Survivor (2000–…): Season 17, Episode 11 - The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy - full transcript

After fallout from Randy's departure pits two allies against one another, one castaway makes a lifetime commitment in a surprisingly intimate gesture.

On day 22,marcus,the leader of
the coda alliance,was so confident,

He was able to throw away
a hidden immunity idol.

These people are so stupid.

I got ten people to throw an
immunity idol into the ocean.

That is a very prized
possession there this game,

And somebody is really going to
wish they had that in a few days.

But the days of kota
dominance we coming to an end.

By using brilliant strategy,a
rival alliance led by kenny...

Behind the scenes i'm calling the shots.

Systematically dismantled their foes.

They even tricked randy
into playing a fake idol.

This is not a hidden immunity idol.

Sending him home and
humiliating him at the same time.

It wasn't just ha-ha-hahelp
it was on and on and on.

And i was,to say the least,irritated.

Can bob and corinne,the
two remaining kotas,

Come up with a brilliant strategy on their own
to stay in the game is there seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

That was crazy!

Yeah,the best tribal so far,for sure.

I think it was.

That was your idea to
give randy the fake idol?

Don't laugh like that.

You know,that pisses me off,that
i'm part of stickg it in his face.

I didn't mind doing the thing,but then to just
belittle him as he was going out,piss me off.

- I'm sorry,bob.
- I'm over it now.

- But don't ever do that again.
- I really am sorry.

I know you feel bad. I'm sorry.

I don't feel one iota,a bit,sorry for
randy because he dug his own grave,

And it's hilarious that somebody
gave him a fake idol and he played it.

For all the lessons you have to teach
me,right,about not belittling people.

Corinne,you talk about people
all the time behind their back

And to their face you act like a really
sweet little girl with a bow on your head.

i'm not acting like a sweet girl.

If i told everybody to their
face what i said behind their back

I wouldn't be playing a
very good game,would i.

You shouldn't be talking
about people behind their back.

I'm on "survivor." you don't
come here to make friends.

You come here to play the game.

Exactly. You hit the
nail on the head,corinne.

We're here to play the
game,and we're playing the game.

In general,i'm a nice
person to people i like.

I am now in a camp of
mutants,none of whom i like,

So it's very difficult for me
to pretend to be nice to them.

That's not something i'm used to.

Season17 Episode11



And look at this guy. Look at this guy.

Oh,he's heavy!

I would never have imagined me
booing out here and catching fish.

I'm not an outdoorsy type of person.

I'm just a gamer at hornl
but out here,i'm my own man.

So i am very proud of myself because guys like me
would never ever be out here in a situation like this.

Only in the game of "survivor."

We're going to eat today,you people!

That's the biggest fish,i think
i've ever seen anybody catch.

That thing is huge.

That looks like a mini-shark.

This is great,aye been able
to catch turtle and crawfish.

*****It's kind of weird.

There you go!


Bob doesn't look out for himself.

He doesn't know how to
play this game at all.

He's just here to build
things,and that's stupid,you know.

He's taught me a lot out here,but as far as
playing the game,he's not very good at it.

Good job,bob!

I don't mind getting rid of bob.

I feel like i need to pull the power
into my own hands and take charge.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get
to today's challenge?

- Yeah.
- Yes,sir.

For today's challenge,you will
divide into two teams of three.

On my "go," you will
race out into the swamp

Where you will find two station
of sprocket-shaped puzzle pieces.

Once you've collected all seven pieces,

You mutt then arrange the pieces so they
work together allowing to you raise the flag.

The first team of three
to raise their flag,

Moves on to the final round where you will square
off against each other to solve a slide puzzle.

The first person to solve
the slide puzzle wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Yeah.

31 days is a long time
to be without love.

I wish i could tell you your loved
ones were here coming around the corner.

They're not.

But that doesn't mean you can't
have a little love right now.

I have a samsung instinct by sprint,

loaded on to this phone are video
meages from your loved ones at home.

I'm going to give you a little
taste of that love right now.

Here's andre and dustin.


Just want you to know everything
is going well here on the homefront.

Hi,moment. This is
jesse. I love you,be safe.

Thank you. I needed that.

All right,ken,you
ready for a little love?

Kenny,here's your sister,jenny.

Hey,ken. It's jenny. I love
you so much. I miss you.

