Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 6 - This Is the Man Test - full transcript

Both tribes get battered by a relentless storm and for the first time in history the reward challenge is brought to an early halt when one castaway reaches the breaking point.

Previously on "survivor":

both tribes were hammered
hard by wind and rain.

I have never in my life been this cold,had my
hands destroyed and my feet look so miserable.


But with their huge lead
in numbers and rewards,


qalou still had plenty
of reason to celebrate.

After i finish this,i'm taking
on the whole team by myself.

The only storm they
wouldn't weather was shambo.

Escaped chicken.


shambo is just a complete gilligan
who messes things up all the time.

On her second visit to the foa foa tribe,it
became clear these were shambo's real friends.

I am really,really happy to
be over here with foa foa.

Russell,on the other
hand,had no friends.

Only targets.

Marisa threatened me,betsy threatened me,each
time somebody threatened me,they're going home.

- And liz confronted russell.
- You're lying to me.

I'm telling you the truth.Are
you telling me i'm not honest.

She became next on his hit list.

But after liz's strong
effort in another loss,


russell put his vendetta against her
on the back burner in order to jettison

the tribe's weakest member,ashley.

It's because of me you're going home.

I'm out here playing for
$1 million.Never trust me.

With only five foa foa left,liz needs a miracle
to save herself from russell's cruel intentions,

assuming they can all
survive the conditions.

14 are left.

Whoa will be voted out tonight.


- **
- ***

Gee,okay,he's having
a seizure over here.

He's epileptic.

Since day 10,this is day 15
now,we're getting soaked at night.

It's cold.

So it's been pretty bad
for the last several nights.

I'll be honest,there was some envy
last night when ashley went home.

There was a little tinge o jealousy
there.I was like,oh,man,you know.

I really think we have another
two days of this,three days.



I used to watch this cartoon when i
was growing up called "captain planet,"

and there was always that one guy with the
ring,heart,and we always made fun of him.

What is heart?Everybody else gets
a real element and you get heart.

I really wish i had that
heart ring right now.

I'm tired,i'm really hungry an
i'm sitting here trying to battle

what seems to be a battle that
fate just doesn't want us to win.

- Not bad.
- Not bad.

This is the man test.

If it takes seven days and seven nights of
rain for one person to quit,i'll take it.

Hell,yeah,i'm having fun.

I'm out in the rain.

This is how i wanted to be.

That sunny days we had for nine
days,i was like,man,this is too pretty.

I'd take my family here.

I want to be somewhere where i can't
take my family,where it's miserable.

What's wrong,man.

I'm so freaking cold right now.


I'm freezing!

Come oman.You can take this.

It's just a little water.


This isn't even right.

They're going to be soak wet whether
it stops raining or not stops raining.

Tonight they're going to be
wet,so this is really no big deal.

As a matter of fact,this
makes me stronger.




- A what is it.
- A tarp.

It's raining.People are miserable.

Spirits are down.

And a be aleafated had
russell gotten us the tarp.

But it's just the way
the game goes sometimes.

You know,one person is elected
to make decisions for the group.

Sometimes it puts you in a worse position
thayou would havef youe decisions for yourself.


Where is he?

Right there.

Russell was out working on the
fire while every single one of us

was huddled up trying to stay warm,and
he's out there just busting his butt.

For me to see that,it's awesome
to see him push himself,but,

also,like,it's great that
you're out there doing it,

but at the same time,no
one expects you to do that.

You know,it might have been to a point where it
was a bit unnecessary and went a little bit too far.

There's no reason to be
sitting out here right now.

I'd rather n the shelter,but sometimes
you have to make some deposits in case

you need any withdrawals later on.

You know,the chief thing counter-balances to the
negative,so just trying to keep the fire burning.

This is fine stock low.

Hopefully i'll be able
to sell high later.


Fire looks good though,huh.

I just gotta chill.

Hold on.

- Careful,careful,careful!
- Are you okay?

Just hand me my jacket.

Here you go.


Oh,that sucked.

That sucked.

Russell's definitely got this,like,stubborn
determination to do everything.

But truth is,like,the elements out
here,it's going to break you down.

