Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 10 - It's Been Real and It's Been Fun - full transcript

Recap episode with 14 new scenes.

>> JEFF PROBST: Tonight, on a

special episode of Survivor:

China, we'll take a closer look

at how the final seven survivors

made it deep into the game.


>> I'm smaller than the rest of

our people, but I'm quick and

I'm smart.

>> PROBST: Courtney.

>> My strength is that I'm not a

strong player.

>> PROBST: Peih-Gee.

>> I'm going to come off as a

bitch and I'm going to come off

as bossy.

>> PROBST: Erik.

>> Unless I'm way off, I haven't

made any enemies.

>> PROBST: Denise.

>> I want to stay in this game

as long as I possibly can.

>> PROBST: Amanda.

>> I try hard.

I'm athletic.

I am a huge threat in this game.

>> PROBST: And James.

>> I really would love to see

how these people would be

without me being here.

It would be hilarious.

Because they honestly would be


>> Watch your mouth, dude.

Word gets around.

>> Todd, when you come

confronting me, make sure you

know what you're talking about.

>> PROBST: We'll also see how

their stories unfolded...

>> Bottoms up, baby.

>> PROBST: ...with 14 scenes of

all new footage.

>> I ate the legs and a little

bit of the ass and now I'm

craving frog.

>> If we lose, you're going


>> My impression of Jaime.

>> Oh, my god.

>> If you're not in the mood to

accept my apology, that's fine.

>> No.

I know what kind of person you


>> James...

>> PROBST: New twists constantly

reshaped the game...

Fei Long, you now get to kidnap

one member of their tribe.

...into one of the most

unpredictable Survivors ever.

And for the first time ever, one

castaway holds two immunity


>> I cannot stop smiling,

because I'm not going anywhere.

It's all good, baby.

>> PROBST: ...making him

virtually invincible.

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( theme song playing )

>> PROBST: 27 days ago, 16

Americans traveled to a remote

section of rural China for the

adventure of a lifetime.

Their journey got off to a

grueling start.

>> We don't know how many more

stairs there are.

>> Have mercy.

>> Goodness.

>> I don't see the end.

>> Guys, it's a long way to go.

>> We got to the temple, I mean,

it was hard.

We are carrying bags up 450

stairs and we figured, "Oh, this

is it.

We're ready to start this thing


>> We should build shelter right


>> More stairs?

We're just climbing up these

really steep stairs.

And every time they curved

around, and every time we

thought we were there, it's

another curve, and another


>> I'm telling you guys, ain't

no money at the top of this


You might as well slow down.

We'll go another ten.

>> All the young kids, they're

all, like, grabbing their stuff,

running up the hills.

The big guys have got them over

their heads and they're walking


I got stuck with Chicken.

He's like, "Take it slow.

You don't have been to rush.

Ten at a time.

We're going to do ten this


And he'd stop and sit down and

wipe his brow.

I'm like, "All right, I'm going

to hang with this dude for a


>> Thank you.

>> Welcome to China.

( applause )

>> I was, like, looking at my


I was uncomfortable and I was


It's definitely not appropriate

for a temple.

>> Come on, girls.

Cover up the boobies for temple.

>> The Buddhist monks actually

came over and gave us drapes.

Almost all the girls had to use

drapes over their dresses.

I'm sure they don't get a whole

lot of skimpy dresses in the


>> PROBST: During the Buddhist

welcoming ceremony Leslie had a

moral dilemma.

>> I'm a believer in Jesus

Christ, and in the bible it

says, "Thou shall not bow down

to any other god."

You know, it really felt like

worship, and I just couldn't do


>> PROBST: When the ceremony

ended, the survivors were split

into two tribes.

Yellow tribe, your name is Zhan

Hu, which means "Fighting


Red tribe, your name is Fei

Long-- it means "Flying Dragon."

All right, good luck, guys.

>> Thanks so much.

>> PROBST: After settling into

camp, Todd nominated Aaron to be

the leader of Fei Long.

>> We do need someone who's

strong and knows how to take

lead, and you're very good at


>> It feels weird, but I can...

I think I can did it.

>> I am very, very smart in

trying to push the leader role

more so on to Aaron.

>> PROBST: While over at Zhan

Hu, Chicken's assertiveness was


>> You think this here is going

to hold up?

