Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 14 - This Is Going to Hurt - full transcript

After an emotional visit from home, one alliance is faced with a difficult decision to secure their own fate in the game.

Previously on Survivor...

Welcome to "survivor: Nicaragua. "

Since the beginning of the game, Chase
has been a portrait of Indecision.




Sorry dude, ***

Shannon, the tribe has spoken.

He had a puppy dog crush on Brenda.

There's no reason for
me to backstab you.

And eventually vote her out.

you know this isn't
what I wanted at all.

What the fuck is wrong with Chase.

Despite chase's indecisiveness,
NaOnka liked him enough

to give him her immunity idol...


Right before she quit.

- You want to go?
- Yes.


Which brings us to day 30.

Chase was in an alliance
with Holly, Jane, and Sash,

who had the other hidden immunity idol.

I got the reainsurance
from Chase that we're

definitely together
all the way to the end.

Shake on it, look me in the eye.

But Benry also thought
he was in with Chase...


So Chase conspired with Benry and The
rest of his crew to vote out Fabio.

But at tribal council, Chase decided
that Benry was a bigger threat.

Not personal at all,
man. I love you to death.

Benry was voted out.

Benry, the tribe has spoken.

Six are left. Who will
be voted out tonight?

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- Obviously...
- Here.

Come over here.

Benry was trying to target you.

I wanted to say something to you, but...

it would cause more problems
with the rest of the tribe.

- That's fine. I trust you a lot, man.
- I got your back. Don't worry.

I know.

Fabio is just happy to be alive.
He saw his name was put down twice.

He really thought he was going home.

He knows that i i'm in
control of this game right now,

and as long as fabio
doesn't win a challenge,

he will definitely be the next to go.

Benry said i was trying to get hole off?

That's just part of the game. I'm not
taking anything personal like that.

Yeah, me neither, I guess. He got his.

You know, the next couple of days
are going to be really tricky.

I think they believe i'm more
gullible and naive than I am, you know.

But it's to the point where I'm
on, like, high alert right now.

It would be pretty funny to
watch them underestimate me and

they're kind of like, "What? I
didn't know Fabio was that smart. "

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We've got a cell phone!

- It's tree mail.
- Read it.

"To fill your belly
and quench your thirst,

today you'll have to be the first"

This reward today is a major score...

It will take you places
you've never seen before.

Go to videos, a surprise awaits. "

- What?
- Okay, so how do you go to video?

- Go to videos.
- Oh, my god!

- I gotta get my glasses.
- It's my mom and my brother.

Honey, i can't wait to see you.

I told you before you went
that i've never gone this long

without talking to you, and i
want to hear your voice, and all

the excitement of the adventure
that you've been doing.

We're playing a game for a
million dollars, and something

as simple as a sprint cell
phone can bring you to tears.

- Your mom is beautiful.
- Oh, my god. That's awesome.

- That's my mom next.
- That's your mom?

- Yeah, that's my mom.
- Hi, sash. How are you?

I'm so happy i have this chance to be
able to tell you how much I miss you.

You just have continually been
in my thoughts and in my heart.

It was very interesting to
see how everyone reacted to

their own family because it
makes you realize you're playing

this game with people,
not just other competitors.

And they miss their family
just as much as I do.

Hey, mom! How you doing?
I hope you're winning.

And I hope you enjoy the
crappy rice you're eating.

We all miss you here,

and the go-kart broke
again, just so you know...

Hi, dad. How are you? Nice
to be able to talk to you.

Dad, we miss you. We love you. Amazing
how many people have called me saying

they haven't gone this long in their
life without being yelled at by you.

Oh, my god.

Holly, we all know you're
doing absolutely fantastic,

but we miss you terribly. And the one
thing i'm really looking forward to

is putting my arms around you as soon
as I possibly can, honey. Love you.

I miss him, so much.

I have always been so proud to be your
mother and that goes double for today.

You have... You have an inner
strength and a personality

that is generous and intelligent.

I know that my family is, like,
number one and being out here

is really given me time
to think about that.

But actually seeing the
video, it really got me, man.

My mom always says
the perfect thing, man.

She told me exactly what
I needed to know, and...

I just want to see my
family, man. I really do.

If you win today, who do
you think you're gonna take?

Us three young guys.

Is that... I want to take you and Sash.

- Yeah.
- Just me, you, and Sash.

We could get one reward. We haven't
had one, the three of us at all.

- So...
- Oh, yeah, I promise...

- That's what I'd like.
- It will be us three, you, me, Sash.

