Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 15 - What About Me? - full transcript

The final castaways participate in their last immunity challenges and are questioned by the jury before the jurors vote for the one million dollar winner.

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Previously on "Survivor"

Jane, the tribe has spoken.

You all have fun.

On day 36, when Jane was voted out,
there were only five left in the game,

but back on day one...

Welcome to "Survivor: Nicaragua"

No one would have predicted that
Dan, Fabio, Sash, Holly or Chase

would have gone so far.

They all followed an
improbable path to the end.

Dan stepped into the hostile
nicaraguan rain forest waring

$1600 shoes and having no
idea what he was getting into.

Three seconds in...

Dan is out of the challenge.

During the challenges, he
was either ineffective...

or didn't participate at all.

This tribe might think I'm a weak link,
but I don't consider myself a weak link.

But he's the only one left who
hasn't made any enemies, ****

*** to me he's like an old wise guy.

Holly's trip to the final five
was also extremely improbable.

Holly, I'm not so sure that everybody is

as comfortable as they
were when we started.

- Are you?
- No.

Holly was even more
uncomfortable back on day five

When she completely flipped
out and stole Dan's shoes.

The New York city boy, Danny,
he doesn't like sand on him

so let's just fill his shoes up.

Later when she tried to quit...

I can't do it.

A pep talk from coach Jimmie Johnson
completely turned her game around.

We really do need you.

And by day 27, she had become
the godmother of her tribe

and pulled off a successful hit
on Brenda who at the time was

time was the most strategic
player in the game.

We're all in consensus
that Brenda has to go first.

She's the ringleader.

At the last tribal council,
Chase got into hot water

water when he revealed
his final three alliance.

To be clear, there is
a three-person alliance.

It is Chase, it is
Holly, and it is Sash.

- Yeah.
- Yes.

But his alliances aren't
always what they seem.

Since day three, every person
Chase had ever aligned with...

Without me and you, I
think they're screwed.

There's no reason for
me to backstab you.

I had no idea you were
such a badass woman.

He eventually voted out.

Sorry, dude. This isn't
what I wanted at all.

I wish this wouldn't have happened.

Chase had angered so many people...

By god, I started it. I put it out.

That it was a wonder he
was still in the game.

At the last tribal council,
Chase and Sash were safe

because they both had
hidden immunity idols.

Thank you.

Sash had come a long way since day
28 when he was a dead man walking.

I find myself faced with an uphill
struggle to try to get to the end.

His allies, NaOnka
and Purple Kelly, quit.

Head out.

So he's aligned with no one.

I'm kind of like a free agent.

I'd like to work with
whoever had me in their plans.

But he made secret side deals
with everyone to go to the end.

Will you swear you will
take me no matter what?


I hold more chips than
anyonees still remaining.

And now he's back in contention.

- Let me ask the question... who's next?
- Whoever doesn't win immunity next.

It sounds like if I don't win
again I could be going next.

Its writing is on the wall, Fabio.

Right now, no one is in
a deeper hole than Fabio.

Back on day one, Fabio was
dismissed as a goof ball.

The guy with the long, blond
hair, he's a dumb blond.

I never really called a guy a dumb
blond before but he's a dumb blond.

My strategy to be out in the
open and make people laugh

and be all crazy, I call it being cool.

But when his life was on the line,
he won the last immunity challenge.


Which proved to everyone
he is a serious player.

I always tell myself no
matter what happens, you know,

I make the best of the pieces there.

Tonight, everyone's improbable
journey will come to an end.

Grab your torches and head back to camp.

After 36 days of surprises...

the biggest are yet to come.

One of these five people will
outwit, outplay, and outlast

all the others to win the million-dollar
prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

wWw. Addic7ed. Com

Day 37... Unbelievable.

After last night's tribal
council, realizing that Sash,

Holly, and Chase are pretty
tight, you know, I definitely

think it's in my best
interest to break them up.

I feel like they think I'm the big
threat now. They want me out next.

- The next one out should be Holly.
- That's what I'm saying.

It should be a no-brianer.

Sorry Holly for being a
little bit down, but I realize

the way things are lining up and
I'm not in a good position here.

I mean, you, Sash, and
Chase seem pretty tight.

It's anybody's game.

Well, you want to go to the final three
with me or do you want to go with Chase?

What about me?

I'm very much aware of the position
I'm in and I'll go out fighting.

Unless somebody else has a better plan.

So what are you saying your plan is?

Try to win immunity.

I'm not very comfortable going to tribal
council without a necklace right now.

But I gotta be cool right now. I
can't let on that I'm playing the game.

Sash, how do you really
feel about things?

I really think Dan and
Holly are huge threats.

Fabio is definitely a little
bit on edge, which he should be,

if I was in his shoes,
I would be as well.

But there's a very good chance
fabio could make an immunity run and

go all the way to the end. So you
better believe that I'm telling Fabio...

what he wants to hear.

You know what I want.

But I don't know... I don't know
how tight you and Chase really are.

Chase and I are tight. I would
like to go to the end with Chase.

Just like I'd like to
go to the end with you.

If you only have one clear-cut
strategy in Survivor...

chances are you're not going to
make it all the way to the end.

I'm trying to find as many avenues
to make final three as possible,

so if that means making promises to
every single person left on my tribe,

that's what I'm going to do.

Fabio's extremely nervous
right now because...

He thinks that, you know, he's
the next to go, which he is.

- So the same plan as always, right.
- Yeah, yeah.

We've got a big challenge coming
up, and we're gunning for Fabio.

Fabio is a huge physical threat.
He can win his way to the end,

and he's been winning
immunities. He won the last one,

and if Fabio loses the next
immunity, he's going home tonight.

Come on in, guys.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

- Yup.
- Absolutely.

First things first, Fabio. Give it up.

Thank you.

Once again immunity
is back up for grabs.

On my go, you'll race
out to a station...

where you will find a
question about Nicaragua.

To select your answer, choose the
corresponding bag and race back.

If you're right, the bag
will contain puzzle pieces.

If you're wrong, the
pieces will be black.

You'll have to go back
and get the right bag.

Once you have answered all
three questions and collected all

three bags of puzzle pieces, you'll
use the pieces to solve the puzzle.

First person to get
it right wins immunity.

And will have a one-in-four
shot at the million dollars.

We'll draw for spots and get started.

All right, here we go, for immunity.

And a guaranteed spot in the
final four, survivors ready?


See what you know about Nicaragua.

Everybody working on
that first question.

Nicaragua shares its southern
border with Costa Rica,

its northern border with what country?

Did you study before you came?

If you think you know what the answer
is, grab that bag and head back.

Holly got it right. If you have it right
there are puzzle pieces. Head back out.

If you have it wrong, it will
be black, and you are wrong.

Sash got it right. Fabio got it right.

Everybody got the first question right.

Honduras is north of Nicaragua.

Question number two, "the east coast
of Nicaragua is also known as what?"

Holly heading back with her second bag.

Chase and Sash heading
back with their second bags.

Do they have it right?
Holly is two for two.

Sash got it right. Chase is two for two.

Fabio, wrong. Frustrated,
tosses his pieces.