Do your best,and never give up.

I can't believe i'm crying.

- Why?
- I miss her. I misfamily. It's been rough.

You guys can crowd around too,if
you want to see each other's.

You guys get to see my baby,i hope.


- Hi,hon,we miss you something terrible.
- Me baby!

The house is way too quiet.

The man and your son,your two money.

All right,corinne.

Hi,corinne! We misyou.

Hey,sis. Hope you're doing good out
there. Kind of miss you over here.

I've got no one to talk to when i've
got something crazy to tell someone.

You have the whole
family and the brother.

All right,bob. Here's peggy.

Hi,bob. How you doing?

I hope that you're doing really well.

What i mostly hope is that you're
having the adventure of your lifetime.

- She's pretty.
- Oh,yeah. Yeah.

Now that's support.

All she said was,"i just hope you're
having the adveure of a lifetime."

Yup. She's behind me 100%. I'm
the luckiest man in the world.

Matty,you look anxious. You
want to go nt? All right.

- Who do you want to hear from?
- Jaime.

All right.

Hi,baby! How are you doing?
We're happy as can be.

Yet,we do miss our other
partner,our family member,matty.

And don't ever forget that we love you.

We'll be here when you
return. I love you so much.


Last,but certainly not least,sugar.

Here's your sister,rena.

Hey,hope you're enjoying yourself.

You have us supporting you all the way,but
especially dad,smiling down at you from above.

And remember that. We love you so much.

- Thank you.
- Pretty nice message.

It's really nice to see
her and hear that from her.

All right,guys. Thanks
for sharing those with me.

All right,so,the winner of today's challenge
will enjoy their entire loved one message.

There is more.On the sprint phone,

while enjoying a nice little
afternoon of pizza,beer,brownies.

You'll fill up your belly,and
you will fill up your heart.

- Worth playing for?
- Oh,yeah.

One more thing.

Because today is all about
love,nobody is going to exile island.

All right,we're going to draw for teams.

Take a stone. Please don't look.

Come on,now,keep it covered.

All right,everybody
palms out and reveal.

If you have a yellow or red,you're
a captain. Take a spot over here.

Cristal and susie.

All right,we're going to
rock,paper,scissor. See who goes first.


- Scissors.
- Scissor cuts paper.

- Susie,you choose first.
- Who do you want on your team? Matty.

- Crystal,who do you want?
- Sugar.

- Matty's choice.
- Kenny.


- Sugar,who do you want?
- Bob.

Bob. We have our two teams.

Sugar,crystal,and bob,taking
on kenny,matty,and susie.

Corinne,not chosen.

Corinne will not have any
shot of winning this reward.

When they started to pick and
crystal immediately picked sug a

i realized right away they're all about,

You know,sticking together,sticking
together,and it sucks.

I don't want to go home,and i don't
know,you know,what to do to save myself.

Here we go. Survivors ready?


Out into the muddy swamp.

Crystal,sugar,bob,all take a
hard fall right off the bat.

Crystal dragging sugar.

Crystal not slowing down for anybody.

Gonna have to work together or this
is going to be really frustrating.

with their pieces.

Matty,susie,and kenny right behind.

Sugar goes down again!

That swamp is thick with mud.

Hard to move.

Matty,susie,and kenny now
making up a lot of ground.

Crystal now stuck.

Matty,kenny,susie back with
their first three pieces.

Good job,good job!

Come on!

Crystal,sugar,bob,back with
their first three pieces.

How much document that love?


Long video message from home.

Kenny,susie,and matty
have a good stride going.

- Working well together.
- Over here,baby!

Everybody exhausted.

Matty,susie,kenny have their last
four sprocket pieces heading back.

- Meat,meat!
- I can't!

- I have no hands.
- I know,matty,but.

Bob,crystal,sugar have their
final four sprocket pieces.

They're heading back.

Kenny,susie,matty,extending their lead.

Bob,sugar,crystal playing it very safe.

This is it! This is it!

Matty,kenny susie back with their final
four sprocket pieces,start work the puzzle.

Huge time advantage.

For matty,kenny,and susie.

Bob,sugar,and crystal are back.

Start working on it.

All the pieces should interlock so that
when you turn them,they will raise the flag.

Bob,the physics
teacher,leading his team.

Kenny,the gamer,leading his team.

