Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 7 - An Evil Thought - full transcript

One castaway finds the hidden Immunity Idol.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> PROBST: the ailing Ravu

tribe, Yau-Man and Earl were the

only ones that knew that the

immunity idol was hidden at


>> Yau and I have an upper hand

because we're the only ones that

know that it's even on this


It's time to go hunting for


>> PROBST: And they worked

together to find it.

>> I'm very excited.

I get a chance to dig.

I don't know for how long.

>> PROBST: But Yau-Man's search

was in vain.

>> Try again.

>> PROBST: Drop your buffs.

>> What?

>> PROBST: Then the game took an

unexpected turn.

>> Mookie.

>> PROBST: Choosing members from

opposing tribes...

>> Come on, Dreamz.

>> PROBST: Maybe the biggest

rivalry thus far just paired up.

...the new tribes were formed.

Yau-Man, who are you going to


>> Stacy.

>> PROBST: Lisi, never good to

be odd person out.

Lisi was left tribeless.

>> I thought this would be like

"I'm out!"

>> PROBST: So you just told

these guys that you're fine

going home.

>> Now would be a good time to


>> PROBST: Well, for the time

being, you'll be going to Exile


>> Great, thanks.

>> PROBST: One very big decision

left to make.

Which group is going to live on

the luxurious Moto beach and

which group of people is going

back to Ravu?

The fate of the two tribes was


Show it.

...when Edgardo pulled the

orange buff of Ravu.

( cheering )

>> Garcon, my breakfast!

>> PROBST: At the new Moto...

>> This is real food.

>> PROBST: Earl, Michelle, and

Yau-Man enjoyed the comforts of

their new home.

>> My world just got turned

upside down and for the better.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: At Ravu...

>> I'm glad that there are no

women here.

>> PROBST: The new tribe of

strong men bonded.

>> You want to have Anthony just

get the fire going, and we'll go


>> PROBST: But Anthony was left


>> Unfortunately, I'm left back

here to tend the fires while the

big men go off, and cookie is

still here at the campfire.

>> PROBST: At a tense immunity

challenge, the physically

inferior Moto Tribe surprised

Ravu when they pushed their way

to victory.

Moto wins immunity!

With tribal council looming...

>> Anthony, where's the flint?

>> PROBST: ...Anthony and Rocky

were on the chopping block.

>> I see myself really far from

being friends or liking Rocky a

lot, because all he would cause

is a lot of turmoil.

>> PROBST: At tribal council...

>> You have poor social skills.

>> I got poor social skills?

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Anthony and Rocky

faced off.

>> You act like a little girl


>> This is why I don't say


>> Take the skirt off a little


Let's go.

>> PROBST: But Anthony was the

one to go.

Anthony, the tribe has spoken.

12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> Five men, I think she'll take

a step back.

I think she just felt threatened

by the other girls on the other


>> She was.

Lisi will be joining our tribe


The episode she had during the

last challenge where she was

like "Well, I'm out of here"

does concern me a little bit,

but Lisi's the kind of person

just says what's on her mind at

that moment.

So I'm hoping a couple days on

Exile Island will help her

recant a little bit.

>> Hey!

>> Welcome home, baby!

>> I'm with the boys!

>> How was Exile?

>> Exile, can I just tell you,

it's not as bad as people think.

When I first got to Exile

Island, I cracked up.

I literally broke down.

But that's a great thing,

because when you break down, you

put your pieces back together


It makes you stronger.

>> We thought you was going to

quit on us.

>> Whoo!

Well, I mean, imagine, we're

together for what, 14 days?

And all of a sudden it's like...

I had a breakdown.

I was like, "I'm out of here."

>> That's cool.

>> The dynamics in the tribe are

going to get a little sticky

because Edgardo and Alex and I

are really tight.

And I know that Rocky and Mookie

and even Dreamz might want to

get me out of the way.

Let me tell you something.