He's got to head back out.

Next question, "in
the early 16th century,

these people claimed
Nicaragua for Spain."

Chase and Holly coming
back with their third bag.

Sash right behind. Fabio racing back.

Fabio no back with his second bag.

While Chase, Holly and Sash
are all on their third bags.

Holly has it right. She's working on the
puzzle. Chase is working on the puzzle.

Sash has it right. He's
working on the puzzle.

Fabio working on that third
question. Fabio and Dan way behind.

You know what it is. It is
the logo from this season.

Holly getting there. Sash
making a lot of progress.

Fabio still working
on that third question.

Fabio now back with his third
bag. Does he have it right?

He does. Fabio now
working on the puzzle.

But he's got to make up a lot of time.

Who's going to finish first?

Who's going to be guaranteed
a spot in the final four.

Dan now back with his third
bag. And he has it right.

Everybody working on their puzzle now.

It is Sash with a huge lead right now.

Holly trying to get into
it. Chase having a hard time.

Dan way behind. Fabio
making a lot of progress.

Fabio was behind but he
has caught up quickly.

We've got a race. It is Fabio
and Sash right now. Neck and neck.

Holly's starting to get
into it. Chase still behind.

Fabio has made up a lot of time.

It is still Fabio and
Sash, both very close.

Fabio won the last immunity.
Can he do it back to back?

Sash getting closer. Fabio very close.

Fabio has it! Fabio wins immunity!

- Nice job, Fabio.
- I'm missing a piece.

Must have fell out when
you dumped them out.

- Fabio, come on over.
- Good job, Fabio.

Once again, Fabio has immunity.
You will live to see the final four.

One step closer to the
final tribal council.

After 37 very tough days, Dan,
Chase, Holly, Sash, one of you,

your shot at the million
dollars will come to an end.

Going to be an interesting
afternoon. I have no doubt.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.
I'll see you at tribal. Congrats.

Fabio winning immunity today definitely
put a monkey wrench in our plan.

We were hoping that he would
lose so we could get rid of him,

but tonight I'm hoping it's an easy
vote and we're going to vote Dan.

- Nice job, Fabio way to go.
- Thank you very much.

Great job.

I won again. It was awesome, man.

Going into it, I knew that if
I didn't win, I was not safe.

But I got my necklace,
and I'm loving it, man.

Is that what you guys were
expecting for the challenge?

- No.
- No.

I thought it was going
to be more physical.

I've always known that I was
going to wat to the last minute

to be aggressive. I chose to just
follow people, go with their plan.

Right now, I've got to figure
things out and swing them my way,

and my number one plan would
be to talk to Chase and Sash

to get Holly out first.

You think Dan's more
of a threat than Holly?

- Yeah.
- He hasn't done anything.

He lays around the shelter all the time.
I don't know if people respect him.

- Nobody's mad at Dan.
- I'm not sure everybody liked him.

Everybody on the jury does.
Sash and I have talked about it.

For me, between Fabio and Dan,
the other one would go home, so...

but that was an easy decision
when we got back from camp.

Me, personally, I think Dan is
less of a threat than Holly, but...

I've been so close with her it would
be tough for me to vote out Holly.

That would be a tough task.

Chase wants to vote you.
He sees you as a big threat.

I don't know where Sash is at with that.

Let's try to make it Holly, that's all.

- I'm trying, but, you know...
- Right. I...

Sash, I gotta talk to
Sash, you know, alone.

I want to get Sash to
try to vote out Holly.

How many votes do we
need? We need three?

Three... We need you and Sash.

My job is to paint Holly
as a bigger threat than me.

I'd like to convince Sash
we should get rid of Holly.

That would be the optimum.

It's not going to be easy but
that's what I'm going to try and do.

- I want to be with you two guys.
- I would like for us to go.

So if that's what you really
want, we can do it in no time.

Nobody is going to say Dan
gets the million dollars.

Everybody knows I have money.

So Holly's got me
hands down as a threat,

hands down she's a little
girl from North Dakota.

She has a struggling farm. She only
came from a town of eleven hundred.

What's the chances of somebody from
a town of eleven hundred winning?

Right. I think she's a big threat.

I'll be honest with you guys, I
can't be any straighter. That's it.

- I said my piece.
- Ok.

You guys, you're gonna do what you
want to do. I can't tell you what to do.

I know.

I'm going to have to try to make a case
for Dan not being the biggest threat,

and the best person for
me to do that with is Sash.

I have to have a one-on-one, me
and sash, without Chase coming up

and saying, "what are
you guys talking about?"

Because he does that and it's annoying.

You really want to vote Dan out
before Holly, you personally?

- Because that could be bad fore, man.
- I know.

I'm trying to get a real
sense for how you're feeling.

I know Chase... I mean, Chase
has emotional attachment to Holly.

Holly and Chase end up in that
final three together I think

they would take all the votes.

You and I could vote Holly tonight
and not even let it come down to Chase.

That's true.

Fabio brought up a lot of good points.

People are probably giving Dan a little
too much credit for being a threat,

but Holly is a threat because she's
the only woman left in the game

and there are quite a few women
on the jury. Not only that,

Holly could get all the votes
from all the former Espada members.

So I'm not trying to save Dan.

I'm just trying to split up
Chase and Holly while we can.

I like the idea. You
bring up good points.

At this point in the game, it's
transition from an alliance...

type game to an individual game,
and everyone is trying to look out

for themselves. And I am as well.

- What are you guys thinking?
- We're thinking Dan, of course.

- You're what?
- Dan.

- So...
- We were just thinking about Dan.

I didn't realize that you were in
for voting him off. I thought...

You haven't talked to me about it.

Yeah, I know, but we were talking
and I thought my name came up.

- No.
- So that's only thing I was thinking.

I have a feeling that Dan and
Fabio are telling Sash and Chase

that I'm a huge threat, that
they need to get rid of me.

Am I concerned at
this point? Absolutely.

But I just have to trust
in my alliance and hope

that tonight my name isn't written down.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Alina, Marty, Brenda,

Naonka, Purple Kelly, Benry,

and Jane voted out at
the last tribal council.

Let's talk about today's
immunity challenge.

Fabio, how big was today's win for you?

Today was a big one, man.

Winning immunitys is a huge part
of getting to the end of this game.

How big a factor is tonight's vote
from the point of who can I beat?

Tonight's vote is going to come down
to who people think is the threat

for the million because that's the
point of the game we're at, you know?

You have to think
about who's on the jury?

Who has had past
relationships with them.

Who they maybe respect for certain
reasons and who has played a nice game?

Dan, a big part of your strategy from
day one has been "take me to the end,

- I can't possibly win."
- Correct.

- Still feel that way?
- I live a nice life. I have money.

And I don't think anybody is going
to award me a million dollars, ever.

Does that seem fair to you?

I'm not saying I couldn't
use the million dollars.

I'm not making light of
a million dollars, okay.

But there are people here that
they would sooner give it to.

I always said, "take me
there. I'm never going to win."

That was my ploy my whole way here.

Sash, if you buy into that,
it's a prettiy good argument.

Its a good argument because
it increases your odds

from 33% to 50 or even 100%.

