Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 9 - Just Don't Eat the Apple - full transcript

A new force to be reckoned with takes on the power players. One Castaway sends affections to someone outside their alliance which bothers some.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


Drop your buffs.

...after the two tribes


>> One big, happy family.

>> PROBST: ...James had the only

two hidden immunity idols.

>> James, he's almost guaranteed

himself in the top five right


>> That's funny.

I'm on Survivor with two idols.

>> PROBST: And the members of

the former Zhan Hu Tribe were on

the chopping block.

>> The plan was to get rid of

Peih-Gee, then Erik and Frosti

after that.

>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, there was a school-

yard pick where everyone was

chosen to compete except Denise.

>> We're going to go with

Courtney because she's light.

>> PROBST: You will not

participate in this challenge.

You'll not be eligible for the


Take a spot on the bench.

And back at camp, she was

feeling left out.

>> Are they going to do that

when it comes down to the final


Am I going to be the one that's

going to go home before JR?

And I going to be the one that

goes home before James?

I don't want to be that person.

>> PROBST: And Courtney's

allegiance to the Fei Long

alliance was also wavering.

>> You got to watch Courtney,

because she is a loose cannon.

She does stray off and fall in

love with anybody that floats

and smiles at her.

>> PROBST: So Peih-Gee jumped at

the small opening by trying to

lure Denise and Courtney into

her alliance.

>> There's five of us here.

If we all band together, it'll

be four to five; we can pick

them off one by one.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Courtney was the last

one sitting.

Courtney wins immunity!

Facing tribal council, Jean-

Robert discovered that James had

both idols.

>> This is the guy who's favored

to win every challenge from here


>> PROBST: So he came up with a

plan to take out his closest


>> We could blindside him

tonight, because he will not

pull out the idol tonight.

>> PROBST: But Todd turned the

tables on Jean-Robert.

>> I think our best bet is Jean-


>> Yeah, I don't want... I don't

like breaking the system.

>> You don't want to tell Denise

or no?

>> No, hell no.

>> PROBST: At tribal council,

James took the risk of not using

his idol...


...and almost paid the price.

He received three votes and

Peih-Gee received one.

One vote left.

But in the end, Jean-Robert was

dealt a losing hand.

Jean-Robert, the tribe has


Eight are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> I had a narrow escape last


I had three votes.

I mean, now all I have to do is

stay on my Ps and Qs.

But, you know, the odds of me

actually being kicked off with

the two idols are not that hot.

So from now on, I'll have them

with me on tribal council.

( clearing throat )

♪ Good morning

good morning!

♪ I come to say good morning

good morning

♪ Good morning to you! ♪

>> Good morning.

>> That was beautiful, by the


>> Everyone, it's Christmas!

There's no Jean-Robert in the


Camp life without John-Robert is

much nicer, and I think that

everyone else is also kind of

happy to have him gone.

Jean-Robert is such a complainer

and demanding people to fetch

him things and just... just

generally unpleasant.

>> Denise was, like, shooting

daggers at myself and Amanda

because she was mad.

By blindsiding Jean-Robert, we

had to blindside her too, and it

could come back to get us.

>> We have a plan here that the

former Fei Long, we're going to

vote out the Zhan Hu people.

So last night at tribal council,

I went with the original plan.

I voted Peih-Gee, like we were

supposed to.

But I guess at the last moment,

everybody changed their minds,

and half the tribe voted for


It kind of makes me feel on the

outside, because I had an

opportunity to switch over to

Zhan Hu, and I decided to stay

with the group that I'm close


And I still get backstabbed.

It's a hard position for me

right now.

>> You okay?

The thing with last night, I

don't know what happened.

Everybody freaked out because...

>> But they were supposed to

tell you at the end.

>> I mean, I felt like an idiot.

I'm the only one that voted for


At the last second, they should

have told me.

>> That's what the plan was,


>> You know, I mean, how I do

feel at the end now?

Do I feel like I'm the next one

to go because I'm an idiot?

>> No, you're still safe.

Just don't... we need to hold

this together.

>> James has two hidden immunity


It's smart to stick with him.

I mean, you never know what's

going to happen, but it is hard

to trust people in this game.

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( theme song playing )

>> You want the fire died down a

little or...

>> No, I'm about to pick it back


>> You want it really hot.

>> Yeah, thanks for telling me.

