Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 12 - A Smile, Velvet Gloves and a Dagger in My Pocket - full transcript

Alex makes a desperate move to save himself.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> That was brilliant.

>> PROBST: With the four

horsemen's alliance broken,

Alex and Mookie were on the


>> We are six strong, and

there's two people just waiting

on death row.

>> PROBST: In a desperate

attempt to save their necks,

Alex and Mookie searched

through Yau-Man's bag.

>> Yeah, he got it.

>> PROBST: And discovered his

hidden immunity idol.

>> Just cause some hell, man.

If I'm going down, I'm bringing

hell with me.

>> PROBST: When Alex and Mookie

confronted Yau-Man...

>> What do you want to do, Yau?

>> You guys do what you need to


>> PROBST: ...he decided to

tell everyone about the idol.

>> I thought that was a little

dirty, but I will have to tell

all my voting bloc straight out.

They went through my bag.

>> They went through your bag,


>> Yeah, they went through my


>> Alex went through Yau-Man's

things and threatened him.

They said, "I know you have the

immunity idol."

>> Finding out that Yau-Man had

the immunity idol changed a

whole bunch of stuff because

everybody with the immunity

idol is considered dangerous.

>> PROBST: At the reward


Mookie connects!

...The tribe was split into two


Dreamz has it!

Green wins reward!

Dreamz secured victory for

himself, Stacy, Earl and Alex.

Boo, head on out.

And they sent Boo to Exile


>> "The idol is back at your

very own beach."

>> PROBST: ...Where he

discovered the first clue to a

newly hidden immunity idol.

>> It's not here.

It's not my beach.

>> PROBST: At the immunity


>> D-4.

>> PROBST: D-4 is a hit.

Alex out.

Stacy wins individual immunity.

...Stacy came out on top.

Stacy, safe from tonight's

Tribal Council.

You are not.

There's somebody going home.

Back at camp:

Fearing that Alex or Mookie

could easily stumble upon the

newly hidden immunity idol, Boo

convinced his alliance to split

their vote.

Earl and Yau-Man, however, were

uneasy with the plan.

>> Going into tonight's Tribal

Council split vote worries me

very much.

I really... rather not see it.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council...

You cannot vote for Stacy.

Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Alex, you're up. a last-ditch effort to

save himself, Alex turned on

Mookie and helped vote him out.

The 11th person voted out and

the fifth member of our jury:


Mookie, the tribe has spoken.

Well, based on what I heard

tonight, Alex is either odd man

out or suddenly very valuable.

Seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> Tonight's vote was pretty

important for me.

I know Mookie voted for Boo.

I voted for Mookie.

>> My vote for Mookie is what

saved my ass, basically.

I was like, I'm gonna write

down his name, go with my gut.

So I'm still here.


Yup, still here.

>> I would have preferred Alex

would go.

Alex is more of a threat, but

for some strange reason, they

wanted to split the vote

between Mookie and Alex, and no

one considered the fact that,

hey, did you ever think that

Mookie and Alex have a vote?

That they might vote for each

other? Duh.

>> I don't want there to be,

like, some kinda rift between

you and I.

I'm willing to say if I'm wrong,

I'm wrong.

>> Whatever. You know.

It's not that big a deal.

After Tribal Council, Stacy

approached me, you know, trying

to clear things up, telling me

how she wants to be friends with

me after this. Like I care.

>> So I understand...

>> Who's "everybody?"

>> Everybody besides you and


>> At this point, they're all

stressing out.

Obviously, they're not all in


That always creates room and


>> Why am I... Why are y...

What's going on?

>> We're asking you a question.

>> I don't know.

>> No, because Boo came over and

he's like, "Everybody wants to

talk to you."

>> He just wants to know.

>> My best bet was to just lay

low, observe, let them get at

each other a little bit.

From this point forward, I

think I'm gonna have to play

this game with a smile, you

know, velvet gloves and a

dagger in my pocket.

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

>> I definitely feel like I'm

on the chopping block still.

So after last night, I decided

I'm going into ninja mode and

it started this morning, right?

I woke up.

I could have gone up, you know,

gone around, done my business as

I normally do, but instead I

just kinda laid there and just

kinda listened, tried to see,

okay, who's still here?

Who's still at the campfire?