Holly, at the last tribal council, there
were a lot of fingers pointing at you.

That's what I'm afraid of tonight, also.

I know that Dan has talked to Sash about

teaming up with the guys
and getting rid of me.

Why would that make sense?

Because Dan said he would like
four guys to go to the final four.

I don't think I ever said
I want four guys to go.

The reason why Holly would be
voted out is because she's a threat.

- I don't know where...
- How am I a threat?

Explain to me how you
think I'm a threat.

The lady from South Dakota
a 1100 people in a town.

She's in the final
three. That's a threat.

Why is that a threat where I'm from
and how many people I have in my town?

That's my interpretation.
I just think it is.

- I don't think that's a threat at all.
- Okay I think it is.

Obviously, Holly, you're
going to say it's not a threat.

What matters is not whether Dan is right
or wrong it's that's his perception.


Chase, at this point, it really does
come down to perception, doesn't it?

**** They know my mind's always turning.

I think Brenda called me paranoid.

He's paranoid as hell.

My mind's always thinking,
like, how to win in the end.

So it's always a mind game going on.

So, Holly, what do you say to get that
target off your back and back on his?

Has he been aggressive? Has he
gone out and talked to people?

Has he made the right alliances?

But I also think it's really important
to remember the numbers on the jury.

By assessing who is going to
get the least amount of votes,

of course that the
person you want to take.

So you have to take all those
aspects into consideration

when you're this close to the end.

Holly, those attributes you mentioned,
how aggressive was he or wasn't he?

What alliances did he or didn't he have?

Those all seem to make the
argument to take him to the end.

He hasn't done anything to the
money, which is Dan's point exactly.

Fabio, if you just isolate it
down to Holly and Dan tonight,

it's potentially a
million-dollar mistake

- if you vote the wrong person out.
- Uhm, yeah.

It definitely is, and that's
something I'm sure we all thought about

this afternoon at camp.

A lot of the reasons that Holly
pointed out about Dan being a threat

is also why Holly may
be a threat as well.

I think that a lot of the women on the
jury respect Holly as a motherly figure,

and I think a lot of her answers
at tribal council are pretty good.

That's a compliment to Holly. I
think she's a pretty cool lady.

It's a compliment, and
it's also a warning, Holly.

All right, Fabio, you have
individual immunity again.

- You're going to keep that?
- Yeah.

Cannot vote for fabio. Everybody
else is fair game. It is time to vote.

Chase, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the vote are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Dan.

Dan. That's two votes Dan.

Chase. Two votes Dan, one vote Chase.

14th person voted out and the
eighth member of our jury, Dan.

That's three. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Dan, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, congratulations. You
have made it to the final four.

Tomorrow, you'll compete in
your final immunity challenge.

Win tomorrow's challenge,
you are in the final three

and will have a shot at the money.
Lose, you could be going home.

Grab your stuff. Head
back to camp. Good night.

I switched my vote tonight to Chase
to tell him how much I dislike the guy.

I want nothing to do with you. Holly,
you're a crook. You stole my shoes.

They ought to cut your damn hands off.

Sash, you're just like a whining
little girl. And you're a liar.

I wish them the worst, and
I can't wait to cast my vote.

- Final four.
- Yeah.

- Well... We're all still here.
- It's exciting, right?

- Yeah.
- We made it, guys.

- We did.
- I'm excited.

Last four!

- You guys, this is a big deal.
- This is a pretty big deal.

It's a huge deal. Let's have
fun tomorrow and tonight.

- Yeah.
- Okay?

Tonight at tribal council, I felt
comfortable because I had the necklace

around my neck, and tomorrow
night, for me to feel secure,

I'm going to have to have the immunity
necklace again because I really

don't know what's going through
Chase and Sash's mind at this point.

So are we thinking if one of us wins
tomorrow we can all three go together?

- Does that make the most sense?
- Of course it does.

I think we're all on
the same page, right?

Everything at the moment
is going according to plan.

I love how things are playing
out because right now, I truly

believe that every single person
left will take me to the end, no

matter who wins the
final immunity challenge.

Fabio wants to take me.

And he believes that I will also
take him, but if Fabio loses,

he'll be going home because he's
the biggest threat to my end game.

- Are we still a 100%?
- 100%.

You and I have discussed going together.

I mean, we'd be crazy not to. If
I go to the final three with him.

Anybody goes with him,
it's going to be tough.

We've got to give it our
all today because, you know,

he does win the last challenge,
it's going to be complete scramble.

- And he knowes that.
- Yeah, he knows.

So he's going to go 100%,
too. Of course he is.

We have our final
immunity challenge today.

And if Fabio does not win individual
immunity, he will be the next to go.

And Sash, Chase, and I
will go to the top three.

But if Fabio wins, we will
have to turn on our own,

and it will be very
interesting to see what happens.

If fabio wins, we're going to have
to discuss what we're going to do

because number-wise I think
Sash would get a lot of votes.

Marty would go Sash...

Purple Kelly would go Sash,
Dan and Benry would go Sash.

Damn, that's a lot.

We'll have to say the and see
what happens at the challenge,

and then decisions will have to be made.


I just want you to know that
you and I need to stick together.

We need to win.

I picture you, me, and
Sash in the final three.

Do you feel comfortable with that plan?

I feel comfortable
with everything, yeah.

We'll see how the challenge
goes today and go from there.

I don't like the lying
part at all to this game,

but Holly, Sash, and I have that
alliance, we're pretty strong,

and Fabio could be breaking that
up if he wins another immunity.

You know, it could be a
million-dollar challenge for me, so...

I'm definitely going to put pressure
on myself and try to win that thing.

- The last tree mail.
- Tree mail.

- Check this out.
- A sword?

Is that what it is?

It's looks like we're sword
fighting for the... Million.

Oh, wow.

"Congratulations, final four. You are
almost to the end of this adventure"

"Follow your map from the beach through
the jungle to the top of the head land"

"There you will find the
torches of your fallen comrades"

"At each torch, you will
collect a representative shield

of those who were voted out before you"

"At the end of your journey you will
offer them up in a ceremonial burning

paying respect to their memory"

You will then proceed to your
final immunity challenge."

- Final challenge.
- Wow.

- ***
- Good job, you guys, good job.

- We came a long way.
- Unbelievable.

Going on the rites of passage,
I have a huge responsibility.

I'm the last one left
from the Espada tribe.

And I truly want to show my
dedication to all the people

that I started this game with whether
they were the first one voted out

or they were just recently voted
out, it is a huge responsability,

and it is an absolute honor.

Wendy Jo.

Whenever you looked at her,
she glowed. Wendy Jo was great.

I never wanted to be
the first one voted off.

If I were to be in this game again
my strategy would be different.

I would tell everybody
about me and how great I am.


I'm sure outside this
game Shannon was awesome.

During this game, I couldn't trust him.

I got put with the little kids and
they didn't have a clue about life

or responsibility and I didn't want
to be on there for another 20 days

baby-sitting these children.

- Jimmy J.
- Jimmie Johnson.

If it wasn't for Jimmy, I wouldn't
have made it past day five.

He will always have a very special
spot in my heart. Wonderful man.

