Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 6 - I've Strength Now to Carry the Flag - full transcript

The castaways face a major shake-up when new tribes are formed.

>> PROBST: Previously on...


>> I slept really well last


>> PROBST: From day one, a twist

in the game resulted in the Moto

Tribe living a privileged


>> It's just going too great.

>> Yeah, it's, like, too good to

be true, man.

>> It's not even survival, it's


>> PROBST: While Ravu had next

to nothing.

>> Water!

>> Just lick some leaves, man.

>> I've never experienced

dehydration like this.

Half of us can't even stand up.

It's crazy.

(laughs): We're starving here,


>> PROBST: ...the disparity

between the two tribes helped

Moto go undefeated in the


Dre scores for Moto!

...leading to animosity.

>> Why don't me and you go up

there right now.

>> We could.

>> Let's do that, then.

>> PROBST: Especially between

Rocky and James.

(indistinct shouts)

Moto wins reward!

>> This ain't the instant

dissolve coffee.

>> PROBST: Despite Moto's


a game of politics was consuming

the tribe.

>> So if you guys know how to

make it, tell him how to make


>> When we get into the merge,

me and Cassandra are gonna leave

and go with the other tribe.

>> PROBST: At Ravu...

>> You are driving me absolutely


>> PROBST: ...they were having

problems of their own.

You get all, like, sentimental

and sensitive.

You're a man: act like one.

Sitting around dealing with

somebody, you really can't tell

him how you feel because you're

worried about his vote.

Right now I could care less

about his vote.

>> Truthfully, I go out, I'm

just lip gloss, good to go.

>> PROBST: And no one could

escape Rocky's short fuse.

>> Rita is basically wanting me

take my T-shirt and hang myself

from a palm tree.

>> PROBST: And we are tied,


At the last immunity challenge,

it was as close as ever.

Yau-Man, trying to remember.

But a couple of fatal


Yau-Man makes his selection, and

it is wrong.

Rocky could win it for Ravu

right here.

...sealed Ravu's fate.

No match.

Moto wins immunity!

With Ravu heading back to Tribal


>> Anthony okay with you, then?

>> It's fine.

>> Anthony okay with you?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> All right?

>> PROBST: It came down to

Anthony or Rita.

>> Well, Rita's running her

mouth all day, guy.

Rita's got to go.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council...

Fifth person voted out of

Survivor: Fiji...

...Anthony escaped the vote, and

Rita was sent home.

Rita, the tribe has spoken.

13 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

♪ ♪

(flies buzzing)

>> These freakin' flies, man,

where did that come from?

Didn't used to be like this.

>> Today's day 15.

I'm very surprised I'm still in

the tribe.

Uh, I guess I dodged a big

bullet this last round when I

screwed up on the, uh, immunity

challenge, and I'm glad my head

was not on the chopping block.

People like me don't have that

much to offer in terms of the

strength and power component,

and so I think if it comes down

to who is the most dispensable,

then, you know, I'm definitely

one of the candidates.

>> Take it out?

>> Okay.

Let's see what we have.

Ooh, it's heavy.

>> Oh.

>> It's not socks.

"Today no brawn required.

Some brain-teasing at the least.

When it's over, one gets exiled,

while others get to feast."

>> Nice, bro.

>> So we just got tree mail,

and we're excited about tree

mail because today tree mail is

all about brainteasers and food.

>> PROBST: Come on in.

Moto getting your first look at

the new Ravu Tribe.

Rita voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

How's everybody doing?

>> Pretty good.

>> Good.

>> PROBST: Need one person from

each tribe.

Pick a spot right over here.

Edgardo for Moto.

Earl for Ravu.

Everybody, drop your butts.

We are choosing new tribes.

>> (whispers): What?!

(theme song playing)

>> PROBST: The tribes of

Moto and Ravu as you knew them

are no more.

Let's get to it.

Earl and Edgardo volunteered to

step forward.

You two will start the new tribe


The rest of you will alternate.

When selecting a member, you

must choose somebody from the

other tribe.

And because there's an odd

number of people, one person

will not be selected on either


Moto, because you have the

numbers advantage, you've earned

the right to select first.

You are choosing somebody from

the Ravu tribe.

>> Mookie.

>> PROBST: Rivals become tribe

mates now.

