Survivor (2000–…): Season 17, Episode 10 - I Was Put on the Planet for This Show - full transcript

In a very special Survivor, never before seen footage, including audition tapes and secret scenes, reveal who the castaways are and how they became entrenched in the adventure of a lifetime while giving insight into how power shif...

tonight on a special
episode of "survivor: gabon,"

you'll get a fresh look at the
survivors with never-before-seen footage.

if you get me, you're
not offended by me.

if you don't get me, you
go crying home to mama.

oh, my god!

i want to kill sugar. i hate her.

i'm sugar.

for the first time...

i'm a professional gamer.

watch the audition tapes that
turned the actors into survivors.


and follow the unlikely stories of how
the early underdogs came out on top.


it comes down to brains versus
brawn and i'm a huge-time strategist.


the game is outwit, outlast.

you can't outwit crystal cox, baby.


my strategy is to get even.


i'm not too bad at this.

i'm a lot better than
i thought for sure.


it's about knowing when to react.

i mean, i really feel
confident i know when to jump.


this is by far the hardest
thing i've ever done.

my whole driving force out here
is jaime, she's my girlfriend.

and corinne.

i'm out here because i want to win.

i believe i'll be in the top three.

from the very first moments of the game,

the fang tribe set themselves up for failure
with some odd choices during the schl yard pick.

susie, come on home!

i knew it.

i'll pick the big home
weall the game right there.

it was immediately clear that fang
was physically weaker than coat

and this would prove to be their demise.

as fang lost 10 out of
the next 14 challenges...

- kota wins immunity!
- yeah!

kota wins immunity!

kota scores!

kota! kota!

colta wins immunity and rewar

this is not even close.

i'm starting to lose my spirit.

i'm starting to lose my hope.

we don't match up to kota physically.

we don't match up to kota mentally.

we don't match up to kota.

the fang tribe bickered.

eat your rice.

randy, are you, like, the
leader of the tribe now?

drop it.

i don't have to drop nothing, man.

i can ask you something if i want.

i can just ignore you then.

michelle, the tribe has spoken

and their tribe quickly dwindled.

- ***
- ******

kota lost one member early on.

paloma the tribe has spoken.

but they remained rational and united.


our moral was super
high. we love our team.

marcus artfully kept things together.

and away we go.

and made a solid early alliance
with charlie, corinne, and genetic.

these four looked poised to
go all the way to the end,

but it's not always the obvious
front-runner that comes out on top

marcus drops a pole.
he's out of the challenge.

and amazingly...

the tribe has spoken.

out of this early powerhouse alliance,
only corinne made it to the final seven.

what are you about to see is the
story of a quiet group of underdogs

who slowly finecessaried their
games and ended up on top.

proudly presents


Season17 Episode10

coming up, we'll get a never-before-seen
glimpse at the survivors' audition tapes.

there's an expression, the
guy's really out on a limb.



education is incumbent upon me, but work is
something that has always distinguished me.

four months ago, 18 people were
chosen to be the survivors of gabon.

i am 22 years old.

i'm going to bring some entertainment.

i only love one person in
my life, and that was my dog.

he's in thisurn right here.

dogs rule. people suck.

i hate phones.

out of those 18, only seven remain.

here's what they said to get here.

i joined a sorority.

good morning,y name is mr. crowley.

i am a mild-mannered
physics teacher.******

there's an expression, "that guy
is really out on a limb"... and oh.

in order to win survivor, one of the things you
have to be able to do is eat that weird stuff,

that real crap.

and i would like to thank
the women at the cafeteria ???

who for over 20 years have
been serving me real crap.

hi, my name is crystal cox.

you've probably seen me before, yes, me,
crystal, the 2004 olympic gold medalist.

it's time for me to attack
new challenges in my life.

why do i think i should be it?

because i have the three bs,
brains, beauty and blazing speed.

i am 47 years old. i grew
up pretty poor.*******

i'm always fun to be around.
anyway, please call me.

i do want to bring my tweezers because i don't want
to have a hairy mustache and beard when i come home.

that would not be cool. okay, gotta
go. please call me, mr. burnett.

i really am ready.

i am from california, and i think i have
what it takes to be on the next survivor.

i'm a professional gamer.

here are some of the checks i've
won from some of my tournaments.


i can outpredict everyone so well,
i'm always one step ahead of them.

hey, i'm corinne, and i'm a graduate of the university
of florida where i went on full academic scholarship,

graduated in three years,
and with highest honors.

i've got two tactics. one, fluritation.

the second tactic is manipulation.

oh, and one more thing...

i'm a risk taker. i always jump
into the deep end of the pool.

