Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 15 - This Game Ain't Over - full transcript

A shocking new deal is struck even as the remaining castaways face the last two immunity challenges in the game.

>> JEFF PROBST: By the end of

tonight, one of these five will

win the title of sole survivor

and the million dollars that

comes with it.

There's only one thing standing

in the way of the Foa Foa

foursome making it all the way

to the final four, and his name

is Brett.

But out of all the castaways

that started this journey, how

did it come down to these five?

Russell had a strategy from the

very beginning.

>> I think if I can control how

they feel, I can control how

they think.

>> PROBST: Because of Russell,

the Foa Foa tribe turned on

each other.

>> Somebody drank my whole


>> There's no more water.

>> We gotta fill the canteens.

>> Would you just relax?

>> Use a little common sense.

>> PROBST: The turmoil allowed

Russell to manipulate his


>> She's going first.

>> PROBST: ...and take out

anyone he wanted.

>> They my little puppets.

When I'm finished with them, I

just throw them in the trash.

>> PROBST: Galu wins immunity!

But it also might have

contributed to Foa Foa's

spectacular failure

at challenges; they lost

almost every one.

>> We do have a pox or a hex or

some kind of curse on Foa Foa.

>> PROBST: But as their numbers

rapidly dwindled, a tight-knit

group of four emerged.

Natalie, the quote, unquote

nice girl.

Most people didn't think she

would last a day, let alone a

a month.

>> She came into this game the

Southern belle.

I think she's changed a lot.

>> PROBST: Jaison, the social

conscience of the tribe, a

Fulbright scholar who stands up

for what he believes in.

>> If what you're telling me is

that what you said had

absolutely no racial context,

then maybe you are ignorant.

>> PROBST: Mick, who was

initially selected as tribe

leader but couldn't rally them

to victory.

Mick with a great shot.

Mick is the new mark to beat.

However, lately he has proved

that he can win individual


Mick safe at tonight's Tribal


This diverse group has one

thing in common; they all take

their cues from Russell.

>> He is the most powerful

player in this game.

(thunder crashing)

>> PROBST: While the Foa Foa

tribe struggled,

the Galu tribe...

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: sat back and laughed.

(all laughing)

>> They are in trouble.

After I'm finish this,

I'll take the whole team

by myself.

>> Russell get off the table.

>> PROBST: But when they lost

their charismatic leader...


to a medical emergency...

>> Lie him down.

>> PROBST: ...they lost the glue

that held them together.

Unfortunately for them, they

didn't realize it.

Galu entered the merge with a

staggering 8-to-4 advantage...

(cheers and applause)

>> PROBST: ...confident they

would devour the opposition.

>> Unless something goes wrong,

Foa Foa doesn't matter,

simple as that.

>> PROBST: But Natalie shocked

everyone by making the first


>> (whispers) I don't

trust Erik.

>> PROBST: She convinced the

old Galu to take out one of

their strongest players.

Time for you to go.

Then it was Russell's turn to

make a move.

He scoured the camp and found a

hidden immunity idol...

>> That easy.

>> PROBST: ...and played it to

take out another Galu.

Kelly, the tribe has spoken.

He also turned a disgruntled

Shambo against her tribe...

>> I trust Russell implicitly

more than anybody in this game.

>> PROBST: ...which provided the

old Foa Foa with the numbers to

take out four more of the old

Galu in a row.

>> Stupid, stupid little girl.

Bad strategy.

>> PROBST: By day 35, the Foa

Foa turnaround was

almost complete.

>> It is done.

They say don't get confident in

this game.

You know what?

I'm confident as hell.

>> PROBST: But while Russell was

congratulating himself on his

clean sweep of the old Galu,

Brett, who had been virtually

unheard of during the entire

game, came out of nowhere to

win challenges...

Brett wins individual immunity!

...and keep the memory of Galu's

past glories alive.

Once again, Brett is safe at

Tribal Council, guaranteed a

spot in the final five.

>> I worked too damn hard for

some kid to come here and start

working, and day 33-- you

know, what strategy did he do

that worked for him?

Absolutely nothing.

>> PROBST: In order to beat

Brett, the Foa Foa four decided

they needed the youngest and

strongest players to stay in

the game, so they were forced

to vote off Shambo.

With Brett's former tribe making

up the entire jury and Russell

looming as a threat to his own

allies, the real battle

starts now.

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>> We have tree mail.


>> We don't have to get up.

>> I'll read to y'all in bed.

"37 days you've survived this

"game, a victory guarantees

"one more.

"Use balance, speed and

"patience to fight to the

final four."

>> Uh-oh.

I have so little energy and

diarrhea all night.

I was, like, "Just don't let me

get killed."

>> Everybody here is sleeping,

napping, complaining and

bitching, you know, I came

here focused.

I came here knowing I was going

to suffer.

But you know what? Get over it.

Get up and do something.

Get ready for this challenge.

We have to get rid of Brett.

It's a shame that I'm set up

with these bunch of misfits

because I should be here

with superstars.

>> I'm just ready to get out of

here more than anything else.

My stomach hurts.

Just try to get through two

days and go home.

>> Two more nights, man,

that's it.

>> Yeah.

>> Two more nights here.

>> As far as I'm concerned,

everything's cool.

So I'm not second-guessing what

we got going on.

If you know what I mean.

>> Yeah.

I think Russell will have a hard

time voting her off.

>> I think Russell will have an

easier time doing a lot of

things than you think.

None of us really have a chance

as long as Brett's here, so we

got to keep going after him.

>> Hopefully, one of us will

pull this thing off.

>> I agree.

Brett shouldn't be here

right now.

You know, this guy has got

some skills.

I think he can make a run.

And now this guy is going on an

immunity run like we've

never seen.

(thunder rumbling)

>> Look what's happening now.

>> I was worried.

>> You know what's gonna

happen if he wins the next one?

I ain't gonna be there

to save you.


>> But how would I be next,


Why would I be next?

>> Because the three guys state

to beat him on the last


>> Okay.

So we got to just...

>> Well, that sucks.

>> Well, we just got to win.

He's not some freakin' athlete


>> Well, I would love to go to

the final three and...

>> Yeah, I know.

We just have...

I don't know what's gonna


We could possibly beat him, and

then it's back to the

normal plan.

>> If not, though, you think

I'm going?

>> Probably so.

>> You know, my whole goal

coming into this game was to

play the underdog, be

underestimated and just kind of

slide through, which is what

I've done, and it's gotten me

this far.

>> We all know what has

to happen.

Sometimes you got to go for it.

That's what I'm gonna do.

>> You know, Russell and I had

always planned to be in the

top, but unfortunately, they

want to beat Brett so bad at

the next immunity challenge

that, you know, there's

honestly, probably no way that I

could beat Brett.

>> We just got to win this one.

>> Yeah.

>> If we don't beat him, we

don't have a shot.

I'm talking about, you know,

the dog in the corner.

It looks like we've got four of

them in the corner now.

You know, Brett's won two

individual immunities.

He could possibly win the last

two, but what's two immunities?

If Jaison could win two in a

row, anybody can win two

in a row.

That means absolutely nothing

to me.

Let's see if a 21-year-old can

outdo me when it comes to pain.

So you're telling me he's all

of a sudden superman 'cause he

wins two?

He, he's not some superstar

to me.