He's just pushing himself too hard and
it's going to takingly toll,you know.

I can go back out there.I just gotta
get my body temperature back up.

I probably look like some crazy person,but
basically,this spot actually is a pretty good cover.

I can kind of-- with my body heat kind
of keep this corner a little bit warm.

The shelter has so many gaps in it,when it
rains this hard,it just pours right through.

I can't wear my clothes
because they're all soaking wet.

So i'm just doing the best i can at just trying
to stay cell warm and out of the rain and...

Just trying to get through this.


It's wet.

They don't want to get out.Where
are they all from,new york city?

Gotta stay dry.

Can't get my hair wet.

Man,this is crazy.

You never know,man,they might also suck each other's
thumbs because they're just a bunch of babies.


Th 'reive up.They start
walking,"i'm too tired.

" don't stop until you
throw up,pass out,something.

If you don't throw up after every
challenge you didn't do your job.

That's how i think of it.

Now,i was freezing last night,wet,cold.

It's time to do something about
it today,but they don't want to.

They want to sit there
and suck on their thumbs.

So i don't know how to help them.

I don't think it's going to s

I had been in my hole for,you
know,almost 26 straight hours of rain,

and i was laying in the
hole and i was,like,okay.

I give in.

We give in.

We understand your greatness.We
understand your power.

And if you are kind to us,i
promise we will speak of your mercy.

Less than 12 hours later i wake up in
my hole and not only are there blue skies

but the most beautiful
rainbow you have ever seen.

It's as ifsamoa said that's
what i wanted toear,erik.

Just know that i am thennd you're not.

Enjoy yourself for the next 24 days.

I'm so happy.

- That's a nice sign,isn't it?
- A real nice sign.


A rainbow.

That is really,really
nice to wake up to.

I mean,getting a ray of
sunshine today was like--

you talk about lifting spirits,you
know,winning challenges and rewards.

Nothing beat this morning.

Look at that!I feel like we
just got off of noah's arc.

There actually is a sky out
there other than just clouds.

Can you believe it?

Look!There's blue sky out there!

I think going through a storm like this,

i think it definitely brings the tribe
together because we weathered it all together.

Now that we're out,we know we've got a
task at hand,and we're stronger than ever.

I mean,we really are.

Come on in,guys!

Galu getting your first look
at the new foa foa tribe.

Ashley voted out at
th last tribal council.

Lawyer all right,you guys ready
to get to today's challenge?


For today's challenge,one person from each
tribe will be strapped into a large sphere.

That person will then guide two blindfolded tribemates as
they push the sphere through a long course to a table maze.

The person inside the sphere will then guide
the rest of their blindfolded tribemates as

they o navigate a ball through
a table maze to the finish hole.

First tribe to get it right wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing
- Yes!

Pizza! Hot,piping pizza.

You guys have been enduring
a rot a lot of rain.

A nice,hot piecey will
go down really good,right?

- **- There's
one twist--

win or lose,both tribes
going to tribal council.

Both tribes will vote
somebody out tonight.

You'll enjoy the pizza tonight
when the winning tribe sits in

- on the losing tribe's tribal council.
- Oh,yeah,yeah.

So not only will you see what is going on in the
tribe,you will do it by enjoying pizza in front of them.

All right,galu,you have four extra
members,sitting four people out.

Who's going to sit out this challenge?


- ***
- **

You know,i feel weaker as the
days go on,but i'm the leader.

I gotta go forward.

I can't look back.

And i'm playing the game.



All right,you four take
a spot on the bench.

Everybody else,give you
a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

For foa foa,navigating in the ball
is liz,pushing,russell and jaison.

For galu,it's laura in the ball.

Russell is and erik doing the pushing.

Here we go!Survivors ready?


going.Keep going.

Galu off to a good start.


To your left!Good,good,gd.Keep
going.They're behind us.



Foa foa pushing their
ball right into erik.

They're on top of erik.

Foa foa trying to sneak out the right.

Liz does it.Foa foa now in the lead.

To your right,to your
right. To your right.

Foa foa now off course.

Galu now back in the lead.

- Forward,forward,forward!
- Laura has russell and erik doing a great job.


