Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 11 - Blackmail or Betrayal - full transcript

Boo suffers another injury during the Reward Challenge.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor, Dreamz had to decide

between two alliances: the four

horsemen or Earl, Yau-Man, and


>> I can never tell how the game

is going to go, so I'm going to

just see how it plays out.

>> PROBST: First, Dreamz warned

Alex that he was on the chopping


>> Alex, your name's going to

come up tomorrow.

>> PROBST: But Earl caught

Dreamz red handed.

>> You know I heard what y'all

was saying, right?

>> PROBST: Feeling the pressure

from Earl's alliance, Dreamz

dropped a bomb about the four


>> Mookie's got an immunity


>> There are two hidden immunity


The one in the Moto camp was dug

up by me.

>> PROBST: In their first

individual immunity challenge...

Yau-Man looks like he could go

all day.

...Yau-Man obliterated the


Boo is out of the challenge.

Yau-Man wins first individual


Before tribal council....

>> Mookie wants to get rid of

Earl first.

Are you in?

>> PROBST: ...Alex tried to

recruit Stacy to join the four


>> I'm just hot.

I'm really agitated.

>> She was like, "I'm just


I'm just hot right now."

>> That means that she's not in,


>> PROBST: ...which put Alex at


>> I can save Alex by giving him

the immunity idol, but this

early in the game to use the

immunity idol is kind of a


>> PROBST: Mookie reluctantly

passed his hidden immunity idol

to Alex in order to save him.

>> It's going to work, Mook.

It's going to work.

>> PROBST: And together, they

targeted Cassandra.

>> This is an all-or-nothing


If it works out, it'll probably

be one of the best moves ever.

>> Mookie gave Alex the idol.

>> PROBST: Dreamz let his new

alliance know of the four

horsemen's plan.

>> He gave it to him?

>> I promise.

>> Listen-- Mookie, Mookie.

Mookie gave the idol to Alex, so

we're going to vote Mookie just

to catch them off guard.

>> Why don't we vote off


>> PROBST: But unwilling to

fully trust Dreamz, the vote

switched to Edgardo.

>> If we hit them with Edgardo,

that hits them from the left


>> Yeah, I've thought about it.

>> PROBST: And at tribal

council, Alex confidently played

Mookie's idol.

Alex is immune from tonight's


Alex, Mookie, and Edgardo were

certain their plan was working,

but when the votes were


Tenth person voted out and the

fourth member of our jury...

...the rug was pulled out from

under them, and Edgardo was

voted out.

Edgardo, the tribe has spoken.

Eight are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> Yeah.

>> I thought Dreamz would be

more on par with the four

horsemen alliance, but I guess


He's the one that turned and

back-stabbed us.

I mean, it hurts.

>> Everybody made a pact to vote

out Mookie, and then all of a

sudden they switched to Edgardo.

So I was the only one who voted


At first I felt like they didn't

trust me, but then they came to

me and they let me know that

they just changed it just in

case Mookie pulled out the

immunity idol.

And I was comfortable after


>> That was brilliant.

Now the power is pretty much on

our side, and I feel good.

There ain't no more secrets now.

We're actually six strong, and

there's two people just waiting

on death row.

( theme song playing )

>> ...come over and say


>> Like "Hey, guys, you know,

like, it's a game."

>> A true traitor.

>> Why are y'all not hanging out

no more?

>> Why do you think?

>> I'm still hanging out.

>> We all got outwitted?

What are you talking about?

>> We all got outsmarted last


>> Dude, you turned on us.

>> No, I didn't turn on y'all.

>> How do you figure?

>> I didn't turn on y'all.

>> There were three votes for


>> No, I didn't turn on y'all.

That's not even in me.

>> Why didn't you go with

Cassandra anyway?

>> Why didn't I go with

Cassandra anyway?

>> Yeah, that would have been a

4-4 split.

>> It would have been 4-4, and

that was the end of it.

We said Cassandra, and that was


>> That was the end of it.

As soon as you voted for

Edgardo, that was the end of us.

>> What?

>> Or you voted for me?

>> Who'd you vote for, Mookie or


>> I voted Mookie.