You start thinking that, you

start getting weak in the mind,

thinking you can't beat him,

like you're stepping into the

ring with Mike Tyson.

He's no Mike Tyson.

He's Brett.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Final five:

Natalie, Russell, Brett,

wearing immunity...

Mick and Jaison.

Russell, as we go into this

challenge, is it still the Foa

Foa four against the one

remaining guy in purple?

>> Yes, it is.

That's what it is.

>> PROBST: Brett, does that

energize you or make you feel

like you've got to watch your

back everywhere?

>> This is an individual

competition, so it's definitely

a motivator to know that I have

four people with the sole goal

of just beating me, so, yeah,

it's definitely a motivator

for me.

>> PROBST: Well, you've had it

two times in a row around

your neck.

Let's see if you can do it a

third time.

I will take it back, Brett...

...because once again, immunity

is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will

race across a series of

obstacles, grab a bag of puzzle

pieces, and race back.

You must then climb a very

steep wall to a platform and

use those pieces to solve

a puzzle.

First person to get it right

wins immunity and is guaranteed

a one-in-four shot at winning a

million bucks.

We know what's up; four Foa

Foa taking on one former Galu.

Shall we get to it?

>> Yes.

>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: We'll draw for spots,

we'll get started.

Here we go for immunity and a

guaranteed spot in the final


Survivors ready?


Jaison takes a hard fall in the

net run.

Mick falls off.

Got to get back up on.

Natalie's across.

Jaison is across.

Brett is across.

And Mick is across.

Russell heading back.

Jaison's heading back.

Everybody heading back.

Russell cruising across the

balance beam.

Russell scales that wall.

Jaison right behind.

Brett's still in it.

Everybody climbing up the wall.

Everybody is in this challenge.

Russell has his pieces open


Mick right behind.

Brett now has his pieces untied.

Five people vying for a shot at

the final four.

That much closer to a million


The stakes are very clear for


He has four people working to

beat him.

Brett making quick work of his


Mick now getting in on it.

His puzzle starting to come


Russell starting to come


Natalie starting to come


Everybody needs to keep moving.

Somebody going home tonight.

Jaison, nowhere close at this


37 days is a long time to lose


Russell getting a little closer.

Mick getting closer.

Right now it is Brett, Russell,

and Mick.

You need to keep moving.

This challenge is going to end


Russell trying to pick up the


Brett very close.

Brett with only a couple of

pieces left.

Russell trying to scramble.

Mick hustling to finish.

Brett has it!

Brett wins immunity!

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: Brett, come on over.

For the third time in a row,

Brett wins individual immunity.

Odds clearly stacked against

you, you continue to defy them.

Brett is safe at tonight's

Tribal Council.

One of the original Foa Foa

four going home after 37 days.

I don't envy this afternoon.

It's going to be an interesting


Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

I will see you at Tribal.


>> Thanks.

If I didn't win immunity I

know I was going home.

I've been trying for some time

to get the Foa Foa tribe on the

jury, and tonight, at Tribal

will be the first time that

that's happened.

To finally see a Foa Foa member

go home will be relieving.

>> It is absolutely the worst

feeling to have to go to Tribal

Council tonight.

All four of us Foa Foa have

been so tight, loyal, and

trustworthy to this point.

We have no other Galu to

pick off.

I mean, Brett won immunity.

There is no other option.

A Foa Foa has to go home and I

definitely feel like my head's

on the chopping block, clearly,

because I'm the weakest one.

I'm just... I'm hanging by

a thread.

So what's the plan?

I'm sure they want me.

>> Yeah...

I'm gonna change it.

>> Promise me?

>> Yeah, I promise you.

>> I've trusted you only from

the first day, so...

>> If it was you, I'd tell you

right now.

>> I know.

Just like I told you earlier,

it might be.

>> I'm trying to keep Natalie

because she's holding on my


Who better to take to the final

two than her?

There's no way she can beat me

in votes?

'Cause the next challenge, I

think I'll take the next one.

He's a kid, so he's going to

give it all he's got, but you

know what?

All backs are up against the

wall now.

>> This is the hard part,

sitting here waiting for Tribal


Just going to go through the

motions and do what we can do


And move on to tomorrow.

>> Yup.

You guys know what you're doing

or up in the air?

>> You know, you always think

you know what you're doing but

you never actually know what's

going to happen, you know.

>> Yup.

>> So...

>> Oh!

>> What's going on, man?

>> I'm tired.

>> A couple of days left.

>> Jaison checked out of this

game a long time ago, and the

weakest link right now is

Jaison, even over Natalie.

She's stronger than him.

So the question is now Mick or


It's a good thing about keeping

Jaison is he can't beat me in

the votes.

The bad thing about keeping

Jaison is he can't beat Brett

in the challenge.

The good thing about keeping

Mick is he can possibly beat

Brett in the challenge.

The bad thing about keeping

Mick is Mick might beat me in

jury votes.

One of us is going home.

>> Yeah, well, I mean, yeah--

>> The only way me and you can

stay in the final three is

to keep Natalie.

We're gonna have to get rid of

of Mick.

>> I agree.

We'll get rid of Mick and then

take another shot at Brett.

>> Right.

>> Yeah.

Russell and I have a very long

history of working together.

From, I think, day two we

decided we were going to have an

alliance and go to the finals

together and I think it's

just grown exponentially over

the last 37 days and I think

Russell and I trust each other

enough that we are comfortable.

When I say this, I mean it.

When he says that, he means it.

And so I really do think it will

be myself and Russell and

somebody else in the finals on

day 39.

>> This is how it's going to go.

I mean, it's going to be Jaison

leaves tonight.

That gives us a shot to beat


We cannot beat him for the

million dollars.

Jaison can't beat him in


>> The plan is that it be

Jaison tonight.

I wish he could stay around,

but Natalie's head's much more

in the game than Jaison's.

He shows up, but he's not

really into it at all.

>> If you agree with me on

that, we're cool.

>> I agree with you on that.

>> We'll go to the final three.

I promise you, we're going to

the final three.

>> All right.

I like it.

Russell and I had a pact from

the very beginning that it

would be us in the final three.

And the fact that that's

actually on the horizon is a

little shocking.

>> All right.

>> Okay, done.

>> I'm going to go look

this way.

You know, I told Mick to vote

Jaison, Jaison to vote Mick.

So you know, It's up to me and

Natalie if Mick goes home or

if Jaison goes home.

We're the ones making the


Well, let's discuss Mick or


>> There are pros and cons to


>> So why do you think Jaison

should go tonight?

>> He hasn't been feeling well

the last couple of days.

He's had nothing to drink.

>> Why should we vote off Mick?

>> Voting off Mick would ensure

that he'd be gone tonight, then

tomorrow if we win immunity,

then it's just me, you, and

Jaison in the top three and we

have a better chance.

>> I could keep Mick.

I could keep Jaison.

They both have goods and bads.

So now I'm weighing it.

What in the world am I supposed

to do?

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury.







And Shambo, voted out at the

last Tribal Council.

All right, well, after seven

straight Tribal Councils in

which former Galu members were

voted out, finally, it comes

down to this-- one of the

former Foa Foa members is going

home tonight.

Jaison, when did the reality

really hit you that there was

nowhere to hide?

>> Probably when I heard "Brett

wins immunity."

I mean, who thought he was

going to win three in a row?