Galu right into the tree.

Foa foa now trying to
go around them again.

Now forward.

Side by side.

Go,straight ahead.

Straight ahead.

Foa foa now not lea lead.


Under the side,russell!

- This way?
- Russell,no,no,erik,stop.

Hold on,hold on.

One short turn.

Perfect,now bring it
home.We're almost there.

Foa foa very close.

Galu stuck.

We can't hear you!


Russell is exhausted.


One more.

- Okay,now--
foa foa.

You're good.Now you have to
orient liz so she can see.

Pull up.

Towards me!

Russ,push harder.


Okay,now,get into your position.

Liz,happy where she is.


Keep going,russ!

Galu getting very close now.

Galu has their ball in the right spot.

Erik gets crushed in the end.



Laura in a great position.

No extra orientation needed.



Hold on. Russell! Russell!

Laura trying to get
russell on the course.

He is exhausted.

Don't fall.

He has no idea where he's at right now.

Lean down.Go to your right.

Grab the handle!

Jaison,push your hands down.

Straight down.

Foa foa has a bit of a
lead on the table maze.



The ball is right in the middle.

Don't move,don't move!

Stop moving.

Russell,get off the
table.Russell,get off the table.

- .

Russell,you with me?

Hold up,hold up,hold
up.Everybody hold up.


Medi hold where you are.

Everybody hold where you are.

Hold it,hold it,galu.

Hold it right here.Hold
right where you are.


I'm good.

He-- he
was out.

He was definitely out.

Yeah,i saw that.

Russell,can you sit down for a moment?

Yeah,yeah,take russell,sit down.

Russell,you can hear come oruss.


Russell,.Russ talk to me.

Daniel,can you get the life pack.

Russell passed out during the challenge.

I mean,i saw him stumbling

And i figured it was
because he was blind fold.

I couldn't figure out
exactly what was going on.

I should have guessed he passed out.

Russ,talk to me.

Russell,you can hear me?

I'm good.Let's go. Let's go.

You passed out for a minute.

You weren't with us for a second.

Just relax and let them
do what they're doing.

Everybody,you can take
off your blindfolds.

Your blood pressure is really low,russ.

I'm going to have a
listen to your heart.

I'm cool.

I was a little winded from
pushing the ball but i'm good.

You need to relax just
for a little while,okay.

Ramona,what's the update?

His blood pressure is
even lower than mike's was.

If we stood him up now,he'd just
black out and collapse again.

Okay,here's what-- here's
what's going to happen.

I'm going to make a call right now
which is this challenge is over.

Neither tribe wins reward.

Both tribes will go to
tribal council tonight.

Both tribes will vote
somebody out tonight.

You're going to both head back to camp.

We'll stay here and monitor russell.

If he's able to return to the
game,you'll see him at tribal council.

Foa foa,grab your stuff,head on out.

Feel better,russ.

All right,galu,grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

- We'll be waiting for you,russ.
- We'll see you back there.

- Either way,we'll see you tonight at tribal council.
- Hang tough,chief.

If he comes back,i will be shocked.

I'll be happy,but i'll be shocked.

You think russ is okay?


- You don't think he's coming back?
- No.

But i'm not a doctor.I don't know.

Everyone's concerned about russell.

For russell to go down the way he did
today,it shows you how tough this game is.

No one has any experience
with this level of dehydration.

No one has any experience with the
level of malnutrition that we go through,

and a guy like russell gives you everything
he's got and more every single time,

and then he comes back and he's a
workhorse,and his body failed him today.

And it's so unfortunate.

Let's make a break for the elter.

I'm so sick of the rain.


Our leader's not here.

That's a big hit to take.

It's kind of surreal.We're kind of
not really knowing really what to do.

We're used to rallying and
saying,"give us our game plan.

" but you can't let these emotional things
distract you too much out of the game.

You have to keep your focus.

We still are playing the game.

We're still thinking about the
next person that's going to go.

But i know my heart is
really heavy for russell.

I just hope that he's okay.

- We'll try and sit him up.
- Sounds good.

All right.

I just want you to sit
up from where you are.