I didn't throw Mookie's random

name out randomly and turn on


But I knew once they had us

gone, it's me trying to go with


It's not me turning on y'all

ever, ever.

I walked over to Mookie and Alex

and said, "I guess we just got

outplayed," because I want them

to think that it wasn't my fault

that it happened.

I pretty much told them a story

about me not knowing about what

was going on.

I didn't turn.

>> That's the only thing that

was upsetting to me.

If I get jacked, I get jacked.

But to be turned on, I was like,

"Man, I can't believe that guy

turned on me."

>> I didn't go, "Oh, yeah, Alex

got the immunity idol, don't

vote for him; vote for Edgardo."

>> Is there a way out of this

right now?

>> One of y'all win the


All y'all can do now is win


As fast as I'm trying to get

them out of here, I still want

to be their friends, because I'm

going to need their vote in the

future if I one of the final


I got a headache and everything

at tribal council.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

For today's challenge, you're

going to be randomly divided

into two teams.

One person from each team will

be on a platform.

You will be launching balls out

into the field, where your

teammates will run, slide, or

dive in the mud, attempting to

catch the ball using a catch


Each time you catch a ball, you

score a point.

It doesn't matter what color

ball you catch.

You catch a ball, you score a


First team to five wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Some items to get you

nice and clean.

Trust me, all eight of you need

this desperately.

You will not take this back to

camp to get clean, though.

You will take this basket.

You will board a seaplane.

The seaplane will fly you to a

luxury spa resort.

>> Oh, God.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: When you arrive,

you'll take a shower, put this

Olay ribbons body wash to use.

You'll then spend the night, get

a good night's sleep in a bed,

return to camp in the morning.

In addition, the winning team

will send one person from the

losing team to Exile Island.

The person who goes to Exile

will find a new clue to the

location of the hidden immunity

idol, which has been rehidden

since Alex played it at the last

tribal council.

All right, we're going to

randomly draw for teams, and

we'll get started.

Here we go.

For the orange team, it is

Yau-Man launching balls to Boo,

Cassandra, and Mookie.

For the green team, launching

the balls is Stacy.

Out in the field, it is Dreamz,

Earl, and Alex.

Let's get this challenge


Three, two, one, fire.

Yau-Man launches deep, nobody

going to get it.

Stacy waiting.

She launches.

Everybody going for it.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Earl has it, and he

loses it-- no points.

>> I didn't know they bounced

like that.

>> PROBST: Three, two, one,


Boo scores for orange!

Mookie steals it for the orange


>> Sorry, sorry.

>> PROBST: Quickly, orange leads


Three, two, one, fire.

Alex makes a diving attempt but

cannot hold on to it.

>> Good try.

>> PROBST: What did I miss?

>> Choke hold.

>> PROBST: This is up to you

guys to figure out how physical

you want to get.

Ready, aim, fire.

Yau-Man goes short for Boo.

Stacy high and deep.

Dreamz has a shot.

Dreamz connects for green!

Orange leads now 2-1.

Three, two, one, fire.

Stacy launches deep for Dreamz.

Mookie almost steals it!

Yau-Man launches deep.

>> Ow!



>> Are you all right?

>> PROBST: What happened, Boo?

>> Ow!

( Boo groaning )

>> PROBST: What happened, Boo?

>> I think it's my ACL or


>> Take your time.

Take your time.

( Boo groaning )

>> PROBST: Let's bring medical


( Boo groaning )

>> In the back?

>> Yeah, yeah, right in there.

>> Oh, man.

( knee popping )

>> Ooh!

>> Oh, man.

>> I can hear that.

>> I'm good.

I'm good.

Let's go.

Let's go!

>> PROBST: You want to keep


>> Yes, sir.

>> PROBST: All right.

>> It was painful.

That's all.

It's gone.

The pain subsided.

>> PROBST: Boo going to keep


Three, two, one, fire.

Boo battling for it and loses


Dreamz scores for green!

>> Yau!

>> PROBST: We are now tied 2-2.

Three, two, one, fire.

Stacy's in the air.