>> We have to build something,

though, so let's stop being


>> I was just giving my opinion

and nobody wanted it, so I'm

done suggesting.

>> PROBST: After three days of

intense hunger, Zhan Hu resorted

to eating anything they could

get their hands on.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Just don't stare at it.

>> Just squeeze.

>> It's like popping a big,

nasty zit.

>> Eww!

That's disgusting, Erik.

>> Dude, I'm hungry.

We weren't find any plants we

could eat that were edible, and

we couldn't get the fire, so no

rice, so there was nothing.

I was just ready to eat


>> You know, that's TMI, man,

milking worms.

>> Milking worm poo.

>> I'm, like, sitting here, we

squeezing poop out of worms, and

making people eat them, but I

think they'll be glad they

pushed the boundaries, and I

think that's the key to

surviving out here.

>> Shoot it!

>> I'm hard core.

>> Whoo!

>> Ching.

>> I'm doing three big guys


>> Oh, just... ah!

>> Do it.

>> Whoo!

>> Ew!

>> Oh!

>> We're still living so


Nothing to eat.

We're drinking dirty rain.


You know, they're eating worms.

I mean, it's just gross.

It's just filthy.

It's disgusting.

>> Oh, yeah, that wasn't bad at


>> See?

>> I could do another one.

>> PROBST: But worms weren't the

only strange foods the tribes


>> Oh, my god.

Frogs became a culinary island


>> Roasted frog.

>> I ate the legs and a little

bit of the ass, and now I'm

craving frog.

>> Did you eat the first one,


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: And eating greens had

a whole new meaning.

>> Good morning, guys.

Got breakfast.

>> Oh, look at that.

>> PROBST: The survivors even

resorted to eating roots from

the water.

>> With some lime juice.

That would be good.

>> Courtney, do you want some of

this rice?

>> I do.

>> Did you guys just have this

like, today, really?

>> Is it okay?

>> PROBST: But nothing killed

appetites more than spoiled


>> Oh, my gosh.

This is so nasty.

>> The mother lode!

>> PROBST: And even clams were


>> I don't think these things

are cooked all the way.

>> What?

>> All right, you eat it, then.

>> You think I'm not going to

eat that?

>> PROBST: ...which caused a lot

of bickering.

>> Just like with the damn rice.

I said the rice is bad, don't

eat it.

>> You did not say the rice is


Shut up, dude.

If somebody said the rice was

bad, I wouldn't have eaten it.

>> The survivors searched


>> Yes, dig for dinner.

>> PROBST: ...for anything

remotely edible.

>> Have y'all eaten one of these


>> It's like, "Hey, he'll try


>> After eating frog, I guess

I'll eat anything, huh?

>> PROBST: At the first immunity

challenge, lack of food and

sleep didn't fare well for Zhan


>> Yes!

>> PROBST: And Fei Long


Fei Long wins immunity!

That night, at tribal council,

Zhan Hu decided who was their

weakest link.

First person voted out of

Survivor: China, Chicken.

>> Damn!

>> PROBST: The next day at Fei

Long, Todd and Amanda formed an


>> You're my long alliance, too.

>> Okay.

>> You have to have one in this


You have to.

>> PROBST: And Aaron asserted

himself as the leader, calling

out Jean-Robert.

>> Jean-Robert, you need to

start pulling your weight.

>> I know that I'm not working

as much as I'd like to be able

to work.

My brain's working, but my

body's just not able to move

with it.

I wanted to give the perception

that I was a little bit lazy, so

later on when I am contributing

and putting in the work effort,

you know, people are noticing.

>> PROBST: But after a short

time, Aaron's actions caused

people to question his

leadership abilities.

>> I thought you were supposed

to be doing something.

I thought y'all were supposed to

be doing something.

We need to do the roof and get

some fire.

>> Yeah.

We tried and I couldn't do it.

>> So y'all going to stop?


You're killing me.

>> Can you get fire?

Can you get fire?

>> You can.

We probably can together.

You're supposed to be the damn


Y'all are killing me.

Y'all are killing me.

The only reason why stuff gets

done is I don't want to sleep

on... get rained on.

I can't do all this stuff by


No, I'm not.

We're the only two to actually

do physical activity.

