Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 14 - Two Brains Are Better Than One - full transcript

A shocking betrayal leaves one nervous castaway on the chopping block and brings everyone's strategy into question.
























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*****Extremely easy choice.

It would have been brett but because he
won the immunity,then it had to be monica.

So as soon as brett loses,he's gone.

He has to,because he'll keep winning
and keep winning all way to the top.

Proudly Presents

Sync: YTET- ?????

Season19Episode 14


Out of his glorious riches,he may
strengthen you through his spirit

and your inner being so that christ
may dwell in your hearts through faith.

There's a lot of cards stacked up against me,but
i'm definitely going to try to work what i have here.

And natalie and i kind of come
from,i think,a similar walk of life,

and i think something like that is a
great foundation for a trusty relationship.

So,you know,i think that that personal interaction
could potentially turn into something fairly promising.

That you may be filled to the measure
of all with the fullness of god.


that was good.

Oh,my gosh,brett is
an absolute sweetheart.

Brett and i have had several discussions
about the bible and about some christian books.

I've really enjoyed that,so it's
been nice to have that in common.

I want to keep lying here.

I think i have to go wet my
head down.Look at my hair.

I need a haircut.

Shambo said she needed a haircut.

Oh,my goodness.

She should shave that ho head.

Mullet went out in the
70s.It looked terrible.

Her hair is bulky.

You see shambo,that's
where she sneaks food.

She futs in her hair.Nobody
knows.Nobody can see it.

She puts bananas in there
and pieces of coconut.

It's nasty.

Peanuts,all kinds of different stuff.

It's kind of disgusting,.

If i didn't need shambo i
would definitely get rid of her

because i know we have to look
at that bush of hair she has

but i'm doing whatever
it takes to win the game.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge.

- Yes.
- Oh,yeah!

For today's challenge,you'll
divide into two teams of three.

Here's how it works -- there are a series
of intersecting ropes holding up coconuts.

One at a time,you'll walk
out and pull one rope out.

Your goal-- drop as few
coconuts as possible.

Every time you drop a coconut,it
counts against your team.

First team to 100 coconuts loses.

The other team wins reward.

I know you want to know
what you're playing for.


The winning team will leave
here.You'll be taken to a local village.

You'll then have a massive feast.

You will spend the night in the village,sleeping
on a mattress with a pillow and some blankets.

Then you'll return back
to camp in the morning.

On day 34,could be a big,big difference heading
into the next immunity challenge worth playing for.

Yes.Definitely.Worth dying for.

Looking for two captains.Iel
expo purple are the captains.

Please,don't look.Let
me share in the surprise.

All right,everybody palms up,reveal.

Russell is a captain.

Natalie is a captain.

All right,russell,natalie,rock,paper,scissor
to see who choose first.

Paper covers rock.

Natalie chooses first.

I'm going to go with brett.

Brit joins natalie.

All right,russell,your choice.



Natalie chooses mic mick.

Which means shambo joins russell.

There's our two teams.

Russell,jaison,and shambo
taking on natalie,brett,and mick.

Let's get started.

All right,we have our two teams.

Yellow,you're up.

Shambo out on the course for yellow.

You can go on either side.

The goal is simple-- pull the rope out
and drop as few coke nuts as possible.

First team to 100 coconuts
loses this challenge.

What do you call that hair,shambo?


How long you had it?

Since 1986.

23 years.

That's a commitment to a hairstyle.

You don't mess with perfection,baby.

Shambo makes her choice for yellow.

Releases the rope.Now
you gotta pull it through.

Starting to get a little
rain.That will make it fun.

That one on the top,right,it's moving.

Be careful where you're pulling,sham.

Shambo drops four coke nuts.

- As this game will go,that's not bad.
- Good job,shambo.

Feels good,looks good.

Love it,love it,love it.

Purple,you're up.

Mick heads out for purple.

All right,mick,nice and
easy,slow and steady.

Mick makes his choice for purple.

- Keep it coming,baby.
-By simply releasing the rope,two coke nuts drop.

- ***
- It's okay,mick.Slow and steady.

This challenge is all
about what you don't want.

You don't want coconuts today.

Mick gets out with just two coconuts.

Yellow has four.

Jaison out on the course for yellow.





Jaison trying to make
some sense out of this.



- **
- ****

Thank you,jesus.

Jaison's made his choice.

See how it goes.

Two drop right away.

Here we go.

That is a total of seven
coconuts,bringing yellow's total to 11.

purple,you're up.

Sooner or later,somebody's going to have a big
pull and a lot of coconuts are going to drop.