Yau-Man goes short.

Mookie connects!

Orange back in the lead.

Three, two...

>> Earl, get physical!

>> I am physical.

It's about the placement of the


>> PROBST: Ready, aim, fire.

First ball in the air, Dreamz

going for it, and he has it!

Boo almost had it.

>> Come on, man!

>> PROBST: We are tied 3-3.

Three, two, one, fire.

Alex has a shot at it.

Yau-Man going way left to


>> Yay!

>> PROBST: Orange leads now 4-3.

We are at game point.

Orange scores one more point,

they're going to a spa.

>> Yau, patience.

Just watch the break.

>> PROBST: Three, two, one,


Yau-Man goes right back to the

same target.

Alex steals it for the green


Stacy goes deep for Dreamz.

Boo with the good deflection,

does not score.

We are tied 4-4.

Next catch wins it.

Three, two, one, launch.

Boo has a shot at it, just


>> Dreamz!

>> PROBST: Dreamz has it.

Green scores!

Green wins reward!

Earl, Dreamz, Alex, and Stacy

going on a spa reward.

All right first big decision,

Alex, Stacy, Dreamz, and Earl,

you have to send one person to

Exile Island.

>> Boo.

>> He's been living the life of

luxury since he's been here, so

he has to go.

>> PROBST: Boo, head on out.

The boat will pick you up.

>> Good luck, Boo.

>> PROBST: Big reward.

>> Big, huge!

>> PROBST: Come grab your stuff.

Head on out this way.

The seaplane will pick you up.

>> Right now?

>> PROBST: You're going dirty,

just like this.

>> "The idol is back at your

very own beach.

It's close to a singular tree

and easy to reach."

It's not here.

It's not my beach.

That makes it a lot easier for

me here, because I don't want to

do anything.

I hurt my knee, and it's


I'm out of water right now.

I'm nearing heat exhaustion.

Man, I cannot be in the sun


I'm going to die.

>> It's great.

The first thing I'm going to do

when I get to this reward is see

if I can wiggle my way back into

this alliance.

I mean, I'm certainly in a bad

position, and I feel like odds

are against me.

>> Bula-Bula!

>> Bula-Bula!

>> Bula!

>> But, hey, I'm definitely

going to give it my all.

>> Hey, let's go ahead and get

sexy back.

We got the showers.

>> There's, like, so much dirt

in so many places, I don't know

what to do.

>> Warm water.

>> Oh, wow, this feels great.

>> I have mud under my arms.

How crazy is that?


>> Time to Olay-- Olay, Olay.

Oh, my God, I'm clean again,

like human.

>> I don't know, Alex.

I think I'm getting my sexy


>> Thank you very much.

>> Thank you.

>> Looks good, smells good.

>> Enjoy.

>> Getting the reward was good,

and it was definitely good for


>> I'm going to do the cheese

platter and that as well.

>> But it was extremely awkward

to have Alex there.

>> I mean, you've seen how I

play this game.

Whether I win or lose, I

congratulate the other team, and

I try to minimize, like, the


>> Sometimes.

>> A lion is most dangerous when

he's wounded and backed up

against a wall.

That's how I feel, because I'm

clearly on the chopping block.

So if I can buy myself a couple

people off, that might give me

more time to try to maybe

infiltrate the alliance.

>> Yeah!

>> Yeah!

So can I ask you a question,


>> Sure.

>> So what's the order, Mookie

and I?

>> That information probably

wouldn't be revealed, because

the game isn't over.

>> Fair enough.

>> Can't be stupid.

>> Fair enough.

>> I'm assuming you want to go


>> I think Mookie wants to go.

>> Sounds reasonable to me.

But I've come to terms with the

way I've played the game so far,

and I'm happy.

Obviously, I'm at a

disadvantage, but I don't care.

I'm not going down without a

fight, you know, and they the

better be prepared forward me to

bring it at this point.

>> Get out of our seats!

We're ready to get on!

>> So fresh and so clean.

>> We can smell you from here!

>> Clean, washed, pressed.

>> When the people came back

from the spa reward, they

smelled like apples and


>> Let me smell you!