Earl, somebody from Moto.

>> Boo.

>> PROBST: Boo joins Earl.


>> Alex.

>> PROBST: Alex joins Mookie and



>> Michelle.

>> PROBST: Michelle joins Boo

and Earl.


>> Rocky.

>> PROBST: Rocky joins Alex,

Mookie and Edgardo.

>> Wow.

They're looking strong.

>> PROBST: Michelle.

>> I'll take Cassandra.

>> PROBST: Michelle chooses

Cassandra to join herself, Boo,

and Earl.

Rocky, your choice.

>> Come on, Dreamz.

See if you can work this out,


>> PROBST: Maybe the biggest

rivalry thus far in Survivor:

Fiji just paired up.

Dreamz joins Alex, Mookie,

Edgardo and his new friend,



>> Yau-Man.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man joins

Cassandra, Earl, Michelle, and


Dreamz, you have only one


You have to choose somebody from

the old Ravu.

That person is Anthony.

Anthony joins a tribe consisting

only of men at this point.

Yau-Man, last tribe member to be

selected on these two tribes.

Who you gonna take?

>> Stacy.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man takes Stacy.

Lisi, never good to be odd

person out.

You are, however, still in the


>> Aw, geez!


>> PROBST: Were you worried?

>> No. I thought this would be,

like, I'm out.

Now would be a good time to


>> PROBST: Well, so I guess you

just told these guys that you're

fine going home.

>> All I'm saying is that I

wouldn't mind, you know...

saying, "Okay, great, guys, do

your business."

>> PROBST: Well, for the time

being, you're still in this


>> Thanks, Jeff.

>> PROBST: You'll be going to

Exile Island.

>> Oh, geez! Thanks.

That's just great.

That's just great. Thanks.

>> PROBST: But maybe a little

time on Exile... to straighten

out your head, you'll come back

wanting to play.

The good news, Lisi, whether you

think so or not, you won't be

going to Tribal Council, which

means you can't be voted out.

You will return after the next

Tribal Council and join

whichever tribe did go to Tribal

and had to vote somebody out.

Also, there is another clue to

the whereabouts of a hidden

Immunity Idol.

Perhaps you'll find it, won't

want it, we'll give it to

somebody who does.

>> (laughs)

>> PROBST: Boat's waiting for


>> Great. Thanks.

Uh, bye, guys.

>> PROBST: Okay, one very big

decision left to make.

Which group is going to live on

the luxurious Moto Beach...

>> We are.

>> We'll take that.

>> PROBST: ...and which group of

people's going back to Ravu.

Edgardo, take a step forward.

Earl, take a step forward.

Here's what's gonna happen.

I'm gonna take both these buffs.

You two are gonna

rock-paper-scissor to see who

gets the right to reach in and


>> All right, Earl.

>> All right.

>> One, two, three.

>> One, two, three.

>> PROBST: Paper covers rock.

Edgardo earns the right to


>> 50-50.

Do it.

>> PROBST: If Edgardo pulls out

a green buff, that means you

guys are all going back to the

lap of luxury.

If Edgardo pulls out the orange

buff, you're gonna be tested at

Ravu Camp.

You ready?

>> I'll go with my right hand.

>> Go ahead and grab that


>> PROBST: Show it.


Here's the rest of your buffs.

>> Don't sweat it, Eddie.

Don't sweat it.

We'll make it up.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man, Michelle,

Earl, life's gonna change.

You're going to Moto Beach.

Here are the rest of your buffs.

Waiting for both of you back at

your new homes is a little

housewarming gift.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: For those of you who

have been to Exile Island, those

clues are still in play just

like they always were.

Grab your stuff, guys.

Head on back to your new home.

♪ ♪

>> Clue number six.

"The highest point,

the jutting point,

the edge of the lip, below.

Dig, dig, dig and save yourself

from the fatal blow."

Yeah. Whatever.

After the team split, yeah, I

pretty much had a fit.

I had a cushy alliance.

I felt like my comfort zone was


I thought I was going home.

I'm, like, whoo-hoo!

And, all of a sudden, Jeff is,

like, "You're going to Exile


And I got pissed.

I wish I would have just stopped

for a minute and let things soak

in, but I'm more of an abrasive


Dude, I can't change who I am.

You either take me or you put me

on Exile Island.