That's what i'm going for, so...

Come on in, guys!

- Good morning!
- Good morning!

Well, this morning in tree mail
you received the evo by Sprint.

It's the first four-G phone out there
and it contains some wonderful messages

from your loved ones back home.

Holly, how was it to hear from family?

It was very emotional...

but it was also inspirational to
hear their words of encouragement.

I'm so ready for the next six days.

All right, I will take it back.

Win today's challenge, and
you can take the Evo by Sprint

to a place you've never been before.

The winner of today's challenge will
set sail down the coast of Nicaragua.

While you're there,
you'll enjoy a nice meal.

Sandwiches, some cookies, champagne,
a little beer if you want, some chips.

Oh man!

And to make it even more special, you're
going to have some gorgeous company,

your loved ones.

- Chase, here's your mom, Connie.
- Where?

Oh, my god!

How are you? Honey, I love you.

- I love you too.
- Are you doing okay?

- I love mom.
- I love you, too, honey.

- I'm so proud of you.
- How does he look, mom?

He looks good. He's handsome as can be.

All right, Connie, you can
join him over there on the mat.

- Fabio, who would you like to see?
- Anybody, man. Any... My mom, dad.

Fabio, here's your mom, Anne.

I love you so much,
mom. I love you so much.

I love you too.

- I think about you guys every day.
- We think about you all the time.

Look at you. Gorgeous.

Anne, we should tell you that the son
you formally knew as Jud is now Fabio.

That's a good nickname. They
used to call him "Jud the stud"

Only a mom can say that
and get away it with it.

I love you.

We have one more mom
who wants to say hello.

- Sash, here's your mom, Lee.
- Oh, Sash!

Oh, my god! It's so good to see you.

Sash, tell me about your relationship
with your mom. You guys look very close.

Growing up we didn't have much
money but we have a lot of love

and being out here makes me
realize that's all you need in life

is a little bit of love to get
by. And she's my... My best friend.

I think it's time we got a kid out
here. Dan, here's your son, Matthew.


- There he is!
- Oh god!

Dan, tell me about growing up. What
was the culture like in your family?

My two songs have been my life.
They really have been my life.

They made me so proud.

I do a lot of crazy things, and
they're always so proud of me,

No matter what I do,
they're, "dad, dad, dad. "

This is so special. I
want to thank you so much.

I am so touched by the affection
that Matthew is showing you.

- He can't stop kissing you.
- He's my dad!

All right, take a spot on the mat.

We've got another kid that
wants to say hi to her mom.

- Jane, here's your daughter, Ashley.
- Come on, Ashley!

You made it!

She had a lot to do with my farm. It's
just me and her now against the world.

Since her father passed away. So,
yeah, I left her in charge of my place.

- How's your mom look?
- Skinnier than hell.

All right, so everybody's
had their loved one.

- We got one more.
- Oh, one more. I'm sorry, Holly.

- Who do you want to see?
- My husband.

All right, Charlie, come on!

- Oh, my god!
- There's your man!

We missed our 25th wedding
anniversary for me to be out here

here so this is unbelievable.

25 years.

I can't believe she stayed with
me all these 25 years, either.

All right, love birds,
take a spot on the mat.

I can't believe it!

Loved ones, if you've enjoyed
seeing your survivors for a moment,

you're going to have to work to
spend a little more time with them

because are you going to
participate in today's challenge.

Here's how it works.

On my go, the survivors will run
up a plank, jump into the water

to retrieve a bag of letter tiles.

You'll race it back to
give to your loved one.

You'll go back and get a second bag.

Once you've collected both bags
the loved ones will use the letters

to solve a familiar phrase.

First one to get it right wins reward.

- You guys ready for this?
- Yeah, all right!

All right, we're going to draw
for spots. We'll get started.

All right, here we go. For
reward. Survivors ready? Go.

- Go, holly, go.
- Come Chase!

Survivors have to get
the bag and get back.

Fabio first out. Chase
right behind. Sash is in it.

- Come honey, hurry.
- Good job, Holly, good job, good job.

Got it, go, go, go!

Fabio and Chase are back
and have their second bag

- before Dan is even out of the water.
- Dad, you got it.

Everybody back with their
first bag except Dan.

Fabio's mom has both bags.
Chase's mom has both bags.

Come Sash!

Sash's mom is working on the puzzle.
Holly's husband, Charlie, has both bags.

Jane's daughter's working on the
puzzle. Dan is the last one left.

- Get that bag!
- You got it, dad!