We've got a stewardess, we've

got two older ladies that don't

do much.

We've got a boy... he's a card

player, dude.

He came out here in Louis


>> James comes marching down

and, "Aaron, you're supposed to

be a leader.

You're supposed to be showing us

what to do, and you're down here

taking a nap."

And I'm, like, thinking he's

yelling at me at first.

I looked over at him, and he's

like, "You're just a flight


I'm talking about him, our


And I was like, "Okay, let him

get ripped up," you know?

>> You have to help.

You have to help me out.

The rest of them, hey... you

need to get your ass up.

Come on.

There's just too much delegating

and a whole lot of nothing

getting done.

Now, I'm not going to do this by

myself anymore.

They're going to pull the rope

with me or they're all going to


I'll move in that cave.

>> PROBST: Up next, Todd calls

out Jean-Robert.

>> Do you have a problem with

me, John-Robert?

>> Absolutely not.

>> That's not what I've heard.

>> Todd.

>> What?

>> First of all, fix your tone.

>> No.

>> Fix your tone.

>> No.

>> PROBST: At the next reward



...Fei Long rolled to their

second straight victory...

Fei Long wins!

...and a major element of the

game was revealed.

Fei Long, because you defeated

Zhan Hu, you now get to kidnap

one member of their tribe.

That person will come and live

with you until the next immunity


Who are you going to kidnap?

>> Jaime.

>> PROBST: There's one more

layer to this twist.

Jaime, this is for you.

It says, "Open in private."

When you get to their beach,

find a private spot and read it.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: And if losing wasn't

bad enough, Zhan Hu was hit even

harder when they returned to


>> It looks like a natural

disaster hit our camp.

This is basically destroyed.

>> It was like somebody just

took all the water from every

ocean they could find and just

poured it right on top of us.

>> PROBST: And they quickly

devised a plan to restore their


>> I'm going in, I'm getting the

machete and I'm cutting a


>> Yeah, it was pretty


My first reaction was just, "Oh,


Here we go, something else to

worry about."

But, you know, when there's a

problem, you can only spend so

much time being worried about


You really have to just, "All

right, let's fix it."

>> If you can at least cut

through some of those fibers and

those roots.

>> Oh, there you go, there you


There it is.

>> Are they coming yet?

>> Yeah, it's starting.

>> Great effort.

We're digging channels, trying

to get our different plateaus to


We have three plateaus here at

our camp, and the top one's

draining into our living one,

which is draining into our

bamboo prep fields, which is

then tumbling two meters down

into the lake.

>> Hopefully, we'll be able to

get this really dry and finally

have a comfortable camp that's

not wet and muddy, so...

The water is actually starting

to flow now, so I think it's

actually working.

>> PROBST: That same day at Fei

Long, Jaime found a quiet place

to open the bamboo tube.

>> "In this sealed tube is a

clue to a hidden immunity idol

at the enemy camp.

You must give the sealed clue to

a member of the tribe."

My strategy, as far as the clue

goes, is I'm going to give it to

whom I think it is their weakest


>> PROBST: In an attempt to be

strategic, Jaime gave the clue

to Leslie.

Don't let anybody know you have


>> Okay.

I feel like the Lord really gave

me a gift.

>> PROBST: Leslie formed an

alliance of her own, hoping it

would help keep her in the game.

>> I told Todd the idol is here,

so we're going to team up and

use it together.

And I trust him.

>> I can't believe she told me.

I'm in shock!

I would never tell anybody.

What was she thinking?

>> PROBST: The next morning,

Aaron woke everyone up and

delivered some surprising news.

>> All right, so, making an


It's been real, and it's been

fun, but it hasn't been real


>> I just can't stand all the

Brady Bunch antics that go on

in this tribe.

Aaron stood up this morning, put

on his little suit and jacket

with his little powwow.

Like, some of us haven't even

taken our heads off the bamboo


>> I am now relinquishing my

title as leader.

I can't continue to, like, keep

tabs on everyone else, and I

don't want to keep tabs on

everyone else.

But I've definitely enjoyed, you

know, helping out, you know,

with whatever advice I can give,

but I'm tired of making


>> Aaron came up with this new

brilliant idea-- "I'm

relinquishing my leadership



>> All right, let's get some


so Amanda is on stairs.