I've coached and played football,

but in "Survivor" out in
the elements without food,

with all the rain, and the
stress of the game, this out here,

it drains you like nothing
I've ever been through before.

Jimmy T. He loved the game.

He's got to be one of
the goofier characters.

- Along with you, buddy.
- Yeah.

You can't control "Survivor"
and I tried to just get ahold

and it became more and more frustrating.

It's amazing how quickly I got knocked
down to size, and I'm certainly humbled.

- Tyrone.
- Tyrone the Fireman.

I knew there was going to come
a time when the social aspect

was going outweigh the physical aspect
and it came earlier than I anticipated.

And I probably didn't adjust as quickly
as I could have. You live, you learn.

Kelly B.

She came out here and did what we
struggled to do with only one leg

- and that's unbelievable.
- What an inspiration.

In my life, I have been
through a lot, and in "Survivor"

I learned that I am actually
stronger than I expected that I was,

and I learned that I have even
a thicker skin than I imagined.

- Yve.
- Very hard worker.

I enjoyed a lot of conversations
around the fire with Ive.

My biggest regret with
survivor is when we switched

and I didn't take the iniciative.
take the initiative. I hesitated.

You can't do that in life.

From here on out, when I get
home, I'm going to do this, and...

if it doesn't work out,
it doesn't work out.

- Jill.
- Jill.

She was good in the challenges,
but I don't think she made enough

of an impact on the new la
Flor tribe to stick around.

I expected surviving in the
elements would be difficult.

I figure that would be something
I would do very well at.

What I didn't expect
is the social aspect

of the game would be
equally as difficult.

Clearly my social game
wasn't up to snuff.

Alina. Probably one of the best overall
competitors in the game, I think.

I'd rather be eliminated
because I'm a threat

than to be eliminated
because I'm dispensable.

So that makes me proud of my game
that I was that big of a threat

that they had to get rid of me.

- Marty.
- Marty.

That guy always had, like,
the master plan, you know.

- Yeah.
- Always thinking about numbers.

- Big strategist.
- Marty.

I would have imagined that my strategy
would have been a little more lying,

cheating, and stealing, and as
it turns out I never lied once.

I never really made any
promises I couldn't keep

so I loved the way I played the game.


Great strategist in the
game, and almost a mastermind.

So one of the best overall
players of the game.

You don't really know how strong
you are until you're tested

with things like not
eating, not sleeping,

dealing with all these personalities,
and I was really proud of myself

because I stayed focused, and
I've come out of this a new person.


11 days left and to
walk out of the game.

She had an idol in
her hand when she quit.

Definitely disappointing.

I quit the game, and I'm not afraid
to say that, but I always had a smile.

I was friendly. And I had
a very strategical game.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn
but I was literally the smartest player

in the game, hands
down. And the craziest.

- Another quitter.
- Purple Kelly.

Probably would have been better for
her to be voted out than to quit.

My reputation is not a quitter, and
people back home, they all know that.

So it's going to be hard for me to
be seen walking away from something

because that's not who I
am. So that's the worst part.

- Benry.
- Huge physical threat.

Yeah, he's a game
player, man. He was good.

They were smart to get rid of me
because there's no doubt in my mind

that I could have won individual
immunity the next three,

four, however many challenges. Unless
there were some puzzles involved.


She was one person who
deserves to be given a

million dollars for how
hard she worked is Jane.

I've had a lot of ups and
downs in my life, but I always

knew I could probably out-do
any person out here as far as

stamina and I proved to myself I could.

I can go back to North
Carolina with my head held high.

- Dan the man.
- Dan.

Twice our age, so to make it this long
in the game, just an incredible feat.

Good job, Dan.

I learned that this city boy
can survive in the wilderness,

nd this entire experience has
changed me that I won't be such

beatch if I don't get my
three meals a day anymore.

I think I'm going to be a lot less
spoiled when I get back in New York.

- ***
- Wow.

These are the people
who helped us get there.


I think we should
definitely respect that.

- Sure.
- Absolutely.

It feels good to have gotten this
far. It's kind of a big deal, man.

It's an accomplishment, you know.

And now I've just got to be
thinking of this next challenge

and how the million dollars is
actually on the line this time.

It feels good to even be in a position
to compete in something like that.

Come on in, guys.

You guys ready to get to
your final immunity challenge?

- Yeah.
- Absolutely.

First things first. Fabio,
once again, I will take it back.

For the last and most important time,

immunity is back up for grabs.

For your final immunity challenge,
you will each have a sword.

With one hand you will
balance the sword on a shield.

With your other hand, you will stack
coins on the handle of the sword.

As the stack of coins gets higher,
it will get more difficult to balance.

When the stack becomes too
high, the coins will fall.

You're out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins immunity,

is guaranteed a spot in the final
three, and you will get a chance to

plead your case to the jury of why you
deserve the title of Sole Survivor and

the million dollars that goes
with it. Losers, tribal council,

and somebody's shot at the
million dollars will be over.

- Make sense?
- Yeah.

All right, pick up your swords.

First thing you want to do is find
a spot on that shield that feels

comfortable because you're going to be
holding it here througt the challenge.

Time for the first coin,
a medium-sized coin.

Five, four, three, two, one.

That's how it will work.
You'll have a five-second window

to get the coin on and
get your hand out of there.

All right, next coin will be a large.

Five, four, three, two,
one. Everybody looking good.

Let's put another large on there.

Five, four, three, two, one.

You see where this is going.
As that stack gets higher,

it's going to get more
difficult to balance it.

Every coin here is slightly uneven.

These are not like the coins you are
used to would be very easy to stack.

These were made for a "Survivor"
challenge, thus difficult.

Fabio very close to losing
that stack but a nice recovery.

Time to add another coin. You're
going to add a medium coin.

During those five seconds, if
you want to readjust your stack,

if you think it's leaning, go for it.

That is the only time
you can touch your coins.

Here we go. Five, four...

three, two, one.

You're going to place another
coin. This time a large coin.

In five, four, three, two, one.

Everybody's clean again.

Let's place a medium
coin now on this stack.

Holly drops a coin. Holly
is out of the challenge.

We are down to three,
Sash, Fabio, and Chase.

Time to place your
next coin. Here we go.

Five, four, three,

two, one. Hands away.

Chase can't do it. Chase
is out of the challenge.

Gently take a spot on your
platform. We are down to two now.

Sash and Fabio. Have fought
for 38 days for this shot.

Time to place another coin. You're
going to place a large coin now.

Here you go. Five, four, three,

two, one. Nicely done.

Win this, you are going to the final,
and you will have a shot at the money.

Lose, you could be going
home in just a few hours.

Potentially a million-dollar
challenge right here.

Time for another coin. You're going
to place a medium coin on your stack.

These stacks are getting
very high. Take your time.

Here we go. Five, four, three,

two, one.

Fabio's got a little bit
of an angle to his stack.

The next coin you're going
to stack is a large coin.

In five, four, three,

two, one.

Sash drops his coins.
Fabio winds final immunity.

And will go to the final three.

- Good job, Fabio. Excellent work.
- Good job, man.

Excellent work, brother.

