Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - The Killing Fields - full transcript

Tina and Keith feel insecure about their place in Ogakor after hearing Jerri at tribal. Colby must decide between Tina and Keith or Jerri and Amber. Over at Kucha, Mike succeeds at providing the tribe with more food. A lot of it.

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Previously on Survivor:

Michael was determined
to make a kill.

This is the pig-killer.

His stupid spear.

"I'm going to go catch pigs."

Go get me a pig.

At Ogakor, Jerri and Colby

whispered sweet nothings
to each other.

Black coffee, or
cream and sugar?

Cream and sugar.

I'm such a sucker for cowboys.

In the toughest challenge yet,
Kucha won immunity...

( cheering )

...sending Ogakor
to Tribal Council,

where lines were drawn
when Jerri

made it clear
who her friends were.

I've been very fortunate

in my ability to bond with
Amber, Mitchell and Colby.

But there was no bond
with Maralyn, who was

voted out of the tribe.

It's time
for you to go.

Thirteen remain.

Tonight, one more will go.

I had slept outside last night,
as did Keith.

We were the first ones up,
so we thought,

"First ones up, let's just get
up and go fishing this morning."

So we cleared
everything off the boat,

got the fishing rods together.

Jerri popped up
out of the tent, ran,

turned over the canoe

and acted like she was

going to get ready
to go fishing.

Guys want to go with us?

You're going to take this?


Jerri and the others,

they wanted
to take the canoe out.

We said, "Well, we're just
getting ourselves ready,

"we got all our gear,
we're getting

ready to go."
"Oh, we were going to do that."

Well, isn't that ironic,
you know,

just 'cause we were going to go?

Well, that's why we
were going to go,

'cause you guys
were sleeping, so...

( groans )

I just said "Look, you know,
we were gonna go fishing.

You all were asleep.
We're going to go fishing."

And apparently, Keith wanted
to have a talk with me,

so he said,
"Well, Tina, let's just go

walk along the bank
and fish that way."

So, at Tribal Council
last night,

Tina and I had an opportunity

to get a little bit
a better understanding

of where we sit
within our own tribe.

When Jerri was asked the
question who her friends are,

she made a point of mentioning

Amber, Colby,
Mitchell and herself,

that they all get along best,
and then, of course,

she wanted to make sure that
everybody was clear

that she was here
to win the money,

and she's going to do whatever
she has to to win the money.

So, Tina and I were
a little miffed by that.

You have four or five young
people playing.

They've got so much chemistry
that it is almost second nature

just to--
woo-- just immediately

gravitate towards one another.

And it makes me feel
kind of like an outsider,

which I am an outsider
at this point.

It's all I can do to keep
from just laughing out loud.

At Tribal Council,

Jeff asked me who I felt
I had built friendships with.

And immediately after I said it,

I kind of sucked it back up,
'cause I realized

I was basically challenging
people to vote for me.

Which doesn't put me
in a very good position.

Jerri is perfect for this game.

She will ride the team
until it's time

to take the knife out
and cut someone's throat.

That was good stuff.

I didn't come out here
to be pushed around

by a bartender-

Maybe it's time just to shake
her world up a little bit.

I can tell you one thing--

Tina and I are not going
to go down without a fight.

I came here to win the money,

but now my motive
isn't to win the money,

but to do everything I can
to make sure

she does not win the money.

Wow, what is it?

I have no idea.

You guys are not

going to believe this one.

We got
a chicken egg.

We have
a real egg.

"For a change of the menu,

"you must work
with great haste.

Build a pen on your beach,
and slide the pieces in place."

This morning,
we received tree mail,

and I went out there to it,
and it was a bird's nest.

And it involves a challenge
of building a chicken coop.

Grab one end.

All of these are
pretty much straight.

I definitely have to appear

that I'm into this challenge,

because my head
was on the chopping block--

I know,
with a couple of people--

because of, um, you know,
my almost not eating

the worm
and the cow brain thing.

At least
this chicken coop thing

is a little bit
of a change of pace.

I know it might seem ironic,

because I don't eat mammals.

You know, I haven't had
poultry in over ten years,

and I haven't had red meat
in over 15 years,

but if it boosts up
morale for these guys,

it's going to be good.

See, what I can do
is I can pry this

over with my pry
bar here...

I want those chickens so bad.

For one reason,
so Mike will quit fishing

and walking around here
flexing his muscle.

I really want chicken.

And I'm not above

snatching it out
of the other team's arms.

I want a chicken.