Just to there.Any head spins there?

A little light headed.

A little light headed.Okay.

Stay exactly like that.I'm going to take your blood
pressure again straight away and see what change we got.

Russ,are you okay?


Lie down.Come on,russ.Russ?

Are you with us.Lie down.Russell.Russ.

Talk to me.

Russ,talk to me.


Wa up,e.Wake up.

Do you remember what just happened?

His heart rate was 97 when we
sat him up and now it's 68.a.

- It dropped.
- It drop really.


Just so you're clear on what's happening is
we're going to have to pull you out of the game.

There's no question to all of us
watching,brother,that are you not okay.

Come ocome .

Russell,we've hung in there as long
as we can.Are you not doing well.

I just watched your heart rate plummet.

My family depends on
me to be the strong one.

- Is this how you want this to end?
- No,no.

It's frustrating to be pulled out of a
game you wanted to be a part of for so long.

You were in great shape.

You were the leader of a
tribe that was dominating.

There was no sign you were
going home any time soon.

You pushed and pushed and pushed
your body until your body said enough.

There's nothing about
that,that is a quitter.Nothing.

But i'm just
dehydrated.I'm not--

but you're not recovering fast enough.

You need help,and if you
don't,you're going to be worse.

Russell,i watcheddure black
out in front of me two times.

There's no way you could
have stayed in this game.

I'm going to leave you
alone and stop talking.

I feel bittersweet because
we were close to winning,

and then big russell
had his medical accident.

but when jeff said that we still had to go to
tribal council,regardless of who won the challenge,

it was surprisi surprising,and,you know,a little
upsetting because none of us want to go back there.

We were just there.





I'm packing my bag.

I'm for sure packing mine.

I have a fair sense of what's
going on.There's five ofs.

We're,again,one big pam family.

Natalie and i we looked at each other
and say it's going to be one of us.

It & it will be.

At this point we need to continue to win and it
doesn't make sense to vote out one of the guys.

My gut is i'll stick
around because i'm stronger.


Your vote is very simple tonight.

What is it?

- It's liz.
- Okay.

She and i talked about it.

And i'm-- i'm trying
my best right now.

Because you know you and liz
are the two names,of course,.

For sure.We knew that.

So-- because
i'm putting liz.

You're pitting liz.

I know i can talk mick into
putting liz no matter what.

We already talked.

We know it's pretty simple.

I'm voting for her,and
she's voting for me.



How what?


I'd like to stay if it's possible.





Every time that we come close to
something good,it kind of gets taken away.

So winning today would have
been our revenge,you know.

They would have had to watch us eat
and,you know,understand how it felt.

And we were winning.

I think what's the most disheartening
is not necessary let's losses

but the random things that keep happening every
time you think you have something good to go bad.

And,you know,i really
hope russell's okay.

That,clearly,is the primary concern.

I agree with the decision to cancel
the challenge and all that stuff.

It just-- it just kind of sucks when you
finally feel like you're getting in a groove and

going someplace,it's like,no,sorry.

Do you think we would have won that?

I think w we were winning bya lot.

I'm just wondering with all the stars
seeming to be aligned against us,

how many of us have a
shot at getting real far.

This tribe could be done by
day 21 the way we're going.

I thi it can be done.

I think it can be done.

We'll have people flip over there.

I have a feeling that shambo's going to be gunning for
me,and so i want to be sure that you have my back shh!

Don't talk!

They're all over,and
they're probably up here.


If we were going to tribal council
right now shambo is going,100%.

Here's a medium.

From day one,she's never really jelled with the
tribe,and she's been over to the other tribe.

None of us have.

So when we merge she could
very easily flop sides.

What's the skinny,baby?

About voting somebody off tonight.

I don't know,honestly,who
should go home.

I don't know.I didn't-- like,i
don't,i've gone to a separate tribal.


I thought we would
go to the merge first.

I'm asking you byes to
not write my name down.

I started the fire the
first day we were here.

Chief and i collected the 100% of the
firewood the first eight days we were here.

I have been a good competitor,honest
competitor,fair competitor.

I have not lied to anyone in this game.

The only person who wrote
it down last tribal was you.