****i'm suggar.

i'm job expls homeless right now.

my dad passed away five
and a half months ago

and i need to grow up a lot
more than i am right now.

so, it would be, like, the best
thing that iould do for myself.

i would like to eat some snails and
raw fish and bugs and whatever it takes.

come on in.

hey, i've got some company.
thanks for watching.

my name is matty whitmore.

i was put on this planet for the
sole purpose of being on this show.

matty, jake, and jam.

i love my girl and my boy.

my hard-core physical training.

my hard-core philosophy that
takes focus and discipline

because living a dream here in
paradise only gets you so far.

i need a little pain. i
need a little suffering.

30 days ago 18 americans journeyed to a remote
section of africa for the vrpt of a lifetime.

welcome to "survivor:
gabon", earth's last eden.

you guys ready to get started?

- absolutely.
- you know, it.

in the very first challenge,
kota beat fang by a landslide.

kota wins the extra food!

i have corn and beans.

kota was upbeat and happy.

rice pudding.

our team rocks!

but the fang tribe was starving.

so i don't necessarily
think that's healthy.

this is okay. don't even think about i
close your eyes. don't even think about it.

there is fruit we found in the
woods that we call gabon pears.

it's rather nasty.

it's not bad. not bad at all.

little grasshoppers i'm going to have to call
breakfast this morning, unless y'all want some.

that grasshopper was gross.

it was by far one of the
grotesquest thing i have ever done.

it's stuck in my throat.

anything at fang that
could go wrong did go wrong.



yeah, just a leech.

how does the leech
look. i want to see it.


it's done bleing. it used
to be bleeding. it's nothing.

it isn't nothing. a leach in the water?


it's a good thing you jumped
in and tested it out for us.

everybody else is scared
of the water now, i think,

except for matty because the
deadly leaches that swim out there.

you're not worried about
leaches at all, huh?


randy got attacked by leaches and even
though i'll swimming around in the water,

frolicking around the water,

they haven't seen one leach on me and of
course they grab on to matty and suck his blood.


when they got back to camp, matty discovered
he picked up a new friend along the way.

i have leach! on your ankle.

the other side.

it was on my frigging cut.

that freaked you out.

i got it off, though.

you better pull your pants down.

they love your butt, too.

that's disgusting!

look how fat it is. it grew.

what a scumbag.

- oh, man!
- let me see.

all my blood.

at kota, marcus, corie, charlie,
and jacquie were running the show,

and they had bob in their back pocket.

i have jacquie, marcus, charlie,
you know, we're all in your boat.

as long as you feel the same way
we do, we're all in it together.

here's the deal, these are the four, you're
the fifth, that's all you need to know.

it's the majority. that's it.

so lock it down. that's it.

and when kota won yet
another challenge--

kota wins immunity and reward!

they sent dan from fang to be
the first to visit exile island.

but this time, exile
island was different.

dan had a choice between getting
a clue to the hidden immunity idol

or spending the time
there in idle comfort.

dan chose the clue, but his
search for the idol came up empty.

i'm tired.i'm thirsty, hungry,

and i cannot find this immunity idol.

at kota, there was love in the airai.





so marcus and jacquie
also go off together.

and have become the couple of our tribe.

which is a problem.

because any time you are in a romantic
involvement with somebody else,

it puts a target on your back.

honestly, every time you go off with
jacquie, everyone makes comments.