You're wanting to micromanaging


>> I'm just excited, okay?

I'm just excited to eat.

>> Oh, my gosh, Jean-Robert was

annoying, and now he's gone, but

all of a sudden Peih-Gee decided

to step in and take his place.

>> I'm sorry.

I wasn't trying to micromanage


>> Even though Peih-Gee's not

playing a very smart game, but

the thing is is Courtney, she's

tight with Frosti, and she's

flirting with him.

>> I know.

No hot dogs, but pretty close.

>> I mean, it's scary.

It really is.

Because you never know if she's

going to want to twist or turn,

and that kind of worries me.

>> Tree mail!

And we have a drum.

>> You guys ready?

>> Yes.

>> "An experience of a lifetime

in a truly magical place, a

feast of sights to feed your

soul, and you'll also feed your


Again you must divide to


You better be on the ball.

If you drum up some enthusiasm,

you might just win it all."

>> That drum is wicked.

>> I just want to win.

I just hate that, like, I'm the

most losingest survivor left in

this game right now.

Like, I've lost the most

challenges out of everybody.

Like, it kind of sucks, and that

makes me want to win even more.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to today's

reward challenge.

>> Yes.

>> Yes, sir.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: For today's

challenge, you will be divided

into two teams of four.

Using four different-sized

drums, you must keep a ball in

the air by bouncing it from one

drum to another as you navigate

through a series of obstacles.

Along the way, you'll pass

through two gates.

If you drop the ball, you've got

to return to the start or the

previous gate.

When you reach the end, you must

bounce the ball in a finish bin,

then race back to the start.

First team to get three balls in

their bin wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: The winning team of

four will be treated to a

spectacular cruise on the Lee


>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: One of the most

beautiful spots in China.

You'll have a nice dinner, spend

the night on the boat, return to

camp in the morning.

Worth playing for?

>> Yes.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: We're going to

randomly choose captains.

This is a school-yard pick.

Peih-Gee, you're the captain of

the red team.

Erik, you're the captain of the

yellow team.

You will rock, paper, scissor to

see who picks first.

>> One, two, three.

>> PROBST: Scissor cuts paper.

Peih-Gee, you get the first


>> James.

>> PROBST: Peih-Gee doesn't even


Peih-Gee selects James.

>> PROBST: Erik, your choice.

>> Frosti.

>> PROBST: Erik selects Frosti.

James, your choice.

>> Todd.

>> PROBST: Todd joins James and


Frosti, who you want?

>> I think we'll go with Amanda.

>> PROBST: Amanda coming over to

join Erik and Frosti.

>> PROBST: Todd you have the

last choice between Courtney and


>> Denise.

>> PROBST: Todd takes Denise.

Courtney will join Erik, Frosti,

and Amanda.

We have our two teams.

I'll give you a minute to


We'll get started.

For a cruise down the Lee River,

a nice meal, and a good night's


Survivors ready?


Both groups off to a good,

smooth start.

Todd and Erik taking it all the

way up to the first obstacle.

Going to have to pass sooner or


Erik passes to Frosti.

Red team loses it.

You got to go back to the start.

Yellow group's made it through

the first gate.

If you drop the ball, that will

be your starting point.

Frosti almost losing it.

Off his head, he does.

Back to this mat here.

There is definitely a learning

curve to this challenge.

James loses it.

Red heads back to the start


Nice pass, Erik keeping it


They're through the second gate.

>> Okay, guys, don't panic.

Here we go.

>> PROBST: Yellow getting very


>> Erik.

>> PROBST: Frosti back to Erik.

Now they just got to get it in

the finish bin.

And they do!

Nice teem teamwork.

Yellow scores one!

You need three to win.

Denise, Peih-Gee, Todd, James,

having a tough time getting the

hang of this.

Whereas Courtney, Erik, Frosti,

and Amanda having much more


>> Let me know of any obstacles.

>> Just watch out for the mud,


>> PROBST: Both teams at the

first obstacle.

It's about teamwork.

Todd goes to Peih-Gee.

Peih-Gee keeps it alive.

>> You got it, Todd.

>> PROBST: Red doing a good job.

Both teams go through the first


Frosti passes back to Erik.

>> Toss it to me.

>> PROBST: Todd goes to Peih-


Peih-Gee keeps it alive.

>> Todd, you ready?

Take over.

>> PROBST: Red misses again.

