Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 13 - Loose Lips Sink Ships - full transcript

The final six get the chance to earn time with their loved ones in a fiercely fought reward challenge. Desperate for options, the remaining heroes make an unexpected ally, hoping to turn the game around.

Previously on "Survivor"

In just over 30 Days,
the alliance of Parvati,

Danielle, and Russell
built an empire.

They had coerced Jerri and
Sandra into voting with them,

And whittled the heroes
down to only two members.

Colby and I are standing
out a sinking ship now.

There are no other heroes.

I trust you.

But Sandra had been secretly
working against Russell's alliance.

You want Russell gone?

- Russell's gone.

And she had just found
a Hidden Immunity Idol

that she kept secret.

I'm keeping it for myself
because I'm so damn greddy.

When Rupert lost the
last immunity challenge,

Russell wins the immunity.

It was clear he was the next to go.

But Russell thought

Danielle and Parvati growing
too close for confer.

To me, they're a team when it's
supposed to be me and Parvati.

That's a problem.

The only thing I can think of right
now is to break up that couple.

So he targeted his own alliance.

- Danielle.
- Yeah.

He secured votes from the heroes
and tried to get one from Jerri.

If you don't vote Daniielle,
you gonna be after her.

At Tribal Council,
Danielle broke down.

I'm a freaking wreck.

I'm so exhausted.

This is too much for me right now.

And let slip how tight her
alliance was with Parvati.

- I'm closer to Parvati than you think.
- Oh, really.

- So Russell gave the signal.
- Danielle.

And brought his empire
crash to the ground.

Danielle, the Tribe has spoken.

Now everyone's left to
scramble for new alliances.

Six are left, who will
be voted out tonight?

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It was a wonderful Tribal
Council once again for me.

Every day, my chances of winning
this game get better and better.

I think Russell was jealous of
my relationship with Danielle,

and he wanted to make sure

it was him and I that
were the closest two.

Here he comes.

The move that Russell made tonight

has made me completely
distrust him.

Russell is the biggest villain

this game has ever seen.

But I still need to
be nice to Russell

because I still need to get

Colby and Rupert off
before anyone else.

Then I can deal with
Russell after that.

I believe the decision
today saved my butt.

When Danielle said,

"We're closer than you
really think, Russell,"

the switch went off in
my head and I was like,

"Oh, really?"

Did she just say that to me?

I don't know if I believe
Parvati any more.

All of a sudden,
she's worried she's next.

That shows me that Parvati and
Danielle were a strong team.

And I just got rid
of her main alliance.

Now she has nobody to
lean her head on but me.

Survivor S20E13

Hey, you guys!
We've got something good!

Oh, my gosh!

- What you got?
- Tree mail!

Come on out, look at that,
read that.

It says Sprint. Open now.

- Ready?
- Yes!

It's going to pop out.

It's a phone.

It's a palm.

I am so excited.

- Palm.
- That is very cool.

Now you will have to be a leader.

Your moves trusted,
your actions bold.

Be dependable and optimistic for

an awesome treat
that never gets old.

Want to know more?

Check your memos.

Tree mail was very different today.

It was so exciting.

We opened up a sprint Palm Pre

to find out what was going on,
in today's challenge.

There was a million applications.

Go to video.

Then we finally get to the videos.

Hi, Colby, this is your bro.

I just got to the island.

Looking forward to seeing
you in the challenge.

Kick some serious butt.

I'll see you in a little while.

You got it, brother!

Hi, Parvati. I'm so proud of
you for making it this far.

It's phenomenal. I love you.

Hi. Sandra, my...

I'll see you at the challenge.

I hope you'll be the winner.

Hey, Russell. I miss you very much.

And I love you and I'm
looking forward to seeing you

so try to win it.

Hey, Jerri, I'm here on the island.

I just got here from Germany.

- Oh!
- Love you.

Hi, honey, my Rupert.

Oh, my gosh. I'm so excited.

I get to see you at the challenge.

I cannot wait to get out there,
maybe touch my wife.

Love you, see you soon.

Hopefully I could win.

Even if I can't, I feel lucky to
be trying again for $1 million.

And to be able to share
it with the one I love.

Come on in, guys!

So this morning in tree mail,

you received a Palm Pre by Sprint.

Parvati, I'll take it back.