Like, it's all about observation

for me, and I'm trying to make

sure I'm not seen or heard,

kinda like a ninja right now.

>> Yau I trust 100%.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> I only trust Yau and you


>> Oh, okay. Good.

>> Dreamz has been proving


>> Mm-hmm.

>> You know, he can be a little

rogue at times with his


>> I'd look into that.

I always felt that I could rely

on Dreamz.

>> The core alliance is myself,

Cassandra and Yau, but me and

Cassandra talked about taking

Dreamz to the top four.

Then we can just have the, the

core four.

That's what they're called,

the core four.

>> I mean, honestly, my concern

is you and Dreamz are tight.

I mean, I don't see you voting

him out...

So I'm, just saying,

mathematically, I'm off to my

thing, you know.

Earl and I have a major

disagreement as to who the top

four should be.

His idea of the top four is

myself, Earl, Cassandra and


That is a very bad top four for

me to get to the next stage

because Cassandra and, and

Dreamz are very close.

I would like a very weak

candidate up there, but the

very weakest is Stacy, I know.

I hate the idea; I really do.

I wish it was Michelle.

I would like to see the top

four as myself, Earl, Cassandra

and Stacy because then I have

a chance of getting to the top


>> I trust Yau-Man, but Yau-Man

is definitely playing the game

for himself.

Yau has immunity idol, and so

I think Yau-Man is a real big


I know he's playing the game

and he's playing the game hard.

He's playing it like street

ball: he's playing it to win it.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

How's everybody doing on day 31?

>> We all are tired out here.

>> Hungry.

>> PROBST: Hungry?

Hungry plays in nicely to

today's challenge.

Shall we get to it?

>> Yes.

>> Do it!

>> PROBST: For today's

challenge, you are going to rip

pieces of meat off a large

piece of pork using only your


Each time you get a mouthful,

you'll drop it in your


Whoever has the most meat on

their plate at the end of five

minutes wins reward.

Want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Tomorrow the winner

and the first two runners-up

will be picked up by helicopter,

flown to one of the most

beautiful places in Fiji.

Then you will river-raft the

rain forest.

>> Oh... wow!

>> PROBST: It is truly


You'll then have a nice lunch,

come back to camp.

In addition, the winner of this

challenge will send one person

to Exile Island.

Finally, the winner of this

challenge will also receive an

advantage in the next immunity


Take your spot.

We'll get your hands tied

behind your back and we'll get


Here we go.

For reward and an advantage in

the next immunity challenge.

Survivors ready?


You got five minutes to tear

off as much pork as you can and

get it on your plate.

There are no lanes.

This is a free-for-all.

Dreamz and Earl getting a good,

quick start.

Alex with a nice big piece.

Yau-Man, Boo, Cassandra working


Nobody working with Alex.

Boo with a huge piece.

Yau-Man with a nice big chunk.

>> Cassandra.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man looking for

some help from Cassandra.

You need two people.

One to hold it steady.

One to tear it off.

Dreamz with another big piece.

Alex in it.

Cassandra still in it.

Alex staying in it.

Yau-Man with a huge chunk!

Earl picking it up off the dirt.

Yau-Man and Boo working

together using their shoulder,

using their chins.

Yau-Man with another huge chunk

of pork.

Boo gets a big chunk.

Boo is in it.

Cassandra is in it.

Yau-Man is in it.

Alex with another big piece.

It's going to be very close.

One and a half minutes left in

this challenge.

Dreamz is in it.

Alex not giving up.

15 seconds.

Whatever is in your mouth when

I call time also counts.

Five, four, three, two, one,


That's it!

Whatever you have in your

mouth, put on your plate.

Start with Boo.

Boo weighs in at 8.9 pounds.

Boo, take a spot right up here.

For now, you are in first place.

Yau-Man weighs in at six pounds.

Yau-Man, currently in second


Cassandra comes in at 5.8


Take a spot up here, Cassandra.

Stacy in at 4.3 pounds.

You can stay there.

Earl, not enough.

Five pounds.

Dreamz at six pounds also.

Dreamz, you replace Cassandra.

One plate left.

If this is under six pounds,

you're out of the reward, Alex.

It is not going to be enough.

Boo wins the challenge.

>> Finally!

>> PROBST: Yau-Man and Dreamz,

first runners-up.

You're going along with him on

the reward.