- Wrong way.
- Right behind you!

Bob,sugar,and crystal
making a lot of progress.

Getting very close with the yellow team.

Bob thinks they have it.

And they do!

Sugar,crystal,bob moving
on to the final round!

Nice comeback,guys.

Nice try,guys.

First to solve this
slide puzzle wins reward.

Survivors ready? Go.

In front of you is what you
were trying to duplicate.

Bob thinks he has it.

And very quickly,bob wins reward!


That was fast. Bob,come
on over. Congratulations.


Loved one from home on the
sprent phone. This is for you.

Thanks,i appreciate it.

For the rest of you,sorry,i
got nothing for you.

Head back to camp.

I really wanted to win that reward.

I just wanted to see the whole
message that my sister had for me.

But bob won,and we think he's a threat,so if
he doesn't win immunity,then he's next to go.

Hi,bob. How you doing?

You,you know,i miss you an awful lot.

I know you're going to do well,and there's
something i wanted to show you. Hang on.


Oh,my god! Will be can you believe this.

Look what we have! Have you been eating?


Wait,i'll go get se termites.


Oh,yeah,we've been eating
termites and turtle soup.

The momeni saw bob be i couldn't
believe what he looked like.

I was so excited. He
smelled like a campfire.

He smelled so good.
He had that full board.


He looks dirty,but i
can tell he's very happy.

You look really good.

Peggy's here.

I was completely convinced,as was everybody
else,that the loved ones sent a video.

Cheers! We're in africa!

Are you okay?

Then you were like,to
get back on the thing...

Oh,my god! It's peggy! Oh,my god!

Are you kidding!

She's coming!

This is home.

Really nice to meet you.

- Nice to see you.
- Who's that?

Kenny,kenny,how nice to meet you. Matty.

This is really cool. Watch this.

Oh,my gosh!

Oh,my gosh!

Jirvgs so happy to see andre.
Not good enough to explain.

I haven't seen him in so long.

And it was just so good to hold him.

I totally didn't expect to see
you guys. We were talking about it.

Seeing my brother and seeing
somebody who loves me and who knows me

And who gets my sense of humor and who knows
how mean i am and loves it,was such a cool--

Like,i was overcome with emotion.


It's sugar and crystal.

And they trust me 100% because
i saved both their asses.

I saved both their ass.

And right now everybody trusts
me,but i will blindsight matty.

I took out five powerhouse,big guys.

Everybody loves me.

If i make the final
three,i will win this game.

-I'll tell you one thing,dad would be so proud of you.
- Yeah.

I did "survivor" because i thought it might help me
get a little bit of closure from my dad's passing,

So my sister brought
some of my dad's ashes.

- Do you want to say a prayer?
- Yeah.

Thanks,dad,for everything you've done
for me,and i know that you're the one--

You're the reason that i'm here.

And you're here with me every
day that i've been here,especially

When we were on exile,and thank
you for this awesome opportunity.

And thanks for being here with me and
keeping me strong and letting me see rena

And having all this
incredible stuff happen.

Have fun in africa,dad.

I didn't speak at his funeral
because i was a big mess.

So it felt good to say a few words because i
really needed him here and i feel like he's--

Like everybody felt like he was here,

but i feel like i brought him
to africa and he got to stay.

Where are you going?

- Down here.
- Okay.

I've always been kind of weak,and i've always
wanted to avoid the tough things in life,

You know,like settling down
and being an adult,you know.

And that's what i realized out here.

I have to face up to
my fears and grow up.

And i don't want to let another
day pass and me not let jaime know

How much she means to me
and how much i value her.

This is incredible. I love this.

- Yeah.
- I love you.

I want to spend the
rest of my life with you.

I want to do the same,baby,i
want to do the same.

I want to share family andw you and i want
to share kids and i want to share the future

And i want to share the past and
i want to share everything,jaime.

- I really-- - we
will,baby,we will.

I just want to know right now.
I really want you to be my wife.

And i want-- i want to marry you and i want
you to be my wife,and i made this for you.

Will you be my wife?

Yes,baby. Yes! Yes!

I'm not joke around or
joking. I really love you.

I love you.

- Here,i made it for you.
- You made this?

Yeah. I'll get down on my
knees. Will you be my wife?


I love you,jaime.

The whole experience today,it means
everything to me because i know

That todd's really proud of me,so
that makes me feel really good.