Frosti to Erik, a nice save by


Another nice save by Erik.

Yellow again very close.

Yellow very close to scoring

their second point.

Yellow leads two-zip!

Red team got to make this one


Peih-Gee keeping it alive.

Todd with a nice save.

>> Get over the line.

Get over the thing.

>> PROBST: Red trying to score

their first point.

Todd to Peih-Gee, red very


But they lose it.

>> Grab the ball!

Get back!

Come on!

>> PROBST: Erik leading yellow

up the hill with that third and

final ball.

Red team still on their first,

starting to panic.

James, too hard, Peih-Gee can't

get it.

Yellow's making good ground with

that third and final ball.

They've got a good rhythm going.

>> Get it!

Get it!

>> PROBST: Red close, but misses


Red has to go back to the mat.

As yellow heads up the hill with

that third and final ball, they

seem to have figured this out.

Erik to Frosti.

This could be it.

Big reward on the line if they

get it in.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: And they do!

Frosti, Amanda, Erik, and

Courtney cruising down the Lee


Okay, Erik, Frosti, Courtney,

Amanda, you will leave from

here, be taken to the Lee River.

You will return to camp in the


James, Peih-Gee, Denise, Todd,

your looks say it all.

I got nothing for you.

Get your stuff.

Head back to camp.

The reward is waiting.

Head out and have a good time.

>> Thank you.

>> Uh-uh.

I did not see your ass strolling

back to the mat every time we

dropped the ball.

>> Uh-huh.

I'm the one who was dropping the

ball today?

>> No, I was the only one.

>> I'm not saying it's your

fault, James.

I'm not saying... no... what I'm

saying is... I want...

Can I finish?

Can I please finish?

>> No, you can't, because I

don't care.

Please stop messing with me.

Because every time you bring

something up, I will quickly

blast you back and make you look

quite silly.

>> Yeah?

>> Because every time you open

your mouth, you're just speaking


That's why you lose.

>> Really?

My ass wasn't strolling back to

the mat after ever time.

I raced back to that damn mat.

You know, I need to take a walk

right now.

>> Peih-Gee, she's just stupid.

I mean, she really came to me

and said that I was the reason

why they didn't... it's all my


Maybe she's the problem.

She's never won anything.

I mean, maybe that's the sign.

You know, not everybody is


You're the crazy one.

>> I'm probably pissed off that

we lost the challenge, and I'm

taking it out on James, but I'm

the only person who wasn't won

any reward challenges.

I'm pissed about it.

Like, I'd love to go on a

reward, but I don't have a

single ally here.

I don't have anybody.

I'm in, like, a really bad


It's probably not smart to go

around picking fights with

people, but I can't, like, keep

my mouth shut sometimes.

>> Oh, I didn't hear what she

was saying, but I heard her


>> She came over to me, saying

it's my fault we lost.

>> It's your fault?

>> Yeah, my fault, because I let

the ball drop...

>> She dropped the ball a couple


Everybody did.

>> Everybody dropped the ball.

It just wasn't our day.

But that thing... she... ooh.

Is she serious?

Is she serious?

>> I don't like her attitude at


>> She really came over here and

was blaming me.

That's some nerve.

>> It is nerve.

It's crazy.

>> That's why we need to focus.

We need to keep trying to focus,

and we all need to focus and

just pick them people off.

I'm trying to keep away from

temptation from Zhan Hu.

Them little pretty boys and the

little annoying little girl,

they are still enemies.

They're still trying to

infiltrate the force to get

where we already have

predestined ourselves to be.

Amanda is going to be all right.

Courtney, she's flaky, but she's

going to fall in line.

Her... hopefully her and what's

his name don't have a big

romance tonight, which might


That would hurt.

It makes no sense for us to mess

it up now, but it's so human


I mean, it's right there in

front of you.

Just don't eat the damn apple.

Be naked and be happy.

Don't eat that damn apple.

I hope that Courtney don't flip.

>> Uh-huh.

>> Because Courtney would do

that for love.

>> This is probably the worst

day that I can have out here.

People are freaking out around

camp, and the four people I get

along best with are out having a

good time on a boat somewhere.

Today sucks.

>> All right, everyone, cheers

to us.


>> Cheers.

>> What great win today.

>> Yeah.

>> What a good win.

I haven't won hardly any

challenges since I've been out

here, so I was amped up to win.

