Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 9 - Running the Camp - full transcript

One castaway makes a difficult decision that backfires, allowing another castaway the opportunity to devise a strategy to flush out the hidden immunity idol and blindside a rival.

Previously on "Survivor":

Replace your old buffs
with these new ones.

You have merged.

After the merge, Brenda and
sash were calling the shots.

We're the two most powerful
people in this game.

Marty was at the top
of their hit list.

Marty is somebody to watch
because he's is talking to benry

and Fabio and Dan.

Hurry up, get your bag,
and we're going to walk.

Everything blew up when
naonka took alina on a

food-stealing mission.

The tribe found out and
wanted naonka's head.

That's really uncool.

But sash and Brenda wanted
to protect her so they

offered up alina instead.

It sucks to be alina right now.

But Marty got paranoid and
thought he was the next to go.

So at tribal council, Marty
tried to save himself by

throwing Jane under the bus.

You let the little old late
ladyfrom south Dakota...

south Dakota... north Carolina.

This lady will take it in the end.

Ninth person voted out and the
first member of our jury.

Alina was voted out.

Alina, the tribe has spoken.

Now the feud between Jane and
Marty has reached critical mass.

11 are left, who will
be voted out tonight?

Hey, you guys, hand me your torches.

Right here.

Tribal was the worst.

Tribal council is where you
need to vent, but I think that

tonight a tribal really
shook things up.

I felt really bad for Jane.

Marty, he was going a little too
hard on her, you know, like he's

throwing punches but she can't block.

The only thing she can do is
just take it and take it and

take it and take it.

I think & I think she did well
because if the shoe was on the

other foot and it was me I would
have went right back at him and

hit him really, really, hard.

That's just how he is.


It's unbelievable.

Well, wait till we attacks you, honey.

I'm sorry about that.

The jackass, Mr. farty, his name
in my book, is a jackass to

try to attack me.

I personally don't think he can
beat me physically, much less


I'm still going to play my game
the way I'm playing it, but I

think he's grasping at strawz
because he knows his days are


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Do you think it was chase that
put my name down... not that

it really matters but
it's just good to know.

Do you think it was chase or
do you think it was hole?

I think it was holly.

Okay, then, that tells me that
chase has got maybe half a brain.

It's just frustrating to play a
game with people, some people

that are just stupid.

I feel like I cleared
the air last night.

I was very, very crystal
clear they think everybody

underestimates how dangerous
Jane is in this game.

But there is no question that I'm
potentially in trouble here.

I've got a big target on my back
so feel like I need to have a

button-down plan between now
and next tribal or they will

eliminate me in a heartbeat.

Marty was trying to poison
everybody's opinion of me

because he knows there's
noose around his neck.

He's just waiting for the hatchet
man to cut that rope and

he's going to be hung.

I'm telling you, the man scrambles
like nobody I've ever seen.

I might take him to the
wood shed and whip his ass.

Come on in, guys!

All right, you guys ready to get
to today's reward challenge.



For today's challenge,
you will be randomly

guided into two teams.

On my go, you'll make your way
through a series of obstacles

working together to
collect three keys.

Once you've cleared all the
obstacles, you will use the

three keys to open three locks.

First team to raise
their flag wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for.


The winning team will be
taken to a beautiful spot

where you will enjoy a canopy tour.

You'll zipline across the
treetops, experiencing Nicaragua

in a whole new way.

When the tour is over, you'll
treat yourselves to a "Survivor"

barbecue... chicken, steak,
potato chips, apple pie.

Apple pie!

Soft drinks and cold beer.

Worth playing for?


We'll craw for teams and get started.

All right, we randomly drew for
teams, and amazingly, we ended

up with men versus women.

Because we have 11 people one
of you was not selected.

Chase, you will not run in this
challenge, but it doesn't mean

that you're out of it.

You're going to choose
one team to back.

If you choose the right team and
they win, you go on reward.

Otherwise, you head back
to camp with the losers.


I'm going to do something
crazy and go with the girls.

Chase, take a spot at
the end of the race.

All right, here we go.

For reward.

Survivors ready?


Make your way through that hay.

Over, over, over!

Keep moving, women.

Don't crawl.

Let's go!

Fabio's out for the men.

All of the women are out at on once.

Working together.

Start on that key.

Come on, Jane, get up.