>> Moto, baby, welcome home!

(whooping, indistinct talking)

>> What do we got, Earl?

>> Look at Earl.

(indistinct talking, whooping)

>> No way, don't get in the bed

dirty, Earl!

>> Don't get in the bed dirty.

>> Ah...

Life at Team Moto is better than

ridiculous, it's ridonkulous.


My breakfast.

Nothing, everything.

Nothing, everything.

I-I like ev... I think I'll go

with everything.

>> Hey, guys, y'all sit down.

Let's go.

Get y'all a plate.

>> Y'all eat, y'all serve your

own selves first.

>> Eat slow so you don't, you

know, you don't get sick.

>> This is real food. Man!

>> Oh, this is good cheese.

>> Anything is good at this


>> I'm trying to just, like,

keep myself contained.

>> After I survey the land and

look at the situation a little

more, um, I will be looking for

the Immunity Idol.

Yau and I have an upper hand,

'cause we're the only ones that

know about Exile Island and the

clues and what's going on.

So I am not worried, not at all,

about someone else trying to

find the idol, 'cause they have

no idea that it's even on this


(chattering and whooping)

>> I'm gonna have a mimosa.

>> Oh, a mimosa?

Don't you dare have a hangover.

>> Guys, cheers.

>> Yummy.

>> To the new Moto.

>> OTHERS: To the new Moto.

>> New Moto.

>> Moto-licious, baby.

>> Oh, my God, let's eat!

Let's eat!

>> Big morale went up.

Don't let this morale go down.

>> Well, I'll tell you, it's

rough out here.

>> I want to say something,


There was two choices-- either

had that tribe over there...

>> Don't worry about it.

Don't worry about it.

>> No, no, no, but I'm saying,

like, we're gonna be way

stronger in challenges, and if

tomorrow we have a challenge, we

kick ass, man.

>> Yeah.

>> We're gonna kick some ass.

It's men now.

(several talking)

>> Men! Yeah!

>> Showing up here, you know,

it's really not that bad.

>> Whoa!

>> Yeah, I had a strong

alliance-- it was Boo, Stacy,

Lisi and myself-- um, but I

always felt there was kind of a

power struggle.

The girls were difficult to


I wasn't sure where Boo stood

half the time.

So being in a tribe where I feel

like, you know, we're all

gung-ho, we're all warriors,

we're ready to take these guys

on, I'm very happy with it.


And this may sound weird, but,

like, I'm glad that there are no

women here, man.

The women are just politics

and it's just, like...

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> That's why... that's why

every person that's been voted

off has been a woman, you know

what I mean?

>> It's just, like, I was

getting so sick of dealing with


>> I-I only need to ask one


How was Sylvia in camp, man?


>> Shoot myself in the face...

>> That's why she was out.

>> Just excited to, you know, be

eating, hanging out with some of

the boys.

No offense, I love women, I love

'em, I love to touch 'em and

make out and have conversations

with 'em, get along well.

But, uh, you know, in this type

of environment, this type of

game, you don't need any, like,

stupid, like, girl stories or

distractions or any stupid

things like that.

>> There's a little quote that

gets me through, like, a lot of,

like, rough times.

I don't know if you ever seen

The Count of Monte Cristo, the


>> Yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> It starts out, there's a line

in it that goes, um... "Life is

a storm, my young friends.

One day you're battered in the

sunlight, and you're shattered

on the rocks the next.

But it's what you do when that

storm comes that makes you a


So shout, do your worst, for I

shall do mine, and the fates

will know you as a man."

>> Yeah.

>> I remember that scene.

That scene was awesome, too.

We'll say that every time we go

to a challenge.


>> Yeah, we have different

strategies, my friend, but I

assure you, the result is the


>> Yes.

(thunder rumbles)

>> What's going on?

Yeah, what's the situation out


(indistinct conversation)

>> We have tons of coconuts,

tons of crabs.

So we go crabbing and snails.

>> We should light a fire before

that, or...?

>> Yeah, light a fire, get one

going, and then go fishing and

catch some hermit crabs.

>> You want to have Anthony just

get the fire going and we'll go

fishing or...?

>> Yeah. If you don't mind,


>> Is that cool?

>> All right, let's do it.

>> Hey, let's all grab some wood

on the way back, though.

>> All right.