Okay, today's challenge
is a reward challenge,

and the map to your reward
is scrambled in a puzzle.

The first tribe to completely
unscramble their puzzle

gets three egg-laying chickens
and one rooster.

Big reward, a lot of eggs.

Take your spots,
and we'll get started.

Playing for three egg-laying
chickens and a rooster.

Survivors ready?


No, no, back it up,
back it up, back it up.

Go around, rotate, rotate...

Bring this one up and we'll
bring this one down.

Right here.

( indistinct talking )

You got it made.

Okay, well, we have this whole
side, so now

we can work this,
we got to do this piece...

Yeah, swing this one like this.
Goes... no, leave that.

Doesn't that blue piece
right there go with...

It goes
in the middle.

It goes in the middle,
that's right.

Those two need to be together.

That should be
one, two, three.

No, no, no, no.

( indistinct voices )

That one he's got his hand on.

Okay, hold on,
hang on, hang on.

( indistinct shouting )

( indistinct talking )

Wait a minute, look, look,
look, look, look.

This goes here,
and we're done.

( indistinct talking )

That piece goes right here.
You had it right.

That one goes over...

That-That goes down.
This goes over.

( indistinct talking )

( cheering )


( cheering )

( indistinct talking )

This is your map

to your reward.

Now figure out where you're at,
where you need to go.

No, wait,
think about perspective.

This is our blue,
and that's their green.

Yeah, "X" marks
the spot.

You guys, we're going straight.

There they are.

Hello, my lovelies.

( clucking )

( squawking )
We got chickens.

Henrietta, Polly,
Ruby and Rocky.

Hey, Henrietta.
Hey, Ruby.

We all have to decide
who's going to carry what.

I can't believe
I'm holding a chicken.

Just don't hesitate
about putting him in.

Get him down in there.

Wait, don't break
her wings, though.

It ain't broken.

Who's next?

You're going to squeeze
four chickens...?

They're giving you eggs
and protein and vitamins,

and all that
good stuff, okay?

Can't they give us some
edamame, some tofu?

This is a good thing,
you guys.

You guys,
we just won a reward.

It's, like, everyone

just smile for a second--
woo, reward!

I felt when we won
the chickens, "Oh, no.

I'm unnecessary for food now."

They could eat a chicken
every other day

and be totally fine
until the merger.

And I thought to myself,

"Consume those chickens
as quickly as possible

so we're back
to being hungry again."

( clucking )


We woke up in the morning,

Rodger and I relocated
the chicken coop,

got them comfortable.

And then all of a sudden
I see Mike

preparing to kill the rooster.

Everybody else is sleeping,
and I said, "Let's wake up,

figure out what our day schedule
is a little bit more

before we kill it

because if we had
killed that rooster,

a lot of people would
have been upset.

We have to make decisions as
a group for us to get along.

We should decide
as a group

when we're going
to eat it.

That's what I asked him.

That's what I
just asked you.

We don't
need one today.

( rooster crowing )

( crowing )

That one's going first.

( fire crackling )

It's a fire.

You can actually
hear the trees

falling down and burning.

( crackling )

You can hear it.

I'll put on my tennis shoes.

It seems to be getting
closer and closer.

You can see ash
blowing in the wind.

We have no idea how close it is
to our camp,

even though we know
that it has to cross the water

in order to get to us.

It's a concern, um, but...

you know,
I think we'll be safe,

as long as we head for the water

and everybody
does the right thing.

And you don't realize
that you're nothing to Jerri?

She said, "I'm in it
to win," and you know

she's gonna do
whatever it takes to win.

She sees that we've got
the fishing poles out,

jumps up, grabs the boat,
turns it over.

And it's like
she has to have her way.

And I am so over it,

I just can't hardly stand it.

I mentioned my frustration

with Jerri
because it's building.

I don't know if it's just me.

Do other people feel
the same way I feel?

It's gonna get a lot worse
before it gets better.
I'm sorry,

she's the most bossy,

domineering person
I've ever met.

She's coming, by the way.


There was a little bit of it

just wanting to see how strong

does Mitch and Colby
align with Jerri.

And my thought was,
if I could get Colby,

that would be two of us.

And then maybe Colby
could talk to Amber,

and that would be
the only chance

that I would have to make it.

At this point,

I don't have anything to lose.

I had to get out of the tent.

There's a little, uh,
estrogen overload

in the tent right now,
and I just...

I couldn't deal with that.

Tina was taking things
way too personal.

