Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 14 - Anything Could Happen - full transcript

The final five castaways attempt to make it to the final Tribal Council, where the jury question the final three before voting for the winner of the US$1 million prize.

Deep in the South Pacific,

the 20th season of "Survivor"

began with an invasion.

This season,
10 of the greatest heroes

and 10 of the most
ruthless villains

returned for either
revenge or redemption.

The villains took
the early le lead,

led by Boston Rob,

they defeated the
heroes in challenge

after challenge.

The heroes tribe was quickly
whittled down to only five members.

But everything changed when
Russell challenged Boston Rob

for control of the villains.

He joined forces with
Danielle and Parvati

and with some help from Jerri,

they took out Boston
Rob's entire alliance.

Until only Sandra remained,

harboring a grudge
against Russell.

With the merge looming,

J.T. thought he could pull
Russell to the heroes' side

by giving him his
hidden immunity idol.

You don't hand the enemy the idol

gler but when the tribes merged,

Russell gave Parvati J.T.'s
own idol to use against him.

What Russell didn't know

was that Parvati already
had an idol of her own

and at tribal council...

Sandra, that's for you.

?Parvati made one of
the bit moves of the game.

Jerri, that's for you.

She played both idols
to seal J.T.'S fate.

Back at camp, Sandra decided
it was time to strike.

- You want Russell gone?
- Yeah.

Russell's gone.

She did everything in her power

to take out her
longtime enemy Russell.

It's time for revenge

because I've been waiting to
take him down for 30 days.

But the heroes never listened...

Listened... Amanda...And instead
went home one after the other.

Yet, all was not lost for
the two remaining heroes.

Iment Danielle gone tonight.

Because acting like
a true villain,

Russell turned on his own allies.

The tribe has spoken.

With alliances shattered,
no one was safe.

Sandra tracked down a hidden
immunity idol to protect herself.

I would hate to go home
with the idol in my bra.

She played it at the
last tribal council

but she wasn't the one
who needed protection.

Rupert, the tribe has spoken.

Now only five remain.

Colby, in season two, Australia,

he was the sharpshooting Texas
gentleman with a heart of gold.


He was a dominant
force in challenges.

This has had a permanent
home here for a while.

He took a worthy competitor
to final tribal council,


The winner of "Survivor:
The Australian Outback".

This season he had tougher
time in challenges.

Coach now dragging Colby!

Colby first person out
of this challenge.

Colby, 15 seconds into the challenge,
first person out.

Without immunity, he was

forced to change to a
more social strategy.

When you're staring at a jury of nine,
not having any enemies,

pretty good place to be.

Colby is now the
last remaining hero.

Can good conquer evil?


Parvati has always been known as
"Survivor's" flirty temptress.

When I first saw Parvati
I was like damn!

But she proved herself
a cunning strategist.

I want to play smart this time

and make the right alliances
with people I know I can trust.

And brought her black widow
brigade to the final four

where she ultimately won
the million dollars.

The winner of "Survivor:
Fans versus Favorites."

This season she has
been just as cunning.



And just as physical.

Sire and Parvati going at it!

Parvati wins immunity.

Now that she's played

more days than anyone
in "Survivor" history,

will this double threat win
the million dollars again?


In season 7, Pearl Islands,

this feisty mother of two
excelled at sneaky maneuvers.

The two of us, that's it.

She also wouldn't back
down from a fight.

You know what,
I can get loud, too!

Her days are numbered
and I have a mill

that says she won't
be the final one.

The winner...

This season she returned for
the million dollars again

and used the same tactics-

he's a stupid ass.

And attitude.

Russell can we just have a minute?

Every time I try to do something
somebody is in my face.

Ever since rul has
eliminated his allies,

she has been working
to eliminate him.


I'm against you, Russell.

Will she finally get her revenge?


In season two, Australia,

Jerri became Survivor's
original black widow.

Making a deal with the devil here.

She will ride the team

until it's time to take the knife
out and cut someoneo throat.