Go, go, Jane, get on my back.

Fabio working for the men,
Jane for the women.

Jane has it first.

Fabio right behind.

Working through that crawl-through.

Come on, get on the mat.

We're dead even.


Hit it!

Hit it!

Hit it!

Hit it!

Run back and hit it gain Gwen!

The men are through the sticks first.

Brenda is up and over and that's it.


That works!


Fabio has the second key for the men.

The women still in it.

Come on, Danny!

Women hoisting Jane up.

Gotta get that second key.

Let's go!

Get me up!

Men are working their way
through the net crawl.

Dan slowing the men down.

Ladies you're still in this.

Go, women, go, go, go!

You're still in it.

They're still on the net crawl.

We're in this, come on,
bacial coup, baby!

Come on, Danny!

Displt men are through the crawl
working on their third key.

Keep moving women.

Let's go, Jane.

Pick it up.

You've got it in you!

The men have their third key and
they're through the brick wall.

Come on, Jane!

Jane wearing down but not giving up.

Hustle, Jane.

Come on, Jane!

The men are through the
second brick wall.

Come ogirls!

Don't give up!

Jane hurls herself
down this challenge.

Come on, Jane!

The men are now working
on their locks.

Jane absolutely exhausted.

They're hard to turn, guys.

Come on, girls, come on, girls!

Get up!

Come on, girls!

The other way.

Let's go, they're messing
up, they're messing up.

Let's go, finish!

The women are not giving
up, working together,

naonka now going for the key.

The men have one lock undone.

Two locks undone.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Women hit the brick wall.

Come on, girls!

Come on, girls!

The men win reward!

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah!



All right, great effort
in this challenge.

"Survivor" is an unpredictable game.

Nobody could have ever guessed
we would end up with men versus

women on this challenge.

Purple Kelly, what's going on?

Man, I am hungry.

It's just rough.

She'll be okay.

I'm great.

I get to spend the afternoon with
some awesome girls and chase.

Chase believed in you.

That says a lot about chase.

So, guys, I have a question for you.

In this social game in which it
is all about relationships and

getting votes at the end, is
there any one guy who feels you

know what?

Somebody over there worked hard
enough, they deserve my spot.

I'm going to give it up?

I don't think so, Jeff.


I need to eat.

So, we have 11 individuals
playing this game.

Whatever alliances exist, they
aren't existing right now, not

with a barbecue on the line.

All right, men, congratulations.

You are going to enjoy
a fun afternoon.

You're going to zipline
across the treetops.

When you're finished, you
will have a great barbecue.


All right, grab your stuff.

Head out and enjoy.

All right, women, in spite of
ray great aempt, I got nothing

for you.

Head back to camp.

Chase, you're going with them.

Chase selecting to stay with the
girls, why would you ever do


It's like watching chase join
Jane was like watching the movie

"dumb and dumber."

I don't get it.



Let it rip, benry!

Never in a million years did
I think I'd be in Nicaragua,

zipping across the
jungle on a zipline.

And I couldn't have asked for a
better four guys to be with.

It was a day for the boys.

Go, Danny!

Come on, Danny boy!

Let it rip, Danny!

Let it go!

The first time flying above
the Nicaraguan jungle on the

zipline, it was okay.

There aren't any ziplines in Brooklyn.

If there are, you're a burglar.

Danny how cool was that?


Oh, look at this one right here.

This is a good one.

This is a banger.

A big one.

It felt incredible, almost
symbolically, to be hooked on to

a zipline in midair above the
youngle enjoying a day off.

It was thrilling, exhilarating, and...
I felt free.

Yeah, Marty!


Yeah, baby!

Come on, Danny boy!


Yeah, baby!



Taking this thing to the end, man.

We earned it!

Nice job today, man.

The best part of the barbecue
is getting a little opportunity

to speak to the guys about my
strategy and maybe convince them

that I'm really good at this
game and I can help them in this


The plan is set in motion.

Ali'll vote naonka, flush the idol.

She'll hear it, she'll know it.

But you can't let that
leak, Fabio, at all.

It has to be naonka all the way.

I'm going to be the one
leading that charge.

And all of us with
Brenda vote for Jane.

Hopefully the idol is flushed,
Jane goes home, it isolates

chase, and then you guys run it, man.