- Come on, dad! You got it.
- Good, Danny boy.

That a way, Dan. Keep fighting.
Show that son what you're made of.

There you go, dad.

*** Everybody working
on their puzzle now.

- Family visit time.
- Don't say it!

You don't want to be yelling anything
out because everybody has ears here.

Family, family first.

Fabio's mom, Anne, falling behind.
Jane's daughter, Ashley, falling behind.

Sash's mom has something going.

Chase's mom, Connie,
making good progress.

Charlie's got something
going with Holly.

Chase's mom getting closer.

- Done.
- Connie, you think you have it?

Family comes first! Chase
and Connie going on reward!

We were close.

- Chase, Connie, come on over
- Good job, you guys.

- Good work out there, mom.
- Thanks. I like to play games.

All right, Chase and Connie,
you're going to leave here,

take a nice cruise down the coast
of Nicaragua, have some nice food,

make some great memories. I want to
you choose somebody to come with you,

- one survivor and their loved one.
- Just one?

He's probably going to pick Sash.

I love all of you, you know that.
I love each and every one of you.

There's one person who hasn't been on a
reward in a long time, and that's Sash.

- And i believe he deserves it.
- Sash, come on over.

I love you guys.

Chase, bring one more person with you,
one more survivor and their loved one.

I know this is going to
hurt some people's feelings.

- I'm going to take Holly.
- Holly and Charlie, come on over.

- ***
- He's a scumbag.

- Nah, don't worry about it.
- He is.

- What happens to the rest of them?
- They will be taken and executed.

As with any good challenge.
Fabio, you're really upset.

Yeah, man. I don't get
to see her a whole lot.

- So it meant a lot to me.
- You guys live in different states?

Fabio, I love you
man. I'm so sorry, man.

No, man, you know I would
have taken and you your mom

because I know how much
your mom means to you, dude.

- I know, dude.
- You know that, that was...

- Fabio.
- I'm not going to cry about it.

It's okay.

All right, loved ones, say
good-bye to your survivors.

- I love you.
- I love you.

Get your head in the game. We're gonna
have tons of time when you come home.

All right, guys, hit it.

All right, Jane, Fabio,
Dan, got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff, back to camp.

All right, Chase, got a nice reward in
store for you. Take the Evo by Sprint.

Use it to record all the great
memories are you going to make.

- Video picture?
- Everything.

- Have a great time out there, guys.
- Thank you.

- Head on out.
- Thank you.

- Are you hungry?
- I'm starving.

Why do you think he continues
to choose holly for these?

Evidently, he thinks our useful life
with him is over. That's what he thinks.

You could see it today.

How many times does he
want to suck up to holly?

He has no allegiance to us.
He's done with this three.

- He told me numerous times...
- He's told people a lot of things.


He knew how much my mom meant on
to me and i knew how much his meant

and he was going to take
me. Even today we talked.

I was really let down by Chase
because we had been talking about,

you know, having our moms and
this one reward, and he knew

how much my mom meant to me and I
knew how much his mom meant to him

and I was really planning on taking
him. So i kind of got played there.

He straight up lied to me.

Forget you, forget
me. He did it to Jane.

I know, that's the thig.

Ashley is going to be
going off to college.

I spent my whole summer here.
This is Ashley's last summer home.

Yeah, he made a
million-dollar decision today.

Yeah, he made a million-dolar
decision to lose it.


Chase won the challenge and he
really did a bad thing to Jane.

He really let her down.
Just shows you what a he is.

You know, he's been her friend, and
then he just spits in her face today.

It was disgusting.

He told you straight
up he was taking you?

- Yeah.
- He doesn't have a brain.

- I said it from the beginning...
- I mean, it it really hurts.

Yeah, I know.

Well, Jane...

My swimsuit's falling off
in that damn challenge!

I got mad at chase for not picking me.

Where I stand right now, it
appears that i'm the fourth person

in a four-way alliance,
and that worries me.

- What's this, water melon?
- I see cookies.

- Cookies.
- I see beer and champagne.

- Oh, my god! Wow!
- Let's share a cookie, honey.

I'm assuming that we are not going
to have any more food challenges

and we're going to be here the
next four days without food.

So I needed that to get
some of my energy back.

All i know is I appreciate food
a lot more than I ever have.

Oh, my gosh!

Sash, you've gone almost
two weeks without a meal.

- Oh, my god.
- Thanks for picking us, Chase.

Thank you so much. I can't
tell you how much this means.