You may have it.

Part of the reward
of today's challenge

is spending time
with your loved ones.

Parvati, here's your dad, Michael.

Jerri, you ready for a little love?

Here's your sister, Jennifer.

Come on out, Jennifer!

Came all the way from
Germany to see you.

Oh, my God!

Russell, you ready to
see somebody from home?

My wife.

All right, Melanie, come on out!

Russell's not waiting.

I love you.

- Yeah. I love you.
- I love you, too.

Colby, here's your brother, Reed.

Reed, come on out!

Donaldson needs some love.

What's up, man!

Good, thanks.

Let's do it.

Rupert, there's only one person

that's going to be
out there, right?

That's it. That's my wife.

Laura, come on out.

Happy anniversary, by the way.

Happy anniversary.

12 years.

- Yeah.
- Seems like 12 months, 12 days.

It feels like you've
been gone for 12 months.

Sandra, you're ready.

How about Fernando, your uncle.

Bring him out.

- Come on out, Fernando.
- Fernando!

Look, I love you.

He would ride me on his bicycle.

I couldn't have picked nobody

else since my mom can't be here.

When my mother passed,
she was with him.

He was there with her
till the last minute.

She couldn't have been
with a better person.

She loved him, and he knows that.

- Finish.
- All right.

All right.

You want some more of that love?


All you have to do is
win today's challenge.

Loved ones,

you might want to keep
an ear in on this because

you're participating, too.

Here's how it works.

On my go,

survivors you will use a pail
to scoop water from the ocean.

You must then pass it
to your loved ones.

They must then dump the
water in their bucket.

The first pair to fill
their bucket wins reward.

The winning pair will

board a plane and be flown
to a neighboring island

where you will
experience the blowholes.

This is a spectacular
natural phenomenon.

You'll enjoy burgers, soft drinks.

In addition,

you'll be taking with you
the Palm Pri by Sprint.

Now you have the confidence to

know whatever great
memories you make

during this
once-in-a-lifetime experience

will be safely recorded on the
very easy-to-use Sprint phone.

Oh, that's great!

I know it's worth playing for.

We'll draw for spots
and get started.

Here we go.

For reward, and more time
with your loved ones.

Survivors ready? Go!

Go, Rupert!

Come on!

You gotta get water in that bucket

water in the bucket
of your loved one.

Great catch by Melanie.

Tell me what to do, Reed.

Try up a little bit. There you go.

Colby falls short.

Parvati falls short.

Go. Don't care about it.

Nice catch by Laura.

Jerri and Jennifer
with a nice toss.

That's getting it done.

- Fernando.
- Nothing!

Couldn't quite reach it.
A little short.

Think about the prize,
think about the prize.

You're doing good.

Reed, I'm throwing it further.

- Okay.
- Come on!

Sandra, try to wet me.

Russell and Melanie
getting the hang of it.

A lot of water going
in that bucket.

Parvati still falling short.

Another good catch from Jennifer.

Jennifer collected a lot
of water on that one.

Come on, Sandra, come on.


This is anybody's challenge.

Three or four good
tosses and you win it.

Reed, talk to me for God's sake!

Keep it straight, keep it straight!

Every little bit helps.

Melanie using her hair.

Laura's squeezing her
short into the bucket.

Every drop counts.


I didn't. I held it right there.
Boy, smooth!

Colby blaming everything
on his big brother.

He's been that way 34 days, Reed.

Rupert and Laura are doing
very well in this challenge.

When he throws water, grab theirs.

Russell and Melanie
are right in this.

A lot of water in that bucket.

Jerry and Jennifer
are right there, too.

Oh, good shot.

Fernando and Sandra
are falling out of it.

Come on. I want to spend
that time with you.

Reed, tell me what you want.

Just throw it.

Just throw it high.

Come on, Reed!

Little brother getting
frustrated with his big brother.

We've got a match going.

Russell and Melanie are
leading this challenge.

Jennifer and Jerri right behind.

Come on Rupert, come on, Rupert!

Come on, Reed!

Laura a little bit for Rupert.

Keep going, keep going.

It's Laura and Rupert,

Jerry and Jennifer,
and Russell and Melanie

all fairly close.

Melanie's getting a
little bit from Russel.

Russell's bucket starting
to move a little bit.