- Fabio, come on over.
- Good job, Fabio.

Three times in a row
you've won immunity.

With this around your neck,
you are going to final tribal.

You will get a shot at the
money, a chance to plead your case

as to why you deserve the title of
Sole Survivor and the million dollars.

Sash, Chase, Holly, tonight at tribal
council, one of the three of you

will go home, your shot
at the money will be over.

You will become the
last member of the jury.

I expect a very interesting
afternoon back at camp.

I'll see you tonight at tribal. Grab
your stuff. Get out of here. Congrats.

Good job, Fabio. Three
in a row. You're on fire.

You gotta do what you
gotta do sometimes.

- You earned that.
- I'm loving this, man.

I mean, I won the final immunity
challenge, and I get to come back

to camp and watch the three of
them plead their case for why

I should take them to the final three.

Of course Sash and Chase and Holly
are all nervous, panicky people anyway.

It's going to be fun watching
them sweat about this one.

I'm just going to let it play out.

I wouldn't mind going on a water
run if somebody needs water.

- Do you want to go with me?
- Sure.

Let's go.

Holly has to be nervous now.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

***** I haven't made up my mind.

- What are you thinking?
- I don't know, man.

I gotta... I gotta think about
things and figure them out.


I thought we had a perfect plan
of attack to make it all the way

to the final three, and somehow,

Fabio pulls off three
immunity challenges in a row.

So it's a big disaster for me alliance.

Right now, I'm as desperate
as I've been this entire game.

And anything I can do to try and
convince Fabio that I should be

in the final three with him I'll do.

No matter what, tonight
I vote how you vote.

So... Let's run down the jury.

Brenda. I think she'd
probably vote Chase, obviously.

NaOnka. She gave her idol to Chase.

- Yeah.
- Right?

Purple Kelly will probably vote Chase.

- And, you know, if Holly went out...
- Think she'd vote for Chase?


Maybe we do need to rethink this.

Yeah, I mean, you know, Chase
has been the one flip-flopping.

It's out of Chase's hands right now.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

It just seems like
you're a little on edge.

Well, I feel one of you
guys would have won immunity,

- I would have been the next to go.
- I can't speak for Chase.

- I don't know, you know?
- Would you have taken Holly and Chase?


I feel like you're my best friend
in the game, and I guarantee,

I promise you, I have never
said that to anyone else here.

- I'm serious.
- Yeah?


What did you and Sash talk about?

He was trying to add
up the jury and make it

seem like you were going
to get a lot of votes.

- And it was...
- Let's sit down, dude.

I'm pissed that Sash was trying to go
behind my back and trying to get me out.

We promised to each other, Sash
and I did, that we wouldn't go after

each other and he goes after me
like that and starts talking about me

me behind my back, that piss the me off.

Sash will do whatever it takes
to get further in the game.

I always thought that, but
now that Fabio said that,

he's definitely a snake.

What else did he say?

I asked if you had won today
would you have taken me?

He said I can't speak for
Chase, but I would have.

That's ridiculous.

That pisses me off because he's
just been talking to meet whole time

about him, my, and
Holly going to the end.

I knew it. That's what I thought,
man. I had a sneaking suspicion.

I'm not going to lie to you ****

**** Sash is willing to tell anybody
anything and it gets to me, you know.

But at the same time, look
at the position I'm in,

and I'm just laughing like,
dude, I can see right through you,

and you don't think I can.

And I go back to Chase, and I tell him,

and he's immediately
selling Sash out to me.

It's almost like I just walked
into a kitchen, turned the lights on

and all these little cockroaches
are trying to scam bell to get out

of the way and throw somebody
else under the bus, you know?

I mean, would you have taken
me to the final three, honestly?

If they would have said today,
if you wouldn't have won today,

I honestly think it would
be me, Holly, and Sash.

- So did I, man. I knew it.
- Straight up with you.

Yup. That's what I thought.

Well, Fabio, you know, I'm
not going to lie to you.

The three of us were in an alliance,
and we wanted to go to the end.

I don't know if Chase told you that,
but I just want to plead my case to you.

I know it's going to
be your final decision,

- but Sash has played a tremendous game.
- Yeah.

Strategically, he's
played very, very well.

And I just want you to really
seriously think about it.

She has a pretty good point.

It's just something that you
really need to think about,

because when it comes down
to votes, that could be huge.

Could be Dangerous.

Sash and Chase have lied to
me the whole time saying we

Would go to the final three together.

And now I really feel like I almost
don't want to take either of them.

Holly's actually the only one that
hasn't lied or done anything to me.

- I have respected you this whole game.
- Yeah, and I've respected you a lot.

Yeah. I'm just trying to think
about who is on the jury and how

people have played the game and the
relationships they've had with them.

And, you know, and who would
take votes away from me.

And, also, who deserves
to go to the final three.

Who I want there, you know.

I feel like Holly has played a pretty
good game and she does deserve to go to

the final three, but then again,
she might deserve jury votes, too.

So I've got a big decision to
make on who I want to take and

is it going to cost me
a million dollars or not?

So my head's definitely spinni
spinning, you know, at this point.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Alina. Marty. Brenda.

NaOnka. Purple kelly. Benry.

Jane. And Dan, voted out
at the last tribal council.

Fabio, you look like
you're holding it in.

Yeah, man. I feel great right now.

We haven't even said a word
and you're just bursting.

Yeah, I'm pretty excited, man.
This is final tribal council,

and I have the necklace on
and that's a good feeling.

Must have been a fun afternoon for you.

I'm guessing everybody
wanted to talk to Fabio.

Yeah, it was pretty funny.

You know, the past couple of days
I definitely have felt on the outs.

It was funny to watch a
three-person alliance each give

their own angle of why
they should be coming.

- It was a fun afternoon, yes.
- What was Sash's approach?

Sash was the first person to talk to me.

You know, he immediately said,
"who do you want to take?"

And I asked him if one of
you guys would have won today,

would you have taken
me, because that was

the agreement that us
three guys had come to.

And he said, "yeah, you
know, for sure, definitely."

But there was a part of me that,
you know, kind of saw through that.

- You didn't buy it.
- No.

How about Chase?

Chase and I had a good conversation,
and I asked Chase as well,

"if one of you guys would have won,
would you have taken me for real?"

And he said, "probably not"
And I said, "I knew it."

Because they asked me to
give them my word on a plan,

and I didn't really get anything in
return, so it was... It was interesting.

Sash, we get back from the challenge,
you go to Fabio. What's your plead?

I go to Fabio and I tell him
that sms something we've been

talking about for a while now,
and who would probably carry

more jury votes than... Than others.

Now, Fabio's going to tell
you that he talked to Chase

- and Chase says that's BS.
- Truth is, Jeff, I've had many

alliances with many
different people in this game.

And I'm not afraid to admit that,
and I think over the past few days,

I've been more committal
to you than Chase has.

So right now, if you had won
today, would you have taken me

to the final three like
we had talked about?

I believe I would have.

Wait, you believe you would
have or you would have?

Well, I didn't have the idol, so I
didn't have to make that decision.

- But I...
- That's what I'm talking about.

You know?

