Survivor (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Crack in the Alliance - full transcript

The Tagi alliance is worried about Kelly, who didn't vote how she was supposed to at the last Tribal Council. They think about replacing Kelly with Sean. One of the castaways gets pleasant news from home.

in the middle
of the South China Sea.

Separated into two tribes,
Tagi and Pagong

they competed against each
other to remain on the island.

But now the tribes
have merged into one.

Rattana is the name, and it is
everyone for themselves.

Every third night

the entire tribe will hike
deep into the jungle

to take part
in the tribal council

where they must vote one
of their own off the island.

In the end, one will remain

and will leave the island
with $1 million in cash.

Last week on Survivor...

Kelly began to have doubts
about her role in the alliance.

If we stick with it

it's just like lining lambs
to the slaughter.

Who goes next? Who goes...
that's no fun.

And tension mounted
when Rudy burned the food.

Pathetic, burnt

overdone, wasteful, again.

Colleen won
the reward challenge...

and invited Jenna
to a barbecue meal

where a plan was hatched
to vote Rich off the island.

You, me and Gervase
could definitely

do something.

So let's do it.

But it wasn't a picnic
back at Rattana

where Rich let it all hang out
on his birthday.

When I go home, my wife asks me
about, well, who was with you

I'll say a queer that ran around
bare-assed half of the time.

At tribal council, the three
former members of Pagong

tried to vote Rich
off the island.

Happy birthday, Rich.

And Kelly broke
the voting alliance

leaving them only three strong.

But it was Sean who became
the unknowing swing vote

his alphabetical voting

casting the death vote
for Jenna.

Last vote...

"J" for "Jenna."

Seven people left...

who will be voted off tonight?

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It's weird the day
after anybody leaves

there's just,
there's just this void of,

"Oh, wait," you know,

someone's not here."

Gervase was going to get
voted off the last time

but at the last minute
they changed it to Jenna.

And I think that
that was the women's idea.

The sun is out, it's going
to be a nice hot day.

And it's quieter.

Sorry, Jenna,
but, man, you talk a lot.

Do you guys
agree with me?

I mean she is very
hard to live with.

You guys lived with
her longer than me

and I don't know how
she stayed on your team
till you got over here.

I thought she would have went
a lot sooner than she did.

Everybody did.

We've been here for
what, 28, 29 days now

and I don't think people realize

that it's 28 days
with people 24/7.

You know what I mean?

There's no break.

It really is
up in the air

you never know who's going next.
And that why I love it.

You can think
you're going

but then
the surprise comes

'cause I thought I was going.

It's like 11 days left.

I'm totally shocked that
I'm still here right now.

If you look at it
since the merger

it's only been Pagong people
being voted off.

You know, so it's like...
something's fishy going on.

You know, they can deny
an alliance all they want

but there's got to be
an alliance.

No, I'm not 100% sure.

If there is an alliance,
they are just voting in block

but I don't know
if there is one.

I haven't been asked to partake
in one or anything yet.

Dirk got four votes.

Gretchen got four votes.

Greg got four votes.

Sean, come on, open your eyes.

Sean is interesting because

I'm debating right now
if I want to vote him off

at the next council.

Because he's so scared

of hurting somebody's feelings
by voting for them

that he's voting
alphabetical order.

I mean, he led the way

for Jenna to be
kicked off yesterday.

"J" for "Jenna."

And last night at the council

Sean realized that his vote
impacted who gets voted off

because we only needed
to use three

of our four allied
people's votes

to get Jenna ejected.

Whatever vote I was going
to go they were going to copy.

If I knew that

I would certainly have
abandoned this strategy earlier.

Everybody yelled at me
for doing this alphabet...

I thought I was being fair,
but actually

I think I was targeting people

and also if they weren't
being targeted

I was going to be targeted.

Because who the hell wants me
voting for them, you know?

Either I was going
to be out

or, or I would keep getting
other people's feelings hurt.

It's like Sean walked into this

and somebody forgot to tell him
it was a game.

And he's very concerned
about people's emotions

and feelings,
which is wonderful

you know, if you're
taking care of a pet.

You know, not if you're playing
a game called Survivor

and the point of the game is to
strategize and eliminate people.

It just felt a little scummy
to me at the time

but after last night where
the remaining tribe members

of both parties said
we really don't care,

it's just a game,

every single one of them

has tried to form a strategy
with me personally.

Now people are talking
about planning

and plotting and strategy.

And it's just so funny.