What happened last night
at Tribal Council

is what really set
Tina and I apart.

Jeff said,
"Well, who are your friends?"

and Jerri named, you know,
four individuals,

and Tina and I are sitting
on the sideline.

So that was, you know,

Tina and I just figured, "Well,
it's just a matter of time now."

The powers that be

have predetermined long ago
the pecking order here,

and-and... also
the elimination order, and, uh,

Keith is up.

Keith and I

spend a lot of time together.

Part of my reason for
doing it: one) we get along;

two) we need Keith right now.

So the last thing I'm gonna do
is alienate him.

I'm cohabitating
with people who--

what do I do
with these people?

I mean, who knows, man,

you and Jerri
could get married.

I know that ain't
happening. ( laughs )

Tell you straight on
right now,

she ain't good enough for you.

And, you know,
it's cool you guys

got your little
thing going,

but I'm telling you
right now,

she ain't no way
good enough for you.

I would beat you like a dog if
I found out you two hooked up.

( laughs ):
Well, thanks, bro.

That girl'll
cut your throat

in a heartbeat.
Yeah, you're right.

( Rocky crowing )

Everybody's on
the same wavelength--

we want to have chicken today.

I got a confirmation
from Nick and Jeff,

and Elisabeth said yes.

And if us four are saying yes,
everybody says yes.

I say no. Okay.

( laughs )

Guess that
doesn't work.

Nope. I say do it
whenever you want to do it--

just let me know when.

Well, we got to get
the water going.

I would love to have
fried chicken tonight.

It'd be the first meal
where we didn't have

to pass a piece of fish around
six or seven times

and everybody take a bite of it.

Everybody'd have
their own piece of chicken.

Oh, it's boiling.



Do we need anything

besides tools?

Just a hatchet
and a block of wood.

Alicia, I'm leaving.

Bye, sweetie.

I know it's harder for her.

Just got to look at it,
it's no different

than eating them fish
we been eating.

I'm gonna hold his wings.

Just-just make it a good...

one good, clean blow.

( hatchet strikes )

Mm, mm, mm!

Everybody was loving
the chickens.

This could be the end
of the game for me,

because they no longer need me
for a food source.

It ups the stakes definitely
for me to catch the food.

But to stay in the limelight
is gonna be harder

and harder, because what... you
got to keep one-upping yourself.

I caught one fish,
and then I caught a bigger one,

then I caught three fish,
then I caught five fish.

What am I gonna do now,
wrestle an alligator?

I'll take a chicken
over fish any day.

Once you go dark meat,
you don't ever go back.

( laughing )

( bird cries )

I'm just weak.

I'm hungry, I'm tired.

Physically, emotionally,
I'm gone.

I feel that I think
the most about strategies.

'Cause first of all, I don't
have much else to think about.

And second of all,
I want to go far with this.

After seeing Colby and Keith

talking over in the water
for a couple of hours,

who knows what he's trying
to convince Colby.

But you know what?

Maybe he's just kind of
taking Keith for a ride.

Colby had been talking a lot
to Keith.

We know Keith is trying
to rear something up from behind

to try to take one of us out.

The only way it would work
is if... Keith convinced Tina

and Colby
And Colby.

to vote against me.

And you... and us three
voted against Keith.

It would be three and three.
A tie.

And then you and me
with the most votes.

I'd be gone.

This is definitely

the first time I've felt
a little bit threatened.

And I guess I deserve it
after making that pompous remark

( laughing ):
at Tribal Council.

Colby could be talked
into things easily.

Yeah, that's what
I'm thinking, too.

He's not real strong
in his own opinion.

He... he sways a lot
between what people tell him.

Colby does seem to be the one

we're focused on
in trying to ensure he's not...

changing his mind.

Ah... there he is.

You find a good spear?

Yeah, I made a couple.
Yeah? Cool.

Colby was pretty excited about

going out hunting for a pig,

I think it's a brilliant idea,

especially with the fires
right now,

'cause a lot of wildlife

has been flushed this way.

The fire pretty much stopped.

It's always a possibility
that it could

jump the river
and come over here.

I think it's highly unlikely,

because there's no wind,

See where all the ground's

burning right there?

The fire was right there.
See? It was right there.

We'll walk back.

We'd love to have a hog
around here.

They're here,
we just got to find them,

and I'm not having
a whole lot of luck.

But I'm bound and determined

to put pork on the plate
before I leave this place.

They're not gonna live
on the water, I don't think.

They're gonna burrow
back aways, and, I mean,

we don't have a whole lot
of experience with hogs.

