Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 7 - Houdini Magic - full transcript

Still reeling from the loss of their leader, Galu struggles to elect a new chief. During a visit to the opposing tribe, one castaway strikes a secret deal and manages to make some new friends.


































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YTET- °îµÂÖí

season 19Episode07

Here we go again.

Day 16.

wake up,mcdreamy,let's do it.


Tribal was real nice.

When jeff said we wasn't
going to eliminate anybody,

and i knew galu just lost
big russell,man,i was stoked.

I was like we have a shot at this.

It's 5-8 now,it's pretty damn close.


Liz wasn't voted out,but it ceepped
the tribe stronger by keeping her.

I'd rather win three in a
row and then get rid of her.

It could be a new
day.The tide has turned.

- That's right.
- Starting with this one.

- I'm so excited!
- So am i.





So i was thinking about it,about it,the way we're
going to lock shambo is not only to tell her,

he,we're cool with you,but us four guys
are going to nominate shambo our new chief.

And she's going to feel so
important and so flattered,

that she'll be as deep in my pocket
as the lint at the very bottom.

You know,this tribe
does need a new leader.

I think you're the best for the job.

Okay.We've got to put
it to a vote,though.



Yeah,we need to do that.


Okay.Whoever has the most.

Okay. Ready,one.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

At the count of three
just put up the number.


So wait,how many threes?

Four threes. Four.

So that's-- four
vote for sham.

Sham's the leader.Congratulations.

I thought the way we elected
the new leader was stupid.

It went by so quickly that no one
even really realized what happened.

I don't know how shambo
got elected leader.

And they're supposed to be
sending shambo home last night.

I'm wondering if there was a vote last night,would
i have been one of the people voted f for?

I would like my first act of-- to
be one of motivation and kindness.

I,obviously,did not ask foresu guys.

My leadership style is night and
day from russ,and i will honest lie,

honestly,honestly,do my due
diligence to not be bossy

because you can't really be a sergeant
in the united states marine corps

and not have an expectation when
you say something things will happen.

I think us four guys plus using
shambo as a wedge is a good plan.

I mean,the only strategic
drawbacks i could think of is

that shambo is just so dim that she could
screw up our plans if we tell her anything.


How's everybody doing?The sun is out.


Shambo you're wearing the
leadershipship necklace.

- You're the leader are
- **

- you surprised?
- Not so much.

Just the way i was
raised,second-generation marine.

I just have to keep things
in perspective and be calm.

All right,we're going to put your
leadership skills to test today.

You guys ready to get
to today's challenge?

- ***
- ***

Today's challenge will test your memory

and will force to you make
decision between wants and needs.

Here's how it works -- scattered out in the field
there are 13 pairs of matching survival items.

One tribe member at a time will
walk out and uncover two items.

If they match,you score
a point for your tribe.

If at any point along the way,

the leader of your tribe decide they would
like to keep the items you just matched,

you can do so,but you forfeit
the point in the challenge.

To make things more difficult,four of the
items are dummy items that do not have a match.

The tribe who has the most points
at the end of challenge wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Yes,sir.

The winning tribe will leave from
here and board a beautiful sail boat.

You'll enjoy an afternoon out
on the water and a nice lunch.

In addition,the winning tribe will send one
person from their tribe to the losing tribe

to do a little spying until
the next immunity challenge.

- You guys ready to get to it?
- Yes.

Galu you're sitting out
three people this challenge.

This is a new cycle.

You can sit out whoever you wa want.

Kelly,dave,and myself will sit out.

Kelly,dave,and shambo.

You guys take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else,give you
a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

All right,shambo,since
you are the new leader

and you're not participating who do you want to
assign to make decisions for galu in this challenge?

- Erik.
- No,brett,brett,brett.

I stand corrected,brit.

Brett will be the fill-in
leader for this challenge.


Russell goes out first for foa foa
who won the rock,paper,scizzers.

That is a fire-starting kit.

That is representative of
what the real kit looks like.

It is much larger.

And rope,no match.

Galu,john heads out for his
first shot at this challenge.

John finds the cleaver.

Right next door,mosquito net.

No match for galu.

Should get interesting now.

Jaison heading out for foa foa.

A lantern and oil.

That has not been revealed anywhere else
so it's a wild guess,shot in the dark.

Fire starting kit.

No match.