All right, Boo, first order of


Since you won the challenge,

you earn the right to send one

person to Exile Island.

>> Earl, I know you don't take

hard feelings to this.

I'm going to send you back.

>> PROBST: Head on out.

Boat will pick you up.

You'll be back in time for the

next immunity challenge.

Boo, this is your advantage for

the next immunity challenge.

You can ponder how that might

come into play.

It will all make sense at the

next challenge.

All right, guys, head back to


>> Here it comes.

>> That's the one right there.

Get a helicopter ride!

All right, ladies and

gentlemen, keep the camp safe.

We'll do what we can do.

>> You guys have fun.

>> I won the reward challenge

yesterday, along with Boo and

Dreamz, and we start out the

day with a helicopter ride.

I've never been on a helicopter.

Very excited.

>> Fly like the birds.

>> I know. Right?

>> Wow!

This is so cool!

>> For real.

>> I'll be back!

>> Being in a helicopter flying

was truly amazing flight for

somebody like me who grew up on

islands like this, and to see it

from the air was just an amazing


>> Now we're going through the

rain forest.

>> Wow!

We're living la vida large!

>> How much you think it cost to

rent one of these?

I wouldn't mind spending, like,

$600 or $700 on a really nice


I'd do it big like that, Dreamz.

>> There's Exile Island right


>> What's up, Earl?

What's up, Earl?

Holy moley!

I still can't believe it.

We rolling up in here, folks!

Oh, this is comfortable.

>> During the reward, Boo was

talking a lot, just trying to

be... I don't know.

He was just talking too much.

>> Hello.

Can you hear me, Dreamz?


>> It's relaxing time, you know?

It's time to chill.

We won this.

Let's relax.

Let's live it up.

It's just annoying.

>> I'm hungry.

We're going whitewater rafting,

the most beautiful place in


>> Oh, wow!

What a ride!

It was just unbelievable.

And about an hour and a half

into the trip, the helicopter

landed, and we had to hike for

about ten minutes to get to the


>> So, personally, you guys, I

want to welcome you guys.

The name of this river is the


Secondly, it's really fast and

so strong.

>> So we were given a little

safety briefing, and we got

into a raft with the river

guide, and then we went down

this rapids.

>> Then we went whitewater


Probably never do it again, but

it was so fun.

And I wish I could take my

family or somebody on a trip

like that so they can

experience what I experienced.

>> Look at that!


Now, that's a waterfall.

>> It's like a field trip for

grown people.

>> We're floating around in a

postcard here.

You cannot get better than this.

I told myself ten times, "Look

at this.

Take it in.

Look where you're at."

I am absolutely dumbfounded.

I mean, I'm tickled pink.

I feel like a little girl.

>> This is great.

>> This is what I came here for.

"Clue number two: Your normal

winding paths you'll walk.

It's inside a tree near a

lonely tower of rock."

I'll figure it out.

I think two clues will be

enough for me.

Can't wait to get back to camp

to go looking for that idol.

It would be all worth it.

>> Oh, is that caviar?

Oh, this is good beef.

>> That is awesome!

>> Look at that!

>> That's impressive, Dreamz.

>> We finally got to lunch, it

was just so much stuff.

And I just kept eating it.

We were back at camp living

like cavemen in the dirt,

having nothing, and living like

a broke, homeless guy, to living

like you're rich.

>> The best, best part is, at

the end of the lunch, our river

guide came over and gave each

of us an envelope.

And in the envelope are

letters from home.

>> "Dear Daddy, Miss you so


I got six "A"s and one "B" in

algebra on my report card."

Why can't you get a "B" in

Spanish or something? Man!


>> I'm going to read mine.

"Hey, Boo, your dad and sister

are doing really well.

Your dad's horses are eating


Dad's kids are eating well


Everybody is eating well.

See, my family thinks...

Thanks, Mom.

Oh, what a bonus, huh?

Am I crying yet?

How you doing, Dreamz?

You all right?

>> When I read my sister's

letter, you know, she said a

lot of deep stuff.

She was saying that she never

thought that one of us would

have a chance, a opportunity.

She thought it was over for the


You know, she thought that our

opportunity was up until, you

know, I had the opportunity to

come here, and it really touched

me that it was me that had the

opportunity to come, you know?

>> Dreamz!