It's true that I did make an
alliance with Chase and Holly.

I did make an alliance with Fabio.

I promised two different group of people
if I won I would take them to the end.

Holly, what was your pitch to Fabio?

Fabio and I were sitting
in the hut, first of all,

I told him that I was very proud of him,

and I told him number-wise,
Sash was a huge threat.

And he should be the next one to go.

He also asked me if I
wouldn't have won today

would I have been voted
out tonight and I said yes.

So you also told Fabio you
would have voted him out?

Yes, I was honest.

So that means the only
person in question is Sash

when he told you, "no, I
would have stuck with you."


So now, Fabio, the decision becomes
who do I want to sit next to at the end?

Yeah, you know, after hearing today
that the whole plan we talked about

and the agreement we were
under wasn't true, you know,

I feel like I do have
the right to take whoever.

I don't have to uphold that anymore.

All right, before we get to the vote,
Sash, your last chance to pitch Fabio.

Fabio, we've been in
this since the beginning.

I believe I've been the most
honest and most committed to you.

I hope that my options reflect that.

Chase, your last chance. Lay it out.

Fabio, the most honest and committed
to you, kind of came out tonight.

I was pretty damn honest with you. So...

Yeah, yeah, you know.
At the very last second.

You were pretty honest with
me at the very last second.

So, yeah, I would agree.

All right, Holly, your last chance.

I was very honest with you this
afternoon, and I was honest...

I said we wouldn't have
taken you in our alliance.

And I'm glad you respect me and think
highly of me. That means a lot to me.

Good, thank you, Holly.

All right, Fabio, well,
there are certainly arguments

working for and against
Holly, Chase, and Sash.

It could very well be a
million-dollar decision.

Fabio has immunity. I don't have
to ask. You cannot vote for Fabio.

Everybody else is fair game. It
is time to vote. Holly, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the vote are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Sash.

Holly. One vote Holly.

Holly. Two votes Holly, one
vote Sash. One vote left.

15th person voted out and the ninth
and final member of our jury, Holly.

You need to bring me your torch.

Holly, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, congratulations. You've gone
as far as you can go in this game.

The power shifts to the jury,
nine people that you had a hand

either directly or
indirectly in voting out,

will now hold your fate in their hands.

I suggest you start thinking
about what you're going to say

to convince these guys that
you're the one deserving of the

title of Sole Survivor and
the million-dollar check.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Day five, I wanted to
walk away from this game.

Here I am making it through
day 38, so never give up.

One thing I know is that my family
and my true friends back home

are going to be truly proud of me.

- Hey-O!
- Oh, yeah.

On a scale of one to 10
I am about a 10 right now.

It took me 38 days to finally
get into a powerful position

but now I'm finally here.

Fabio, I appreciate it, man.
You made that happen.

Tonight, I brought the heat a
little bit, kind of upset the stage,

because putting Sash against
Chase lets the jury know

I really awear of what's going on.

- It's like we said.
- Final three, baby!

I still feel like I have a
bit more to say tomorrow night

and I think the jury is
going to be receptive to it.

You were the underdog,
you know. They loved it.

And I gotta say, you
sure as hell earned it.

We all kind of fought for our
lives tonight, and it was almost

like we were fighting for our lives and
Fabio could say whatever he wanted to.

But guns will be blazing
tomorrow. I'm excited to, you know,

bring my thoughts tomorrow
now that I know I'm safe.

I'm proud of all of
us, man, that's awesome.

- We all deserve it.
- That's great.


I got called out on pretty
much everything in this game

from not keeping alliances to
flip-flopping to switching votes around,

and between being unsure whether
or not I was going home tonight

and being called out, it was
really a double whammy for me.

I wanted us three to be sitting at
breakfast just smiling at each other.

- We wanted that, too.
- Yeah.

The only problem was, you know, you get
in an alliance, you don't want to break.


But tonight, thanks to
you, we had to break it.


Fabio and Chase, I really don't think
they deserve to be in the final three

because I really do feel as though
I've played the best strategic game.

To end up with two guys
who are just awesome.

My two wingmen.

Sash goes, "I'd be honored for
you guys to be my wingman."

I'm like, "Sash, dude,
you can take a backseat.

I want to you take notes on how this is
going to go because its going to be fun.

Day 39, man. This has
been an awesome journey.

And I loved every part of it, you know.

I've envisioned this day for a long
time, and now it's actually here.

It's day freaking 39, baby!

And this is probably the
most important day of my life.

This is, like, 39 days of exhaustion.

This is about the
furthest I could go, man.

- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah.

Dude. I see champagne bottles!

Pancake mix! Syrup!

- Final three, baby!
- That's right.

Final three.

We're literally starving, and the day
39 breakfast is such a special treat.

To wake up, have everything
presented in front of me is just

overwarming to all the senses
and the food just heightenes

that great feeling you have from within.

I've been waiting so
long for this, guys.

Tonight I go to battle with
Chase and Fabio to try and win

the title of Sole Survivor
and the million dollars.

But they've also been allies of
mine, which have helped me get

to where I'm at today, so we're
best of friends and worst of enemies.

You guys, we're going to remember
this for the rest of our lives.

This couldn't be a better final three.

There's a lot of talk about
being happy, being together.

I mean, I'm happy to be with these
guys. I'm happy to be final three,

but for me it's completely false.

I'm still working the
game right now trying

to figure out how I'm
going to beat these guys.

How do you think tonight
is going to go, man?

I think note matter, god's honest
truth, you just won a million dollars.

Yeah? Prossibly.

I keep telling Fabio
that he's going to win and

congratulations but in my mind I'm
still trying to beat him and I want

to get it in his head that he's got
it and get him a little over-confident.

If I can get him a little ove
over-confident, that can help me.

This is a really great moment.

Gotta take it all in,
one last time, baby.

Great memories.

Well, I guess we gotta go get ready.

It's time to shift gears and
focus on tonight's tribal council

because if you're not completely
in it to win it tonight,

you're going to miss your
chance at a million dollars,

and those are the largest
stakes I've ever played for.

So, I'm going to go into this
last tribal council swinging.

You ready, Fabio?

Let's each grab a
torch and put it on in.

I'm definitely nervous
about facing the jury

tonight because I did
a lot of backstabbing.

I've made a lot of alliancees
that I wasn't able to keep.

So I'm going to the final tribal
council tonight hoping to put

everything out on the table and
be 100% truthful because I think

that's the only way I'm going to
have an opportunity to win their vote.

- Burn.
- Hey!

There goes the tarp.

- Worked so hard for those.
- She is on fire.

Tonight, I am the underdog going
in. I've got to pull off an upset.

I think the main differences
in mine and Fabio's game was I

actually did have
relationships with these people.

I think that could help me definitely.

I think I played a
better game than Sash.

- Libertad.
- Let it burn, baby!

I had a huge target on my back from
the beginning as a physical threat.

And I'm still here at the end.

Obviously, that means
I did something right...

so I'm going into tribal council
tonight like it is a battle...

because I didn't come out here
playing for second place in this game.

We'll now bring in our jury.

Alina. Marty. Brenda.

NaOnka. Purple Kelly. Benry.