- Perfect.
- Nice toss from Jerri to Jennifer.

Couldn't be closer than this.

And with that, Jerri and
Jennifer win rewarld!

You did good.

God, I miss you.

Jerri, Jennifer, come on over.


All right, here's the deal.

Palm pri by Sprint.

Take this with you.

You'll have a great
time over there.

To make it interesting,

choose one survivor
and their loved one

to come along with you,

Once-in-a-lifetime experience.



Parvati and Michael.

I can say one more person?

- All right, one more survivor.
- Sandra!

Sandra and Fernando,

joining Parvati and Michael and

Jerry and Jennifer.

At least I get to see you.

So, Russell, this

close to being able to spend the

afternoon with Melanie.

Hard to say good-bye?

It's fine, you know.

I'm back to the game.

All right, Melanie,
say good-bye to Russell.


Colby, say good-bye to your bro.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

- Stick with it.
- OK.

-Stick with it. You will get through.
- Thanks.

All right, Rupert,

Say your good-byes.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

All right, Rupert,

Colby, Russell,
got nothing else for you.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.

- Bye!
- Bye, guys.

That was a terrible strategic move,
all three girls.

Good thing I got rid of
Danielle last night, partner.

You're damn straight.

Guys, have a great time.

You earned it.

- Enjoy it.
- Yeah.

Celebrate. Head out.

Plane's coming for you.

That's awesome.

I'd be scared to go by that hole.

What if I go fall in?

It's like 80, 90 feet in the air.

This is our Samoan fireworks.

We start walking towards the

blowhole and this tiny man

throws a coconut into the blowhole.

It goes shooting
up like a firework.

It's in here.
And we're like, wow...

It was really cool.

Tell me when to throw.

Your turn.

Come on, barb!

- You can do it!
- OK

Honestly, one of the
best parts, too,

was Jerri had that
Sprint phone with her.

Okay, wait.

Because she was taking
pictures of us the whole time.



And then we see some huge spread
of food and it was amazing.

Oh, my God!

These cookies are so good!

Oh, my God.

Videos on there?

Yeah, it is.

Show to him!

Sandra, I'm at the island.

I'll see you at the challenge.

My uncle is here only because

my mom passed away,

and he's my favorite uncle.

He always helped my
mom take care of us.

When my mom passed,
she was with him.

It's been a year and a week
since my mother passed.

So that's why I write,

"Mom, send help from above."

And my husband can't be here.

Because he's in Afghanistan, so

having my uncle here and being
here long enough to see him is--

If it ends for me, I'm happy now.

This is a really
really cool reward.

Going back into the game
is going to be tough.

It's going to be rough,

but at least we know
it's almost over.

So we need to talk about this

because I can't stop
thinking about it.

I'm really afraid Russell
is going to be, like...

I know he' really, really mad.

- We've got your back.
- Yeah.

And honestly, who cares?

What can he do?

Get Colby and Rupert
to vote you off?

No, we're not going anywhere.

I'm very concerned that

Russell would be so upset that

I didn't take him on the reward

that he would take it
out on me in the game.

If he wants to make it to the end

he's got to get rid
of those two guys.

That's the only way.

Jerry, you're fine.

You're under mine and
Sandra's full protection.

I have your full protection now?

Yeah, you do.

What was she thinking!

It don't make any sense.

That's just a bad decision.

I would have never guessed
in a million years

her first choice was Parvati.

And you know what?

She should have took a guy because

it would have made more
sense strategically.

When Jerri got to announce
who she was going to bring,

I was fully expecting
her to bring me.

Why wouldn't she?

I've been taking care of
Jerry this entire time.

She's not going to take me.

Is she going to tell me she
did this strategically.

She ain't played strategically
this whole game.

Parvati would have done the
same thing, not chose me.

I saved Parvati's ass.

I saved Jerri's ass.

I'm dragging, I'm threw
off the mud. Both of them.

Win the a million dollar game?

I hope that burger literary
tastes like a million dollars

because that was a
million-dollar decision.

These girls is a bunch of
unappreciative bitches, both of them.

I wanna smiths some
here with the our tube.

It's time to regroup.

I know I'm a villain,

and I know I lied during the game.

I want to trust you all the
way to the final three.

Russell, final three.