>> It lets me know that she

still believes in me even if I

don't believe in myself, so it

really brought a lot out of me.

It lets me know that my fight

is just beginning.

I know what I got to do now.

I remember my purpose here.

>> This is the best reward yet,

you guys.

>> It's the best yet.

>> Awesome!

>> My mom said, "I know you can

make a good situation out of


You can't get tired of people."

>> But, with Boo, you get tired

of him.

He talks more than the girls


>> I'm not really tired of him.

It's just the talking.

>> During the helicopter ride,

Boo just almost spoiled the

trip for us.

He definitely just talks too


Why don't you stop saying

stupid stuff?

>> He's been like that since

day one.

>> I cannot handle any more.

I'm not going to lie to you


I cannot handle any more.

I'm losing it.

Boo has been irritating enough

to where I don't think these

people want Boo to get the

$1 million.

So, if somebody starts Boo

bashing, I'm going to feed the


I cannot deal anymore.

Sorry, guys.

If I hear something stupid, I

may call it out, and it may

cause friction.

People are not going to want to

see certain people win and,

right now, I don't see Boo

winning a popularity contest,

so if I can help steer things

in an anti-Boo campaign, I am

all for it.

>> I never liked Boo, and I

want Boo gone before Alex.

Alex is still fighting strong,

so I'm still making plans with


So, point-blank, I'm just not

going to let Boo win.

>> I'm going to try my

damnedest, you know that.

You do the same.

If Boo wins immunity today, I

think I'm pretty much screwed.

Boo has a full belly and an

advantage in the next immunity


But I need to keep myself alive

in this thing, so I am focusing

all of my energy, all of my

willpower on the challenge.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Earl,

returning from Exile Island.

>> Bula.

>> Bula Bula.

>> Great to see you.

>> Welcome back, Earl.

>> PROBST: Are you guys ready

to get to today's challenge?

>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: First things first,

Stacy, take back immunity.

Thank you.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

All right, at the last reward

challenge, Boo, you won an

advantage in today's immunity


Did you bring it with you?

>> Yes, I did.

>> PROBST: Those are climbing

steps, and they are a big part

of today's challenge.

Boo, because you already have

your steps, you do not have to

participate in the first round

of this challenge.

You move on to the final.

For the rest of you, on my

"go," you will race to dig up

your three climbing steps that

are buried in the sand.

When you have all three, you

race to the finish.

The first two people to get

their climbing steps join Boo

in the final.

For the final round, you will

use those climbing steps to help

you get to the top of a 12-foot


First person to get to the top,

grab their flag, wins immunity,

stays alive in this game.

For the rest of you, after 33

days, somebody will be going

home tonight at Tribal Council.

Make sense?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: We'll draw for spots,

we'll get started.

All right, here we go.

First two people to finish join

Boo in the final round.

Survivors, ready?


You're looking for three paddle

steps buried in different

places in everybody's lane.

Alex going after it, on a tear.

Cassandra barely making a dent

in that sand.

Yau-Man making his way down the


Is he deep enough?

Dreamz has his first paddle


Alex tearing up a lot of sand,

no luck.

Coming back to a new spot.

Cassandra, digging like a small

rabbit, as if it's going to be

buried one to two inches.

Yau-Man trying a very

interesting method-- hugging

that sand.

Dreamz has his second climbing


Stacy digging but finding


Alex has a huge hole.

Still no climbing step.

Pick up the pace!

You can rest later!

Or you can rest tomorrow, just

not at the beach.

Dreamz has his third climbing


Dreamz moving on to the final

round with Boo.

One more person moving on.

Yau-Man has his first climbing


Now Yau-Man knows how deep they


Alex has his first climbing


You're looking for three total.

Alex getting all of the sand

out of his lane and moving most

of it out onto Yau-Man's


Yau-Man putting his sand back

in Alex's lane.

Alex has his second climbing


Alex now with two climbing


Yau-Man has one.

Cassandra just waiting for it

to be over.

Alex has his third climbing


And with that, Alex moves on to

the final round with Boo and


For the final round, we have

Boo, Alex, and Dreamz.

First person to stand on top of

the post and grab their flag

wins immunity.

Survivors, ready?


Boo up quickly.

Alex right behind.

Boo skipping several cleats.

Alex scaling to the top!

Can he pull it off?