I reached, like, this spiritual


Like, when you sit in one place

for a long time, you start

thinking, like, deep.

So I was, like, tripping, man.

I was up there like...

>> I told you she was going to

fit right in.

Didn't we tell you guys?

>> Back at old Moto, I never

really had a relationship with


I didn't like her.

She didn't like me.

>> Okay, we're officially on

Survivor now, guys.

>> So she should be worried out

of her mind.

( theme song playing )

>> I sleep so light.

I hear everything.

>> The new Moto tribe consists

of three old Ravu, which is

myself, Yau, and Michelle, and

old Moto, which is Cassandra,

Boo, and Stacy.

So now this new Moto is three

and three, so everybody has

three votes.

So we're even.

So... but we need to change the

power here.

I'm going to catch a fish.

Y'all want to go down in the

water a little bit?

>> I just want to get the boat


>> Well, if anything, we can

just go do that, just go bring

the boat.

>> I'm setting something up with


There is definitely an idol on

Ravu's camp and Moto's camp.

And we have an idea of exactly

where the immunity idol is here,

but we haven't had the chance to

go get it.

>> Yau-Man is going to stay

behind while the five of us go

retrieve the boat.

So this gives him a moment to

look, and we'll have it.

So that'll be our ace in the


>> Right there.

Can you see it?

You can see it now.

>> Oh!

Oh, my God!

This is my... this is it.

This is my million dollars right


I'm glad I'm not in an untying

contest right now, because I

would lose.

The one and only immunity idol.

I know there's another one

somewhere in the other island,

but right now, this is the only

one that exists.

This is mine.

This is mine.

It looks good on me.

It really does.

I'm going to jump out of my skin



My plan now is to let Earl know,

because I owe him that much.

He engineered this whole boat-

saving party for me.

And so I agree to share the use

of this idol when the time comes

with him.

All right, untouched.

Back to work!

>> Yau-Man.

>> Yau, we're back.

>> My arms are falling off.

Did you guys get the boat?

>> No, it's too high up.

We're going to have to wait for

high tide.

>> Oh, well, good try and all


Thank you, y'all.

The sun's not that hot, so I

should have gone out and helped.

>> It wasn't anything we can do.

The boat is so far up on the


With a net, where I was at, I'll

catch something.

>> Let's see how we can untangle

the net.

When I first came into this

game, I did not have any

expectation of finding a new

friend in such a short time that

I can trust so much.

>> But Earl is different.

His word was good.

I would have never thought that

a big, strong, black man would

become one of my best allies in

this game.

>> What I initially told Yau is

I will help you with the idol

because I knew the value of Yau,

and I knew if I helped this guy,

I could feel it that he would

actually remember that and would

trust me a lot.

>> I went at it so fast.

I was digging furiously.

I mean...

>> Yau having the idol helps

because hopefully there's a

power change.

We'll share this, you know.

If they're trying to vote me

out, he'll let me know, and

he'll give it to me.

And if they're trying to vote

him out, then he'll just use it,

and so that's the way how two

people can share an idol.

>> We'll make it to the final

two if all things align, you

know, Earl.

>> PROBST: Moto, come on in!

Ravu, come on in!

Moto getting your first look at

the new Ravu tribe.

Anthony voted out at the last

tribal council, and this

morning, Lisi joined their

tribe, returning from Exile


>> She made it.


>> PROBST: For today's

challenge, each tribe will use a

flame thrower to launch

fireballs at three separate


Each time you hit a target, it

will burst into flames.

First tribe to ignite all three

of their targets wins reward.

You want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Tomorrow morning, the

winning tribe will be picked up

by a seaplane and taken to your

own private Fijian arcade.

A little usual in the middle of

all these islands to find an

arcade, but we did.

So you'll have an afternoon of a

different kind of game playing,

foosball, air hockey, a bowling


And an afternoon at an arcade

would not be complete without

hot dogs and beer.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: In addition, the

winning tribe will send one

person from the losing tribe to

Exile Island.