The good things in life aren't easy.

And they require a lot of work.

And a lot of digging deep.

And if you keep
digging,you will find it.

I mean,it's endless.

You have so much
ability and gold in you,

and if you just dig
for it,you will find it.

- Who wants to get tree mail?
- I'll go.

- Corinne,get tree mail.
- Can i go with corinne?

- Yeah,you guys go.
- Bye.





You know,there is a
possibility,very slight,

That they might get rid of
matty if he doesn't win immunity.

Here's what
i'm thinking--

you guys don't you think it's weird
a tribe of people are living together

And a couple of them are gone.

It's sweird.

For now,us five are stick together
because we have a better chance that way.

Hopefully,nobody is going to flip.



He's good at everything.

You're the only person that stands a chance
against bob in a physical challenge,really.

- Yeah.
- That's true,man.

The plan is to vote out bob and then corinne
because bob is way bigger of a threat.

Remember when we threw
the idol into the ocean?


And they never went and checked
the bottle,but marcus threw it in.

Diyou know that he had the idol
in his pocket when he came back

And hid it around camp and
showed me where it was and said,

- it's hidden over here.
- No way.

of he didn't have it when he went to tribal,so
if i win immunity,i can give that you to.

it's a legitimate idol?

no,but it sounded pretty good,didn't it?

yeah,it did.

i'm going to put it together,

and i'm going to imply that i've got the idol
we were supposed to have thrown in the ocean.

i am going to make my second
very good fake idol of the game,

and plan the plan with the idol is i'm
going to tell somebody on the other side

that i've got the original idol that
was supposed to have gone into the ocean.

so they've got to be
careful how they vote.

the problem is one of us
would have to win immunity.

well,we'll do that.

good for you, bob! good plan!

come on in,guys!

you guys ready toget to
today's immunity challenge?

first things first--
kenny,give it up.

once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

for today's challenge,i'm going
to ask you questions about gabon.

each time you answer
correctly, you earn a ball.

you're going to take turns throwing your
balls toward a taet divided by zones.

the person who land their ball in a
zone closest to the center wins immunity,

guaranteed a one in six
shot at winning this game.

losers go to tribal council,
where somebody will be voted out.

anything not clear?

let's get started.

all right,here we go.first question:

true or false-- gorillas were actually
first discovered here in gabon?

all right,everybody,reveal.

correct answer is... true.

sugar got it right,corinne got it right.

gorillas were discovered here in ******

sugar gets a ball,corinne gets a ball.

next question: a male
elephant is called a bull.

a female elephant is called,

a-, a mare,b,a doe,or,c,a cow.

everybody reveal.

correct answer is,c,the cow,

sugar got it right,susie got it
right,corinne got it right.******

******it is a fact the gabonnese
vip ser a poisonous snake.

true or false,it is considered
virtually harmless to humans.

everybody reveal.

susie and corinne say it is true

that it is virtually harmless to humans.

a poisonous snake,susie and
corinne,is deadly to humans.

the answer is false.

yes,it was a trick question.

good news is,everybody's on the board,everybody's
going to get at least one shot at the target.

sugar currently in
front with three shots.

last question:
true or false--

the elephant's trunk
has three purposes--

it servings as its
nose,its arm,and its mouth.

everybody reveal.

crystal says true,susie says true.

the trung is the nose and
the arm. it is not the mouth.

kenny got it right,matty got
it right. sugar got it right.

corinne got it right,and
bob got it right.

all right,well we know
what you know about gabon.

let's see how it plays
out. head over here.

kenny,you're first up.

- good luck,kenny.
- let's do this!

kenny has two because.
using your first one.

- no hesitation.
- what?!

nice shot,sixth zone from the center.

matty,you're trying to get as close
as you can to that center zone.

that looks good.

fourth zone from the center.

matty is now the mark to beat.


oh,soft launch,going
to look for some roll.

she gets it. not close enough.

matty still the mark to beat.

susie,you get one shot,don't
be short,woman. come strong.

good launch.

not going to be good enough.

no shot at winning immunity.


good-looking toss.

no,fifth zone from the middle.

matty still the mark to beat.

bob going to take his first shot.

it's all physics.

good follow-through. look at that.

bob with his first toss
is now the mark to beat.