You know, I came into this

challenge figuring it had to be

one of our times to take that

necklace back to move forward

with the four of us.

But clearly, that didn't happen.

>> PROBST: So, Natalie, it seems

like there would be two very

different approaches to

tonight's vote.

>> Absolutely.

I mean, if we don't beat Brett,

clearly, he's going to get

every single vote on the jury.

So do we keep the strongest

people that could possibly beat


The other thought is, do I keep

someone that I think I can beat

in front of the jury?

>> PROBST: Jaison, I'm guessing

the real dilemma is if I keep

the right people and we beat

Brett, but I keep the wrong

people because I can't beat the

guys I kept.

>> Yeah.

And I think it's especially

difficult because there are two

or three people up here who

could command a lot of the jury

votes, so maybe it is better

just to try and take out the

next strongest competitor for

the jury, and see if we can get

lucky and get Brett next time.

>> PROBST: Mick, who would have

guessed with only five people

left there would be so many

different layers of decision

making happening?

>> My mindset has been Brett in

front of the jury equals a

million bucks.

So it makes sense to keep

people that can beat him at

this last immunity.

>> PROBST: Your argument is all

hands on deck, got to take out


>> Right.

>> PROBST: Jaison says all

hands on deck could ultimately

backfire because I still want

to win.

Why would that make sense?

>> You're putting a lot more

pressure on yourself in saying I

think I can beat Brett.

And so far, it just hasn't

happened, man.

None of these old guys up here

has been able to take the kid


>> PROBST: Brett, up until now,

have you been sandbagging it

waiting to turn on the


>> I think the past few

challenges have just coincided

with certain skills that I have

and having really nothing to

lose is a different frame of

mind that I have that these

people don't necessarily have.

>> PROBST: Brett, what was it

like for you at camp today?

You got nothing to worry about.

These four had to be


>> Yeah, but I think I'd rather

have the stress that they have.

I mean, you can't bank on

winning immunity challenges

forever to stay in this game.

Most of the time, you kind of

need that social component so

when you don't win, you

know, someone has your back and

they can take you to end.

>> PROBST: Russell, a little

surprised that Brett would

actually prefer to be where you

guys are now?

>> Yeah, because how hard is it

to beat Foa Foa, really, you


We won one immunity challenge.

He wins three in a row...


You know, we're still getting

beat by Galu, but only one of

them is here.

>> PROBST: Jaison, would you

gladly switch with Brett and

take the necklace tonight?

>> Yeah. Who wouldn't want the

odds that he has right now.

He just has to win one more

challenge, and there might be

two of us in the finals, but if

he got there, he'd definitely

have the upper hand.

>> PROBST: The reason I'm

bringing it up is we're at the

point in the game where how you

play the game is going to impact

the jury.

Brett, it's one thing to get to

the end.

It's another to have earned the

spot in the end.

>> Yeah, I've won three

challenges in a row which is

great, but it don't mean

anything unless I can win the

next one.

So you got to stay humble in

this game and not feel too

strong in my own abilities to

potentially screw that up.

>> PROBST: All right, let's get

to the vote.

Brett, I got to tell you, when

Tribal Council started, I

wasn't even going to bother

asking, but in light of your

comments, is there somebody

you want to give that necklace

to so you can switch spots?

>> No, I'm going to keep it.

>> PROBST: All right, you

cannot vote for Brett.

Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Mick, you're up.

>> This sucks.

I hate doing this, but I kind

of feel like you checked out a

long time ago.


>> Sorry, buddy, this was a

tough one.

>> I hate that I have to do

this, but I got to keep to my

strategic play, and this is

the best move for me to win the


>> PROBST: I'll go tally

the votes.

Once the votes are read the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Mick.


One vote Mick, one vote Jaison.


Two votes Jaison, one vote Mick.

14th person voted out and the

eighth member of our jury,


There's three.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Jaison, the tribe has spoken.

Congratulations on making it

to the final four.

Tomorrow you will compete in

your final immunity challenge.

Try to get a good night's sleep.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> I'm kind of pissed off at

Russell for blindsiding me.

For a relationship that you had

since day two you at least let

the guy know he's going home.

So I don't think I'd be

cheering for Russell in this


I would root for Brett.

Brett is the underdog.

He is who we were.

We came from nothing to be

something and he did pretty

much the same thing on his own

to win three straight, maybe

four straight.

>> Final four.

>> Thank you, Lord.

>> So few torches.

It's weird.

>> Yes.

>> It's definitely a miracle

for me to still be here as day

37 ends, and there are three

Foa Foas in the final four.

>> Yes. Congratulations.

>> Good work, bro.

>> Final four.

>> Final four.

>> Final Foa.

>> This is something I didn't

really imagine.

As I look towards the next

Tribal Council, you know, I

really feel like my fate is in

my own hands.

As of right now, the only thing

I'm banking on is really

winning another immunity

challenge because if I don't

win I'm probably going to be

the next person to go home.

>> Me and you is in the

top three.

Do you think you can beat me?

>> What?

>> If you win the last immunity

idol, me and you is in the top

three, do you think you can

beat me?

>> I don't know.

>> Do you think it would be a


>> It would be a...

I think it would be pretty


>> Brett won immunity.

That means he could possibly

win four immunity challenges in

a row.

That's a humungous threat.

Of the people that's here, if I

went to the final three, and I

got to choose, dude, I'm here

who deserves it more.

Trust me.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm here to win the game.

They should have three at the

top that deserve it the most.

>> I'd rather go up against

someone that's harder to beat

and lose than to, like, put

myself in a position where I go

up against people that are

easier to beat and win.

>> What I can promise you is me

and you will be in the top


Have a seat, man.

>> Yeah.

>> So if you win it, then

you're safe, of course.

If I win it I'll take you to

top three.

If we win top three, we have no


I'm going to do it straight up

with you.


>> Deal.

>> Top three.

>> Legitimate.

>> I'm real on this.

>> I'm real, too.

>> Okay.

>> This is a big one.

>> You got to have some kind of

insurance policy in this game.

If he keeps winning, I got to

save myself.

Number one, uno, here.

I take care of me.

I don't take care of nobody

else this game.

So I'm sitting pretty right now.

I have a one-two spot with

every single person out here

right now, Natalie, Brett, and


It looks like I'm going to be

in the top three no matter what.

>> Ooh, it's a big one.

>> If I win this challenge

today, I'm 100% positive that

the game is mine.

I won the million dollars.

You know, it's a very

interesting situation to be in,

but I love it.

This is how I want it to be.

>> Tree mail!

Got a little note for you all.

All right.

"Congratulations, final four.

You are almost at the end of

the line.

Follow the map to the cliffs on

the coast.

There you will find the torches

of your fallen comrades.

At each torch, you will collect

a representative mask of those

who were voted out before you.

At the end of your journey, you

will burn them, paying your

respects as they each had a

part in getting you to this


You will then proceed to your

final immunity challenge."

Each person that has been voted

out has played some role in how

I got where I am right now.

I mean, you know, every Tribal

Council I look at the jury, and

I see all the people that I

trusted, and so, you know, I'm

really fighting for them.

I'm fighting for the Galu tribe

that flourished in the first

half of this game and

floundered in the second half.

So it's definitely the

motivation for me to keep

pushing, to keep fighting, and

let the purple win.