Marty is a smart guy.

He knows what he's doing.

He came up with a pretty solid plan.

If properly executed, it will
definitely ruffle a few feathers.

So glad we're together, man.

Me, too.

The whole thing just clicked.

Me, too, buddy.

What do you think
Brenda thinks of chase?

I'm guessed Brenda is just
keeping her option open.

He's a bad horse to ride.

I bet he's in a bad mood at
camp and Brenda doesn't like

that, man.

When people panic and start to worry...

that's why I find it hard to
believe she would throw her lot

in with those kooky people.

Sash you have to reassure
Brenda we want her in the game.

She trusts you 100%.

I know she trusts me 100%.

I trust her 90%.

The plan Marty put forward makes
perfect sense but I believe

Brenda and I are the two
brightest mind out here and in

the end she and I have the power
to send whoever we want home.

I'm grad you're with us.

We did our best.

I just want to say one
thing... chase showed his

character today by believing in us.


Marty, you all know
how I feel about him.

Sash is the only one I trust
over there eso... thank you.

We're glad you're here.

Case, I don't think
he made a smart move.

He should have chosen the guys.

He just went with his little
emotions, and he didn't want to

disappoint north Carolina, Jane,
and mommy figure holly, and

maybe me.

So he went with the girls.

Chase doesn't make smart moves.

That's his problem.

Isn't that crazy?

The at liance picked the same rocks.

And I think tomorrow we're
all in agreement about one

thing... as long as Marty is not
winning immunity tomorrow, he's

going home.

I really want Marty out of here.

Today was a huge reward.

It drove me crazy.

I mean... that I missed that.

But I went with my gut, and I
wanted to show the girls they

can trust me, and hopefully that
will get me further in the game.

Dan and Marty are
really, really tight.

I didn't realize how tight they were.

See, and you know after today,
I'm sure they're going to

try to get sash and Brenda.

Yeah, but I'm not going to
sit there and doubt Brenda

because that will get her mad
and we don't want her mad.

Hopefully Brenda's in.

Gotta trust her.

That's all you can do.


Do you think we can?


I mean, it comes down to the
next... next vote, and Brenda and

sash are in, we get Marty
out, and we're good to go.


You really think we can trust Brenda.


I do.

I mean, we made it this far with her.


My relationship with Brenda
has definitely changed.

I'm not sure about Brenda.

I'm not sure where her
head's at right now.

We've been away from each other
since we did the tribal swap.

We don't talk much any minimum.

We talked when we were at the old
landfallaflor camp but we dk


Just don't get on her nerves.

You seem really unsure right now.

Are you just thinking?

Just thinking.

, you know, basash.

I'd love Marty out first.

What do you think?

You seem really unsure.


You know you can trust me.

You've known you can trust
me from the beginning.

Chase is a worrywart.

"What's going on, Brenda?

Are you okay?

Are you unsure?

You seem unsure?

I'm freaking out, I'm worried."

, you know, chase is like a
little baby that's always going

wwaah, waahpvment.

You seem really unsure right
now about everything.

I don't really look into
the future that much.

One of the things I can't stand
is paranoia, and chase is

too paranoid.

You could be tall and you could
be muscular, but, really,

where's all the Alpha
male power control?

It's an illusion.

I don't need to run around
proving myself to anybody.

But I told them don't go over
there irking Brenda, for real.

And what did he do?

Came over here and start
ire rking Brenda.

We may have to swap you out for
somebody on the other side

because your paranoia is
getting to be too much.

Tree mail!


Read it to us.

This next challenge is
a test of strength.

That is, your memory better be strong.

Know what came first and what
came last or be the next to say

so long.

Oh, man.


It's definitely immunity.

Tree mail showed up, so I'm
hoping the God up there that we

pray to keep the good in
and triumph over the evil.

There's only one really
seriously evil, diabolical

person in this game right
now, and that's Marty.

If he doesn't win immunity, fat
lady's going to be singing.

I'll tell you that much.

And I'm going to be the fat
woman, although I'm not fat.

There's a big old target on my
back right now after Marty's

slanderous outburst the other night.

So anybody needs to win,
except for Marty.

Come on in, guys!

Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?



First things first, I will
take back the two immunity

necklaces, Fabio and game.

Thank you.

Once again, individual
immunity is back up for grabs.