Give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

First two throwers, it is Earl

for Moto, Dreamz for Ravu.

>> Come on, Earl!

You got this!

>> You got it, Earl!

( cheering )

>> Hot dogs, Dreamz.

>> PROBST: When you're ready.

Three, two, one, launch.

Earl just short for Moto, inches


Dreamz not messing around,

connects and scores for Ravu.

Ravu leads one-zip.

Next round, it is Michelle for

Moto, Lisi for Ravu.

Three, two, one, launch.

Lisi launches hard but short.

Michelle just misses.

>> Oh, good try!

Good try!

>> PROBST: It's Yau-Man for

Moto, Edgardo for Ravu.

>> You got it!

>> Yau!

>> Show them that secret

technique, Yau.

They don't know.

Show them.

>> PROBST: Here we go.

Ravu leads one-zip.

When you're ready, launch.

Edgardo could extend Ravu's


No luck.

Yau-Man with a great toss.

( cheering )

We are tied, 1-1.

>> PROBST: It's Boo for Moto,

Mookie for Ravu.

We are tied 1-1.

>> Come on, Boo.

You got this.

>> PROBST: Three, two, one,


Boo with a big launch, and just

short again for Moto.

Mookie, dead center for Ravu.

Ravu leads 2-1.

>> That was awesome!

That was awesome!

>> PROBST: Next round, Cassandra

for Moto, Alex for Ravu.

With a good toss here, Alex

could give Ravu their first win

as a tribe.

Three, two, one, launch.

Alex, not going to do it with

that toss.

Cassandra with a good toss for

Moto, just misses to the right.

Next round, Stacy for Moto,

Rocky for Ravu.

Ravu leads 2-1.

Three, two, one, toss.

Stacy falls short.

Rocky just short for Ravu.

Going to have to get some air on

these things.

Next round is Earl for Moto,

Dreamz for Ravu.

Dreamz, what are you more

excited about, hot dogs or the


>> I don't drink, so I got to

say hot dogs.

>> PROBST: Dreamz could win it

for Ravu right here.

Ravu leads 2-1.

When you're ready, toss.

Earl with a big toss, just


Dreamz with a big launch.

Is it enough?

( cheering )

It is!

Ravu wins their first challenge!

( cheering )

>> Oh, Dreamz came through,


>> PROBST: Ravu, big decision.

You're sending one member of the

Moto tribe to Exile Island.

Who is it going to be?

>> Earl.

>> PROBST: Why Earl?

>> He's been in Exile Island

many times, so we don't want...

you know, we don't want another

person to get another clue.

>> PROBST: Earl heading back to

Exile Island once again.

The boat will pick you up.

You will return in time for the

next immunity challenge.

For once, Moto, I got nothing

for you.

Grab your stuff.

Head on back to camp.

Ravu, get your stuff.

Head on out.

( cheering )

( cheering )

>> This is what I'm talking

about, reward!

>> Whoo, baby!

>> Finally going over that hump,

getting that "w" under our belt,

now we can actually know we got


We're going to replenish


The whole Moto Tribe is going


We're back in this.

>> Yeah!

>> I'll be your host for the


Shall we go in now?

>> Yeah!

>> Wow.

>> Air conditioning!

>> Oh, they got cheese!

>> Ooh!

>> Oh!

>> Wow!

>> As soon as we saw the food,

it was like a feeding frenzy,


>> Life is good.

>> Life is great!

>> Great!

>> Cheers, guys.

>> Cheers.

>> Cheers to Ravu, many


>> You know this.

>> Man, I can't wait to get full

so we can play some games.

>> The question of the day is

how much food can you shove in a

pie hole?

They're just shoving like four

hot dogs in their mouth.

I'm like, "Chill out, boys.


You'll give yourself a


>> Oh, man.

>> Ow.

( burping )

>> Just to let you know, on the

other side, we have a golf area.

>> Oh, wow.