>> Marisa.

>> Marisa!

>> Marisa!

>> I really believe if I

wouldn't have got rid of her

first, I wouldn't be here today.

>> The men in my tribe really

came gunning for me.

They were really scared of

having any strong women on

their tribe and I was the

strongest woman on our tribe,


And so I learned a great deal

about myself.

Being a strong woman is way

more important than getting any

kind of validation from a man.

>> Mike Borassi.

>> Wow.

>> This is one of the most

headstrong competitors I think

on Foa Foa.

He wasn't going to hear "no."

>> You know, he didn't even get

to play the game.

That's what sad about that.

>> Yeah.

>> I underestimated the

conditions and how severe it

can get.

It's a thousand times harder

than I thought it would be.

But I not only held my own.

I made them respect me, and

that's the whole thing.

You never give up, and you go

down swinging.

>> Oh, Betsy.

>> The only thing that I didn't

like is she told me was,

"Russell, you're playing this

game too hard."

You know what?

If you only play it 50%, even

starting at day one, this is

where you end up.

>> I think being here rekindled

the desire to push myself to

the limits that I lost before I

had kids.

So now I tapped into that, and

I feel like a breath of fresh


>> Ben.

>> Oh, Ben.

>> I think he had no idea how

to play it socially.

>> Right.

>> None.

>> I wasn't sorry to see him go.

>> I think I'm a little


I was very brutally honest with


People can't handle that.

They don't want to hear about


They don't want to hear the

truth because the truth hurts.

I'm truthful with myself.

I know myself.

And if the survival aspect of

this game was just survival, I

would kill all these people.

Our girl, Yas!

>> Yasmin!

>> That girl is just such a--

such a character, such a


>> At the end of the day, the

girl from the 'hood did do

pretty good.

I learned to keep trusting


That is something I will

continue to do and I also

learned one other thing, I

won't be going camping.


>> Ashley.

>> She was my little sister.

I loved her.

>> My strategy was to make a

really strong alliance, and it

didn't work.

I got played.

Russell made an alliance with

every single person, and he's a


And he called the shots.

If he wanted you out, you were


>> Big Russ, the heart and soul

to the Galu tribe.

You guys don't know.

This is the man that propelled

us to so many victories.

>> Tenacious.

That guy was tenacious in


I mean, we hated to see him go,

but stoked to see him go as


>> Being taken out of the game

for medical reasons is the most

demoralizing thing I've ever


I believe a man is supposed to

provide for his family.

I was going to win that million


But for my wife and my

daughter, knowing that they're

there waiting on me to come

home, if it wasn't for them, I

would have rather died that day.

>> Liz.

>> She was physical.

Let me tell you.

>> She was.

>> She was a rock star,

for sure.

>> I would never have

characterized myself as

somebody who was patient before.

And now I have known the

depths of patience.

You know, when you go without

food and you go without a lot

of the creature comforts that

you're used to, you have

nothing but patience.

>> Erik.

All the big moves we made in

this game, Foa Foa, Galu made

the first big move for us.

>> Fierce competitor.

>> Fierce, fierce competitor.

>> He was.

>> Almost psycho?

(all laugh)

>> I experienced betrayal, but

the most perfect thing happened;

I was betrayed so that I could

leave indicators for that


Voting me out was the downfall

of Galu.

And so I am completely content

with how things ended up.

>> Oh, Kelly!

>> Kel dawg, my homegirl.

>> The funny thing is, in this

game, I feel like the men are

always terrified of the women,

which totally makes sense now,

so I got sent home.

Definitely had a lot of fight

left in me for the game.

I could have done it.

>> Little Laura.

>> Such a strong competitor.

>> I was clearly, like, one of

the oldest people that was

out there.

You know what?

You still can't beat me.

I mean, even at my age, even

being a grandma, I'm totally

re-stereotyping the grandma.

You can't beat this grandma.

>> There's John.

He tried to make a move with

me, along with me and Shambo.

For some reason, he thought I

was telling him the truth.

>> Being part of a highly

effective team is something

that I'm used to.

But your ability to connect

with idiots who can't process

things properly is a large part

of what this comes down to.

It's like you only have so much

control over the way people

do things.

But I don't think I had a

better move than what I did.

>> Danger Dave Ball.

>> Danger Dave.

>> Danger Dave Ball.

>> What a man.

>> Hilarious.

>> I'm not really the easiest

person to grasp.

I'm not the easiest person to

get along with.

I can be a jerk...

but I can also be fairly warm

and compassionate.

I would like to be, you know,

appreciated and accepted for

who I am, but I've kind of

learned to be okay with being


>> Monica!

>> You know, I got to be honest

with you guys, I think Monica

was the fakest person here.

>> Well...

>> I think she wanted

to go out...

>> ...with a bang.

>> a fight.

>> With a bang, yeah.

>> And that girl is

a firecracker.

>> She was a firecracker.

>> I give that girl much credit.

>> You gear up for these


I mean, I look around me and I

see a lot of these really well-

apt competitors and that fear of

failure is so dark and

it's scary.

And then you come to a point

where you're, like,

"You know what?

"I'm gonna do this for myself,

"and I'm gonna put it all

out there."

And that is in itself is

winning a million dollars.

>> Shambo!

>> Shambo!

>> You guys give this girl

much prop.

>> Definitely.

>> Without her you guys would

not be standing here.

>> We would not be here if it

weren't for Shambo.

>> That is for darn sure.

>> I was alienated, shunned,

disrespected, and the funny

thing is, in my entire life, I

have been the uplifter of the

the underdog.

So to be the one that was the

victim was just a bizarre

eye-opening experience.

It doesn't hurt my self-esteem.

It makes me incredibly proud

and happy that God made me the

person that I am.

Lift people up...

don't tear 'em down.

>> The last fallen survivor...

>> ALL: Jaison.

>> Jaison-- a great competitor,

super smart guy.

I mean the guy is, uh... we'll

be voting for senator for him

before we know it, I think.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> I was having a really,

really, really, really, really

difficult time.

But I am really proud of myself

for not quitting, and so I think

that I take away from this a

new confidence in myself to be

able to get through difficult,

hard times because I've

been so miserable.


>> An ode to our fallen


>> We pay our respects.

We wouldn't be here without you.

♪ ♪

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to your

final immunity challenge?

>> Yes.

>> Let's do it.

>> I guess so.

>> PROBST: I'll take it back

once again, Brett.

For the last time,

immunity is back up for grabs.

Today's challenge will require

balance and concentration.

Here's how it works: on my

"go," you will each place a

wooden statue on the end

of a pole.

At regular intervals, you'll

add another section of pole,

making it more difficult to

keep stable.

The statue falls off, you're

out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins

immunity and is guaranteed a

spot at the final Tribal

Council where you will get a

chance to plead your case in

front of the jury for

a million dollars.

Very simple.

Shall we get to it?

>> Yes.

>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: Take your spots.

We'll get started.

All right, everybody take your

statue, place it on your first

section of pole.

Make sure you like where it's

at, and then you'll have to

take your hand off the statue,

and we'll be started.

All right, five, four, three,

two, one.

This challenge is on.

(Russell exhales sharply)

All right, you have 30 seconds

to add another section of pole

starting now.

You got to reach for that

section of pole, get it in the

slot, get your hands back down

on that lowest section.