- do they?
- yes.

yesterday you guys were
standing on the dock, really.

and they were like, "do you think they would
agree to get married at the end of the dock there."

you need to watch yourself.

i have no intention of remaining with
them if they continue this behavior.

it's bad business.

when fang finally won
a reward challenge...

fang wins reward!

they sent sugar to exile island.

i knew that.

how did you know that?

i knew they were goingo pick
me because they think i'm dumb.

some of sugar's tribemates
wondered if she would survive.

she's not going to be able to find it.

she's a pinup.

i think sugar on exile island is
doing as bad as anybody can on exile.

she is so clutching heknees,
rocking back and forth.


she's probably this close to a complete
meltdown,if not already in the throes of a meltdown.

but corinne underestimated
the wilof the pickup model.

oh, my god! i found it!

and just like that, sugar had become
the most powerful player in the game.

when fang sent me to exile, i
thought maybe they thought i was dumb

and that i'd never
find the idol, no way.

i can't believe i found it and the lawyer
didn't. how funny is that. that's funny.

coming up in a new scene, an adventure
for kota is no picnic for corinne.

i'd rather be serving up
poison to these people.

i hate these people.

when sug rar returned from exile, she let
ace, her closest ally, in on her secret.

i found it.



i just had a very nice
conversation in the canoe,

being told that sugar
has the immunity idol,

and we're going to
hopefully dominate this game.

over at fang, they were
running out of rice.

seen the rice?

we're over halfway done.

i will-- i will make my speech,
and then i'm going to shut up.

and you guys can decide, but we need
to be eating one meal a day period.

we're all going to be hungry.

that's why it's called survivor.

with tension still in the airai,

good-natured matty tried to lighten things up
with a heartfelt song honoring his girlfriend.

get in a circle around the fire, okay.

you guys want to sing "jaime
is a jolly good woman."

i missed her birthday.

- is that cool?
- i like matty. he is a cool kid.

he reminds me a lot of my little brother, but
sometimes i think matty seems a little insecure.

ready, one, two, three.

jaime's a jolly good woman

jaime's a jolly good woman

jaime's a jolly good woman

nobo can deny

we love you, jaime!

being out here, it's even slidified
more they love my girlfriend,

and that's what i'm doing this for.

i'm realizing, overall,
durkd i'm anxiety-wriden.

i have to really address
that issue when i get home.

have you had-- have you had
much tragedy in your life?


i mean, everything.

you know, one tops the other.

my dog, johnson, meant more to
me than any of these people will.

he's been dead five years,
and i miss him to this day.

and as soon as i get back
home, i'm gonna get a new one

and tell him all about being here.

the dog died five years ago, and, you
know, all i've done is deal with it.

i'm not the nicest guy in the world.

i've had a tough 49 years,
but matty knows if you get me,

you're not offended by me.

if you don't get me, you
go crying home to mama.

fang finally started thinking
about alliances when matty, randy,

susie, and dan vowed to stick together.

we are all totally on
the same page with this.

- we don't need to talk about this anymore.
- no.

just put it in.

all that matters is the four of us.

but at the reward challenge, all bets were
off when an unexpecd announcement was made.

- we are picking new tribes.
- what!

no, no, no, no!

- drop your buffs.
- no!

damn it!

i had it
all perfect--

dan, randy, and susie and i solidified our
forcesome and i was super content with it.

i was happy. i was comfortable
with that four sell.

and then jeff's like, "we're
going to switch teams."

and i was like oh, no.
that was such a buzz kill.

i didn't want to hear that.

given the opportunity for fang to build a
stronger tribe with another school yard pick

they blew it again
with some odd choices.

i'll go can kelly. i want
to get to know her better.


of course the mat gets fully
pulled out from under me, you know.

it's like "the bad
news bears" again.******

the new red tribe was matty, kenny,
crystal, kelly, jack eerk and ace.

the and the new yellow
tribe was corinne, bob,

susie, randy, dan, marcus, and charlie.

leaving sugar left standing.

what does that mean?

you will go to exiled.

you will then join the tribe that goes
to tribal council and loses a member.

since sugar already had
the hidden immunity idol,

this time she decided
to settle into the shack.

comfort time!

oh, my god, this is so good.

at the new kota tribe, randy was trying hard
to keep his aggressive personality at bay

in an effort to secure a long-lasting
position in his new tribe.