- Final three.
- Colby.

Final three.

Russell is hot and
heavy on us three,

Colby, Russell, and I, being solid.

- I want you to trust me.
- 100%.

I want to believe him,
but he is a villain.

But he's my best villain I got,

And if I can take the best villain
to the final three with me,

I think that guarantees
me a million dollars.

- Final three...
- Do you think you have the ability,

Russell, to get either
Parvati or Jerri?

I think Jerri.

I think I can get Jerri
to go on our side.

I think you can, too.

All we need her for is one vote.

And Parvati goes home.

Oh, yeah.

Even though I'm pissed off at Jerri

I know I definitely can
control her the most,

and when she gets back,

I'm going to have it make
sure she's tight with me.

I have to think about
winning this game,

and Parvati is a huge threat
for the million dollars.

She's the only one that can give
me a shot for it, in my mind.

So now, if Parvati
doesn't win immunity,

she's going home.

We get rid of Parvati and we
have to compete against who?

We compete against
Jerri and Sandra?

We in the top three.

You're home!

We're home!

When I returned to camp,
I wanted to go talk to Russell,

But Russell and
Colby were sleeping.

So I tried to sleep.

Rupert is loud, obnoxious,

selfish, and totally inconsiderate.

We all go to bed,

and he decide now that
that's a great opportunity

to chop wood, saw wood, snap twigs,

break things,
slam things on the ground.

I'm talking, like, huge logs,
dropping them on the ground.

The whole ground shakes.

I have never in my life seen
anybody that inconsiderate!

I don't know if it's, like,
incredible cockiness

or just complete stupidity.

I'm leaning more towards stupidity,
quite frankly.

I want to kill Rupert right now.

Honestly, I want him gone more than
anything in the entire universe.

I mean, it was just nuts.

I couldn't sleep all night.

So I got up out of the shelter

to go talk to Russell.

So, how was it?

It was fun.

But, I mean,
you know what I'm saying--

Was the food good?

It was good.

But I mean, I was worried
that you were going to be mad.

And both of them are like, no,

he'll be fine, he'll be fine.

And I was really worried.

I wasn't mad. I wasn't mad.

I want you to know that

whatever it take me
and you to the top,

that's what I want.

Me and you to the top.

I'm all for it.

I talked to Jerri
when she came back,

and I'm back on board with Jerri.

That makes me and Jerri
very powerful in this game.

And I control it because
I control Jerri.

You know you can trust me.

That's what I was worried
about all day today,

Parvati trying to sway you from me.

No, no not at all. No, I won't.

I'm not going to tell Jerri

anything about voting Parvati out.

We'll just go to immunity,

one of the guys hopefully wins it,

And I deal with Jerri's vote

right before we go
to Tribal Council.

Come on in, guys.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

- Yes.
- Give it up, Russell.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge,

very simple in concept,
a little more

difficult to execute.

With your arms outstretched,

you will use the tops of your hands

to hold two poles against
an overhead board.

If you lower your
hands even slightly

the poles will drops.

When the pole drops you're
out of the challenge.

Last person left
standing wins immunity,

guaranteed a spot
in the final five.

Losers, final Tribal,
one of you goes home.

Take your spots, we'll get started.

Everybody looks good and ready

for a shot at final five.

This challenge is on.

This is going to be
about concentration.

If you drift for even a moment,

the pole will drop.

The poles are very light,

doesn't take much for
it to fall to the side.

Colby, 15 seconds
into the challenge

first person out.

We have our first casualty,

15 seconds in to this challenge.

Donaldson is out.

Less than one minute
into this challenge

Sandra now drops out.

We are down to four very quickly.

Russell, the slightest
bit of movement

and Russell's out
of this challenge.

Now we're down to three,

Parvati, Rupert, and Jerri.

You've got to keep upward pressure
against that overhead board.

If not, those poles will fall out.

Both of Jerri's poles
are dead center,

right where they started.

She has not moved.

Out of nowhere, Jerri's pole drops.

Jerri's out of this challenge.

We are down to two,
Parvati and Rupert.

Fighting for a spot
in the final five.

Damn it!

Been up there 17 minutes now.

Don't drift.

Whatever you're doing,
keep doing it.

You can't go to Tribal Council

with any sort of security.