Only one immunity necklace today.

For today's challenge, we're
going to test your memory.

I'm going to show you
a series of symbols.

You're going to use your cube
to repeat them back to me.

You get it right, you move
on to the next round.

Last person left standing wins
immunity and is guaranteed a

one-in-10 shot at the million dollars.

Losers go to tribal council where
someone's run at the money

will come to an end.

All right, you ready to begin?


First round, first symbol.




Ship's wheel.



All right, show me the first symbol.

First symbol, everybody has
ship, everybody was correct.

It was a ship.

Next symbol.

The second symbol was a musket.

Everybody got it right.

Third symbol.

All right, we have Jane and
naonka both say ship's wheel.

Everybody else has anchor.

Correct symbol was anchor.

Jane, you're out of the challenge.

Naonka, you're out of the challenge.

Take a spot on the bench.

And with that, we lose our first two.

Next symbol.

Everybody has ship's wheel except Dan.

Dan has coins.

Correct answer is ship's wheel.

Dan, you're out of the
challen challenge.

Next symbol.

Holly, Kelly, and sash all say ship.

Marty, benry, Fabio, Brenda,
and chase say musket.

Correct answer is musket.

Holly's out of the challenge.

Purple Kelly is out of the challenge.

Sash, out of the challenge.

All right, next symbol.

Everybody says ship.

Everybody got it right.

And we're down to five.

We move on to the next round.







Ship's wheel.

Here we go.

Show me the first symbol.

Everybody says musket.

Everybody is right.

Next symbol.

Everybody says ship, except
for Fabio, who says anchor.

Correct answer was ship.

Fabio's out of the challenge.

Take a spot on the bench.

We are down to four.

Next symbol.

Everybody says coins except for chase.

Chase says musket.

Hold on, brother.

You don't know if you're right.

Chase, you're wrong.

Correct answer was coins.

Chase is out of the challenge.

We are down to Marty,
benry, and Brenda.

Next symbol.

Marty and Brenda both say anchor.

Benry says dagger.

The symbol was anchor.

Benry, you're out of the challenge.

We have our final two.

Marty and Brenda.

For immunity.

Have not been the best of
friends in this game so far.

Not true.

I'm just saying what I see.

Next symbol.

Marty and Brenda both say dagger.

Are you both right.

Next symbol.

Brenda got it.

Brenda got it.

Marty shows the shipee wheel
and Brenda shows musket.

And you're smiling.

Are you sure you're right?


You are right.

Brenda wins individual immunity.


Thank you.

Brenda is safe at tonight's
vote, cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,
somebody going home.

Should be an interesting afternoon.

I'll see you at tribal.


Head on back to camp.

Toss a bunch down.

Still green.

Think that plan's going to work?

Naonka and then blindsiding Jane?

I think the sooner we can
get rid of her the better.


I'm trying to win a million
dollars, you know.

We've got to make sure naonka
flushes that idol tonight.

We've got to let it leak... you
and I should just lay low

and say we're voting naonka.

And play stupid.

I know, dude.

I hate playing stupid so much
but it's, like, the smartest

thing to do right now.

Yeah, it's easy.

Real easy.

That's the greatest
thing about this plan.

I don't really have to do a whole
lot, and that's a big part

of this game is laying low.

, you know, I call it being cool.


Just not ticking people off and,
you know, it's a good strategy

as far as I'm concerned, you know.

Who do you all think this.

With your head, not your heart.

I'm going with you all.

I think it's going to be naonka.

I haven't heard from everybody,
but, I'm pretty sure that's

going to be the consensus.

Let me put it to you this way,
man... if somebody walked into

your coach's office, stoalt
playbook, went into your locker

room, stole every wallet out of
your player players and they gao

the other team and then lied to
you guys, is that a player you

would want to play next to?

Is that a linebacker you
would want to play next to?


I know it's not what you really
want, but it's got to be.

I'll do it.

I'm always worried
when I go to tribal.

I know the other alliances
are going to go for me.

But I'm straight from south L.A.

I have street smart and I always
follow my intuition but keep in

mind I do have the immunity idol
and if I have to use it for

myself to save myself, I will.

Who did Marty say to you?

He said they're voting naon naonka.

I think their plan is to vote
naonka and then actually blin

blindside Jane.

So who are you voting for?