I got it.

Galu,laura going out now.

Looking for that first match.

Laura finds one fire starting kit.

Jaison just uncovered one.Can
laura remember where it was?

And she does.

Laura scores the first match for galu.

As i said,that is merely representative.

This is the kit.

Everything you need to get fire
started all wrapped in a tarp.

We'll keep it.

Thank god.

Reporter: brett's
going to keep this one.

- Good job,galu.
- Good job,team.

That will keep us dry,right?

Galu scores the first match but forfeits
the point in exchange for keeping the item.

We're still at 0-0.

foa foa,head out.

Liz with her first time out on
the course would love to get lucky.

Liz finds the cleaver.

Oh,gosh,liz,come on.

Can liz remember where
the other cleaver was?


She guesses wrong,she could
reveal an item that helps galu.

Liz reveals a mosquito net.

Not a match.

Opening the door for galu.

Brett out on the course.

Wasted no time.Bless
finds the mosquito netting.

Now he's got to pair it up.

And he does.

Galu with a match.

Brett you're keeping that item
or are you keeping the point?


Galu with their first point.

Galu now leads one-zip.

We have to talk if we're going
to find out where stuff is.

Do you know where the other cleaver is.

Natalie,first time out on the course.

Foa foa needs a match.

I'm trying to decide.

You're on your own when you're out here.

You cannot get help from your tribe.

Natalie reveals a hammock.


Natalie finds a pot.

Does not match.

This challenge not as easy as it seems.

Lot of items out here.

It gets hard to remember.

John matches for galu.

Galu leads 2-zip.

Russell pairs up for foa foa.

Laura reveals rope and matching rope.

It is now 3-1.

jaison reveals hammer and nails.

No match for foa foa.

Erik has a cocky swagger.

Not a match.

Nick reveals the blanket.

Another match for foa foa.

Galu erik chooses
wrong.Brett out on the course.

- And brett matches it up.
- Yes!

For galu.Good job.

Mask,snorkel and a spear
goes along with that.

Brett i is that an item
you're considering keeping?


Everybody choosing points over items.

That reward looking good.

Galu leads 6-3.

there are only three
items left out here.

The rest are dummy items
that do not have a match.

Do the math,foa foa.

All galu needs to do is match one
more pair and they win this challenge.

Foa foa,head out.

Natalie out on the course.

Natalie finds the pot.

She'd like to match that
up,score a point for her tribe.

Let's see.

Oh,my word.

Foa foa needs to match this up.


Natalie matches up pots.

Foa foa staying in it.

It's now 6-4.

if galu matches on this
turn,they win the challenge.

Monica out on the course
and on her own now.

Monica reveals the eating utensils.

If she can match this up,galu wins.

And she does with confidence.

Galu wins reward.

Galu,under the new leadership of shambo,you
continue to do very well in this game.

Not only do you win a beautiful
reward and a nice afternoon,

you're taking back with you
a fire making kit and a tarp.

All right,shambo,you now have
another big decision to make.

You have to now send somebody
from your tribe over to foa foa,

which means they will
not go on the sailboat.

They will not have an afternoon lunch.

They will not get a break from camp.

Who are you going to
send over to foa foa?

I'm going to send laura over to foa foa

because i need to keep my guys
strong for our challenge tomorrow

and i'm not sending
myself for a third time.

Laura,how does that sound to you?

I'll take it for the team.

Now that shambo's chief,it's like
she was raised in a trailer park,

married a rich guy and now she's riding around
in a jaguar treating everybody like crap.

She sent laura over to the other tribe
and laura is one of our strongest females.

I don'i don't know if she has a strategy
or if she's just pulling it out of her ass.



Foa foa,got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff.Head back to camp.

It's just like,we
walk away losing again.

We do have a pox or hex or
some kind of curse on foa foa.

I don't know.I'm starting to get
superstitious at this point upon you know.

Nice to meet you,laura.

Hey,laura. Nice to formally meet you.

Hi,how are you?

Hi,russell. Nice to meet you. Welcome.

At foa foa camp,everybody
is really friendly.

They're doing their very best
to make me feel comfortable,

and i sincerely appreciate it.

I figured shambo would send me.


Yeah,i figured she would send me over.

It's all right.

There's definitely an undercurrent why
sham sent me over to the foa foa tribe.