Natalie makes her choice for purple.

Easy,you're doing good.

Natalie drops one coconut.

Natalie gets through with one coconut.

Purple with only three.

Yellow,you're up.

Russell makes his choice.

Right off the bat.

Bundle of coconuts drop.

Eight more coconuts foriel
oh,bringing yellow's total to 19.

purple at three.

Going to get one.

Brett can see one coconut
hanging in the balance.

That coconut will drop.

Purple with only four
coconuts right now.


shambo makes her selection for yellow.

And right away,a whole
lot of coconuts drop.

10 more added to their score.

Yellow now at 29,purple sith four.

Mick selects for purple.

Mick hasn't even started to pull
the rope and coconuts are falling.

The gap is closing with
each coconut that drops.

Mick drops 19 coconuts.

Just like that,yellow is
back in this challenge.

You got two prayer
warriors on your team,so...

Jaison make his choice for yellow.

Nice and easy.

Well,jaison is finished
but drops 48 coconuts.

After jaison's turn,yellow now at 77.

purple at 23.

natalie has had good luck
in this challenge so far.


Remember,the first team to 100 loses.

Purple sitting pretty
at only 23 coconuts.

Natalie makes his choice for purple.

My prediction is 58.

russell,jaison,and shambo hoping
a whole lot of coconuts drop.

Oh,my word.Oh,my word.

And they do.

Y'all,oh,my word.

Nattily dropped 58 for purple.

I guessed it.

Bringing their total to 81.

this challenge is going
to come down to the wire.

Russell heads out for
yellow.Yellow sitting on 77.

big move right here by russell.

Russell eyeballing it
for the yellow team.

There are very few ropes
left in this challenge.

- You got it,baby.
- That will not drop any coconuts.

Russell makes his choice.

Releases the rope.

Now you've got to thread it through.

- Easy baby.
- Slow and easy.

Russell gets through without any damage.

- No coconuts at all.
- Dude!Are you freaking kidding me!

- Nicely done.
- Russell really putting the pressure on purple.

Brett up now for purple.

Brett,you are sitting at 81 coconuts.

19 or more and your team is out.

It's all on you.

This could be it.

Nice and steady,"b.

" easy pulls,easy
pulls.Looking good so far.

Come on.


More coconut for purple.

Brett gets through.Now
let's see what the damage is.

23 coconuts bringing them to 104.

it's over.

Yellow wins reward.

shambo going on reward.

You all enjoy it.

Natalie,brett,mick,got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff.Head back to camp.

Have fun.

your afternoon and your evening.

You'll return to camp in the morning.

Grab your stuff.Head
out.Have a good time.

Thank you.

Definitely concerned about natalie
after she picked brett and mick.

I'm starting to get more worried
about interdivisions that,

you know,may be starting
to appear in our alliance.

- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.

Smells really good
when we run the reward,

reward didn't mean much to me because
i didn't know what a reward was.

I had never been on a reward.

On behalf of our village,welcome.

Thank you.

Oh... My... Gosh!

You see what i'm seeing?

This is the best part
of the pig right there.

My favorite.

Every single day out
here has been a grind.

Every single day out
here has been a loss.

Ef single day out here has been an attempt to
survive another day in the game of survivor.

Really good.

But once i got there,it was a
completely different experience.

To have that day off
was absolutely amazing.

- Lobster ain't crab.
- ***

As soon as i won the challenge,

i thought that's perfect for me because the
food gistlesz me energy,gets me pumped up.

I'll take any edge i can get right now.


Mick and brett,it makes them
weaker because they didn't eat.

They'll be thirsty,dehydrated,hungry.

So i think it's a great
thing they didn't win today.

My only goal right now
is top three with you.

I'm thinking exactly the same thing.

All right,we're good.

I would like to make a toast to the people
of samoa from my heart to your heart,

thank you for the warmth,the
food,the companionship.

Thank you.


What i most wanted to do in samoa was be part of
that cultural experience with the native tribes here,

and i was so happy.

It superseded my expectation.

I've been fortified
by the power of food.

And i'm about to get jigy with it.

Get it,shambo.

Work it.

To be able to share the experience with two of
the guys,watch them truly enjoying themselves.

It was great.

I got it!I got it!

I have to continue to build those relationships
through the rest of the game,truthfully.

It's a day-by-day
thing out here.

Three-way hug!

Nice job today,guys.I love you guys.

I got an idea.I was thinking since,obviously,we're
not on a lavish reward,but,you know,

i think we could take it as a day to just
take a break and enjoy each other's company.