Final three, right here.
Let's make it happen.


Y'all know I just
lost a vote with Fabio.

We'll drink some champagne
later to cheer the final three.

- ***
- Fabio crying.

- Yeah.
- We've got to stick to our plan.

- ***
- ***

I could have tried to get jury
votes. I'm sticking with you.

- I know.
- ***

I had to choose, really,
between Holly, Jane and Fabio.

We all want Fabio gone next
because he can ruin our plan.

We're planning on going
the final three, right here.

Fabio is very emotional but
I want to keep Holly close.

I want to make sure she helps
take me to the end so hopefully

it doesn't bite me in the butt
with jury votes if I get that far.

Look what I found.


Who has the idols?

Sash and myself.

It will be you three against
the other three when you go back?

- No.
- No.

The three of us are
in an alliance and we

have one other person
in our alliance, Jane.

Really? Okay.

But we've made a
commitment to each other.

The three of us.



I think you all are amazing,
and i'm proud of all of you,

and I wish you all
good luck, Chase, win.

Everyone's looking good. Done.

Okay, are you ready? Cheers.

Oh, that's awesome.

- So you've got to go, huh?
- Yup.

- I'm so glad you came.
- I love you so much.

It was unbelievable spending
the afternoon with Charlie.

Him just holding me in his
arms. It just felt amazing.

I will never look at a
hug from Charlie the same.

- Okay, I love you.
- Bye.

I wanted to let loose and let
my mom know I'm doing okay,

have a good time with her,
once-In-A-Lifetime experience.

But in the back of my
mind I was saying, damn,

I have to go back to
camp and face wrath.

- Bye!
- Love you, momma.

- Yo, Chase. What's up?
- Fabio, man.

- How was it, buddy?
- It was... It was great, man.

Yeah... That was a rhetorical question.

- What do you mean?
- 'Cause I knew it was great.

I'm a bit frustrated
man, I was pretty hurt.

- I know.
- I'm a bit jealous, man.

- No, I don't blame you.
- You got four...

four awesome rewards in a row.

Sash and Holly and I
just got back from reward,

and immediately Fabio wants to know
what happened, why I didn't take him?

This is me, just upset.

I don't blame you. In
your shoe I be upset, too.

She lives with her husband. I
see my mom twice a year, bro.

It's true.

I guess we'll move on. You
can't hold grudges out here.

You can't be super
ticked off at somebody

because it will come back to get you.

It's over, man. That's fine.

So I think the best thing I could
do is just try to win immunity.

Come on in, guys!

You ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

- Yeah.
- Absolutely.

First things first, Sash,
I'll take back the necklace.

Thanks, Jeff.

Once again immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you
will each be blindfolded.

On my go, you will make your way over
and under a series of hitching rails

to a station where you will find
a shield with silver symbols on it.

Using only your sense of touch,
you must memorize the symbols.

You'll then grab the bags of matching
symbols and head back to the start.

Still blindfolded you will use those
symbols to create a matching shield.

Some of the symbols in your bag
will feel right but they won't match.

First person to get all their symbols
in the right spots wins immunity

and is guaranteed a one-in-five
shot at winning this game

and the million dollars
that goes with it.

We'll draw for spots and get started.

All right, here we go. For
immunity. Survivors ready?


Under, over, under.

To get to your shield.
Fabio out to a quick lead.

Chase right behind him.

Fabio first to the puzzle.
Chase is at his puzzle.

Study those symbols. You have to
memorize their position and their shape.

Holly's now at her puzzle. So is Jane.

Sash is at his puzzle.
Dan is the last one.

Jane studies her puzzle
and is already heading back.

Fabio heading back.
Holly's heading back.

Sash making his way back.
Jane trying to find her way.

Fabio now back with all his pieces.

Jane back to her shield.
Holly back to her shield.

You have to take those
symbols in the bags

and recreate the same
shield on your end.

I'm missing a bag.

Make sure you have all three
bags because without them,

you will be short pieces.

Chase really taking his
time, really studying.

Sash now back at the right
shield. Chase making his way back.

Dan making his way back. Fabio's
starting to put in pieces.

Sash puts in a piece, hoping it's right.

Jane trying to remember
where does it go?

Holly struggling, but she's got
her last bag. That's going to help.

Chase back with all his pieces.

Chase trying to make up some
time now. Dan is the last one.

36 days, taking its toll.

Chase spent a lot of time studying
the symbols. Was it worth it?

Fabio placing more pieces.

Chase starting to place pieces now.

