Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 8 - Company Will Be Arriving Soon - full transcript

After the tribes merge and food disappears, two castaways share a secret about the food that threatens to land them in the hot seat at Tribal Council.

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Previously on "Survivor":

after 'days,recent events
centered on three people...

naonka,she was an angry
and vindictive tribemate.

Why are you raising your
voice at me?I can get loud,too.

She had a hidden immunity idol*****

and they decided alina
was the next to go.


Marty,before the switch,

he was the most powerful and
outspoken player on his tribe.

Do not mess around with me.I
mean,i'm playing this game for real.

After the switch,he was fighting
for his life on the la flor tribe.

His biggest enemy was jane.

At tribal council i
hope marty goes home.

Marty had only one ally
jill,and one weapon...

a hidden immunity
idol,and then there's sash.

Sash had become the puppet
master at lafl la flor.

Who stays in this game into
how loyal are you to me.

Espada wins immunity!

After la flor lost the
last immunity challenge,

sash convinced marty to give
up his hidden immunity idol

in exchange for more life in the game.

If we lose the next immunity challenge,

i'll give the idol back to you sglik.

At tribal council marty was amazed sash
kept his word and sent jill home instead.

Jill,the tribe has spoken.

Now marty is left completely
alone with no friends and no idol.

12 are left.Who will
be voted out tonight?


The krultures are definitely circ
lipg and it's dead man walking.

It's kay 19,and i can't believe this
game has put me where i'm at right now.

Last night sucked.

Jill was an incredible player,a
great contender,a lover of the game,

and there are some people left i
think have no right to be in this game.

So having no jill,no
idol,is total exposure.

I don't want to be the next
person to go from "survivor.

" i just have to do the
best that i can and hang on.


- What have we got?
- Uncle fabio found some tree mail!

Let's read it first.Let's read it.

I think i see it!

It's like a map.

who wants to hold the key?

La flor "pack up all the
belongings you will need

for the duration of your
stay here on the island

and follow this map to your new home.

" merge.

Oh,my god!

I think i'm going to cry right now.

Couldn't have been better news
for me as far as i'm concerned.

The tribes getting together six on six

i think is going to be mostly
a la flor jockeying around.

These guys are going to be wanted
to off one of their own for sure.

- There was division before,
- all right we all here.

naonka,and alina,they
could be in trouble.

I'm ecstatic,man.

I'm back in the saddle again.

One,two,three,la flor!

Season 21 Episode 8

espada day19

Espada,do not open this
box until you have the key.

- I have the key.
- Make room at your camp.

Company will be arriving soon.

- The merge?
- The merge.

- Here?
- Yeah.

At espada?

Staying here?

Get a fire going and
wait for them,i guess.

We need to decide what we're going to do

so that we can know what's happening.

I don't know,now that it's
becoming more of an individual game

and people are going to
start fending for themselves,

i think i need to do the same.

Alina,you can see right through her.

She burned some bridges
early on the in game

and she was supposed to go home next
when we were the original la flor,

so she's definitely outlasted her
and he canned time in this game

and i think everybody agrees
it's time for her to go home.

Like,we can get to final six
if the six of us stay strong.

If nobody pushes us aside the
six of us can totally do it.

Marty is still here.

Marty will be our
biggest threat in the game

- and that means he has to go first.
- And he has an idol.

And he has an idol so that means
we have to do a major blindside.

As long as he doesn't
get individual immunity...

let's make sure that
doesn't happen,guys...

and then we get rid of the head honcho.

Nobody was really on board with
alina's plan at all,not even uncle dan.

Alina is in this plan by
herkz the one-woman army,

without knowing she's going
to be the first one out

if she doesn't get the immunity first.

She can be gi jane all she wants

but she will be gi jane all by
herself with no army,nobody behind her.

Here they are,guys.

Who's gone?

It looks like jill's gone?

- Who's gone?
- Jill.

Jill's gone.

We thought that marty and jill
were super strong over there.