you have to be father away.

susie is doing a great job around camp, and if
randy has a poor performance in the challenge,

**********i'd rather keep susie around.



and at the immunity challenge, randy
proved he was a force to be reckoned with.

and helped his new tribe
continue their winning streak.

kota wins immunity!

yes! yes! yes!

back at fang, crystal, kenny,
and matty had too 2 decide

which newly inherited member
of kota would go next and why.

i say kelly. i say kelly
is the weakest link.

we're going to vote sue off
next the difference *******

the difference is sugar
may have the immunity idol.

ace, sugar, and jacquie, those
three right now are real deadly.

darn it.

- you cool?
- yeah.

that night at tribal council, crystal's
influence over the tribe prevailed,

and an original front-runner
of kota was voted out.

jack eerk the tribe has spoken.

when sugar returned to
her new home, theang tribe,

she was disappointed
that jacquie wasn't there.

- welcome back.
- yeah.

- so that means jacquie's gone.
- yup.

that sucks.

the next day, corinne was just as shocked to learn
that one of her closest allies had been voted out.

a lot of reactions on kota. surprise?

- yeah.
- definitely.

from the very first
days of his adventure,

bob's fathererly ways and ingenious
craftsmanship were a way to keep him in the way.

it's actually turning out
to be a nice-looking bench.

this is the coolest stuff.

you're the coolest, bob.

this is a slingshot we're supposed to kill
birds with but it all actsa as a hawaiian swing.

- how many birds have you gotten?
- none.

we're in the middle of the jungle and
this is my porat a and they know it.

i made the tripod so
we could cook on it.

i made the spoon. i
made the spear thing.

mark urks don't you think that
would have been nice for a fish?

yeah, but it's bottom-heavy.

i am valuable to them, and i've grown to
like them and they've grown to like me.

- is that the sun dial?
- yeah.

show me how that works.

it's really neat because
they show me a lot of respect.

if we were at the equator, it
would be a nice straight line.

- so this isn't read like a clock?
- no.

having bob around is definitely an asset,
but i am not looking to take him to the end.

coming up, corinne's *****


fang's continuous string of losses and lack
of food began to wear on crystal's nerves.

13 grains of rice.

we can all have two grains.

eat your rice.

don't tell me what i
should be doing out here.

eat your rice!

shut your mouth!

jk had had enough.





you ask to leave this game,
man, and people pounce on that. quitting.

that's bull. i don't want to hear it.

i'm voting for g.c., hands down.

he's quit at the challenges, and
now he wants to quit the game.

to me, he's a loser.


being out here long starving
is a mind game in itself.



so that's where i stand.

and that night at tribal council, matty,
kenny, and crystal granted g.c. his wish.

the next day, crystal's suspicions that sugar
had the hidden immunity idol were confirmed

when she went digging through
sugar's bag and found it.



we all know that sugar has
the hidden immunity idol,

and it really changed things because
right now, everybody's scared of that idol.

matty continued to fight
hard for the fang tribe.

we gotta move!

but his teammates just
didn't have it in them.

should goar and kenny both drop out.

kota closing in on a big
win and a huge reward.

kota wins reward!

and crystal broke down in tears.

randy is just over the top. he's rude.

randy comes off as a snake to
me, and to me, he's a troll.

fang kept on losing.

kota, you continue to
dominate in this game.

and at tribal council,
kelly was the next to go.

the next day, sugar dropped the ball and was sent
back to exile island for a record-breaking fifth time.

and kota won a big reward.

should be a fun afternoon.

kota took a journey to a remote
part of eden for a lavish picnic.

- let's get our blanket out.
- let's get our blanket out.

dig into the food.

tomatoes and you can couple berz.

- man!
- sardine!

- onions.
- oh, my god! we have avocados.

would you everhink we would be
sipping champagne in clothing

and underwear we have been
in for 18 days-- 19 days.

we knew we were going to get
sandwiches, but that's all we knew.

- chocolate!
- chocolate!

it turns out it was a
very involved picnic.

this was not your average,
like, schmo picnic.

those are gerkins.

they're passing around things like
gerkins, really simple small pickles.

nobody knows. "what are
these? are these african."