- good job,bob.
- nice job.

crystal got one question
right and gets only one shot.

crystal with no backspin. gets
a good roll. not good enough.

crystal's now out of the challenge.


kenny launches it.

oh it was in,and then out.


kenny is out of this challenge now.

matty with his last shot at this.


nope,matty falls short.

matty is now out of this challenge.

no shot at winning.

sugar up next.

nice little soft touch.

oh,just misses. not close enough.

corinne is up.

big immunity on the line.

good toss. too far out.

bob's up. he is already
the mark to beat.

he can afford to be a little risky now.

it's going to be short. will it roll?

it does. bob improves h mark. he
is now one zone from the center.

going to be very tough to beat bob.


sugar going for the
roll,and she won't get it.

bob still the mark to beat.

corinne. ur last shot at immunity.

goes very high. will
she get a good kick?

she does. is it going to be enough? no.

corinne has no shot at immunity.

bob,with your last ball.

bob doesn't improve his lie.

bob is still the mark to beat, though.

one last shot,sugar. this is it.

you need to get in either the center zone
or the first zone outside of the center.

anythings else doest matter.

sugar launches it. and a good
roll. it's in and out of the center.

- bob wins immunity!
- good job,bob.


bob,come on over.

- nice bob.
- thank you,sir.

bob is safe at tonight's tribal
council,cannot be voted out of this game air,

one in six shot at winning it all.

the rest of you,tribal council tonight where
one of you will be voted out of this game.

grab your stuff,head back
to camp,see you at tribal.

winning today's immunity
challenge saved me.

i'm going to get the fake idol built.

there are five fang members here

and i am going to suggest two
of them go in with corinne and i.

if all goes as planned,perfect
time to blindside matty.

well done,bob.

yeah,very good.

feel like a big dunce.

obviously,bob and i
know that our numbers up,

so we've got this whole backstory about

why we have the idol that was
supposedly launched into the ocean.

but what we need to have this work correctly
is at least one of us to get the immunity idol,

which is exactly what happened.

the story is this--
marcus got the idol.

you were the only person that knew
about it. i've never known about it.

if you hadn't gotten immunity tonight,you
would have used it for yourself.

but you got immunity,and the only
way to keep yourself in this game

is to give it to me so i'm still in the game
and take out the strongest player,being matty.

if they think i'm going to play th
idol,they're not going to want to vote me.

you you are a conning son of a gun.

- ********
- Thank you

i hope this works. it's a long shot.

i think i'm very smart,and
bob is very crafty

and we put those two forces together,and
this is the best we could do.

it would be so awesome if this worked.



the only thing,i think, corinne is trying
to make bob give her the immunity necklace.


if he gives it to her,it will
still be four for the vote.

all we know is this five is tight and
we're staying strong, and corinne's gone.

no one's flipping,and we're good.

i don't know why everybody is worried.

because this game makes you worry,man.

bob won the immunity challenge today,so
today we need to vote out corinne.

but it's dangerous. we're getting down
to the final six with bob still in it,

and bob is a major threat
when it comes down to it.

so... it's nervous wracking, man.








you really can't say anything.

i promise. i swear.

so remember when they threw
the idol out into the ocean?

well,marcus ripped the string and had
the rest of the idol in his pocket,

never put it in the ocean.

he brought it back to
camp and hid it with bob.

but since he won immunity today, he
said,listen,if we use it" now it will help."

Who are you guys going to take out?

We're going to take out
matty,and that's it.****


I think right now,you're and bob's
best chance is to take out matty.

Let me see if i can get bob.

I think me,you,and bob should talk.

He doesn't know i told you
yet. Let me soften the blow.

This has definitely changed the game and i think
the best shot is to blindside matty right now.

I think i might have
to jump alliances now.

Oh,my god.



So we're trying to figureut the
best way to strategize. I don't know.

I think the
best option is--

tell us,because you're just as smart
as we are,and we need your input.

I know matty is not that smart.

I think that your best
chance is to take out matty.

Do you think maybe the better
person,because she's smarter,is crystal.

Do you think crystal would
separate from the others?

- I think crystal would
probably join us. - So maybe--

- if we get crystal in,we'll go to the final four.
- Yup.

- So we'll figure it out from there.
- Yeah.

We come up with a ridiculously hairbrained
scheme that shouldn't work at all,

And it might actually
work,which is so blind blowing.