Let me smell you!

>> I know, I smell good.

>> Yes, their trip was great,

but I just hate hearing it.

You're back to your standard of

living you're used to, dirt.

At this point, I'm already x'd

out of the equation of everyone,

but even though I seem like I'm

out of the game, I'm just

completely out, my heart is

still going, and my mind is

constantly just thinking.

I think Yau-Man found it.

>> The idol.

>> Yau-Man found it because he's

the only person that's ever at


>> Ever.

>> Ever.

>> Always by the fire.

>> And he's always by the fire,

and he always has time, so he

has it.

When your back is against the

wall, you start being creative.

And I thought, "Hmm, the idol, I

wonder who really has the idol."

So I decided, "Well, Yau-Man's

fishing, the first time he's

ever been away from camp; I

might as well go check his bag

to see if there's anything in

there," just being curious.

Where's Yau-Man's bag?

Did he take it with him?

This is it right here?

Yup, he has it.

>> Are you serious?

>> Yeah, he's got it.

It's right here.


>> What can we do with that


Do we blow up his spot?

>> We can do something with this


>> We can do something with this


Let's go think what is the most

damage we can cause.

>> I'm doing this because you

and me are the last two girls.

>> This is to a long and

prosperous game together.

>> Cheers.

>> That's why you don't hide the

immunity idol in your bag.

( laughter )

>> I hear somebody coming.

>> It's Yau-Man's best interest

not to align himself with us,

though, because we know he has


Because there's no reason why he

would tell anybody yet, right?

>> There's nothing for his


How are you going to convince

everyone that Yau-Man has the


>> Let's think about that.

>> Say, "I went in his bag.

He has the idol."

"You guys went fishing, I went

in his bag, he has the idol,


>> He wears those pants to

tribal all the time.

"Yau-Man, do you have the idol?"

He's like, "No, I don't have the


"Pull your pants out and show

everyone here that you have the

idol if you're so confident."

>> Just blow up his spot at


>> Right there, be like, "Throw

it up."

At tribal council, that's

like... if you blew him up on

the spot like that, and he had

it in his pocket, and then he

lied to everyone saying he

didn't have it...

>> They would vote with us.

>> Exactly.

>> God, it's going to be so


Even if we get voted off, Mook,

it's going to feel so great!

That's going to feel so... ah!

That's going out swinging,

literally a blaze of glory.

>> Scarface.

>> Scarface style.

>> Two great brains working

together, strategizing, we're on

top of the world.

>> Ah, brilliant.

>> We devised this huge plan of

maybe we can bring up the idol

to everyone and surprise them at

tribal council, then people

won't be able to talk to each

other and people will be

paranoid; they don't know what

to do.

It's going to be an interesting

tribal council, let me tell you


>> It is.

( laughter )

( twig breaks )

>> What?

>> Stacy and Cassandra are right


>> We're screwed.

That's it.

They're going to tell Yau-Man.

>> There goes that plan.

>> Damn it, dude!

>> Right now the biggest thing

is we need to blow his spot up.

>> We blow up his spot before

tribal council.

>> We blow it up now.

>> We got to hurry up and go

there then, before they go.

Time to raise some hell.

>> Once I saw Stacy and

Cassandra listening to our

conversation, I came up with a

little idea that if we can get

back to Yau before them and kind

of give him an ultimatum, that

we can somehow use that

information against him in his


>> I think they may be a little

paranoid, thinking we were

eavesdropping in on them.

>> Cassandra and I happened to

be sitting nearby where Mookie

and Alex were having a

conversation that they spoke

about a few things that we

didn't hear.

We heard, like, words here and


So then they went running back

to camp.

>> Now, do you want to tell the

group yourself, or do you want

us to do it?

>> Why do I have the idol?

>> I thought you guys were

getting firewood.

>> No.

>> So what do you want to do,


>> You guys do what you need to


>> Okay, we will.

>> All right.

>> So we go to Yau-Man, and he

was shocked.

I definitely saw it in his eyes,

like, "Holy crap."

He's not going to be able to now

use the idol the way he wanted


So that still makes him more of

a target than it did before.