- that smells like cat food.
- it's pate.


it's expensive. we do not do that.

who does not know what pate
is. proscuitto. bleu cheese.

these are not
nan-american things.******

we are all going to
have diarrhea tonight.

maybe we'll all be drunk
and won't remember it.

speaking of drunk, who
is on the next bottle?

what is the deal with the bottle.



i don't think-- you guys owned
that bottle 20 two of you?


i don't care.

it becomes less enjoyable when you have
to worry about divvying everything up,

because everybody is always
conscious of, "is he getting more?"

randy's sucking it down.

unfortunately you get
these great experiences,

but you have to share them
with people you can't stand.

i would rather be serving
up poison to these people.

sugar spent so much time on exile island,
that after finding the idol on her first trip,

her biggest enemy in the game was boredom,
but she found ways to stay occupied.

i got sick of wearing a leopard dress,
and i don't have any other clothes,

so i'm looking kind of crazy these days.

this is my mary anne
look. do you like it?

when she was tired,
she'd hit the hammock.

she spent her days picking
flowers and berries,

basking in the sun in her
own private eden was a joy.

she even had her own swimming pool.

but nothing was better than
biting into the apple of eden.

i'm so happy.

i could cry.

and she did.

she actually felt guilty
about her good fortune.

why do i get to come back here and eat
fruit when everybody is starving at my tribe,

and they're running out of food.

i'm feeling really guilty.

sugar's many days on exile kept
her out of the pol tibz of camp

and helped her transform from an
inexperienced girl to a power player.

i learned that i may be a
little tougher thane thought.

i maybe have underestimated myself.

exile island wasn't so bad for me.

the next day, a surprising
announcement was made.

bad news is both tribes are
going to tribal council tonight.


each of you will have an equal
shot at winning individual immunity.

marcus won individual immunity.


and had the power to give another immunity
necklace to somebody from the other tribe.

i'm going to give this to sugar.

sugar found herself doubley protected with
individual immunity and the hidden idol.

sugar is safe at tonight's tribal council
for fang, marcus is safe for kota's.

back at camp, kenny's
mind games came into play

when he lied to to sugar about her
strongest ally, ace, trying to blindside her.

honest to god, this is what
is happening around camp.****

ace thinks he has you
wrapped around his finger.

this guy is a snake. we blind side.

we blindside ace.

and we never have to worry
about the snake again.

sugar bought the lie, and it was
ace who was blindsided at ****

at the kota tribal
council, dan was voted out.

the tribe has spoken.

when the tribes came
together for a feast...

this is nuts!

they assumed the merge had come.

during the meal, kenny spotted a clue.


i feel like you guys
should take a look, too.

what does it say?

"you have just discovered a clue
to another iden immunity idol.

but no one wanted to take the idol
for the fear of seeming too aggressive.

it's the apple in the garden of eden.

yeah, if you want the
apple, take it.*****

so in the end, the tribes
did the unthinkable.

one last time, anybody who
wants immunity, it's there.

who wants it?

- the ocean wants it.
- the ocean!

randy and marcus were so confident that they
ditched the one thing that could save them.

these people are so stupid.

i got 10 people to throw an
immunity idol into the ocean.

it's never been done.

with all due respect, president
bongo, i am the new king of gabon.

i'm sorry, but i rule.

this organization it's mine.

and just when they thought
a merge was on the horizon.

- ******
- here we go.

they found another switch was in store.

the new kota tribe is bob and marcus
and susie. crystal and kenny...

i'll see you.

the new fang tribe, myself, charlie, and
corinne and then we've got matty and sugar.

at fang, matty told sugar
she was duped by kenny.

- ace was covering you the whole time.
- i know.