The reward was for this cruise

on the Lee River.

It was spectacular.

I felt like it was a pretty cool

group of people, and you know,

of course it was a good

opportunity to just get to know

them a little better and try

and, you know, develop


I'm just wondering what it's

like back at camp.

>> I like Peih-Gee.

I just...

>> I wanted to like her.

>> She's making me annoyed with


>> She is cool, like, when she's

relaxing and just kind of


>> Yeah, but she's...

>> She's totally cool.

>> She's too intense right now,

and I don't... I don't like


>> She doesn't want to lose, and

I think she feels like she's

powerless, but, like, she's made

a series of poor decisions.

>> As much as I'm, like, still

basically on Peih-Gee's side, I

don't mind her being talked

about negatively simply because

it means if she's getting talked

about, then I'm not.

>> Here's to us.

>> Yeah.

>> Because we're still here.

>> Whoo!

>> Yay!

>> Yay!

>> And on a boat.

>> This is definitely where I

want to be.

>> And the night is young.

>> The night is young.

>> And I'm feeling quite jolly


>> Yay!


I love my Frosti.

I love my Frosti.

I don't really understand my

relationship with Frosti.

He's young.

He's only 20.

And he's kind of cute.

He just wants to play.

I love our reward.

The path of righteousness has

led us in the right direction.

>> I like Courtney a lot.

And I think both of us feel

that, and that's good.

She's a really attractive girl.

She's smart.

She's way out of my league, but

having somebody that you're just

comfortable around is really


>> Look how high that is

straight up.

>> Oh, my God, unreal.

This is like the greatest

adventure, like, in China


Oh, my gosh, it's a goat, you


I'm not even kidding.

>> Where?

>> That black thing right there.

>> And the white thing.

( Erik imitating a goat )

>> That's good.

Not only does it sound good.

You do the face.

( Erik imitating a goat )

Erik, stop hitting on the goats.

They're a couple.

( Erik imitating a goat )

>> I feel like we had a great

time together.

Maybe it helped me in Courtney

and Amanda's eyes, and maybe

that's enough to at least save

me another round.

( Erik imitating a goat )

>> I think that's the greatest

impression I've ever heard.

Congratulations, Erik.

>> I do what I can.

I do what I can.

>> I really like Erik.

I know he's here to play the

game as well, but I think he's

adorable, and I definitely want

to see him around as long as


I really like him.

>> Oh, my God!

Is that fried chicken?

Oh, my god!

This is the greatest day of my


What is that?

Mashed potatoes.

Thank you!

>> Thank you!

>> Oh, my God.

>> Fried chicken!

>> Erik, he is a threat, and

he's been doing a really good

job of getting close to Amanda

and Courtney.

I don't know, it does worry me,

just because... I mean, there's

no reason they couldn't be like,

"Oh, well, why don't we just

take Erik instead of Frosti?"

It's scary.

I don't want to be replaced.

>> Someone's coming in.

Hey, bitches, welcome home!

>> Hey.

>> We want to hear all about it.

>> Juicy details.

>> We had Chinese food, the same

thing that we had...

>> Chinese food.

>> Oh, it was so fun.

Talk it up.

We need details.

>> We lied to everyone because

if we would have told them we

would have had fried chicken,

mashed potatoes, and bread and

butter, everyone would have

hated us for sure.

>> It was a nice cruise though.

>> No, it was really cool.

>> It was nice, and the scenery

was beautiful.

>> It was really pretty.

>> It was nice.

>> What's been going on around

here, just the same old, trying

to get food and water?

>> Pretty much.

>> Todd, we missed you.

>> It's so nice to have you guys

back, though.

I mean, this is the thing.

Like, you know, believe it or

not, Peih-Gee just lost it and

just started screaming at James.

>> When you guys got back?

>> Yeah.

Screaming at James, like, "You

can't bounce a ball on a drum

and..." da, da, da, da.

She freaked out on him.

>> Oh, my God.

>> He was like, "Bitch, what are

you talking about?"

>> That sounds like a Jean-

Robert move.

>> Yeah, it is a Jean-Robert


>> Peih-Gee is not necessarily

in most people's good graces

right now, so hopefully I'll be

safe, unless Peih-Gee wins

immunity, and then it's a whole

new story.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to today's

immunity challenge?

>> Yes.

>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: First thing's first.