So utterly, utterly,
utterly naive

that there would be any room
left to plot or strategize now.

Rich is very arrogant,
very cocky

and very, very overconfident.

And I thought, you know what

let's take Rich down
a couple pegs.

I got bombarded

at the council,
at the immunity council.

Little alliance

tried to attack Richie
on my birthday.

But I lived.
Now he's going to
not fish no more.

How freaking funny
would it have been if he got

sent home on his birthday,

I wasn't even
expecting that.

Rich was this close
to leaving last week.

That was a good feeling.

For me, it was just
a great feeling.

And you could see
it's affected Rich.

After those three votes,
Rich was...

he couldn't believe it.

Rich even thinks I, uh...

formed an alliance
against him last night.

Which I didn't.

That's okay,
no hard feelings.

I'll just catch
less fish.

We like the fish, Rich.

Yeah, I thought you
liked the fish, Gerv.

Not as much as I thought
you did, though.

When I fish
is somewhat strategic.

So I'm thinking to myself

it would be a heck
of a lot more valuable

I guess to me, if I got fish

after a couple more folks
were gone.

And I'll limit the fish
that I'm getting

so that I'm not out here
working my ass off

and people just expect that
there will be lots of fish.

When we get down
to the last four
or five of us

I'll feed us
like kings.
I can't wait.

I can't wait.

It ain't happening
fast enough.
I know.

Enjoy your day.

Okay, thanks,
you be careful.

I'll see you later.

All right, bye-bye.

I don't blame him one bit
for not worrying about fishing

till there's five people.

That's a lot of mouths to feed
and they don't appreciate it.

There are analogies between
my going out to the reef

and hunting the fish

and my picking off the tribe
members one by one.

I've been stalking them since
before we got on the island.

Bye-bye, baby.
( Gulps )

it's a slow, more methodical
game here on the island

with each of the tribe members
than it is with the fish

but there are similarities.

That's probably the last fish
I'll get until there are five.

There are seven participants
right now

and I probably won't bother
to get any more fish

until there are five people.

Colleen and Gervase
are just sitting over there

and I'm like,
"You backstabbers."

First you want him out of here,

and then you're
all over the food.

I'm getting
filled up tonight
on one bowl.

That's sad.

( burps )

Ooh, good rice,

Go, Suzy, go.
You're the best.

I got some nice belches
out here.

My strategy all along

has been to just play the role
as a dumb redneck.

( belches )

there you go,
Suzy Q.

People like think rednecks
are so vulnerable and dumb

they'll talk to them openly.

Like Rich did.

( laughs )

you know, how he's going
to burn everybody.

Okay, so here's
the deal.

I want you to pick her
to be ejected, not me.

So you can plan that.

Hopefully in the end

the, the old redneck will burn
the city slickers.

So we'll see what happens.

You know, I think it
would be best

is if we can,
me and you

can take care of...
take him out
at the end.

Take Rich out?

Just me and you.

I've been knowing all along
that I'm going to burn him

but I didn't want to say
anything to Kelly too early.

Why do you think he got
so many votes against him

at the last council?

He's a snake. I got
to thank him, though

for getting our crap
together early.

If it wasn't for him,
we might not have

gotten together this early.

I never trusted Rich.

Of course I don't trust him.

But am I doing a good job

making him think I trust him?

I hope it looks
like I trust him now.

I knew he was working on
you to get me out anyway.

Oh, yeah.

He's not that
... smart.

Right now I don't trust anybody
except for Kelly.

I trust Kelly 100%.

100%, And she trusts me
the same.

We're like sisters.

I want me and you
to take him out.

I think so.

Just the three
of us.

But you got
to let him...

I really would.

I would feel good.

I would feel so good
about myself.

I really like Sue a lot.

We've bonded quite a bit
in these 30 days.

And it'll be 20 years
come this Easter

that I lost my best friend.

So, coming across Kelly,
somebody I can hang with...

that's a long...
I ain't going to ... her.

I'm not burning her.

The only person I trust

is Sue, and sometimes
I doubt that.

It's getting to that point

where you don't know
who you can trust.

But I got to remember

it's a game.
And I believe them.

I believe you,
I believe her.

And I believe Kelly.

But I don't know if Kelly
is as solid as that

all the way through,
I hope so.

I'm betting on it.

I was betting on it by bringing
her into this.

And I'm feeling
very good about Sue.

If they're not

then they're brilliant
because they've played me well.

They've played me beautifully.

I'd rather just me and Kelly
burn him.