- he never was gunning for you.
- i know.

i didn't know.

i think kenny and crystal duped me.

i feel awful that i got rid of ace.

at the next immunity challenge, matty's inner
strength and physical stamina singlehandedly

won a heroic victory for fang

matty wins immunity for the fang tribe.

facing tribal council, marcus was confident and
acted like he was still in control of the game.

i don't want you to go home.

and know that susie is
going to campaign for it,

and the only way that i feel like we can make the
switch would be to have ken go home and you stay.

marcus and i now have
a solid relationship,

but when you start talking about
knocking off my number one ally,

just so you can go father in
the game, i'm not pleased at all.

then marcus had a chat with susie.

my thought was tonight ken and then,

hopefully we don't have to go for
a while, then crystal will be next.

but crystal told ken bemarcus's plan.



what do you mean?

and all of a sudden, susie was the key.






i have a huge decision to make
tonight on which way to go,

either marcus or bob, or i can
vote with kenny and crystal.

and that night at tribal council, the
person responsible for dumping the idol

now needed it and was voted out.

ninth person voted out of survivor:
gabon and the first member of our jury,


at the next reward challenge, fang
was in shock that marcus was gone.

he didn't deserve to leave the game.

and kenny's confidence was growing.

then who does? who does
deserve to leave the game?

i could not believe they
had gotten rid of marcus.

it was so heartbreaking just because that
really damages my chances at the game.

but fang won the challenge.

we won!

and bob was sent to exile island.

bob, grab your stuff.

matty and his tribe enjoyed some real african
culture and food at a local village in gabon.

- **********
- i know.

while over on exile, bob searched for the
idol, not knowing that sugar already had it.

the fourth clue got me
completely perplexed.

bob decided he couldn't leave
exile island empty-handed

so he made his first
major strategic move.

i'm going to make something that looks
like an idol so they think i have an idol.

sort of like when you're holding up a
bank-- you don't necessarily need the gun.

but if they think you've got a
gun, they might leave you alone.

this is my new fake idol.

coming up, randy stirs
up trouble around camp.

desperate times, man, call
for desperate measures.

slut up, randy.

at the next immunity challenge,
the merge was finally announced.

your merge.

and susie surprised
everyone by winning immunity.

susie wins immunity!

back at the newly merged camp...

people bounced into the jungle
and started their strategy.

charlie and randy were
gunning for crystal.

crystal's the way to go.
bob will vote crystal.


with sugar in the middle, corinne and charlie
tried to convince her to vote with the old kota.



can do randy next.

what charlie didn't know is matty, susie,
crystal, and kenny had a different victim in mind.

this is the realness over here.


write down charlie. write down charlie.

charlie, charlie.

and kenny tried to pull
sugar over to hiz side.


- ********
- yes.

knowing the vote was in her hands,

sugar had to decide whether
to go with her old tribe

or her new allies who promised
to take her to the end.

and that night at tribal council
sugar's vote sealed the deal

and the early underdog suddenly became
the clear front-runners in the game.

tenth person voted
out of survivor: gabon.


with charlie gone,
bob, randy, and corinne

found themselves in the
minority of a tribe led by sugar.

even though i don't like the way they've
been talking negative and everything,

i thought maybe you could learn
from me by telling me a little bit.

i know that sounds stupid.


i'm just letting you know that
i hate the way you've been but--

but i know that you're not a bad person.

you just got a little out of hand.

so this morning i'm in the hut,

and sugar decide that she's going
to teach me a lesson about life.

we had one good conversation.

the rest the time it was you and
randy talking about everybody else.

and it's just-- it's a negative way of being,
and it was happening so much i was just like,

oh, my's like cancer in my ears.

it's like all the complaints.
nothing was good enough.

i don't want to keep harp ago it.

i just want you to realize that
everything that you say is--

is noted,you
know, and-- and--

- all right.
- you know,.

okay, cool. i'm sorry.

i just wanted to... to talk to you.

from a girl who
is-- i'm sorry--

a noncollege graduate
waitress who's out of work--

she doesn't even have a waitress job.

she lives off the kindness of hers.

i don't like people that live
off the kindness of others.

there is no honor in that.

i want to kill sugar.

i hate her you don't understand.

she pulls me boat tent and she's like,

"i know you were making fun of me and i know
what you and randy said and you don't even know me

and i want to teach you about forgiveness and how
being nice to people is better than being mean."