I think Colby is definitely
separating the game from

any relationship with me.

I think it takes
a strong person

to do that, quite honestly,

( laughs ):
when there's obviously,

you know,
some attraction between us.

Where to, cowboy?

I don't know.
We'll head this way.

Who knows where the heck
we're going.

Jerri's scared.

She's worried

that Keith and Tina and I

are gonna join together
and mastermind

a backdoor move
to, uh, to get rid of her.

I don't want you to
lose an ounce of sleep

worrying about what
Tina's thinking or doing

or anything like that.

I'm not losing any sleep.
I'm just...

I just know that
she's thinking ahead.

I just want to beat her
to the draw, that's all.

I'm not saying
I'm holding out

on making a deal
with you

to see how this thing plays out.

I'm saying... there's no sense
in even making a deal,

'cause if we go into
the merge undermanned,

it's all for naught,
you know?
Don't worry about it.

You know, it's not like
you're making a deal

with the devil here.

I'm a little leery of Colby,

and I can tell, actually,
that he's sort of

distancing himself from me
a lot more.

And I like...

hanging out with you,
so, you know,

it just made sense to me...

to approach you with it.

I'll make you a deal.

It's me, you and Amber
through to the end.

Make me a deal?
What is that?!

Well, you were wanting
to strike a deal earlier.

( laughs )

Jerri probably wears a name tag

that says "Puppet Master"
on it.

She loves having Amber
in her hip pocket,

and Mitchell in the same place.

I mean, I simply agreed
to go along with them

just because I thought it could

get me down the road
a little better.

It's all good.

( Jerri laughs )

I want to win,
and I don't want

to talk to anybody else
about loyalties.

Don't give me that crap.

I haven't trusted anyone
since day one,

and anyone playing smart
should have been the same way.

What about the pigs?

No luck.

We didn't even
see anything.

I'm gonna have to piggyback your
ass over this to keep you dry.

Oh, my gosh. ( whoops )

Oh, you're all muscle.

I'm gonna need some rest
when I get back.

I'm gonna die.

( snoring )


There's a pig
in the water.


There's a pig
in the water.

A pig?

There is a pig.

Right over there.

Oh, God,
Mike's gone with the knife.

Why don't you guys come
and help me surround him?

You guys, I got
him cornered here.

Just keep walking around
the way you're walking.

Don't charge me.

He won't.

You know, what
I want you to do

is I want you to block
off that entrance there.

All right.

( pig squeals )

We got a pig.

What? Got it?

He killed it.

It was gross,
though, dude.

He had to, he had to...

I'm so glad
Kimmi wasn't here.

If she was,
she would've died.
Yeah. Where is she?

She would have died.

It was,
it was...

Gross. It was very gross
and brutal.

Life is just a funny
little blending of experiences,

and this is just another one.
( sharpening knife )

How it will affect me

in the mind of the tribe,
I don't know.

It could go either way
at this point.

But if I go out,
I'm going out full.

And I'm so happy about that.

( chuckling )

Oh, my God.

Oh, this is like
a murder scene.

When I butcher a deer,

I use a hatchet
and a knife.

I think I need to cut the skin
more on the top now, too.

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.

Lots of butchering
going on in Kucha camp today.

This is nothing
like a chicken, that's for sure.

We've reached a new level.

That's the craziest thing
I've ever seen in my life.

This is how
I'm going to show up

at the immunity challenge.

Pig blood?

Did you just put
that on your face?

Yeah, he did.

Just like that.

You're crazy.

Mike caught a pig.

He actually
caught a pig.

I cannot deal
with these people.

I cannot...
How big of a pig?

It's a little one.

And there's going
to be a lot of ham
and bacon and pork

coming up in
here... soon.

What is wrong
with you people?!

This is sick.

We live in a sick tribe.

These are pure, fleshy steaks.

The fact that Mike had the guts
to go after that pig

says a lot
about Mike's character.

I can appreciate the fact
that Mike did that, you know?

And-and Mike did that
for the tribe.

Mike killed this pig for us
so we can all eat.

We're having a barbie.

Mm... that's cooked well.

Oh, my God.


It's good, right?

I feel better about my position

now that I've made this kill.

I think my position
in the tribe

has come up
a few levels, and...

it's a good feeling.

Whoa, we're going
to get strong now.

Got a little bit of love.

"You all read the books
and crammed for the test

"So now it's the time
for 'Survivor Knows Best'

"Head down to the falls
with your thinking caps on

If you lose the next challenge,
one more will be gone."