We thought they were,like,running things

and it tells us a lot
that jill was vote out.

This is the company we were expecting.

Welcome back.

Coming back to camp was like rebirth.

It really felt like home,sweet home.

And i felt like the game
is starting all over again,

and i've been given a new lease on life.

So glad to see you.

Should we go see what's in the chest?

Let's go open the chest!

All right.

Open it up.

Oh,my god!


La flor and espada,replace your
old buffs with these new ones.

You have merged.

Come up with a new tribe name and
begin the next phase of your adventure.

Good luck,enjoy the gifts.

You have earned them.

We made it to the merge!

And we're going to feast!

I don't know,we're merging!

I'm digging the red buffs.

I thought of a name for
the new tribe,libertad.

Which is freedom,liberty.

Cool with that.

I kind of dig that i
got to auth ort new name.

Libertad really resonate
forward me personally.

It means liberty,and in this
case,it can also mean freedom,

freedom from talked that's happened
up to this point,and it's a new start.

Chocolate chip cookies!

Let's get back to camp.


Yes,oh,man.We have to
drink all of this today!

Everybody grab a cookie.


When we finally opened
the treasure chest,

that food was yummy to my tummy.

The salami,i think it just
dissolveed in my mouth.

It was so good.Like my booty?

I even snuck some nuts to put in my bra.

I was getting it all,honey,all of it.

I probably still have
some penuts in my...

in my pocket.

Yeah,now you'll give me a hug.

Now that we're all fat and happy.

Seeing naonka again was the best
because i felt like,she's real,

such a relief.

I don't know,i don't have
to second guess her at all.

Alina's gonna be watching you.

She already is.

- We need to take a walk.
- Yeah.

To know that we're back in the
game together feels really good.

Keep in mind,only the person
that don't have no alliance,

so be careful of her.

She's going to be watching you.

Me and naonka talked about
everything that happened.

She talked about how
alina has been so shady.

I don't know,i told her everything
that happened on the other side.

They treated jane really
bad and i stood up for her.

I don't know,everybody over here
thought she was hooking up with marty.

- Really?
- Including me.I'm not going to lie.

Maybe marty is smart and he's strong
but it seemed like he was gunning.

I told her everything.

She knows with me it's 100%.

So cash came up with a brilliant
idea to ask him for the idol,

to give it to sachb.

- Does sash have it?
- Sash has the idol.

- Get out of here!
- He did it.

Brend athe one that was with me
and i found the iden immunity idol,

sash asked marty for
and it he gave it to him.


We'll be able to knock them
out one by one by one by one.

This is going to get real weird.

- This is going to get wicked.
- I'm serious ?

Libertad day20

- ****
- ***

I love the state of georgia,really.

We've got a creek below our house.

68 steps to go down there.

I was running that 10 times a
day getting in shape for this,

running three miles a
day and swimming,too.



You seem like a real cool lady.

Honey,you can stay at my house any time.

Even if i'm not there,the
door is already open.

Got turkeys,got a dog
that lives in the yard.

I feel very safe plus i have a shotgun,

- ****
- a .22.

jane and i clicked right away.

She's a good,old
lady.She's an awesome lady.

She talks with a twang.She
reminds me at home.

I miss my home.I miss my mother.

******Her and i can connect very well.

They treated me like i was
the ugly duckling over here

because i had a southern
accent and i'm a red neck.

I had no idea you were so bad.

I love a north carolina girl.

People need to stick together

and i knew right then and there,you're a
north carolina boy,i'm a north carolina girl,

we're going to hit it off really good.

And i was talking to chase about his
dad passing and my husband passing,

so i've got a connection
with him,with chase.

Libertad 21 nicaragua

What are we doing?Breakfast,huh?


Don't tack a big bite,either.

Hey,is this cool?


I guess,i don't know.

I don't really know what size you like.

It's day 20,we don't
have a lot of food left

and i woke thup morning
very irritable.********

It was my idea and the fact that
i'm the last to get everything

and i get the smallest tortilla.