Just because
it'll feel so good.

If the alliance
were to break down

and something else happened
that I wasn't aware of

I would shake those people's
hands and say congratulations

you, you know, brilliant

good job, you got it

because you've fooled me.

Me and Kelly
are taking him down.

Watch out for that.


A cigar!
A message!


Oh, shut up.

Only one cigar?

Are we going
to have to roll 'em?

No, there's more.


Roll that bad boy,
light that bad boy




"This is an announcement
for Gervase...

( gasping ):


Yay, Gervase!

About your son.

"Gunner Peterson was born
yesterday at 3:05..."

Hey, everybody,
it's a boy!

Smoke up!

Smoke up.

I didn't even know Gerv was
having another baby.

It's real simple.

I have two kids
from a previous relationship:

Dawnelle's ten,
Genelle is seven.

I'm with Carmela now

Kayla with her and now Gunner.

You know, Kayla's two
and Gunner's the new addition.

Four kids-- holy Moses.

Now are you
and, uh, Gunner

and Kayla's mom together

Nah, never
been married.

Yeah, we have
some rough spots

we need to fix that

so we're just smoothing
those out, you know.

When I was brought up,
if a girl was pregnant

and wasn't married,

you'd never even know it.

I mean, they'd take her out
of town or somewhere.

It was that bad, you know.

The girl could have
had an abortion.

I-I'll agree with an abortion.

But not having kids
out of wedlock.

It's a huge responsibility.


It's hard enough
for one family,
much less two.

Yeah, one child's
a huge responsibility

let alone two.

Four kids between two families.

No way, man.

Oh, no way.

Is it empty?

It's empty.

Oh, what a...

Oh, man.

Oh, my god.


You were talking
about pizza.

"An oven fresh pizza,
doesn't that sound nice?

"A phone call's been placed,
steady feet win a slice."

Some balancing crap.

It's going to be
some balance.

"Steady feet,"
could it be hot coals?


"A phone call's been placed,"
they called Pizza Hut.

That's what that means.


Day 28 on the island

and after almost
a month of nothing

rewards are everything.

Today's reward challenge
is very simple:

Simply stay on your feet
long enough

to make it from one end
of the course to the other.

For the winner--
a phone call home

with the Ericsson world phone,
to the person of their choice

plus a slice of hot pizza,
delivered by helicopter.

Hi, Jeff.

What's up, G?


What's happening?

Congratulations on your baby.

Thank you, sir.

That's great news.

The game is
very simple.

You're moving across
bamboo poles.

The first one to the end wins.

Speed and balance are key.

There's going to be three legs
to the race.

In the first leg, the fastest
four will move on;

in the second leg, the fastest
two will move on.

The third leg is for the prize.

Let's go.

Survivors, ready?!


( shrieks )


( clapping )

Had to stay on.

Ah, come on.

You had to stay up.

We're looking for two here.

Survivors, ready?!


Whoa, it's Rich
and... Gervase.

Sue, it was Gervase by a nose.

You're always
in there, though.

Yeah? That's all right.

Richard and Gervase

you have to get
across here.

The first person
here, the other
guy's got to secede.

Don't push him off.

You got to land here

and plant it
with two feet.

If you fall off

the next guy gets
a shot, you go back.

For the prize,
survivors ready?!


( others cheering )

baby, you're getting
some pizza and
a phone call home.

Good effort, man.

Good effort.

All right, Gervase,
here comes your pizza.

Is that it?

That's it.

Hang tight.


Hot slice of cheese.

The middle of the
South China Sea,

pizza delivered
by a helicopter.

It is your slice
to enjoy here.

So have at it.

Gerv, it's all yours.

Do not share, Gerv.

Gerv, eat it.

Nobody wants it?
Nobody wants it?

I want a bite.

I don't want
any really.

Take a big bite.
Oh, yeah.

I know you're
a big pizza fan.

Thank you, Gerv.

This is plenty for me.

Now finish it up.

That's a big slice.

All right, Gerv.

Okay, Gervase, now for
the second part of the reward.

We have a cell phone here.

If I said you could make
one phone call,

who would you call?

Don't even say it.

Gervase, don't
even think it.

I'm going to call
Carmela, see how
the baby is.


All right, it's 3:00 A.M.
In Jersey right now.

We're not going
to call right now,

waste it when she's asleep,
may not answer.

Tomorrow morning,
I'll come back
over to Rattana,

I'll bring the phone,

we'll call home, talk to mom,
see how things are going.