It just shows you the level of
incompetence we're playing with.

What we're going to do is ask crystal
if she'd like to be on our alliance.

And we're giving her the
chance to join with us.

I just collected these pieces.

I'm worse than a raven.

I save everything.

I don't know about
you,but that would fool me.


Highway close were you to
marcus when he threw it in?

We were far.

You saw the idol that
was on the bottle,right?


It had a face on it. It was...


Final four,you,me,kenny,and corinne.

We don't want to use this tonight.

Would you be interested in
taking out matty tonight?


Go on board with us.

Operation fake idol,2,is
working like a charm.

And the interesting thing,is we're
not even going to have to use the idol.

That's tmatty.

We're taking out matty.
Even better for us.

We have to flush out their idol.

Bob shook my hand and gave
me a kiss on the cheek.

So that's a big deal for him.

- You have to vote for corinne.
- Okay.

You understand that.

Everybody's voting for corinne,yes.

- I'm going to vote for matty.
- Three for matty. four for corinne.

Matty's gone,boom!

This is the best plan.

I know for a fact that crystal
is going to vote for corinne,

And koirn is going to play her
idol,a win-win situation for me,

Because the idol is flushed
out,and matty is going home.

If this plan works out,i'll be the
biggest strategist in survivor history.

But it's going to be a
little tense there tonight.

We'll have numbers out
there tonight at least.


I think it's the best.

i think the
four of us--

This is going to be like we're swapping
the game,but hopefully it's a good choice.

Every fiber of me wants to trust kenny.

If the idol is real,then matty is gone.

But if they've got a fake
idol,corinne goes home,

And i've definitely been weighing
who it is better to take out.

My heart tells me to take matty out.

Corinne is not the threat to me.

This is my only chance to get him out.

This is racking my brain.

The mental part of this
game is kicking my ass.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Marcus,charlie,and randy,voted
out at the last tribal council.

Susie,can you still
feel old tribal lines,

or is this now how do i win this game?

Alliances that you make have
to get you to a certain point,

And when people start getting
parnoirkd it's a domino effect.

So you do have to think ahead.

Bob,does this make sense,this
paranoia? Is that inevitable?

This is the first time
i haven't been paranoid.

I get to realize what it
feels like to have this on.

But i'll be paranoid
next time i come in here.

Corinne,can paranoia be an advantage?

I suppose it can.

You know,obviously,bob and i are kind of on
the outside,and they're a tight group of five.

If paranoia sets in,maybe there is a
possibility to try and,you know,break it up.

Sugar,what's the worst part about
paranoia as it relates to your game?

People freaking out and
believing lies and flipping.

I mean,you just have
to,like,keep everybody in check,

And make sure nobody is being
gullible and geting duped.

Cristable,at a certain point
does ibecome crazy to trust?

With certain people,yes.

Certain people,no.

And is the whole trick of this
game figuring out when that time is?

That is the whole trick of the game.

Knowing when to trust
and when to cut your ties.

Kenny,is tonight's vote any more
important,less important than any other vote?

I think it's very important tonight.

Because you think that you can
trust somebody,and then you don't.

Because after you see the
votes,you're going to be like,

"whoa!Who did this? Who did that."

I would say tonight's vote is very
important,compared to any other vote.

All right,let's get to the vote.

Bob,you have the individual
immunity necklace.

I assume you're going to
keep it for yourself tonight.

Very good assumption.

Cannot vote for bob.
Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote. Corinne,you're up.

Matty,this is clearly a strategic move.

I'll go tally the votes.

if anybody has the hidden immunity idol

And you want to play it,now
would be the time to do so.

Okay. Once the votes are
ready,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,matty.

Corinne. One vote
matty,one vote corinne.

Corinne. Two votes
corinne,one vote matty.

Corinne. That's three votes
corinne,one vote matty.

Matty. Two votes
matty,three votes corinne.

Matty. We're tied.

Three votes corinne,three
votes matty,one vote left.

12th person voted out of survivor:
gabon and the fourth member of our jury.

Vorin,you need to bring me your torch.

Corinne,the tribe has spoken.

- Time for you to go.
- Thanks.

The big theme of
the night-- paranoia.

The question is how do you
make the paranoia work for you

and not against you?

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Upoloaded By LiVeTeLe


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