I mean,clearly,she doesn't like me.

Oh,thank you!Thank you!

You want to come with me and
find some crabs after this?

Absolutely.So you have twins.

I have twin girls.

... My dad's a teacher.

I'm a theology student.

I got my degree in women's ministry.


I don't want to be a pastor.

I don't believe that's the women's role.

Anyway,i'm glad you came here,and if
you want to listen i have something

that i could bring to the table.

I'll totally listen.

I think eventually your butt's
going to be on the chopping block.

It might not be as fast as
mine but eventually is will,

but if we can get together you can protect
me at the merge and i can protect you.

You know,when it comes down to it,

i hope it's final three
because you know what i hope?

I hope it would be me,you,and
natalie in the final three.

I was happy when they decided
to send laura to our camp

because it doesn't look like we're
going to go with numbers into a merge,

so what i have to do now is
work my houdini magic on laura.

I can spot a good christian any time.

It's easy.

So i'm starting to really like you now.

Brother from another mother.

So,still working her,working her,

working her like a fine tool until
she's sharpened enough where i want her.

I swear to you,you can trust me.

What are we going to do,go to
the final two,the two of us?

Final two.

Russell came to me and was conspiring to have this
secret alliance that,clearly,nobody would ever suspect.

And,you know,that's another card that i
stick in my pocket they might want to play.

I mean,you know,it's
just food for thought.

By the way,that clue you have,you
might as well throw it away.

- There's no immunity idol.
- Did you find it.

Ben found it,didn't play
it,hit it somewhere in the camp.

Oh,my god!


The reward was phenomenal.

We're on this roboat,headed toward a pirate
ship in the middle of the islands of samoa,

and honestly i just felt like
i don't even deserve that.

What have i done in life that's so great
that deserves that kind of an opportunity?


Are we helping or are we watching?

You're doing both.Excellent.


Ya! Ya!


Haul away! Ahoy,matey!

Turn the wheel to the right.


You're like the captain of a pirate ship
ready to rob some boottlelittle wenc,

a litt grogin',a little more wenchin'.

Uh-oh,look what's coming out.Oh,baby.




They fed us this beef
stew that was delicious.

It was almost all meat and a big chunk of
handmaid bread and these amazing scones.

They were delicious.

I was vague good time,man.

This is so beautiful.

What a nice change
after 16 days of hell.

My god. Thank you,lord.


And i appreciate you not sending me.

Shambo ended up sending
laura to the other camp.

I think it just was her own little way of
saying i'm leader now,and what i say goes.

I mean,she'd never admit that.

I didn't relish the thought
of sending anybody over there.

But i'm also not going
to feel bad about it

because i think that i did
the right thing by the tribe.

I really do.

I ride a harley.

My husband and i have harleys.

That's cool.

So we ride our bikes,




i didn't get to finish.




You know,i understand we have a guest.

You know,law's come here to hang out
with us until the next immunity challenge,

but i don't really need to hear her and natalie
talking about the spiritual book of the month,

like,behind my back,and i'm trying to get
a fire started so that we can eat and drink.

Drink. I'm gog get my hands washed.

Do you need to do any iend
of laundry or anything?

It's just really infuriating
because they're not helping.

It's time to start a fire.

All they're doing is sitting there picking
their toes and,like,catching up on good times.

So it was really,really frustrating,disappointing,and
at times,rather infuriating.

This is like a crisis,and they're
talking about their faith and books.

Russell,i understand we have a guest but
they're talking about book of the month club.

Liz is so stupid.

I don't even see how she can
walk without falling down.

It's just ridiculous.

If we merge,we need
somebody on the inside,

and natalie's doing a good job
talking to laura around the camp.

So i have to keep
natalie for my little toy.

You know,she has to be there for me
so i can manipulate her hitting mind

and do what i want her to do.

When it comes to this game,you
better be street smart,

and liz has a mouth on her and i
don't think she knows when to shut up

so i'm going to keep my eye on her.


All right,laura.You can now rejoin galu.

Galu is back intact.

Are you guys ready to
get to today's challenge?


First things first,brett,take
back immunity.

Thank you.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,both tribes will paddle
out to retrieve fish-shaped puzzle pieces.

Once you've collected all six sets,

you'll then paddle back where three tribe
members will use those pieces to solve a puzzle.

First tribe to get it
right wins immunity.