Jean-Robert, you're going to do

logs with James later in the


So does anyone know how to fish?

>> "No, I'm not the leader," and

right afterwards, he told us all

what to do.

>> PROBST: Over at Zhan Hu,

Dave's lack of sleep was

starting to affect him.

>> I'm up first primarily

because I got shuffled and

squeezed out of every

comfortable sleeping position

there is.

And if no one can see I'm the

tallest person around here,

that's starting to get under my

skin a little bit.


You know?

>> PROBST: And Dave expressed

his views about eating before a


>> We decided to do rice and

just a little bit so it will

boil faster.

We don't know how much time we

have to go before our challenge.

>> I'll tell you, man, eating

the rice right before a

challenge, I don't know.

I know that digestion diverts

all your energy to your stomach.

>> But we're all starving.

>> I'm... I'm... watch this.

Please, patience.

>> You're so dramatic.

>> Well, you know, I mentioned

this so many times.

And I have reasons for it.

>> I think it's better to eat

when you're starving before you

have to exert energy.

>> My physiology, my metabolism

is not yours.

Whatever you guys need to feel

better about it, if you feel

better after a meal, then by all

means, cook the rice.

>> If you don't want to eat,


Well, I don't think any of us

need to eat right now.

I just think it's smart to.

>> You guys know your bodies.

You guys start yourselves up.

I am not going to tell you what

to do, what not to do in that


>> Dave hasn't been eating.

He hasn't wanted to because he

says his energy is high.

He keeps telling everybody that

he somehow gets magical energy

from the air and he doesn't need

to eat.

I think he'd be smarter than


>> Good things come to those who


I don't like doing things half-


>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Dave ate his words,

causing Zhan Hu to lose.

Fei Long wins immunity!

When Zhan Hu returned to camp,

Dave knew he was in the hot


>> I apologize.

I feel like I let us down today.

>> Start the fire.

>> Let me finish.

>> In the fireplace.

>> Let me finish.

>> PROBST: And his constant

bickering with Ashley...

>> You're the leader, and I'm

going to let you do what you


>> How many fires have you

built, sweetheart?

>> PROBST: ...put them both in


At tribal council, Ashley ended

up getting the boot.

Ashley, the tribe has spoken.

The next morning at Fei Long,

Leslie cleaned up around camp.

>> Oh, they were?


>> This morning, I woke up, and

I caught Leslie throwing away

our bait.

We caught it yesterday.

We needed that today to catch

the crabs and the fish.

And she thought there were too

many flies on it, so she threw

all our food away.

I was in shock.

I cannot believe how silly some

people can be.

>> Huh?



>> And I'm really sorry, I threw

out those fish.

I didn't realize we were going

to use them for bait.

>> And tried to find them, and I


Here's what I'm going to do.

I know.

I have a learning curve.

I know.

You can yell at me.

You can scream at me.

I'm going to go down and try to

catch some more with the little

net, okay?

>> Uh-huh.

She wakes me up this morning and

tells me, "Oh, yeah, you need to

go fishing.

I'm like, "Cool, whatever."

"Oh, but I threw out the bait."

I don't understand that!

I mean, that's amazing.

I really would love to see how

these people would be without me

being here.

It would be hilarious, because

they honestly would be dead.

They'd be in the little boat

swimming, and would die of

thirst and hunger and just die

and float off in the river.

>> PROBST: At the next immunity


>> Get that off my finger!

>> PROBST: Todd struggled with

the puzzle.

>> Move it from my face!

>> PROBST: Zhan Hu wins


With Fei Long facing their first

tribal council, Jean-Robert

started placing blame on others.

>> What's on your mind regarding

today's challenge?

>> It's a strategy thing and we

messed it up.

It's that simple.

>> You know, you guys said we're

all promoting Todd to put the

things in, so I didn't want to

get in his way, but I handed

them all in the right places.

It was a matter of going up or


You know, it wasn't that

complicated a puzzle.

>> Did you... did you realize

this and then...

>> I let Todd take the charge

and he was doing it, and it

looked like he was doing just

fine for a while.

>> Now Jean-Robert is spinning

it that Todd didn't do the

puzzle right, so it's always

someone else besides him.

But, like, I don't care.