It is coming down to Fabio and
Chase. Both placing a lot of pieces.

The question is, are they right?

- Am i right?
- Fabio thinks he has it.

He does not.

That oppose the door for Chase.

Fabio quickly switching pieces.

- Am I right?
- Fabio thinks he has it and he does!

- Fabio wins immunity!
- Good job.

- Fabio, come on over.
- Good job.

When you need it, you get it.

Fabio, congratulations.

As for the rest of you,
somebody going home.

Head back to camp. I'll
see you at tribal. Congrats.

- Well, congratulations, Fabio.
- Good job, Fabio.

The only thing that could have
screwed up today's immunity challenge

was Fabio winning immunity, and
of course Fabio wins immunity.

I don't know. It was a good one for me.

- You did a great job.
- I'm just exhausted.

- You're exhausted?
- Yeah.

Now we're stuck in a tight
spot because we really wanted

the biggest threat to
go home, being Fabio.

So now we have to decide
what our next move is.

Dan's about done. He's done, dude.

- What are you saying?
- ***

Why don't we vote Jane off
tonight and Dan tomorrow?

I don't know.

Are you saying that because you
want to keep Jane around still?

- You've got to think.
- I'm thinking, dude.

I know, but it's,
like, such a no-brainer.

Chase the whole time has said,
yeah, I know Jane has to go.

And now when it's actually time to
do it, he's all thinking about it,

and you can tell he doesn't want
to let her go, and it's like,

dude, if he doesn't, like,
vote her out or something

** could go down as his worst decision.

Fabio is really pushing for Jane.

I don't think that's in our
best interest. I really don't.

We're really taking a big
risk if we send Jane home.

Well, we know we have to
vote Jane out at some point.

Whether it's today or tomorrow.

I think it's a win-Win sending
dan home tonight for you and I.

You you don't look like
you're okay with this.

I think we're leaving ourselves open...

to someone sneaking in who shouldn't.

- What are they... What are they saying?
- They want Jane out.

- Yeah.
- Of course.

Without us saying
anything, what do you think?

Jane's right over there.

You know, do you want to
take her to the final four?

I mean, that's what we have to decide.

And, you know, it's a big deal.

If she makes it through, then
none of us make a million dollars.

This gives us the best chance
to make it to the final three.

And that should be our focus.

I don't want to write Jane's name down.

I want to keep Jane around to the final
four and beat her at the final four,

but now Sash and Holly don't
think that's a good idea,

- so they're going back on it.
- Here she comes now.

But i've got a little bit of
time. I'm still not sure on it.

I don't know if this is right or not.

I just want to make sure
we're still... four people.

Somebody has to go
tonight. It's hard. And...

I mean, we still vote Dan out? That's
what i'm asking. Or has it changed?

That's what we need to discuss.

So is it me?

Is that what we decided?

Because y'all know I
don't want to do it, but...

is that what you all are dead set on?

This is not easy, you guys.

Y'all been conniving
this the whole time?

I guess there has been
discussion of voting you out.

The truth is, the three
of us think that you

can beat all of us for
the million dollars.

- Oh, yeah.
- At the end.

My alliance have turned on me. And
I'm supposed to go home tonight.

And it was supposed to
be the final four us.

That was the game plan the whole time.

So they're obviously flippers.
They're liars. They're cheats.

They're backstabbers.

I'm most disappointed in
my Carolina home boy, Chase.

If I was chase, I wouldn't show
my ass back in North Carolina.

Don't look at me.

I told Sash "don't even look at me. "

And try to pat me on the back
like, "oh, I'm sorry, Jane. " No.

And if he wants to try to
compare me to his momma, no.

I didn't raise my daughter
to be a liar and a cutthroat.

But she raised a damn liar.

I've not stabbed anybody in
the back in this whole game.

So I am proud of the
way I played this game.

I got a little bit of thinking to
do tonight prior to tribal council.

Because I'm not going
to give you up. But...

the wrath of Jane
will break out tonight.

By God, I started it. I put it out!

Now bring in the members of our jury.

Alina, Marty, Brenda, NaOnka,

Purple Kelly and Benry, voted
out at the last tribal council.

Well, Dan, it's getting down to it.

It had to be somewhat of a
crazy afternoon. I'm guessing.

I mean, there are things...
Listen... Never mind.

No, no, no, no no. Give
it to me, or I'll dig.

Before we left tonight,

Jane took a bucket of water
and threw it over our fire.

I sure did. I started that fire.

And I wanted to be the last woman
standing to put the fire out.