Courtney, time to give it up.

>> Oh, and it looked so cute on

her too.

>> PROBST: Once again immunity

is back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge will

test your memory.

You will each have a series of

Chinese zodiac symbols in front

of you.

Each round, I will call out a

list of those symbols.

You must then use your knife to

stab them in the correct order.

Get it right, you stay in.

Get it wrong, you're out.

Last person left standing wins

immunity, is guaranteed a one-

in-seven shot at winning this


Losers, tribal council tonight,

somebody will be going home.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: If you feel so

comfortable you don't think you

need immunity tonight, you can

opt not to play in the challenge

and instead...

>> No.

>> PROBST: can eat.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh!

>> That's okay.

>> Don't do that.

>> That is so wrong.

>> PROBST: Cheeseburgers.

French fries.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Cold drinks.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: And all the fixings.

>> Oh, my God!

>> That is mean!

>> PROBST: I'm going to give

each of you a white coin and a

black coin.

Black means you want to eat.

White means you want to play.

I'll hand them out.

Don't do anything with them yet.

Keep them both together.

Make sure they're separated.

Black means you want to eat.

White means you want to play.

This is a simple case of


So now I want everybody to

choose one coin, put it in your

right hand, put your right hand


Three, two, one, reveal.

Courtney's decided she wants to


Todd is going to eat.

Denise is going to eat.

And James is going to eat.

Take a spot at your feast bench.

Peih-Gee, Frosti, Amanda, and

Erik are playing to win this


All right, here's how it will


When we start, you guys can

begin eating.

You can eat for as long as the

challenge takes, until we have a


The challenge is now beginning.

Dig in.

Here we go, first round.

Tiger, rabbit, rat, monkey, dog.


Let's see how we do.

Tiger, rat is wrong.

Erik, take a spot.

Tiger, rabbit, rat, monkey, dog

is right.

Amanda is still in.

Tiger, rabbit, rat, monkey, dog

is right.

Peih-Gee is still in.

Tiger, rabbit, rat, monkey, dog.

Frosti is still in.

Erik, that has got to be tough


You didn't make it one round,

and you're looking at

cheeseburgers, fries, fixings.

>> Can't do anything about it.

I'm going to make the most of

it, sit here, and smell it.

>> PROBST: Courtney, how's that


>> Great.

>> Probably the best food I've

ever had in my life right now.

>> PROBST: We are down to three.

Next round: rat, ram, dragon,

rooster, ram.

Frosti struggling to get that

last one.

You're committed to what you


>> Come on, Frosti.

Go, Frosti.

>> PROBST: Frosti makes a


Let's find out if he's right.

Rat, ram, dragon, rooster, ram.

Rat, ram, dragon, rat is wrong.

Amanda has it wrong.

Rat, ram, dragon, rooster, ram.

Peih-Gee has it right.

That means Amanda, you can take

a seat.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: It comes down to


Peih-Gee has it right.

Frosti, if you have it wrong,

Peih-Gee wins immunity.

>> I'm going crazy.

I'm losing my mind.

>> PROBST: Rat, ram, dragon,

rooster, ram is what you need to

have to stay alive.

Rat, ram, dragon, rooster, ram.

You got it right.

>> Yay!

>> PROBST: You're still alive.

We are down to two-- immunity

and a guarantee of a one-in-

seven shot of winning this game.

Here we go.

Snake, rat, rabbit, tiger,

rooster, ram.

>> Come on, Frosti.

>> PROBST: Snake, rat, rabbit,

tiger, rooster, ram.

What are you upset about?

>> I don't know.

I think I lost my mind with


>> PROBST: Snake, rat, rabbit,

tiger, rooster, ram.

I think you got it right.

Peih-Gee has it right again.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Frosti, you have to

have it right to stay alive in


Snake, the second one was rat.

You have rabbit.

It's over.

Peih-Gee wins immunity.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Congratulations.

And with that, stop eating.

Whatever you got in your mouth,

you can finish.

What's in your hands you need to

set down.

Give you a minute to swallow.

>> I'm covered in mayonnaise.

>> It's on your leg.

>> PROBST: Peih-Gee, the only

thing on day 27 better than a

cheeseburger is this right here.

>> That's right, baby.

>> PROBST: Individual immunity

guarantees you safe tonight at

tribal council, one-in-seven

shot at winning this game.