>> Cool.

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

>> So, there's this time in

everybody's life, in high

school, that first gym class,

when everybody has to go take

that first shower afterwards,

when nobody really wants to take

their shirt off, except for the

guys who know that they're cut.

I'm a nerd; I know this.

I'm a nerd, I'm a geek, I'm a

dweeb, or whatever the hell you

want to call it.

I have been for forever.

This is the burly man team, and

right now I'm obviously the

weakest person in the tribe,

and, um, I got my work cut out

for me.

I am so screwed right now.



(bat screeches)


>> We're gonna have to go with


>> Yeah.

>> So we'll use that line.

I think that's the thinnest


I'm gonna use these two.

>> Yeah, there's two more...

>> This switch threw a couple

of roadblocks into my million,

but this game is full of


I was counting my million.


I had it tight, my plan was

tight, but it's changed.

It might come full circle if

things work out like I want.

We'll see.

>> Hopefully, we can have some

fish, potatoes and rice for


Is that a nice, big, energetic

breakfast with some coffee?

>> Uh-huh.

>> There's three old Moto and,

uh, three old Ravu on the new

Team Moto that I started.

And I know that makes Boo a

little nervous.

So I know the game is really


They're gonna try to get a swing

vote... from somebody.

But everything is gonna have to

go through me. Everything.

My plan was always to have your

friends close and your enemies


>> Earl.

>> Delivery service.

>> (laughs): It's not much.

I got you guys a little shot


>> Thank you, ma'am.

>> You're welcome.

(sighs): Ah.

>> Wow, coffee!

>> This place is definitely

positive for me than the last


I felt, as far as alliances, I

was on the out.

I like Earl a lot.

I like, um, Yau-Man a lot.

You know, I'm a free agent right


I'm really just gonna try to see

how the cards fold over the next

couple of days.

>> Cassandra, do you think Boo

feels nervous?

>> Oh, very. He had a lot of

allies on the other team.

>> It's a different chemistry

and dynamic now, so...

>> Mm-hmm.

>> You could be a swing vote.

>> I know.

>> You could change everything.

>> Oh, I know.

>> And Boo could be gone.

>> I know.

>> Just like that.

>> I know.

>> Just like that.

>> Mm-hmm. (laughs)

>> A word or two here and

there in the right situation,

you paint the picture the right

way, she could be right on my


Appreciate you bringing the


>> Sure, sure.

You guys keep fishing.

>> Yeah, we're trying to do


>> (laughs)

>> It'd be nice to have a little


I have Yau-Man, I have Michelle.

They're all about the team.

All you need is that one vote,

and then who has all the power


That would be me.

>> I got my work cut out for me.

'Cause right now I guess I've

replaced Yau-Man as the fire

tender and the water tender.

And right now I feel pretty


I got nobody to trust.

I have absolutely no one to

trust over here.

And... I got to see if I can

change that.

But unfortunately, I'm left back

here at the homestead to tend

the fires, while... the big men

go off and Cookie's still here

at the campfire.

>> Look at this, man.

Look at all these...

Hey, Rocky, come here.

>> What's that?

>> Look at all these crabs.

>> I'll hold the stick up here

and I'll shove 'em off.

>> That's your shell, buddy.

>> Ooh!

>> He's right there.

>> Oh, oh, oh!

>> He's right here.

He's right here.

Step on him.

>> You like that, don't you,


>> Hey, hey, hey.

>> I mean, what I felt these

guys needed-- um, Anthony, Rocky

and Mookie-- they just needed a


Now, food notwithstanding, these

are men that I think are true

competitors, and if I was losing

every single time, I mean, I

mean, that would definitely do

something to my psyche.

>> Wait, so how is Anthony

holding up?

Is he doing all right?

>> He's doing all right.

>> I'm not gonna say...

He looked a little flustered at

some of those challenges.

>> Uh, he's a little effeminate.

You know?

>> There's nothing wrong with


>> No, no, I'm not saying that

anything's wrong with it, it's

just, you know... sometimes it's

hard for him to carry his own


>> Who-who... If y'all had three

people going to merge, who would

it have been?

>> I mean... all strategy

changes, you know what I mean?

>> Yeah. It's crazy now.

Everything is crazy now.

>> There's a lot of crab...