>> Nice.

>> Cool, virtual golf.

>> Behind you, you have a pool


In front of you, you have a

bowling alley.

>> All right!

>> Whoa!

>> Strike!

>> It's my favorite kind of


I love being surround by guys.

To me, being around a bunch of

boys is my favorite place to be,

straight up.

>> All right, she's on my team.

>> Lisi doesn't hold back.

She's like one of the guys.

She just went straight at the

food, the beer.

I mean, she's the type of girl

you'd go to a football game,

chug a beer, bump chests, you

know, every touchdown.

>> Yeah!

Hey, I'm next.

>> Well, when I first got here,

obviously, I'm the chick, so I

would be the weakest link right


( laughter )

But after the win, all the guys

are feeling good.


So they're more accepting.

They've gotten to know me

better, so they can see how I

could really fit in with the


All right, killer.

No, that's a pretty swing.

>> Everything about me is


>> The whole dynamics of the

game is just beginning to shift

daily, so we'll see what

happens, man.

>> It's my third time here.

It's just boring, no big deal.

The idol has been found, so

there's no purpose of getting a


No one's been here as much as


I'm going to officially change

the name to Earl Island.

I'll be accepting reservations

for tourism.

You have a nice view of the

ocean, plenty of room to lay

down, good eats.

Just like the finest


Yeah, this is my island.

Lodging isn't very good, but

it's a beautiful view.

Earl's island in Fiji.

>> Man, I just ate way too much


Oh, god!

>> This is horrible.

What have we done?

>> Alex?

>> What?

>> Hurry up, man.

>> So two franks and another hot

dog and then a brownie and a

little bit of beer to wash it

all down with.

And oddly enough, felt kind of


>> Oh, god!

>> Those brownies were so good


>> Oh, shush!

>> Can we not talk about it

right now?

>> Oh, how come... listen, how

come when I'm starving, right,

I'm sitting on the grass and the

dirt, everyone's talking about

chocolate chip ice cream.

You know, now they're all

rolling on the couch.

"Ah, my stomach."

So I started making fun of them.

"Oh, I'm going to eat 19 hot

dogs, and I'm going to eat 17


They were running their mouth.

Now I'm full.

I feel great now.

Now yous all got stomachaches,

and now I can't talk about

brownies and stuff that I had

earlier today.

That's not fair.

People call me up on my own

stuff all the time.

I just think it's fair game, you


And if you can't take stuff like

that here, you shouldn't be


>> This is terrible.

>> I told you.

Everyone's hurting.

You guys better be ready for the

challenge soon.

I don't care.

>> You know what?

I'd rather have this feeling

than have the feeling of


>> Okay, well, then suck up the

stomachache and shut up then.

>> Rocky, he just doesn't fit in

with us.

We're pretty laid-back guys.

We make fun of each other, but

to a certain extent.

But Rocky takes it to another


I think I gained, like, three


>> Three pounds of stomachache

is what you gained.

>> Because he criticizes

everybody, and he's too harsh on

people, and people don't respect


People don't want a guy to be

criticizing you all the time.

That's why they have, like,

bosses and teachers back at


>> Listen, you've been crying

about this for three weeks.

You got what you wanted.

You went a little too crazy too


Suck it up.

( Rocky laughing )

>> We lost the reward challenge,

and it proved to us that we need

to step up our game if we want

to keep this immunity idol.

It's very important to each and

every one of us here.

Some of us, it's more important

than they really understand.

I mean, it's more important to

Yau than he knows, because if we

lose, he's gone tonight, because

he's got to be the weakest

physically out of all of us.

That's good.

>> Now things are definitely

looking up.

I'm in an alliance with Earl,

who is very strong and a very

honorable man.

I have the immunity idol, and if

I can make it through the merge,

I can go quite far.

My first priority is not let

anybody know that I got the

immunity idol.

Then I have a really evil


I thought what if there is

another immunity idol for them

to find?