So you're writing my name down?

I don't know who you i am
going to be writing down.

Who made fire the first eight days?

Who kept you warm and dry and safe?

Who didn't write my name down?

Everyone else in the tribe except you.

The number one reason for voting off shambo for
me is the fact she wrote my name down last time.

And you have to take your enemy out the minute you
can,and right now seems like an opportune moment.

As far as the weak girls
go,who is the weakest girl?

- Monica.
- Totally!



And i'm sorry,as much as
people like to talk shambo,

we would not have won the firring
gear and that first immunity

and started the whole
ball rolling without her.

And she poses no threat to anybody.

- Exactly.
- No threat.


Post-merge he does not have the power,the
manipulative power that a monica-laura tag team have.

Voting shambo off doesn't do
anything beneficial for any of us.

Monica needs to go for several reasons.

One,monica and laura have this
mother-daughter/sister-sister relationship.

going to be dangerous.

One of the two of them needs to go.

While we still have
a chance to get them.

Laura will be severely
weakened without monica.

And monica,i think,is the clear move because
monica doesn't help us win cllenges at all.

Is there aet move than that?

Because i can't think of any.

This is not a bad plan.

So it's me,you,brett,dave makes four.

Either coach or shambo,we
hav numbers,game over.

No one flips.

Who else out here hasn't
lied but me?No one.

Don't vote me off tonight.

Yeah,i know that about you,sham,and i know--
i know that your effort speaks for itself.

Obviously,it doesn't if you're not
telling me you're not writing my name down.

Just because i'm not telling you i'm not writing your
name down doesn't mean i'm not writing your name down.


Shambo is on a very
need-to-know base.

Us four guys,dave,brett,and john,we're pretty
good about keeping the plan within the four of us.

We're not going to be telling her
anything more than what she needs to know.

- So where are we at tonight?
- What are your thoughts?

Erik,if you were shambo,who
would you vote for tonight?

Not me.

Not you.

If i was shambo,i would
probably stay consistent.

- Who?
- Consistent.

I'd stay consistent.

Meaning who you voted for last
time is probably your best bet?

You would stay consistent.

What if you were john?

Uhm,i would facility leader.

As in shambo's the leader.


And if you were erik,who
would you vote for?

I'd vote for monica.


Who are you voting for shambo?Do
you get what this is about?

Yes,i do.

We're down with it,and that's a wrap.

- Okay,that's cool.
- Sham,you have to lock it up.

No worries.

If that's what you want
that's what you've got.

Well,this is a first.

13 people at tribal council.

All right,let me give
everybody an update.

Russell was pulled from the game.

After you guys left,the doctors continued to
monitor his blood pressure,blood pressure was steady.

Two,three minutes in,out of nowhere,his
heart rate dropped like that.

He plaqued out again,went
down on his back.

At that point there was no question
he needed to be pulled from the game.

It was the scariest moment
i've ever had on this show.

19 seasons,i have never been more
afraid in my life of how bad things were.

Russell was in terrible shape.

So the update now is that he is in
very good hands,being monitored,doinge.

There was nowad have

shbo,what's your reaction t
hein he' no longe the game?

I feel really sad that
that's how he went out

because you see this guy with this
amazing heart and spirit bigger than life.

So,i mean,it's--
it's terribly sad.

Russell,on one hand,it'sak for foa foa.

Yeah,he dwasinitely
strongest on their tribe.

But i just don't like the
fact that's how he went out.

If i was going to beat him,i
don't want to beat him like that.

Dave,what does it say about this game when you're
watching not only somebody you're on a tribe with,

but just another human being
going through this crisis?

Well,you know,it's definitely
an eye opener for me.

You get out here and it's a
whole diffenlel that ididpe .

It's been raining for days.H en't
been dry for more than an hour.

It's pretty intense,easily the hardest thing i've ever
done and i've done a couple of hard things in my life.

Erik,this has been 15 of the toughest
days i've seen any group go through.

I spent 22 hours in the bottom
of a tree trunk,and with 22 hours,

the inability to sleep,you prayed
about anything you could think of.

Are you literally praying?