I'll vote for snoreface

Jean-Robert because he annoys

the crap out of me.

>> Okay, I'm going to leave you


I just wanted to...

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: And Todd became very


>> You have a problem with me,

Jean-Robert, thinking I screwed

up the puzzle or something?

>> Absolutely not.

>> That's not what I've heard.

>> So what did you hear?

>> Someone said that you thought

that I screwed up the puzzle.

>> I didn't say any such thing.

>> You've got to watch your

mouth, dude.

Word gets around.

>> Todd, first of all, fix your


>> No.

>> Fix your tone.

>> Who said I said... James,

were you here?

Did I say he screwed up the


I'm asking you, James.

You were here.

Did I say he screwed up the


Amanda, did I say that Todd

screwed up the puzzle?

>> Amanda wasn't here.

She was with me, dude.

>> Aaron, did I say that Todd

screwed up the puzzle?

>> No.

>> Thank you.

So when you come confronting me,

make sure you know what you're

talking about.

>> That's why I came straight to

you, Jean-Robert.

>> Okay, but you came to me with

a tone.

>> Okay, well, wouldn't you?

>> Listen, we're all upset

because we lost a challenge.

>> Okay.

>> So all I'm saying is what

could we have done better?

You, absolutely, were not even

close to being one of the people

accountable for messing up


>> All right, sorry for freaking

on you.

I just want to clear it out.

>> All right.

>> I get a little crazy like

that, okay?

>> Yeah, all right.

>> So, of course, I run back to

camp and kind of lose it on

Jean-Robert for a second, and I

wanted to put him in his place

and let him realize, "Yeah, you

know, I'm 150 pounds lighter

than you, dude, but I have a

very, very strong opinion, and

I'm going to knock you down if I

have to."

>> This team hates to lose.

>> Everybody gets kind of on


>> This team hates to lose.

That's one good thing.

>> PROBST: But at tribal

council, Fei Long kept Jean-

Robert for his strength.

Third person voted out of

Survivor: China...

And Leslie was voted out.

Up next:

>> If we lose, you're going


That's not my call.

>> PROBST: Frosti gets handed an


>> It's either we win and end up

going really far in the game or

lose and go home.

>> PROBST: By the morning of day

ten, Courtney had reached her

boiling point with Jean-Robert.

>> Don't touch that!

Don't touch that!

>> Okay, sorry.

I was afraid it might be hot.

>> He's, like, a cocky son of a

bitch, and he sucks so bad.

There's no getting out of that.

>> PROBST: Later that day at the

immunity challenge...

Sherea launches again!

...Sherea gave a brave


And scores!

But her efforts were not


James connects again. Fei Long won another


( cheers )

After another loss, Sherea and

Dave were at each other's


>> Sherea, please do not throw

those away.

>> I wish you would touch me.

I wish... I wish you would touch


>> I'm saving some of these


>> Back up off me.

>> I'm saving...

>> Back up off of me.

>> Would you please...

>> Back up off of me.

>> If it were up to me, if we

could get rid of both of them,

it would be great.

>> Do not walk up on me again.

>> PROBST: And at tribal

council, Zhan Hu decided they'd

had enough of Dave.

Fourth person voted out of

Survivor: China, Dave.

>> Someone's coming in.

>> PROBST: On day 13, another

twist was revealed.

>> Ah!

>> Fei Long, choose the two

warriors from Zhan Hu who you

feel could best help to

strengthen your tribe.

>> PROBST: The tribes were mixed


Sherea and Frosti had to move to

the Fei Long tribe.

>> Hey, guys.

>> PROBST: And James and Aaron

had to move to the Zhan Hu


>> What's going on, guys?

>> Hello.

>> PROBST: With the new tribes

in place, Fei Long took some

time to lighten things up around


>> I... I...

( laughter )

>> But I don't... I don't know.

>> I would have to say that...

that... that... that... winning

is... god, it's so good!

>> That was great.

( applause )

( laughter )

>> I don't even know how it

started, but we started doing


And we did Jean-Robert, and how

he just likes to talk about

himself, and Todd stuck out his

belly, how Jean-Robert does.

And I was like, "Keep going,

don't stop."

This is what me and my friends

do at home.

We sit around and we jaw on each


That means talk about each


>> You guys...