Okay,you guys want to
play.I can play,too.

Don't take a big bite,fabio.

I just wanted it test it out you know.


This morning,after we
were done eating breakfast,

na took the flour and put it in her bag,

and she got up and
she walked out of camp.

And i thought that was a little strange.

Why did she just take the flour?

I'm hiding the flour because
those tortillas were good

and everybody was being stinjy

and i put a lot of my heart and
soul into making those things

and i made a big one for
me and they all took it.

They really made me mad.

So i'm going to make them mad.

Don't play with me in this game.***

I am stealing equipment to make
tortillas,and i'm taking fruit.

I've taken bowls and spoons.

It tastes better when
you're stealing it.

It's like a sweet victory.

Alina,everybody is
against her right now.

I don't mind being that one person that,

you know,tells her a
little something-something.

So where do you stand?

Do you stand with the six we talked
about or are you back with brenda?

I'm with the six.

If anybody i was worried about is you.


Because it looks like
you're back with brenda.

I mean,you spent all
day with her yesterday.

I was catching up with her.

Do you think the first
vote will still be marty?

Kelly is right there.

I'll tell you right
now,they're gunning for you.

Why do people want to get rid of me?

They're gunning for
you,manual,i don't know.




Do they have the numbers to do that?

They don't have me.

I don't know who else they
got,but it sounds like it.


Every single person that claim

they were going to be
strong six totally lied.

And there i am the fool
that was sitting there

like i really am going to
do this to these people.

Here,just have a whole friggin' orange.

Calm your nerves.

I can't believe you
grabbed all this stuff.

This is gonna stay here.I don't
give a damn if they're mad or not...

but this is staying here.

But you have to bust your ass.

I was thinking of another
plan,other than just winning.

- I've got to get some numbers.
- Who?Everybody is against you.

- Why is everybody against me?
- I don't know.


I buffed my ass since day one out here.


Everything everybody is looking at you
right now that you don't have an alliance.

I think they think that you're a
threat but you're easy to get out.

I can't believe you grabbed
all this stuff.You're crazy.

- I'm having fun.You gotta have fun.
- It's so good.

My reason for telling alina that
you're going to be the first one out,

that's a vote that i'll have guaranteed
when she's a part of the jury.

So i have to be smart.

If i want to keep talking to alina,

because i want her to feel safe with me.

I want her to know i have her back

even though i kind of don't but
i kind of do at the same time.

It's like a toss-up.

Do you know where the
big wooden bowl went?

Last time i saw it,it was right over
there and it's not there anymore.

What about the frying pan?

Is that gone,too?For sure,for sure?

There's bunch of
things that are missing.

The bowl and the frying pan?


That didn't just get swept
away byed tide,you guys.

No.I think it's pretty
obvious somebody stole it.

Hey,where's the flour?

No way!They took the flour!

Are you serious?

That's really uncool.

Naonka,did you put the
flour back in the chest?


I saw her take it and put it in her bag.

And i put it back,and
i said i put it back.

- You put it in your bag?
- And i put it back.

I didn't even put it in my bag.

- Why did it go in the bag?
- I was going to put half in there.

You understand why everybody is
wondering why you put it in your back.

I didn't take it,uncle
dan,i didn't take it.

Fabio,i didn't take it.

- ****
- I'm done,fabio.

I already said what i'm going to said.

I don't know why it
had to go in your bag.

What do you want me to do?

Just so you know,nobody on the tribe
understands why it had to go in your bag.

I put it back.

We're not asking you if
you put it back or not!


we're not asking you
whether you put it...

* you!I'm not explaining **else!

It doesn't make any sense!

Oh,my god.It was so hard to sit there.

It's not like i was free of guilt.

Obviously,i'm totally connected
with the fact that she did that.

Because i knew about it,and i didn't stop
her and i didn't tell anybody about it.

The reason it was so hard
for me to own up to it,

everybody might be equally as pissed
off as me as they are at naonka.

- Are you putting my name out there?
- No.