and i'm like i don't have any friend,
you're the only one i have left.

i'm cringeing like really, you're
going to teach me something.

it's people that are so self-righteous and
high and mighty that are a million times--

my favorite is, like,
she's so stupid--

- that it's dangerous.
- yes!

and i'm just like, i never complained.

she's the one who-- she's always
complaining about where she sleeps.

she's complaining about
where she's sitting.

i just-- you don't understand, all i that
gets me through the same is the speech

i rehearse after they
say my name at tribal.

i'm going to say the best part is
i don't have to see you anymore.


go, go.

at thev least, i have the jury.

we'll give the million to who we want to give
the million to, and trust that won't be sugar.

i don't know who it will
be, but it won't be sugar.

so her little teaching
me a lesson. really?

this is how the lesson goes, bitch.

now with no alliance left, bob
showed sugar his only asset.

i couldn't find it
anywhere. i made a fake one.

oh, my god. that's awesome.

at the next reward challenge, a
survivor auction was full of surprises.

if you see something you
like, you should bid on it.

send yourself or someone
else to exile island.

i'll pick bob. i'm sorry, bob.

bob, get your personal items.

you're going back to exile island.

you will return in time for
the next immunity challenge

and randy thought he would soften
his image with a plate cookie.

- 20
- sold to randy.

oh, my god, randy.

- would you like one?
- i couldn't possibly.

but sugar couldn't hide
her dislike to randy.

randy you're giving
sugar's to corinne's.

sugar doesn't have one.*****



he lost his last cookie when sugar
snatched it up and gave it to matty.

that cookie is tainted.

back at camp, randy
just couldn't let it go.

that wasn't a gift from her, man.
that was my keek. i didn't get one.

- you had two. i had none.
- sorry.

i left the auction half
drunk and pissed off.

unaware that sugar had
the hidden immunity idol,

randy bet on bob finding the
idol at exile and giving to him

and cooked up a scheme with corinne.

i'm going to crashing and burning
all day, making everybody miserable.

our only prayer is if bob
would give me the idol.

- it's our only prayer.
- that's a great plan.

randy purposely made himself irritating
to get people to vote for him.




oh, my god, don't do this, dude?

what are u going to do, vote me out?

desperate times, man, call
for desperate measures.

shut up, randy! you're being a lunatic.

be nice, bro.

i gotta do what i gotta do.

there's not a normal person
among these idiots, except you,

and you even whored yourself out.

you know you have. i don't blame you.

it's worth $1 million
to you. it's not to me.

oh, my god.

it's a no-brainer that
randy has to go home now,

so everybody's a little paranoid
today about him burning the camp down,

dumping our food, raff annualing
people's personal items.


i'm just scared he's going
to dump out the coffee,

throw the beans and rice
in the woods, or whatever.


he's just not happy right now.

but he dug his own grave.
there's a reason he's leaving.

i can't even believe he's still here.

first we have to beat
him at this challenge.

i think he's crazy. i
think he might be crazy.

this is ridiculous.

randy got to go. randy needs to go.

he is a troll.

he is wreak, havoc in the nobag tribe.

the next immunity challenge
turned up the pressure on randy.

kenny wins immunity!

with randy on his last
legs, bob was his only hope.






bob put out the bait.


and randy bit down.

i'm here for three more days.

looks like an idol to me.

figuring he had the game in his pocket.

i cannot wait to see this.

are you awesome.

and that night at tribal council,
randy smugly made his last move.

but the joke office him.

this is not a hidden immunity idol.

and he was the 11th person
voted out of "survivor: gabon."

randy the tribe has spoken.

well, after tonight's tribal council, it's very
clear this game is coming down to one thing--

trust. can't wait to
see how it plays out.

grab your torches. head back to camp.

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where 18 once stood, only seven remain.

how will sugar cope
being in between good...

you, me, and sue to the end.

and evil?

i'm not trying to buy your vote!

i've never been trying to buy your vote.

what new adventures
will the survivors face?

what futursurprises are in store.

oh, my god!

join us as the adventure continues.

look at them boys.

look at marcus' cute butt.

they're all naky.


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