>> You guys, if we just work


>> I'm kind of like liking you.

You're like, "Over on the other

side over there, we wasn't

eatin' anything.

There was... okay."

( laughter )

>> Oh, I know he ain't going


>> You put your one hand, and

you shake your ass.

>> People do say I walk like


>> Denise-- "Oh, I don't care.

Everybody get in the car.

We go down to Salem, we get

ourselves some Bud.

I do some karate.

I just don't care.

At all, about anything."

>> Oh, my God.

>> Jeff...

( laughter )

"We're team Abercrombie and

Fitch, and you guys are all,

like, team you know, what's


And then sometimes it's the one

eye, like, real open.


And the butt goes out more and


It's the visible thinking.

That's what gets me.

It's, like, the visible thought


And she's like... like when they

finish the challenges, she's

like... it gets, like, more


She's like, "I'm ready to go."

( laughter )

"I'm ready."

"Yo, when I compete, it's on."

With her little boobies and her

hot pink bikini, and she

bartends at a frat house.

And it's like, "Can I order you


Like, aren't there ads for you

in the back of a magazine


Like, come on.

>> PROBST: But over at Zhan Hu,

things were all business with

Jaime and Peih-Gee.

>> PROBST: At the immunity


>> Boys, take your time and just

get your breath first.

Wait a minute.

Wait a long minute.

>> PROBST: Jaime and Peih-Gee's

plan was set in motion.

Fei Long wins immunity!

And Aaron was the fifth person

voted out of Survivor: China.

The next day at the reward


Fei Long wins reward.

James was kidnapped by his old


James, this is for you.

Once back at Fei Long, James put

his fate in Todd's hands.

>> I know what they're talking


It's those stupid bats above the

freaking thing.

>> PROBST: Todd and Amanda found

the hidden immunity idol, but

Frosti unexpectedly got


>> Hey, hey, hey, hey!

All I could think was "Frosti,

Frosti, no."

So Todd and Amanda came up with

a new plan for James to take the

immunity idol and throw the next

challenge in order to save


>> If you're running, trip.

James loses immunity.

They vote for him, but he uses

the idol to get rid of Jaime.

>> PROBST: Then Todd told James

about the second hidden immunity

idol at the Zhan Hu camp.

>> All I have to do is stay

focused, get the other idol and

then I'll have both of them.

I mean, it's going to be


I'm having a great time.

>> PROBST: But with Frosti now

in the mix, Todd and Amanda had

to make a foolproof plan.

>> People have said if we lose,

you're going home.

That's not my call.

So, I mean, it will... it will

help, though, for you to fight

even harder to win, because it's

either win and end up going

really far in the game, or lose

and go home.

Do you know what I mean?

And I like you way too much to

send you home.

>> We're not trying to blackmail


>> I promise I'm not.

I promise I'm not trying to play


I like you way too much to watch

you go 11th place, dude.

Way too much.

If we lose today, Frosti knows

he's going home, because he saw

the hidden immunity idol, and he

knows our plan now, so we had to

throw that blackmail in his face

and say "Look, this is how it


You have an ultimatum-- win and

stay, lose, go home."

>> How do you feel right now?

>> Yeah, you look kind of


>> Well, I mean, you know I have

to be on your side.

>> Yeah.

I trust you now, because...

( laughter )

>> That makes me sound horrible.

>> We blackmailed Frosti because

we don't want him giving any

information to Zhan Hu today,

and with Frosti helping us win

as much as he can, and James

helping Zhan Hu lose as much as

he can, I'm pretty confident

that we'll win the challenge


>> PROBST: At the immunity



...Frosti put his best foot

forward in an effort to stay in

the game.

Frosti, he's licking the plate.

Fei Long scores!

These are chicken fetuses.


James spitting it back up.

Denise is struggling.

But Denise couldn't get her head

around the task...

>> Sorry, James.

>> PROBST: ...ruining James'

and Todd's perfect plan.

>> I got it.

>> Chew it!

>> That's right, baby.

>> PROBST: James puts it all in

his mouth.

James scores for Zhan Hu.

>> Genius idea.


>> PROBST: That night at tribal

council, Frosti's ongoing

loyalty paid off.

Sixth person voted out of

Survivor: China.

And Sherea was voted out.