It need to come out.Everything
needs to come out.

What happened?

What this tribe needs
right now,is this comes out.

For everything to just come back here.

I don't understand why
everybody has to put names.

What do you want a name?

That's the thing,a lot of
people now know it was you.

- You might as well say it.
- That's what i'm saying.

It's the right thing
to do is just 'fess up.

Everybody will appreciate it
and respect you so much more.

I told everybody individually
i did not take it.

You lied.

You lied in "survivor"?

Everyone will get that.

Everyone's lied in "survivor.

" i lied for you guys.I'm
just trying to play the game

but i did not do it with the
intention to starve everyone.

Alina and i took a walk.

Alina with with you when
you took the bowl out there?

I did grab the flour and
my purpose was to measure it

out for half and half because we
were using a whole lot of food.

Were you doing that
to half the flour...

let's be straight
all the way through...

or were you going to save some of that flour
later to use it for your advantage and share it.

No,i was trying to portion it out.

She said she was doing it
for the better of the tribe.

- Sorry,i'm not buying it.
- You don't have to buy it.

I could have said,"guys,we're using
way too much flour.Let's chill.

there are a number of ways i could have
gone about it but i went another way.

You guys don't need to
point the finger at her.

It's not like it was her idea.

- It wasn't.
- Thank you.

Thank you,that's
a nice thing...

- i apologize.
- We'll try to make it easy.

Stealing food of all
things,in "survivor,"

you would think that
having done what she did,

would mean you're
done,like,instantly gone.

But anybody that's on the chopping
block can be valueable to somebody else.

She lied and she stole.How easy is that?

Get rid of her.

It should be that simple but
power deals,for power santas.

Libertad day22

Marty.What's for breakfast.


We have beans

I'll let them cook for a little
while first,then i'll add the rice.

It was crazy naonka
would think of something

as ridiculous as stealing
the trying expan bowl

and all the stuff to mix tortillas,

but alina confessed
to being a part of it.

She's had a target for the longest time,

and on top of all of that,she has this?

Are we protecting Nay?

Don't we have to?



I think it's important that everyone..

kind of distances themselves from her.

We are all gonna distance ourselves..

but our votes are gonna be the same.


Naonka definitely is not one of the
favorite people in camp at the moment

but that works perfectly into my game plan
as having her as one of the final three

because that pretty much guarantees her

that she's not going to receive
any million-dollar votes.

I reassured all the guyses that
alina needs to go home first tonight,

and just keep on doinwhat you're doing,

and kind of pretend like
you're sorry,you know.

And every day it will just
kind of be a thing of the past.

And if her your name goes on the
chopping block,we'll pick one of them.

You're my number one girl.Brenda!

did I?

She caught another fish.

Fish dance.


Is this the fourth fish?Fifth.

Fish dance.kiss my ass.

Somebody come help me
get some fresh water.

Year,i'll get right on it.

The more jane stays in the game,the
more complicated the game gets.

I think she all sees the
connection she made with chase.

I bet you that can't be unwound,

the whole carolina thing
and "my momma told me"

and all that crap has now infected chase

and it's going to continue to spread like
cancerous tentacles through the tribe.

You let somebody like
jane get undered radar,

the father it goes the
more dangerous it is.

I mean,her story is the
saddest story ever on earth,

and her
catching fish...

every time she cashes fish,the
whole jane dance and everything,

all that stuff,all of a sudden,you're
going to be sitting there like holy cow.

I think it's a done deal.

Anybody that goes to final
with her,you're cooked.

Marty has the wrong perception of
jane,but marty is somebody to watch

because he is talking
to benry and fabio and,

and if he wants somebody out so badly,

maybe he already has a really
good strategy to get to the end.

So maybe it is just
good to get rid of it

before we all start getting warped.

Come on in,guys!

Shall we get to today's challenge?

- Yes.
- Yeah.

First things first,dan
i'll take back immunity.

No more baby cortez.

Tribal immunity is no more.

Individual immunity is what you seek.