That little white marker,

that's your boundary.

You don't want to go above that.

If your statue falls off,

you're out of the challenge.

We will keep adding another

section of pole every two

minutes until only one player

is left.

♪ ♪

Don't panic.

Don't rush.

You have plenty of time.

Mick is the first one out of

the challenge.

Natalie's now out of the


We're down to two.

Russell and Brett.

Each of you are now holding

six feet.

One former Foa Foa,

one former Galu.

There are no secrets out here.

Brett needs to win to move to

that final Tribal Council.

Russell would love to take him

out and go to final Tribal with

Mick and Natalie and have a

shot at winning.

This is quite possibly the

million-dollar challenge.

The wind's starting

to pick up a little bit now.

Affecting both guys.

Good recovery.

Here we go.

It is time to add another

section of pole.

This will put you at seven feet.

This is when it gets

really tricky.

Take your time.

You have 30 seconds to make

the transition.

It starts now.

Brett quickly goes for his.

Russell waiting.

Got ten seconds left.

Five, four,


two, one.

Another successful transition.

You're now at seven feet.

Brett starting to wobble.

Nice recovery.

This is a showdown.

Russell starting to wobble.

Brett falls off.

Russell wins individual

immunity, his first and it

couldn't have come at a better


>> Good job, Brett.

>> PROBST: Russell, come on


>> This is the time I wanted it.

>> PROBST: Russell wins the

final individual immunity


You're going to the final

Tribal Council.

You will get a chance to plead

your case in front of the jury

as to why you deserve a million


Natalie, Mick, Brett, one of

you going home tonight.

Your shot at a million dollars

will come to an end.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

See you at Tribal tonight.

>> I won immunity today.

This is worth a million dollars

right now.

In my opinion, I just won the


>> Great job.

It was awesome.

Phenomenal, Russ.

>> Finally got it around your

neck, my friend.

>> Finally got it.

Congrats, man.

>> So final immunity challenge,

it was our last-ditch effort to

beat Brett, and Russell and

Brett came down to just a


It was just... I mean, watching

these things back and forth.

And you're just like Russell is

shaking, Brett looks focused.

Now Brett's swinging.

I mean, it was really, really


And once Brett's fell it was

just this... (sighs)

this sigh of relief.

>> How you doing?

>> I'm doing great.

Really good.

I mean, really your fate is out

of your own hands at this point.

Whether you won or lost that

challenge, whether someone goes

home tonight or makes it

till-- till the end, I'm

definitely proud--

I really am proud to make it

this far, so...

>> Well, you should be.

You had a pretty amazing streak


>> It's definitely-- definitely

been an awesome experience,

for sure.

I'm like a little girl, all


>> Well deserved.

>> Yeah.

I failed.

Because I was unable to win the

immunity challenge today, I'm

pretty certain that I'll be

going home tonight.

The only thing I have to fall

back on is Russell's deal that

he made with me that if one of

us were to win, we would take

the other person to the finals.

>> So what do you all think of

my chances of winning a million

dollars now?

>> I think that you're going to

win, hands down.

>> Because now that I took out

Brett, and I played the game.

>> I think hands down you'll


>> I think I've got a good shot

now, man.

>> You've got a great shot.

>> I do, too.

>> So what do you think Galu is

going to say when they see me

walk in with that?

>> I think they're going to be,

like, ticked in a way, but


>> I think they're going to say

it's fitting.

You know, I've played it

strategically the whole time,

and then at the very end when

the biggest threat that I had to

me to win the money, I had to

beat, and I did.

So, you know, it's going to be

part of my speech now.

>> Yeah.

>> Throw me the coconut over

there, would you?

>> I wish I was like him when I

was his age.

You know what I mean?

He's the kind of guy that I

want my daughters to meet one


You know, really.

>> Yes, you would.

He will be a fantastic husband

and father.

He's just a great kid.

>> I made a promise to Brett,

telling him that me, Brett, and

Natalie will go to the final


But, you see, I made a promise

to Mick, too.

So either way I slice it, if I

break my promise with somebody,

I'll be putting them on the

jury, they'll taking it

personal-- that hates me.

This is where the game gets


>> What's going on, guys?

>> What?

>> There some funny business

going on?

>> Uh-uh. What do you mean?

>> I don't know, I've never

seen Russell want to go get


Maybe I'm just, I'm kind of a

skeptic, I guess.

I just don't really-- I don't


>> No matter what, we get to be

clean tomorrow.

>> At some point.

>> And eat.

Eat and be clean.

>> I almost want to cry.

>> I know.

>> See? What's going on?

>> Mick, you're fine.

Do not-- you're the most

paranoid person.

>> I've never seen Russell go

get firewood ever in 39 days.

>> Mick.


You are so paranoid.

Have I let you down yet?

Have I?

>> Everybody's talking about me.

>> Are you on drugs?

Do you honestly think any of us

want to go against him on

the jury?


>> I wouldn't think so, but

Russ has all these little

strange plans and ploys.

>> No, no, Mick.

It's done.

It's a done deal.

>> Good, man.

>> You're coming back here

tonight, and so am I, and so is


It's the three of us.

We're coming back here.

>> You know that I made a deal

with you.

The problem I'm weighing in my

mind is I made a deal with


And you're the kind of guy I

want my kids to marry.

You're the kind of guy I want

my daughters-- I wish I was

like you when I was your age.

And I ain't just saying that.

>> And I appreciate that.

>> So the only option we have is

Natalie is going to vote you,

and Mick is going to vote you.

If I vote Mick...

>> And I vote Mick.

>> ...and you vote Mick, then

it's a 2-2 tie.

>> Yeah.

>> And then it's a challenge, it

might be a fire challenge.

Do you think you could beat

Mick in a fire challenge?

It's like you still have

another challenge.

You're still working your way

to the end?

>> Yeah.

>> Russell and I have talked

over agreements for each other

previously in this game.

It's hard to take his word 100%

and know that he's going to

stick behind it.

All I can really do right now

is hope that he's, you know, a

man of his word, and will fall

back on his actions.

>> I've been wearing a

necklace-for a long time in

this game.

The hidden immunity idol.

And I finally get the real deal.

Definitely better late than

never, because look where

it came.

It came on the last one.

The one that puts me in front

of the jury to win this game.

Right now, you have to worry

about jury votes.

And that's all I'm thinking

about right now.

How can I get more jury votes?

Brett's a real good guy.

I like Brett a lot.

Mick, he's a good guy, too.

But I'm playing a game.

I'm still strongly considering

keeping Brett.

May the best man win.

Everybody would be shocked if I

did that.

But you know what?

I think that might get me jury

votes-- keeping the strongest


My head's spinning now.

It gets tougher and tougher.

Every time you think it can't

get any tougher than this, but

now I'm damned if I do and I'm

damned if I don't.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury.








And Jaison, voted out at the

last Tribal Council.

So let's talk about today, your

final immunity challenge.

Mick, you're out first, Natalie

right behind.

Leaves us with the showdown.

Russell and Brett.

Russell, this had to be how you

wanted it to go down, going up

against a guy who's been a very

strong competitor in this game.

>> Definitely.

I knew he would be the one that

would be there with me at the

end, and I thought, I lose, I

go home.

I came to win.

I didn't come to even come


So I put more effort into this

challenge than I have into

anything in this entire game.