Coming into this, it's


Majority rules always in


So I knew that I needed to bring

in one person from the other


Rocky, I don't know very well,

but I know he doesn't get along

with Dreamz, and I know he's

sort of a volatile personality.

Anthony does not strike me as a

particularly strong player in

this game.

And Mookie and I had clicked

before, and I knew it would be

in Mookie's best interest to

join up with us.

>> But, oh, a huge fish.

Right there, right there, Mook.

Mook, look at it!

>> Got him.

>> You got him.

>> Oh, a huge fish!

Yeah, baby!

>> Oh, we gonna feast, baby!

Oh, yeah!

How is this?

>> Can we eat this guy?

He's so ugly.

>> Yeah, but we gonna eat him.

>> He's ugly.

>> Ugly.

>> (laughing)

>> How can we eat this?

We got the big boy.

>> Yeah!

>> Oh, yeah!


>> Oh, yeah!

>> We did it.

>> Whoo!

>> (clamoring)

>> I'll be honest, I-I was

pretty upset that we were going

back here again to nothing, but,

um, to get a fish?

I mean, that just does so much

psychologically and mentally.

Now you know you can get fish.

Now you know you can get food.

And these guys, they came from

Moto, are really positive and

they brought life, new life to


>> Who's happy?

>> Wow!


>> It's like your first time,

isn't it?

>> That's right.

>> They caught five fish in less

than two hours.

Big, huge fish, with teeth.

It's over.

It is over.

The bad times are about to go.

I think we're going to do big


I think we're going to, I think

we're going to rock.

>> That's for sure, man.

>> Ravu!

>> Ravu, baby!

>> Right now, on paper, we're a


A superpower.

I said it again.

We look good.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to your

first challenge as new tribes?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah, let's do it, baby.

>> PROBST: First things first.


Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

Today's challenge is going to

test how effectively you

communicate with your new

tribe mates.

Each tribe will be belted in to

a large, six-point, sliding hub.

By shifting, sliding and

adjusting each other, you're

going to maneuver through a

field of bamboo poles.

As you go, you must pass

through five gates.

Making things more difficult,

the tribe paths intersect, which

means the two tribes could and

probably will collide before you

reach the finish line.

The first tribe to get all

their members across the finish

line wins immunity.

Guaranteed at least one more

day in this game.

Losers, Tribal Council tonight.

Somebody will be voted out.

Everything clear?

>> Yup.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Give you a minute to

strategize, we'll get started.

Here we go.

It is the new Moto taking on

the new Ravu.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


This challenge is all about

communicating, how well you

work together.

>> Okay, y'all slide.

>> Wait, wait.

>> Go slide, slide.

Go slide, slide.

>> PROBST: Working their way

through their first gate.

Ravu has cleared their first


>> Okay, move forward, Ed.

This way.

>> PROBST: Michelle getting

stuck in the middle of Ravu's


A bit of a standstill.

Moto gonna let Ravu have this.

>> Climb on, quick.

>> Twist.

Start to twist.

>> Move back.

>> Watch out, watch out!

>> All right, come on.

>> That way, that way, that way.

>> Move up, move up, move up.

>> Both of them, man.

>> Go through.

>> Go, go, Dreamz. Go.

>> PROBST: Ravu is through

their second gate.

Moto approaching their second


>> There you go.

Okay, I'm in.

>> PROBST: Moto now through

their second gate.

Ravu with a bit of a lead.

>> Cassandra, back up.

Come in, Cassandra.

>> Come in, Yau. Come in, Yau.

>> Come in, Yau-Man.

>> There you go.

We're doing good, baby.

>> Come back, come back, come


>> Dreamz, move forward.

Move this forward.

You've got clearance.

>> PROBST: Ravu halfway through

gate three.

Moto at their third gate.

>> Good job!

>> Okay. Go, Yau. Go, Yau, and

we all twist. All twist.

Ravu. All clear.

>> Okay, I'm through.

>> PROBST: Moto is through

their third gate.

Ravu is through their third


Michelle once again wedged

inside the spinning hub of Ravu.

>> Go. Push.

>> PROBST: Ravu pushing hard

against Moto.

>> Michelle, go on top, go on

top of it.

>> Stop there?

>> PROBST: Michelle trying to

maneuver over Ravu's pole.

>> All right. Fine. Go under.