Sounds good, Jeff.
You the man.

Way to go.

All right,
enjoy your pizza.

Let's walk along
this way.

Ten more days--
it'll all be over.

I'll probably never see
these people again.

The way I want it.

Going to make my phone call
to my family.

See how everybody's doing,
make sure they're doing good.

I certainly don't judge him

for being not married
and having kids.

I mean, he had one relationship,

and then he had another

and he seems to be
in a relationship now

with a woman where he's had
two children,

and is working toward

a committed, long-term

to parent those children

I don't agree with babies
out of wedlock

that kind of garbage, you know?

Half of the problem they got
in this country today,

there's no family life.

And then they're blaming
the schools.

It starts way before
them kids go to school.

They need a family.

They need somebody beating them
in the head.

( cell phone dialing )

( phone ringing )



It's me.

Are you all right?


Are you all right?

( laughs )

How are you?

I'm fine.

How's the baby?

I'm sitting here with him
in my arms

and Kayla's just kissing him.

Like, all she does
is play with his hair.

Does he have a lot of hair?

Oh, yeah? Like Kayla?

Or more than her?

You want to talk
to daddy?

Say, "Hi, daddy."


Hey, Kayla!

What are you doing?


Yeah, give him a kiss,
say, "Bye-bye."

Tell him, say, "Bye-bye."

( laughs )

What, she's in shock?
It's been that long?

I mean it's better
that he's not married,

'cause he has
issues right now
with Carmela

and it's better
that they're not married

than just get married
and then have problems later on.

From talking to him the other
day, I kind of got the scoop,

and I'm sure you probably heard
a little more,

but the first girl he was with,

he really tried
to stay with her and everything

especially for the kids,

and she was kind of the one
who was just, like,

"Look, it's not going to work."

So, I think he-he's very
responsible with his kids.

He's paying for the kids.

He's spending time
with the kids.

He's being a dad.

It wouldn't be my choice,
but that's his,

and he's free to make that.

I really am so proud of you.

I can't believe there's
11 days left

and you are still in it.

I'm just trying to, uh,
finish it out.

I've taken care
of all your bills

and all that other stuff.

Well, let everybody know
I miss them.

Tell your mom I even miss her.

Yeah, unbelievable, isn't it?

I love you and Kay loves you
and Gunner loves you.

And, uh, so... you know.

I love you.
Tell Gunner I love him.

Tell Kay I love her.

All right.

Come on, let's see
how his phone call went.

Oh, he's here?

Oh, he's right there.

Tell us about
the whole situation.

Talk to Carmela?

Yeah, she's
doing good.

He's doing good,
just doing great.

We seriously,

seriously lucked out.

I have no idea
what I would have done

had I ended up on Pagong
in the beginning.

Oh, me, too.

Committed suicide.

I'd have killed

I could never have built

such solid ones,
particularly, too.

They're too flaky.

Changes with
the wind.

Too immature, yeah,
is what it is.

Like, Kelly's even
a little flaky,
at moments.

She's doing well, though.


I mean, for 22, she's amazing.

Oh, yeah,
yeah, yeah.

I hope she's solid.

This is not what I thought
it was going to be like.

It's not about surviving
the elements.

It's about surviving yourself.

I didn't want to be a part
of the alliance

because I thought it was
conniving and dirty
and untrue to myself.

I don't think Kelly really
wanted to make an alliance

with anybody here in Tagi.

I think they kind of
strong-armed Kelly

into making an alliance
and joining their team,

and it's really affected her
personally, like,

as a tug-of-war on the inside.

It's not worth it to feel like
... for the rest of your life,

um, for a little bit of money,
and your 15 minutes.

You know, I kind of feel like
Luke Skywalker, or something.

I crossed over to the dark side
for a moment.

I don't like playing the game
that way.

Does that feel like
it fits your face okay?

Making a deal with Rich

is kind of like making a deal
with the devil.

Then you know how to use it
to breath, or no?

I decided a while ago

not to be part
of the big alliance.

It's automatic.

I don't know if I could do that.

You'd be surprised.

Like right now,
you are.

I've been pretty much
letting Rich think

that I'm still part of his
little mind-game, follower thing

the whole time, basically,
because I figured

if I did tell him
that I grew a conscience

and I didn't want to be
his little follower anymore

that he would turn around
and shut me down,

which I'm certain he would have,

so, I'm glad I didn't tell him.

You're seeming more down
and more serious to me

toward the end.



A lot more so than...
early on.