So I start out making my own

immunity idol out of a half

coconut shell.

Basically, I took a coconut


I paint it with a little face,

and I painted eyebrows.

And just in case they don't know

it's an immunity idol, I put the

initials "I.I." on it.

There are so many immunity idols

running around here.

I made that.

I wrapped it back up.

And when I see that Michelle and

Stacy was falling asleep in bed,

I went quickly and buried it

back in that hole.

I didn't bury it very deep, so

it's easier to find.

So I'm hoping that someone will

decide to hunt for the idol and

we'll have one too many idols

running around, except I have

the official one.

This upcoming immunity challenge

is very important to me.

I'm always the target, but I do

have the immunity idol.

If we lose this immunity

challenge, then I will have to

really keep my ears to the

ground and listen to see if I am


If I am, then I will be forced

to use it, but I really hope I

do not need to use it.

>> PROBST: How's everybody


>> Good.

>> Good, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Let's get to it.

We'll now bring in Earl

returning once again from Exile


( applause )

>> Earl!

>> I'm back, feeling good.

>> PROBST: First thing's first,

take back immunity.

Thanks, Michelle.

Once again, immunity back up for


For today's challenge, one

person will be your caller.

The rest of the tribe will be


One at a time, the caller will

lead you out into a field where

there are five skulls hanging.

Using a Fijian war club, you

must smash a skull, releasing a

bundle of tiles.

Then, while still blindfolded,

you must find the tiles and take

them to your puzzle board.

Then race back to the start, and

the next person goes.

Once you've collected all five

bundles of tiles, as a tribe,

you have to unscramble the

puzzle to decipher a two-word


First tribe to correctly solve

it wins immunity, guaranteed a

one-in-11 shot at a million


>> All right!

>> That's what I'm talking about

>> PROBST: Losers, tribal

council tonight, somebody going


If at some point during the

challenge, you want to switch

out callers, you're allowed to

do so.

I'll give you a minute to

strategize, and we'll get


Here we go.

Michelle is the caller for Moto,

Lisi the caller for Ravu.

For immunity, survivors ready?


>> All right, Stacy, you're


Follow that rail.

Follow that rail.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Three more paces, and you'll

feel the pole.

All right, slide right, slide


>> Back, back, Alex, back.

Back, to your left, baby, to

your left.

>> It's right above you.

Do you feel it?

>> PROBST: Stacy takes the first


>> Hands on the floor.

Hands on the floor.

Forward, forward.

By your knee, by your knee.

There you go.

Okay, go forward, go forward.

Go forward, go forward.

Go forward, go forward.

Go forward, go forward.

Go forward.

The table's in front of you.

Do you feel it?

>> There you go.

>> PROBST: Alex is swing all

over the place but not


>> Let it stop swinging.

The skull is on the ground,


>> It's on the ground?

>> Yes.

>> Where is it?

>> Move to your left, to your


Forward, forward, forward.

Right there.

Okay, you got it.

You got it.

>> Come on, girl, a little

faster, a little faster.

>> PROBST: Stacy's back for


Cassandra on the course.

>> All right, there you go!

>> PROBST: Alex has it, and he's

heading back.

>> Don't hit the... don't hit...

don't hit...

>> PROBST: Alex is back.

>> Switch.

>> PROBST: Ravu going to switch

out callers.

Lisi is done.

Alex is taking over.

>> Go straight, straight, go!

Go, Ed, go.

Keep going, Ed.

>> Come on, girl!


All right, hands on the floor,

hands on the floor!

Right in front of you.

Forward, forward, forward,


>> Ooh, I got it!

>> There you go, that's it.

Straight in front of you.

>> Okay, okay!

>> Almost.

You got it!

Go down on your knees.

It's on the floor, right next to

your stick.

You got it, you got it!

Ed, get up.

>> Okay, where?

>> Forward, forward, forward!

You got it!

Run back, Ed, run back!