>> PROBST: Brett, did you figure

it would be Russell that might

be the one to give you a run

for your money?

>> Oh, yeah, I mean without

a doubt.

He's got the mentality that is

"I have to win."

and that's the mindset I've

been having the past few

immunity challenges.

>> PROBST: Mick, the minute

Brett goes out of this challenge

and he's vulnerable, did you

know that's it, he's going home?

>> Yeah, absolutely, right away.

You know what I mean.

He's been such a competitor,

but it was a huge relief.

>> PROBST: Natalie, no doubt in

your mind?

Easy decision?

>> Yes. Absolutely.

>> PROBST: Now, Russell, is

there a part of you that can

appreciate the competitor in


The guy has lasted a long time

with the odds against him.

>> Right.

He played a great game.

And it's because I respect the

game so much, he deserves to be

sitting up there with me.

I mean, you know, we're

probably the two best up here.

And you want the best with you

to talk in front of jury.

You know, that's just how it

should be.

>> PROBST: Mick, surprised by

Russell's comment about maybe

it's fair to take Brett to the

end because he's earned it more

than somebody else up here?

>> Yeah, I think he makes a

pretty good case.

I mean, it's not one I would

agree with per se.

I would tend to think the


You know, Brett going in front

of that jury, none of us have a

chance at a million bucks.

>> PROBST: Natalie, a little


>> No, actually, I'm not


Because, again, Brett has been

an outstanding competitor.

But Russell knows

strategically, it's not a good

move at all to take Brett and

put Brett in front of the jury.

>> PROBST: Brett, do you sense a

little bit of worry from

Natalie and Mick?

I'm even hearing it, Natalie,

right now, almost like she's

talking to Russell saying, "You

know that's not a good move,


>> Well, I mean, if Russ truly

felt that he wanted to go up

against the best, you know,

they've got to be a little


>> PROBST: If Russell made a

vote to keep you in the game, do

you think Russell then earns

respect from the jury?

>> Oh, yeah.

Most definitely.

I mean, by that action, you're

showing a sense of confidence

within yourself and shows quite

a bit of character to say, hey,

you might beat me at this, but

I'm going to put you up against

me and we'll put it to the test.

>> PROBST: So based on what I'm

hearing you guys say, what at

one point was an absolute

certainty, Brett going home,

now has a bit of suspense.

We'll see how it plays out.

Russell has the individual

immunity necklace.

I know you're not giving it up.

You cannot vote for Russell.

Everybody else is fair game.

Mick, you're up.

>> Hell of a competitor, man.

Props to you.

I got nothing but love for you.

>> (whispers): Brett, I'm voting

for you because we have no shot

at beating you at the final.

>> PROBST: Russell.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Mick, one vote Brett.


Two votes Brett, one vote Mick.

One vote left.

15th person voted out and the

ninth and final member of our

jury, Brett.

You need to bring me your torch.

Brett, the tribe has spoken.

>> Great game, guys.

>> Bye, Brett.

>> Thanks for the adventure.

>> PROBST: Well, you have gone a

far as you can go in this game.

Tomorrow you will get a chance

to plead your case to the jury

about why you deserve the

million dollars and the title

of sole survivor.

You have one more night in

in Samoa.

Hope you can enjoy it.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> I knew, you know, a couple

of Tribals ago that it was my

time to go.

And you know, I'm the last Galu

member, which I'm so proud of

that, you know.

To get to where I got, 38 days,

one of the final four.

It was definitely a testament

to my will and hard work, and

kind of felt like I went out on

my own accord to some degree.

>> I can't wait to brush and

floss my teeth.

>> No more bamboo.

>> Let's go check tree mail.

>> I'm ready.

>> Me, too.

Oh, my word.

>> Strawberries?

>> Oh, my goodness.

Pancake mix.

>> Sausage and onions.



>> Sausage. Oh, my goodness.

Grab that one end.

(cork pops)

>> Yay! We're here on day 39.

>> Yes, indeed.

I think we need a toast.

Final three.

>> Final three, Foa Foa.

>> From the get-go.

>> May the best man win.

You know, I said from day one I

was gonna get here,

and here I am.

>> Wow. Very good.

Isn't that great?

>> Not only did I get here,

I brought two people here that

I wanted to be here with me.

They're gonna say I took you

the whole way.

They're gonna say you

couldn't have made it without


What you gonna say?

>> It's in God's hand at this


If I'm not meant to win,

that's fine.

I'm happy I made it

to the third.

>> You see, you haven't been

thinking about your speech too

much, then.

>> Russell, no, I...

All of them questions.

>> Guess what.

Look who I aligned with

from the first day.

>> Oh, you, so you saying

you set up the alliance.

>> No. Okay.

>> So what did do you

strategically in this game?

If you want second place, you

have to do better than that.

>> What about Mick?

He was the nice guy, you know.

>> Well, don't think I'm going

to eat up on that, too.

I'm just saying, here behind me

I have sitting the nice guy and

the nice girl.

Have they outwitted me?

Have they outplayed me?

If they have, then give them

the money because

they deserve it, so...

>> Russell has good points,

but he needs to be reminded

that he couldn't have done this

without us.

I was a trustworthy,

hardworking, likable guy, and I

got to the same place

ultimately that Russell did.

We just took totally different

paths to do it.

So, you know, some people may

say, "Well, I liked your path a

"little better.

Here's my vote."

>> Ease up...


I think there may be a little

bit of strategy involved to

Russell making us feel like

we're not gonna win or that

we don't have a chance, but I

have news for him.

I'm not gonna give up, and I'll

just explain to the jury,

I don't work the same way as


That would clearly not have

worked for me.

The girls that were aggressive,

they got eliminated early.

My strategy was to be myself,

and at the end of the day, you

know, I wasn't out to get

anybody or make anybody look

look bad.

Russell made it clear he was

okay with making people

look bad.


>> I never want to sleep on

bamboo ever again.

>> Hell, no.

I'm not gonna be rained on

ever again.

>> Me, either!

>> I'm not sleeping in the

cold ever again.

Toss it up.

This is the best fire we've

had yet.

>> Burn, baby, burn.

>> Whoo!

>> If Mick or Natalie won this

game over me, that would just

be a shame.

You know, it wouldn't make any

sense to me.

I played this game

strategically better than

anybody, maybe in history.

I really think this jury's

gonna put my name down.

I've accomplished the

impossible out here

all by myself and brought

a couple of bums with me.

I feel strong.

I feel good.

I feel like I'm gonna go

into this, make a great speech,

and take it.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury:








Jaison and Brett, voted out at

the last Tribal Council.

Well, congratulations on making

it to the final three.

Tonight, the power in this game

shifts to the jury.

Nine people that you had a hand

in voting out now control your

fate in their hands.

Very unique situation this

season in that all three of you

voted for every single person

on the jury.

So nobody has anywhere to hide.

You will each get an opening


This is your chance to convince

them why you deserve it.

The jury will then get a chance

to address you.

They're gonna be trying to

gather information to help them

decide who they think is most

worthy of the title of sole

survivor and the million-dollar

check that goes along with it.

Then we will vote.

Everybody ready to get to it?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Opening statements.

Mick, you're up.

>> All right.

Uh, good evening, everyone.

You know, I came into this game

realizing that under the stress

of this whole process that

there would be a lot of

pressure to sort of give

yourself a little more moral

sort of leeway than maybe I was

willing to give.