Do I just kind of roll over
and let Rich decide

how it's all going to play out

or do I try and beat him
at his own damn game?



Wait, start at the beginning.

Did it start?


"Seeking immunity is
part of the game

"now you'll rely on
a flickering flame.

"Safety tomorrow is
just within reach

wait until sunset
and head to the beach."

Kelly is really hard for me

to talk with about voting
and about alliances.

So smart,
they duped everybody.

I mean, because she could
really be in

for forming an alliance
because you see her now

being kind of
pulled back and
forth, you know?

In one way,
I think, she feels

that she wants to, like,
have fun and be young

and, like, she said it.

She was just like,
"I can't believe

I'm in this group
with these people."

She's like, "It's awful."

I'm liking this breeze.

It's going to make
the contest harder.

Did you see the clue?

We got a clue?
Over there.

"Seeking immunity
is part of the game

"now you'll rely
on a flickering flame

"safety tomorrow is
just within reach

wait until sunset
and head to the beach."

Something at
night, man.


Some night,
night something.

Day 29--
what is there to say?

Nobody's happy
for anybody else
when they win

the immunity challenge.

At this point

nobody's safe
on that stage.

Everybody knows that.

This is go-for-broke time.

This game is designed
to figure out how much

you've learned
since you've been on the island.

We've picked this beach

'cause it has
a lot of driftwood.

The idea is building fire.

You'll have
three minutes

to go and collect
as much driftwood

and stack it.

You each have your own fire pit
and a weighted flag.

The second leg of the race,
take your staffs

go out in the water,
light them, come back here

use your torch
to light your fire.

The first person
to burn through this wick

drops this and raises that--

Make sense?
Let's do it.

Take a spot.
This is one, two, three, four.

Should be seven of them.

Survivors, ready?


( grunts )

Two minutes!

Your branches cannot be touching
the wick.

They can be right under it,
but they can't be touching it.

Five, four...

three, two...


Hold on to your staffs;
keep that thing above water.

Survivors, ready?!


Remember to light
from the base...

from the fire pit.

That's it, Richard.

Okay. I got you.

You got plenty of time, Gervase.

It's going to take
a long time

for these fires to burn.


Oh, good job, Rich.

I could cook some rice

over here, though,
if you want me to.


Rich got lucky
and won his challenge

and now he's... oh, man!

Wait till you see him now.

If you watch Rich
the rest of this day

watch the arrogance

and the swagger
he's walking around with

'cause he won that immunity

and he knows
he can't be touched tonight.

What, if anything,
should be said...

I think Rich is
the ringleader..

Or if he's not the ringleader,
then he's second in command.

If I have to say,
"Do I know for a fact

there's an alliance,
and all this stuff is going on?"

No, I don't know for a fact,
but I'm a smart guy, you know.

I can see things and see
how things are happening.

I-I was talking to-to Colleen

and we were just, like,
"This sucks!"

You know,
especially for her and Gerv.

It's like they know
they're leaving next

so they're just going
to sit around and wait

you know, with a red dot
pointed to their head?

You have to keep
your eye out.

Gervase, what
are you making?

I'm making costumes for tonight.

My code name for tonight...

is "bull's-eye."

I'm otherwise known
as "sitting duck."

( snickering )

I think Rich--

being the cocky person
that he is--

will think that they can
get rid of me with three votes.

Now, Sean approached me,
saying he wouldn't, uh, mind

making an alliance,
but he said

he would only do it
if Kelly joined us

so it'd be a sure thing.

...bringing, like,
a bundle of sticks

and every morning...

so they really only had
their three core people:

Rudy, Rich and Sue

who probably definitely
would be with the plan.

That leaves four other votes,
including mine

that can go on somebody else.

So somehow
we have to work on Kelly

and figure out
who she's voting for

and then maybe Colleen
can also vote for that person.

So, the best bet is Kelly.

Where's Kelly at?

I don't know.

I wish something exciting
would happen--

something shocking,
something that nobody expects.

Well, sh...

Looks like we got some
thunderheads building out there.

Should provide
for an exciting night.

We're preparing to, uh,
batten down the hatches.

( whistling )

There's going to
be a storm tonight.

( thunder rolling )

Kelly cut her own throat tonight

and it was a wonderful thing.

She, uh, tried to align herself

to the kids her age

and was probably trying
to look a little nicer

to the other group,
but I have a feeling

she's got more going on
with them

than she's letting on.


She doesn't realize
we can see it, right through it.