It'll be interesting, won't it?

>> Earl is the only one who

knows I have the idol.

At this point, it doesn't change

any outcome, because my voting

bloc members, we already have

decided, we have the majority to

continue the sequence that we

are going to.

It changed somewhat for me,

personally, because having that

information that early put me at


So I will have to tell all my

voting bloc just straight out.

>> He went through your bag,


>> He went through my bag.

They're trying to threaten me,


He didn't say that.

He implies that, pretty much.

>> My heart is, like, hurting

right now.

Alex went through Yau-Man's

things, his bag, his pants, and

then threatened him.

>> He threatened you?

>> He threatened him and said,

"I know you have the immunity


>> He looked at me and said, "I

saw it in your pants.

What are you going to do about


>> Yau went and told everybody

that they went through

everybody's bags and they found

the idol.

>> To go through people's

personal stuff and then to try

to bully you?

>> Yeah.

>> People were pissed that they

went through Yau's personal

things, not about, "Okay, Yau

has the idol."

>> That's dirty.

That's dirty.

>> But it sucked to me just

because someone knew, because I

like keeping everything quiet in


That's just... because too many

people knowing about things, bad

things happen.

>> Who went through your bag,


>> I don't know who, but they

did, because I just checked.

My pants are all ruffled up, and

I usually fold it nicely.

>> Finding out that Yau-Man had

the immunity idol changed a

whole bunch of stuff, because

everybody with an immunity idol

is considered dangerous.

Me, Cassandra, and Stacy know


Everybody else is going to be on

a whole different level.

It's going to change a whole

bunch of stuff.

>> You know what?

At least it caused them some


That's what we wanted.

You know what I mean?

>> The worst thing that can

happen is either Alex or Mookie

wins the next immunity

challenge, and somehow they

manage to get Dreamz and Boo to

their side.

Then it will be a 4-4 split.

And if we lose that 4-4 split,

it may be downhill for me.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Boo returning

from Exile Island.

>> My tribe mates, my friends,

how y'all doing?

>> PROBST: First thing's first.

Yau-Man, I'll take back the


Thank you.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

Today's challenge requires a

strong memory and a lot of


You will each secretly select

your own block of three squares

on a grid.

They must line up either

horizontally, vertically, or


Then you're going to attempt to

knock out your opponents by

selecting coordinates and

bombing squares one by one.

The object of the game is to

knock out all of the squares of

your tribe mates.

The last person to still have a

square left on the grid wins

immunity, guaranteed a one-in-

seven shot at winning this game.

Losers go to tribal council


Somebody will be going home.

Anything not clear?

We'll get your positions, and

we'll get started.

All right, Stacy has secretly

selected her block of three

squares, as has Yau-Man, Mookie,

Cassandra, Dreamz, Boo, Alex,

and Earl.

Okay, so you all know your own


You don't know anybody else's.

So this is a little bit of a

guess and a lot of memory.

Dreamz, you're up first.

Fire away.

>> D-3.

>> PROBST: D-3 is a hit.

Oddly enough, Dreamz hits

himself, while also hitting Earl

and Boo.


>> C-3.

>> PROBST: That is a hit.

That is a hit on Yau-Man and


Cassandra blew up one of her own

positions on the target.


>> Uh... E-4.

>> PROBST: E-4 is a hit.

Earl takes his second hit.

Earl, make a selection.

>> B-4.

>> PROBST: B-4 is a good hit.

Earl hits Alex, Mookie, and

Cassandra, who now has only one

square left.

Yau-Man, make your choice.

>> C-2.

>> PROBST: That is a hit.

Dreamz and Boo both take their

second hit, and Earl takes his

third hit.

Earl is out of the game.


>> B-1.

>> PROBST: B-1 is a hit.

Boo takes a hit, and Dreamz

takes a hit.

And with that selection, Stacy,

you've knocked both Boo and

Dreamz out.

Take a spot on the mat, guys.


>> D-2.

>> PROBST: D-2 is a miss.

Cassandra, your choice.

>> Can I have A-4, please?

>> PROBST: Miss.