As underdogs coming in, I think

that temptation is especially

strong to do whatever it takes

to keep your head above water.

I just played my whole game

within sort of these parameters

I really wasn't that willing to

go outside of.

I made it a point not to

promise too much.

Not to overtly stomp on, lie or

mislead people or to treat them

like sort of pawns in this game.

The fact that I was able to get

this far by doing that,

you know, that was kind of my

goal in this, and I feel like I

accomplished it.

>> PROBST: Natalie, your opening


>> You know, I came into this

game with a lot of people

telling me before I ever came,

"What are you doing?

"You're crazy.

You can't do it."

And I knew I would wake up every

single day, if I didn't come do

this, I would have regrets.

And for me, it was definitely

about wanting to, um, just gain

the confidence to go outside my

comfort zone.

This is the hardest thing I've

ever done mentally, physically,


This experience has been very

humbling for me.

And without each and every one

of you, I would not be sitting

sitting here.

I appreciate it.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: Russell, your opening


>> Mine's going to be a little

bit different than these two.

I came here to do what I said I

was going to do and try to make

if all the way to the top and

win the game.

I made huge strategic moves all

the way through the game.

My first strategic moves were

in my own tribe.

Marisa and Betsy.

Those were the two that said

"Get rid of Russell.

Get rid of Russell."

Guess who goes first?

Marisa and Betsy.

When we go to Galu, I have

these guys right here behind me

while I'm getting shot at.

I solidified myself with Shambo

to get rid of Kelly.

It was a huge move.

It didn't change the game yet.

Laura was the biggest move I

think of the game.

I had to go to John and say,

"John, if you help switch your

vote, I'll vote off a Foa Foa


So he agrees.

He switches his vote at the end.

Laura goes home.

Then John comes to me after

it's over, "We've got to get

rid of a Foa Foa."

Well, I can't do that, so I

have to get rid of John.

Then it just went like dominoes

from there.

The huge move was the most

difficult, trying to get rid of


He won three immunity idols in

a row.

So I have to win physically to

get rid of Brett.

Now, I ask you, if either one

of these outwit me, then give

them the money.

If either one of these

out-played me, then give them

the game.

But you know what?

I don't think that they have.

The truth is where it lies.

It's y'all's big decision to

make tonight, and may the best

man win.

>> PROBST: All right, three very

different opening statements.

Jury, in a moment, you're going

to get your first chance to

address Mick, Natalie, and


I'll give you minute to think

about what you want to ask them.

>> PROBST: All right, jury.

You've heard the opening

statements from Mick, Natalie,

and Russell.

It's now your first chance to

address them.

You're trying to gather

information to help you make a

million-dollar decision.

Let's get started.


You're up first.

>> Well, congratulations.

I'm going to give you guys an

opportunity to look at the jury

and give them some information

about who you really are, and

if you don't, I will.

>> I'll start.

>> Go ahead.

>> I was in pharmaceutical

sales before I came.

I gave up my job, so

technically, I am unemployed at

this time but that is my dream


I want to find one when I go

back home.

>> Russell?

>> I'm a businessman.

I opened a business five years

ago, struggled for three years,

just became successful with the

business for two years.

This is the first business that

I have succeeded with.

That's what I do.

>> Mick?

>> I finished medical school.

I'm 320 odd grand in debt from


And it's going to take me a

long time to pull out of debt.

I'm almost 35, and that's me.

>> I don't think any of them

have lied.

But Natalie, you know, neglects

to tell you that she has made a

lot of money.

Russell, probably the

wealthiest guy on this panel,

seven figures in the last year

or so, he says.

You know, Mick, doctors do get

paid very well, especially when

you get fellowships at one of

the most prestigious hospitals

in America.

So whatever decision is made,

no one is broke.

I think you guys should look to

other criteria.

That's all I have to say.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Jaison.

Shambo, you're up.

>> Hi, guys.

I would just like to apologize

to America for dismantling Galu

because I'm really questioning

that judgment call at this


Mick, wow.

Dude, you have got to be

kidding me.

In a word, would you agree that

your overall game playing could

be called...

>> Here it comes.

>> ...feckless.

>> Feckless?

>> I would have to look up


I don't know what feckless is.

>> Well, I think that's a really

good idea after this is over.

I'm done with you.

>> Okay, will do, Shambo.

>> Natalie the word that just

is resonating in my mind that

starts with a "C."

Can you finish it?

I'm going to let you finish it,


>> Coattail.

How do you think America is

going to perceive you sitting

up there in the final three?

Give it to me, Natalie.

>> I think America is going to

say she came the most

ill-equipped in a sundress and

gold wedges.

She should have been voted out


And you know what, I had enough

intuition to notice that girl

that goes out aggressive,

target, gone.

Marisa and Betsy.

That's not smart.

>> I'm calling just major B.S.

on your sentence that you just

hit me with.

I'm, like, cracking up inside

like you have no idea.

>> Okay.

>> The jig is up.

Natalie, Mick, no way in God's

green Earth you're getting my

my vote.

Thanks for playing.

>> Thank you, Sham.

>> Thank you.

>> Wow.

>> Wow, is right.

>> PROBST: Brett, you're up.

>> Well, first of all,


I'm definitely proud of you

guys for, you know, at least

beating us.

So, Mick, imagine for a moment

you and I are going on a little

bro-date together.

What kind of stuff-- what

kind of stuff would we do?

>> Wait, wait, wait, what is it?

>> You and I are going to go on

a bro date together.

Nothing sexual.

Just a little guy time.

So describe what that day would


>> I'll wake you up with a

little sweet nothing in

your ear...


>> That's a good beginning.

>> ...a little tickle on

the nose.

No, but, uh, no, we'd get up.

We'd check out the news, and

grab some eats afterwards, and

you know, just be guys and talk

about girls and, you know,

sports and stuff like that.

>> All right, sounds good.

It sounds probably like a silly

question, but basically the

reason I was asking is to see to

what level did you invest with

myself as a human being.

I appreciate your response.

You're almost done.

We'll get some food shortly.

>> Thanks. Thanks, man.

>> PROBST: Kelly.

>> Hi.

Nat, I'm going to start with


Because I think in the

beginning, we were perceived as

being very similar, you know.

We were both a little bit


I had to rely on myself.

I was hoping for the same thing

in you.

I don't think you were ever on

the field.

I saw you always turn to call

help, whether it be these two

or someone else in every


>> Can I answer to that?

>> Yeah, go ahead.

>> It wasn't because I had no


I've given this 100%.

Yeah, maybe I'm not as good at

some of the physical challenges

as some other people.

I think everybody outweighed

me, but I did do things on my

own, and I'll tell you, I got

better throughout the game to

believe in myself.

>> Russell, you've said many

times you're going to lie,

cheat, and steal your way

through this game.

Does that apply to your

real life also?

>> No, not at all.

I am 100% different outside this


The thing that bothered me is I

don't want my kids to think

that this is how I really am.

I'm not like this at all.

I'm a totally different person

outside this game.

>> Instead of lie, cheat, and

steal in real life, maybe what

three words that would replace


>> It might be hard to believe

but honor, integrity, and


>> Russell, it's hard for me to

sit here and believe that from


"Honor, integrity, and loyalty"

is the most important thing

to you?