Safe from the vote.

council,somebody going home.

Galu,last challenge it was galu,last challenge
it was shambo,kelly,and dave ball who sat out.

So you three have to participate.

Who are going to be
the sit-outs,shambo?

It's going to be john,monica,and laura.

All right,before you go,though,mick,where's
the leadership necklace?

Well,we left it back,actually.

We were halfway wondering
if maybe it was bad luck.

But you still have a leader.


All right.As long as you have a
leader,the necklace is merely symbolic.

We will see if that is the difference.

a spot on the bench.

Everybody else,give you a minute
to strategize,we'll get started.

Here we go.

Galu,hoping to continue their dominance.

Foa foa,hoping that
necklace was,indeed,bad luck.

Survivors ready?


Three people paddling.

Two people fishing.

Hop in.

Foa foa using the height of
jaison to push their boat.

Foa foa starting to pull away.

Hop out.Guide us,guide us!

Falou now trying to get in the water
trying to push their boat as well.

Natalie has one for foa foa.

Here you go,here you go.

Right there. Bring it to you.

Dave ball has the first one for galu.

- Right here.
- Come on,liz.

There you go. Pull it up.

Liz has one for foa foa.

Foa foa moving on to the second station.

Come on.Come on.

Nice job.

Liz hooks the third set of
puzzle pieces for foa foa.

There you go.

Natalie has the fourth set.

Foa foa off to an early lead.

Come on,dave,you can do it.


You got it right here,dave.

Dave has the second set for galu.

I got it,i got it!You
just push,you just push!

Set.Foa foa ha set left.

All right to concentrate
i need silence,please.

You can do it,dave.

Be quiet!

Come on,baby,i gottia.

Dave has the third set,kelly
has the fourth set for galu.

Liz and natalie circling that
last set of puzzle pieces.

- That last string of puzzle pieces.
- Get it!

Liz has the last string of
puzzle pieces for foa foa.


Start heading back.

- ***
- What?

Kelly has the fifth set for galu.

Right here,babe.

Dave has the sixth set for galu.

Galu now heading back.

All right,galu!

Foa foa has one paddler
and two swimmers.

Galu trying to push their boat as well.

A lot more work to swim it
to be it is to paddle it.

Brett,get in the boat now.

Galu now getting in
boat. Everybody paddling.

Paddle forward. Paddle!

Galu now using all their padders
are and they are gaining on foa foa.



Foa foa getting it done without jaison.

Foa foa's hooked
in.Get back to your mat.

Galu's hooked in.

Get back to your matt.

Come on.

You can start working on the puzzle any
time you like while other people untie.

Liz working on the puzzle for foa foa.

the puzzle for galu.

Jaison,mick,and liz
working it for foa foa.

They're going to make a line.



I have to talk to somebody,all right.

Stop shhing me.

Look for the patterns.

Look for something to make sense of it.




Jaison frustrated.

You can't give up.

Every single inch of this
may not be filled with fish.

There may be gaps in this puzzle.

That may be part of the pattern.

Okay,we've got a pattern.


Foa foa thinks they're on to it.

- **
- ***

Galu starting to get a pattern going.

Follow that pattern.


If you've got it,follow it.

Here you go,good job.

Galu starting to pull away now.

Jaison,liz,and mick
struggling to keep in this.

Galu thinks they have it.

Galu wins immunity!

Right on!

Galu,once again immunity is yours.

Well,mick,it looks like
it wasn't the necklace.

You had the pattern.

I think before they did.

We just couldn't get the pieces
together quick enough to get it.

It's frustrating.

All right,foa foa,once again tribal council
tonight where one of the five of you are going home.

Imrab your stuff.Head back to camp.

These idiots are probably going
to cost me a million dollars.

I planned on having a lot of
fun with the money,a lot of fun.

Maybe we need to get rid of jaison
because he gave up out there.

he's just standing there
looking at the puzzle

like it's going to at the puzzle
like it's going to move itself.

We have to mix something up so ***

this whole time i want to
get rid of liz,get rid of liz.

But you know what?

Jaison gave up when we
were pushing the boat

and he was so tired he couldn't
even get up there and do a puzzle.

It's amazing to me that he can't,you
know,get these puzzles down.

I don't know.

He's sure not going to be my attorney.

How in the world are they
beating us in puzzles,mick?