Frosti, Todd, Amanda, Erik,

Denise, Courtney, and James, one

of the seven you are going home


See you at tribal.

Head on back.

>> How much did you guys eat?

>> I had two burgers and a ton

of fries and two things of cola.

And I hated myself for that.

>> It's hard to know that I took

a risk, made a sacrifice, and

nothing really came out of it.

I am upset that James, Denise,

Todd, and Courtney sat out.

Like, we're here for 12 more


You can't wait 12 days for a


>> Frosti, you fought hard.

I did terrible.

>> Not winning immunity today

and having Peih-Gee win means

that we can't vote her out.

So I think Erik kind of already

knows that he's on the chopping


>> Well, if I go tonight, good

luck to you.

>> If I go tonight, good luck to


And we still didn't get


>> Since Peih-Gee won immunity,

that means Frosti and I are kind

of the obvious ones to go, you

know, probably going to be one

of us.

And Frosti, I feel like he's...

somehow, you know, he's worked

his way... I think he's in good

with Todd and Amanda and


So it definitely makes it seem

like Frosti might be higher up

the ladder than he once was.

But then again, you know, I'm

tight with that group now.

So maybe that puts me up the

ladder as well.

So we'll see.

>> We have to be careful with

Erik, because he's not like


He's not overbearing.

He's not abrasive.

But he's really good at

making... especially the girls.

>> He's smooth.

>> They love him.

>> And he plays up the good old

country boy from Tennessee.

>> I mean, he's a great guy.

And, like, he's awesome to have

around, but just got to be


>> It's like, "Here you go, have

a million dollars, Erik."

Tonight's vote's killer.

I mean, Erik, if he makes it to

the end, hands down, he's

guaranteed a million dollars.

But Frosti's a big threat.

You watch him perform in any of

the challenges, and he is great,

you know.

And that kind of worries me.

So I don't know what I'm going

to do.

It's a toss-up.

Frosti and Erik?

>> One of them guys is leaving.

>> Has to go.

We have to get rid of one of

those two.

I mean, I love Frosti.

I'll write his name down.

Courtney is really tight with


If we have to, we pull her in to

get rid of Frosti.

She'll vote for Frosti.

>> I'm not sure you want to

trust her, though.

I mean, she thinks her Frosti's

with her.

>> Courtney...

>> We can convince Courtney.

>> You sure?

She's loving the hell out of


>> If she can't realize that, if

she really can't realize that,

maybe we should turn it around

and get rid of her.

>> The last tribal council we

went to, I thought everybody was

voting for Peih-Gee.

It turned out everybody was

voting for JR.

Tonight I really don't feel

paranoid, because at least I

think I know who everybody's

voting for.

It's either going to be Frosti

or it's going to be Courtney

that goes tonight.

>> Obviously, and it sucks, but

what are we at, eight?

Get rid of Erik or Frosti.

>> So Erik or Frosti.

>> Has to, right?

James and Denise are scared to

death that you would not be

willing to vote against Frosti.

>> Oh, really?

>> Yeah.


And would you?

>> Frosti is kind of like my

little Munchkin, and you know,

everyone's kind of worried about

me because they know that he's,

you know, like, my good friend.

>> You've seen him compete.

I love the kid, but we don't

have a choice, right?

>> We'll see how it goes.

It really does, like,

strategically make a difference

whether or not, you know, I go

with the group on this one or I

don't go with the group on this


So I don't know.

I mean, honestly, I don't know

who I'll vote for.

>> James and Denise were very

worried about Courtney and her

friendship with Frosti.

I'm worried.

I mean, we just don't know what

to expect.

She could literally take a sharp

turn right at any moment.

You know, I may have to vote for


>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury, Jaime

and Jean-Robert, voted out at

the last tribal council.

Let's talk about today's

immunity challenge.

James, of all the people that

would choose to eat over

fighting for immunity, I have to

say you surprised me the most.

When you saw that plate of

cheeseburgers, what was your

initial thought?

>> Attack.

( laughter )

I ate seven of them.

>> PROBST: You ate set of the


>> I ate seven burgers.

And I would have eaten that last


I'm not playing.

I was hungry.

Yes, I have a strong ability to

win, and if I would have

competed, I would have competed

with my whole heart, but I'm

telling you, it was meat, man.