>> Just stay here. Back up.

>> Everybody?

>> Come on, Yau! Come on!

Give it to me. Give it to me.

Push! Push!

>> PROBST: Nobody wants to give

an inch with immunity on the


>> There you go.

>> Come on.

>> Come on, Yau.

>> PROBST: Ravu completely tied

up in the spinning hub of Moto.

>> All right, come on in, babe.

>> PROBST: Strange game of

Twister taking place.

>> (groaning)

>> Pull back.

You gotta pull it in.

>> Hold on.

We need him through first.

And he's under.

>> Run.

>> PROBST: Now Moto's free to

move on.

>> Mookie, Mookie, back up.

>> PROBST: After a big impasse,

this challenge is back on.

>> And pull, and pull, and pull.

>> PROBST: Both tribes at their

fourth gate.

>> Back up, back up.

>> Right here, right here!

In the ring.

>> PROBST: Moto is through

their fourth gate.

>> We're through!

>> Come forward, come forward,

come forward.

>> PROBST: Ravu now through

their fourth gate.

We are neck and neck with one

gate left!

>> No, under it.

>> No, under it!

>> Go!

PROBST: Michelle, blocking Ravu.

Moto trying to steal the lead.

>> Go back!

No, the other way, the other


Push, push through.

Now get on the outside.

Go, go, go, go.

Yau, come in, Yau.

>> PROBST: Dreamz now the one

stuck in the middle.

>> Pull!

(all shouting)

>> Hold up!


>> PROBST: The challenge has

become very physical.

Nobody wants to go home tonight.

>> Get that pole.

>> Come on, baby!

>> PROBST: You are going to

have to work this out.

A major roadblock.

We are dead even.

>> Ow!

>> Come on, take it, man!

>> Okay, let me in.


>> PROBST: They've worked it


Ravu now back on the move.

Moto on the move.

>> Other side, other side!

>> PROBST: Ravu at their fifth


Both tribes trying to maneuver

through a very narrow

passageway on that fifth gate.

>> You can go through, Alex.

>> PROBST: Ravu jammed up.

Moto with a chance to catch up.

>> Back up!

>> Come through.

>> PROBST: Moto making a little


>> Go!

>> PROBST: Ravu making some


>> Come through.

Let him go first.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man is through.

Boo is through. Michelle is


Earl is through.

Cassandra the last member to

get through the fifth gate.

Moto has cleared their fifth


They're heading per the finish.

>> Go, go.

>> PROBST: Ravu has cleared

their fifth gate.

They're heading for the finish.

We're neck and neck as we go to

the finish.

Stacy is across the line for


Everybody's got to be across

the finish line.

>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Alex now across for


It's going to be very close!

Moto closer.

>> Turn, turn!

>> Get back, get back!

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Moto wins immunity!

>> Whoo!

>> Yeah!

>> That's the way to hold it

together, team.

>> Way to be strong.

Way to be strong.

>> PROBST: Moto...


As a tribe, still Moto is


You are safe tonight.

Ravu, great effort.

Unfortunately, same result.

Ravu still winless.

Tribal Council tonight.

One of the six of you is going


Grab your stuff, head back to

camp, see you at Tribal.

>> I got strength now to carry

the flag.

>> So we lost the challenge


And now old Cookie has been

left by the fire to tend the

fire and make the water while

the boys go out hunting and


So I'm a little bit in panic

mode right now.

Cinderella, a black, male


What kind of whacked-out stuff

is that?

Can I go fishing with the boys?


You can't tell underneath this

calm demeanor, but right now

Anthony is a turmoil of waves

and emotions and worried sick

that he's getting voted out


>> Like I said, bro, we made it

this far.

I don't know how.

I'm serious, guys.

Like, I like him.

He's a good kid.

You know, he's not a bad guy.

But, like...

So you gotta go backwards

before you go forward

sometimes, buddy.

Philosophy in the ocean today.

>> I can tell you now if they

bring up a name, it's probably

going to be me.

>> Anthony talked to me today.

He wanted me to tell him if it

is him or not, which I don't

know if I'm going to do that

either because I pretty much

know that it's either going to

be him or Rocky, so...

I think Rocky should go because

he's so emotionally driven and

he's lazy.

He don't do nothing around the


Anthony makes the water, you

know; he keeps the fire going.