I don't know.

Jaison and you went to medical
school,jaison when to oxford,staniford.

I know.I can't complain it,my friend.



You know like when you lose so
much all you want to do is go into--

crawl into a whole fetal position.

That's how i feel.

I'm embarrassed is really what i am.

Quite embarrassed.

I don't get it.We were ahead,too.

I just don't know what-- how
we-- why we always lose our lead.


I have not idea what's going
to happen in this vote tonight.

I did not perform well in
the puzzle,i don't think.

I couldn't get with the program.

I kind of felt like dead weight for the team
so for all i know,they could be voting me out.

As far as the puzzle,i couldn't figure
that thing out to save my life today.

I'm trying to conscience
trait on putting it behind me.

Hope tomorrow's a brighter day.


Okay,these are the two optiones.

Now,i've been thinking about this.


- I know.
- Now listen.

- **
- **




With tonight's tribal council,my
survivor stock has gone up

because i certainly thought the
vote would be between me and natalie,

just because we're physically,you
know,smaller,weaker,than the three guys.

But i guess strategically,it may
make more sense for jaison to go

and i'm actually quite thrilled because
i never would have anticipated that.

You know,i've got a decision to make.

It's going to have to
be either liz or jaison.

The thing is,with liz,i don't know if
we can trust her once the merge hams.

But the thing is with jaison,i
still think i can trust the guy,

but,you know,we still got to
think about winning in challenges.

We're losing.With the team we have.

We've got to find some way to win.

Something has to give.

Well,there's no use going
over the dismal facts,

losing eight out of 10 challenges
or the fact that after tonight

you'll be down to four members
while galu holds strong at eight.

One of the worst overall performances
of any tribe in the history game.

Natalie,what i want to know is,where
is the attitude on this tribe?

- Still hanging in there?
- Absolutely.

It doesn't do any good to get negative,

so we have to go in to any
challenge with our heads up

because if we don't,then we're done.


Russell,do you still wake up every
morning and think,today's the day?

Yup,every morning.

All we really can do is hope for
the merge because they outplayed out.

They're outlasting us.

But one thing i promise you,them kids over
there,there's no way in hell they can outwit me.

Liz,if you get to a merge,do
you trust these guys?

Absolutely.There's no doubt.

After all these tribal councils,i absolutely trust
each and every one of these people up here with me 100%.

Mick,any doubt in your mind about the
trustworthiness of this group of people?


The performance aspect we
haven't got a break,obviously.

But there's still a
social game to be played,

and that trust is at the absolute core
of our survival,and we all know that.

So,russell,being this tight,it's got to
be hard to vote somebody out again tonight.

It is very hard.

You know,five people
down to four people.

It almost seems hopeless,but if we
can just keep that four together,

then you'll see,you'll see exactly,the
whole thing is going to change.

Jaison,since we got here,you've
been like this all night.

Occasionally popping your head up.

What's the hardest
part about this for you?

I am frustrated with losing,is
really what i'm frustrated about.

And i actually do feel like i have some
large responsibility in these losses.

You know,today in the puzzle,you know,

i feel like mick did a really good
job figuring out what the pattern was.

I think liz had the pattern going
but i just couldn't figure out

how to see the pattern at my end,

so i don't feel like i performed
at a level at which i should have.

So if you're voted out tonight based
on today's performance,would it be fair?

If they decide that,you know,my
performance today warrants me to walk away,

i hope that is what is necessary
for them to win tomorrow.

All right,it is time to vote.

Mick,you're up.

This is totally strategic
and i can not at all personal.


I'll go tally the once the votes

are read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,jaison.


One vote jaison,one vote liz.


That's two votes liz,one vote jaison.

Sixth person voted out of "survivor,"

liz,that's three.That's enough
pup need to bring me your torch.

Good luck,guys.

Liz,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,you haven't been very
successful at challenges,

but you're getting
really good at blindsides.

Grab your torches,head
back to camp. Good night.
YTET- °îµÂÖí

Next time on "survivor":


all of a sudden,all hell breaks loose.


Laura is the only name
we are writing down.

- ***It's erik 100%.

I have to do what i have to do.

Things are going to get
crazy out here tomorrow.

This experience was nothing but intense.

My tribemates outwitted me.

It was a very strategic move,

and the tails turned so quickly
that,you know,it's a little