I'm voting for Marty.

How about Brenda?

I haven't talked to her.

My two cents and then I won't
bother you again for the rest of

the day.

Has sash talked to you.

No, not yet.

What's the plan?

Sash's plan is basically
everyone say naonka, naonka,

naonka, flush the idol,
and vote Jane off.

Blindside Jane.

That's what everyone... that's
what sash proposed, and everyone

seems to be on board with that.

At least five... whoever,
all of us voted last time.

What matter said is absolutely true.

Jane is a huge threat, and if
anybody is thinking of going

with her to the final or even
letting her get close is a fool

because she would win.

I always pack my bags
as if I might go.

I know, me, too.

I'm not going to... I mean,
I'm going to tonight.

Hopefully that's not the case.

I agreed to it.

We went along with the plan, but
Marty is not running the camp.

Sash and I are running the camp.

Did Marty fill you in on his plan?

Yeah, what's your plan?


What's your plan?

My plan is whatever your plan is.

All right, good.

I assumed go ahead with...
telling everybody naonka.


I thought all the women
wanted Marty gone.

They do.

They want him out so bad, that
I feel like... just like a

thorn in the side.

Just don't... I just don't
like how all of a sudden, you

know, Jane and holly and chase's
clique are demanding things.


You're right.

It's a slippery slope.

Okay, so if we take out Marty,
I'm fine with whoever, right.

Just personally for me, I would
rather that Marty stay one

or two times longer at least
because I think he's a good cook.


I know he tells me everything.

And he tells us everything.


So, ideally, like, just from a
personal standpoint, I wouldn't

want Marty to go home tonight.

Me, neither.

Sash and I are kind of,
like the swing vote.

The Marty crew thinks we're with
them, to blindside Jane and have

naonka flush out her idol.

And then the Jane-chase crew
thinks we're with them to vote

out Marty.

So tonight is really going to
show who we really are with.

I like to be in charge, and I
kind of am in charge right now.

So when it comes down to it,
it's really whatever sash and I


We'll now bring in the
first member of our jury.

Alina, voted out at the
last tribal council.

So let's talk about
the reward challenge.

We ended up with this random
split of men versus women.

Jane, you guys were heavily
outmatched in terms of physical

strength, and yet you
put up a great effort.

The hardest thing was when we
hit the bamboo, it was like we

bounced off, and this & then
when we hit the brick wall, we

bounced off even harder.

Sash, on the flip side, the guys win.

You get this great reward.

Was there a little bonding
time or was it all strategy?

There was a lot of bonding time.

I think five of us not only
showed our desire to work as a

group and also give us a little
time away from the camp to

strategize and decide
some of the next steps.

Fabio, the downside of
being with all the guys

enjoyingy the reward is you have
five women back at camp none too

pleased about it.

Yeah, I'm sure strategizing
definitely happened and it was

the five girls plus chase,
so that's six people.

I mean, there's a lot of
different angles here.

I was just stoked we were
eating while we were doing it.

Marty, last tribal council
you were pretty clear

about Jane is somebody you
need to watch out for and you

probably ought to get rid of.

Felt like you might have
put a target on your back.

She's an incredible threat.

Again, I'll say it, I'm honest,
it's a compliment to Jane, and

maybe you take some
risk in doing that.

I feel fairly comfortable
but my bags are packed.

Brend ahow much time did
you spend thinking about

what Marty said about Jane?

You can't lie and say
she's not a threat.

It's true.

Take somebody like naonka who is
a troublemaker or take somebody

like Jane who keeps feeding us
fish, who would you like to take

to the end?

I think it's a no-brainer,
fending on how you py the game.

So, Jane, you are a likable
person and in some game

that would be rewarded.

Sometimes in "Survivor," you get penalized.

Well, you always have a
target on your back.

Me and Marty got off to a bad start.

I stepped on his toes.

He stepped on mine.

I probably should have
kept my mouth shut.

So I think I have a
target on my back, yeah.

Naonka, at the last tribal
council we talked about

the fact that you had an idea to
steal some of the food from the

merge feast... why are you
shaking your head already?

I don't, Jeff.


It came up at tribal council, naonka.

You survived that vote.

In fact, it didn't seem
to hurt you at all.

It's going to be something that
will always be talked about

because it was stupid, you know.