>> A-5.

>> PROBST: A-5 is a hit.

Cassandra takes her third hit.

Cassandra, you're now out of the


Yau-Man, chance to do some


>> C-5.

>> PROBST: Mookie takes a hit

and Stacy takes a hit.

Mookie now with one square left.


>> B-5.

>> PROBST: miss.


>> A-4.

>> PROBST: A-4 has already been


It's a miss.

Memory is starting to play an

important role in this game as

we get further and further into


Mookie, your choice.

>> C-4.

>> PROBST: That is a hit.

Alex takes a hit.

Alex now has one square left.

Yau-Man, your choice.

>> A-3.

>> PROBST: That is a hit.

Mookie takes his third hit.

Mookie now joins Earl, Dreamz,

Cassandra, and Boo.

We are down to three people

left: Alex, Yau-Man, Stacy.

Alex has one square left,

Yau-Man and Stacy each with two.

Alex, a chance to do some


>> E-5.

>> PROBST: E-5 is a hit.

It is a hit on Yau-Man.

Yau-Man and Alex each with one

square left.


>> D-4.

>> PROBST: Stacy says D-4.

D-4 is a hit.

Everybody takes a hit.

A good strategic move, as Stacy

hits herself but, in the

process, takes out both Yau-Man

and Alex.

Stacy wins individual immunity.

( applause )

Stacy, safe at tonight's tribal


Somebody going home.

Head on out.

>> I'm not going to share with

them... if you can imagine.

But eat that.

That'll help keep your energy


I'm definitely up against the

wall, right?

I don't have very many moves

left, but I'm just not... I'm

not going to go down without a


I'm don't think I'm going to go

that quietly, just so you know.

>> And right now, we have

nothing to be but honest.

>> We have nothing to be but

honest, exactly.

So I'm going to be completely


>> Cause some hell.

>> Just cause some hell, man.

If I'm going down, I'm bringing

hell with me.

I'm a lawyer.

I know what it's like to

negotiate with people.

I know what it's like to use

information strategically, which

I've been doing all along.

You know, it's very clear.

Hey, Yau-Man can't be trusted.

So at tonight's tribal council,

I'm going to point it out as

"Hey, these are the people

you've aligned yourself with.

Draw your own conclusions."

>> Why take a chance?

>> Okay, okay, fine, all right,

whatever, we'll do...

>> Everybody give it some


>> Boo came back from Exile

Island, and he had one clue to

the hidden immunity idol, and I

think Boo somehow convinced

Cassandra or whoever that Alex

or Mookie may have found it


They're afraid that Alex will

pull another one out.

So they're going to try and

spread the vote out.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> People want to do three votes

Mookie and three votes Alex, and

the reason for that was just you

never know what might pop up.

That will make it a tie at

tribal council.

So at that point, we can make a


We know that no magical idol has

been played, because there won't

be anything played, and we can

say okay, "It's going to be

Alex, that's who is going to

go," because that is who's going

to go.

>> Ready?

One, two, three.

>> I'm against doing a split

vote, but you know, I do what

makes people feel comfortable.

I'm not going to sit there and

say, "No, guys, we're going to

do this," because that would be

the wrong approach.

>> Tonight's tribal council,

Mookie and I are going out


And if that doesn't work, I

think my best bet is to just try

to stay alive past this vote.

I've got one vote, and I better

make it count.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the jury: Rocky, Lisi, Michelle,

and Edgardo, voted out at the

last tribal council.

Let's start with the reward


Alex, did you sense the game

shift at all?

There were a lot of physical

match-ups, a lot of people

yelling at each other.

>> I don't know if it changed

the game, but it definitely

revealed something about the way

people are willing to play

games, you know, if they're more

likely to rub mud in someone's

eyes or trip somebody.

And as Dreamz pointed out last

tribal council, the rats and the

snakes came out of the woodwork.

>> PROBST: Mookie, what did you

notice from that challenge?

>> I think, to some extent, we

respect each other.

But then, when it comes down to

the game and how are you going

to win, it's a little different.

I mean, there's two sides to the

story there.

>> PROBST: Tell me about the

other side.