>> PROBST: Todd, you have a one-

in-even shot if you win today's

challenge, and yet you opted for


>> The second you took the lid

off of those burgers and fries,

fat kid inside of Todd said,

"Food, eat, you are so hungry,"

you know?

And it's very risky putting

yourself in that situation,

especially when you tell

yourself you would never do it.

>> PROBST: Frosti, why did you

choose to not eat?

>> Well, I know that being here,

there's always a chance that you

could go home, no matter how

comfortable you feel, and that's

a chance that some people

decided to take.

But I want to know that I've

done everything I can to do my

best, to try my hardest, so that

if I do go home, I know that

it's not because I didn't do

everything I could.

>> PROBST: Erik, of the four

people that chose to sit out, do

you think it's a sign that they

are comfortable enough with

their status in the tribe that

they can eat and still be here

at the end of this tribal?

>> I knew I had to do the

challenge, so that definitely

draws a distinction between

where I am and where the people

that were eating are.

>> PROBST: Where are you in this


>> I feel like I'm honestly

somewhere at the bottom, and

frankly, tonight I feel like I'm

very far at the bottom.

There's a chance I could make it

through tonight, but I'm not

necessarily planning on it.

>> PROBST: We're at a point in

the game where there are two

different types of

relationships: strategy

relationships, then

relationships that might extend

after the game.

Amanda, are those two

relationships starting to butt

heads yet when it comes to who

you vote out?

>> It's a hard thing, having

friendships and then trying to

play this game, because they

don't always follow the same


So it's a hard thing to juggle.

>> PROBST: Denise, if you make a

friendship with somebody out

here, do you expect a little

more loyalty than somebody that

maybe they don't like?

>> I mean, you would hope that

the loyalty would be there, but

there is no loyalty in a game

like this.

There is no real down-to-the-

bottom trust.

I mean, it's a game.

I mean, you hope that the

friendships that you make and

the bonds that you create over

all this time will last in the


>> PROBST: Frosti, what does it

say about you that you're still

here after being selected from

Fei Long presumably with the

idea to get rid of?

>> Well, I do believe that

forming the relationships that I

did with the whole tribe really

did help me.

And yes, sometimes you do have

to hurt people that you've

gotten close to.

But it is a game, and everyone

understands that.

And sometimes in games, people

get hurt.

>> PROBST: Erik, does it ever

feel personal?

>> Yeah.

I mean, it's hard, because I

feel like I've meant to make

friends too, and at some point,

there's only so much I can do,

you know, on the chopping block.

But of course, as far as, like,

trying to scheme and, like, get

myself in good with a select

few, although somewhat

necessary, also can be very


So I've really tried to be

careful, and you know, I have

very few options at this point

tonight, but....

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to

get to the vote.

Peih-Gee, I don't even have to


I know you're not giving up that


Peih-Gee is safe.

You cannot vote for Peih-Gee.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Todd, you're up.

>> One of us will be eating

cheeseburgers before the other.

Neither of us deserved it.

>> It's you and me tonight, bro.

Nothing personal.

>> I think you're an amazing


I'm sorry.

I hope we can be friends later.


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

If anyone has the hidden

immunity idol, now is the time

to play it.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Frosti.



Two votes Frosti, one vote Erik.


Three votes Frosti, one vote


Frosti, it's four votes Frosti.

Ninth person voted out and the

third member of our jury,


That's five.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Frosti, the tribe has spoken.

>> With cheeseburgers still on

their breath.

>> PROBST: Time for you to go.

Well, you've made it a long ways

in this game, but there are

still 12 days left.

Now, more than ever, the ability

to adapt moment to moment is

what's going to keep you in this


We're going to test that right


Tonight you will not be heading

directly back to camp.

We have more business to attend

to here.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor, injuries take their


>> My knees are tore up.

>> PROBST: James is fed up.

>> You have to help me out.

I'm not doing all this stuff by

myself anymore.

They're going to pull the rope

with me, or they're all going to


>> PROBST: And Todd takes a


>> I have a very, very strong

opinion, and I'm going to knock

you down if I have to.

You got to watch your mouth,


>> I expected some people to

kind of backstab, but I didn't

expect it right now.

I got beat by the tiny flight

attendant, the sassy New York

waitress, and the lady with the


But you know, I wanted to prove

that somebody who is younger,

smaller could come out here and

do the same job that anyone else

can do, and I have proved that.