She tried to lure people in
with her flirtatious nature.

Pouring hot chocolate
over some hot dude's bod.

But I ain't no hershey bar.

But her pushy attitude
eventually did her in.

No, no, no, we're going
to talk right now.

Jerri, the tribe has spoken.

Are you guys playing cupid?

Yes, you and the dragon slayer.

The black widow and the dragon slayer.
What a combination.

And became's crucial swing vote
to take out major players Rob...

You're smart, Jerri.

Like, you know what to do.

And Danielle.

I'm closer to Parvati
than you think.

Will her new moves give her a
shot at the million dollars.


Last season in Samoa,

Russell took over his
tribe by creating chaos.

I think if I can
control how they feel,

I can control how they think.

He made alliances with everyone.

It's just going to be me and you.

I believe you.

- You've got my word.
- You have mine.

Until they no longer
served his needs.

Who's going first?

They're going to be
my little puppets.

When I'm finished with them,

I'll just throw them in the trash.

Burning bridges along the way

eventually cost him
the million dollars.

The winner the "Survivor: Samoa."

This season more of the same.

Getting rid of the machete will
cause conflict in this camp.


You ain't making any sense.

You're not listening to me!



And making deals with
everyone in sight.

I want to take you all
to the top three, man.

I want to trust you all the
way to the final three.

Will his aggressive
approach finally pay off?

After 20 seasons,

tonight will be Survivor's
biggest finale yet.

Among the final five,
there are two past winners,

two former finalists,
and between them all,

over 100 tribal councils.

Find out tonight who will
win the million-dollar prize

and the title of sole survivor?

-== [ ] ==-



Did you it, too!

That's a terrible play because
it shows that she lied.

That's a terrible play.
She was safe today.

How is that a strategic play.

You used an idol to save yourself.

Right, and it was
a bad play for me.

You straight up
lied to me about it.




I found out you had an
idol after the fact.

You never came to me and said,
oh, I got an idol!

I played my idol
at tribal council,

and once we came back to
camp Russell was upset,

mad about how we're
supposed to share the idol

and everyone should know.

And I'm looking like,
when you found your first idol,

you used the idol to save Parvati.
We didn't know.

When you got an idol from J.
T., I didn't know.

So how come the minute

Sandra gets an idol I
gotta go tell Russell?

He wants to micromanage the
whole tribe and, unfortunately,

I'm not the kind of person
you can micromanage.


I don't want to talk about it.

It's-- what's done is done.
Let's move on from it.

,, ,

because I don't believe you, Parvati.
I believe you knew about it.

You lied straight to my face.

I did not know about it!

- She didn't know.
- Parvati, you are lying to me.

No, I'm not, Russell!
I didn't know about it.

Neither did Jerri.
Nobody knew about it.

I don't know why it would
even matter if I did.

If you knew about it, it's real sneaky,
that's the problem.

I didn't know about it, okay?

Just leave it at that.
Done and done.

- I didn't know about it.
- She didn't.

- All right, done and done.
- Okay.

Get over yourself for one second.

It's ridiculous.

I just don't like being
accused of being a liar

when I clearlyn was not.



I could care less if Russell's
running around stomping his feet

like a little two-year-old
child who got a toy taken

away 240 00:11: 00:11:06,670 because
that's pretty much what he'sacting like

and it makes him a fool.

It's been a thing with me from
the beginning of the whole game.

I've been like get rid of her,

she's dangerous.
We've got to get rid of her.

- We've got to get rid of her.
- She's dangerous.

I'm the last hero standing,
and once again the villains go at it.

And any time this disfunctional

family of villains
is not getting along,

it takes the attention off me

tree mail!

Tree mail? Bag of puzzle pieces.

A puzzle!

A puzzle.

If your steady hands
work to perfection,

but lose control and
it won't matter,

sit back as your creams
and your dishes shatter.

That's the same one
they had in China.

If Colby doesn't win
individual immunity,

he's going to have to go home.