>> Ten paces, come back, come


>> PROBST: Cassandra back.

Earl out on the course.

Edgardo now back for Ravu.

>> Forward, Dreamz, forward.

>> PROBST: We are tied 2-2.

>> To your right, slide right,

slide right.

There you go.

That's where it is, baby!


>> Dreamz, stop, stop!

Move to your left!

One step.

Right above you.

You got it!

Get on your knees.

Right next to the stick.

Follow the stick with your left


You got it!

You got it!

>> PROBST: Earl is back.

Boo looking for that club.

Boo now out on the course.

>> Come on, come on, come on!

Yeah, Boo, keep going!

>> You got it Dreamz.

Come back, forward!

Dreamz, run, run, run, run, run!


You got it, Dreamz!

>> PROBST: Dreamz is back.

Rocky now out on the course for


>> Rock, go, forward, forward,


You've got a long way to go,


>> Come on, left, left, left,


Your left!

Other side, other side.

>> This way?

>> Yes, that way.

That's your left!

Right there!

Give it a swing!

Come on, Boo, you don't have to

hit it that hard.

Just hit it a little.

There you go!

Hands on the floor, hands on the


There, that's where it is.

>> Forward half a step.


There you go!

It's on the floor.

Right behind your left foot.

Right next your left foot.

You got it!

Turn around, forward, Rock,

forward, forward!

There you go.

Run back!

>> PROBST: Boo is back.

Moto has one bundle left.

>> Faster, Yau-Man, faster,


Follow that rail.

Follow that rail.

You're doing awesome.

Follow that rail!

>> Forward, Mookie, right hand,


>> PROBST: Mookie working for

that last skull for Ravu.

>> Okay, go forward, go forward,


Yau-Man, go forward!

Yau-Man, go forward!

Yau, stop!

Yau-Man, stop!

>> Hey, you want to switch,


I got a loud voice.

>> PROBST: Moto switching out,

Boo going to become the caller.

Both teams have one bundle left.

>> Tell me where it is.

>> I'm blind right now.

Hold on.

>> Run, run, run, stop!

To your right!

To the right!

Again, again!

>> Yau, to your left.

Now hit down.

Get them down!

Down on your knees!

Right in front of you!

By your knees!

>> PROBST: Yau-Man has the last


>> Turn 180, 180.

>> PROBST: He's got to get it on

the puzzle table.

>> Left, left, left, on the


Left, on the fence!

>> PROBST: He does.

He's got to get back now.

>> Come back, Yau!

>> One half step forward,


Right there, smash it!

>> It's right below you!

Get on your hands and knees,



It's right in front of you,

right next to the stick.

Turn around, stop!

>> Come back, Yau!

Keep on, keep on!

>> PROBST: Yau Man back.

Take off your blindfolds!


Moto has all bundles!

They're now working on the


>> Mookie, run!

Forward, forward!

>> PROBST: Mookie takes a hard

hit into the side of the course.

>> To your left, to your left,

to your left!

Forward, forward, forward!

>> PROBST: Take off your


Ravu has all five bundles!

They're now working on the


It is a two-word phrase.

>> "Castaway," "castaway,"


>> There's no w.

It's not "castaway."

>> Where is Michelle?

>> Yes?

"Cannibal," "cannibal,"


>> "Cannibalism," "cannibalism."

>> We're ready.

>> PROBST: Moto thinks they have


>> Yeah, baby!

>> PROBST: "Cannibal Isles" is


Motto wins immunity!

( cheering )

>> PROBST: Moto,


>> Yeah.

( applause )

>> PROBST: You still have not

lost an immunity challenge,

nobody in danger of going home


Ravu, unfortunately not the same


One of the six of you will be

voted out at tonight's tribal


You have the afternoon to figure

out who that's going to be.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

>> We lost today.

We're going to have to vote

somebody out.