I was thinking we
could all go get snails.

I think that would be fun.

And once we have all our food together
we can just take it all to the beach

and just chill on the beach
and watch the sunset together.

I think that's perfect.

No game.Just enjoy ourselves.

I'm in,man.That sounds great.

- Who's?
- I'm in!


We lost the challenge today,so what we're planning
on doing is just cooking up some food together.

In a weird way,create
a reward for ourselves.

Actually go to the right.

- Oh,to the right?
- Yeah.

I don't play this game
overly aggressively.

But at the same time it's cool to
hang out and nurture the relationships.

I feel proud to be the
last true galu member.

It kind of feels like you invited some
strrns over to your house,you know,

and they ended up moving in
and all of your family left.

Kind of a bizarre-- it's kind
of of a weird feeling,but ...

Ye yeah.


No,it is what it is.

Brett and mick and myself,we just decided
today we're going to have good attitudes

and we really just enjoyed each other,and
i like mick and brett a whole lot.

- In the bag?
- I'm just putting them up here.


Brett's an amazing person.

If i have to be standing next to
a galu,you know,brett is awesome.

But i've been in with russell
since the very first day.

Honest lie,it's the hardest thing to balance
your heart and your head as far as strategically,

and then what your heart's telling you.

It is so tough.

So,you know,hopefully my mind is thinking clear
enough to look at the end to be able to win the game.

Lord have mercy.

Sheets and blankets,and i have a pillow.

- This pillow is amazing!
- Yeah,it is.





I'm seven all the time.I'm
just a little goofball.

- That's what makes me happy,though.
- That's good.

Being silly.Being a grown-up is just
so overrated when you don't have to be.

So honestly why do you think
natalie picked brett first today.

That was an interesting choice for me.

Dude,it was-- that what
you call it,"interesting?

" interesting.

I'll tell you what i
call it.Very telling.

You know,when i get back to camp,i'm going to
have to bring natalie to the side and solidify--

you know,spin about two-- spend about two
hours with her to solidify what we have

because no telling what they're
talking about over there.

That's true.

They're thinking natalie is
aligning herself with brett and mick.

That ain't happening.

I know,i know for a fact,natalie's
with me let's say brett wins immunity.

We get rid of mick.

And next time let's say one
of us wins.We get rid of brett.

But the thing si'm
putting it in their head.

Maybe something is going on
with mick,natalie,and brett.

So we're going to have
to stop it immediately.

Me,you,jaison,as soon as one of mick or
brett is gone,we are running the show.

My whole point of this is
to get rid of brett or mick.

Those two are a big threat.

They're likable guys.

Then there's nothing
else that can stop me.

We're going to have
to blindside everybody.

- Yeah.
- Everybody left.

If you had said last week or a few days ago mick,i
would have been like you must lost your mind.

He's foa foa.I'm not doing that.

Now,i don't know.






It's a little round hut,right?
- They freaked out.

Every single person there.

Freaked out?

It made them want to get rid
of mick because you did that.

They're like,"oh,they
might get together.

Mick might
be--" *****

***and it's so easy now.

It's okay because it don't matter what each individual
thinks over there because i'm in control of it all.

You had no doubt in your mind,i
hope,when i picked them first?

I have to think a little bit.

Russell,from the very first day,he told me i'll
take you to the final two if i can trust you.

I said you can trust me.

I've been completely honest with
him,letting him know what's going on.

We've kind of been on the same page with
everything so we actually have quite a bit of power.

Two brains are better than one.

Everything is perfect.

It's more now than ever.


It worked out better for us.

I want it to be brett next time.

Yes,for sure.

If it's not,then we've
got to get rid of mick.

If we can prevent brett from winning
immunity,then today will be a wonderful day.

There's going to be no argument.

He has to go.He's a little
punk.He's 110 pounds.

He's not faster than
me.He's not stronger than me.

So he's not a huge threat
to win the challenges.

But he is a huge threat
to win the million dollars.

It is done.

They say don't get confident
in this game.You know what?

I'm confident as hell.

Since you are,then i am.

How about that one?

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


Give it up,brett.

Gotta do it.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you
will race out into a field

where you must count the number of
objects in each of the six stations.

You'll use tiles to remember the
number for each item you've counted.

You will then use those numbers
to solve a combination lock.

The other fd numbers will
be different for each person.

First person to get it right and break their tile wins
immunity and is guaranteed a spot in the final five.

Losers,you know the drill--
tribal council.Somebody going home.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

Here we go,for immunity and a guaranteed
spot in the final five,survivors ready?


Six stations.