Boo is up there!

Boo wins immunity!

>> Yeah!



>> PROBST: That's three people

who desperately wanted immunity.

That is not the easy way to do

this challenge.

Boo not even waiting for an


>> Give it to me, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Boo safe from the

vote tonight.

Yau-Man, Earl, Stacy,

Cassandra, Dreamz, and Alex,

somebody going home tonight.

I'll see you at Tribal.

>> Fortunately for us, the

person who we wanted to vote out

today did not win the immunity

necklace, so... Alex will get

voted out today.

>> Can we sit here and say,

well, everybody right now,

Alex's name, please?

>> No, I'm going to give him

this necklace.

>> I'll freakin' tackle you.

That would be the greatest

Tribal Council ever 'cause we'd

be fighting all in there.

>> Today I'm feeling quite safe

because we have all agreed that

Alex is the odd man out and

needs to be taken out, so I'm

feeling safe enough that I do

not think I will need to use my

hidden immunity idol.

>> The situation is grim.

But, you know, I'm not going to

approach these people with


I'm not going to beg for my


That's not the way it works for


Right now, taking an aggressive

approach to anything would be a

bad idea, especially given my


I think the people that I need

to talk to will talk to me.

I think they'll approach me.

I think I've earned enough of

their respect they'll all at

least want to say something to

me before tonight's vote.

>> Hey, Alex.

>> Hey, Cassandra.

>> I hate to see you back down

here by yourself.

>> I'm okay.

I'm just tired.

>> You're just tired?

I know we started out


>> Yeah, we did.

>> Just relax.

You should be very proud of


We all are.

>> Yeah, I tried to be a

gentleman, you know.

I tried to give it my all and

do something that my kids could

be proud of someday.

>> Oh, okay.


That's true.

Alex is trying his last effort

to make a pitch to stay on

longer, and he presented a

strong case.

His argument was that Yau-Man

has the idol, and he's going to

take Boo and Stacy with him

because he knows, their

personalities, people are not

going to vote for them to get

the million dollars.

It all started to make a little


I felt like, you know, Yau-Man

is going to eventually have to

leave, so why not tonight?

Maybe I'll be able to convince

other people of that.

>> I get nervous when I'm

alone, you know.

They're all talking about me.

>> I don't think so.

>> I anticipated this.

So Alex is just trying to save

his neck and say, "You guys

should use my vote.

This is your only chance to

take Yau-Man out."

But you know what?

I'd rather just vote your ass

off now, and I'll risk it.

>> Alex was talking to Cassandra

and Dreamz, and they seemed

like they were listening, but

they weren't.

I kind of like winked at them a

couple of times.

You know, you just play along

with him.

I don't think they're taking it


>> You really buying this?

>> I'm buying it, but I'm

like, then where does Alex fit

in everywhere?

>> He don't.

That's the whole thing, he's

gonna... after me, you and Earl,

the whole plan, regardless of

what happens, it's me, you and

Earl getting to the top three.

>> You know, Dreamz, like I told

you from day one...

>> I really want to do that


The plan was to get rid of Alex

tonight, but Alex is my friend,

and Yau-Man has the immunity

idol, and that makes him so


Yau-Man has already said that I

was a big threat, so if he could

put that immunity idol into

play, that means he goes to try

to get rid of me.

>> You're down with that?

>> Yup.

>> Cassandra, what do you want

to do?

>> I'm down with you, Dreamz.

I told you from day one...

I told you from day one...

>> And I'm like a freakin'


I follow Cassandra.

>> If Cassandra's down with

this, it's gonna definitely go


>> It's pretty safe to say if I

vote Yau-Man out, Stacy and

Dreamz will more than likely

vote with me.

And so, um, I definitely have a

choice to make, either to vote

Alex or Yau-Man.

And at this point right now,

I'm very undecided.

I'm not sure what I'm going to

do tonight.

>> I'm writing down A-L-E-X.

>> Mm-hmm.

I think Earl is very close

to Yau-Man.

There's no way he'd go for it.

So in order to blindside

Yau-Man, we definitely feel like

we have to blindside Earl at the

same time.

And so um, my head is telling me

one thing, and my heart is

saying another thing.

So I'm hoping that by the time

it's time for Tribal Council,

I'll have a clear feeling

exactly who I'm going to vote


>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the jury.