First merge with equal

amounts of people
on both tribes.

We can't lose
another immunity challenge,

so the pressure now

is even more immense
than it was before.

The next two immunities
are crucial

for us and our survival
at the merge.

I'll take back
the immunity idol.

The immunity idol is
now back up for grabs.

So, last reward, you guys must
be eating pretty well.

We haven't really
been eating the chickens much

because yesterday we all
went out on a, uh, pig hunt

and we, uh, stalked a pig

and, uh, we put a spear
right through its heart,

and, uh, we've been eating
pig for about a whole day.

Reaction? They caught a pig.

We'd like to have one, too.

You've been out
looking for pig?

Yeah, you bet.

Well, today's

certainly more important
than chickens or roosters,

even pork.

At the end of this challenge,

one tribe will return to camp
safe in the knowledge

they're secure
for another three days.

The other tribe
will head to Tribal Council,

and you will vote another member
out of your tribe.

It's a simple
question-and-answer game.

There are six spots per tribe.

You'll start at the back
and move forward

by filling in the spots
with correct answers.

Your goal:
Be the first tribe

to get right here
on the yellow spot,

you get immunity.

All right?

Let's go. Head down,
pick the first person.

Michael, Mitchell, come on up.

Multiple choice:

"It is possible
to improvise a compass

"by magnetizing a needle
with which of the following:

"A) silk B) cotton C) hardwood

or D) running water?"

Show me your answers.

You both say "A) silk."

That's right.
Take your first spots.

All right!
All right!

Good job! Good job!

Elisabeth, Keith,
come on forward.

"True or false: The number of
flies in Australia increased

after the arrival of Europeans?"

You both say "true."

True is correct.

Take your next spot.

All right, Alicia, Amber,
come on up.

"In order
to safely purify water,

"it must be boiled for at least,

"A) five minutes B) ten minutes
C) 15 minutes

or D) 20 minutes?"

Correct answer:
"B) ten minutes."

Take your spot.

( cheering and whooping )

Ogakor has a one-point lead.

Next two.

The answer is "true."
Take a spot.

We're even up.

Alicia and Jerri,
back in the line.

Colby going against Jeff.


Yes! Yeah!
( cheering )

Ogakor in the lead.

Kimmi says false,
Jerri says true.

"False" is right.

Kimmi, take a spot.

Alicia and Tina.

What was that little thing
you just did, Alicia?

Is that a little...

Just getting ready.


Third time's a charm,

"Of the ten most
venomous snakes in the world,

"how many live here?

"A) three B) six

C) nine or D) ten?"

Both wrong. It's "nine."

See you again in a minute.

All right, Jeff, Jerri,
you both say "true."

You're right.
Take a spot.

Nick, Tina, you're both right.

All right!

Thank you, God!

Take your spots.

( whooping )

Okay, Alicia, come on up,
and Mitchell.

You'll be the tiebreaker
for Ogakor.

Here's what I'm thinking:

I'm thinking, this tiebreaker's
a little tougher on you, Alicia,

because Mitchell at least
has already answered one.

He can always fall
back on that.
That's right.

You haven't
answered squat.

I haven't answered squat.

You'll be leading the
hike to Tribal Council.

Thanks for telling me.

Thanks for just reassuring me
like that.

We're in a tie-breaker

If you both get it right,
we go again.

First person to miss,
their tribe loses,

they go to Tribal Council.

Multiple choice:

"Which of the following animals
have toxic eggs

"which should not be touched?

"A) gowannas, B) cane toads,

"C) echidnas

or D) bearded dragons?"

You both say "B) cane toads."

You're both right.

Going to another question:

"When building a fire,

"you should never use dead wood
to start the fire-- A),

"B) situate your fire
near a rock slide

C) place wet rocks near the fire

or D) use a car battery
to start the fire?"

For immunity.

Mitchell says "B) you should
never situate your fire

near a rock slide."

Alicia says "C) you should never
place wet rocks near the fire."

"C)" is right.

Kucha wins.

( wild cheering )

Kucha, you get
the immunity idol back.

We're feeling kind
of blah right now,

and I'm not too excited to make
that hike again tonight.

And so we prepare
once again

for the walk of shame.

I'll have plenty to
say to the camera

when I hold up Keith's name.

He seems to be
an instigator

of some problems.

So, when he goes,
it'll be

a sigh of relief for me.

Jerri likes to think

that she is the leader
in some way

because Amber and Mitchell,

she kind of leads them
around a little bit.