I'm here.

I'm happy to be here.

I don't want to talk about it
any more, Jeff, but I know it's

going to be brought up.

It has not sat well.

The way it was dealt with at the
last tribal is as if it was


To lie and take food...
there is no bigger sin.

I know there were priorities
here and some of us had to go

with the flow, but
absolutely not trivial.

Not in any way.

Jeff, I'm not perfect.

I'm a humanitarian.

I'm a human.

I screw up.

Marty screws up, too.

But I don't like him.

He don't like me.

So it is what it is.

So you're mad at Marty
because he strategizes?

I don't like him!

I just don't.

His hair, his walk sucks.

, you know, I can see through Marty.

Like Marty said, we... wait a minute.

, you know, I can't hate on his
game but I'm competing against


Put it in terms of a track
meet... he's in Lane 5 and I'm in

Lane 4.

I'm going to try to go a little
faster and give myself fight,

try to scare him a little bit.

, you know, that's just what you do.

I don't follow that, but, whatever.

Is it working, Marty?


I mean, this game is about
instincts, and I had a gut

instinct that said that's what
this person is all about.

Thank you, thank you.

And guess what?

She is a liar and a cheat and a steal.

My daddy is in engelwood,
California, and I don't have

nothing to prove to Marty.

He's not going to be
proud of you, sister.

Oh, he is because I'm here
and you probably won't be.

Fabio, you love this.

It's crazy.

Like, everything she just talk
about doesn't really make sense

to me.

I want youy guys to know I'm not dumb.

, you know, I made a stupid move
but I'm very far from stupid.

And by the way, just saying
you're sorry, you still did it

in the first place.

Okay, well, it's done.

Okay, then nothing else
needed to be said about it.

Okay, you guys keep talking
about the damn flour.

You guys can bash on me all putu want.

I'm not going to lose any sleep
because I don't get sleep as it.

You mighty tonight.

And you might, too, Marty.

Always a possibility.


This is crazy.

They think they're intimidating
me right now and they're not.

Something is getting under your
skin because you're going off.

I go off on you all the time.

I'm getting pounded on right now,
but this is going to happen.

The guys bonded.

I know they talked so
much about me yesterday.

I just know.

But do I care?

Does it occur to you that people
are saying the same thing about

you, they're getting sick of this.

It seems you care more than I care.

Well, it's irritating me.

Well it irritates me, too.

This is just who I am.

Whoever don't like
it, because I am me.

You, too.

Okay, I gotta say, I'm...
I'm... God, naonka.

I think I'm speechless that you
can go off like this, tribal

after tribal, and still be in
this game tells me I should be

looking for you to be
sitting here at the final.

Somebody wants to take me
because I'm being a bitch, or

I'm just embarrassing
myself, if you will.

Well, then, so be it.

But I'm not put oiga show.

This is who I am.

This is what I've been for 27 years.

So if you don't like it,
then you don't like it.

All right, it is time
to get to the vote.

Brenda, you have individual immunity.

I assume you're keeping it.

Cannot vote for Brenda.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Dan, you're up.

Are you a disgrace to every man
who calls himself a father.

There's no way in heck I would
allow my child or my grandchild

to come play with your
children, plain and simple.

Your fishing trip has been
terminated, because y'all messed

with the wrong gator, missy.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden
immunity idol and you want to

play it, now would be
the time to do so.

Okay, once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked
to leave the tribal council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jane.




That's three votes Jane.


Four votes Jane, one vote Marty.


Two votes Marty.


That's four votes Jane,
three votes Marty.


We're tied.

Four votes Jane, four votes Marty.

That's five votes Marty.

Four votes Jane.

Tenth person voted out and the
second member of our jury, Marty.

That's six.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Marty, the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, guys.

Well, based on the vote, it's
clear you are no longer making

decision as a group, and this is
where it gets really interesting

and very complicated.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on "Survivor":

Oh, my God!

This is un-freaking-believable.

Words can't explain.

I don't know what to say.

I don't know what to say.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, you guys.

I'm going to cry.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

This is the day from hell.


I wouldn't change a
thing I did to my game.

There's always going to be a
risk, and it caught me tonight.

It's always frustrating to lose,
but I was not frustrated by

anything other than there
weren't enough people playing

the game but obviously there were
enough playing the game tonight.