>> It is the most important

thing to me.

>> I guess I've heard what I

need to.

Good luck.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Kelly.


>> First off, I just want to

say congratulations.

Russell, you played some key

moves, and regardless of how

you got there, you're there.

Natalie, Mick, both of you seem

to have played a pretty honest

game, but I did miss passion.

I want to see the fight in your

answer for my question tonight.

Mick, tell me why each of the

two people alongside you do not

deserve the million dollars and

you do.

>> You know, I don't think

Natalie deserves the money at


I don't know, you know, what

she really did along the way

except align with Russell.

And through their relationship

and their trust, was able to

get through the game.

That was it.

Russell was willing to lie to

people, pit people against each

other, mislead anybody, and all

the while, you know, this giant

ego just got really kind of out

of hand and obsessive and I

don't think that that kind of

character behavior deserves a

million bucks.

You don't reward that.

>> Can I say something?

You know, he's sitting over

here saying I pit people

against each other.

You pit people against each

other, also.

>> Whoa, whoa, whoa, dude.

>> And also, this next thing...

>> We're trying to-- I'm

answering her question.

>> I asked if I could speak.

He didn't mind when I was being

a snake and giving me

high-fives every time we vote

somebody off.

>> I never gave you high-fives.

>> Natalie didn't mind when I

was being a snake and giving me

high-fives when I voted

everybody off.

The two honest people here--

they were congratulating me.

"Good job.

That was probably one of the

best jobs in history, Russell

You are doing... you are


You should win this game.

You're running the show here."

>> You did a great job.

Those were great moves.

>> They both-- they both didn't

mind following the snake right

behind me the whole step of the


>> I think I'm basically done.

>> PROBST: Dave.

>> Hey, everybody.

I do have one thing.

I'm curious, I'm just going to

ask everybody, what do you

think your chances are tonight?

What do you think, Mick?

>> My chances are, after this,

maybe 25%, 20%.

>> Natalie, what do you think

your chances are?

>> I'm going with maybe 30.

>> 30%?

>> 30% to 40% chance.

>> Right on. Good game, Mama.

>> Thank you.

>> You're welcome. Great job.

What do you say, Russ?

>> I came in here with a lot

larger percentage but it went

down to about 55%.

>> 55?

>> Yeah, I think that it's...

it just might happen, might

not happen.

>> All right, thanks everybody.

>> Thanks, Dave.

>> Yeah, you bet.

>> PROBST: Laura, you're up.

>> Hi.

Russell, what did you learn

about me that enabled you to

beat me?

>> I knew immediately you was

the biggest threat on Galu, and

that you were controlling a lot.

That's what I thought.

Whether that was true or not, I

don't know.

But if-if it wouldn't have took

place like it did, I don't have

a doubt in my mind you would be

here right now.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Laura.

John, your turn.

>> Mick, give me the hard sell.

Why should I write your name


Hard sell, blow my mind

right now.

>> In terms of character you're

not going to find a better,

more solid guy up here.

You're just not.

I'm one of those people that

does not think that the ends

justify the means and you

don't treat people like pawns.

That's not my way of

maneuvering through life or the


That's essentially the type of

person that you're giving

money to.

I don't think you can give it

to a more stand-up dude up here.

I just don't.

>> Good.

Natalie, you admittedly got

here tucked under Russell's


And I value that.

But what do you say to the

person who's thinking, you know

what, you've got to win it

now, kid.

>> It's not that you tuck under

someone's wing.

It's you're smart enough to see

why are they taking these

people out?

The most aggressive female was

voted out first.

I saw that from day one.

Betsy was gone second.

Liz was gone.

I was the last girl standing.

I killed a rat, for crying out


>> Not to interrupt, but you're

definitely illuminating part of

your strategic thinking that I

think some of us were hoping to

see tonight.

Thanks to all of you.

That was fun.

>> PROBST: Thanks, John.

Erik, close it out.

>> I'm going to try to keep

this brief, but I don't need

anything from any of you.

Mick, day one, they put a

leadership necklace around your


I go 39 days struggling to find

a reason that you deserve that


You did nothing.

You did nothing with your team.

You did nothing to encourage


Nobody on that team had any


You're responsible for that.

Russell, this hurts me.

We have nothing in common.

You played an unethical game,

admittedly played an unethical


The crazy thing about it is is

you're sitting there and I'm

standing here.

Did you get to the right place

by behaving the wrong way?

I've never been in a situation

in my entire life where that he

was the case, but you sit there

proud of it.

Natalie, people will call you


People will say that you are


But you know what?

Why are those characteristics

any less admirable as lying,

cheating, and stealing?

Why does he get a free pass,

but your wrong way of playing

is admonished.

If there's one thing that I

learned in this game it is that

perception is not reality.

Reality is reality.

And you are sitting there and

that makes you just as

dangerous as any one of those

guys there.

You would say that you were

probably the least deserving of

the title of sole survivor.

But maybe, just maybe, in an

environment filled with

arrogance, delusional

entitlement, maybe the person

who thinks that she's least

deserving is probably the most.

You got my vote.

I hope you get four more.


>> PROBST: Jury, thanks for a

very lively and interesting

Tribal Council.

In a moment, the nine of you

are each going to make a

million-dollar vote.

I'm going to give you a moment

to take all of this in, figure

out what you want to do.

>> PROBST: All right, jury,

we've had a very interesting

final Tribal Council due in no

small part to the fact that

we've had three finalists who

played very different games, and

based on the questions tonight,

I can tell it is still up in

the air.

So it is time to get to the


Tonight you are voting for a


The person you think most

deserving of the title of sole

survivor, and the million

dollars that goes along with it.

For the last time, it is time

to vote.

Laura, you're up.

>> You came a long way and I

think that's something to be

proud of.

Enjoy this.

I hope you get it, buddy.

You're the only one up there

that is deserving of $1 million

in my humble opinion.

>> PROBST: I'll go get the


I know 39 days is a long time

out here.

Thank you for a great season of


See you back in Los Angeles for

the reading of the votes.

(cheering and applause)

>> PROBST: How's everybody


You guys all right?

Have a seat.

Thanks for the nice welcome.

It is nice to be live for the

reading of the votes.

First of all, I want to give a

hand to you guys.

This was a very, very tough


(cheering and applause)

I watched what you guys went


I can vouch for it.

You have my respect regardless

of how well you did in the

game, just embarking on this


So here's where we stand.

We're down to three, Mick,

Natalie, Russell.

And a jury of your peers, nine

people that you played

alongside, will now decide the


It's one of the unique aspects

of Survivor, that you guys

control the world.

You make up the rules.

You decide how it goes.

So while Mick, Natalie, and

Russell, you got to the end,

you put yourself in a

position to win the money--

that's not enough.

You need the votes.

Let's get to it.

There are nine votes in here.

These are votes for a winner.

I will now read the votes.

First vote, "Ratalie."


That's one for Natalie.



One vote Natalie, one vote




Two votes Natalie, one vote




We're tied.

Two votes Natalie, two votes




That's three votes Natalie,

two votes Russell.



Four votes Natalie, two votes


It takes five to win.

The winner of Survivor: Samoa,


(cheering and applause)

>> Good job, man.

You kept your head up.

>> Good job, Jaison.

You look good.

>> Good job, Shambo.

(cheers and applause)