Jane, Dan, and Holly, voted
out at the last tribal council.

All right, Chase, Fabio,
Sash. Congratulations.

You lasted 39 days. You've gone
as far as you can go in this game.

Tonight, the power shifts to the jury.

Nine people that you played alongside
hold your fate in their hands.

Tonight they will make a
million-dollar decision.

Here's how it's going to work.

You will each get a chance
to make an opening statement.

Then the jury will get their first
chance to address you, then we vote.

Let's get to the opening
statements. Chase, you're up first.

First of all, obviously, I want to thank
you all for getting me to where I am.

It's truly an honor to play the
game with every single one of you.

It's been an honor. You all know that.

Having said, that tonight,
bring on the questions.

I want to you bring on the questions.

I'm looking forward to each and
every one of you bringing on questions

because I know that some
of you are pissed at me,

and a lot of you said
I played a crazy game.

I've gone back and forth.
I've been wishy-washy.

I want to say bring it on and I
will be completely honest with you

and tell you exactly what happened
and why I did some of the things

I did in this game so
bring it on. Let's go.

All right, Fabio. You're up.

I also want to say they
enjoyed each one of you.

I think we all had a lot of good times.

Part of my strategy was to be myself
to the fullest, be an open book.

I knew that I was in the clear a
lot of time, and when it came down

to the end and I really needed to assert
myself you know, I felt like I did that.

And winning three immunity
challenges in a row, that's...

That was survival mode, you know. And
I deserve to be in the final three.

I played a stand-up game. I don't
think I backstabbed any of you guys,

and I just think I deserve a million
dollars. I could have a lot of fun.

- Sash, you're up.
- Thanks, Jeff.

I really enjoyed playing
the game with everyone.

And I played much differently
than both Chase and Fabio.

Really, there are three components
to win the title of Sole Survivor.

That's outwit, outplay, and outlast.

All three of us were
able to outlast to day 39.

So, really, tonight's vote comes down
to strategy and who is able to outwit...

and outplay.

Lastly, I just wanted everyone
to upon that the friendships

that I formed, I take much more
seriously than the actual alliances.

Alliances are part of the game,

and I'm sorry if some of
the alliances were broken.

But that was part of the game.
And I hope you respect me for that.

All right, jury, you're
about to get your first chance

to address Chase, Fabio, and Sash.

I'll give you a moment to think
about what you want to say.

All right, jury, some of
you have waited a long time

for the opportunity to
grill Chase, Fabio, and Sash.

Your job tonight, gather information
to help you make a million-dollar vote.

Let's get started.
Brenda, you're up first.

Hey, guys. Congratulations.

I am really, really,
really proud of you guys.

Sash, I really enjoyed playing with you.

You were a great strategist, to make
alliances and then break all of them

and then having to ask and
expect votes for the jury.

It was very difficult and that's
why I want to start off and say...

I am remorseful.

I did have to backstab nine people,
but I hope people can see that

what happened in the
game was part of strategy,

and my friendship is something
different, and I apologize.

Thanks, Sash. Chase, my snuggle buddy.

I felt like I had more of an
emotional attachment to you since,

you know, you would always tell
me that you trusted me the most,

and that you could never vote for me.

And it was really shocking how
easy it was for you the day that

I got voted out to
just kind of accept it.

No, I did put my neck
on the line for you.

As soon as, you know, the other alliance
was talking about voting you out,

what was the first thing I
did? I came to you and I said:

"listen, this is what Holly is
trying to do with this alliance."

I, obviously, don't want to do that.
I trust you the most, which I did,

so I thought the best thing to do
was go out and get a sixth person.

What happened is Fabio
and NaOnka backed out.

- That gave me absolutely no option.
- ***

*** up more.

- What could I have done?
- You, too, Sash, don't even start.

You could have stepped up, too.
You could have given me the idol.

I could have kept on going if
you could have given it to me.

I think I'm good.

- Thanks, Brenda.
- Thanks, guys.

Marty, you're up.

Guys, what can I say?

There's real good reasons why
you guys are there and we're here,

so hats off to you guys. It's got to
be an incredible feeling for you guys.

- Appreciate it.
- Chase, play this out with me, okay.


"Survivor: Nicaragua," there's going to
be dumber than a bag of hammers award.

- Okay?
- Okay.

You have to pick somebody. Okay.

It can be one of you three or
it can be somebody on the jury.

The only caveat, obviously, I'm
not eligible for the award, okay.

So you can't vote for me.

Who do you pick for the dumber
than a bag of hammers this year?

Well, obviously, I'm not
going to pick any one of us

because we're sitting up here
and y'all are over there...

Clearly, that's how I started
out talking to you guys.

I think this is bind of a B.S.
question because I can't pick you.

Sorry, man, I made the rules. *****.

Do I have to answer
this question because

I don't think anyone is, except for you.

That's cool, all right. If
you don't choose to answer,

that's totally your
option. My man, Sash.

You know I think you're
a cerebral player...

- Chase, that means smart, but anyway...
- I appreciate that one.

I think you've been a solid strategist.

We spent a good time talking
about stuff, and, Fabio...

- What's up.
- Dude.


I think you've changed the most
as a person and as a player.

Congratulations again especially
winning three immunities in a row.

- Thank you, man. Thanks, guys.
- Thanks buddy.

- Good luck.
- Thanks, Marty.

Holly, you're up.

Chase, what do you consider
your best strategical move

that you made on your own in this game?

It was in the very
beginning of the game.

I had a chance to go with
people that I didn't trust

and an alliance of six versus four,

or I had a chance to go with
four people they could trust.

I took that chance in the beginning.
That was to vote Shannon out.

That was the biggest move
for me in the game because

it allowed me to play
with people I could trust.


Fabio, do you think winning the
last three immunity challenges

- was too little, too late?
- No, I think it was actually

the best timing possible.

I knew that there was going to be
no way that people would take me

to the final three because my whole
plan was to be friends with everybody.

Winning the challenges
was the only option I had.

I don't think it was too little, too
late. I think it was, right on time.

Okay. Sash, did you ever lie to me?

- Honestly, be honest, very honest.
- Yes, I lied to you.

You and I both made a commitment that we
would never put each other's names down.

And, unfortunately, on the last
vote, you and I both had to vote

against each other, and
I apologize to you for...

having to do that at the
end of the game. I'm sorry.

I truly respect you guys.
I had a great time. Thanks.

Thank you.


Hello, everybody. All right, tonight I'm
going to start my questions with Sash.

All I have to say, somebody sure as hell

raised you good to be a
New York city river rat.

And as far as I'm concerned,
you can go back to New York city

gutters and crawl back into
the backhole that you came from.


- Now, Chase.
- Yup.

Even though I am still
totally pissed at you.

- I don't blame you.
- You did make my time out here

the funnest event I've
ever had in my life.

If I awarded you the million
dollars, what would do you with it?

I've had this bracelet on my wrist
the entire time I've been here.

It says hunt the cure on it. Hunt
the cure was started by my brother.

The reason he started it was because
we lost my dad from skin cancer

and he had a heart attack.

If I win $1 million, $100,000 is going
to help to raise money for cancer.