For today's challenge,you will
each have two metal handles

that you will use to
keep tongz a steel bar.

If you release the
tension even for a moment,

the steel bar will drop,

your tile will break,you're
out of the challenge.

The last man and the last
woman standing win immunity.

Two people will be safe from
the vote at tribal council.

- Make sense?
- Yup.

Draw up for spots and we'll get started.

All right,here we go.For immunity.

Everybody grab your handles,get
some tension on that bar.

In three,two,one,lift.

All right,let's release the tiles.

This challenge is on.

And purple kelly is first out.

Followed right by dan.

Just like that,three seconds
in we lose our first two.

Alina is out.And not happy.

Remember,you've got to
get tension on that bar.

Total concentration.

Brenda is out.

Benry's out.

This is about wanting it.

Keep digging.

Sash is out of the challenge.

Naonka is out of the challenge.

Very quickly we are down to
jane versus holly for the women,

marty,fabio,chase for the men.

Holly struggling.

Holly out of the challenge.

Jane is the last woman standing,jane
wins immunity for the women.

- Good job,jane!
- You can drop?

- You sure.
- I'm sure.

What if i want to beat them?

Go for it.

Jane has already won immunity,does
not want to give up yet,

trying to prove a point in this game,

going to stay in this challenge even
though she already has the necklace.

She's a north carolina girl,jeff.

Picking up 80-pound dogs

marty is out of the challenge.

We are now down to fabio and chase.

Oldest woman out here,

one of the last three standing
against two of the young,strong guys.

Chase drops his bar,fabio
wins immunity for the men.

Jane wins immunity for the women.

Nice job,fabio.

I'm not breaking my tile!

Jane,come on over.Faubio,come on over.

- Good job,jane.
- Good job,you guys.

Jane wins immunity.Jane is
safe at tribal council tonight.

Fabio also has immunity.Fabio also safe.

Jane and fabio safe
tonight at tribal council.

Everybody else fair game.Should
be an interesting afternoon.

Our first merged tribal council.

Grab your stuff.Head
back to camp.Congrats.

Libertad day22

- Good job,guys.
- Nice job,guys.

Congrats Jane.You did awesome.

- Congratulations!
- Good job!

I only wanted to beat Marty.

Hey,can i get in.

Another one.

You know who my number one choice is.

My whole goal today was to beat marty.

Jane,very impressive,jane.

Very impressive.

I'm just trying to prove
to marty,i don't know what?

I may be little.

I may be small,but there
ain't no way in hell

on the individual challenge
that you will beat me.


So we need to get,like,us girls
together and sash,and get marty out.

- And that's it.
- Yeah.

If you guys tell me
you're voting for me now...

I don't.

I needed to win today.

I know that i'm in the hot seat,but
i'm not the only one that is.

I know that jane hates marty
and she wants to see him gone,

and jane has a
lot of numbers...

her side,and i happen
to be on her side,too.

So i'm trying to lay low,and
hope that maybe the drama

that's going on is not
going to resolve around me.

I'll vote either one.

Whichever one i decide.

We have to get her out second.

We will.

I think she's a bigger threat.

I think in challenges.

I think he demoralizes our entire camp.

He does demoralize our entire camp.

So who's all voting Marty?

Purple kelly.

That's five.

And i'm pretty sure brenda will.

And i'm pretty sure sash will.

That's seven right there.

We need to try to talk to all of them,

because as far as sash goes,it's alina.

Everybody was debating
about marty and alina,

but jane really really
wants marty out,like,

even if we were to just
all write down alina,

she will be the one to write down marty.


What are we doing?

It's between marty or alina.

I'll just go with the majority,man.

Just let me know.

- Let me know.
- I'll let you know.

I have to ask you a big favor.

You know,i promised marty
that if we go to next tribal,

that i would give him the idol.

That's the only way
he would give it to me.

All i'm asking is to
wait until the next round

if you really want marty out.

Just don't make me go
back on my word tonight.

Then what are you
going to do next round?