But if Colby does win,
I'm going to have to make a decision.

I know!

The perfect scenario for me to win

is me, Sandra and ger net top

because Sandra didn't
play the game at all

and Jerri didn't
play the game at all.

The jury doesn't
even have a decision.

They almost have to vote for me.

So if Colby wins
individual immunity,

then the best thing to do is
probably get rid of Parvati.

Come on in, guys!

Day 37.

Guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Parvati, first things first,
I will take it back.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
you will balance ceramic dishes

on the end of a long,
wobbly balancing arm.

The more dishes you stack,

the more difficult it will
be to keep them stable.

When your dishes fall,
you're out of the challenge.

Last person left
standing wins immunity

and a 1 in 4 shot at
the million dollars.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

Put your arm up on the ball,

First plate is the large plate.

Let's get used to it for a second.

This is all about concentration.

Three, two, one.

All right, let's put a
large bowl on there.

Three, two, one.

We're locked in.

All right, let's add
another large plate.

Three, two, one.

The sun is out.

It's early,
and it's already h hot.

You are now stacked
nine dishes high.

Sandra wobbling a little bit.

Jerri starting to
wobble a little bit.

Sandra, first person
out of this challenge.

Take a spot on the bench.

We are down to four.

The next dish you're going
to add is a small plate.

Three, two, one.

Everybody's good.

Jerri wobbling.

Got it back under control.

You have 14 different
dishes stacked right now.

Jerri once again unstable.

Jerri can't hold it any longer.

Jerri is the second person
out of this challenge.

We are now down to three.

Russell, Parvati, Colby.

All right, it's time to
add another soy dish.

This will be the 15th
plate on your stack.

Three, two, one.

Everybody good.

Nice job.

Time to add another dish.

You're going to add a medium bowl.

Here we go.


Three, two, one.

Russell with a bit of a waver.

Russell wobbling.

Russell can do nothing but
watch his plates fall.

Russell is out of the challenge.

And we are now down to two.

Parvati and Colby.

For immunity, and a 1 in 4 shot.

Wind coming up.

Big gust of wind.

Hang tight.

Colby starting to wobble a bit,
but getting it back.

Wheaf it takes,
keep running it in your head.

Keep reminding yourself
what you're doing.

Do not drift.

Time to add another dish.
You're going to add a large bowl.

Take your time.

Finding it.

Don't rush. I'll give you
plenty of time to get there.

Colby has his bowl, places it in.

And it's wobbling.

Parvati has hers,
tining to set it in.

Get it level.
Get it how you want it.

Three, two, one.

And we're good.

You now have 17 dishes stacked.

Without warning,
Colby's plates drop.

Parvati wins her second
immunity challenge in a row.

- Good job, guys.
- Yeah.

Parvati, come on ove over.

Congratulations once again.

Parvati safe tonight
at tribal council,

guaranteed a spot
in the final four.

Colby, Sandra, Jerri, Russell,

it has been 37 long days in "
heroes versus villains."

For one of you,
that's as far as you go.

Somebody going home tonight.

Grab your stuff.
Head back to camp.



Once again Parvati escapes
her eliminate vote.

I mean, it's unbelievable how
this became works sometimes.

It's not like it's
the end of the world.

We still have one more person

that we can get rid of,
that being Colby.

But, you know, it's still "survivor.
" Anything can happen.

Winning today is a huge deal
for me because I am safe,

and I can keep the rest
of my villains here.

If Colby had won the challenge

twould have been
insanity here today.

And I would have had

had to make a decision I
didn't want to make right now.

Guys, can I just say,

I made my play yesterday
to break you guys up.

It didn't work.

I had my opportunity
today to win immunity.

Damn, you, I couldn't get it done.

Let's enjoy day 37.

I'm proud to be the
last hero standing,

but I'm not going to hustle today.

I'm not going to scramble.

I have enjoyed playing with
you guys. I really have.

I needed to win today's immunity
challenge and I didn't want.

I really needed that one.