But Anthony being weaker than

Rocky in challenges is

probably going to have a lot of

effect on the rest of the team.

>> You know, Rocky's got a lot

of emotion.

He's got a lot of heart.

Sometimes he blows up, man.

>> You are right about that.

>> And I can tell you that

caused a whole lot of headache.

>> I see.

>> Mook, help me with this real


So I don't... I don't put out

the fire.

>> Ow!

I just burned my foot!

>> Come on!

>> Chill out.

>> See what I'm saying, Mook.

That's why I wanted you to help

me out, bro.

>> Anthony!

>> Rocky has a few screws loose

in his head.

>> Yeah!


It's over!

>> He yells at people and tells

people what to do.

I noticed that since I got in


>> Anthony!

Which is the drinking water?

>> I mean, Anthony is his

little bitch.

"Anthony, make the water.

Anthony, put the fire."

>> Put another log on the fire

there, Anthony?

>> I see myself really far

from, from being friends, or

liking Rocky a lot.

>> Oh, this food thing...

I might have to eat my

portion of bread and cheese,


>> And I wouldn't want him

making the merger because all he

would cause is a lot of turmoil

and you know, a mess.

>> So I don't know, man.

I talked to Alex, and he told

me he didn't know who he was

going to vote for yet because

of the...

Of the Rocky situation.

>> The thing is, Rocky's really

bold though.

Rocky's really bold.

>> But, uh...

>> Watch out, man.

>> I'm going to break something.

>> Just a bit harsh...

>> No, I mean, I'll tell you the

truth, man.

My vote right now, it will be

50-50 right now between and you


So, but I mean, this is...

That's my decision, man, and

it's not going to change until

we get there, so...

>> It's all good.

>> Am I going to miss Anthony

when he's gone?

We had a couple of good times,

you know, when we started like

not really...

Not really, no.

If he had a drop of social

skills, it might-- it might

make this decision hard.

But he hasn't had any since day


Anthony, where is the flint?

And then when he tries to,

like, finagle his way through

things, he has to go

like, go around-- no offense--

like a girl.

Like a little female.

( whining ) Whining and trying

to work on your sympathy.

You know what I mean?

It doesn't work.

>> PROBST: Edgardo, tell me your

first impressions when you got

to Ravu Beach and saw your new


>> I thought it was going to be

a worse place, you know, no

crabs, no anything.

So I was like, you know, for 15

days it wasn't even really,

like you know, trying to

survive, so in my mind I was

like now I'm going to actually

start playing Survivor.

>> PROBST: Mookie, tell me

about today.

After you're done talking

about the challenge, you got

to get back to life, right?

>> Yeah, we got back from the

challenge, and right away we're

hungry, so Dreamz and Rocky,

Edgardo, Alex and I go out

fishing over on some other part.

Anthony is working the fire,

boiling some water, filling up

the canteens.

Everyone is doing everything,

you know, so it's... it's

pretty good.

>> PROBST: So, Anthony, does it

concern you at all that with

Tribal Council looming, the

entire tribe is somewhere else,

and you're boiling water?

>> You know, I'm not going to


I was concerned.

I mean, you don't know what

everybody else is saying

because you're isolated, but

you do what you get assigned to


>> To be honest with you,

Anthony, this is the best

advice I can give you.

Put your cards on the table.

If you're upset the way you're

getting treated, you got to put

your foot down and say,

"Hey, guy, you know, I don't

mind doing the fire.

I need help real quick and

then do what you want."

Let people know what's going

through your mind.

Because if you don't tell them,

how are they going to know?

You know what I mean?

No one's a mind reader.

At least I'm not.

I don't know about you boys.

So maybe if you take some of

those words and you can use

them later on in your life or

tomorrow or the next day or ten

minutes from now, whenever you

want to, you know what I mean?

>> PROBST: Anthony, pretty

candid advice, and still,

you're just sitting there.

What is so hard for you about

speaking up and owning your own


>> You know, I tried to own my

space early on, and, you know

what, I got... I got knocked


>> You can't give up, bro.

You can't give up.

>> Who says I gave up?

>> You get knocked back, you

stand up and take another knock

in the mouth.

You can't back down from

nobody at any point in time in

your life 'cause you won't get


That's the problem.

>> Rock, let me tell you...