>> There are alliances, and one

alliance was completely

destroyed at the last tribal

council, maybe some back

stabbing and maybe some

trickiness on the other

alliance's part.

But at that point, you feel

yourself just being an outsider

to an alliance.

>> PROBST: So, Mookie, what do

you do?

>> You know, Alex and I, we

realized our backs are against

the wall with no way out.

You know, we've come up with

some kind of way we can possibly

get out, and that was through an

immunity idol that we found in

one of the... in Yau-Man's bag.

>> PROBST: Hold on, you found an

immunity idol in Yau-Man's bag.

>> Correct.

>> PROBST: Found it?

>> Well, it was in his bag,


>> PROBST: This is coming on the

heels of Alex saying the snakes

and the rats came out.

That's about as snaky-ratty as

it gets, going through

somebody's personal belongings.

Yau-Man, is that fair-- that "If

you're going something in your

bag and leave, you better know I

might look through it"?

>> Well, the expectation is

there's some privacy, but on the

other hand, you know, it's a

desperation move, and besides,

it won't affect the outcome of

the game for the next few


>> PROBST: Well, that's a bold


It won't affect the game for the

next few rounds?

>> Couple rounds at least.

I may have to change my strategy

a little bit, if I, you know,

intend to use it at some point.

>> PROBST: Earl, what was the

reaction when this all went


>> I was pissed.

Like, for one thing, I can say

that this tribe, no one's going

through anybody's stuff.

That just hasn't been going on.

So when I heard that, you know,

I was pissed off.

>> PROBST: Dreamz, how big an

issue is trust?-- because it's

hard to know who has been lying

all along.

>> My take on this is if they're

both on the chopping block,

after they're gone, it's still

going to be six of us left.

So we're going to split up too.

So I'm trying to find out where

I stand.

>> PROBST: Alex, are there

people coasting in this game

that are threats and aren't seen

as threats?

>> Yeah.

And at this point, if Mookie and

I are gone, and there are six

people left, and they have to

look at each other-- so whatever

they did to get to that top six

is going to come back and bite

them in the ass.

Karma has a funny way of working

in this game, Jeff, and it's

pretty immediate.

You know, whatever will be will

be, but word to the wise:

remember past actions, because

they foretell the future.

>> PROBST: All right, let's get

to the vote.

Based on tonight's tribal

council, we know there is

another hidden immunity idol in


Whoever has it, if you need to

use it tonight, you would

present it to me before I read

the votes.

Stacy, you have individual


Are you going hold on to it?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: You cannot vote for


Everybody else is fair game.

Time to vote.

Earl, you're up.

>> Nothing personal.

Someone needs to go.

>> Just trying to stay in this

another day, buddy.

Good luck.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


If you have the hidden immunity

idol and you want to play it,

now is the time to do so.

Okay, once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

First vote: Alex.


Two votes Alex.



One vote Boo.


That's two votes Mookie, two

votes Alex, one vote Boo.


That's three votes Mookie.


We're tied.

Three votes Mookie, three votes

Alex, one vote left.

Eleventh person voted out and

the fifth member of our jury,


You need to bring me your torch.

Mookie, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> Good luck.

>> PROBST: Well, based on what I

heard tonight, it sounds like

there's one very strong group of

six and Alex, which means Alex

is either odd man out or

suddenly very valuable.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor, Alex goes undercover.

>> I'm trying to make sure I'm

not seen or heard, kind of like

a ninja right now.

>> PROBST: Boo annoys everyone.

>> He talks more than the girls


>> Y'all know what I was


I was like, "Would you shut up?

Why don't you stop saying stupid


>> PROBST: And the reward

challenge gets primal.

This is a free-for-all.

>> You know, I'm pretty relieved

that I'm out of the game, but at

the same time, it would have

been nice to still be in the

game had the alliances stayed

put for me.

And I wish I could be back

there, raising hell, making

everyone's lives miserable, as

miserable as my life has been


It's kind of like grass is green

on the other side.

You know, it's unfortunate that

I'm out of the game, but it was

a great experience, and I

wouldn't take it back for