So we came back into camp,

I gathered all the villains,

and I gave them my
surrender speech.

- You make me cry.
- You make me cry.

Oh, come on!

See, that's actually
my last attempt

is the sympathy vote.

If I can't beat you
in the the challenges,

maybe I'll get an "aw,
shucks vote."

Aw, shucks, he's so pathetic,

let's keep him
around one more day.

Pretty good speech, actually.

Hell, I almost convinced
myself I was giving up,

but I don't know how to quit.

It's just not in me.

I've never quit
anything in my life.

So when the time was right,

I made one more attempt.

What are your thoughts?

Send me home?


So the idea is to get rid of me

and hopefully get rid of Parvati
tomorrow and take Sandra in?

That's the idea.

Well, my case is,
get rid of Sandra tonight,

then the three of us have

a better shot at beating
Parvati tomorrow.

Colby comes back from
the immunity challenge

and he's basically quitting.

Then 30 minutes later he
comes up to me telling me,

"hey, man, I think I
still can help you."

Yeah, I think Parvati is
going to get a ton of votes,

especially if she keeps
winning like this.

I haven't had a chance
to talk to Jerri yet.

I got Jerri.

Trust me.

Tonight's tribal council sill
going to be very interesting

because you think about it,

it might be the best
strategic move to keep Colby

and to get rid of Sandra.

You know, I don't trust Sandra
as far as I can throw her.

We keep Colby,
it helps us beat Parvati.

The problem with keeping Colby

is he could possibly
go to the top three.

And that's it. My game's over.

I don't know what to do this time.

I've got to think what is the
best option for me, only me?

I'm going to wait
until tribal council,

see what they have to say,

and make my decision right there.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Coach, court me,

J.T., Amanda, Candice,

Danielle, and Rupert,

voted out at the
last tribal council.

Colby, the last remaining hero.

Third time you played the game.

It seems like it's
been the toughest.

The toughest out of the three,

but also just the toughest
journey to get here.

The challenges have been the
biggest disappointment, bar none.

I needed this immunity
more than any of them.

Didn't work out.

Parvati's a heck of a competitor,

and if I had won immunity today,

she might be going home tonight.

So, Colby, it would seem
like there are four villains

who could easily say let's
just stay with the plan,

get rid of Colby, and then
figure out what to do tomorrow.


On the flip side,
if there is a big move to be made,

tonight would be a
great time to do it.

Yeah, there's hope.

And I've been hustling.

Trying to convince Russell

specifically to take
me and not Sandra.

And that's a tough sell.

Would have been easier if
Sandra had won immunity today.

You mean easier to
get rid of Parvati?

Yeah, because nobody wants to sit
next to Parvati in the finals.

I love you to death, Sandra,

but everybody wants
to sit next to you.

That's news to me.

I should be smiling.

I shouldn't have packed, huh?

If it's true.

That's the rub.

If it's true.

You're good.
Say what you gotta say.

So, Sandra, how much of
what you hear around camp

do you believe at this point?

This is "survivor.
" You can't believe nobody.

Parvati, you've been in this game

with three of these
people since game one,

yet the ability to say, "yes,
I believe you, 100%."

No, no way.

I mean, not since day
one and not today.

And listening to Colby say that
it would be much easier for him

if I didn't have this necklace

and I would be going home tonight,

- I'm like, that's news to me.
- I said there's a chance.

I mean, I've been promised
the moon, the stars,

the sun, the sky-- everything.

You know, we'll see what happens.

But I don't believe anyone.

Russell, anybody here
you believe 100%,

there's no chance
they would lie to you?

You just gotta hope that
those true alliances

that you thought you had

and that you tried to
build at the beginning

helped you at the end.

But, you know, sometimes it
just doesn't work out that way.

And, Colby, that inability of
the villains to trust each other

is exactly where your hopealize.

Yeah, and, you know,

so many nights and so many
different days stins we merged--

the villains run through
these implosions, you know,

where the conflict starts.

And that's what you want.

