity

tribal immuny is done.

This is n what you covet.

- all right!
- Nice!

Individual immunity.

If you are wearing t
necklace, you are safe in ts me.

You cann be voted out.

Without it, you areost
definitely vulnerable.

- Shalle get to the cllenge.
- Yes.

For today's challeng you
will be perched on a small log

while bancing a ball on a wooden disk.

At regular intervals, we will add
more balls, making it more difficult.

If at any pnt a ball falls
off, you're out of the challenge.

Last pers left standi wins immunity
and is safe at tribal council.

Losers, somebody will bevoted out
and sent to redemption island.

- Make sense?
- Yeah.

All rht, take your spots.
We'll get started.

All right, everybody take
a spot up on your log.

Get comfortable.

All right,let's take ball number
one. Place it on your disk.

I'll give you five sends.

Five, four, three, two, one.

And release your hands.
This challenge is on.

phillip already hang
trouble balancing on the l.

Evybody else looking pretty steady.

Phillip wobbling. Can he save it?

Nice recovery by Phillip. I'm impressed.

I got rhythm, baby

15 seconds left in this round.

Hang on for 15 seconds and you move on.

Julie's out of the cllenge. Take
apot on the bench. We are down 11.

all right,we're going
to add another ball.

That means you can put yourand on
the ball on yo disk. You are safe.

Grab a secd ball. Get steady.

Five, four, three, two, one.

This is going to get
much more difficult now.

Ashley out ofhe challenge.
Take a step back on the bench.

We a down to 10.

dad now struggling. Gotta get it back.

David drops the ball. Vid
is out of the challenge.

30 secondseft in this round.
You guys areoing great.

Ralph wavering a little bit.

Dig, Ralph! You've done
more difficult than this.

oh, man!

This round is over everybody
grab your balls. You are safe.

We're going todd the
third and final ball now.

There will be no stopping.

Last person left standing wins immunity.

Here we go.
Five, four, three, two, one. Release.

Now it will be very difficult.

Three balls standing on
a round log with the wind.

No more time limits now.

We go until ly one person is left

Andrea with a great
recovery but can't hang on.

Andrea's o of the challenge.

Take a spot on the bench

ant, don't lose it now.

Grant is out of the challenge.
We're down to seven.

Mike has not wavered
this entire challenge.

Rob now struggling.

Phillip with a gre recovery.
Like he's riding a wave!

Matt has one ball hanging
just on the edge of his disk.

Matt is out of the challenge.

Rob drops out of the challenge.

Phillipobbling. Can he save it?

Phillip is outf the challenge.
Everybody get your composure.

We are now down to four.
Mike, Steve, Natalie and Ralph.

One former ometepe
three former zapateras.

I'm impresse you're going a long time.

Come back here

Ralph one ball hanging on t edge.

Lph drops out of the challenge.
We are now down to three.

Natalie and steve need to hope
r something to happen to mike

because right now, he's like a statue.

Steve withhose balls hanging
on the edge of the disk.

Focus don't drift.

Steve is out of the challenge.

We are down to the final
two. Mike and Natalie.

Mike no movement at all. None.

It's like those balls
are ged to his disk.

Natalie having to do some
balancing, some recovering.

There's a fly on mike's ball.

The first signf movement from Mike.

Mike falls out of the challenge, Natalie
wins first indivual immunity!

Are you kidding me!

Natalie, come on over

look at that. Getting
a round of applause.

nalie, safe at tonight's tribal council.

As for the rest of you,should
an interesti afternoon.

11 people, two newly merged tr

can't wait to get to tribal

where somebody will be
voted out of this game,

and that person will be
sent to redemption island.

- Seeou at tribal. Nice job.
- Thank you.

We're going to tribal council tonight.

And i've been talking
to matt about flipping.

But if he decide to join
forces with ometepe tribe,

icould be meme goingredemptitionslsland.



*** All right!

- Thank you.
- Ood job.

Natalie was a champ.

You were like a statue up there.

What happed is my feet went numb
and then they just went whoop.

The challenge today was quite a battle.

I think i hung in there
fo about 40 minutes.

I was in the zone. I was feeling it.

I was like i am coming back with
the immunitynecklace around my neck

but it didn't comeout right,

so this rst vote between
the tribes is a big one,

an i mig be on the chopping block.

I don't think they're going
to go after steve or julie.

I don't think they see
you guys as threats.