It's only for one tribal council.

What if he wins immunity the next time?

I only promised the next tribal council.

I gave him my word,and
i don't want to...

i don't want to break
promises right away.

Give meet idol.I'll hold it,and
you don't have it no more.

There's really no rush.

What if he gets individual
immunity the next three times?

We have eight more times to go.You know.

How do you want to do it?

For the longest time it's been alina.

It's only a matter of time.***

Don't worry.There's no need to.

I am his target.

So we're your alliance.

There are a lot of
people who want marty out

but it goes back to sash make
something agreement with marty

when he got him to give the idol to him

when he was on the la flor
tribe so he could "gain trust.

***** marty to me is the biggest threat

so i'm not voting for alina,i'm not.

Because i don't feel right
about voting somebody out

that i don't think
should be leaving right .


I don't trust Chase.

I think he's gonna try
and blindside you tonight.

He's gonna blindside who?

I think Chase is gonna try
and blindside you tonight.


No,cause he came over to me
at the beginning of the day...

and then I guess he made a mistake.

I said,Who's going tonight?

He said,Either Alina or Marty.


All the numbers,everyone i'm
spoken to,said it's alina.

Chase is now definitely
in my book a moron.

You don't tell someone you're
going to blindside somebody

unless you have four or
five votes behind you.

You don't even broach the subject.

Chase went up to danny and said he
was going to blindside marty tonight.

He's going to blindside marty tonight?

That's what he told danny.

He didn't mention it to any of us.

I just never hear it from you.I
give you whatever information i have.

I'm not a player in this game.

I don't have power.I don't have numbers.

I don't have the idol anymore.

I'm a zero threat so for people
to spend an ounce of energy

about voting marty off is crazy.


I think he believes he's
on the chopping block,

which only makes him more
and more paranoid on his part.

He places a bigger target on his back.

His best move is to lay
low but that's not his style

and he's actually digging
his own grave at the moment.

Everybody says they're voting for alina,

but i think votes will
be cast against me.

They are.

They're voting for alina.

- I'm telling you that
- that's what i'm hearing.

Can i count on you,south dakota
that you're voting if alina tonight?

I'm voting for alina.

I haven't said you code of honor.


We are still not going to have enough.

Sash is not going to change his.

And brenda is not going to change hers.

Those are the two splits right now.


I'm voting marty.

That means there's
you,you,kelly purple...

the split vote is sash and brenda.

Sash is not going back on his word.

Even if we don't get
sash,that's fine,okay.

purple,naonka.That's six.

If we can get one more.

If we could get fabio.

So i've been talking to everybody,

and it looks like we have
six people to vote for marty,

and we need one more
and that will be seven.

Obviously,everyone wants
marty gone,it's just...

is it going to be me or him first?

And i think it should be him first.

It should be naonka first.

Well,please don't throw
throe a random naonka vote.

If you want to,vote naonka,you
don't have to be parent of the 6-6,

and five will vote for me,and
six will vote for marty.

If you want to be strategic
about it,it will make sentence...

this is why everybody wants
you off.You're dangerous.


I play the game smart.

Yeah,but every time you talk to
anybody,it's always a hidden motive.

Hidden motive?

This isn't so
hidden but...

i'm going home tonight or i'm going
to bust my ass to not go home tonight.

What do you expect me to do,roll over?

I understand everybody
thinks i'm dangerous

but it's either my ass
is going home tonight

or i'm going to fight for it.

I would piss a the love
people off by doing that.

I don't know,what do you want me to say,

take marty out now when i've
been friends for marty for a while

and i get along with him
and i enjoy him around camp

and so do a lot of other people.

It seems to me we get along,too.

Holly,this is it now.

12 people for a million bucks.

Can you sense the game
starting to change?


I mean,people want to save themselves,

so they're going to do anything that
they possibly can to get to the end.

And if you just agree with
what everybody else says,

that's not going to get you to the end.

You have to take a risk.

Marty,do you feel as though big
moves are going to start happening?