With this group of six left,

you have to have
immunity to be safe.

Rupert starting to struggle.

Really flirting with disaster.

Trying to readjust his grip,

almost moving that pole
right off the board.

Right on the edge of elimination.

Parvati now also has one pole

right on the edge.

Rupert, sweat starting to pour
off of the face, shaking again.

Rupert readjusting again.

Rupert's pole drops.

Rupert's out of the challenge.

Parvati wins immunity,
and a spot in the final five.


Parvati, nice job.

Thank you!

Parvati is safe at Tribal Council,

guaranteed a spot
in the final five.

Colby, Rupert, Jerri,
Russell, Sandra,

after 36 days in snow

somebody going home tonight.

Grab your stuff help
head back to camp.

- I'll see you at Tribal. Congrats.
- Thanks.

Parvati saved herself 100% today.

Hopefully, plan B,
Sandra goes home.

Parvati wins immunity.

So I don't have to make a
tough decision tonight.

Because if she wouldn't have won,

she would have went home.

That makes my decision
very easy tonight.

I don't have to talk no more.

I'm on board.


The way I see it tonight,

now since I can't
get rid of Parvati,

it looks like I'm going to
have to flip on these guys.

I'm going to have to
go back to the girls.

I don't know.

I hate Russell.

I want Russell out
so bad I can taste it

but them girls won't go.

Everybody wants to go
with Russell to the end

because he's so bad they
don't wanna against him.

That's why he's still here.

Sandra came to me

saying we have to
get rid of Russell.

So I went immediately
over to Russell.

- No?
- No, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.

Did you say something
to Rupert about

getting Russell off?

Why? Is that what Russell said?

I don't know. That's what
he seems to know, Sandra.

It's a good day.

-A real good day.
- Yes.

I want to keep Russell
a little on edge,

making sure he believes Colby and I

are his solid way
to the final three.

- Sandra.
- What?

Are you with me or
are you against me?

- I'm against you, Russell.
- Okay.

What is going on?

I'm just asking a question.

Because I've never been started.

Are you with me or
are you against me?

If you're against me,
you're going home next.

I know I ain't going nowhere.

I know that.

You're telling me
I'm going somewhere?

No, I'm staying.

I know I'm staying.

I'm comfortable in this game.

I'm comfortable, too.

Why should I not be comfortable?

You good?

I'm good.

I'm asking you.

I want to make sure we're all good.

- Should he keep saying that.
- He's worrying.


Loose lips sink ships.

And, yes, they did.

Yes, they did.

Who invited Boston Rob
back to the party?

Are you with me or
are you against me!

What are you all doing?

You all being stupid.

I mean you're on something.
You're drinking over there?

Because you're being dumb.


They're being silly.

Go ahead and keep playing around.

You're so funny.

They're making it
really easy for me.

I don't know what is
going on right now.

It's like this camp has
turned into crazy town.

First of all, I literally spent
the entire night listening to

Rupert make loud noises, and now,

Sandra and Parvati
push Russell's buttons?

Are you kidding me!

Don't get Russell riled
up and against you.

Are you kidding me!

Whatever you want.

You're digging a
deeper and deeper hole.

You start aggravating me,

Going crazy, and I won't trust you,

and I'll be gunning for you.

And that's what Sandra did.

Yes, we might need
to get rid of Rupert

but we might have to wait

and get rid of Sandra.

So I don't know what
I'm going to do.

Jerri ain't going against you.

And I am not going against you.

There's three people.

There's not enough numbers
to pull anything off.

Parvati was like,
don't worry, Sandra

because I'm not writing your
name down and neither is Jerri

so Rupert is going to go home
even if Russell is upset.

He thinks he's running everything.

It's day 36,

the last day for me to use the idol

I might bring it with
me to Tribal Council,

but I don't think I have
anything to worry about.

I'd rather not use it.

That's how confident I am
that I am not going home.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Coach, Courtney, j.T.
, Amanda, Candice,

and Danielle, voted out at
the last tribal council.

Sandra, at the last Tribal Council,

a villain was sent home.

What was the fallout?

Well, the fact that Russell
and Danielle fought,

a light bulb went
up in Rupert's head

Maybe if me and Russell fought

he'd be saved again.

So Rupert tried to stir something
up between you and Russell?