Even though James and Todd's

plan didn't pan out, James'

spirits were up when he found

the second hidden immunity idol.

>> That's funny.

I'm on Survivor with two idols.

>> PROBST: Later that day, Jaime

and Erik found a discarded

plaque that James had left


>> This used to be hanging on

the archway.

And it looks like someone took

it off.

>> It could definitely say,

like, immunity idol in Chinese

and I'd have no idea.

It's a weird symbol, so I don't

know what it stands for.

>> PROBST: James had to laugh

when he noticed the plaque was


>> The thought of this woman

having a blank one...

that would be the best ever, if

she pulls out a blank thing and

everyone's like, "What do you


It don't have the writing on


You at least have to have


One of these!"

>> PROBST: That night when James

was away from camp, Jaime

decided to do some snooping.

But in the dark, she was unable

to differentiate James's idols

from her own.

On day 20...

Drop your buffs.

...the tribes merged.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: ...and had a

celebratory feast.

>> Oh, my God!

We get to eat!

>> Yeah, girls!

>> PROBST: And the party carried

on throughout the night.

>> Who is over there?

Is that Erik and Jaime?

Jamie, is that you?

>> I'm not drunk, I'm not drunk.

>> Jaime, is that you?

>> No, this is Erik.

>> Is that Erik?

Erik, hey, what's up?

>> Hey!

>> You guys, I think we're on

the last legs of this canteen.

It's almost drained.

Todd is definitely... Todd is


>> I'm closing out Todd.

I'm closing out Amanda.


>> You guys, this is not good.

>> Tonight at the feast, we had

some, like, potent snake sake.

I don't know what was in it, but

it was really strong.

You could feel it in burning in

your mouth a few seconds after.

>> This is like Survivor: the


>> ♪ We live in the jungle

in a tree house

With a leaking roof

♪ They have no tarp

even though they won it

but we have fire... ♪

>> ♪ I haven't had snake wine

because I don't drink. ♪

>> They sing when they're sober.

They'll sing all day and all


It's like a little musical over


I knew the alcohol would only

heighten it.

>> What?

>> Oh, my God!

>> The guys broke out the wine,

and they've been sucking it down

the last couple hours and a

couple of them are pretty tipsy

right now.

I'm a little older than the rest

of the kids.

I don't want to be having a


But I think definitely Todd and

definitely Amanda aren't going

to be feeling too well in the


>> PROBST: On day 21, Jaime felt

secure with her place in the


>> If Todd sees me play the

hidden immunity idol tonight,

he's definitely going to be


I think it's probably going to

shock everyone, including Jeff.

I'm not as dumb as I look, and

maybe they're figuring it out.

>> PROBST: At tribal council,

Jaime played what she thought

was an immunity idol.

>> I found this at camp lying on

the floor.

So I thought it might be


>> PROBST: This is not a hidden

immunity idol.

But her hopes were tossed aside.

Seventh person voted out of

Survivor: China, and the first

member of our jury, Jaime.

Jaime, the tribe has spoken.

And Jaime became the first

member of the jury.

Up next, Peih-Gee tries to make


>> You can accept it or not.

>> No.

>> But I really am sorry.

>> You're really not.

Please, stop messing with me and

go sit down somewhere else.

>> PROBST: On the morning of day

23, James took some time alone

to clear his thoughts.

>> They're a bunch of late

sleepers over here.

They're just so tired.

You've got to motivate yourself.

I'm a grave digger.

I've been doing it my whole


My dad handed me a shovel

at 11 and told me to start


And that's all I've ever done.

All I do is work.

I'm used to being in the hot sun

with a shovel in my hand.

And over here, there's nothing

for me to do but, you know,


I like cooking.

I like catching fish.

I love providing for people.

I mean, that's what I do.

It's one of the reasons I'm

still here.

I mean, granted, the two idols I

do have are a big part of it,

but I make life easy over here.

I am that guy who's been kind of

the glue of the alliance.

I feel like I am the one who is

holding everybody together.

It's just right there.

It's so simple.

All we have to do is stick

together, and we'll be there.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Courtney was the last

one sitting.

Courtney wins immunity!

Facing tribal council, Erik

filled Jean-Robert in on the

secret behind the immunity


>> We looked in James' bag and

there were two of them.