So this was sort of a
philosophical statement.

- Well, can I have my say?
- It is your tribal council.

Well, there's absolutely no
loyalty in tonight's vote.

It's full of liars and backstabbers.

- End of story.
- End of story?

No, just beginning a story. I want more.

Okay, they're going to
vote me out tonight, okay.

And I'm going to call some
people on some stuff, okay.

Holly, you call yourself
a coach and a mentor.

Yet, you steal 1400 worth
of personal property.

Where I come from,
you'd go to jail, okay.

- You're referring to?
- Shoes that belonged to Danny.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- So, Jane, you're frustrated because...
- No, it's not that I'm frustrated.

I'm upset that I made an
alliance with people who right now

are throwing me under the bus, and
yet the four of us had always decided

that get rid of these two
and us stay as a foursome.

That was the alliance. That's
how Benry got voted off.

Chase, alliances are only
as good as they are good.

So Jane could believe
she's in a four-way alliance

and not actually be
in a four-way alliance.

No, Jane was in a four-way alliance,
and this afternoon we set her aside

and said that it's in our best
interest to have a shot at winning

this game to possibly send
her home. And we told her that.

All right, let me ask the alliance
of three that seems to be in charge.

If you vote out Jane
tonight, who's next?

I would say it's whoever
doesn't win immunity next.

- So it's Fabio or Dan.
- Would you guys agree with that?

Oh, my god.

Would you guys agree with that?

Game is happening right now.

- Holly?
- Yes.

So you just conferred in
front of the other three,

which I gotta hand it to you
guys, is a ballsy, big move.

So, Fabio, are you hearing
what's happening right now.

It sounds like if i don't win
again, i could be going next.

It's writing on the wall, Fabio.

Jeff: you have three people
just told you flat out that

there is a three-person
allian alliance.

There are three other
people, Dan, Fabio, and Jane.

So let me ask you the question
that my mom would want asked...

Which is why don't they
have their own alliance?

"Try to do something? Force
a vote? It seems crazy?"

Jane, what would you
suggest to do right now?

Us three vote Holly out.

These two have an idol.

Okay. Chase and Sash, you both
have hidden immunity idols?

- NaOnka gave it to me.
- And you brought yours.

Yes, it's in my bag.

Tonight is the last night
you can play an idol,

so it would make sense to play it.

Dan, why not take Jane's advice and say
I want a shot to win, not take fourth.

Yes, it would make sense for me to
form an alliance with Fabio and Jane.

- Yes, it would.
- Fabio?

This is crazy. Everybody comes in here
thinking one thing, and then you start

realizing, well, you
know, we could do this.

Three people could tie, and
maybe the three-person alliance

won't be as strong as they thought.

You know, I always tell myself
no matter what happens, I make

the best of the pieces that are there.

Holly, we walked in here with this big
proclamation, Jane says "I'm going home"

Now we're about to vote, I'm
not so sure that everybody is as

comfortable as they were
when we started. Are you?

No. Because we came in with a
plan. Now their wheels are spinning.

So, of course, i'm going to
be sitting here nervous now.

Chase, the look on your
face is utter confusion.

I don't know what the hell is
going on right notice, honestly.

All right, Fabio, you have
individual immunity around your neck.

- I assume you're keeping that.
- Yes.

You cannot vote for Fabio.
Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote. Dan, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Thank you. Thank you.

Rules of "Survivor" state if anybody
plays the hidden immunity idol

any votes cast against
them will not count.

These are both good immunity idols.

Any votes cast for Chase
or Sash will not count.

All right, once the votes are
read the decision it final.

The person voted out will be asked to

leave the tribal
council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jane.

Jane. Two votes Jane.

Jane. That's three votes Jane.

13th person voted out and the
seventh member of our jury,

that's four, that's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Jane, the tribe has spoken.

Y'all have fun.

Well, final five, you have
survieved 36 days in this game.

You have three days left, and
based on everything said tonight,

it should be three of
the craziest so far.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on "Survivor":

*** five players are left,
one thing is certain...

Holly has he hands down as a threat.

- ***
- Dan is a bigger threat than Holly.

- Chase a threat.
- Chase is a huge threat.

- Fabio is a huge physical threat.
- A big threat.

He's one of the biggest threats?

Everyone is a threat.

Join us this Sunday, December 19.

You find out really fast what
people's true colors are out here.

Sash is a big-ass liar. Holly
lost some respect for her.

And Chase, my buddy in crime,
I'm very disappointed in.