Yeah. Yeah.

Not smart at all.

Too much playing.

Yeah. That's not serious.


It's serious for me.

Oh, it is for me, too.

It'll be interesting.

She could have consequences.

We haven't decided yet.

"We." Hmm...

( sniffs )

( conch shell blowing )

( gong sounding )

we're going to go ahead
and bring our jury in

as you guys
are sitting down.



I got to revisit

the alphabet voting system

because it had
a dramatic effect

on the vote

because it resulted
in Jenna being ejected.

What were your
thoughts when
you left here?

Uh, when we went back to camp,
I was pretty much devastated.

Everyone was around...
we hung around by the campfire

and uh, both the
remaining Pagong people

and the remaining
Tagi people urged me

implored me to, uh, vote, um,
in my own best interest--

to get with the program.

In the immortal words

of Sue,
"to get some balls."

And that's what I plan to do
from here on out.

Kelly, we haven't talked much
about your strategy

in terms of voting.

You got to
have one at
this point.

Sure. Why not?

I think everybody does.

What is it?
What's it
based on?

It's based on who's competition
and who's pissing me off.

( Colleen laughs )

How about you, Colleen?

Actually, tonight I'd like to be
referred to as "sitting duck."

"Sitting duck"?
Yes, thank you.

You feel as though
you might be

a target tonight?

I'm just waiting.

And that's based on what?

That's based on eyes and ears

and alliances and nonalliances.


Um, we're all sitting here.

We're adults.

This is a game, but the game
also reflects a lot on real life

and you always bring up
this alliance thing.

Well, America is run
on alliance.

The minute somebody gives money
to the president

for his campaign as a lobbyist,
that's an alliance.

Don't tell me
he doesn't think

he doesn't owe
them anything,

'cause he does.

They help put him
where he's at.

Same thing goes
when people join a church

and they're not religious,

but they join the church

because they want to make
connections for, be it

they're an
insurance agent

and want to sell more
insurance in town,

or they're a
real estate agent

and they want to sell
real estate.

So they want to meet up
with people.

So there is going
to be alliance.

Don't tell me
there ain't an alliance.

Well, Tagi, we lived together
for 20 days

built a house, built a camp,

totally happy with each other,
like we ain't going to have

some kind of
bonding there.

Yeah, there's going
to be alliances.

This is just a chess game.

It's the way life goes.


According to
Colleen and Sue

there is
an alliance.

Is there? Geez...

is there a way to break
the alliance right now?

If you were looking at
this from the outside

is there a way
to break it?

I have no idea who is

completely trustworthy,
who isn't.

I think there's
always a way

that things
could break down.

( sputters lips )

Who knows what's going
to happen.

It's all a game.

All right, it's time to vote.

Gervase, you're up.

My vote is for Sean,

as Sean has made a huge mistake

in not seeing that
Tagi had an alliance

from day three on this island,

and he couldn't even
see anything happening.

So, for a smart guy,
he has no common sense,

no brains in his head, really,
when it comes down to it.

So Sean really deserves
this vote.

Hmm. I wonder how you spell it.

I don't know.

Anyways, you're a nice guy,
I wish you the best of luck...

but I'm tired of getting beat

at the competitions
by you, guy, so...

I think Sean was, uh--

I hope this is how
you spell your name--

pretty pathetic, this week
because, uh, first he goes,

"I'm looking out
for everybody's best interest,"

and now he's looking out
for his own interest.

I think if anybody should
get voted off this time

it should be him
without question.

He's a putz.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are tallied,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked

to leave the tribal council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...





Two votes
for Gervase;

two votes for Sean.



I won't read
the last vote.

It's irrelevant.


I need you to bring
me your staff.

The tribe has spoken.

It's time for
you to go.


Well, you have
survived another one.

We're down to six

getting close
to our final two.

You guys can head back to camp.

See you tomorrow.

Next week, on Survivor:

One castaway wins
a night of luxury.

One night, on a yacht--

that yacht.

And as the end draws near,
alliances waver.

I'm getting to see
the breakdown

of the Tagi alliance.

When I turn around
and see somebody

starting to dig a knife
into my backside

it just really pisses me off.

First off, I'd like to say
that I don't have...

hold any, like...
ill feelings

towards Rich and Sue
and anybody in Tagi

for making an alliance
and picking us off one by one.

It's just that my tribe
didn't want to do that.

They wanted to keep it
as an open game--

fair is fair, and let
the best person end up winning

the million dollars.