All right, it is time to find
out where the loyalties lie.

Parvati has the necklace.
You cannot vote for her.

Anybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Parvati, you're up.

Colby, today's your
day to go home.

So adios.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the tribal
council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Colby.


One vote Colby, one vote Sandra.


Two votes Colby,
one vote sand Sandra.

16th person voted out and the
eighth member of our jury,

Colby. That's three.
That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Colby, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Congratulations on making
it to the final four.

Tomorrow you'll compete in
your final immunity challenge.

I encourage you try to
get a good night's sleep.

You're going to need it.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

I know if wide won
that challenge today,

I'd have a shot at
a million dollars.

It's disappointing,
especially when the challenges are

something I used to be good at.

I guess I'm just an old,

dusty veteran.

My third time in,

I'm just not destined
to win this game.



I can't believe it.

When Rupert looked like a

crazy killer, yes

I thought he was going to
lunge over and kill someone.

Yeah, he just looked
like a lunatic.

So what?

He wrote my name down.

I don't care.

Just like Colby wrote my name

down two times, too.

Tonight at tribal when Colby

said it would have been
easierto get rid of me

it was kind of an
eye opener for me.

I didn't realize that I
was such a huge threat,

like, with the jury.

Now I feel hike I
really have to try

extra hard to win this immunity,

to make sure that I'm

sitting there in the final three.

She went to the well.

We have to win.

I know.

I need to beat Parvati.

She has really prove tone me

that she is a really
tough competitor.

I've got a nice little birdie.

It's a fairly tough decision now

because my main
alliance is Parvati,

and I'm leaning towards

sending Parvati home.

Guess what I have?

Get out of here!

It better not be a map.

It kind of looks like a map!

I don't know.

Oh, my gosh!

All right, read.


"Congratulations, final four."

"You are almost at the end."

Follow the map to the
ceremonial beach.

There you'll find the torches
of your fallen comrades.

At each torch, you will collect

a representative map of
those vote out before you.

At the end of your journey,

you'll offer them up

paying respect to their memory

as they each had a part in
getting you to this point.

"You'll then proceed to your
final immunity challenge."

The rites of passage is where

you pay tribute to
your falleb comrades.

So it's really nice because

this has been the hardest game
I've ever played in my life,

and it's because of the
people they played with.

Everyone fought to play this
game as hard as they could,

so I'm ready to pay my respectes.

They deserve it.


Oh, sugar.

Well, I definitely have more

faith in myself this trip than

last time I played "survivor."

That's the hardest
thing about this game.

You client play with
your heart all the time.

You have to play with your head.

You can't win this game
playing good all the time.

You just can't.

I proved that.



She was hard core, too.

I was kind of shocked she

went out second she was such a

tough competitor.

I did get hurt on the first day,

but it's a part of the game.

I can live with it.

I mean, I definitely think

people were gunning for me

because I had such a reputation

for being such a
strong competitor.

My reputation was probably one

of my hardest things
to overco overcome.

Oh, Randy!

Randy, every morning
made me smile and laugh.

He was a good friend to me.

My lack of ability to

communicate with 26-year-old

girls is what got me booted,

And I'm not ashamed of that.

What failzs me is having people

clearly stupider than me

controlling my fate,

and there's nothing
I can do about it.


She was vicious in the challenges.

People underestimate Cirie
as a physical competitor.

She's really tough.

I attempted to play
different this time,

but I felt like I
wasn't given a chance.

I feel like people came in,
you know,

with "we've got to get her.
She's a schemer,"

just straight out.

You don't even know if that was

the game I was going to play

this time.

So never judge a
book by its cover.

Oh, Tom.

He seemed like a first
trustworthy person.

He was the first to go winner,
to go, too, what a shame.

You can be the winner and

dominate one season and be the

casted aside to be dropped by a

guy jumping around on one foot

in your next season I think is

what makes the game special and

what made it worth playing.


He had such a sense of humor.

The funny guy.