Count the objects in each one.


There are six different stations.

Your job is to count the
objects in each of the stations,

and you need to be right
or that lock will not open.

And you will have to
come back and count again.

Russell has a couple of
numbers.He's heading back.

Jaison and mick heading back
with a couple of numbers.

Brett,shambo,and natalie
staying out here a long time.

Russell's already counted
two different sets of objects.

Gone back and returned.

Natalie still counting the fish.

Brett heading back.

Natalie finally leaches
the fish station.

Moving on to the octopus.

No moving,no moving.

Shambo with a big old smile
on her face heading back.

Russell heading back again.

He's been to four of
the six stations so far.

Brett finishes at the rocks.

Mick heading back again.

Big immunity on the line.

You don't want to go home tonight.

Brett heading back.

Brett trying to stay in this.

Mick back again.

Mick and jaison heading back
with their final numbers.

Mick has all six numbers.

He's starting to work
on his combination.

Jaison getting ready to
work on his combination.

Russell back again.

Russell now working on his combination.

24 fish.

Brett finally has all six numbers.

Brett kicking it into high gear now.

Mick getting his numbers lined up.

Brett finally book.

Brett spent a lot of time out there.

He's got his six numbers.

Brett now trying to catch up.

All four guys working
on their combination.

Now it's a matter of who
is going to finish first.

You need to be right or
that lock will not open.

Jaison gives his a try.

It is wrong.

Jaison heading back
out.Going to have to recount.

Russell getting his numbers lined up.

We've got a race.

Mick's at his final number.

Brett's at his.

Mick gives it a try.He's wrong.

Brett lining up his last number.

Took him a long time but
if he's right,he wins.

Is he?


Brett wins immunity!

Guaranteed a spot in the final five.

- Good job,brett.
- Thanks.

Brett,come on over.

Back again.

Once again,brett is
safe at tribal council.

Guaranteed a spot in the final five.

36 long days,one of you going home tonight.

Grab your stuff.Head back to
camp.I'll see you at tribal.

It's so frustrating,brett
winning two in a row.

He might win three.What if he wins four?

We're screwed.

Russell said it,if brett wins
immunity again we'll get rid of brett.







I thin he wants to get rid of mick.


It's like he ain't talking
no more the rest of the day.


He's aggravated.

He said i ain't talking to you the rest
of the day.That's the plan.That's it.

And he walked away.

I don't really want to
talk about it,either.

We just get back to camp and jaison walks up to
meed inly and says you know what has to happen.

We have to get rid of shambo.

I didn't want to do it this route.

I want to get mick out of here first.

Right now it's mick.That was the plan.

That was the plan from the beginning.

- if she changes his mind--
he's just really frustrated.

That's why he's walking
off from everybody.

I'm frustrated,too.

We didn't want brett to
win immunity but he did.

Worst-case scenario is
for brett to keep winning.

His whole crew is over there watching
him on the jury,but right now,

we have a decision to
make either mick or shambo.

His exact words to you were what?

I went up to him and said-- he walked over
there and said still on,we voting mick.

And he said yeah.

And you walked up and he walked away.

See,that makes me a little
bit nervous but whatever.

As soon as i walked up,russ and
jaison were talking,and jaison bolted.

And i said,"what's that all about?

" and russ is like,"he's done talking.

" so that makes me a little uneasy.

Does jaison want to vote me.

- He told me he wanted to stay with mick.
- He did.

But he walked off when he finished
the conversation,when you walked up.

I know,that made me nervous.

I attributed more helpfulness to the foa
foa tribe than anybody,but i don't thin--

and i don't e going to forget,that but i don't think
imbd is beyond the chopping block,including myself.



I'll tell you what,i
don't even like her breath.

And she always wants to talk to
you three inches away from your face

and you have to smell
tha that... Breath.

I don't know why she's still here.

I know why she's still
here.We're using her for votes.

That's the first time i've
heard you talk about her.

She's been getting on
my nerves since day one.

We ain't buddy-buddy.

She's gone.

That's plan,right?

- Absolutely.
- Yeah.

I was a little surprised.It
was a little shocking.

Russell has spent a lot of time with
shambo,cultivating that relationship,

and,you know,now it sounds like he's
kind of scheming to vote her off?

I can't wait until she's gone,dude.

One day without her would be heaven.

I think you've got to be
skeptical all the time,

and always assume that something
else is going on in somebody's mind.

Every time somebody smiles at you,what's
going on,really,in their minds?

Of course there's a chance russell is lying
to me and they could be taking me out tonight.

I'm anxious as hell.