I absolutely do.

And i think the windows of opportunity
for big moves sometimes shut quickly,

and you've got to seize those opportunities
because they don't always come up.

Now,i just want to clear
the air a little bit

for the whole tribe and everybody here

because there's been
some misconceptions.

And the misconception was by miss jane

they either didn't like miss jane or
that somehow i didn't bond with her.

The fact is,within 30
minutes of the game starting,

jane began a series of bad
mistakes and bad decisions...

namely,alining herself with
three of the weakest players

that were subsequently eliminated.

I approached you,and
y'all fluffed me off.

I don't make an alliance in 30 minute.

How do you know if i'm
strong or not,marty.

You let the little old lady from
south carolina who catches the catfish.

If she makes it to the final
3,if you watch "survivor,"

this woman will take
the million dollars.

She has the saddest story
of human tragic loss,

of needing the money desperately.

You can't write a better story.

And i will go one step further,

and this will be the
last compliment i make,

by the way,to miss jane,if
jane nakz to the final three,

i will cast my vote for this woman.

She would deserve it,and the people

that allowed her to get
there made a strategic error.

They don't deserve the million bucks.

It's just honesty.

It's the game.

It's personal.There's
no personal or nothing.

I don't care if people are black
white,old,one,everyone's won this game...


If you think someone is going to take
a million bucks out of your pocket,

that's what you've got
to be thinking about.

Alina,on the flip side could
marty have hurt himself tonight

by being so voke expal harsh about jane?

I think he's illustrating
perform to this tribe

what a strong strategic player he is

and how smart he is about this game

because he just posed himself
as the biggest threat out here.

Do you keep that guy around?

- Jeff
- Dan.

We had two people on
this tribe steal our food.

They took the bowl,the cook
cooking oil,the frying pan,

the flour,and they hid it in the woods.

- Who was it,dan?
- Nay and alina took the food.

Naonka and alina,you guys took food?

Me,it was me.She was just with me.

I robbed the tribe,but i gave it back
because i was pushed into a corner.

But,i mean,i gave it
back.Nobody was hurt.

You wouldn't have given it
back if we hadn't found out.

Jeff,i got
punished for...

- you didn't get punished.
- How did you get punished?

Nobody talk to me.

Come on!

Alina,what's your culpability in this?

I was put in a really weird position.

Do i out her for doing something
like that and telling everybody,

that's implicating myself,too.

That's taking the blame
for being part of it,

and i was fine with doing that

because i was part of it
and i admit my guilt to it.

What do you do to get
the target off your back

after being involved
in this food stealing?

The thing is,jeff,i'm a
really good swing vote.

If somebody needs a
number,hey,i'm a number.

It's pretty obvious,if you want to
be smart strategically in this game

you don't pick somebody
who is a powerhouse.

You pick somebody who
is a pawn,and i'm a pawn.

All right,well there's certainly
been a lot said tonight.

Time to find out how
it's going to play out.

Jane,fabio.You both
have individual immunity.

I assume you're both going to keep it.

You cannot vote for jane,you
cannot vote for fabio.

Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.Jane,you're up.

I hope everybody is smart tonight.


It's me or you tonight,so are ****

you a 100% grade "a" dirt squirrel,

and it's time for you to go home.

I'll goitally the ***

if anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

All right,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,marty.

Marty.Two votes marty.

Alina.One vote alina.

Alina.Two votes marty,two votes alina.

Alina.That's three votes
alina,two votes marty.

Alina,four votes alina,two votes marty.

Alina,that's five votes
alina,two votes marty.

Alina,that's six votes
alina,two votes marty.

Ninth person voted out and
the first member of our jury,

alina.That's seven.That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Alina,the tribe has spoken.

- Time for you to go.
- Good luck,guys.

Well,tonight's vote
would seem to indicate

that you are still making
decisions as a group

and that kind of thinking
can't work forever.

Something's got to give.

Grab your torches,head back to camp.

Good night.

Season 21 Episode 8