That's the first thing I'm going to do.
The second thing if I win $1 million...

I'm taking care of my mom.

She's making money on herself but
I'm going to take care of my mom.


I want to take care of
my mom and dad as well.

I mean, that's a very...
That's a very sincere...

I think we all want to
take care of our moms.

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed
meeting both of your parents, okay.

Thank you for your
answers, and good luck.

Thanks, Jane. Benry, you're up.

Congrats, fellas.

Chase, I think I've heard everything
I need to hear from you tonight.

Fabs, congrats on the
back-to-back-to-back immunity wins.

You played a savage
game. Is it good enough?

You'll have to wait and see.

- Sash.
- Hey, benry.

Throughout the entire game, I was
able to see through the fake smile,

the a-ha laugh, but I want to know
what told you that I was a mark?

Tell me about myself.
What did I do wrong?

You said you could see through me.

If that was the case, you probably
should have mounted a strike

against me to try to take me out.
I thought you were a solid player.

I really did. It's just I didn't
think you'd be willing to to take me

to the end so that's
why I sent you home.

All right, appreciate
it. Congrats, fell as.

Thanks, Benry. Dan. You're up.

Okay. Sash, I think you're a
liar. I think you're a phony.

You said things to me and
you never lived up to them.

I think you're spineless.

And I hate that smile, and I think if
I was you, I'd go to the doctor tomorrow

and get that eye fixed so
you stop doing the wink.

Chase, you were the most paranoid
player in this entire game, okay.

- Whether you care or not.
- I absolutely... I...

I mean, there are a lot of people
bleeding here because of you,

a lot of people bleeding leer.
You backstabbed everybody.

You backstabbed me.

You backstabbed Jane... Jane
who was your right-hand person.

When it came to you, she was gone.
So you really let people down.

- You let me down tremendously.
- This is "Survivor" Dan.

I'm going to tell you
something, okay. Beauty fades.

Dumb is forever. That's
all I have to say.

Thanks, Dan. Purple Kelly, you're up.

Congratulations, you guys. You
guys did what I couldn't do.

You stuck through all of this,
and you played the game like crazy.

My question is for Sash.

I'm going to give you 60 seconds
to explain how you outwit all of us.

Very good.

I really think I should have been
voted out at the merge, but I wasn't.

So I kept on moving forward
by creating many alliances.

It was unfortunate now they get all this
feedback that I've hurt so many people

but I have to own up to it tonight
and that's what I'm trying to do.

That is not the answer I was
expecting. And the honesty I love.

I feel like that was perfect. And
that's all I have for you guys.

- Thanks Kelly. Thanks, Purple.
- You guys are awesome.

Thanks Purple Kelly. NaOnka.

Hi, guys. Chase, you were my
brother throughout the game.

Fabio, you were my hippie friend, and,
Sash, you were the strategic player.

Fabio. It's been a
pleasure cussing you out.

You know, you won the first
immunity idol after the merge,

and then when it came down
to it, where it counted,

- you ended up getting three in a row.
- Yeah.

You got to see your mom
on one of those rewards.

Was that gasoline to boost
intow, what, phase 10?

I didn't actually go on
the reward with my mom.

It was just at the challenge
they saw her, and I did dream

every single day out here what
I could do for my family and it...

It... Yeah, man. It got me to the end.

Yeah, you know, that's
just something inside

of you that comes out
when it's necessary.

I never felt like that before
in my life. I never put that

kind of focus into something. And
there was so much emotion going on,

the jealousy because these
three had a plan to get here

and I felt like I really
did deserve to be here.

You know? Love for my family.

So, yeah, that was my
gasoline to get to the end.

I appreciate your... I had
my moment where's I cried.

You gotta dig deep in
this game. So good luck.

Thanks, NaOnka.

Alina, you're up.

Hi, guys. Fabio, you're like the
ultimate surfer boy, like, dude.

I love that about you, but I don't
really want to give $1 million to a boy.

I want to give $1 million to a
man. Sash, this is your shot...

***** convince me you deserve
it more than the young guys.

Right, well... Throughout the game,
when tribal council was coming up,

I feel as though Fabio was either
the last to know or played aloof

until someone told him
right before tribal.

I knew a lot more than you guys gave
me credit for. I just want to say that.

You weren't in on many votes.

There were times when we went
to tribal council where Fabio

thought it was going to go
one way and it went another.

And Chase was wishy-washy, would
go from one alliance to the other,

leak information back and
forth and waited for...

- someone else to make the decision.
- Okay, okay.

Chase, I'm actually pleasantly
surprised by you tonight.

You came in here strong.

Tell me I have to vote for
you and not the other guys.

People say I was wishy-washy, people
say I did one thing and all this.

It wasn't wishy-washy.

It was meaning mee making myself a
way out to play with people I could

trust but didn't get myself
in the situation where

when the alliance was
done I was done. ****

it did hurt me, going behind the
back and say "why do you think

I'm so close with her
*** to vote people out"

And guys like Fabio have the
strategy to not pis people off

but still make it through the game.
I don't think that's true.

Half the tribal councils we
came back from Fabio was like:

"what the hell happened" ****

You tried to get through the
game without offending anybody,

without double-crossing
anybody, but I actually did it.

I didn't have to backstab anybody
and that's hard to do in this game.

That's hard to do but he
didn't do it with strategy ***

He did it by not knowing what the
hell was going on half the time.

And I'm sorry, he won three immunities
to get here and that's impressive.

But this isn't the N.B.A. finals. ****

This is outwit, outplay, outlast and
winning three in a row isn't doing that.

- That's outplaying you, bro.
- You didn't outlast me.

- ***
- I brought you to the final three.

- And I appreciate that.
- Outlast gets you to here.

But the real question should be who was

able to outplay and
who was able to outwit?

- Well, you didnt outplay anybody, Sash.
- I like what's happening here.

I like that this is,
like, two, maybe three men

really fighting for what they want.
Thank you, guys. You guys helped a lot.


All right, jury asked
a lot of good questions,

gathered a lot of
interesting information.

Now it is time to take all
of this information and decide

which one of these three you know
deserves the title of Sole Survivor

and the million-dollar check
that goes along with it.

Take a moment, think about
it, and then we will vote.

All right, jury, tonight
you have had an opportunity

to hear a lot of information
that's going to help you decide

if you are voting for
Chase, or Fabio, or Sash.

Tonight's the night you want
to see your name written down.

For the last time, it is time
to vote. Purple Kelly, you're up.

Chase is the dumbest player on ever
play this game, and Sash is a weasel.

Fabio, man, I love you,
and I loved your game.

I believe everything you
said tonight. You are awesome.

It's been a pleasure.

Chase, you impressed me today.

You came in here like somebody
I have never seen before.

You had your game face on today,
and I was so impressed by you.


Come on, Fabio.

Come on, I want you to
do that for your mom.

I hope that you win and
I am really proud of you.


I'll go get the votes.

Good game, guys. Good game.

Chase, Fabio, Sash, it's
been a long 39-day adventure.

I know you'd like to see the results of
the vote right now. You'll have to wait.

I'll see you back in L.A.
for the reading of the votes.

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