When you play with
these all-stars,

everybody is just out
for blood immediately.

I was in control until
I made a stupid move.

I was basically a victim
of my own stupidity.

America thinks I'm an idiot,

but as far as I'm concerned,

I'm still the winner.



Seriously what,
a competitor, though.

He hurt his knee and
he still competed

in the next two challenges.

When the big guys fall,
they fall hard.

This time I tried to be a

little more conversational
with people.

I talked more.

I was more friendly, I guess.

There was this injury,

and something you
have to deal with.

I had a great time,

but an injury got me again.


Boston Rob.

Rob, if you ain't with me,

you against me.

Too bad-- too bad the poor

old guy didn't be who
he was missing with.

Leave him alone!

He did do a lot for
morale in the beginning.

He told me one time, he said,

"me and you, we're going to get"

along because puerto ricans and

"italians are loud and ignorant"

and I died laughing.

When I first played this game

I was 25 years old.

I'm 33 now,

and I can still hang in
there with the union guys.

I can still do it, but, you know

asht one point I passed out,

but I came through all right.

You know, the new generation of

players are smarter now.

I got to applaud them
for getting rid of me.

It's the first smart thing

they've done in 20 seasons.

They're starting to learn.


Oh, coach!

Oh, no.

It's coach.


Couch potato.

You guys.

Jerri's boyfriend.

He was my partner in crime

there for a little while and

we had some really good talks.

I can pay homage to you, coach.



I know among all of the

survivors that people have

hated to hate, loved to hate,

and hated to love, I was, and am

number one on the hit list.

And I'm proud of that fact.

Inspiring other people but at

the same time making
myself a better man

and through all of that
myriad of experiences,

I found redemption.



Oh, little one!

I miss you, Courtney!

Usually, on a regular season

you get a bunch of duds.

This time there were
just no pawns here.

It was everyone was the
master of the chess board,

and they were all playing
a different game.

So I sum up the experience as

I'm really glad I came and did it.

I did the best I could,
and, you know,

getting on the jury
on an all-stars,

that's not that easy.

Oh, J.T.

You know what?

You never would have
known that a hero

helped a villain make their
biggest move of the game,

giving him his
hidden immunity idol.

He was the second
winner to go, too.

Poor J.T.

Never give your heart
to a villain, J.T.

I feel like I done really well.

I just, you know, I made a
big move early in the game.

I gave my idol to the biggest
villain in the game, Russell,

and he used it to vote me out.

It was beautiful.

So I would say my experience

this time was much more humbli


That was the first time that

girl has ever been voted out
of the game of "survivor."

Overall, I'm proud
of how I played.

I think my biggest mistake in

this game was giving
Danielle back the clue.

I should have kept it.

That was my lived line.

My congress got the best of me.

I am just not destined
to win this game.


Oh, Candice.

I'm glad you got to enjoy

those peanut butter and jelly

sandwiches before you went?

Hell no.

Hell no.

Making it to the 13th

person voted out this time I

think is a much more serious

accomplishment than it was last

time because I beat people that

were hard tore beat this time.

I'm definitely take
a few lessons home.


She was my little Boston brawler.

She always stood up for me.

I miss you, Danielle.

And I'm sorry, Danielle.

I am.

This was the most intense

thing I've ever had to
go through in my life.

And I have no regrets.

I was proud of the way I

performed in my challenges.

And I think I showed that,
you know,

that I have a heart,

and I am a good person,
and I'm not a villain.


He's nice.

We hope your toe gets better.

To have my torch put out

instead of making it to day 39

and being able to sit in
the final tribal council

felt very bad.

But I feel very, very good about

the way that I played the game

and the way they showed
that label of hero,

I deserved it.

Colby, my favorite cowboy!


My "outback" comrade.

I think he was the real,
true hero of them all.


I'm almost 10 years older

than I was the first
time I played this game.

Not as fast, not as strong.

Yeah, I'm disappointed.

I'm frustrated in the fact that

I'm out of the game and
the game is still going.