>> Wow.

This is the guy favored to win

every challenge from here out.

>> PROBST: So Jean-Robert

confronted James.

>> You have two immunity idols?

Two of them and you can't tell

your boy?

Nobody told me, bro. the realization that

you're holding out on me.

That's what I came up with.

>> PROBST: Jean-Robert came up

with a plan to take out his

closest ally.

We could blindside him tonight,

because he will not pull out the

idol tonight.

>> Let's see how it goes


I was kind of bothered by the

fact he's coming up with all

these ideas that I've had for

days now.

>> PROBST: But Todd turned the

tables on Jean-Robert.

>> I think our best bet is...

>> I don't want to break the

system, but...

>> Do we want to tell Denise or


>> No-- hell no!

>> PROBST: But at tribal

council, James took the risk of

not using one of his idols...


...and almost paid the price.

James received three votes.

One vote left.

But in the end, Jean-Robert with

five votes was dealt a losing


Jean-Robert, the tribe has


At the reward challenge, Peih-

Gee was captain of the red team,

Erik captain of the yellow.


Peih-Gee's team dropped the


James, too hard, Peih-Gee can't

get it.

And Erik's team bounced to


Frosti, Amanda, Erik, and

Courtney, cruising down the


>> All right, everyone, cheers

to us.

>> PROBST: During the cruise,

Courtney grew closer to Frosti.

>> I love my Frosti.

I love my Frosti.

>> PROBST: Back at camp,

Peih-Gee blamed James for losing

the challenge.

That's why y'all lose.

You're quick to blame.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> I can finish?

Can I please finish?

>> No, you can't, because I

don't care.

>> You know, I need to take a

walk right now.

>> Peih-Gee, she's just stupid.

>> PROBST: After she cooled off,

Peih-Gee tried to make amends.

>> No, you're not.

Don't politic.

>> I'm not politicking.

I'm apologizing.

So you can accept it or you're

not, but I really am sorry,


>> No, you're not.

You're really not.

>> Please stop messing with me

and go sit down somewhere else.

>> No, I came up to apologize.

I didn't come out to fight with

you some more, okay?

>> Well, obviously, you did.

>> You know what?

Listen, that's cool.

You're not in the mood to accept

my apology, that's fine.

I can understand that.

>> I know what kind of person

You are, and this is just a

bunch of fluff, and I really

don't like fluff.

I'm not a fluff person.

>> James....

>> I'm really not.

>> After losing the reward

challenge, I was really pissed

to have lost, but I shouldn't

have taken it out on James.

So, I don't know.

I'm in, like, a really bad


>> PROBST: But at the immunity


Peih-Gee wins immunity.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: ...Peih-Gee narrowly

beats Frosti.

With Peih-Gee immune, the former

Fei Long saw Frosti as the

biggest threat.

>> He's got to go before Erik.

>> Has to go.

>> PROBST: And Todd tried to

sway Courtney's decision.

>> Frosti's kind of like my

little munchkin.

And everyone's kind of worried

about me because they know he's,

you know, like, my good friend.

>> PROBST: That night at tribal


Ninth person voted out and the

third member of our jury...

...Todd's efforts paid off.

Frosti, the tribe has spoken.

All right.

Tonight, you will not be heading

directly back to camp.

We have more business to attend

to here.

>> PROBST: Where 16 once stood,

only seven remain.

How will James choose to use his

two immunity idols?

>> I have the big joker and the

little joker, so I'm going to be

here for a while, so you might

as well go on and get


>> PROBST: What new adventures

will the survivors face?

What future twist will the

challenges bring?

Today, you are playing for....

>> What?

>> PROBST: Join us as the

adventure continues.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: next time on


Tonight, you will not be heading

directly back to camp.

A twist at tribal council

catches everyone off guard.

We have more business to attend

to here.

And Amanda turns on her


>> Fei Long is not together


>> That is not a new style for


I believe that the USA hockey

team is missing a player.

I mean, the flight attendant

voice is getting to me.

You can almost hear everyone

opening their little bag of

peanuts every time he says


Peih-Gee seems kind of smug,

like, "Yum, I love me some pig


Any guy who shows up to the

middle of the jungle in a silk

shirt and no underpants, you've

got to wonder about that guy.