I think it's going to be Ralph o'er me

because i did well at the
munity challenge today.

Are you okay playing th idol for
me to try to draw out their votes.

- If we need to.
- ***

Rob isoing to know

he's the serpent's head
and wre coming after him

so i think we should take out
rob's right-hand man and go grant.

They n't see that coming.

And then all we gta do is
reel matt in anwe're good.

- That's very smart
- i like it.

Pretty awesome, huh?

I've grown so much through that
redemption island experience.

That was a time when i
relied on god,and i s tough.

This absolutelis a game,

but my heart is telling me don't change.

And i want to honor my god
and be true to who i am.

So've deded i don't want to
switch. I don't want to flip.

And m just going to have to
have peace with whatev hams.

I mean, if is god's will, he'll ke
me as far as he wants me to go.

Rob, Mike was telling me, look, i
have an idol for and you andrea.

Him, Ralph, and Steve.

And he's le,"and i could
use you to save you wi it,

and th it would be
you in the final four.

" i'm like, that would be cool
i'd ke to go as far as i can.

But i'm with you all.

I want to continue my
leadership with my tribe.

Thanks, Matt. That means a lot.

Matt just told me he was thinking
about flipping and going with zapatera.

First of all, he has the audacity

to think that he's ing to
come up with plan to vote meut.

And then the stupidity to tell me that.

Itust confirmed he can't be trusted.

So because of that, i'm giving him a
one-way ticket back to tion island.

It would be such a great
plan. I had it all fured out.

But morally i was, like, going
back and forth.

I'm glad we talked because now i
don't have to worry about anything.

Andrea, i came clean, told him
about mike and everything.

I know they wanted to bring
you in, but i'mci not flipping.

We're not doing any of that.

Yesterday, Matt and i were like okay, we're
not telling anybody what we're planning.

And now he's, like, throwinme
under thf bus to rob.

It's so stupid because

that could have sabotaged my pl to
get to, like, the final three completely.

- So shoulde vote for someone like Mike?
- I don't know.

It's just like you're swinging
for the fences in the fir inning.

Maybe the smart thing is to go
for somebody like steve or julie.

I think steve. I don't think
th'd give up the idol for him.


This is like a turng point in the game.

You be what's going
down. You can figure it o?

Voting for Matt.

He told that him and Andrea
were going to join up with them.

- Are you serious!
- Yup. He's trying to get us again.

It's got to be mat, bro.

Dude i'm-- he's such
a good christian guy.

Well, hf can still be
a good christian guy.

- On redemption island.
- Yeah.

He's playing botsides still he is.

I love him, but he's just too nice.

- He's doing theame thing he did the first time around.
- Rjght.

Look,i don't know
what's going on anymore.

Ju jetted off witut me.

- Like, i'm kind of feeling osacized here.
- Yeah.

Looking at Matt,i can see
paranoia getting tohim,

which is a beautiful
thing t have at this point.

So i tnk he knows

that he could potentially be on the
chopping block with the ometepe tribe.

You and Andrea need to jump with us

because you'll go much
further than you will with the

i guarantee you, Rob has
gotten guys in a pecking order.

- I know, i'm sixth.
- Yeah, yeah.

So, what am i doing tight?

We're all voting for matty.
Everyby is on board. Everybody.


Matty come over here, please.

Can you try to get e lasrow
of palms and mo that up?

He saidhe doesn't
necessarily know what'soing,

and Boston Rob snagged him up.

I'm going to write a note to matt.

Matt, cld you twistthis one rit here?

could you twist this right
here. Could you twist that?


I'm gonna go for a walk.



Top three, huh? That's not bad.

We're all getting ready to go to tribal
couil and mike slips me this note.

This is my golden ticket
to the final three.

So here i am, at the crossroads between

keeping my word and breaking my word.

What are you thinking?

What are the posbilities that
youould do something crazy tonight?

I mean,i don't want to at
all, like, but this is my last chance.

Where's matty?

- He went on aalk.
- Where's Andrea?

Onight's vote is monumental.

If things godown the way they're supsed
to go down, en matty is going home.

If matt and andrea are with them,

then i'm going to be in a world of hurt.

Here's what's going down.

Matty's got to go hometonight.

Rob wants me to vote for matt,

but i trusted rob once bere,and
i gotoyally screwed over.

So it might be the wisest move to flip
with matt because i could be next to go.

It's in matt's hands at ts point.