>> I'm trying to help you out.

I'm giving a life lesson here,


>> I'm going to tell you the

truth-- the only person that I

really have not felt I've gotten

any respect from has really been


>> No, guy, you got to

respect... first you got to


>> I do respect myself.

>> You have to be comfortable

in your own skin.

You're not.

You can't sit up here and tell

these people how you feel or

back at camp or anything like


You have poor social skills.

>> Oh, I got poor social skills?

>> You have poor social

skills, bro, yes!

>> Dude, Please, please, please,


>> I'm not going to debate with


I'm trying to help you out.

>> Do you know anything about


>> No, because you don't tell

me nothing, bro.

>> Have you asked?

Have you asked me?

>> Please don't raise your

voice in my ear.

No, guy, here's the thing:

I talk to people who talk to me;

I sit down like men.

>> You're talking I'm not a

man again.

>> I didn't say that.

Grow a spine, bro.

>> You've done it before, Rocky.

>> Seriously, like a jellyfish.

Toughen up.

I don't know what's going on in

your mind, guy, but you act

like a little girl sometimes,


You're effeminate.

>> Oh, I'm effeminate.

>> Extremely effeminate, yes.

>> I'm sorry, please.

>> Toughen up, toughen up.

>> No, no, no.

>> Toughen up.

>> This is why I don't say


>> Keep going, man!

Fight for what's yours!

Take the skirt off a little

bit; let's go!

>> PROBST: Alex, why were your

hands buried in your head.

Why is this bad?

>> You know, I was thinking to

myself, wow, that is some tough


I feel bad because I think what

he said might have hurt

Anthony's feelings.

To be honest, that would hurt

my feelings.

So I just felt bad for the guy.

And that's... all I felt was

empathy, that's it.

>> PROBST: Anthony, Rocky could

easily just kiss your ass and

say you're a good guy,

Anthony, don't worry about it,

and write your name down.

What are you feeling right now?

>> I appreciate all of the

advice about standing up for


What I don't appreciate is the


>> PROBST: Do you want to be in

this game?

>> Yes, I want to be in this


You know why I want to be in

this game?

Because I worked for so much.

I've popped myself, hurt myself

in these challenges.

I held back from myself for

giving people of myself, I held

back from giving Rock of myself.

You know why I haven't said


'Cause I want to make sure

that the team works so we can

win a freaking challenge.

I was trying to keep people

cool, keep people calm, keep

people happy, but you know what,

screw that.

If it means I have to piss

people off to stay here, which

doesn't make any friggin' sense

to me, then fine, so be it.

But I'm here, all right?

I'll be brutally honest with


But I need to be here.

I deserve to be here.

I want it.

And if you guys want it, you

need it, you want to keep me

here because I'll help you get


Oh, I'll help you get there.

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to


Mookie, you're up.

>> I was getting respect back

before you got... man.

And, uh... watch your mouth.

>> It's time to go.

I don't know, I hope you can

take this experience and learn

from it, and I think you'll be

all right if you can do that.

Have a good one, buddy.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Okay, once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Rocky.

>> Huh.

>> PROBST: Anthony.

One vote Rocky,

one vote Anthony.


Two votes Anthony.


That's three votes Anthony.

One vote Rocky.

Sixth person voted out of

Survivor: Fiji: Anthony.

That's four; that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Anthony, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> Good luck.

>> PROBST: Well, tomorrow, Lisi

joins this tribe as a new


The job you do in welcoming her

will certainly have a big

impact on how well this tribe


Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for

scenes from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> Welcome home, baby.

>> PROBST: Lisi joins the Ravu

boys' club.

>> Back at Moto I didn't like

her and she didn't like me.

So she should be worried.

>> Bye, Yau.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man continues to

search for the hidden idol.

>> I'm always the target but if

I have the immunity idol, I

can go quite far.

>> PROBST: And things get rough.

>> Follow that ramp...

>> I'm a little pissed off.

I'm a lot pissed off.

I'm mad at myself for

apparently not screaming to the

world, being a jerk.

That's what you need to prove

that you're out for a million


Regardless of what Rocky says,

I have great social skills.

I'm not what was wrong with

that tribe.

It was Mookie and James.

Those are the problem with Ravu

and that's why they're losing.

They're going to continue to

lose until both those guys are