Alex and I figured out that we

don't need really strong


You know, once we get closer to

the merger, if there's a merger,

what we need is people that are

loyal, and Lisi is one of those


I know Rocky's counting on

getting Lisi out, but, I mean, I

think his head is next.

>> Rocky, I don't trust him that


>> I don't trust Rocky.

>> I don't know if we should

tell Mookie or not, because he's

tight with Rocky.

>> Don't talk to him.

>> But Rocky's out.

I can't... I mean, I like the

guy, but I can't... he's... last

night he was just...

>> Too much.

>> Rocky has just this bad vibe

about him, and I think one of

the reasons that Ravu didn't

ever win was his attitude about


Lisi, Alex, and I were from the

other tribe, and she knows that

she has to be loyal to us

because she doesn't have anybody

else to tag along with.

It's you, me, and Edgardo.

>> I know this.

>> So even if we get whittled

down, the three of us are


>> For real, for real.

>> So Rocky goes next, okay?

>> Okay.

>> And Ed and I were talking.

He had kind of a good idea.

I want to know your thoughts on


Okay, we need to figure out who

has got the damn immunity idol.

>> Let me tell you something

right now.

The idol's on this island.

It's here.

>> Right.

>> It's not on Exile.

I think that with the clues that

I have, you, me, and Edgardo

should start prowling around the


>> Yeah.

>> I think we're better off if

we try to spread this than just

me trying to be greedy trying to

find the idol, so...

>> Right, I agree.

>> Take me to the water so I can

rinse off my freaking socks.

>> All right, let's go.

>> The story with the idol is

there's some clues that I could

go on which lead me to believe

that it might be here, but it's

all really vague.

What I'm going to do with the

idol is have Edgardo and Alex

help me.

>> What do these clue say?

>> It might be right underneath

this big cave, underneath where

people sleep.

>> Okay.

>> So it might be... it might be

underneath the palm fronds.

We'll see what happens.

You know, I have no choice but

to believe Alex at this point.

But that being said, this game

turns and twists, and people say

one thing and do another.

>> For real?

That's what they're telling you?

>> Yeah.

>> Here's the thing.

Would you guys care if you guys

all voted him and then I just

voted, like, just someone?

Because I...

>> Yeah, no, I wouldn't care.

I'd probably vote with you.

>> Dreamz told me that Alex and

Edgardo were talking about

sending off Rocky before Lisi.

Well, that leaves only one of

previous Ravu, and they're just

going to wipe us out.

I got have to figure out a way

to turn it around, and I think

right now my man Dreamz, I trust


I think he was left out in the

other previous tribe, and so the

opportunity to, you know, align

myself with himself is the best

thing I can do.

>> Me and Rocky's personality,

we don't bump heads like it

appeared that it would, because

I understand Rocky.

That's how... that's who he is.

That's how he talks, you know

what I mean?

That don't mean that he's mad at

you and want to fight you, you

get what I'm saying?

>> Yeah.

>> I think Rocky knows that he's

on the chopping block tonight.

Some of the boys think, "Hey,

he's got a bad attitude; he's

got to go."

>> What's everybody crying


>> Losing today.

>> Just got to win tomorrow.

>> Rocky throws a lot of false

attitude, but it's not real


It's not the real way he feels.

It's just his personality.

>> Right?

>> We have to win tomorrow.

>> Yeah.

>> I never really got the chance

to know Rocky.

I would really like to get to

know Rocky.

So I feel I would rather Lisi

leave if somebody was to leave,

because then we'll still be

strong, but just without Lisi.

>> I hate tribal council.

What do you think, bitch?

>> I think you should ( no

audio ) push over a little bit,

unless you want to make out with

me ( no audio ).

To be honest with you, I've been

a little nervous today.

Out of all the tribal councils,

I was the one pulling the

strings in all the other ones.

That's not the case this time.

>> Yeah.

>> I think Lisi's definitely

going to go home, but who knows?

I could go home today.

>> Going into tribal is going to

be like a cliffhanger situation,

because even though we've all

talked that I'm not going to get

voted out, you never know what

happens at the last minute.