On the other hand, matt is
flighty, so i don't know what to do.

Is lot of people at tribal.

Ralph,what's 12 peopl like getting
in one camp living together?

Boy, it's rough. It's like two teams.

We're sleeping inwo little areas, and
ain't doing a lot of talking.

Th go their way and we go ourselves.

It's crazy what's going
on over there, Jeff.

Nobody's sayg anything to each other.

Never seen anything like this.

David,is this what you expeed?

It is odd. Got the really bad
side of the shelter last night.

They were under the tarp.
We were und the palm fronds,

and we were soak wet
within five minute of rain.

We won the tarp, first of all,

so if wechoose to
sleep under the tarp--

i would like t add the asterisk to
win they really didn't try too hard.

- So zapatera did throw a challenge?
- Yes.

Jeff, that's the distinction
between the two tribes. Becae--

oh, please! Please.

Please don't interrupt. I'll be courteous
and let you speak. Don't interrupt.

We would never not try.

And here'swhat i'd like
to say out that, Jeff.

Pleas there are some on that tribe,

which will be beautiful glorious,

but you know when received outrd,

it sometimes leaves the stench so great.

You know at it's probably
carrying something parasitic,

and, therefore, you don't
want to aproach it.

Now, what are you guys laughing at.

Whatever Phillip just
said. It was funny.

It is two different tribes, i
don't dislike them as people.

I thk we're both being loyal to
the tribes we originated with,

and that's what it comes down to.

And, matt, here are you, fresh back
from redemption isla, coming into this.

Man, it was so much
easier on redemption island.

Just not having all these people around.

I've had some prettwild
tribal councils so far.

I'm starting to kind of ve a
funny feeling about this place.

so, mike, there're six
ometepe, five zapatera and Matt.

Viously, he's a big vote.

Absolute. Matt is the man in the middle.

You can see it wearing on him,

but everything's gog to fall
out here at this tribal council

and wee going to find out
where everybody stands.

Ralph, what do you do to try to
convince matt toome with you guy

be good to him. Take
him further in the game.

They'll probably do it again.

Matt, fair argument.

These are the guys that vote
you out. Why back to them?

It's an extreme fair
argument to say that

because i've b gone for the past
15 days. It's not like time stopped.

They continued to grow in thr
relationships anget closer together.

It loo like i'm on the
bottom of the alliance here

and honestly itill even
struggled today with what to do

but i'm starting to
see the whole picture.

Well, it sounds like bit vote,

and, matt, you are smack
dab in the mile of it.

Natalie has the immunity
necklace, cannot vote for natalie.

Everybody else is fair game.
It's time to vote.

Natae, you're up.


i'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a
hiddenileand u want to play it

now would be the time to do so.

I want to play this on mike.

Okay, giving this to mike.

This is a hidde immity idol.

Any votes cast against
mike will not count.

Once the ve are read, the
decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'llead the votes.

First vote, Grant.

Grant. Two votes Grant.

That's three votes grant.

Four vote for Grant.

Fiveotes for grant.


Five votes for Grant, one vote for Steve.


Matt. Two votes Matt.

Three votes Matt.

Matt. Four votes matt.

We're tied. Five votes Grant, five
votes Matt, one vote Steve.

Eighth person v out of "survivor," Matt.

You need to bring me your torch

l let the fireworks begin.

Genius is whathat was.

Matt, once again, the tribe has spoken.

You know the drill. You're going
to head back to redemption island

where once again you will have
a chae to get back in this game.

,my god. That poor kid.

What t hell, gobuys.

Well, that is a "survivor" first.

Here's the problem-- matt is
now heading to redemption island

where at least one of the of you
will have to face him in a duel

and i have a feeling forgiveness,ot
going to be on his mind.

Grab your torches. Head
bk to camp. Good night.

Proudly Presents

Sync: ????


Next time on "survivor":

Grant! And Rob are through. Hello!

Rob cements contl of his tribe.

One, two, three, ometepe!

- Or does he?
- I'm my own man. I make my ow desions.

And Phillip gets a a makeor.

Phillip did y have a
collision with a hawk.

Out of thin air appeared this feather.

Wt actually happened? I have no idea.

I put my trust in god and today gos will
was contradtory toward what i wanted.

I like these people. I want
to be friends with these ople.

They don't want to be friends withe.

D, appararentltly, i jiit t
ve gd at thiob alci wow...