I prayed to god.I prayed to samoa.

I prayed to--
i don't know.

I feel like i'm in solitary
confinement for a crime i didn't commit,

and that was not anything
that was advertised.

Shambo,what is it that keeps you
from saying,"i'm going to quit?

" i'm the 45-year-old lady
here that-- that will not quit.

And i have been like erik,shivering and
praying-- dear,god,this is shannon from renton.

,plse,please let the sun shine.


You know,it's not just the misery that
the rain brings,but it's the constant fear,

the constant torture that
it's not going to stop.

And every minute you're terrified.

Dave,first time we've had
everybody here together.

What's the status of the game riow?

,just based on number s that galu is ahead
and i don't know how their spirits are

but they haven't had quite
the sustenance that we've had,

and i know our spirits,in spite
of the rain,are pretty high.

Russell,dave thinks
galu is winning rit now.

Not so good over here at foa foa?

Attitude at foa
foa is-- is fine.

And i think they're going to be shocked in the
next couple of challenges because we can come back.

We can even up them numbers,and then
it will be a different story then.

Mick,does today's challenge,even though we didn't
finish it,feel like a moral victory for foa foa?

Yeah,absolutely.I mean,we
have to take this as a win.

We feel like at that point we were
ahead,and so we'd like to think

that it would have played
out and we would have won.

Erik,it's got to
concern you a little bit.

This group of five believes
they won today's challenge.

Well,they had a big win
a few challenges ago.

We came back.

And we brought it again.

And now today,they got a tie,and that's supposed
to make us nervous about a momentum shift?

I don't think so.

All right,let's get to
the topic of the vote.

Due to the unprecedented nature of today's
events in which,for the first time ever,

we did not complete a challenge,the
will be no tribal council vote tonight.

Nobody going home.

Galu,you're not voting anybody out.

Foa foa,you will not vote anybody out.

I'm seeing a lot of mixed reactions.

Some happy people.

And some jaws that
are hitting the floor.

Erik,is this good news?

We lost a guy today.

So whether we're voting or
not voting,we're down already.

So let's stop the bleeding at one.

Russell,you guys would be down to
four if you voted someone out tonight.

Yeah,i think it's the best news
i heard all day because right now,

us five,we're the strongest that
we've ever been this whole game.

So now tha they beat us fair and
square then we'll send somebody home.

But i believe the tables are going to
turn and i'll give 110% that it does

so i'm going to go all out.

Erik,with every comment from foa foa about
bring it,you're getting more and more forward.

I ended up-- let's do a challenge
right n that's what russell would do.

He'd be saying,"are you kidding me?

There's five of them over there
and there are eight of us over here.

" i don't know if there's
emotion in me that comes up,

but every bead of sweat he
put into anything he ever did,

we're bringing that to you.

We will bring that every
day,every challenge.

We welcome it.

Well,it is clear that the events of today have only
intensified the rivalry between these two tribes.

Foa foa believes they've got a morvictory
today,and now they can turn this game around.

And galu believing even
though we lost russell,

his spirit is still with us and we
will continue to dominate this game.

We're in store for a great finish.

There is one order of business--
galu you are now without a leader.

Somebody come grab this.

When you get back to
camp,assign a new leader.

That concludes things for tonight.

Foa foa,grab your
torches head back to camp.

Galu,grab your torches.

Head back to camp.Good night.

Being taken out of the game for medical reasons
is the worst thing i've ever felt in my life.


Plavery minute to win this game.

And toave my me is rly demoralizing.

But even though it pains me to not be in it,to
do it and fail is better than to never try.


Next time on "survivor":

at galu,the guys make
shambo one of their own.


Only trinallic drawback
is shambo is so dim

that she could screw up our plan expncht

a russell seed gets
planted in the other tribe.

What i have to do now
is work my houdini magic.

What are we going to do,go
to the final two,of two of us?

Final two.

I'm really ashamed that,you
know,i'm not in the game any more,

and i'm angry because i'm a fighter.

But at the same time,i
have to be realistic

because i have to get well because
i have an even bigger job to do,

one that i love,one
they cherish every day.

That's being a husband to
my wife and a father to my