>> PROBST: So let's start with


When you weren't selected to be

on either tribe, you had

somewhat of a meltdown.

>> Yeah, sure.

I was looking forward to going


I thought that was my exit.

>> PROBST: So when you came back

to this tribe, you had to be a

little uneasy about how you

would be welcomed.

>> Um, I knew I was going to go

back to a tribe that contained

people from my old tribe, so I

was really not concerned about

general consensus of the tribe

towards me, because I knew I was

going to find a friend wherever

I went.

And from that thread, I would

just, you know, start bringing

myself up.

>> PROBST: Dreamz, you watched

Lisi out there.

What was your reaction?

>> Well, at first, when Lisi had

the breakdown, I knew that she

just wanted to quit the game.

And I was like, "Man, we got to

win so we don't have to get

Lisi," because I didn't want her

on our team if she was wanting

to go home.

But when she came back and she

wasn't the same way she was when

I seen her with the breakdown, I

was happy about that, and I knew

that we were ready for business.

>> PROBST: Rocky, what's the

feeling as tribal council starts

to approach?

Is everybody scurrying around,

trying to make sure it's not


>> I think it's in the back of

people's minds, because you

know, we just... we're a tight

group, but we're a new group,

you know what I mean?

So I think everyone's a

little... not really nervous,

but it's always in the back of

everybody's minds exactly what's

going on.

>> PROBST: So, Mookie, this

tribe's strength being its

physical strength and agility,

how does that factor in to who

you get rid of?

>> It's hard choosing which

person is going to go, because

we're all so strong.

And Lisi over here brings

another aspect.

Maybe we need a girl.

So it makes it really difficult

trying to figure out who to let

go, because this whole physical

thing hasn't really been working

in our favor so far.

So you have to look at it both

ways, and I really don't know.

>> PROBST: Rocky, can you trust

these guys to be telling you the

truth as we get ready to vote?

>> Basically, you know what?

I'm going with my gut right now.

I trust certain people.

That's all I can do.

And then I just got to read

everybody else, you know, see

what I can do.

>> PROBST: Lisi, does this tribe

need to make any adjustments?

You get up tomorrow morning;

what's the first thing you're

going to do?

>> Look around and be like,

"Ooh, God, I'm still here?"

( laughing )

Yeah, pretty much.

We need to win.

Whatever happens, we need to


>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

the vote.

If, at this point, somebody has

found the hidden immunity idol,

and you need to play it tonight,

you would present it to me

before I read the votes.

It is time to vote.

Rocky, you're up.

>> Because that's the way it's

got to go.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


If anybody has the hidden

immunity idol and they want to

play it, now is the time to do


Okay, once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

First vote, Lisi.



Two votes Lisi, one vote Rocky.


Two votes Lisi, two votes Rocky.


That's three votes Rocky, two

votes Lisi.

One vote left.

Seventh person voted out and the

first member of our jury, Rocky.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> Get it, boys, huh?

>> PROBST: Rocky, the tribe has


>> Be good, boys, huh?

>> PROBST: Well, based on what I

heard tonight, Rocky had no idea

that was coming.

If it could happen to him, it

can happen to you.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> I'm going to cry.

>> PROBST: ...things get tough

for Lisi.

>> This sucks.

>> PROBST: The tribes learn a

new skill.

>> Boo is doing the whole white

guy thing.

>> PROBST: And at Ravu...

>> We should just tear this

place all apart.

>> PROBST: ...the hunt for the

idol gets dirty.

>> We're digging for the idol

while Lisi and Dreamz are


>> Ah!

I'm extremely pissed off.

I'm angry.

They got me good, man.

They got me really good.

I didn't see anything coming.

Then all of a sudden, boom, I

get smacked in the mouth way

cinder block.

But you know what?

Now I get to be on the jury, and

hopefully none of those cats get

the million bucks thanks to me.