My goal tonight

is to try to step in
and break all that up.

I'll offer my opinion
to the team

and see what everyone

I don't think
he has any idea.


He didn't take his
fleece or his jacket.

This, by far,
is going to be the toughest

Council for me because
I don't agree with the order

in which the union is voting.

Because the person
to go tonight

is-is a huge asset
and could really, really

be an asset down the road.

First I think I need
to address with you guys

a fire that is burning.

Keith, when you think

about that,
that there truly is a fire,

does it hit you how real
it is out here?


And the fact that the fires

are burning so close,

what they're going to end up
doing is pushing things

that are in the outback
towards us.

What was your reaction

to the fact
that Kucha

bagged a pig?

I'm ticked off
that we don't have pigs yet.

I'm ticked off
that I haven't seen pigs

or-or pheasants or quail

or anything
of that sort,

but I'm not
discouraged by that.

Why I'm upset

is because I play to win,

and nothing else
is acceptable in any way.

Sort of based on what
you just said, Colby,

let me make the observation
of the day:

Kucha is kicking your ass,

and the question
I have is--

Does it change your
strategy tonight at all

in thinking about
what tribe do we need

to take
to this merge?

That's the hardest part
about this game,

because you are pulled
in so many different directions.

You're pulled with loyalty,

you're pulled with


you're pulled with
team survival.

And it boils down to you.

You're going to have to be
the one to make the decision.

And... it's brutal.

Well, obviously,
tonight's vote

is pivotal.

Behind me,

three torches.

Two of the three-- Ogakor.

It's time
to vote. Colby.


you add some tension
to the group at times,

and my hope is that
by eliminating you,

we eliminate a little bit
of that friction.

This was not
my original intended vote.

However, on the way here
to Tribal Council,

a new scheme
was developed.

So, in the spirit of the
Olympics, let the games begin.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are tallied,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked
to leave

the Tribal Council area

First vote...




Three votes,



Three votes Keith,

two votes

We have a tie.

Okay, our first tie.

Here's how it'll work--

Keith, Mitchell,
you will not vote.

The other four
will vote again.


a big vote for Ogakor.

I think it's only fair

that I give each
of you guys a chance

to plead your case,
a chance to say to the tribe

why they need you
to beat Kucha.


I'm a competitor,
and I will fight

to the bitter end
to win for this team

and continue
to do the heavy work

that I've contributed
with the team thus far.

I won't give up.

why should they keep you?

( sharp exhale )

We all pulled
a little fast one on me, but...

but I agree
with Keith,


I want you guys
to win this.

I want you guys
to go on.

I want you guys
to beat Kucha.

And physically, mentally,
emotionally, I'm drained.

I wanted very,

very badly to go far
in this game,

but if these next
few challenges

are strictly strength,

Keith is stronger
than I am.

I can't compete
with that.

There's no way
I can compete with that.

We'll have a revote.

You will vote
for either Keith or Mitchell.

You are voting to vote
them out of the tribe.

All rules stay the same,

but you have to vote
for one of the two.


Mitchell, I promised you from
the very beginning of this game

that I would not vote
for you,

and I am staying true
to that promise.

This game isn't easy.

I didn't come out here
to starve myself

and to face the elements
to keep the weakest person.

I'll read
the tiebreaker votes.




We have
another tie.

It seems
we're deadlocked.

In the Survivor rules,
in a deadlock,

you go to votes

cast in previous

Tribal Councils.

The tribe member
with the most votes

is the person voted out.

How many votes have you had cast
against you, Keith?




One vote is the difference.

I need you to bring
me your torch.

It's been a long vote,

The tribe has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.

Well, I have
a feeling that

tonight's Tribal Council
is going to have

a monumental effect
on this tribe.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.

Coming up, scenes
from our next episode

and Mitchell's final words.

Next time on Survivor:

Will Ogakor continue
their losing streak?

Excuses are done,
check them at the door

and let's
get down to business.

It is going to be one hell
of a show today.

And at Kucha, the feathers fly.

I'm tired of you
and the... chickens!

Excuse me? Don't wave
your finger in my face!

I will always wave
my finger at you.

You want me
to say it to your face?


That definitely
took me by surprise.

But I guess the bright side is,
I get to eat,

and I need to eat.
Look at me... cripes.

I feel a little bit betrayed
by some of them,

but at the same time,

I want to shake their
hands and congratulate them

for pulling the wool
over my eyes

because they definitely got me.