It scares the hell out of me.


He thinks it's you.

He does?

What would lead him to believe that?

That's what we had to tell
him to make him shut up.


I'm not comfortable.

My decision tonight is
either shambo or mick.

I can keep shambo around because she's
going to not ever put my name down.

She's horrible at the challenges,and she ain't
going to get any votes for the million dollars.

That's three good
reasons,extremely good reasons.

The only good reason to keep
mick around,there's one--

and that's to keep athlete together to be able
to beat brett in the next immunity challenge.

So right now,i'm really not
sure what i'm going to do.

Are you going to play it?

I'm just gog put it around my neck and
walk in there like russell being russell.

This is the last time you
can play this thing,right?


The immunity idol.I'm going
to have it around my nick.

Today is the last day i can play it.

Even if i didn't have it i wouldn't be
voted off,but i have it,so I'll be fine.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.


and monica voted out at
the last tribal council.

All right,russell,one tribal after another
you've voted out former galu members.

We get to tonight,there's really
only one true former galu left

because shambo's been with
you guys for a long time.

I'm a traitor.

That's a fair statement,right?


So,natalie,when you think about
voting somebody out tonight,

shambo betrayed everybody on the jury.

You can't win without some of
those people voting for you.

Not going to happen.


I don't think that they would
vote for her,based off of that.

So it is a-- an opportunity to
keep someone they think i can beat.

So,russell,how big a factor is that loyalty
with shambo going into a vote like this?

I think she's helped us tremendously.

And i trust shambo as much as
i trust the foa foa members.

That's a big statement.

I do.

So what kind of criteria
comes into play tonig tonight?

There's phases to this game.

Right now,we're in the end phase.

And that phase is who's going to get
the most votes for the million dollars.

Jaison,do you agree with that?

I definitely think in terms
of voting somebody off tonight,

we have to think about someone
who can beat us at the end,

so i think everybody thinks brett is the
one guy that could sweep a jury but,you know,

he's eluded us two challenges in a row,so we have
to go big or go home here in the last few days.

Shambo,spell it out.Why
is brett a big threat?

Brett's' big threat because
he's incredibly physical.

He's good at puzzles.

He stayed loyal to a fault
to galu,and the jury is galu.

So,brett,at this point,do you feel the only
way you stay in this game is to win immunity?

Yeah,i mean,by doing so it
gives me one step father ahead.

So my strategy is just to win the next few
immunity challenges like i've done the last few.

Mick,i it was you and brett
today in that challenge.


So you're,clearly,one of the other
strong,physical threats in this game.

So if it's you
tonight,what's the reaction?

Of course i'll be frustrated.

Having been part of this
whole thing from the get-go.

I haven't played as aggressively
a strategic game as russell,

but,you know,i've always been loyal.

So after all this to go home tonight,yeah,i
will be a little pissed off,for sure.

Russell,seeing how far mick,shambo,you,jaison
and natalie have come together,

it's got to be tough tonight.

One of you is going home.

It hasn't been a tough time
yet for me to vote somebody out.

This is the first time that it's
going to be pretty tough for me.

But this is how the game goes.

And sometimes you gotta vote
people out that you like.

All right,let's get to the vote.

Brett,once again you
have individual immunity.

I don't think there's any
doubt are you keeping it.

I'm definitely keeping it,jeff.

Cannot vote for brett.Everybody
else is fair game.

It's time to vote.Mick,you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If you have the iden immunity idol
around your neck and you want to play it,

tonight is the last time you can do so.

You know what,jeff?I think i'm
going to keep it for a souvenir.

Okay,once the votes are
ready,the decision it final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,shambo.


One vote shambo,one vote mick.


That's two votes shambo,one vote mick.


Three votes shambo,one vote mick.

13th person voted out,the
seventh member of our jury,shambo.

That's four.That's enough.You
need to bring me your torch.

Shambo,the tribe has spoken.

- Time for you to go.
- Thank you.

Good luck,you guys.

Well,there's only one thing standing in the way of the
foa foa foursome making it all the way to the final four.

And his name is brett.

Grab your torches.Head
back to camp.Good night.

Proudly Presents

Sync: YTET- ?????


A very special two-hour season finale.

After 37 days,15 have lost the battle.

Now for the final five,it's w war.

Join us this sunday,december
20,for the exciting season finale.

Foa foa is a very,very loyal group.

And although i helped to get them
where they are in the positions

they are going to finally land in,they were
loyal and true to their tribe,as it should be.

I think that's awesome.

I want to thank all the members
that have serve in the military.



Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.