Rocky, Lisi, Michelle, Edgardo,

and Mookie, voted out at the

last Tribal Council.

Alex, last Tribal Council, it

was you or Mookie.

>> Right.

>> PROBST: Mookie's over there.

>> I'm definitely feeling the

heat, Jeff.

But I told these guys, if I'm

going to be in this, you know

me, I'm going to fight to the

very end.

And for people who are sitting

here you have to consider who

you really want next to you.

And, you know, people forget


Things are going to get very,

very messy from this point

forward whether I'm here or not.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man, if something

dramatic was going to happen,

tonight's a good name night for


You got six people.

Suddenly Alex becomes very


Does that concern you?

>> I've thought about that

scenario, but because I have

been with my alliance for so

long, I have decided that I can

actually trust them up to this


I can see maybe turning one,

possibly two, but to be able to

turn three over, that's a very

remote possibility at this time.

I may be wrong, but I hope I'm


>> PROBST: Dreamz, do you

believe that these six are as

tight as they say?

It's Alex tonight, that's it,

and then tomorrow we deal with

the six?

>> It's definitely a

possibility that he can swing

three people, you know what I


It's not totally out of the


>> PROBST: Alex, you obviously

had to try to do something


Do you lie down and die or do

you start looking for cracks?

>> I guess we'll find out

tonight, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about the

hidden immunity idol.

Yau-Man, in some ways it

represents safety.

In other ways, you could be a

target simply because you have


>> I don't feel the pressure

today, but the next round, I

think I will feel the pressure

when the six original alliance

members are going to look

around for somebody to vote

out, they may decide to flush

the idol out so that I cannot

use it for some nefarious

purpose, so at that point I

will have to really keep

my ears close to the ground and

see what's going on.

>> PROBST: Alex, what kind of

chatter has there been about

the other hidden immunity idol?

>> With one immunity idol out

and another one possibly on its

way, I mean, that's got to weigh

in on people's minds.

You can only use them tonight,

the next Tribal Council and

the one after that.

That's three opportunities, two


You do the math on that.

If it doesn't go down tonight,

it's going down in the next

couple of Tribal Councils.

So now or never.

Maybe the next time might be now

or never.

You just never know.

>> PROBST: Are you surprised

how unconcerned these six seem

to be?

>> I'm very surprised by it.

I mean either they are

completely 100% trustworthy or

they haven't seen enough of this


I mean, if it really comes down

to them six after this, they

have to think people are

thinking more than one

move ahead.

It's very plausible.

There are only a few days left.

You got to think ahead, I think,

at this point.

>> PROBST: Before we get to the

vote, one quick question: yes

or no answer, Alex, legitimately

concerned tonight?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Cassandra?

>> No.

>> PROBST: Dreamz?

>> I don't think so, Jeff, not


>> PROBST: Stacy, legitimately


>> No.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man?

>> No.

>> PROBST: Earl?

>> No.

>> PROBST: All right, let's get

to the vote.

If somebody does have a hidden

immunity idol and you want to

play it, you would present it to

me before I read the votes.

Boo, you have individual


Are you going to hang on to


>> Yes, I will, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Cannot vote for Boo.

Everybody else is fair game.

Alex, you're up.

>> Nothing personal, Yau-Man.

Just trying to stay in this as

long as I can.

>> Good-bye.

It's finally time for you to go.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


If anybody has a hidden

immunity idol and you want to

play it, now is the time to do


Okay, once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Alex.


One vote Yau-Man.


Two votes Alex,

one vote Yau-Man.


That's three votes Alex,

one vote Yau-Man.

12th person voted out and the

sixth member of our jury: Alex.

You need to bring me your torch.

Alex, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, based on what I heard

tonight, I'd suggest you head

back to camp, start sharpening

those knives.

Grab your torches,

head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


Yau-Man's in trouble.

And the competition reaches a

whole new level.

>> PROBST: you're willing to

take that risk?

>> Yes.

>> I know that I played this

game to the best of my ability.

I gave it 110% every single day

I was out here.

For all the kids who feel like

their situation is hopeless,

just remember to never stop

dreaming, never stop fighting.

You can and will amaze yourself.

I think the six remaining

members are living in a dream

world if they think that they're

not going to have to backstab

each other.

I mean things are going to get

very ugly at this point.