But I'm proud of the way I played.

I outlasted all the other hero


Okay, light her up.

You go, girl.

Now, that's a fire.

For life.

Come on in, guys!

Are you ready to get to your

final immunity challenge?



give it up one more time.


For the last time,
immunity is back up for grabs.

Today you will compete
in a "survivor" maze.

You'll each be blindfolded.

To help you navigate your way,

there will be a
series of guide posts

but because you
will be blindfolded

you will have to use your
fingers to read the symbols.

Each guide post leads you
to four different stations

where you must collect a
corresponding necklace.

Once you have all four necklaces,

make your way to the finish,

the immunity necklace
will be waiting for you.

First person to
finish wins immunity,

is guaranteed a spot at
the final tribal council.

That means you get a
shot at the money,

a chance to plead
your case to the jury.

If you lose,
tribal council tonight

could be the last part
of this game you see.

Guys ready to get to it.


All right, let's get
you blindfolded up.

We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

For immunity,

and a guaranteed spot at
the final tribal council.

Survivors ready?


Somebody else go
over the same one.

The only thing that can help
point you in the right direction

are the guide posts.

The guide posts will point you
to each of the four stations.


move out of my way!

Russell has his first necklace.

He's heading out.

Jerri has her first necklace,

she's heading out.

Parvati has her first necklace.

Sandra still searching.

Jerri using that guide post.

To point her toward
her next necklace.

Parvati using that guide post.

Sandra, that's me.

Sandra tries to take Parvati's
necklace off her neck.


Russell is searching for
the second necklace.

Here's the stupid box.

How many times did
I come over here?

Sandra finally gets
that first necklace.

Russell has his second necklace.

Russell now with two necklaces.

Everybody else with one.

Jerri using the guide
post aga again.

Parvati gets lined
up and takes off.

Parvati has her second necklace.

Jerri now with two necklaces,

along with Parvati and Russell.

Sandra with one.

You need to keep in mind which
symbols have you collected.

When ones do you need?

You know which symbols you have.

They're hanging around your neck.

Parvati banging into
all kinds of dead ends.

It hurt!

Jerri has her third necklace.

Jerri now in the lead
with three necklaces.

Russell and Parvati with two.

Parvati has her third necklace.

Parvati, where are you?

I just heard you scream.

Parvati now with three necklaces.

Jerri with three necklaces.

Get away.

Without using a guide post,

Sandra is using something else.

Parvati's voice.

She knows she just got a necklace.

Oh, a box!

Sandra has her second necklace!

Thank God.

Sandra and Russell now
with two necklaces each.

Jerri and Parvati
with three necklaces.

Russell now doing what Sandra did.

Russell now has his
third necklace.

Russell, Jerri, Parvati,

all looking for one
final necklace.

Sandra with two.

She's got to pick it up.

Parvati at a guide post.

Will it put her any closer?

Russell and Parvati
run into each other.

Both with three necklaces

looking for that fourth
and final necklace.

Oops, sorry.

Jerri looking for
her fourth necklace.

Russell has his fourth necklace.

Parvati has her fourth necklace.

Parvati and Russell both
with four necklaces,

both looking for the finish.

Jerri needs that fourth necklace.

Get off me!

Get off me!

This is where
patience will pay off.

If you go the wrong way,

you will lose this challenge.

Jerri has her fourth
and final necklace.

We now have three people
with their necklaces.

Jerri, Parvati, Russell.

First one to the finish

guaranteed a spot in the
final tribal council.

The center symbol will
lead you to the finish

and the immunity
necklace waiting for you.

Russell on the move.

Parvati on the move again.

Jerri at a guide post.

Parvati at another guide post.

Jerri on the move.

All you have to do is
find that finish pole

and grab the immunity
necklace first.

Russell hit the post!

Oh, man!

Russell wins immunity.

For real!

What a finls,

Russell, Jerri, Parvati,

all three within
inches of the finish.

It didn't get any
closer than that.

That was fun.

Very fun.