Me and Rupert had a couple
of words that were exchanged,

and then Rupert ran to Russell,

and then Russell ran to me,

"Are you With me?
Are you against me?"

So, of course, I was upset.

Russell, tell me about
your argument with Sandra.

Rupert told me that Sandra was
trying to throw me under the bus.

And I'd really like to
know if that was true

or if Rupert was trying to make
up something to stir up trouble,

so immediately I have to go
up to my alliance, Sandra,

and find out what's going on.

When you go up to her, do you say,

"Hey, can I ask you something
in I heard this rumor

and I'd just like
to even it's true?"

No, he said, are you
with me or are you me

because you can go
home like Danielle.

That's what he said.

She's written my name down twice
in two different Tribal Councils.

So, should I really
trust her or other way?

No, I get mad.

I asked her, are you with
me or are you against me

because you can go home
next if you're against me.

I'm guessing she said,
"I'm with you, Russell."

She said she's not with me.

- Was that what I said?
- That's exactly what you said.

She said I'm against you.

She said she's against me.

So that was the last
of that conversation.

She said she's against me.

So she's against me.

Is it still villains
versus heroes, Parvati?

Obviously, not.

I mean, with Danielle going home.

And she was a solid villain
for me since the first day.

So, I mean, there's definitely
room for switching it up.

What would be the benefit at
this point of switching it up?

I don't see any benefit in
voting out another villain.

When it gets down to final three.

I think it needs
to be all villains.

If a hero squeezes in there,

then you've got a lot
friends on the jury.

So for me, I want to
keep my villains here.

Rupert, what would be the reason
to get rid of a villain tonight?

Strategically, for whoever is
sitting in the final three,

you're going toment to show that
either you were the top villain

or the top hero or
the top something.

You're going to want to show you
had the game play to get you there,

And you even turned on
your own to get you there.

That is the game.

Parvati, that was
almost the Exorcist.

You were turned to Russell.

She looked at me.

It sounded like he was
speaking directly to Russell.

You want to prove
you're the top villain

and you want to turn
on your own team?

That's pretty obvious.

You don't, think
you're the top villain?

No, I don't.

I'm a hero on the inside.

Was Rupert talking to you, Russell?

I don't know who he
was talking about.

Who you talkin talking
about, Rupert?

Any of the villains that sit here and
want to show that they're the top.

All right, let's get to the vote.

Parvati, you have the
immunity necklace.

Keeping it.

You cannot vote for Parvati,

and although there's been very little
talk of the Hidden Immunity Idol,

tonight is the last night you
can play it if you have it.

It is time to vote.

Colby, you're up.

I'll write your name again,

and if I'm up there
in the final three,

you'll still give me the
million dollars vote.

Now I wrote your name down, too.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the
Hidden Immunity Idol.

Shall I let you finish?

No need.

I wasn't going to play the Idol,

but because I got mixed
feel this is Tribal Council,

I would hate to go home
with the Idol in my bra.

Give me just a second, Jeff.

- Did you know?
- No, I have no idea.

The rules of "Survive" states

if the hidden Immunity
idol is played,

any votes against that
person will not count.

And the person with the next highest
number of votes will be sent home.

This is, indeed,
the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Any votes cast against
Sandra will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.


Sandra. Does not count.

Rupert. That's two votes Rupert.

Sandra. Does not count.

Two votes Rupert,

15th person voted out and

the seventh will be
member of our jury.

Rupert. That's three.
That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Rupert, the Tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.


You've made it to the final five.

Over the next three days,

you'll compete in your
final immunity challenges,

and one of the five of you,
Colby, Jerri, Russell,

Parvati, Sandra,
will be declared winner of

"Heroes vs. Villains."

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp.

Good night.

Next time on a special
2-hour season finale--

I've been your girl
this whole time.

Parvati, you are lying.

The war between the
Heros and the Villains

will finally come to an end.

I'm the one in control.

Send me home.

That's the idea.

Tune in Sunday, May 16,

where one of these five people
will become the sole survivor.

Maybe I am not destined
to win "Survivor".

I thought I had this time.

But I proud of the way
I played the game.

I walked out of this game,

knowing I may not be this
tough I were 6 years ago.

But I still pretty tough.

In this game, I don't need to win
"Survivor" to know that I'm a winner.